Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on June 4, 1974 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1974
Page 7
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Mrs. Smith Opposed to Any GOP Quota System Times Herald, Carroll, la. Tuesday, June 4, 1974 By Harrison Weber Iowa Dally Press Association DES MOINES — Mary Louise Smith of Des Moines, co-chairman of the Republican National Committee, will play an important role in determining guidelines for the states in selecting delegates to the GOP National Convention in 1976. Besides being co-chairman of the National Committee, she is also a co-vice chairman of a blue ribbon committee spurgeons SALE! Pantyhose Savings by the Pair or the Box! Reg. 1.99 Control Top ]59 P r -L 3 prs. 4.50 THIS WEEK ONLY When you don't want to wear a girdle, but still want some control, choose these! They help you feel trimmer, firmer, more comfortable instantly! Cantrece 30 nylon with Lycra Spandex top. 4 sizes, 4 shades. Save 1.47 on three! SPURGEON'S BEAUTY SALON Phone: 792-1656 189 1656 9 SAVINGS ARE FULL SCALE AT SPURGEON'S. CHARGE IT! master charge established to broaden the base of the Republican party; this committee is known as the Rule 29 committee, after the convention rule that created it. The purpose of the Rule 29 committee, Mrs. Smith explained, "is to take a look at the structure of our party and at our rules that say we shall be an open party, broadly based and with equal opportunity for people of all ages, sex, and minority groups." The Des Moines housewife is adamantly opposed to any type of a quota system "like the Democrats had through their McGovern Commission." "Somehow," she stressed, "we must find a way to get states to voluntarily open the party doors wider to women, young people, the elderly and the ethnic and minority groups." There are approximately 50 members on the national Rule 29 committee which' has been divided into five subcommittees. All of the subcommittees have had hearings in various locations in conjunction with regional conferences and in Washington, D.C. The five subcommittees will make their recommendations to the full committee at a meeting in St. Louis on June 15-16 and the committee will then begin the process of writing a preliminary report which must be presented to the Republican National Committee by June 30. A final report must be submitted to the National Committee no later than Jan. 1 of 1975 and the National Committee must act upon the final recommendations within 90 days after receiving the report. | One of the '.'sticky" problems facing the Rule 29 committee is a rule adopted by the 1972 convention in Miami Beach which says that each state shall "endeavor" to have equal representation of men and women in its delegation to the 1976 national convention. Both Mary Louise Smith and Iowa Republican state chairman John McDonald are members of the subcommittee wrestling with this particular rule. "Our problem." Mrs. Smith observed, "is defining what endeavor means. It doesn't say must, it says endeavor. We must come up with some guidelines that will assist states in avoiding challenges "No one wants quotas and this is the nearest we come to anything resembling a quota. "If a state, for example, had a delegation comprised of 70 percent men and 30 percent women, the delegation might face a challenge. What Rule 29 is going to have to do is come up with guidelines, like a laundry list, showing that the state has done these things and has made an effort; otherwise, we could have challenges galore," Mrs. Smith said. "The rule doesn't say a state must have 50 per cent men and 50 per cent women, it says you must endeavor to have equal representation; that's the problem we're faced with in devising guidelines," she added. Mrs. Smith, who is also Iowa's Republican National Committeewoman, is very pleased that Iowa's delegation to the last GOP National Convention was the most representative of a state's population make-up of any of the delegations. Nine of Iowa's 22 delegates were women, five were under 25, and one was black. She emphasized that the Rule 29 committee does not address itself at all to the apportionment of delegations. That has been set, and can't be changed. As part of self-analysis being undertaken by the Republican party, each state has a Rule 29 committee charged 'with the responsibility of making reform recommendations. Lt. Gov. Arthur Neu is chairman of the Iowa Rule 29 committee and Mrs. Smith feels the committee is doing an "outstanding job" under Neu's leadership. "They have approached the problem very thoughtfully: the Iowa committee is almost a show case," she declared. Some of the questions being considered by the Iowa Rule 29 committee include: — Should the Republican state central committee be expanded in size? — How should the Republican state central committee "endeavor" to send a balanced delegation to the 1976 GOP National Convention? — Should proportional representation, according to presidential candidate preferences, be used in 1976 in selecting delegates to county and state conventions? Running Out of Fertilizer FUNNY BUSINESS By NEA-London Economist Newsservice The record acreages now being planted mean nothing unless they are matched by record yields — and that requires good weather and ample supplies of fertilizer. The true pessimist will point out that this is the year that the 20-year drought cycle is due to hit America's midwest. But the more serious problem is the acute shortage of fertilizers. The bulk of nitrogen-based fertilizer comes from natural gas, and prices have been raised along with oil. A fertilizer like urea, which was selling at $40 a ton in 1971, today fetches $260 on the world market — when it is available. Morocco, the world's major phosphate exporter, quietly tripled its prices earlier this year to $42 a ton and is considering another increase in July. Those farmers who have been able to afford these new prices are, paradoxically, exactly those who need it least. This year American farmers will be spending an extra $4 billion on fertilizers, 40 per cent more than in 1973. They will be buying up supplies that could be far more profitably used in the Ruling No Surprise to Iowa Prosecutors By Roger Bollen WATER'S MOPE POLLUTED THOU6HT/ developing world. A ton of fertilizer on a virgin field can up wheat yields by about 10 tons. But the more fertilizer is applied, the smaller the extra crop. 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Iowa Daily Press Association DES MOINES — low; prosecutors were not taken bj complete surprise when the State Supreme Court reversed a time honored procedure that a defendant in a criminal trial had the burden of proving he was insane. The court, in a decision handed down Wednesday, ruled that the state must prove that the defendant was sane at the time of the crime. Ira Skinner, who is in charge of the prosecution unit in the attorney general's office, had a feeling the court was headed in this direction and had so advised the 99 county attorneys prior to the decision. The court's five to four decision involves the "M'Naughton Rule" of common law which is used by a majority of states to determine whether insanity is an acceptable plea. The M'Naughton test says that a person claiming insanity as a defense must prove by a preponderance of evidence that the act was caused by mental disease which overcame or swayed the defendant's reason or judgment to the extent that it destroyed his power to comprehend the nature or consequence of his act. But on studying the English court decision the M'Naughton rule is based on, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that the defendant is entitled to acquital even if he knew what he was doing, but did not know it was wrong. In the last two murder cases Skinner handled on behalf of the state he assumed this burden of proof "feeling that this was the direction that the court was probably headed." The supreme .court decision overruled the 1966 conviction of Donald E. Thomas of Cedar Rapids. Thomas had been given a life sentence for allegedly killing his wife, Sharon Kay, in 1965. Thomas' sanity had been the focal point of the defense throughout the trial. Defense attorneys for Thomas never refuted the prosecution's claim that Thomas fired the gun which killed his wife. "As far as the Thomas decision abolishing the M'Naughton rule, that is not true," Skinner said. "We will still be guided by the M'Naughton rule and what it says regarding the test for insanity." But. he added, instead of the defendant proving that he was insane, the state will have to prove that he was sane. spurgeons Get in on Beautiful Savings! Stock Up on all Sleepwear, Robes, Slips and Panties! Entire Stock of Lingerie — 15% to 30% om THIS WEEK ONLY! ?'?'" "'•' ' : ;;a -'?;••• ' • We show just four examples—come in and see everything—big savings now! .V : / I \ \ V 4, ^V ty Ladies and Girls Panties Briefs, bikinis— nylons, eider- Ions; some with brushed or terry crotch. Girls 414, ladies 5-11. 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