Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 27, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1916
Page 2
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s r ^ $2.50 if'VV, jrv/Hl W&3SSS-}* SBfel; ^ j*^> jasfc^i-*^«nns *& rf *'fij* /rrCrr-rtSila '< *•*'*'*» ••^TBH £ f ir *?*>„ *j, ' V**r ** ( "• llfcM,%v,i4.- *» NJ* •« r *>i tr MORRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, DEO. 27, ,1010. VISITING RELATIVES ! WITH NEW FIRM Naval Off.c-r-, f Sd.itivrs In This W.uU- Lewis Ao-.-ppts Position With Vicinity ; Irwin ,trid Kurnstcr I' II I,t.:;-,., .,,,( «;fr r.f |l.'i. : Th'- Tiaeev Stn.,1! t ••mjeinv, e,, n) - Moilie-'. I i . u , i •- in Mil-' v i. : :•!;\ fi.r mi- - I-ill Hit I i h ii,t - 1.1' ( 'nil-a- .., Ie. (I feW d.H « III,- );, • , a II,,. M , , }, ,. ;..,! . « h.'IH \\'aite [.. U j ... , f | (;(.. , j, v s, ,.. im; at the 'i .'!!•• • <• lh.ii -:n-. '•• - Uiv .'•--•i . tnpi. -'. i d tor -:.m<' lini--. i: i-tit Iftiniy and U»,llj-!!ii \!i.-n Mi. ian-i 1 "'- t'i"in l-'i:'uu •'•; the tit.! .-,f t h-. .Mai 'Till Pi I 'hh !' Y>.< man ' 'a <: iVal '"-I N;I ;rl.-- turn f COLETA NEWS •—•% J AVK.MTrO. Thr Infest report of the Sfnte Public Utilities O v :'nmi:;s-nn show?; Q 5 prrs'.rs 1-v.f <;,- ; Y jj <,,.-?•. and 'Ml were seriously injurtt! iri rcr;drn! c ; at lr' (T hv~~;iy crossings of Illinois nulroad:-, m i9LS. The O>?,inm,s'k)n sm\s: Some Facts About Grade Crossins n HAIR CAUGHT ON FIRE, i •!•-.-!. |.: i .\ !.• •-...i-. To Fiiminntr* the- 17JOO <frm/r era in ////r/o/s u-rm/f/ro^/ ari ',-ivrn^e of -i $30,000 n rrn^rn. 1 , or a fnt'ul <,. vr « "The trami;;on from team to milnrnnbiie traffic $500,000,000— a /?,f//-,.;;7/, 0 /> dollar*' in the Irst Few yenr.'i hnr; been r(.m;-ui'.--.He."' ' Automobile drivers \vi!i not i*npro;>ch M rni!- ; '.!.;• ii-n a! i >• -: MI.;I-I - fl '.'1)1 > oil-i:. Hit ;i I • .an !hl i |M , I ii-t lirother. lleih.i! |.«'e-eii nf it;-- r. ;-; i"l. rti-dlih>.;. at )'li -til l"ta,'"d :,( N'or- folk. 1 ,I!MII vl -iti d a! th-- 1 I ildv h-illle mi rhih*Im;t-<. H«' I-- ..n a t u: !tnii.:!i ih --m- n hy (hi-.- firm COLETA BRIEFS. MORRISON BRIEFS " niil - , . , tt;1 ,.,nn,, l.-avnu; -M .|,,..,M.." .-(•• f. r I -.,„- . , .,,„ , 1M , T;I ,.., ( , :I ,. ,, f!( .,. v , s , n , K . ,,„, ,,,. :iy-. .it thv lt,.iu<- ..f Mrs. liv, Mr. and Mi" .-'.mi I'ain air! etiii-lirn \ Ml. •! Siiiida', ai-,-1 l.r, a; t l',i. \\'m. l"i .'inkta I her lininr m-ir Mm ; i.-<- .n. Mr. and M!.-. Ki- h.u-l 1'i.a !..r. of mar lM\i'!i, ftp, n! S'.Jiidas ,-t tin- I '' (!. d ( ' r { ''C laws of Illinoi:,. pnrf of" this enor- . • - , '"mous r;uni would have to br paid in dinvt tnxa- roaci cro:;:;mr m the same careful inanru.r as tion, bv the public. \vil! the driver of a team." - - ,..,. The rrmMirukr \vouM have to he paid bv the why DO Accidents Occur at ^..iV™'!;',;;;;; 1 T;::;" : ;;; ! !;;; ,.!;;;;:;: Every penny it pays out must first be paid by the public, It is not the mere existence of grade crosvn--that The railroads alrcadv have expended over Highway Crossings? THE' CIRCUIT COURT --------- „ iH.itinliiiT cif (>ri'K"ii. wtin Ji;tvc> -ix'. n New Ycflrs la First Dny of J.inu.iry victim- fur the jiant f«-w «l'i\.s ut tli«- Tcrny MH.HH- .>f Mr-. II ciini i '\'« inniln-r, ,M|.:. AX tin' first i!ay nf/Tl.!- ,I:i>ni;irv t'lin; 1 ". ' '• Si'«'tt. ucnt to L>H<|IMI 't'ui"-iiay of clr'cnit ri«iiit iitiiiil- 1 "n N"« Yi ai ';< ' ''•''' ;l \'!MI «ith I '-Im j VCH. da>' Ihi'i yrar, «-i-ui I >"• '" fMtvi-ii" 1 ami! MI^H I'.'.ilinis! 1 .\li>iitnj.:ii» < n-turind to until' " t(n- <l,iv fo||i,\s inir. ,* '' '' 1 -")i, III,, Tiii-.siliiy -if!< r Tin- i;iand jiirx \\ill |-.'in,i t Mr. and MM. I!. I', Montu:;iie in !'.n- im Tuesday and the ih..-!-:> t will not: ! "ii. IK- e.illed until U'edti. .-day, • Mr. and Mr.«. -M. i'. llivw<-r and Another eharire In the I'ireuit rmirt ' <! HIL- lit i-rn > if I > ni|di«-(sti>WM Wi t '•• ;; lli'.stn |i)n>'niiii will iil.-tt lal..- jil.n-i- thiM rhtiitmas at tlii- S. A. Maxwi-ll home term. Xat-arali/ashui day, whhdi has IM I'ninnvilli'. !il<.\'M\'H !n,fi.i,i in-ill 'l'iif<da>', tho Mi'-s Mi.'i-ntliy MrJJunicI nf Lyons. f<'cnfii1 itny uf rmirl, will In-. ehan::r<t ''•'<.. f« !*pfiidiri!: the vtf«-k nt thf> Imine ti» Krid-iy of the liifl VM-rl; uf i aril j"f hi-r iH'K>id|iaronl.«, Mr. ulul ~Mrt>. 'J'. t.Tti!. JudKi 1 KatiiMay will iir«'.-ihK- at, h\'- Mel'anh-l. tlie January ft-nn. i Jame.s Uuh-d wa.s a liu.sim-.-. . at i hint iiii.-'i'ii. Ind , ."pri;du^ . t he llolld;t\M will) (1',,'i Jl.'il't'litS. KI-. ,-iiii! M;s. Auman. Mr. !i!nl .Mi-«. !"r-»iik rme"am: eniei t.'iinl-d a nulni-er of thei; rt!a!:.t-- a! a r)n ift:n-ifi dinner Ktmda\. MIH. It. K. i <\ i i -jiolKi-r an-! d.iii'htti 1,'tln ate v>f.-it ini; \sith tt!i'i\is in SierllhK 'his wee!;, IllaH with her daughter. Mi:-:. ||.,!l.i I'ottM, at Sterilnc. l-'ranlc . .\nt(tii)iv IIUM hprn il! f.,r a few days and eoiillm-d. In hi.s home and ejiiidren. arc fj-eiulinr; ! l:e Mr.'». IJi'Kie f Mill«-i)Ki<\ WERE MARRIED HERE Clinton Couplo "Married By Justice^":'," ".'"• with r.-l.itlv.'M in thin t-hy. n a ,r,l On Kati.rdav ! " M M ' h:lrll '- s U '"«'•' r'M«iriM--«l Til,'*. Harry IJent r.-turm-d to bis homo In Savanna Tin-sdiiy after vl.-itlnt; fur a !-h"ri tiim- with ri-lutiyi'it m thin Oairci On Saturday riiarl. -: Yt-h-y nf i'liiiton ami Mi-.-< .Xiiil'- Mni|diy of rilnt»n Wfie muled ju marriai;e iii ihin eilv on Saturday j.fli-i ii!.,.ii hy .hi:,ii,-i- A. K. M.iiid. Th.-y Vt re aeeotnjianieil h-.' the mmim'H inolher, MIM. Vt-h-v of I'liiiitiu and 11-- tiHlied In llnir hnine in that rity immediately. s MARRIAGE LICENSES HUH week to the tollowim; |i.irtie t t: Klmer Ahney of Itoelifosd ami Ml-;n .Mary Jietweiler of sieiimi.-; Tom 11. (.'ofyell of U-it-U l'all-< and Mi«s l-'ran<•«'« lleniek of J,er- ('enter; K'eiinard Heyl<-r of I'rophi t.-^tovvn and Mi,^s Inm- I^ewis <>( Altiany. .. .. --. .. . . Visitor In riinlon Tuesday". Afi'K. j;ai|ilt WilUin.i of Mora, Minn., in vlHillm; at the Hell Ut-llki'N home In thin city, Jnlm Mityil of Cheyenne • |x vlM ilay from Hoekford wln.-ri-'iffie hn.s h.-en vi.-itliiK relatives for the past few JanivN ami l-'iatik liurke went to Moiine Turfday where they will remain until libuut April. 1st when they will return io this city to i eopeil lln-ti |Mi|Mi.rn Mt.iiul. Mins Clara. Austin retutned lo hi-r liume in rhiiMi;i) Momlay evening aft< r ,-.|iendim; a few day*, at the H, "A. _ MiiAWcll home in I'nionviHe. It a t'tit' ,,f HeiiMlef, ind., in vi.-dtiliK \Ulli relatives In.tluM city. Mr. and Mr;;, Will Lewis are .sjjend- lllK the w<'e|< at tlie ho|il<- of their daughter, Mi 1 ?-. I'ranK Shear it; Dixmi. Matt lji;i»il Went ID Itoehelie on hils- ilies.-- 'I'm-Mlay. Mr. and Mr.--. V. .N. Tann-tt are vis- itnut relatives at I'.uo, Alieli, Mollne. 111.. Tuesday afler .-|iendiiu rhii.shlmas -with her mother, Mrs. IjitllilayK at thtv C. I'. Onrwt'. i. home. I). \\. Pools ami fiitnUy "f MiiledKi'- vllle, wc-ro cntorSalried Himday at t h<- fv f"dleui-tl Immc. | '1'ho XtlUlH OXetel.'-cH itt tile Liher; t l, Melhodi.Nl and Hadteal clmrt-he.H \veie nt tended liy lai'Kt 1 < rowdn and uli of tin- iiroij;ainj< were woi'lliy of ,>tiierlai mention. Orville Anman IK etitcrlainim,-. the elih l-;ei;| o\ at the prt-Hi'tit lime. ANNUAL SPELLING Grade Pupils Of The State Meet In Senate Chamber. I iiy I 'lliled 1'roM.s 1 S|>|-:ntlielf|. !!!.. Dee. ;:T.--The annual "tipelilli,.' It'-e" of Kfailc .-r-hrnl ptipih-: of the .stale l.s- heiiii; held in the senate ehurnher at the Mate hoi!.-u> today. Iv-ieli enmity iii the htate is ("Hilled to one rrji-vM'iii-allvo in the laie (0- makes them dangerous. It is the way people use them. Human nature is the same in all the states. Here is what the California Railway Commission reports on actual observations of 17,000 motor vehicle drivers at railway crossings: 69.5 per cent looked neither way before crossing the tracks, 2-7per cent looked in only one direction. 27.8 per cent looked both ways. j '•• This is what the Commission Which Should Stop? A iniin running CO mik-, an hour c.ovs 88 fi-t't in 1 r.i-cond and amnot b<- stoppr;! i:i much loss than a quarter of a urli*. An ainomobilr running 25 mil'.vs an hour can Iv stopped, in 50 feet, A horse or team can bo .stopped quickly. A pedestrian c a n stop almort instantly. '!MOO,OOt).000 for track- elevation in this Stah-. but, because of the p,reat co:;J of ibis work, it is plain thai thousands of prntle crossings must , remain for years to cprm\ v Public Co-Operation Is Necessary The railroads are doin^ their part to prevent accidents at highway cro!x;ini>r,. They have spent and will spend immense sums for track elevation, wutchmrn. crossing ' ..••.•»* F ^ tfates, alarms and in "safety fnv.i" campaigns of education. But accidents of that hind wilt learned as to 4,900 drivers of teams and 6,300 continue to occur r.nfas the public, too, docs pedestrians, at railway crossings: jt s share toward preventing them. Looked neither way Looked one way only Looked both ways TV.irri Drivers Why should anyone life and limb of r.clf 39.4*' 0 49.1% and others, rather than take the time at every 8.6 15.0 railroad crossing, to Stop, Look Both Ways and Listen? ILLINOIS RAILROAD COMMITTEE. l _52.q_ 100. % 100. J r mental honor*. Kliniitiutimi Miss Ida Oakley of Cedar Kapids. la., is \i,sitim; at x the home of h. I ...... ..... ... ...... ... ., , C.t !lli- holnf of hl:l palviits, _Mr, Jiliil j iuo!hi-r, Ml--. < >. S. tiakh-v. -K, 11. A. Hoyd. i '..Mrs. Keller and Mi.-.s Myrtl l-;iwin I Mhll home in thi.-i elt \. l(tr.;er .lolle.s rellllned Tlie-l.lay from rhieaijo where lie ;-pent rhi;Ktmat, Wlt'li relatives. Mif,s Malud I'otts of Hook ff-land < 'hi iMmu.s with relatlvt-H in this vieiiiitv. |iev. T. I'. Hrannum is \-i.slt gi« jor i few div., with i-elativ>.-.s In MI-II- ilotlt. I'ulim-r \VoiiilMiii of rli!ea;:n fpent Monda> with friends in Uip, city. Jeiikin.-i, ,S|-.. retnrm tl to rhl- eonle.-t.s Weft' held Several Weeks Iitfi and Ihe sitelli-cs u ho line I ini IK fort 'he "|u im-iiine. t" at HI o'elm U Ihi.'- 11)01 11)1114 u;,,., [j,,. ",••,.;,(,(• ,,f (lie .--l-lle. i-n^t yrnr ;(IP l.iMed live liui!i-.s. ileraii.--e ol the jnlt-rist iniiit!- (esletl this v«-ar, it was hi-lleve.| the ei.llle.~t \\osild he Jsi-l a ~ el.i-.e. ("lolil. -diver and hron/.e medals ate awarded lo the (hire h, M ,|M-l|e|v. Th-c "tiei." ' s held in i onueei h n \\itl-, she slat, Ii.iel.eia meelin:; and many tt-iein:.-; POPE MAKES PEACE PLEA Ho is Said to Have Referred to Wilson's 'Motsage. ilonir-, \ ia I'.HiH. I>ee. i'l'i. ro|(-nelie- diet made a |dea for jieaee in MM addle.'.H al Ihe I 'hi IN! mas rcer-pUim ( the. ,s,-!< red eo,lle>;e. Ki'fel 1 ilii: to th Iliessai.-e of P.ethlehein. [lu- ji,)|,,. : , a j thai f;ood Mill amohi; men was 111 LAST BARGAIN MAIL OFFER The Bargain price for The Gazette expires Jan, 1,. 1917. Until then mail tnibscribers outside the city of Sterling and Rock Falls can secure The Gazette to January 1, 11)18, 'at the rate of 21 ccnta a month. No subscription:; taken at this price beyond January 1, 1918. Last call. MANY SANTAS PINCHED LEADER OF PASSION PLAY JBOMB IS FOUND AT HOME; MT. LASSEN'CELEBRATES! : l,ifjcs America to USD Its Influence to ! Attempt Wide To Wn-r' M-,,,- nf ' Emi the W;,r. :'\ULrn,.t Made ^ I o Wit^ Home Ot c ,,,., or ,,. a Mo , intam Throws Out Ptf I Utah s Governor. 1 '''• :-ain::!i-i --'la. I >ee. L 7. >.!, ,|i.ia',- v. .ia a : ...1 i 'hri-.l rn.i-, Im i ''.i I aliina l i.-I H. i i." Ii! I ie I '.a\ arl.t II I i • \\ !l Iliad-- fa minis |iv |t., | ',-,.s,.ion ['la', . A!:i"'> I .ail '. t he \t, ,,, |,J |.,| :) i.|ls pea.; - j aid, u !.•• |da •.-.-: the | ,1 l ,.( i 'hi i>t, |e- i ;: ml-- til.- tiittii-e .In My, unit-- - .\m. r- a :.h i !l hrm.; h o-l. lo i >,,- \<. ,.i Id i!. ii ' " •• a'.d :• i u ill i:-iu I- : m I :..- j I'M !t I lie-.-, (,[ | |.,e :•! eati'-st « ar j ".M V I 'in i:l ina.s m..-.- a:a- In .\uii I Ii a.' | he :,.lid. '-|.4 my f,.| i ,-1,1 ! i,j,e 1 r-IM I \\ 111 11.1 -a an* ! h i ii;: i o I .r a - .r a i M ,11 i | M r - | III..liH.'!.I I-.--1. e, 1 ho|ie ar.d |i| a> II,r ji.rai,- ,-fwm.i, ri.n.i ,....,eh,-.i ,,-.„,.i;,,.,/, \\\ } ;.;.,',',;..' i "Ii e i I I \'.. t :; I U 111 lo lie II \\ I \ j !,t ; Of Smokti. w.-i-, foni:-! .Monday m-irnin ;• ..n ih" < ..r- ' ''' ''' !l " :: - '•"•!, I'' 1 '. -'. • i»i! IH-r of I !,.-, t I !:,.r William Sji:. 1 ,-'-. le-l- '''a 1 - i'iehi.,te I '111 !---I Mi:."- hy ellh! t'i i.. ••. l! u as i .,\s e| I'll! ..|.o.,-.-.i; |., |: ,\ ,• •' ' ' '••' ' '"'a K |.|l|:ir o|' Mllol-.e. '(' I'loWl! I)..- lif.U'.f In JiteSlls. , 'he VI , . i 1 ,,l|r,e ! | ;, u,,) v.hl),t>r^t < !i.\ ••! S|.|-< had In-, r a H.-jid n c .: ' """'"''' ill! " a link like a halo tui. I'll- vo\ ••! <|.i| . ' . . ..,) erenee In \\ .. !,li.... .''a 1 I"!' "i Ih" le-l le.--.-l "Id mount I "'i and -., , . ii i,- ht-me Stinila •-. t; ;,-i-! A l! ''''' '' ' ' '" ' " eni'tlin; a! inter' ' n. ' m .--o--. .1 tin i.j th,- :M.-..\ -.-i-i in-- l!; ' !| "' ••)"i'^ ••' l'i|| M..II:...? i IU-H- '•'• 'i \' red M uli lolks \ i.-ui "i" • |..-t !a: !e |;;|i field ula-'M-, «-, 'in-eii-i -i/ain-d th" -in . i iioi'•- in, i ' I""- ii"-;. i. >.| .i,-i ned il.eir I'hri.-:rt e h. .-n l;iad • li\ I. \V. \V - ; („., .,,,., I '-' i-' >'•••• ' l''!ll-e-| If I'lr'.ellt t!;.- i i-. !,!!,.u ,.f Breaking of the Ice. I ''Hi i In- ;ii raid l.i "hrealc (ho ' ' .a,,,.,',- , ,,-,„. ,.,,,,,:,., „ ,,, ,,,., , n ,.,, u||ll ln .. |J| BRITISH SHIPPING RULE !>'-''-..'.a.;;!«ill'':..';," : !,1 ';;., ! rv,'.V';;;, I ihlindaiil t i"|i i-f ;••' "" "• a -tnmtrer. |t niiiy IK- so the llf.-l Milili- \\||| CUIISe j{ Ro^tnn Rn,,nrN i • M' r, ! May Mc '* n Al1 c ' aft s Will Be Armed tioiion Houncted up Many Di un!.:, ,* t- ! / I n r tit t! re. With Their Pack .qcs. i / ! \\ :-.-.!.!i..^,n, D .' . I),-,-. .:; The (-•- ISo'iHm. M-i-s , Dee. LV^. Twi ivi him- | |.,,n.; t:,-,i Oieal l;i;iain e.-ntem|.lates diad . hildreii':, t.'%;s and i 'hi i:-t nia ^ \ - h ii.| .im: Aineri. m ,-iM'l-ii'> In-lean.•>• limu-rs wte iiit.-i f.-i.-d w ,,|i I., |,,, j j, •,„,, Haliia\ alliai n-d m u P. ;itt.-ntioii Ina.-- with his family iii tin.-, eilv. oi : .\li.-. I:. i'. K'ier m I ' Mi. and Mf:< Jamia And. rs-oii lilt Clark Naur Javhttan The Hotel Success .of Chicago • A romfo r t a 1»1 e, ... i Jhxiie-liktt hok'l - ia flu, JaihiiH'N- <'cn- ter «*t tli(; < ilv olli-r- in f "? cvi'ry fo and rvrr .-- c r '• <• il t /: l iii \.-:» /V.«l -. //;,./ Ii. ' -1 H it I'll Ii i • t: I I ,. O Kn >. • , >• ! ; i> i<» ( .th J'.i.M • ' o.l is . HEAVY BURDEN A B.ul Dack Makes Life Mi»ocablo For Many Sterling Pyoplc. A ! l.i I .tr', ' , •: I,, .,. y huideii. j .1 e.-a ,:, |,. a (,, •; - ,.m,. .,; ; |,,, ni.'l Iii i: i I:-- • i '; -. i '••':, .; (•.: hi. ;. ! ill •. i Ihe \- i.'. [.. ,:<;.,<;, ,- al;d p. a. -, " -\' ' "i da. . ;i, i rj ,,; I. ||,,. |.',,,,r n| - ,, • p' a I, I.'.,.; l ti l 'al ,||;,,il I ; i'-p tl i ,. papa : ••' ' ' ! -'l v "f v late. I i -,-al .liKi-. I 'i i-Md--!-! \\'li-.o:,'.-, (;,.•,. 1,-jlie he!!!-:eri ;,! ,. .-aid.' 11 I h HONOR MEN SEEK TURKEY : -: i 'H"""" f ''»«" F i, rr) When- Ciiristrnab I ' Cheer Srttns Lacking. ' " ' ' ' families had their I'hn-tnias (,lehta >7 , «?»*Wf p\.:^- SUNK BY A COI.LIS re OTWITH STAND1N the "oltf swim hole" % sum mer activity calls for fre quern visits to the bathtub and tin- refreshment of-a T mild, thorough cleanser. IPIZRATIQN UNNECESSARY ! • " ,, ,-• r " i i- I i'or this traiucnt hathingj '• bvl : there is nothing (juite so [rood and so'safe Ivory Soap. It produces-a |.'1o\v of perfect) .-- ck'unliiK-xs, And no matter' ho\v often used, itf : leaves the i>kin-M>ft, sinpo'ih. and free i'com hurnj - , or si' J If. L ( -.-, i tt \v , 11 t-' •jron^ Kudo. IT FLOATS 7> " ,$• * , ^f*"" ~~^ *^*' , -, » 1 J^<.*TL, « , fl , i,, ^^^'- J^,.i

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