Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 27, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1916
Page 1
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J I * \ f * [Tornado Tlu! Swrn! as Ch.mrcl n/ Wi!l (>f fj <t son S'atinq What Alisp Fihfin For Am IFIRES IN WAKE OF STORM i IHIarm Is Fell Over the Cnnvirt Farm Which Was In /' The Storm's Path l,if Me firnmnn ? the !r,i [|.nh, •", I-.;, tion of (in- <-t:if. i-it Th<> Known dead |ff)ur w hi!' 1 pi i •.<.!!«.- ore ! h-'i I" a : • "! ! AN EARLIER REPORT, le UIH i-;. AlK . Di , .' ; |l*»,'V<*nfC». M 10 ,«('.'!!!•, . :, I elO, ill ll tol mid" t >:,>! -l|i,.-; ,'lfti't it'i'iii. ,0 cot dim: I-, l ' ; • a • .: i , ed l!' 1C Jlnnrt. «exfn!ei II topoiud I-, IM • d ,,i K-- |at)tl Pevcrni :u e irpoMed l^l'ad it li:' tatf" i onx let fat m : f T.n I-1 i . Tho death of three [,,-!>-"•:•: ,,.,( ,,,. ptiry to five Klhets IM lepotli-d lt"in \ t W< ll! > •! h:h! mile-; i i -t ,,; Kl'Wjl. Hex M ill ll'ino e". '.'. . I i |b|own down. AH wires into (he utorm- • v i pi .lo down and milv IMI at-'i d"t.. !- ure Rvnll:«hlf. Fires In Wake Of To-oarlo. The Storrn in mild to II.M e -nxi-pi : Ith flhoilt font mih": xx (dr. aid ii • BpOrtetl that Hexei'al lif'- hioUe otil In (W Wrwkfllfe. I-.'-, el > phx.-diian in thr jUUJe town of Knglaitd dan I a tailed ihf country lo <aio (or the Inniird t> Bltmition nt lh/> Htate convi/i tainT 1 it Turkrr, where Hn-ie i« said to haxi u hea\y di'Utli list, Th.'io an VILLA TO ATTACK TAMPICO j Plans International Comp!ion-j linns By Shutting Off \ Entjlish Oil if)} If MVUMATlnY TO WIN' Hi. i. ioi8, !Financial And Economic Enrr-i - of 21 f-ojits a ^ j fjy O f prance Arc Amoiuj i su.iscnption* ,, j,^ Year's Siirprisrs i "ffff to 11" i !H> nito of in on i h. trikf-H nt this prirp bfiynml Jnminrv 1. 1 HI R. Last call. ABE AGAINST PEACE A COASTING ACCIDENT Three Boys Injured, Two of Thi'tn Seriously At Fulton When Sleigh Hit. Tree • i t 1 i • - I i . l, \ I •!-i. H i i .- -.. •. , ,. |x .n aii i d Tin v a! ' I i! 11"! '. .!*•''!! ' XX •. ' ,, . I > -. K " h ' !'• ' , ,.i • " a,: "ii Ti n' h >.'!••.! in l''-dl "H. •' rid l - ! eai' d t ! he in 1,11 .e!-' vn> (ami-d ).- '.':- Se). IX ef I,,., ,,l,,| I !,.- |'.,,i| h,,\ m.-I' i" ! al! tatailx. i i oh ha- • i:..! ;im d . l.o IM o i-i t I,. '."ii The ! =, i v v. i l . f s d 11 M : i • e, a ! i u i d - •', e • •x li'-d i>< l;, > I'.i.-h ma Tin x- xx, -i, hdl!':: d.ivx I, I In- 'i' 'i ;.-. II.M,I ! -.-.,. h,i| !l I he , i-m, lit xi all, Tile KI.II t M .o ibOUt s at the f.nni ittid it r«irrtl illilt If the pi, I' e xxjtM Mtrm fx (Contttiucti from I>HK^ '<•) [ICAN DOING WELL last Who Was Wounded By An Unknown Assailant Is ' Holding His Own or I MA dor* 1 , <*itlu suite'. Jhe who \x an i-liot from lunldmh In till) Mf.-xiean ijuartei- on VttJiace utirei. IH mill itlh-e and Or tito attending mirK-emi, re him M dulUK hc-ttpr ihtiii •"xpf-t 1» holding IllH OH tl. . J| yet far from IH--HIK out e<r d;uiK)-r , 1» in what rrtlRht he called u precondition, and >et M* H!IIIII^ rnuy ho tin* means of pnlliiu- blm through. Tho KiirKcon found (hat |h£. bullet which Htnirk ('ahiHtiite iii hack took a downward COUI'M- and entered tho vltuU somewhere, )|e tho hulit't nn far a.s he could found nothing nf it. 1/ldkalioiiH were that the hiillei had tll.lde a (e'x avenue and t,.'!< >« i li I; the xxali, the (all' ••v i r the n i -, i,v ei ed xx alii \x oi,)d IM 'Hade alnioi; ;., l'ille>-n<h ax.'inie, a e ,.[ in H |x- loui Id'" U-. K.,\ !',!• h-ina. ihe im m r of the ...led. was dolm; the Mcorim; U'hen the "tal! xxaN made the thiee hox.'; weie on the -|.-,| ,\J! vxetit xi ell until tlicx i ro.-.i,ei| Thlt >e< lit h a v emie. when yoiiiiK •nliol of hi* .--.led and il latnc maplo tree Yonni.,' Sdiaver vvjn le.ideieil 11 iid MIHC IOIIM and i.itiie,! to the h.,me of .Marion .\|,,rt,u-.. and the Hitleina hoy and >'onm; I'ool X> ' 111 to their lio|||l-:t THE AVENUE G BRIDGE Will Be Left For tho Winter After Rai»irtQ Up Entii of Both Spans l'|io|| till' 1 ' 1 re<'omnie|ida(ioii of \'. X eimnty Hti|ierin!cin|ejit of th« hlK.lW'jiy«. the of Avenue I'! I. , • | 'i , , • i : , I I . ,i,p vx i' h Ii a v. i ! |f, II , , I ; I i '. l.i . i i III III I - 1 " I :' ! ' • , I I, til' I i I ' I,, • •- ! . i ! <• 11 e p, I | t •hi' : !i >:• r i init"- "! h <f- di 1 -' xxei'e mi i tami'flire and that th. 11 i i I mi tit i l ' -h i i •' i ei n \ I t he f. t -it- d, p ,; • nieot . mil', i, ni '• i.\ ii h in ',x '-p i pe| men l h iv a H, i iii'mii tin d i- • K'-'-'nn x\ ,M aiir.i'-.' entif-l 1 of Mexj, -m ailail-- i'l), ' 'ale de|i l I I ilM id • ac-lpei ! " V'ill I ..f :.:,-i i m, all (!•• at m- ; he nei ,N l.iil hoix he ;',''; Ili'-ln i lint |.,noUn NI I I h'- r vx i! I the d* | i it rm n' r~:\ > xx i i , t het or in.! loiidllioiiM ale v. o|--e Ih in the-, xx < l e .i fex< month; 11:0 vx hen ihe ih |ai!me|t| -en! a note t.i t'all'in.'a :Mid , a 1' e d i 11 j 11' 11 i i • 11 • in M * x, j, o d e ; 11 n t, i - M.-I, m (ion h xx:! h Ihe Hta.te depart men! IH-III-V i d lodax the cniph.tM.-* I'lxeii lo ,Mi:\i'in alj.iir-- i- infrndfil to plepalc (("' pnldi, '(or |io>iMh|e' M - llnilM dex , i.iplnelll ", i"-) ,ee|a I I V a '4 «i'l hridt;f will he left until m-xt f.prlr. to he (ixi d properly for trax'el. This tiieiniM that tla\:e| \x(|| he leMrlMed I., the |-'u>t avenue In id«e for the t'-r. Already piles haxe heen plareii under the cad of tin ^.an wldeh has Mink nearly a f,.o!. h> A. I >. .Martin r lodged In the •d UiroitKh ii. T III! opera (loll o Ih" liladdei- (nil of hlood. Imi IK* utiiihle (o (ell xxhethei tin hall, -t 'Kniif ihroiiKh lh<> ornwn m no l bladder xxa.'. di«inid. and a tnhi In it to keep it IMI, and i' i !)O\Ight (his will prexent anx j fiuiiici HKe.H. II ts (inKMihlf the Imllei |H« in u mom dim^erou- tmality. Mf'Niean li!(« nut hinied m said Word (o irliy olio UH to xv hum In !)ini<H the would ho murderer in. hula grnorally hidiexed that he ha: !>m« lilloxvledK*' vxho liiii;!il haxe dmie Oe dwd." STERLINGllY GO, ©Us Out To Hey Brothers Who Take Charge Of the Entire Business Today J») an Interview (miay J. T. \','ij- 8, prcHlctfilt of tho Hlerliir^ liatrx t/tnpany unnounci'd the .sale of the «ln«WH in Hey JJrim. In retiring; from the dimy I'lisine- r, WilllumM d<-«iri*in to cxprcH- hi-. itli|ircciatlon and ilia id,-, to |>iiti'on» In the twin cities and trroundtng terriiory fm their |,.i--t (ind to ex|i(eMs tin- hope in.,; ICJ 1 Will tax in the licvx ovx n.-i , with Uully IIH fseneioiiB u inihlnc.-..-* in tin ItlH'f, I)'. WilluitiiH al.<o .suited (hat m the. yfarpi that hi>< comiian.x ha.-- .!•,, i> nftcted with the dairy hu-imv.M wry year had \v llt,<'-^j-d a MI!,M.,I; • ivvth in hiifiine."-i oxer thr- .pie xiai, and that the I i' I h U8 tlto iur«e-,t xeai of ail in the in,it- r nf lotal Inoilifj* - <h die. and XX a •• or ^ix'tmic-, HII- viduine ,.f i,n:an, -,'the yem. «nd while in m.i;.x iii.' r»'«l i tied to I ell!.- | iom t!. I' full filrtllel', HoxxeX"! il i-i IhollKllI III" Ili'livy lec (-;||ii.. ( XX III II (he i"e |l tile liXel hre.ik-- ll| f XXlll l.lhe out (),. piles and (here \,x III he iiotlm,- to .,,,,,. liiirt tile i»|i;in ;i!nl' i || xxiil dioji into Ih- I i\ "I . At the su^i.:e.',Non of .Mi. 'J'ntrnei t otln-r piles xnili In- jiut ntnl"!' the eno at (In- othir I'l tlmi; i.n Ih" sii;ni WOULD INVOLVE THE U. S. l;> Wet. I. Mlller (S!all I 'nl I •'."pondenl of I'nKed l'ies-i l-;i I 'a so. Tex , J >e, _'T. Thai Villa' olijei (ixe Is Tmieoll and that tin- nan dll leader if* Mxxiltly settiin.: the ,-.tai;i for an atlaik mi th'tt M''\ii.'in seapmt IM Indliated in ie(iirts leeer-id If, the I'. S iiuelil.*-' here. Altlloui;li no ofti'ial i olilirnia I imi' ha heel! received the a ut Inn It le.s an; In • •iini'd tn jieei'iil the report I hat Vll liwtiiM have eaptured Sail I. HIM I'olo.- eiillliiK the, i oinmiiniealijiiis lo Tatn piio and tho xvesi \ ilffielli)^ el'iHe- lo the \andil leade (old fofelMii''r«( in <'hlhuahii\ <'ltx Ih'i \'illa planned In BECEIVER IS NAMED John E. Moorman, a Clofhinej Mrrrhanf of Brie, War, Adjudged H Bankruj)t pier anil the ends of th kffi Sii«-k Im.sineH^ of Wo'Mil.iu n I. u ni ad« aneli lieiivy inroads on |.i-, tun, With Hie I'l/lif-lmitl.x i.-|"\\;n,. }»U,-iiiivss liv iiud del-id, d in "a, [it ll)e teniptiliK iFfl't.-i- ol I), v |;i..i. part with the dniiy hu.-im . «hi-!. Uld lva\'C liitii tl't'i' !o d-'Vnie tne to tlic e.\iimi!%ioa of iin- ii\. ut Wi/odtewn (arm. I heam-1 and lhal will i-upport th' ••|i.-ins until m\t --(n'lm; i crardleM-. ,, the tell||lo'lary pill'M If liiey ale ! a 1, e I out lix the lie. It x\')|| not ln:e|-fel,' VXIti the hi id'-;e at all. It j « al.-n though that if (he '-pan:! do (Jot rest on ||| pier Iheie vxill lie ?,<, little Wel|.;lll o II lhat vcix li'av.x lie|i|^ ,,f ice n/i iii"" lake i,ui |he put, and (III-- Uiluh a IMI o,au.,e the -pad, lo d|op. 'i vveic,h! of the ^jians om:ld in I,,-,.) down the pier. .Mr. Martin ha.-: m xi t eiiiMmence,| u,j s |,,,|,| ,,| n,,. U( .,| I'll! It I, e\|,crlci| he VXlll I.I a I.'VX ELEVATOR MAN KILLED John Kirujddon Steo* In Front Of Train Last Evening. I-.' X. I'etel'.ioli receixeil a Ion/; ill- lance inc,^e la. s t evening (101,1 r ;.i|\ l"di!ti;c o! Ihe aci-idcntal d'-alli of .loim Klng«doii. manaKcr of the elexatoiM in that city, owned hy I'der^on and I lei lelhov,-;-r of thi.-* <'ity, v. hjcli ocemacd at i, :iiu o'diick last night. Tl'.o local lirtn o.wn hnlh clcxaioih 'here and .Mr KI;II;M!I'|| had heen maniKer of them for 'a Kn>a» manv s p eait< He ste|i|n-.| Hi'lo,--s (he HacUs lo m,'rl u lelii'i' to Mr Ivter.-on anil or, ihe \vay h.icl< \va.s »iriick h\ a I'aJit train umi m- >l>-ail!x Uilied. An arm and lee, \xere. cut oil'. Mr IVieT.ioii reri'lved the letter tin.-. m.iiiiniK xxhirh the victim had infilled. He xAas .seventy yeatti of a».;e and had ino-ndcd rclirintf thin Vc-al and vv II11 .hih vx if, ELECTED OFFICERS Barhi-'rb' i/nton. ..; . -; i !,i 1111 i j i', i i i-i"ii "I :-'i i i ,': n ,; > aelioii auailisl I 'al l.'in/.a In- tin' I'nH.- S^jlU'R " The fuel lot the I'.'ncllsli Mee t-» <!ra '.x n fioin I he "il well* in that re Ki'Hi and \'illa heliexes I'diijland xxmii. force th'' I'liil'-d Stales :;i,\ erinm ni t' .n t if the oil supply was ein oft. I'llxale adx ii es liom ' ,'net el ai i •-tale i.he f'airan/'.a mn ernnien i is mat IMK the Wieali-Mt elloil to loiind n| all aXiUliihlc furies to Ihioxx into (In i-aitijii'itui! iif.:am»'i \illa in the i!m ! !<_._ Allllh'lltit report!* tell of the ea] till. of aii entire dixl-irm o| i 'art aiii'is!,:. iinmherhlK L',".<"» !•> X lUi'das at San IVdr.i, follnwim: Ih" lall of that < u The Kox t'l'lillienl lioo|-s vxeie helm- i ii.sli"d toxxatd Tmreon lo reinfor, e the JAMES LENTJIS FREED Supposed Murderer Of Georyc Manias Lilicr.itcd Saturday. The •'union. III. papd' 1 ' •>( Salmdax a ',- lhat ,/ame.-i I.''-. Ihi < In el, u I,-, xx a« IhoilKht lo haxe inurdeied |i, I'l'Mner, lleoii;" .Manias, xx ho had In fended (oinim: lo ihin tit.s and hux ai> inf.'lest In the .letleinui I'ale on \\i"-; Thlid Hlict'l. mid "ho IIIT rrp-i—l^^en heal d ll-oln MIII e Iin date of Mai lil'l'. theioimtx iail xs lure lie had 1 11 In Id •dm'.- (ho minis di..a|i|>eat'itiici ll xxa-. -.eciircd In com (it him, the Hpatlci.s oi hi,MM! aiio'il the li,iker> and cliaricd hom-H loiind in Ihe furnace not lieinu :,',,,(..; i i, - i • , : i Id, i,i ; ., -- a I i,. f x I h • I,; i!, S'n l Hf H i! l x T I :• i i x xv ,m civ i n t h' II Opel' i Iin I - I','!' I hi'. I I Hi I l ,|'M e .11, ' l- ' i'l III I X- -. - ,•; ,.e! ., •• (he ,1., v f, ,|- | [.,. i 'e i !• I I'.. tin I iiii.l ..nix I In..-.- xx tin made I lie '"i i . d • .lie .'• i.'ild he !n ni !!' '• d a ml ' I..-I i -'. .I.- i.i in-i . ha x ins: hill- Mr MI,, am an xxanied (,, 11 .e hmi'elt -''!'!n all oh'i,:alions -ind '..tart ox ,-,• -u'a.ii. and ! !:••! c! ni e made a j,pl j, a t i, a i in u-ii-rnto h-ii:krti|it< >'. Tin;: xxan on \S edii'-'aia v. add \xoik xx a^ Marled a' "i|. i atoll.: Ihe.-e lini s. HI tiled his ipplh a t i"ii fi-r haiiKi nptev Thursday itnl vx a t adindr.ed a hanKnipf hy Ml I'ixon that 'ami- :, fd i noun. The pa • i I .H i.'oir, n mn ami sen! late t!"'t Illthl. eilioimm: III" she) Iff from ii, n- luclmi.- the sale II H w.'iid theta, xx a •- iiuMde ra i ,'e d i--a ppoi ii t ment over th" •dippilu; ••!' the ...ale. tor it ineaim ll"',',' h-'it 'hi'.,' iiiditors xxlll h.'ixe I,, ;diali Hid -hale alike XX I I tl the re*. I of the '.'ed|!..I'. .lllHt (ll,. >!,|,-| t xxjll i,, nice is hard lo tell, hut It is r-ald l' v i 11 n d tie a u x xx hi re nea r enough t * i MX ime hundred cents on the doila! \ n' i (ini; "t the iiidltor.i hut hein all'-d lor .lamuiry ^'Ih to he held in the ilhi •> nl Mr lii\nn. .\ttornex I'. II A a!d o! HiK city iti i epiesi id iiu; Mr, \|i"i| man. CHRISTMAS EXERCISES fine Services Were Held At Firutl Baptist U'hilc tlu> 1'icii. It vi, l..i\ JREPLY IS BEING DRAFTED ! If Wilson Gets the Allied Tnrms Germany Will Also Announce Its Terms British. Soldier:; At Front Arr MTU onditionally Opposed To Pi :u r Nriv/ - I-' .,f i '!!!'< •! I'l'- '- > '• • :' ,' f-.'!.'-l I'i'! i'S- i - - 1 ! . ! <- \ • M < I v v. ! ! : 1 1 It '!-.'- fU!'-t.-l »" !'(•»!- ol Iii I hiili'l ! h' 1 ;i|ln -it >!,i ti'.l I o xv.ii;c illmmli :IM th" ('li! i- in: i . M:i|itlst rli|i|,:f| r.ii.; ht's i;,ixi't;i I\-ITM^||| I he t . pot t of ; '-i x-j, . .< j,| Hi,' Kjr-t xx'aM ntlllllid ill i.l:-t Tlii- inornitii; j,i i -.. vt'-i". of speciaf IIIUMC and a till" I 'liriMtna.-, M-ttj.i,iii hy I lie jciNfor The larr-c ohm us ihmr saiiy, "The ,|,,\-- fnl .Morn," hx I'luthero,' and .Mi.-, K"Ner "I'alni on the la-denim, Kar of .\i.;hf hx Ilawh % . .VI T o'clock in iin 1 eyenins.: the Sunday M'hoi.l In,! ch.ata;,' of Hie -.ervice.,. Wi'l'e "-i-m;- .'||M| re.-|( a I loll-l l>\ Ihe hlidren of tile Sunday !»chonl, a vto- had lieeii all.line,' nalnel; that tlle> (I'ontinned on l';ii;ii Threw.) THE FARM LOAN BANKS Federal Board Announced Today the Cities In Which They Will Bo Located HX-.'I et m ss and the laij;e audience Its- ilo hy Mr, •'r:ai Sti'llilH; peopll 4,r ,. a:-, r. f h" hx ( lonnml and the e.Hi'l "Sllenl Xluht." Too liNjch piai...- i-.tiiliot he ;;ivc-n the choir d Illlllx \"le,-;. I'lidet the direction •I Mr Kentiaid I'irradell of Clitcauo. hex aie doii'i: -iime lim \\voi k. Miss '. m i'.ani:-.!, i i-ndei e,l' a In anlifnl m of i,i nsii; jc a r hold .'a s • a- t'.'iii'xx .. I , -I ,1 .Match." hj II x mn. hx Meird.'K'.'dm. "A 'hi l.-.lina . l-'aiiia •-. i-." hx Noiti--. ".N'oi in ne |)e. An -:'.-." ii.x \'inei-nl and .Man ii in K i'lat." hx Cal- RUSSIA WANTS PEACE Dictator of the Imperial Court Reported To Be In Favor of Peace II ' x I 'ill' id I'll -. I tiilrn" the Sihei .an | ,i a. 1 ..i nt. at,,| i oiife^Mor. lepi'Meii In In- the dictator iii the impel;.,! limit of HitHsia, vxantw :i S"('|iar.i!e pea e wil'i Hernianx'. a etii'diiit; to Illimlor. "the mad monk of UlisHia." vx h" xxa- at the henitiniliK of the war ihapljim of the irn| r-rial court at IVltoiM-ad. llllodor iieei,!!x came hcfore (he Caddie \\hen In' i'louuh! stilt a>:aimd a mai:a;tine f,.•• |,|.-.o h of contract, al- li'Klm; the ma>;a/ine cotitraeli'd topuli. h. 1 -!!! his ai!ie!e.s disi lo,«im- aff^ii.H m the 1111(1*1,111 i'ntirl and (hen Middi-ni' deno'i'iin e.l lt^, contract. Spi hiKllelil, l!alT>(iiore. Md. I'olumhia, S. <'ar., l.mii' x ille, Kx . New ••rleans. I.a., St. Lmii.-i, ,Mo., St I'aiil. '.Minn, Omaha. Nch , XVIt hita, K'ans., ELECTION FIGURES Wilson Was Re-Elected By A Popular Plurality Of 689,469 Over Hughes T!;.i! t h!" !<"! ! "' a |lii!e ja In J.|oe("i«l .-i f,a ni'i! 11 ton i'..-,-- h- irn< d thi'i rtfter- n.,,,ii "H (r-'i-d :i"t h-'i ii x' hy tin- t'nit<-<| . 11., 111 ?>, : - tin- }' s'l x xx ,-* i x'. ha t i a He,l f hn mini' '«a • i.nfei.-jn-.i at I'lf'jnl'-T [,!, ,-,-.i.a ;. ,.| r, -u .' i :|,|..tiif in Dovvniii!; -.ill.-! f.,,l.-ix- !• i- Kni.'.\n HIM ye<ite-r- i| IX I,|..\ d- I e "' I,'"- ' I'tlf'-t I ed V, ill) Alex- niider nih'-t. mi!'i"'if of linam 1 " for I "i ,1,1 e. and All'et ( Thonia«. of iii'iiii! imi" and mamifaelui ll/K I'liind i aliln.'- Till;' co?ifet/tic«^ J.I'o- h.ihlv had as 11 >.; oh|i-i t th" ane'dioti of a i'linl. "I at h . I an idi/l'iial. lloto ti'.tn -ill •-! tie- aili'"< that 4ill an;"-x i t \S'l!'i',n • pe.-iee su x>. ill ;ilsii a>l"XXe| Ihe llertli'ltl note. N Tln> lint 1 *-!! iinte xx ilf outline the reii- M.n.i. xvl v Kiurland and her allies aro Ir.rlltnur. f"it xxiil pi..hahly Hot K" Into minute del.iil'i. hut !Si"|e will he Nilltl- ' ii 'l! detail;, lo at.'ivvif eotnpr eiietiHlve- Ix ihe iim.'din'i if \ l . hat they are light* im: l"f Won't Accept Term*. The iiihi-M ceitainly \vill not nccoi't i ;••! manx '•. pro|>o'«alH in her m»tf' t(» America for nn imtnediftte p*>;ieo cnti- ferem e. That w :>» ent ilely rh ar today. laiKland hold-* ' o'l tn.'i ny I* safely cmi- xieted of a tack ol '-mia-rity in KM |ie;ico (irnfTi r HtroiiK Inmii'tn on were nt work to. dax to rnat-.e .-iitotn: i.ipilal of ihiK ilf tincerily and of Ihe entente',* lii;h(lniT principle.!. Tin I'.ritl'-.h puldlc in im-. |ire?,.M'd hx t||i- lot that de?i|illc XX h.'if. if toiined a la i I-; of Miticrrliy on dm patt of CeMiiany in movinir for real peace, the HU|-f!,"'>t I'UIH In the German reply iievei iliele.i'i lexcal ii never \van- ine; de,-<if.i for |,eace, I'.'tiKland atlt il.tite-, liiin anvlety f..r cei.viiion of (he war fo (lermany'.s ro- aliT'.athin (IK v*.amm; slretiKth u.tul thn idvi.-viihlllly of m lUliiK pi'iieo when it i« >et MtronK'. I'loin tioxx- tin tin- Hrlt- tli.N tMhexe Uermany reali/en lt« en•A ill lie wa\in« nlnfUKcr whllw i I •..-.' rn-.t.-d rr New York, X.- Y . fe W ! '1'h' t'.'elxe f-iini loan ii'.dt ,i l.-i ii'.'o Which the I'lllted M M"H I- -!lx idc.l. .,,-- n; pio",ram i i.-li pupil of i he Sunday Noxx ,|e,-.- . v roxx \\'il.soii xxi'l he president for four year* more i,x xirtiie of a popular plnralit v ovi i I'hailes l-:xans Iliiuhe- i.f r,s!i,|i,'.i on! o! a total of J». 177. <•',:< Xole.s cast mi Nmi'inher 7 for the two major part|e> Tin-He fir. lire:- xxere assenim;'d h>, the I'mled 1 'i i ••:•• 'a ml are h.c'eil in a ma joritx .-I eases rmm iho offi'-ial count.. of I he states Thex ;-hoxx' \Vil-ion i <• . e-xeij >>.nx;; ii, i ,,!i,, m,. i 7 > : > ,:i;!.!i!i!i xi,t, , H the man xx ho hilled .Mania- . and U .s Miid mmelliini.; f,erioiN iniuhl Irq, .ell if he IH ex UK hi h\ them J'jme-i i.enli'. al-'i knoxxh il ixn'iil lot he Inalthx l.u him to ataj in * 'n'a ,, n ;,,| he jet I .1 ni l"i I I ••' imUiioxx n a: -in,li a.' ho Ha'i Herd iiolo jat! I'lotu What can he i;al IM-I cd the <ire«-l, hn-ild.-' i i DIGGING FOB EVIDENCE Hep. Wood's i»t-.irch Heyardiny Lt Lc.ulb Hun t.o Hiu' 1 Souri.ot. ill, I i.- I I ' 11 I'M — > cui, Ira. ileiny and AI tOWIl to fcUe.l'llliK |ien|i|e j"O t'Usllleat Hi v, \xi.o o •.',: 4MUK, huld mil I'-i th'.- Sit . He has l,ei ii ,i ti Stain 1'iilvi i .-i! (iiUV r« li;in to !u . Tlu' Hey hi..! t-jlelhl.^ i f. : u .> V-- M-il.{Ui:Ulj;.; Its lillsi IH 'l, I l.c 'Ullii. I mi! Ill of the , ..!!,p iii.x FEAR FOR THE STEAMER Miir/land Hjs Not Been Found By THp Cuttors Searchiny For It. '• I;, l 'oicd I'u -- i U a -(.in.; 11 -ii 1 > ' ' , I "•' T !'V:|i s lol Ihe sale!', nl' Ihe Mealller Mal'X'- laad. ia.-.t ie;--i..d ,'.'> miiis; oil' Salidx i l,.-i|,. .'.I . V, I ..'• :. ii'-ll I ex elilie i 111 i,. i ••< sc-ii' Iii la-i ild. r, j "l lid tln.x XXITC iil:ah|e lo.ill, i.l.' :i.e .ship Which haM Hot in i i, he , >-.( ' i .11' > Hi' e ll s x\ neless , , ' U'd a , '• - -\ t • i ' ' ! M I U' :\ ,' •-! i I i. I IH* CAN"! KINO STEAMER. '• ' ' - I '•::•• d I'l os . 1 hil...!..|. '• ' ' ' . I lei I.:,' i ; I ! i i ! , i i i ; . ni ; i i ' Ai n.- LIU 1 h • i: i . i, •i l, . I 11'. i xx, ;. h , : pi • it ii ai I I "III XX hl'-l. : ',! .i x I :i.d la ! cli i,i d it.- ',-,' - : l.i .1. -,' OX . I I d \l -Id WHEAT BOOMED TODAY HiMV/ Bviymij Foilowcd ln;,idc Rt'fji On F.jiUu^Of PC,sec EfioiU • i I; .. T ,,:,,i i':,'i . '!ll- I.;,. '''{':: I L - I 1 . The *•*• I i' Ill ' "I -. '. :!-!.! Kia Soni.'i t'aiiilina. and Khaida l-'oii! t h dis!i i,-t i diio. Indiana, Ken I'll I. X all.) TeJIhe.sM'c l-'ii 'h dr-ti i. i Alaham.i. Mi -- issi|'j,i and | out ., i n t SIM h disl i ii t Illni"!.'. .M l- i and A i I. a ii: as ^^ Sexciiih ilistin-t M lelii^aii, \\'i:-.con-in. Alimn.-ola and North I'dKldh dl'-trlcl loxxa. Xc'iiat.l.a. South 1Jik,,ia and \»,"xomim: . Ninth dislricl t M,| ih.iin.i, Kan.-.-i.-., ' 'oioi ado and N, xx MC.MI ... Ten' ft i ii si lie! 'J'e \ a.-, Klevciijli dislricl ( 'a liloi ma. ,N'i", a da. I't.ih and Aiir'.mia Txxi lilli ^lisii n t \\':t.sliiic:ton. i M. • '''«. ,M.-!i!.tiia and Ida I ', IR WERE MURDERED Nine Ni^Ku 1 ;-; Arc H»;ld Bui White M;i u Is Expcctrd Tn Have Plannod ii His total shi.s -,ia| was an iliciease ol - s pel' i eiil ox el t hose flumes, STEAMER IS^AGROUND S.intaka Maru Has -Crow And Passon- yera Numbering Four Hundred. • - - < itx I 'nilcd I'l e.- H I 'IjoKlo, .lapan. I ice : V The sleamer .-•siiWalii Maru Is a;|o!|iid oil' I 'heftio XX Ilh . I.U alld p Is-cellKC! S | 1 1 1 a I I i II '.'. |l"i It', |....- 1, said to In- hiipele! -• Tvxo . \tuei nans a:.- aniont; tho pa.- : en 1 'll. i'l 'l Is a I a.M.esn |,,:| t III ( he p| :, xiiiie ol i 'ha m '.-1114. and i, M-paialei! 1 I "111 I'j.l ! \iti.-l I, a |iei K o| I l|. Vl'i STORM IN THE EAST M 11 'I Extdnd:. TroDi> «.onvdlr, F!a., to the Line i i:v I'mc d |-i. i \ "I ! N \ . I L . I", The ;. I,,,,, ••' I -l"i Hi XX hi, h i. I'. hcell .ill". •a Ni v, \ " i. .11,. I I in- IM I e: n _l- p; -,x ,,' ', i" IIPi l 1 i niiidi• ''i' II- i • i - - - - i. i xx : i i 11 i T l a I! , • n ii.-,j i.p ' : :'i I ' !• ..i aph ami I -'"'I i ---I'll! - i-i-.'.it imi ml i i I* i red | I" , I'remier l.!i>yd-i jeorKe,'M IilitllH f-.»P om end at imi of all of lOllKlfilid's) ef- furtM. meanu Idle e.uttlnuo. Thf^ IIMUH! riu isttiiitK holldtiis (aki'ii by tho inem- '•fi'M of the miniMty tmvrt hcert over- ooked liv the l.loyd-(!eorK" cahinet. The cditoiial comment on 'leririiiny'ii leply iii (he A 11,1-1 ican |K-;I<'(I stlKK'eM- IOII.H i.|.:atd its phiitMcs aft. «»va,«lvi\ 'liet many ha.'i eountered with thin pfo- ne*nl as ii can exad" Iho exix-i'texl an- -vxcr," ,«-aid Iho M'j'.l. GERMANY MAY GIVE TERMS. My Itot.ert .1 Hemler. Siatf < 'm I e..,jioin|i nt of I'ldted I'rt'.-is.) \VaihinKlon. I) <'., Itee. -7. If I're.-d- h-nt \\ li.^i.n can net from the enteu(«» Hies (heir ('ease IcrjIlS, < il-rJIIII ll>" Will pfotialdx" (iirnl.'di to the jircHldent tha 'eiitonie terms. M \\i\f, litated at tho" • Jcrni.'in etrthafi^y today. |)i|ilomats do not expfc! 1'reshliMit \\ ilson tn make another iiiDX'is towiinl pi a<-e until tlii- l-:tiKll«h reply IH received .should I'lesident Wilson therc- u| ttan.'-mii the Kn^lit*!) HIIMWIT ti> (orniaiiy and l.'n.Jand ahuuld ahk for (iei tnany's terms, it |K thought prohii- Ide tlermany would reply favor- aldy. |n such an event Oennany, it in ha Id. xxouhi prohahiy jirefer that both M t M ,i| pcij, e d IIIIN hi; held temporarily i i.nlidcni (alls heixxi'cii tho hi'llij<e|-fiit3 and l'ii".|,ient and not imhliHlicd im- CALM ON WEST FRONT, t Hy l-'nited I'reKM* 1'ari.'.-. Trance. Dec. 27,•• Calm oil ail IrontM wa.s reporte'l in the war oltnn 'dali nieiit today. WILL IGNORE THE LAW Railroads Will Not Heed tho Ad am son Law Until the Court Passes On It tlty I'nlted I'rc.s i \evx Vollj, N' \ , I lei . :.!',' -The I ad- I'.iad.i will Ignore the ,-\ da tiiM"!! law iii makin:; up their paxMdl.s and i,che,|. nic,-, until the tiitjiiduo couil oi tl,<i I'nlted iStatcH hah, |'a:-i:i'd Upon the l.iXV. Xollce.s to IhH eltecl XVelc |:l.ii| to Jill- em J • j, ly ea t I ,'ia X a 11 ItOil^ i, ' I e |-, • ',x la .x liex-otries elt, , i,-,e on .hu>a u . I i in m ii in.ti. , -, xx .t, no^tel m i hu i a i! xa • I . h"p -. ,nd cdt'i,-,-.-. i-lay. •\ ii p:'"!• • • d n, ..",tia I imiri he) xx t-'i ,\ I0i-]lll"'' .-I lie I 'i 1 'iei| I,loth.-I hi -id.-i ladi'Md ma l ia i 1 .e, s xxh'i xxe;,, 1,1,, ja--... i, ,n loinoriow, are n'l, MINISTERS CONVENE njtinrji '-b.".ii.-jt(on !s Diitubic leu Pi c'lntr's Ho tilt. it xx SWEDEN WANTS PliACt I elore the court they should no! he .t I'-itiv fo any a>tioii which vxoiild ct '•••! "i nullify ihe law. Aeeoriliih; t'i i*.i! n!i|e|,il-i ih" hl'otheih'ujd.-i aiu :iri\i'.u- !n I'Jtt'i t a coiii|.rti|iijf!e to pii>. Lii 11 .- m. cix ,-;; in f lie* flit tile mil ' h>! ladiool'. vxill tin! inlcr(:jm -inv pi-,- BAKfR WILL -REMAIN O I- I'U TV Hi- Hit I Ml • I ' '• flic t )?:,!(, (I j In An Ap;

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