Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 4, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1944
Page 5
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TRIPAY, AUGUST 4, 1944 *• NAUGATUCK, DAILY NEWS •j *•— — Doctor Charged With Thefts From Bodies Of Dead Men Sta Mi'dl B!,r(l years boml fford Springs, Aufr. -1 — (UP) — nl Examiner G. Perclval is helnK held on a charge of nK money from this bodius of oiu! nu>n. . TL'-your-old doctor-medical inri 1 at Stafford Springs for 27 — lins furnished a $r>00 bull 1'or his appourunco in bor- oourt August 19th. Meantime, I ''<' r " ll<: ' - j^. SIIUVICIJ Phone Us! Waterbiiry Heating Co. : Spring St., Wtby. 1-lt-ITH he .has been suspended as-medical examiner. .Relatives oC Charles Farm of Wllllnjfton. who killed hla .crippled .son and himself, complained that Dr. Bard fulled to return 3M8 from a sum of money taken from Farm's person. Thu second theft allegedly was from the body of Mod rose Ui Eontc' of .Stafford Springs, who tiled of n heart attack while mowing- his lawn several weeks ajfo. WILL 1IAVK PRIORITY Washington, AUK. -I—(U P) — Some former tiro'workers now .in the Army-will be furloughcd to fc'O back to tholr old Jobs, The War Production Board says the program is part of an f:lTort to increase production of heavy duty tires by 30 per cent. The heavy tire industry will have u manpower priority oven higher than that of the aircraft industry. Pilot Admits He Is Lucky To Be Alive In Court Battle Milk products •shipped under loml- leasc in 10-13 required less than •! P«r cent of the total milk produc- t'ion of 'the U. S. ENROLL NOWf 1944 Summer Course of private and individual lessons on the Accordion. All lessons personally supervised by Domenic Mecca. assisted by expert teachers who have been trained to teach the Mecca System of Accordion playing. Mecca Accordion School 203 BANK ST. WATERBURY I'llONK 4-M22 I'or A|>|ioliitiiirnt United States Fighter Base, England, Aug. -I—(UP)—An uir-sea rescue crew hauled in a chilled pilot from the channel waters and said "guess you're pretty lucky to be alive, Yank." The saturated flier managed to stop his chattering long enough to answer, VYQLI guys don't know the half of it." It was a long time before Second- Lieutenant \yallace Hailey could bellove half of .it himself, One moment, he was riding his thunderbolt 50 feet above a rumbling enemy ammunition train and the next he found himsclT bounced a mile high -like a. rubber' ball banged off a wall. Below him the sputtering flames showed where his 50 caliber bullets had done their job. But exploding munitions had.torn thrive holes in • his wings, ripped open his oil line and tossed his piano upward ,Jike the wind ripping a box-kite. He said to himself, "Wally, boy, we gotta get. out of here," and began his sputtering journey across Prance, Thirty miles over the channel the bucking ship gave up the struggle. "Wully" bailed out—or tried to, But his foot slipped In the leaking oil and ho fell from the wing, hitting his head against the tall stabiliser. He regained consciousness just in time to pull.his ripeord for a softer bounce into the ocean. There he soalied for (ho next 45 minutes while he thought things over. 'Shown on the beach In •Vancouver, B. C., are I-muu Rovcutlow, HUH of Hut-barn Mutton and Count Court llangult-/. Rovuntlow, and thi: count. Luiici- In 'tho subject of ii hitter court battle 1 for hi» ctiNtudy belwivii the count mid Ills mother, IV?r«. Ciiry Grunt. (Interim tional) World War A Year Ag-o August 4, 1943 -o COTTON HOLLOW 'M Phono 632B Cotton Hollow Sailor Nbwlo PacificvTlieater Mrs. Jesse -McLcllan has received a letter from iher son, Acting Chief Mac)]ini.sts-.-Mate Jack W. Maye of tine United States Navy, stating- that his 'ship is now in the Pacifii; ocea'm and that, he hoped that he would meet some of tho- Cotton Hollow servicemen stationed in ttuit theater of action. IMie new address of Lhe Cotton Hollow eail- or is Acting Machinists Mate Jock Mayo, U. S. S. Le Prague, De 109, Oare of Fleet Post Office, San Francisco, Giliforni-a, - Visitors Hero Mrs. Carmine Celella and her three children of Plainvilic has- beon the Ruest of her sister, Mrs. H-anry G-lick, and .her mother, Mrs. Chariot Santorc, for the past several diays. Miss 1 Lena Click has returned with' her aunt to spend a week in Plainvilic. On Visit Here Mrs. William Hill and daughter. Donna, former residents of Cotton 3ollow, were recent visitors at the home- of Mrs. Henry Fatelc,- BUY WAR BONDS AN» STAMPS I Metropolitan Proudly Presents A New Selection Of Authentic 18th Century Living Room Reproductions DUNCAN PHYFE SOFAS Just one of the mnny ISth Century Sofns In out' now collection of spring-filled pipers. Choose from those most popular styles: Ttixi.'dn, London Loungo, Chlnnsu Chippendale, I.-iw.son and Dun- ran Phyfi- 1 in lit tractive decorator fabrics. High Styled Decorator Chairs St-li'Ct your now occasional chair while our Htorl; l.M coniplr-tp. Your choice of Lawson, Kn>rli.ili l',ounf;i\ American ^Vir^c, Barrel and Fan Back chairs In pre-war fabrics. • Lawson Chairs from $89.50 • Wing- Chairs from 864,50 • Fireside Chairs from $89.50 • Colonial Rockers from ....$37.50 ^ — Chippendale Sofas in Smart Fabrics You've waited months for the return of this finality living- room furnlturu with iiprinjr construction . . . and NOW you can select $ II rxBluslvely Jit the Metropolitan. Be suru to see this handsome c!i;iplay while our slock Is complete. OPEN ALL DAY THURSDAY TILL 9 P. M. — CLOSED MONDAY METROPOLITAN FURNITURE COMPANY INC 27 Center Street Waterbury's Oldest Furniture Store o- (By United Pros*) Gen. George Patton's Seventh American Army makes a six-mile advance in northern Sicily; U. S. destroyers and cruisers shell enemy rear west of Cape Orlando. U. S. forces ndvancc' on both flanks on Mtindn, Japanese air biise in centra) Solomons. Con. Dwight D. Eisenhower ve- veuls that t'ha island of Malta has been operational headquarters for the assault on Sicily. Russians enter city of Orel, 1 dis'- lodginK Germans from the anchor on' their 'entire front. At Local Homo Mr.s. Hourcknecht of Middlobury n.s n recent visitor with, her d:iU(fh.toT, Mrs. Donald Woodfield. On lior return .home, Mrs. Honsc- knec'.H took ate her puest, her 1,'raiuklaufi-hter Joan who will .visit in Middlebury for the next several weeks. - Ma'rine corps recruit depots are maintained -it Part-is Island, S. C., and San Diego, Calif. WONDERFUL FILM OPENS TODAY AT THE LOEW THEATER "All the thrills of 'Kentucky'!' "All the magnificence of • 'Maryland!" "A simple .wonderful' pic- j turc!" ] -That's the essenco of the unanimous preview acclaim coming out of. Hollywood on IMUi-Civmtury-Fdx's new Technicolor hit, "Home in In- jciiar.'i," the film based on the famous Saturday Evening Post serial, "The Phantom Filly," b'y '''George Agnei 1 Chamberlai-n, and ope™ng today at the Loow Pol: theater. Featuring Walter Bronnan, Lcn McCullisler, Jeanne Grain, Charlotto Greenwood, June Haver a-ml an outsUtncHng supporting cast, 20th Century-Fox's monumental trilogy of films (of which "Kentucky" and "Maryland" .wore the first two) depicting the exciting dran-.o, romance and thrills of one of Ameqioa's great traditions- is brought to a triumphant cl.i.max with "Home In Indiana." As Jr. f.opturcd breath I'akinjrly beautiful Technicolor realism and' full flavor and authenticity only by palnsUik-' inft- rosearoh and extensive location trips. The "Home In Indiana" | company assembled by producer | And're Davuiv-and -headed by Direc-.; tor Henry Hathaway, roved .over three states — Indiana. Kentucky,: Ohio—shooting against the "apple ! pie" background of actual county ! fairs, grand circuit :harness'Vacing ; rind the 'ivat ion's most picturesque ' brooding- farms, All in all, the making of t-he film involved one of tho targes! location companies and longest shooting schedules of tfie motion picture year. "Home In Tin- \ diana" tells iin unusual -s-tory of you UK love sot against the background of flashing hoofs, pounding hearts ;md uhrilling momcmts of Grand Circuit racing. The co-hat on this big Hit Program is Charlfe Chan in "The Chinese Cat," with Sidney Toler. Brighten up your front door! .Protect yourfrontdoorRgainst the weatner. nnd brighten up the entrance, to your home at the same time. Murphy Airplane Super-Spar Varnish is famous tor its lasting qualities—and it dries in 4 hours co a finish that does justice to the Snesc woodwork or turniture. CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 FINE DOUBLE BILL NOW AT THE GEM THEATER NOTICE! TO OUR NAUGATUCK STOKE CUSTOMERS! Due to war time conditions, \vc urn compelled to close our Niiu< KUtucl; store. CALL US For tlic day our Route Man vvll] be on your street. Free Telephone Service For Xnngntuck Ciwtomers Call Enterprise 4700 The exposure of a. Nazi plot in Damascus is t-ho b.asio of RKO Radio';, stirring romantic dram:i, "Action in Arabia," now at the Gem theater, which brings George Sanders to Lho screen in a dynamic featured role. Sanders, am Americ;tn nc«v,poper- man, encounters Virginia Bruce. an agent for the 'Free French,' when he arrives in Damascus with a " companion. Saiw.lcrs becomes aware of a plot wlien his companion is mysteriously murdered-; iand lie sets out to find what is b&hind: his friend's death. The quest loads him into Immediate' puril; 'and' do- spite the efforts of th'a Free French: jrirl to keep him from rfakir.iy-his life, he soon discovers th'at!'"a' 1 'gToup of Nazi and Vic!iy French' 1 '-'emissaries arc endeavoring' to seize control of the doi'ert frl'besmen j oncl use them to attaclf'thc Allieti force's at th.-> Suez Canal. -. -:- ••'•' How the reporter and 1 , his .feniin- ine oily defeat the plot 'leads. :; to '.'ir pTiwrvr.rj climnx of tho''picture. One of tho season's most thrilling; uiii;rln;;.s, "Action in Araibta," -provides one of the mo*t spcctac-ujar climaxes ever filmed with thousands of CfirMiLic warriors in an.'rip- rising''in tlie desert. -• '•• "•' •'•" LCI'Ore Aubei't, Gene Lockhart, 1 Kobert Armstrong and H.-B. Warnar !iave other principal roles. The seccnd lead is "Riders-'of the San Joaquiii." ' ' ' ' SHALETT-LUX V.aundorcrs — t)ry Cleaners 28 K. M:iln. St., \Vatcrbury Muln Office & Pl:mt, 22 Walnut St. Ext. Watcrtown — Naiig-atticlc Mlddlenury VOUB KYEGtASSKS SHOP C. H. Tomlinson Ncury Bnlldlnp Conn. -STORE CLOSED AM, HAY KACIf MONIJA-V DUJtINU AND AUGUST Prompt, Export WATCH & JKWE1VRY REPAIRING William Schpero Jeweler 180 CHURCH ST. — 1 Flicht Up — 24-Pc, siit Silvnr-|>l:tt<>(l Vlutwcur. Service for (i CCHNEER ** CfttDlT J|WIi.£«S UZ Soi,»h Moi* S*. — « WE'RE HEADQUARTERS FOR Wardrobe Closets CONSERVE YOUR CLOTHES OR YOUR CHILD'S WITH A JUNIOR WARDROBE < Junior can reach his underwent*, hats, slices, toys on the -1 removable shelves. (Good for dad's shirt:;, too.) Plu.-i u handy top she Iff:, 2 door rack* and a strong hunger rack of wood. Washable fibre board reinforced with ivory wood trim and tight-closing plastic latches. Easy to assemble. 53 in. high, 29 in. wide, 21 in deep. Holds Dad's Shirts, Ties and Suits, too. OUR "STOR-CRAFT" WARDROBE Full length, e.isy swinging doors • Attractive 3-ply, wood grain, walnut-finish'fibre boards • Holds up to 20 garments • Measures G2 in, x 2'J in. x 21 in. • Treated with Stor-O-Cide—a tragrant cednr compound •' The ideal wardrobe for every dy.y use or seasonal storage. Wittl Pla£tic Knobs and Locking- Devices. OUR "MIRROR QUEEN" WARDROBE Convenient hat shelf—can. be removed to ac' commod-itc Qvening gowns • holds up to 20 garments • .Measures 09 in. x 1'» in. x 21 in. • 2 bottom shelves for blankets, shoes, etc. • Strong wood reinforced on 3-ply wood grain, -walnut-finish fibre board • Plastic knobs arid locking devices • Trca'ted with Stor-O-Cide—a coda:- compound • The ideal wardrobe for every day use or seasonal storage. With. Two Full-Length Mirrors, I KlOIU^li. $998 . STURDILY BUILT GARMENT BAGS Keeps your clothes free from dust — your closets tidy. Bright and Roomy with Zipper .Openings .98 S£»98 and SHOE BAGS 51.79 A and THE NEW Storage Chests Generous nt,or:ijje c.liost for clothing, t>IuiiUe(.s, etc. 8TOJS- • M:\di> of diir TJSX for loiiff life. TJd has donblo wood frame — undcrpart. triply reinforced with Mure wooden bivrs — mct-U hinges. ISTOK-TEX h:iK :t jf lossy cordovan lirown surfaoo ivitli u. cn>:im t«no,w trim — cleans with tlio whisk of a damp cloth. $498 91 SOUTH MAIN ST.

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