Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 4, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six NAUGATUCK DAILY FRIDAY, AUGUST *, Minnesota Eleven Is Still One Of Question Marks Art far ns Hrtadcoach!r of Minnesota university I* concerned, "X" slmuls for the unknown jili-cbralc fiimntity — rind the Minnesota football team of I'.M-t. Witl\ another week to (so In Miim- niff practice, the hulkintf Gopher co-ich—subbing for- Bi-rnlo Bier- nmn, in the sprvire—exports things to run about the snrnc as they did l.' year. He won't KO out on a limb but both Northwestern and Iowa Pre- fllKht victors over the onco-Golden Gophers a season back, have less li-iicl-li>(i.«c matorlnl w!Ui. which to \vurk this season. It was a year back when the Nor.lhu-est.--rn Wildcat.-" punctured the'. Tvlinnesota entry, tai'K«'y rely- IIIK on Herm Frickoy, and other Marino trainees billeted on the Wildcat cumpus. Kor the nptfiitivo. however, Haus- r\- points to highly concentrated studies in the V-12 program on the Minneapolis campus. Most, of thu J.1 (,-ood players out, courtesy of IDi.H iVjiiniiitf pro.^rnm, an- in the schools ol' cnn'mi'iii-inK, medicine or dentistry, And it takes more study- inf.- than somewhat to remain scnalnstic.illy alive in such programs. Iliuis.-r and dide-ile-enmi> Keel 'naw.son don't know whoiher this ••ditlon of the Minnesota eleven can Improve on the live-won, '.hroe- lust-i-i-i'iiril of last season or not. Thirteen lettermen. a dozen holdovers from last season —the rest untried V-lU'ers or 17-year-old hiKh school players Just entering school. The picture is clearer than it was Jast season, however, The squad is Ktlll an unknown. The Gophers-ever it national power before Selective Service stepped In to blot the national football scene—face the Senhawks, Michigan. Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Northwestern- Xe- hraska Indiana anJ Ohio State. Now At The State Jeeps Defeat Tanks In Local Softball Tilt Cuban Star* Play Battle 1 One 01 King's Greatest Negro League "Slugger" Durable Dane, Underdog, Knocked Out His Foe In Tenth Round Suininy KiiJ'o brines hist nutlonl- Iv fii/rious "Swing and Siwiiy" or- (iln-slrii, ami a brilliant n" "PW r'uvili- t» tin; stagr of tin- iiir-fion- ditiiiiii'l Stall; theater, Hartford, tuihiy, Saturday and Sunilay. •file faini'il hand Iradi-r prosi-ntH ;ill nf his fanuius raill" stars including Nancy Norman. Arlliur Wright, Hilly Williams, __ Sully Stuart, the- Thrrr linyi'ili'ts'-anil tin- Kayo rlu>ir. In iiildltlnii. Sammy Kay i- fi-aliiri-s In his all ni'W I'l-viii! x'lurli headline acts as I'aul Winclii-ll with -I'-rry Malionry, "America's fin-iiti-.-t Vmitro- .Mimii:": »ln> :t Ill-arts, in 11 liri-afh-faking aprnliatlc net. .''"'1 iillnTS. "So You Want 'I'" l.i-ad A Hniid!" oiii- "f Sammy's scnsa- Iliiiuil stage novi-ltii-s, Is also frsiturril nn tin- prngram. Showing . on Ihi- s«riTii Is "Black Magif" with Sidney Tolc.r :us "Charlk 1 Cliiin." There- will IKS u midniglil show tonight (Friday) only. ThiTi- arr lati- stag" 1 ••hmvs Saturday and Sunday at 10 p. m. The- Jeeps d-cff:ate<! th,i Tanks in a sol'tball game roo-nlly at t.hf; Hop f'.rriokl r>layground. by the scoi-i of 13 |lo G. The edntosL., was hard fought throughout, and serv'.ational catc-h- i>>; were made by SpiUu and Jurk- ;aitis. | !•:. Volr.nd; and T. Fognrly mailo up the battery for Lh,-.> winners while Witkoski, M-allane and Dillon worked for t.he Tanks. The umpire-was 'K. Fogarty nnd ganu; v.'as witness.-id by a large crowd. AMF.UlCAN I.KAGU.I3. Yesterday'* Jlc«ults Chicago 3. Cleveland 2 (1st). Chicago 5, Cleveland 1 . (2d). Only pamo.s .-.cheduled. Tlie Standing Pep-Cosianiino Fight Tonight At Waterbury Wiitrrhury, Conn., Aug. -I— (UP) • The biggrsl. f.-i-owd In 20 years In i'.".p"<.'!i'd to turn out tonight for 1 tin- 10-rouncl ovrM-wfight, nnn-titlo limit bctwci.n l-'faiherwelght Chani- I>ii.n Wlllii- 1'i-p and Lulu Costantino, The light was delayed a week ago whi'ii Pep developed a ao- rulli'd "nifntnl slump." CoMt/Liilino will pare down to 133 1 pounds fnr the bout, while Pop is j I'xpectird to weigh in at about 127, j W 'Louis Now York . . Cleveland ' . . Detroit. .... Chicago Philadelphia Washington -19 .19 .15 .12 I.. •12 •1C •Hi .11 50 CO no EG Tdilnv's Clime*. TMlolieni New York at Philadelphia (ni • -•Duhiel ifi-S) or Kosor M-2) Newsom 'S-10.;. Cleveland -'it Chicago—Harder ,") vx. KIMS <!-!>>. Washington f\t Eoston (2) — "vling (7-1 ' or Wyrai (ti-la) 7.i'rmfu-cl (Ci-S) vs. Terry '(fl-7) O'Neil (3-5). Oniv Carrie.--, selicclulnd. Pet. .r.s-t .531 ,n2i .coo .4 DC .490 .•I 29 :ht) vs. r CS- and and NATIONAL M5AGUE Yale o Meet Holy Cross Sat. yosiiTilii.v's Jlnsiilts Chi'-igo (i. P.rool'.lyh 2 Us't). C!hin!ig.o ". Brooklyn 1 (2d). St. Louis Ifi, Pittsburgh 2. Only ).;nmes scheduled. Tho Sliindlnf; W. I-.. Pet. Fl . I,,,..;!,, 7.1 20 .732 Cinci!in.-iti ™ ' l2 • r ' G3 Pittsburgh SO -12 .r-13 Chirac 'I' 1 ' 1T ••'*' 1 New York ' 1G r '' 1 •'''•'' r .jf,Klon 3D 5C .'111 \\ 38 CO .3SS N"e\v Haven, Conn.. Aug. -I— The , Yule summer linsnlnill season will b<. highlighted tomorrow afternoon nt tin; cllnrmmd of the locnl nnviy when Jack Barry brings to this city another of his star-studded Holy Cross bnsoball troupes. The j'.-mie will get under wny at 3 o'clock and one of the largest crowds of the current season is «xprcte<l to be on hand 1'or the The two teams have behind them one of the and most colorful of nil college baseball rivalries, nnrl r.hero is no reason to believe that tomorrow's exhibition wl.l dit- fer from the past'thrill-packed exhibitions. BASKBAI'I. MAN H VRT Svracust, N. Y., Aug. -I —(UP) — Manager Bill McKechnie of the Cincinnati Red* is resting comfortably in a hospital in Syracuse following nn accident. The injury occurred when McKechnie supped and fell suffering head and hand injuries during an exhibition came with the Syracuse Chiefs Thurs- dnv. . :MMMTI » SHOW iPRI. \TODJW-ftM SUM. BM PERSON AND/HIS ORCHESTKA Brooklyn Today's GamrM, Pitchers Boston at Brooklyn (iricht) — Jnv- ery (-I-M) vs. Chapman (0-0). Philadelphia at New York (night) - [iafl'unsbcrger (9-13) v_*. Voiscllo (13-12). Chicago at PittKburg.h (night)— Wysc (10-9) vs. Butcher' (0-0). St, Louis ;it Cincinnati (nigh:.) — Brccheon (10-2) or Jurisicli (7-7) vs, Walters (10-D). .This is a thrilling episode from the'sports pages of the past, compiled by Loren L. Watson, Junior, United Press radio sports editor.) Woodward's pavilion in Sun | Francisco wns jammed to the rhl't- i t-rs the night ot' November 20th, ' 192-1. : That crowd of (Wit fans had come to see a. bout I hut promised to be a slam-bung affair. Tho principals were Battling Niilson and young Corbett. Both of these younprsters were rated us good lightweights and 'they were out for blood that.night. "Bat" Nelson appeared to be in better shape when the lads stepped through the ropes although Cor- bcf. was the odds-on favorite to win the light. The fans expected to see the Pen- ver lad carry the light to Nelson from the llrst gong, But when the bell rang it was the Chicago Dune who landed the llrst blow—and a:good one, too. That first blow was' a. left hook to the cheek' and It "rocked young Corbett down to his heels. He shook his bond, but .finally got squared ;iway. ' For the rest of j that round, the two lads felt out each other. Corbett seemed to have .. recovered from the early blow and Nelson i wns extremely cautious. Tn the second round Corbett shot several long blows thai were intended as knockout punches, but he was unable to land-any of them solidly. . ' • When the boys came out for the third round.' Corbett went to work or. the Chicago Dane—intent on trying to end the fight jn that round. Nelson went down to 'Ms knees at one point but it- was not a knockdown—ha slipped and fell just as he was tossing a punch. When he came up again Nelson haltered Corbett all over, the ring. At the end of the round young Corbcti's mouth was bleeding. 'The battler was blocking punches with his elbows and getting in ii" lot of good work in the clinches. Finally, at the close of the fourth round, Corbett connected with . a hard left to the battler's rugged jaw. . . Nelson was hurt—he staggered looked stunned. It's very possible that Corbett would-have scored a knockout at that point if tho bull hadn't rung. The battler came back fresh and strong to start the'fifth round. The rest period 'between rounds had been just enough to put him buck on his feet. For some reason Ccrbett's blows didn't seem to bother the battler after that punch in the closing seconds of the fourth round, Mid-way in the fifth hont, Cor- helt wound up and shot a would-be knockout blow at Nelson's unprotected chin. It landed, but Nelson didn't even slow down. That was when Corbett realized that he was licked. He had used his Sunday punch • find it didn't even faze the rugged Dane. During the next few rounds Nelson kept piling up points and chasing Corbett around the ring, Young Corbett used every trick he knew But it wns to no avail as the tiger in search of n kill, to try to jfcf.nw.iy from Nelson, battler kept stalking him like a Nelson finally caught up with Corbett in tho 10th round. He gave' him a tremendous pounding for the first minute and 'a half before. Harry Tuthill—Corbolt's trainer- jumped into tho ring and-stopped the fight. It had been a great battle up to that point. Lifeless Bruins Are Red Hot In National League The Chicago' Cubs —the lifclcsc Bruins, w.ho floundered ton .the. cellar during the-first part of Uic season—have broken into I.he National' league's' first d'iylsion J ..'*They handed the Giants "a - second divi- ;-,ion ticket. It was a bnd day for both Brooklyn, and New York. Thc'BruinsVa'.n their victory string to nin.-;, boat- Ing the Brooklyn Dodgers' twico, C to 2. find 7 to 1. Lefty Bob Chipman—the pitchsr the Dodgers traded to the Cubs— handed the Bums the defeat in the first 'gome. ami Claude Pas- SIMUI handled the afterpiece. • ! Bill Nicholson belled two four- hfiggars, o;;n in each contest, und grabbed the major league homo run crown. He took the lead from Mel Olt, the Giant-i mnmiger, alter hitting his 23rd ihomer. In the only' other jsatiomial IUILU'UU game, tho SI. I-OUis .Cardinals clouted the Pittsburgh Pi- i-iLes for a 15 to 2 decision. They laid down, an IS-hit off Southpaws Prcaolier Roc and; Art Cuccurullo. Te.d Wiiks. ace of the St.' "Louis stm'!', added anoUier win to -hi* string—making it read 10 and 1. In the American league, the Chicago White Sox took two from ihe Cleveland Tndiins—,ir-:l moved into a tic with Detroit for fifth place'. John Dickshot's stick work 'helped Bill Dietrich chalk up hl's 13th win, 'Uii'.kshot started a rally in the ninth, with t.he score tied nt j two-all, to give" the White Sox a j B i.o 2 victory. Tile Pale Hoso cama from bc- I hind in the. nightcap. They backed I Orval Grove with a five-rur.i rally' in the seventh and eighth innings,, lo win, 5 to 1, • i Hero's today's baseball schedule: Jn the National league, Eoston invudes Brooklyn, Philadelphia plays at New York-, the Cubs meet tno Pirates at Pittsburgh and Ci-i'-- cilnvui is host to St., Louite. In the American league, iu New York o.t .Philadelphia and Cleveland at Chicago. Washington plays two at Boston. Classic Baseball Game Start At 8 P. M. Sharp -- • - f .: • . . • . „ Lou Nova Still Mystery Fighter Without A Punch FATAL ACCinKNT Manchester, N. H.. Aug. .(—(UP) —Or.c person has been killed and another badly Injured in the ox- plosion of an oxygen fink. Antonio Gilbert. 'II yc.n's old, was repairing a' machine in .his garage whcr.i tilie blast came, Roger For tier who was with him w,is seriously hurt. ALCAZAR TODAY - SATURDAY "UP IN MABEL'S ROOM" i. <." • " "and HOP-A-LONG CASSIDY WESTERN THKT:K AIMS FAVOIIBD Beverly Hills, California Aug. -1 —(UP)—Top money winners Byran Nelson and Jug ; McSp.nk-n arc Iho favorite?'os'they tee off today in tho Beverly Hills Open golf tour-: numcnt. Babe Didrikson %ahari-as,; who playod a warm-up round with Nelson, has the edge in the wo- tnon's division. Mackmen Will Meet N .Y. Tonight .luan Volga, the ''joe Di Maggie" of tin- National Negro Baseball league will hit in center field when UK: Cuban All' Siars move into Municipal Stadium tomorrow night Hi cmss bats willi Fred Davl's "B'rass'cos" umli-r the lights at S p. in. Volga is batting at a .-121 clip at prcsi-nt is une of tin: most pnwrrful halU'rs in the ga.-iio tothiy. Championship Softball Tilt Philadelphia, Aug. -1—(UP)—The Philnrlelphia Athletics "will meet the New York Yankees tonight despite the Philadelphia transportation strike. . Vicc-P.rosidor.t Rny Mack of the A's says elaborate plans have beer made to celebrate Connie Mack's goldor; anniversary as a major league manager ar.d nothing short oi. rain can postpone the^gamc. Sriys Mack: "All the members of my dad's living all-star team have made arrangements to fie here." Paraly/.cd transportation I'ncili- t.ies forced postponement of the last three scheduled gnmcs between the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies. Ike Williams To Meet Angott Philadelphia, Aug. •! ' —(UD.— Young Ike Williams of Trenton, New Jersey, has signed for a return match wii.h former lightweight champion Sammy Angott in Philadelphia on August lEth. Williams beat Angott ' tit. Shite patk on June 7th in a 10-round decision and .at that time agreed to a return bout. The ofllcial contract now has been signed. . BUY WAK BONDS AND STAMPS FREE!! ig 'planning Your Future' 1 write, C:vll or phono 4-8772 21 CKNTBAL AVENUE Loeui's POU President Ray Dunioni. of the National Baseball Congress i* making plans for a championship softball game between tJic United States and C-innd.'i.. Dumont says i'-f plar.'o can be completed the two winners in the United Stales and C,-inad-x wii: meet on August 30l)h for a championship game.. He says winners of the tournaments at Wichita and Toronto have bcjn invited to play but plans cannot be made until the two tournaments are -over. It's possible that or.e of the two teams will not be able to make the trip. City manager form of government prevails in rj-12 municipalities in '10 of tho states. Boxing Fans Are Heavy Bond Buyers Now York, Aug. -1—(UP)—The war financo committee announces that enough bonds have been bought at boxing events to purchase a flying fortress. Most of the money was raised during the war loan drive in Janu- ni-y and February. A large number o:' bonds were sold during the Eea.u J.ick-Sommy Angott fight on January 2Sth when boxing gloves and equipment wore auctioned! The committee also ..announces thai: if the bond boxing contest between .Beau Jack and Bob Montgomery tonight is a sellout the bond purchases will raise enough money to buy 200 B-17 fortresses or the equivalent in war m.iterial. Txr.i Novn still hrusn't found that Itnockout punch he's been discovering and then losing for the past five .or six years. - The- cosmic- Californinn danced 30 rounds with one Johnny Flynn of-Rochester Tuesday night — and t.he jury returned with 51. vovdiel that the- fight was a slight win'for Yogi Lou. Slight win it must be tabbed— for a Icllow like Flynn would not .•••platter n.:y fighting chatter in incre normal days. The layman wonders why Lou did not knock Jo-hnny-Comc-Lately down and definitely out. ' Nova, did wh.ole the whey o-ut of Flynn in their Buffalo fight—but he did this. i:» typical Nova fashion, which consists of e-irving most of i.he letters of the alphabet on 'the enemy's par. in lig,ht letters. Scientists 'begin to wonder a.bout "ie 200-pounder pluf.. from the fertile '• farmlands around Vam Xuys, California." He sec-mod, .at on'o point, to possess certain information that ih^v did not. Those were the days when a younger and '1 .lurdi'M- Lou came forth with what he caJled the dynamic stance. Broken down to its component bits, this consisted of Lou planting his left hoof on his r'-ght foot and just standing there. It defied .ill laws of Kcwion and his apple— ar.d had the mem of science gazing gah-gah. The fighters didn't gaze i:i such a fashion, just took a'full windup .and let swing. This was the first of the revelations. Then the chain of potential Nova knockouts came to. p>--s.s. I Po'tcr.tial ' is the right word — for they never seemed to materialize. "Nova finds new knockout blows" .read Uie headlines. He'd keep it during training c-imp but end up in the fight ring before the throngs with the same weok-fisted attack. Probably lost it in> transit from camp to Modison Square—or elese dropped it down a. manhole. The first of this chain was the coTmic punch. He ragout of names finally and had to label them from' 1-A to 7 1-2-J. But they all disappeared somewhere between the iail station and the ring. With the war oni Nova finds himself one of the contending heavies, thoufrh his c-liiof fault aji a fiffhi- cr is the fact that he still claims to be one. You'll be reading: of Lou Nova coming oui with a iv;w mystery punch in about 3?57 — a:id don't think he won't lose it on the way. About •!- r i percent, of Russia's war wo r k e rs a re wo m en. MONTGOMERY VS. .JACK Now York. Aug. •!—(UP)—New York Lightweight o-hampion Bob Montgomery meei£ Beau J-ac.k. | lite former champ, in a r.on-titlo bout at Madison Square Garden I tonight — the biggest money event in boxing history. The proceeds, which may reach 50,000,000, will go to Uncle Sam in co-sh paid for war bonds. Both fighters have donated theh- sei-vices. EarnhiU To Start Per Cubans Against Branch Or Thompson Dave "Imp'o' Ba.rnhill, 'liurler of the National N Ueaguc is scheduled to •against Fred's Wawrbury Brasscos under the lights Saturday night at Waterbury Municipal Stadium, for the. famous Cuban All-Star.^ who. will ,brin^.their.b«i team in years to these parts. I EarnhiU, former member of. Uj e great Ethiopian Clowns who btrn- .stormed the notion before the w^ is rated as a second "Bobby" Feller. His blinding spe^d and baffling curves caused many a bi£ league manager- to open his «ycs. Recently he broke an all time record in the XationaJ Negro league by striking out 18 'batters in a game, against the Philadelphia Stars. ' Manager Davi of the Erassco: expects to start "R^d" Branch, former Yankee finger or Junior Thompson, late of the Cincinnati Rods on the mour-.d against the Cubans. Howie Hack will do the receiving. Davi's- infield will be composed ' "Eii!" Johnson, former Yankee; Cy Block, of the Chicago Cubs; Aaron Robinson, .another ex-Yankee, -'"id Hipper Rehia, of Yale, In the outer pasture for the locals -will be- "Red" Wai-li, of the Louisville Colonels; Jooy Rossomando, of the New Haven Sailors, and McWeeney, formerly with the Newark Boars. Local fans .ire urged to be on hand early Saturday nig-ht so that ihay can obtain scat-"- At G p. m. the W.-uerbury All Star Girls' .softball taem will clash with Uie strong Mcrider.i Endces. ' The lineup: Cubans Rodriguez, 3b .Thomas, 1-b. Coimbrc. rf Dauny, If Vargos. cf Perez, 2b Martinue?.. MS Louden, c EarnhiU, p Rahia, se Russomando, cf Johnson, 3b Hack, 1 c Block, !b Robir.son, Ib Walsh, If McWocney, rf Branch, p Rural free mail delivery son-ice in the U. S. will mark -SS years on October i. BASEBALL Tomorrow WATEKBIJRY MCXIClPAt. ST.vmt-M Cuban All-Stars vs, Waterbury Brasscos HELD OVER, OF COURSE! 2ND SMASH WEEK FOR M-G-M'S TECHNICOLOR MUSICAL SPLASH! RED SKELTQN ta bis most howlirlous rots! SKI '1 I •/ ESTHER WILLIAMS to SMcUcaUr Aqaicrttl •^'li-Sfe^ jvws^siiMtfi MjZLO&Y! HARRY JAMES r«nd Music Makers In hit tunas! BASIL RATHBONE • BILL GOODWIN • ETHEL SMITH • JEAN PORTER • CARLOS RAMIREZ Screen Play by Dorothy Kingilcy. Allen Boreti and Frot* Waldman. Adaptation by Joieph Schronk . Directed by GEORGE SIDNEV Produced by MCK CUfAMINGS • A Merro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pkt«»! TODAY Moves to... RHUMBA! XAVIER CU6AT r vnd OrdMStn ta ttnimln iliyllwisl 2ND BIG HIT! "PORT OF 40 THIEVES" STEPHANIE BACHELOR RICHARD TOWERS

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