Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 27, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1916
Page 4
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f n • r CMHY l}ft,i!f Slnr^smf : :\{ I AST BARGAIN *•„•** !s**' , r r •- r tft lf.r'f in »h" fi'i- V, i '! f- -i 5 -!/' *nu«»-» of c!>i!*iderr>bi'' irn- > ''Hi j-h ivfi' r •', ho l)fMf- li'*?!! With thpm n imiff-li-lfnt !»m,;?h of ! ! ;m- to f1?rnor!*"r,i,J* IbHr f-Pu if-n>-v (» r<r- tAlfilv mrnd/ter.-Ulf.iintf. It i* pr.Hjfy- Irtff hfTBiS«f« if v ill \\t\ n plr ';;vnrP to tcv«rv man nm) tt<>rn«n in Ht^rhriK.flnd 3Jf«-*< F*nt!,«, tl'ho fl'sirr?" fo «f-*s ftje, T'^in *-,"}{!<•«? prosper, to know thnt our fnHfir- t*S rwplved fM.'rh ft. 1,'irfff* HI)'! jmyhifr Vol»tffl*" of bnslnf*?"* yr-ar thnf thr-v wrr* abiPi to tpmembrr fhrjr oh! rni- plm'e* 1 * In tbM RratlOitiR tiiruUi'T. it is ft matter of <-oiifirflt illations that UK- »fni«!oyw» «r« of the type mid chatne- tfrr snd hnvn shown nn efficiency which them to this cnrisld«<i ntion. distribution (if IhU wnnr-y at !lm« help* r\cryhod> In Hie beH*at]<»«* every dollar ; xprnded |MUW»M UtroUKb motes nf liuinfR. pay." Sf**rw» of blllf, buys «i('iu-t i f>! mill It. H M*«tflcrs ninny P^ivl-ft. Hn-rlirit; llnrk KJ»||«I «»T RiHid citl«-!> in -A liii h In Jhc. 1Vp.lmv<» pt-ii^nrrciix fat !nt -ir-n, l^-fi liavp llvfl anri up to d.-tti- l>n«1ni"i-) wn •la.Vfl K<n"l p'-h'H)ln. <M »'!!cii! siiiy <-\\\\\t< n\\,\ |in!yi-<» f<u lit* BIH'iHl PIlJc.VriH'til of lilir cltlJ.Ml.t and In every WHY h «-itifi» .-ur liotii Wodprn and up t<> dftto. Th»> nniii wh'> ha« § teootl iti HUnlliig nr AVh.l 1?!^ If." fif fl-. ,<U!.l ?>f-nr find >tiq^ Ire- IK-< n t'l tti" V'iilUK '-; f:il fl'.'Uid- 't ni") dri «.«f«i ttl!iatc!y (<it>lat»'<l fnr if \\\* \» hut diiinK Well hfr«< h« would imi ,i<> nr!i, lii nil Itttllhood, In ruiy othT pl;n <• in tin- eountry. UNIVERSAL TRAINING. IIH lltHn ' >|ttP4t(ion that uitl- tflUnlnR would bt< of lii'tic- lo <ht» yuunK mnn n« writ na a Krcnt to thf ftttte If It c-vi-r bn i am« for thn t?nlt*xl KlutrH to dc- JlOt bfllpve in war, certainly does not tSaHeve In unmv-em-ary iniMtiiry train-. tftig, fthd certainly ho^es above all oth- «F thlnjrs that tli^ t'nited Stnte* may ,tAfrnym b»frc« from the horrors of war 'On the other hand universal militate i« nlniple hiHutunco ngainnt r» win* protcetlon of our Interestf 'II la Blmply preimring *ho country for 'Av$ntualitl«! that may come. Jt would 'b« prqtectlan for the future. 4( the m*n of thin country were tnilned military service an iittnck on the States would be far lens liable ;|b hapix-ii than If N* were unprepared, •j. ' It' «*em» hardly p<i»,ilble that the Htates will rw* nubject ti» nttark *Vpry man and every nation counts strong M.I eaeh 1» preinired to menreneles. Th« Indlvlmml H JtiSt lit strong HH bin prepnnttlonx to ,Btwt fmcrKeneiw, the nation IH just ^IM Strong aji Its preparation* to meet training ff'f tllO I»"!!f"f \\ rlc ill.-!, ti»«;v t 'irfl'.rd. inollior. xv ho ivf-i rttjr! nrii) nnjin \ <"'« XTI v Tti" pill. f*ii" hi !(•« !i. f:r- SMALL MOPE FOR PEACE. \\ hi!»- (Icinianv ii n illjnR and nti\- "I'' p( ;ieo pro|'0«lllM llf pr'-'-e'lted fi«>ni oil the belliqi i f -iit». that n. ron- ji-T'eni e lie field to consider tttf K.'HIie, lhi» Indli a I iiin.i atii thft th' 1 MnKU.'di and thHr alllen will decline in participate. «;ennanv .HI ntijeo (on much alien (ert i'ii|•>'. U 1m* an adv.'iiitacf v, h< n It i omen to trad I TUT lhat the filllf", will not want to con»-idT and wh|.-|( \von!d ha\e to bo cnnxidei r-d (f the matter '< ii" b ft to a dlf/ntt'rentrd Imard of .u hitintbiii. An a rrsitlt i! In probable that tb"' /illir'H will bidfl back until they think they have tb» ndvnnt.ttte, when thrv \vlll bt» more willinK to s i.n«lder n diFciifisjon of peace tejii's. Thin ntfiin« that In nil probabllltv the war mn><l he that K|H- ban struck her tuirdeni bl.u«,.i and until hhe t\i\n hren convinced It !•; hardh poiiidbb' that «di^ \\ill »;ne in. i,n i 'I-.- !:-n e ,;t •• i •, n < '. • 1 1 ! n ! '" •• ; •i^ r- a ii !•,•;. ,".n.! j.;r •;' v ,. i" ., •! r S!"i litir iM-an-h--". .Mii'f r, T«.. i ---.• . ?«>v,-i. n e. I ;•( II. \Vo!l"< I' ip' I i:ej . i -in I I- !|-,- li,, j! M.I-* !--, mil. nnd ;> f'-'.\ L* *••;*. i Hi. l ;t fe||ow % , .-!/-l ,!,) V. Vllo •,,!|!i-l f'•!!', Ho--toii to Sa<. ,•! ninih, and lhe;i l.v r.'ii-- LI St. P . J'.t 'i't fieand 'i ip ' >ff H-.t • nioTH I" tMkrn ni Jnmmry 1, 1 0 ! S, l,n s! call. THE BOYS IN MEXICO it Had a Bip Tinio Cliristmas When Thousands Of Present;? Were Didn't you wish, that: you would have had a little more money for HIS or'HER'gift? liltlr- ol l*!o| Id/? ,, <•;.,,! of lifMil- ij. T|K> popular iiinatii'iil »-•'-'ni-s to In a )ndt;o of ('heiiik''-' 1 rn"<> Vint plflMl alolif: the fiont hiuii and Hi'<v,,tH. nboiit. a yaid ;>p-itt, .'>ml ss the bu<.h«\« i;e (mined on po«fi and wtfe't, fnnn- jhU a i Io.-;e and In--,! ullf ul hfJi^c, bcar- ;ni: ha n-.lKotHo !!itttfi'- U'c- did )hi« l e.,<leli|,t'. \Ve ale le.-HJIIj,- lloShil:!; !!1|- doii" to nni!<e our h:ini;a!i",-> a 111 ,-n I h •• to mil d' ar :•!.'( Mm; friend". i in M. M: ... I >••<-. .-; I !,r. pnnitiX " CV pe.ii! ji'ti. ; vf-i to ma i..r i:> n' i il. -'. n * < 'hri'•'Mir"-: <'• - '• H; i I' .i in NO KICK COMING. or I'rttditily hii'i mi Kirk I'ntniiu: t.H retuiiiH (InrliiK tln» p:ift y>-;\r. A)>oiil, t;.'inn - (iiiii Atn»'ilr;iM rrnplnyr-ffi ntid WHRC rniiiiM'" during tho (HP! ymr will \\n\f rocoivivt In salary |IK leu, 1 "'.". iiiMiiraiM-e a lolnl nf tlirin |i»»t CAUGHT OWHE FLY Tlier* Is no doubt that it Idns'ird to Rivn ' thun receive but the folkn ^^ lio (lid the tecelvlin; » ;in li\sfif \ II IH nnirb I Ibiin fo bo j;|ver. pr«>|Mration to moot t'tnersen- felea. In addition to Mint It would make healthy borilp.s of ttio youns L: fyt th« country even though thoy ni-ver 'fhoul(lf>red a munkot cxocpt (hiring j*rio<l of 8HOULO BE SUPPORTED, |,' •» It Will unquestionably be a plearumt •urprlee to th« tax payers of Illinois to *|IftV» OoVcrnor I^mden- pu.-di the new |»IH for the conoolldatlon of the varl- ptf« department^ of tho «tate, u i» clftimcd th« new bill will do away with HOjnethlng like ono hundred diiferent l-'or the- benefit of llu< yoniiR folk!' who enjoy the mof>n'"hettt when II KOI-M under :iti ecllp.-te It IH well In remind thorn Ihiil th»« year IM7 will furnish ICmpcrop Joseph left $l,~>,ooo.A"<> out of bin private forlunn for th«» benefit of wounded soldiern. All tho money In the world would not bring back the dead ones. The more Kohl there IH In Ihe country the cheaper It IH to borrow money. In theory. Hut t'lie churucter of a per- HOII demanding a loan doeim't llticuate. ICverybody is jelling about^rstxpN, but (hern IH only one way to re.dut e IIIXCH and that In to repeal half tin- lawt< and half the A-i in i-. he espectcd. :i ,:,,-,,; miy :itc ••I" peop!,- h< ie St. P. i.-, a ii ni! r, ,•!-! M'Htnon j-i.iv lor d'-reliit", for fidbi\\:i v.x ho drift. I i hp (hlM from the Inde- I i-mb ni ' ,\ man live* in St. Petei --burtt \\Ito and lio\.-i| xi-jlli Tom SharKcy. Thi< man i'< ,\ MI I,,nd, '•• ho in.'iH an automobile for hiii'. He in-ed to he a. i.iiltoad man • nd ''an 'i«i K'""l .in amateiic bn'.-r :i" f..nld bo found He hoxivl with I'M;*.; imnirtiiM and Khailtry Ju- t (or inn. MI MI l,cnd bi in very laiKe and powerful man and M>rn" «'.\pcr(M "ii-ln-ted him a-i a uhile hope lint he .|ei lined to ( nter l be i in;;. I'eiv pri-Hon* lien- Kii"\\ mat Mr, M;l,eo<l. had b<» ebos-eii the i inj.r carnr. n.ii;ht now be the champion bi' of U'lll-ird. Tell I "lank Thoma-i, .lolm \\',-ii;uer, '•nd olliep (vood ilniich pa!ion> to .'-Kip Ihi'i « in Idly paragraph. »'III OHll.!* le.'itlvitiex thi.n Ure| x at ,-i!l ihe .>«-|IOO|M and chunhcM. An hour'." on l-'riday- morning at hlc.h "'hoo| uitii te.idinfcM. cliofim .if t'wntM Ctrl'*, hand of nine boys-, who pl;iv<d n.ip of SOIIMI AiiKtin, Tim- Iln|«diiKi'r wi.jdd b.'tx >• h'ccn A folk dance and JIOIIK in ihe primary loom \\»n done hv the >otm;;Mer,H with intense nall.Mfaction to I b<-mne!vc.( and the niotheiM, A fe:i- tun at th<> Sunday Schools wan In «lv- iuK I" the poor Instead of i fcrtjvin' v prcf'-nlM. \\'i> heard thin noble anthem on three oocaMioii;i;' Mli<nt niKht. holy night ! All IH cairn, all IM bright. Mote rain ()I|M month thtin UMial, three IncheH instetn) of t\vo, tl>n ii\craKc. We make tin occasional lda:;c In our ohl-Nt>lc fire pla-'e, nnd «prnd ninny a cony hour around the evening lanip. Hard to believe thlM l« ClirlHt- I i l honii " f..| not n.'l.'-d'. . v, a-: i ' it Iii a !' -! in a ,.rihd OH! »;.-n. .!, .1. that I h. i! , > mir.hl f I'll !•, nat, i- li.,!. ;li ,,j p-,,,-, ". In l e (1 '.op-- a i e : (a! in.i, d !.lf<" « i I e pi '•>•< lit. ,| and t h" da v oh- • i \ . d in I rue hoSi.j . i- • !>, |<.. >(,,(,, 11, ,,, ),. , p.ii'l. -. -...- . \\ i r,- di • ' i ilnif. '! " « l*l at field 111 :id'i'l I 1 I'-l -i XSllllc Ihi' nii'«l <!;iho|.i(f- i • h hi a ! p .n -\ a •held. Tin ic « ,v- not a i!iom« ni \> h< n the nun Iacl;ed for amii'-i.incut. Th" dav!i,;}it pi<'i:iMni \\ .a ^ KiV'-n o\*( Jo athletic event-? and the troop* freed finiii oidinar.t d'lin-.i i:atheic,| to \\ii- oe-'i t'i.- p..;,, tlll ,| r,,ot|.,-ill r.ann-,. Ih- pom- e\pi.----. --low-, mule nnd • hoe IK en 1 ' |'K p:il int; for <|:I\M. U:IM a fe:r I not to he i. carded lUhfl', . Have Giant Chri«tma» Tree Aioimd the t 'hriptin;^; tree, whi>h louii.d »;;, fe. t in III'- air, the climax of the celeliralinll toi'K pl.o'e !ilio|l|> liiloie 7 o'cloi H l.i:, t nii;lit. Tin- ri-i 1 . i- meiH'; marched to point" amuiid "the •*l.u of I'ethlehrin" l)i:il surrnimdcd the lire, whirl, ,'pr<inu in(u the lif.hl, H hr.inche.-! doi|",| with bundled-, of ineaiiilefM-eiit |.(in|v< and the i!:u: wavitiii twenty feet almve (he top. mo ! hr.inch itiUinlnad d by I.IVH from iho In.idliubts of many motor trn< k*. 'l'\\o do/cii t:ri>le-(|iielv coviinned S.l'lT^il ('laUM'". I hell eficocted (lie Mj,'- t;c-.| "Samt N'i'-K" of all into the clear •.pace under the. tue ;ind dh-triblillon • •f pll'^enls \v:<-; lit.'f,'l!!l. The prill'-lp.ll [ii'.v^i'nt 1:1 inr.ii] v wa-i one of. tln« (hoy:.nid-i of i-oinfort bat-'S Ihe vai'- tous chapters of I he Id-d Cro-->i b'ad font. To thi,-< v.'.t 1 ; (ubb'd a few of the Till'; First NationalBank of Sterling will help you to have more money next lime JOIN OUR CHRISTMAS SAVINGS CLUB Injlhis manner you will be saying money without any effort. N\nd just think of the fat. sum you will receive next year\ Drop in on your way down town and take out a membership II ("10 ein;trs and nf the I l.nati f c.-indy nnd other mas time. are In a dream. No acting to a c«>rtnin cxtont and ronuolld'Ut) tlu-m Into at least eight or ten depart nio'nt* Under direct control of (In- Knv |HI(]q]a iu' well OH hor.Miwtt'i «mtc« ,$$ onormouu t'liiwnoti ulniply laws have created too many iiii- publlo itonlilonn, A conmdlj ^ (Jatlon ought lo malte ji Ktes'l fti\in(j ^ faf the Btate. Tho ttow movement nhould biiM< tho f hearty uupport of every tux payer In fitatfl who la not a #eeUf>r tifter Office. Tho consolidation pcheme p 1/3 not likely to appeal to a lot of people Who want ofllcfi and whvrc there Is no vacancy want w>m* new ollico created ,,10 give them a «lwne» to get ut .the crib. But the men and women UlinolH who pay tuxes who ut<> not veekerv, who want eHlrh-ncy in It werns a pretty wife gue«M that neilher tjm (lerrnan^ or tho lOtiKltHh nr* now fi«hUfiK for uny Mpeclal objee: except to win. Now Is the I line folHf* tiro doing I'lirisimuM nwappliiK- if It <loe«n't fiiiit you take it back and exchmiKo it for (hut does. hnn« trecf. no fio/.eiuhnvnH, no leaden cloudH. no snowy l)htHt«, but pnhrtrt and oak« in the Kreen of mer. oranRo proves gleamlnK with Molden fruit, hliH» nky, biriiw, anil nofl hn-exeti from th»< gulf. Mahomet refused to enter l>atna.':ctiH, because; he (ild not \V!H| i to enjoy lii« paradise on lhat had l>e«-n tf-cejved. I 're-.i ion of the Klft* bfill^llt the regular pto- Kram to nn end STILfA LIVE ISSUE People of Massachusetts Still Bitter Against Man In Confinement JORDAN NEWS RENDERED A FINE PROGRAM r PROPHETSTOWN NEWS A althont;!) Ih. ilu> earth, and W. U'. ^Wherever there 'nre a few MexicaiiH giytheied together Ihete H!HO MM-IIIM to J/e u battle royal. Sterling i» tr>inK to lier'n. Jn Homn placen the inoilt' vnn ba;i Ic.u bed a price per hour where ijiiile 11 few people Iind it cheaper to pay rent than to move An exehaiiK'* l« excccdlnnly hard hit, It appeals an folloWH lu it» IriendHi "Pb'iixc do not Hem! ua any more inkclelii rccordH." A man at llelvidert* the other day HHW a robin \\hlh> n KterliiiKlto heard WORTH AT LEAST $3,50 A YEAR. riiicaKu, III.. Dec. ;-;t. i!i|f,. !>. XV. (iiandon ,V S..n.». Sterling, 111, (ieiltlemeii: Kni'lo.snil H»til rheck for f-'.r>0 for which plea.-ii- renew my «ub- nci-lpllon to Tln> Daily (Jaxetto for an- ot her year. 1 enjoy icadliiK > onr lit'wny paper \er.v much and (hluli >ou iiould be wrll jiihtlth'd in lalfilnK your price lo $3, .Ml a year nn print paper b< >:oinK up in price more ajnl more and there KeeiiiK to be no relief in al^bl- at the present time. ISlir plibli»hcrfi uith \\hoin I i nine in i onlact all over I lie country an 1 inak- " S'l't'iiiUiii'ld. ill, Di (inn .Middle \\'estein tl.ained charitable and penal in*>! it ;it Ion head-* are rccei',-- in^ \\ide recognition In the east, ac- lioucn, of the Sfiioii. \s ho ha.-: jio.t rctiillied linin an c\ieiisi\e tliji IhioiiKh CiiMiern i-lalo iiistttiitloiiH. In a 'report of his trip, Secretary llo\M-n, e.xei utiM- -rcrctary of the Slate i'lenities i'oinnilh-ion. mentions the namc.s of a lart;i' tiiimber of .MUI-II nn n and women \\bont b«* met. A st'elimi of Mr, KOWCII'H report l.« devoted lo the I.o.lis i-a.-.e -o|" .te.s-te Poin.-rv.. the Mav.a' hii-icl I s .. oiivict uho The Kaht .Ionian Sunday .--ch i-nderetl a line program of muMc and j recitation on Saturday evening. The h'MiMe xva-* nicely decolYiti'd and a j nice tjee and lliice .small tires \\ ei e j Christmas nicely trimmed. | ., J '.ild.v tin r«-.i>on for tho light unce was the fact of the exe the foiiKfc->;:itlot)aI church , i't waH Rood. Prob- attend- ut CHURCH SERVICES N,c B ,b..rv«. Good GO SOUTH FOR THE WINTER With JORDAN BRIEFS j Mr. fni ...... '. the blaulismith at Pen- i COM- went to Ohio Station'" S.tluida\ lo «pend Sunday and ( ' \\ilh .Mi. iind Mr.-'. i'hiiile;i Parks enter- Tin- chinches of the town' 1 ""' llllli "" ! "' r ^ta.v'wlll vinit in dif- av, ,.!-,.- o!^,.|.,,-,i i 'lin'-nna-, ,,, t he j ^','?'"' l '"'-' llt "'" '" ""' vicinity of :i -ua! in.imter. (V,. ,\,. ll!N ,.., ,,'( ,j l( , ^j ( 'hri-ilma--. day, J. A. ('.illicit had for dinner j.;iieM> on Sundav Mr and Mr.'i. Arthur M.I- |e«,|.i(- and children, l|e|i-n and I )on •• aid and Mr. and .Mr;*, it. K. Cilherl and Diaries for 1917 We have a full line of National Diaries . from tlit- large size with one day to a page, to the vest pocket size with seven days to the page. Don't forget your Calendars and Dt'sk Memorandums for th* new y«*r. Wo have them. a pe\vc» hiiiK thin morning. (ioliiK s.une, tlmnk >-ou. "" Thu l-'ord faclor.v i loiod down foi tw«i weekM In older to Hive, other shippers a c'hante to n ( 'l freight eai». <ireci(» i;t indeed a Mbppcry piopo«l- tlon for the alile-. MURDERED MAN "WEALTHY John P. Bcckor'* Will ' Diiposcs o( $400,000 a HiicnuuiiM llKbi "iiKiilnxl the paper Iron! but have uccompllMhcd \etj little. The only IhliiK left for them i.o do in to hooHt their tinht-cj Iptinn •\ rice for Ihi'lr protoetlon the Hume as the butcher, jjrocer, biikcr, etc. So good a nc\v,spapci- ati you ais IHIV. Mr. litivxen j.iyit that tlie-1'oin- cry c.-iso i.s «lil| a ll\'e is.sue in thai slHle, Momo times a political i.shiie, and. that, during all llieso forty >e,ir.s, no governor Im.s had the i-onr.'iK" lo .'irnclt- oiidilioii^ ol this man':; .sen- h' id -.*-'.it in d;iy oveii-i - %lr - aill! - N||N '*- '''• Keynold-l Were I|M> p,-n.>r|:t;ri-i |o the name plai.'i' when- the> \\i\\ spend the winter with other IToph"tMo\\n peoidex^.Mr.-i, IJey-. i>old-< i>i not very well and no doiiid this fact had .I'Ulielhini; to do \\ilh I-:, i hurch t.ei nn: .ind \vcre ii) DI,- !.;,;u!- of tin ,-,mal- childi ,-n ol (I-,,- >'ui!.ia> .-.ebon) and ^ a a i t-ry ph avail! and lamed Mr.., and Mr,-*. John l.anipln of .,, v;iS that ,( Polo and JamcH J.ant;. Jr.. lor dinner " .' >n;o\.il)|e pio;-i,iin |v pulling it ,iu~t • l 'i:b!. All t!:,- ,-i|i!di.-n .M-.pitil.-d j th, m-i !\_e_- i> t!,, l,.- : .a po->!lile in,in- t" 11 '' 1 ' >:"• m; • l li.*rf for tin- Mini 10 -r an^ -Ni.uid 1 thai they had had -:ood I/,,mile.; and th" li.'tinnu: liad had !!.- el'f»-ct ullli lln-m 'I'd, Some id the .-a hooi-, arc having a ino-i ,m , vacation ni,ill N'eu \'eai'. cerfuinly worth iew for a happy P, i i.i. in . i > The will ni John P. HrcKer, une nf Ihe \ ictlnm ««f it dou- hie murder al hl.-f imme near Maxon City cm |i;-c. !ii, «?iii opened Momlav and di'ipo.Ncd of a foitnnc i-ffliniiili.'d in exccti.-i of .? (uitjiiuo. Might hoiiw and duUKhlci;-! of -the muiih-red pair aid ilt'ly-oiie KI <iiid' iuldi en will »haic the fortune. inn yiiur re.tdcr.s innic thun .son ai~K \\'Hb the lirht iijid prowpcroun New Year for (ia/etto I ben to remain, S'cry fralernally, K W. llea'lon. N'eWKpuper t •ifciilatlon nuilder. Believe, I!eltev« wllh nil your heiirt Ihrii you ulll U(i what y<ni \\orw muthi in do. Never for nn ItiKinnt Inuitor u doubt of thin. J)riv« it <^ut of your mind if It seeks ptitmnre. Knterinln only tho friend thuiighu or idculs of the thing «r« bound to achieve-. Reject all enemies, all Moods- every Hilng which wouhi tncn t fiiilnris or uoluipj)lneN«. Huc- TOWN HIRES NO DRINKERS Paris, III., Adofsis Resolution To Bar All But Teetotalers. I'.iri-,-. III.. ! h c :.:V Tlif citj i oil! rni:-.-«i"licl,-i of Tali, pa>,;..-d ,i' "V. "A, I'c.'-oiiilipn" vcj*l<-iday aii.'i in. c i tlie cinp|i,\ im Hi of I,-..-);; oj jnloSKat my li.|i|,.| - "^ " ! i c.Ilillot t hlnk i li ,K ly .autl ,1 ! '•alil> i! ;. oil .lie .1 iii."/er." diilaie-i .Ma \ .T lli'-U' ' U i- W.ili! ..I,! ', ' ••', • I , .. ' " " ( l'b>i. Divided KnowledQa. I>nrtiiK Prchiih'nt IJncoln't ih-st visit !u the Hprin^lleld peiiiicnilnry an old ituiiulo hiojthiK out l!u'oui.;h iln 1 burs I'Htnurki'd: "U'clly'Mr. Lincoln, you Mid I nuKhl !o hi! \\cll po-,lcd on ptl<t- (ins. \\ <i vi.' hi'i-ii all Ihete (ire in ihe muni IV." "\Vliy. this Is (he Hi-,i mui I ever U-ito.-)." rcpll-'d Ih f'Ullve, Hoint'Uhin aMoliishcd. W(ia'tjli> reply, "hut I'xi.; heel! !l! rest," A New Affliction. '.f j:c| t ." .- a i-l a l"i iciid to a "Ve>," nil lJn> The report ;.,I\M: "lln ban not hcen alhuvrd to .sec frifiidr'. t nils ibose olhcialH haxuiK iuri*-dicl|ou oxer him have- been able to coinmimicato with him. Absuluti-ly no privlh'i;es have been planted, him x* Inch would brim; him into contact xxilh the outer \xoild I'ntil very recent times he uas denied ne\XMpap«>i'M. "A c.-nerat Ion II.IM pa.s.sed since he committed the crime which cain-icd his lonxiction He is alinosi an old man. I'.id paieiU has i onimunic.ilcd In i'hi!d. iite Kcneraiion to thi> other, tln> terror and tear \\hich Poinci-oy's crime ,'ecms to ha\ e spread o\-er t'tat .ntale ,tiid (In- mcie mention of iniroio o.r le- Ica.M' or even moihlicatlon of the inan'.s ri-«traint met-t,s xsith a^nrcM.'dxr and ir.ito op|io.-itiini "!i was Indeed .slraiiKc lo nn- ln'be.ii thi> radical e.xpi CSMOHH of nun of in- icHim-ii'i- and hniiiaiii; in.*-tini la HI opJiosinf: iin>' change in |bi-s t-i'ntencc. it \f, line that a.s hideous i rltni-a have been ionimilU'd in st.itn .since Pomoiiix'n il,t\- .unl men have. In en .'>!>> li-t'd ol (hern. 1ml ;,e is the only 'tie uho has i-niiei-ed* to tlii^, fj.-ercinc il.-Uice an.! he I.-, i)u- only one M lni.'i • linn li.iti n-.i! I'd n Jol gotten -be I. Ibi' onlx one ,i;Mln:-t xxll'^lll the V. I a ! h 'I' the i -ilnnr.:!!;! \- ha., nm ;...!(, ncd "- Test of a Good Book. Tin! i-, a to,,. I book'whl.-l-, i>. opened Ml. and MIM I' S. 1'jicbborn cnler tamed for I'hiiMlma.s dinner Mr. and Mi i. Wm. Heard, fharles and ltl<-iid,.i. Mr. and .Mr.-- John Klchman iind I'helma and \Villle of Polo. Tin' fomplon school had their fhrininias prouram on l-'riday i-vcnln;,. A tin.- pio|L;rani was lenijeicd. \Vot-t Jordan ^avi" tlieir f hrh im,i>-- oniert.ti.nmfnt on Sunday cveniiiK. i".. Ii had a 1. nulls- ilunu i on i 'hrlhtrnan. Their clnldicn and grandchildren were prc.sent. Key, li. Annum returned .fiom Ap- pleion IUM! Thursday and pleacln\i ,u' la^t •Snnda\ morning, !,oni.-i School .-pent \S CdneMla) and Thuriiilay al l^au on liii.-me.v.s. Mr. and Mrs. It I-;. Cilbt-rt and MUI were dinner iiuehl» al the J. l'cllow> home In I'Lvon on ( 'In t.-.tmas day. Mrs. Ale.\ander Andci'Kon i-. tindei the doclor'M care the PUM wee|> .pi.irtctf.- .. f.. a.I. , - pa,- |. ,-iled, Afi.'f I fie |ecilati,.n ihe - peaking aim •'ir-;iia-. tin' pi. ,enl- -vrrre di.-lril.nleii and made mai'-, iilad b.-.u ;»; .,11 i,.. i-eivtn^ -ailnc! I'.lll'.;. Al Ihe ('on;;!. , a! ioin'1 church, (he ' ^' " •'-' - I'-n.l. in Id ,.;, Snild.i> |,|..;I||., ihe pio-iiiin «.!•- in.'ie xaiicd, and be- oli.;--. «'l;iri«. e\i-rcl.--i-.-i, "\, I'c'jillrii'.:.'. a :;ietter amount "I car.' Hj pjip.i! iU-'i! Thcx- jjjd more than c.-nallx xx . 11 ju:d (In- lai(.;c-t nil- • Ill-Ill •• thai .", 1-| ;,-. ,,-lililll d III tli,- Mr.--. Nellie j.onmK al'o left Tin-;,- d.iy for the .--onthland and will viwjt at Memphi-. Tcnn . al Mobile, Al.ibanri, al New (iile.m«, .(,a,. and at IIirmiiiK- liiln. Ala. She ha. oihci (daces whie-a i.lie \V/II VIM! hcfit ( V Ijer rclUlll botlie. SELLS SOME GOOD CATTLE ^' I,.lv ^|.i Naniara uho is a farmer and feeder llvil'K adjacent the town "I the ptoph.t. shipped txvo c.lllo.ldrt ..f fa I i attic Monday from thin jdacr, idiich tipped the Ic-ain at an average. l.'i.M iioiniil--, there hcing 34 in mini- r. Mr. McN.tmara cxpeirts about thu top of the market on the .so Itorn to Mr. and Mrs. Henry tiahc\ iro a -mi un l-'ridav, December I 1 . 1 . _,.\ It'iy Kctweilcr arrived from Tolvito. Iowa, on l''ri.l,iy to spend tin- ('hii.-t- m,is vacation wlthlrtls parents The WrddlliK of Albert Scholl and Mift.s Miiriner xvill lake place ii? (/ic- XOM, Ih'combcr -Till. l;e\-. TI>WM|C>- and f.iinily and l'i ed Scholl and fainllx xxcic cnlcitain.'d on i 'hriMmu.s day .il the. i-'ranii Si boll pba-,,,1 -:oes «itb..;il .'-.i.v m- and t h;A fin- .-pirii xxa> made cxiilcnt was •lioxvn 1>\ a tiildc.inv .sh.nvln« Ihe .siar "i ! he t-,i»t. 'i'b i-,. \\ ,^ ;t linie to •beer and >,i lin .iii'iiiinc ii'fraimd in iio:i.,: .si i At th( i-;,..,- ..f (!,.- pn,.;(.,! pl c-..-nt - x\. i e il, tl ll'iifed and XXfl C lilllll. Ion-, l 1 them ;,l.d Leant il ul on.--, al i ba t, PROPHETSTOWN BRIEFS Itcctor (ia^e of Canada WUM an ur- rival in toxxn Monday t'veninif tind will icinam several weeks. Mr. Gago > lormi'i' c!ti£cn of tin) town Inning IH-CII born in the place and lived hero liidil he was to manhood jcrown. Mr. liave nay.s the- town has cruwn uvvay fiom him and there arc but few pco- ''" j p!c that he noxv kimwM. ; '" j Tlnii' were more thun f-ixty couple '""'(.it the dance at 1 Jrejimhtud Mu'ndav lit iind all \xcre well pleaHcd with count of 1 "" "'" ; a-- w, II thc inu-ik- .-.p.-akiiiK in hl«h of with expect aijoii Ii i> a wise book thai, p ,-ioSi-d with prolii. from title pin.:.- (o the end. one ma-lcrpiecc, i> ni.-Kti'ird. pr.'pnres tin- reader to nutM'er the j;rc;n pieces of literature, 'i he en, vc|o|n-d;a of details imiv he left '"'' !l ' >Sl occupied mid Uiou^hjfiU mo- uicil! --. \!y.i,.-, .};•', , |, v,, i, Alciift. vi.-itcd Sundav at .laim.-- mt;-f. Mr, and ,\lr«. Lan^ entei tani' d lo-o lii-.iWn and family on f In i.-.tma >. Mi;-, l-'i ei| S'-lioll has In en \\itii le-i liai'i-nl.-., Mr. and Mr*. llartwi .-r-.eral (lav.-*. Mr, ifaltvvi.:. i, ill w Mb [ nun lie in 1,-t. Aichie M.I.SVM-U. Si., ol Slcilinj:. i \<i> ill ..He Intended :- peiidiii>: Ihe winit-! in I'loi Ida accompanied !•> r ;hlei. hut li.oK ill about ih,- Inn. I hey e\p( i I'd In :.!,ll (. I I v l p ,- t < i ,>lld little liope i:- ill id for til'. !••' i • ', ' • I .t . Hold to lu-v. i:. A. 1'liicb and xxile. liisday moiiuns;, a son. I'ldmund At- Automobile Ibb'Ve.s Illii,'!'.! - IJL* suit I , , : .-icnlly pniil.shc.r if the>L,xveic compi'll- '" " ''•'•'•" Hi llwll'!,,,, ,,, the uplu-ej, ,- u >t of III- u -'~ Mimll inacblnex .sl.den liy them. M. Mrcef, in.liter t'li'/til it fiian fni,.-n ill on il ''vvinil .1,-) .voii ,,,, -,--as Hi ^ n!s (!;,.( 1,1 . i( in •. ,--n i , poc! ''.'' "I '•'polled ' '-il' ! .'••• j i;| t't', .In; | || IL Hi. -,'l III" di;.-(;,t V o! ;,., . jlc. Ul'illc ( !>"•>•-, ' lh.-,l he i ...-( f, h ,1,,.;,, |.j ,,,, jl Ouc ei.-. ;<iici c:-.ifili --ale ia-t \\'«-. i In . I i -. 1,. M l>i I xx. -ilci and tanulx i" ill I .iio.i.i> at 'Ko\ I Im'... .bdill tMiVdel In., d S 111 - i a I i ..!.!> Ill lli!'\e lo lit-, le-iL lii-cha-a-ii I'.e.i r < H'.-,;on ,l"bll Sli \ der '.', .1 hull Sun M J e • I I n ;; n p 1 ! ' s i i' i : L i • i , ! a il.t- IM H! • ;, i bo-,i( I hi- II Mi and Mi - i l< in - !;•!•;: -• .-'. ' ; ,!,-! nn I- ,!i,i , -!! «i,.,,, \\-. in, ,|.,-.- on i'.. " . I • -1 I' , Ml .-'!: > . I. I . , i .1 ! I., Mil ! i, - !n -I ..''.:;;

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