Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 30, 1968 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1968
Page 3
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ftl^^ui f 4^Mi ' HH0B • AMl Hope Star Want Ads Are Like A C Nrttf by off J*t Bulletin Board. PR7 KUf eh 30,1W8 WAM AB All tSiitt Ads ire (Hytbie in •ftfiltee lot id will b* accepted over the telephone and necomo- datiofi 4cc<5Uft(s illowed with the uflderstuiding the tecouAt is payable then slatemenl is rendered. 48, Slaughtering of Words Up to IS Id 20 io to to to to 16 16 21 26 31 36 41 46 20 25 30 35 40 to to 45 50 One Fouf Six One Bty Dtyfi Davs Mo, 1.10 2.35 2,90 8,40 ,36 2,60 3,50 10.05 .30 2,80 3.50 10,05 ,501.324.0011,55 ,70 3,70 4,50 13.05 M 4,15 5.00 14.55 2,104.606,5016.05 2.30 5.05 6.50 19.05 .„ „ 2,505.506.5019.06 Initials of one of more letters, group of figures AS house or tele* phone numbers count as one word. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 Time - $1,25 per Inch per day 4 Times - $1.10 per inch perday 6 Times- $.95 per inch per day STANDING CARD ADS 20.00 per inch per month. Rates quoted above are for consecutive insertions, irregular or skip date ads will take the one-day rate. All dally classified advertising copy will be accepted until 2 p. m. for publication the following day. The publisher reserves the right to revise or edit all advertisements offered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then or ONLY the One incorrect insertion. Phone Prospect 7-3431. 1 Job Printing mmmmmmmmmmm -_---_--. ...»..--W PRINTING of Quality. Letterpress or Offset. Call Yukon 3-2534 collect. ETTER PRINTING COMPANY, Washington, Ark. .................. 3-5-tf 2. Notice COMPLETE* Quality Flfm"De" veloping Service— Photo's and movie film BARRY'S QUICK SAK No. 1 and 2. 3-24-tf — !-->.-•". ----- — — — ---- — •• 5. Funeral Directors RALPH MONTGOMERY Custom Slaughtering, Meat for your deep freeze, We buy cattle and hap, 3'1-tf CUSTOM slaughtering Beef or pork cut and wrapped for your deepfreeze. Contact BARRY'S GROCERY, 7-1404. 3.1-tf 60, Greenhouses VEGETABLE AND FLOWER PLANTS, in Individual peat pots. Good assortment of new varieties, , '. now ready, Also Crape Myrtles. Wrights Greenhouses, Rocky Mound PR7-4465, 3-26-lme 63. Sewing Machines SINGER SEWING MACHINE Co. Sales & Service, call PR7- 5313. New Singer Zig Zag portable sewing machine $88,00, payments of $5.00 month. The Fabric Center, 107 South Main, your authorized Singer Representative or the Singer Company. 221 East Broad St., Texarkana, Arkansas. 3-22-tf 68. Services Offered INCOME TAX - Fed. & State. $5 up. H & R Block, America's Largest tax service. Dorsey Stringfellow, consultant, invites his previous clients to H & R Block. Old Harris Si Harris Medical Clinic behind Cox Drug Store. PR7-5416 9:30 a.m. • 9:00 p.m. 3-12-tf COMPLETE PLAN SERVICE residential or commercial. No obligations. Choose your own builder. We solicit the contractors - plan business. Call Joe Porterfield PR7-5331. 3-14-tf FOR CARPET AND braided rug cleaning, see Curtis Yates. For free estimates, call PR7- "4670.' ' 3-18-tf SO, Help Wanted Male 95 1 Apartments Unfurnished GAL AND BffiSEL MECHANICS! 3 to 5 yeafs experience, good wages and benefits, outstanding opportunity for those who qualify. Call 542*6298, or mail letter of application to P, 0, Box 250 Foreman, Arkansas. Foh LEASE at miferest and 1m* perlaJ < I and 2 bedroom apartments. Utilities paid, Some furnished, $100.00 up, PR7* 3363 or PR7-5744. 3 . Iitf WIN AT BRIDGE YOU* DENTAL HEALTH Curb Service Dentistry Was Emergency Procedure By WILUAM LAWRENCE, O.D.S. 84, Wanted to live in with semMnvalid, Salary plus room and board, Contact Irene Jarman, YU3- 2183— Oaan, WANTED TO RENT. Small house, with two bedrooms. Call PR7- 3541. 3-30'ltc 81. Help Wanted Female equipped. Two - way Radio, Burial association. HERNDON Funeral Home. Phone 7-4686. 3-28-tf AMBULANCE SERVICE, Burial Association, OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME, Dial 7-6772. 15. Used Furniture See me before buying or selling. H. E. Luck, 904 North Hazel, PR7-1381. 3-7-tf WALKER'S NEW & USED Furniture, PR7-6233. 213 S. Main. Give highest prices for your furniture, Will sell - trade-or buy. .1'!:?..... 21. Used Cars WANTED— Ute model used cars and pickup trucks. See James Gaines Used Cars, 203 West 3rd. 3-24-tf 35, Truck Rentals RENT"'T""TRUck save over 70 percent, refrigerator dol* lies, loading ramps, furniture pads etc. furnished free, Move anything, anywhere, anytime, no red tape, no delay. Only license required is your driver's license, Free estimates and reservations, PR7« 5733, PERRY'S TRUCK RENTAL, at Perry's Truck Stop, Hwy, 67 East of Hope, 3'14-tf 43, Livestock REGISTERED P<H^ HEKK* FORP Pulls, (3) pne year olds, &ISQ (1) few year old, C, N, Mcjijnkins. Saratoga, Phone PR747S7, PAPER HANGING AND ing. Interior-exterior, professional work. Call PR7-5408. Earl R. Schomburg. 3-15-1 mp HOT WEATHER JUST AHEAD. Add Airtemp* conditioner now. . . Before prices go up. A-l Contractors, PR7-66I4. 3-6-lmp EASTER SPECIAL on per. manents at Earlene's Beauty Salon. For appointment Call PR7-6631. 3-26-12tc INCOME' TAX and bookkeeping service. Those due tax refunds should file early, Clifford Franks . . . Phone PR7- 2210. l-24-3mc DULL? WE SHARPEN mower blades. Delaneys Grocery, 202 East 2nd. PR7-3701. 3-15-lmc ILLNESS AT HOME? Convalescent needs for home care can be bought or rented at your Village Rexall Pharmacy, Ex* amples: wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches. 3-29-lmc NOW OPEN IN THIS AREA, A valuable territory for Avon Cosmetics, Customers waiting for service, Act today I Write: Avon Manager, P. 0. Box 944, Texarkana, Texas 75501 3<29-6tc 73, Jewelers FINEST WATCH & Jewelry re. pair, All work guaranteed, Party napkins for all oc- r casions, personalised, printed. Stewart's Jewelry Store, 208 South Main, 3-6-tl 68, Services WAITRESS WANTED. Apply at v Oak's Cafe. 3-28-61C 90. For Sale COMPLETE LINE, HIGH QUALITY Travel Trailers, pickup campers, covers. Best buy for your money anywhere in Ark-La-Tox area. We invite you to visit us and compare prices and quality. Open after 5:00 weekdays, all day Saturday and Sunday. RoadRun- ner Camper Sales, Highway 67 West at Oaks Motel. Phone PR7-5858. 3-21-lmc' WE HAVE FISHING BOATS, motors and trailers, .new and used. Russells Curb Market, 903 West 3rd. 3-8-lmc FARM FOR SALE - Call PR7- 5902, after 6:00 p.m. 2-22-2mc NEW AND USED JEEPS ... can be seen at the G. and S. Manufacturing Company on West Avenue B. Telephone PR7- . 6714. ; 3-2-tf ' 1965 RAMBLER CLASSIC^'SCO" Air conditioning, radio, standard transmission. Phone 8873571, alter 6:30 p.m. 3-22-6tc HANNAH'S Husband Hector hates hard work so he cleans the rugs with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampoosr $1. Home Furniture Co. 3-25-6tc WE SELL HAVOLINE OIL, by the case or by the cans. De- Ian eys Grocery, 202 East 2nd. 3-15-lmc COMPLETE 2-WAY RADIO System, 18 months old. $325.00 Hoggard's Electronic Service. 3-27-6tc 1956 CHEVROLET STATION WAGON. Standard Shift, good condition. $125.00 Phone: PR7- 2137. 3-29-4tp 102. Peal Estate For Sale NEWLY DECORATED 3.bed- room house. Hardwood floors, central heating, plenty of closet space, two baths one with wall to wall carpet. Drapes included. Fenced back yard, large walk in garage. See at once, won't stay at the price. Call PR7-5632 after 5;00 p.m, 3-25-Gtc NORTH 4AQ02 30 * A K 6 2 4Q82 WEST EAST AJ'100754 *83 ¥AQJ1090 V87542 * Void • 1043 49 41065 SOUTH (D) 4 K * Void * QJ9875 4AKJ743 East-West vulnerable West North Rut South 1 * 14 24 Pass 3 4 4V 4 N. T. Pass 6 • Pass Pass 6 V Pass Pass 7 • Pass Pass 7 V Dble. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— • K Here is a freak hand taken frpm an International Match Point team-of-foui' game that shows four experts at their best and worst. Everyone at the table had some words of criticism for his partner although the final result was the perfect one. North and South bid their laydown grand slam and East and West saved at seven hearts. The interesting feature is that North and South were not vulnerable while East and West were. The minor suit grand slam is a cinch and North-South would have scored 1,440 if they had been allowed to play it. West had to lose four tricks at his seven heart contract but minus 1,100 represented a 340 point saving. > We are going to dismiss East's criticism of West as rather silly. As for West's criticism of East we have!.to go along. West felt that East should nave kept out of the bidding entirely and let Soilth play at six diamonds whifch would have netted hinvf a mere 940 points. We also must commend West for his sevjen heart bid. West had to assume that his partner had no defense at all. West did point out that he only expected to go down three tricks. He felt that his partner would show up with the king of hearts as his one face card, but W^st had made a good save nevertheless. North and South felt that they should have reached seven under their own steam and that if they had done so, East and West might not have found the vulnerable save. North thought that South should have bid four clubs instead of three at his second turn to bid. South felt that North should have bid seven diamonds directly over six. South said, "My six diamond response to your Blackwood four no-trump showed one ace and a valuable void, That void had to be in hearts because you had cue bid spades. Q—The bidding has been: West North East South 24 Pass 3 * Pass 4 N.T, Pass 5 V Pass ? You, South, hold: AAKQJ976 V A K 5 2 «7 44 What do you do now? Gary M. has a chronic wasting disease and is confined to her home except for rare aur.o excursions to see a bit of the outside world. Any mobility is a hardship, and climbing stairs is too exhausting and too dangerous. Because of this, her dental health was neglected. Her teeth were badly broken down, Decay was extensive and rampant, and many teeth were broken off at the neck. After consultation with her physician, It was decided that her general health was so delicate extraction of the roots was too risky. So they were left in place. But something had to be done, because Gary M.'s ability to chew the food that was necessary for her existence was severely compromised. That was the problem. What to do about it? Gary M. may be the first patient to have received dental curb service. She was driven into the parking area near the dentist's office. And while she sat comfortably in her car, listening to the radio, her dentist and his assistant performed necessary procedures for making dentures: impressions, bite and try-in. Some days later, the completed dentures were inserted A—You might bid five no- trump and ask for kings or you mlfht jump right to seven and hope that your partner has third round heart control. We slightly favor the conservative five no-trump. TODAY'S QUESTION What do you bid as dealer with: 46 *AKQ654 +KQJ1074 Answer Monday and adjusted. The dentures were constructed to fit over and, in fact, f«stftd ftii the broken teeth, This is not textbook dentistry, but in this case It lent needed support, since the gums were too friable to support dentures. Please don't rush to the phoneHo demand curb service of your dentist. Dental curb service may not be the wave of the future. This case Is reported merely to illustrate the flexibility of dentists and dentistry, the feeling of responsibility that dentists have for their patients, the co-operation of physician and dentist, and the awareness by modern dentistry of the general health and well-being of their patients. Of course, mobile portable equipment Is available and many dental procedures can and are being done for non- ambulatory patients In their own homes and in nursing homes. But equipment Is expensive and time away from busy offices is too costly for most dentists to be able to participate. WORLD ALMANAC FACTS Fear of technological unemployment resulting from labor-saving devices has not been restricted to the 20th century. The World Almanac notes that in 1811-12, at Nottingham, England, a group of textile workers called Luddites rioted and destroyed machinery which had caused some of their members to lose jobs or suffer wage reductions. Copyright© 1968, Xewsjinper ICriterprlse Assn. Late Show Sat. At Saenger Also Sunday & Monday SPACEPOWER plant would use nuclear energy to produce 35 kilowatts of of electrical power. This quarter-scale model of SNAP 8 power conversion system Is being studied by Aerojet General engineers at Azusa, Calif., to determine potential flight configuration for NASA. Political Candidates The Star is authorized to announce that the following are candidates for public office subject to action of the Democratic Primary. For County Judge FINIS ODOM For Tax Assessor CARTER BUTTON For Sheriff & Collector JIMME GRIFFIN For Prosecuting Attorney BILL DENMAN, JR. For Circuit Clerk JIM COLE For Representative ARTHUR L. STRECH For Treasurer HARRY HAWTHORNE For County Clerk MRS. PAT McCAIN For County Coroner J. T. HONEYCUTT SHORT RIBS Hope Star Star of Hope 18§9; »e%s 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every Weekday Afternoon at the Star Building STAR PUBLISHING CO, Mrs. C, E, ftiimer, President Alex M, Washburn, See.» f reas. 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas 11801 Alex, tt, Washburn ' Editor i Publisher* Paul H, Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising M|r. C, M. (Pod) Rogers, Jr, , Circulation Manager ; Billy Dan Jones j Mechanical Superintendent; * Second*class postage paid;at Hope, Arkansas j Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations i Member of the Associated Press , The Associated Press Is en* titled exclusively to th^ use for republlcatton of all the lo.cal news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. ;j •> Single Copy lOc ; \ Subscription Rates • ; (Payable in advance) • ; By Carrier In Hope and • ; neighboring Towns— ; Per week . . . . . ..... i35 Per Year, Office only . . 1420 By moil in Hempstead, Nevada, Lafayette, Howard, Pike; and Clark Counties - ? i One Month . . . . . . . . . i l'.20 Three Months . , . ..... 2.90 Six Months . ..... . i .. 5.25 One Year . . . . . 10.00 All other Mail , in Arkansas One Month ..... 1.10 Three Months ... . . .. 3.30 One Year ...... ,•'.-, . 12.00 .1.31! 3.9! 15.61 Off el All Other Mail Outside Arkansas One Month . . . ...... Three Months . . . . One Year . ... . . . . ... College Student Bargain Nine Months .... . . .. Nat'1 Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 3381 Popular Av., Memphis, Teipnl ;38U1; 960,^1^0^1^8%^ Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. MJchj igan Ave., Chicago 1, lll.i 60 E. 42nd St., New York U7i N.Y.; 1275 Penobscot Bldgj Detroit 2, Mich.; 683 Shrivi: Tower, Oklahoma City, Okla>' 1 By FRANK O'NEAL i Vivacious Rosalind Russell is the center of attention for her granddaughter, Sandra Dee, and the latter's romantic interest, James Farentino, in Ross Hunter's dramatic comedy production, "Rosie!," a Universal picture photographed in Technicolor, Also co-starred are Brian Aherne, Audrey Meadows, Leslie Nielsen, Vanessa Brown and Juanita Moore. ON THE LATE SHOW TONITE AND ALSO SUNDAY AND MONDAY AT THE SAENGER. SATURDAY & SUNDAY AT DIXIE SOME. HAIL STORM, EH ft Travelogue 102. Peal Estate For Sale POW, HERE- 9 cows, 4 betters, MA § bull pajyes. Pfeone: PR 1 ?3756. HHtc §9, ROSES, Fwt trees, t?e4- 4lug pilots iy*} slobbery. Rose ste4e tress gad pot Pfcoae PR7>3§43, E- forinltof CAU AUIID For Free bispection A, p, MPPLEPROPriS, JR. PHONE PR7.3W? AU Work Guaranteed Cost Proiection 3, §1-2 me TNI BIRDS ARE HUNTING A NiST . . . NOW ABOUT YOU? Almost New ~ 3 bedroom home, with built-in range and oven. Carpet in 3 rooms, and central heating, Carport with, storage and utility room » Possession Quick, HOPE REALTY Phone pR7t5U5 3rd and Edgewood 3«27t6tC 3, Notice * NOflCE * THE CITY CLEANERS AT III SOUTH ELM STREET Is now operating under new management. We still have the experienced help that has been on the SAME JOB for an average of 14 years each. Wl Ail IN HO WAY CONNICTID with or responsible tor clothes left at any other dry clean* ing shop, COME IN AND TRY OUR FRIENPLY,EFFICIENT SERVICE CAIi PI?*He« f M Fill ••ii PICKUP ANQ DIUVIiY iilVICi 3-26-etc !MTTl-£ U M9fe4 |» tim ferocious rhiiioverpu* ||Ufb O'UdijH v»ho i» c^m|ht up in uhe fsciu-uifiit of the motion picture. "4£ri.caWJ>$|i Slyl*!" a>» Ivan Tor* Production at the DIXIE DHIVEflN, The filoi »bo»» J»o» tb«f -ilrican* can prevent free!?«t iwlural )r<r«(ium< (h« *>Ud «u»wal life, from aud dws *g uitb 9 tbrUJiH« 9«d a,ctiou-pac|ed >to,rr. t'ilrovd ea• t - S|yle!" uclu^Uy w»sd wiW ani- ACROSS 1 Motorist's travel aid 5 City in Ohio or Peru B Thailand's former name 12 South American wood sorrel 13 Indigo H Arm bone J5— Boer, Netherlands community 16 Solemn. covenant 18 Tales 20 Grecian -™** (pi.) 21 Operated 22 Heroic 24 Wound incrustation 26 Increased by 37Sainte tab.) 30 City in New York state 32 City on the Moskva river 31 Conductor 35 Aground 36 Gates. California 37 Mouth parts 39 Inharmonious relationship 40 Rebel 41 Light brown 42 pines, Virginia 45 Rebuked with severity 49 Shielded from injury 51 — Pardo, Brazil 52 Grafted (her.) 53 Palm leaf M Before 55 Judge 56 Depend 57 Masculine nickname DOWN 1 Witticisms 2 Vinegar (coma, form) 3 Complete view of a region (pi.) 4 America 5 Arrow poison 6 Tree of British Guiana 7 Altitude (ab.) 8 Tanning material 9 islands (Fr-) 10 British queen UWresUers' cushions 17 Dispatch boaU 19 Virulent 23 Cougar; 24 Ven4 25 Queen of the Nile (familiar) Antwtr to Previous Puszl* 96 Pe Gaullt'j capital 27 Unscrupulous 28 Civil wrong » Female sheep 31 Un« *new 33 Shallow spot in a rwer 38 Praying \oo\ 40 Jvmiperlike desert Jhryb 41 Present tim« 42 Hastened 43 Sea e«l* 44 Ballot 46 Prison room 47 Ir*lw4 $0 Heart

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