Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 19, 1973 · Page 15
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 15

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1973
Page 15
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1 Terrorisiii 2 iy IPHfL NiWSOM m FdftilM N«wl AnMyit In tfiaUng with world ttf- In ihi shoft t«rm it dtmind^ protittiM for thi (iiv«i of tlirited ilitii eitiMnii Inclwlini til dij^omiti, and U. S TK long tirm demnndi i Mlutlon «r wd an end to ttrrorlim itieif. Hw dlttmniA itio m «)r 9lm6i )r ttitid. Thi attack eiHy flotardnyi April 14, on an AMerican'OiiM otf terminal nt Saida^ Ubofion, illuitratid the near liniioiilirili« if of proyldini pretention nr all Amerioan- interaitt scat* tered throiilMt tht globe, ilg Pawor iRtifVfntlen Pbtection for American olti* tm ilio hai iti Hmitp. The United Itatet can aiaign citra Marinet, bulletproof can and provide other aafoguarda to wnp. or vflMatla bativiiii Iirull iindirfNittiip S, fmbiMlii, Sttt UM marl wripi plidid iround AnittNiii difrtoifiatii tfif tilf afliitfi'lly' thiy fuMtton. if an t« illjr at boBii doai not naciiiiarlly iMura proiaotiaR ol AfoiPteiii llvai, fubjaot ai tbay tiiay bi t« air htJacUngiV w to ttia iprofidlni Arab and afintif Contributing to tlia nrobitin li the intarvaiftlon of nig power RuMla. for eaample. dinifi any Robin Hood imago to tarrOriiti, but Yaltov Malik. Sovlit ambaiiador? to the United Nitioni, deolarii he will iupport ally raaolution againit liraal up to and including aimuiiton f^m the U. N. H« lgn<»rii whatever provoca* tion Mora may have boon prompting Iiraili counter ad* Problem Reg. $1.31 pound LIMIT-2 ibs. PER CUSTOMER Delicious IQI id milfc fhocolfte. eggi individually foil wrapped in 9ay Easter colors. Buy how for Easter. SOFT, CUPDLV, WASHABLE PLUSH EASTER TOYS $2.25 and up Hollmark Easter Cards Master Charge Welcome YOUR eONVENUNT HALLMARK STORE CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY I to 9 p.m. DAILY SUND^S NOON TILL 5:30 P.M. 221 Downtown Galetburg tion iiMdi 11 tin ^immando raid wbkilt M tt ttn Having of thria Faliiflntiii liadara m Beirut. A moat important further complication ii that the Palei- tinlan commandoa rapraienting a non^siitmt nation are aniwirabla to no ont and no Arab nation if foreid to taite raatkmaibUity lor tho^, t^aat. itttambor, u. N. gaeratary Oanerat Kurt Waid- haim daclarod the U. N. could not ralitain "a miito ipoetator" to tha acta. of terrorism plaguing the world. RoolCaniiaa Waldheim'a call for action, over tha oppoiition of many natiorif, Including the Arabs and othora with ideological axes to grind, took courage. But out of It; came only a reiolution amb/family Good Isometrics Can Be Helpiut Dr. Lamb calling for a itudy of "root causes" of terrorism. It left the U. N. in the position where it Is today, namely, a propiganda forum, and the U. S.. In the uncomfortable position wherein it may Incur further Arab wrath with a veto of art^ resolution which does not attach equal blame to all terrorism whethef it be Arid), Israeli or something eise. In the endi It may be that the solution lies only with individual nations. A law just passed by Sweden give* police the right to tap telephones, open mail^ and to search the homes of foreigners Suspected of being engaged in terrorist activity. Specifically the law was aimed at persona suspected of dealing with Yugoslav and Arab terrorist organieations. It followed the hijacicing of a Swedish airliner by Yugoslav terrorists. It could be an example for others to follow. fiQlfibMrfl Registtr-Moll, Gotnbt^ro, III, thuridw. Aftfll 1». Ili ^Ni BtaievUh PrUoner Dk» From $tabllM^ imWt, III. (UPI) ~A state, but not before Ervine Dantfti, Villa' l »onltentiary i n m a t a ». had died of stab woimda to the throat. ilabbad a fellow inmato to daadt and wounded another in , light that,erupted in the priioh kitchen Wednesdayi^^ Warden John Twomey laid pr^ guards quickly brought tba d^turbance under control, Tyrone Harris, 88. wia inwia* diately taken into cuatody. Two* may said Harris suffered a slight facial cut and a dis< located shoulder as a result of the fight, which broke out while tba imiiatai ti^iHi kitchan dtitiw dufDif hotir, ; - ftichard Walton, UmWA to the priion hoapital wltb a<ati woundi in tha head and abour. den, twomey laid tha wounds were inflicted by a butcher knUe. By LAWRENCE LAMB, M.p. Dear Dr. Lamb — I am writ ing to Bik your opinion about isometric exercise. I use isometrics every day along with weights and I would like to know if you think isometrics are dangerous. I read an article that said they could damage the heart. Also, do you think isometrics will build up the mus' cles or are they a farce? Dear Header — Strictly spoak' ing, an iaometric exercise means an exercise effort which doesn't change the size or length of the muscles, in other words, tensing the muscles in a fixed p(sition. This is in contradistinction to isotonic exercise which involves movement or the lengthening and shortening of a muscle. Push-ups, most gymnastic exercises, calisthenics, run- home Improvements, new cars, appllancaa, boats begin with our Installment Loan Department WBl9ANMQN6YF9nANY(aoQDPVnP99BI ihBtst National First GalesbuigNaUonal BankATiust/Established 1863/MembetF.D.I.C. ning, and other activities are isotonic whereas simple muscle tensing in one position is iso^ metric. Muscle tensing can set off reflex action which cauiea a sharp jrise in the blood pressure. This is true even if it is merely the hand that is squeezed very hard. In a few sensitive individuals this can cause some extra or sldpped beats of the heart but in healthy people this Is pro)^ ably not an important considera* tion. The rise in blood pressure is strictly a reflex response and in young, healthy people I don't consider this harmful or 6m gerous. Individuals who already have problems should see their doctor before embarking on a serious isometric program. Isometric exercises done properly and consistently will liielp to develop muscle strength. There have been overenthusias* tic claims for isometric exercises. Vou will have to do more than a 60-second tensing once a day to develop muscle strensth from isometrics. One group of enthusiasts reported that this would be sufficient for an enormous increase in a relatively short length of time. I'm sorry to say that these reports have not been confirmed by serious investigators. While isometric exercises are useful and do help develop muscle strength, don't expect miracles with a minimal effort. The best way to build muscles is by muscular work which can be weightlifting, isotonic exercises, or in combination with isometric exercises over a period of time. The muscle has to work to stimulate growth. The problem with isometrics (Continued on Page 23) FULL PR0TE6TI0N rOR ALL SEASONS Put your iiomfl under tlia pro< taction of • MILLERS MU. TUAL Homtewneri Policy. W« havo an enviable reputation for providing prontpt •nd courteouf «l«lm fervlce, 343-1165 TONY USCHWi «UiMdiel suU4imr LINDSTROH'S Presents The SOUNDS OF SPRING From Your Choice 278 88 VRT 10 Walnut finish, AM • FM Stereo Radio, Studio- matic 4-speed changer, 8-track tape player, four-spealcer sound system. VRT n Maple finish, AM - FM Stereo Radio, Studio- matic 4-speed changer, 8-track tape player, four-spealier sound system. Your Choice 488" VRT 50 Modern design, walnut iinish, AM - FM stereo radio, 4-speed stereo changer, 8-track tape player, six-speaker sealed sound system, 100 watt peak power amplifier. 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