Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 9, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 9, 1896
Page 3
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NIGHT RAID AGAINST MOTHS. How the Entomologist of Central Park Fights the Tree Killers. with Lantern* »nd Tre»cle-~MU- Ilonr of Motlu D««rtoy»d In » Nllbt '.'• — Spraying! Mw IllonlBtd Tree* wlth'mn Encl'hi. . . [COPTRIOHT. 1896.] Curious nocturnal scenes are being enacted in Central pork, New York, which find no counterpart in other cities. At two o'clock in the morning-, when the rest of Gotham is supposed to V« ojBleep, Park Entomologist Edward B. Southwick, who is acknowledged to be the leading expert in his lino in tho United States, sallies forth bent on the destruction of the night moths. Many of these moths are strikingly beautiful., They never fly ,in the doytimc, and visitors to the pork ore unaware of tho really exquisite coloring they possess. Expert Southwlck nt present has been polngou these nightly excursions alone. He carries an opera glass to locate the insect life that is so destructive to tho foliage. Until recently, he was nccom- jumied by port of his force OH insect lighters. "Then at midnight in the darkness there was a flashing of many lights among the trees, a pounding and thumping of some iron lunged machine, a buzz of many voices and a tramp of many feet. It was an unaccountable scene, until one understood that it was brought about by Expert Southwick. And these crusndcs of nipht are curried on because id is only then, as has been found, that, the conditions ore favorable for the destruction of the moth. Like roany other inseots, these moth* are confirmed drunkards, and these weird scenes nt night, ore the outward form of preparation for n general drunk among the moths. In the small wagon which stands close by the scene,' Entomologist Southwick and his men have smnll barrels filled with molossea and stale later. This is s:iiu-ared on tho bark of the trees, nncl as a destructive agent is one of the most succtssful traps known. The treacle net* as a stick-fast,, and by morning the trees thus treated will appear to be studded . :tve incut n'tirin-^. tint- it A'3'.tl"-.i'.g- light will a.M,rni!«. tKti nicist (liflldent of females, aiul when it is remembered tliat Uie killing of ono feran,le is cqnivnlant to the killing of several hundreds ol caterpillars .the imporUmc.o .of thtse.. uight expeditions can iii a'CuInt way bo imagined.';Sonic of the females of,ttiesa TO Otis have -the •most"'rudimentary wings, ns in the case of the tuesock mot'ti, and never move far from tie chrysalis that has given them shelter, in fact most.of them cling to the outside of their old home. At night these females can be eiisily found, for tlic maJes that are olwnys well winded flutter a.round therni'nhd cnn be caught one after another. ' T M'hcii flic has allured enough to their death, it is roost Important, for she will do more harm thim.all the males putto aether. Within a few hours of changing from the larval state one of these moths will lay enough eggs 'to hatch out caterpillars that will make small work of more than one well leaved elm tree. ' Although the most advanced scirn. tifie idcns have been used in the destruction of tht moth, and though millions ujwn. millions of them have.been killed, Prof. Southwick Is compelled to keep up a constant warfare, understanding that if the struggle is discontinued tho park will be literally ovci*ruji, and the trues ruined beyond redemption, LAWYER OR LOBBYIST. GENERAL SPORTING. NOTES AND COMMENT FROM VARIOUS FIELDS. A True Story ol thri C«o of Money. In FoUtlcD, A corporation was anxious to have an entirely Jeg-itimalc bill 1 passed by a legislature. One of its officials went to the stiilo capital to find out why the measure was delayed. He wiis informed by a prominent member thii-t the session was drawing to a close, and that, it would be almost impossible to have the measure acted upon. "Co to Mr. 'Blank," said the legislator. "TIi! will secure its passage if anyone can do it." The. legislator •went to Mr. Blank, who wns'a well-known lobbyist, and was told nbriiptly tliut the job "could be done, but tbiit, it would cost a good deal of monev. The lobbyist .named a sum which.would suffice to .secure the en- n'clVr.'n.t of the measure. "Pay me the money," he said, Mond I with dead moths, of whom would .busy laying eggs - /=,—.-- tion of leaf-eating grab*?. ^Besldps the_ elm-tree borer and tus«pok/iBoths t in 'these 'treacle traps are^&ucd. gpiaienV tip* and the larger speelejiisilch.uVthe 'Atticae, Bombncidae and the Imperial jmotbs, but these latter, ol course, are 'few ond far between, compared with the numbers of the smaller family of moth*. •Prof. Southwick does .-not depend alone on' their sense;of smell to bring his hated'enemies 'to their fate.' Tho night wanderer in the parka will here and there come across n Vill's-eye Inn- tern gleaming on a clump .of trees. 'These trees you may be certain.arc well smeared with the beery treacle, the 'light only being n beacon tomore surely lure the liquor-loving moth, to his de> •Inaction, .and .It does itmost effectively. These busy'•ccri**'itiiight have not been so frequent of late, for Mr. Southwick has been making midnight excur- clons for himself, taking observations for the future work of his men. Hedoe* 'not like to b* -interrupted Jn hi? .work, and will not tell'much about'it. Even when n.11 his men ore working together, grangers are not wanted, and must 'look on from af car. The strong* .machine,, which,,makcB B« much nbiire, imd eUreetBthW-nndcrer toward the^notJi.-killers,,..I? the"-new Daimler motor,-and W used^aa n-n additional raenns of destruction. It Is worked by gasoline and the Gould pump, which sends a solution fatal to ^11 bugf up Into the highest trees, and ii doing great iiirvice. Prof. Southwick, in speaking ol the matter recent.'y, «ftld he thought he was a little ahead of the bug* this year, but n« h« only had himself and four men helping him, It ta,nn-illl work. The.sojution the pro- galloiw of watin'P^Tii* solution not only kill* the caterpUlara, but In strong 'enough to eat through the cocoon and till the grub. „__, It l»U» female moth* which Prof. tViaifr. ' ••,J. UC > ^^IIUIUJ ICl.LU MRJUi l*^ **.•« " f *»«•••• V-'ijTX,* oonisuJt with the^unfKlpr^hfecorpOrar- 1 ;,th^situation wasexplalriedi remarked: x s "-...' ' V. ; . -'"The. company.- ho» employed mb: : to look : after ita ; law business. T. have drawn up the bill, which is a. proper and reasonable measure, and Is not opposed to any private or public interest. Now if you wish to employ this roan to brtt» committees nnd legislators, and to er' than to tolerate f hnve any partnership with bribe-givers. The official consulted with his busl- •ness associates and,oqnelude.d ' '' ' ' bbis not need roy service's. If you' hire him, my connection with your company will be at an end. I have been opposed all my life to lefe'islntive corruption, aad vnn have nothinff to 'do with work of this kind, You will have to choose between a notorious lobbyist and an honest lawyer." The lawyer might have,6hrugged .hia uhoulders, and, like : Pilate, ' ostentatiously washed LIB hands, and then have been ready to go on with the business of the corporation after the officials had taken full responsibility for employing 1 tho.lb.bbyist: but'Tie would not do/this.; He preferred a pecuniary sacrifice rath- ' tloin ana: ' measure 'drop:' ,. The' lobbyist did ;not. . services; of. the .honor able" ''lawyer were 'retained for legitl- ffet'thc job. .' The services; of. the .honorable" ''lawye mate business, ,. .. This is a true story, names and places being suppressed. It is fx>ld In the Companion .because it enforces a moral ''-''''h«r: sized In American public life, Th euse of money Is the greatest evil In honest politics. Honeet men ought always to set their faces sternly agalrut •immoMl'practices In political tf'-^a in legWs^TW^iSpd 0 lsfwg,MBg „„„ . - "politic**- «d carry his conscience with him, and be honest In all the reJatiohs of citlzen- >,;whatever results may follow.— Companion, " •Dim • • Rtuart'l 8ch«m« for • Frlzc- Flfhtari' KepaSUo '» South Amrrlca —TIM L»t«t , Cjcle Ilooord—A To;i- olnr Alhlil*—Other OoMlp. elect and himself do it F Dan Stuart succeeds In getting a republic of his own in South America ere long there will be a different tflle to tell about the poor, oppressed gloveman. To insure full measure of success Dan would, of course, perennial president before any .other body gets on , the .ground, and regard- Ing the building of railroads and other things In the civilized line, he has a precedent In Harry Melggs to study up. As to obtaining proper recognition from other powers, Including the United States, I have no doubt; In fact, it is a 10 to 1 proposition that as soon as the scrapper Is free- and independent, with a domain of his own, the powors woui:l fall over one another, in trying to get solid. A fighter Is a fighter,, he is at present and has been for some time shackled in this country; bin let him once taste the full glory of freedom and see what sort of position he would take up. Did the reader ever speculate as to how many Individuals'of other walks of life -It requires to balance one single fighter? Figures in this line show a remarkable state of affairs. Bob FltzEimmons; Jim Corbett, .Peter Maher and Tom Sharkey—only four- put In the same limits, with good telegraphic facilities, would make a bigger dent on tho same map than the whole of England. I am not exactly sure that Stuart IB getting ready to flt out an Individual South Anrorlcan republic. I only'ltnow that he has disappeared In that direction more than once of late and that he Js very mysterious about something. If this 4s not his plan It ought to be. Dabn Aft«r Corbett. .-Dub "defls',' have swarmed In on Jim Corbett like locusts since his .four- round draw with Tom Sharkey in San Francisco, But the worst of them anil the worst ever heard or emanated from Billy Smith, welterweight and ex-mystery man. Smith bragged foe had J2,- ooo" to-bet he could knock Corbett out In six rounds. In England recently Smith acted as If he were not more than one remove [rom lunacy, which was thought to have been brought about by ..something In the 1 climate^ over there. Maybe the dampness and .fogs.^of.,.'Frisco .have touched the same button. Sbarkey »» ^KU^»<* • ( According to a lady fight-writer on _ San Francisco paper, Tom Sharkey lias had a secret good opinion of himself for quite a long time. WhenjOthei less thoughtful people -were going along in Just tbe usual routine, Sharkey was sirdlng up his loins mentally for'just loqjjf'such a happening as transpired Jn-Vls :go with dorbctt. Said Tom re- centiy,;tp quote from, the lady: ; ' rYee'i.rve had my eyo on Corhett tot a : 'long ''time. I saw him knock out Sul- iiyan"ln New Orleans, and I said t« meseif then that I'd try to do him some M»d« • Slew Record. ; 'Arthur E. Smith is known In Ch-icagii as the cycling letter carrier. -He, is:. a great distance rider and makes :no more of breaking -a record than he.doei f eating three meals a day. Hi latest ^4SS=^W™^ ^..^.record-,ak,ng ,,n^- v _* ..j ;„„„.:„•„ Tf vrin'hirniiim. ihn Tldlnzrfrom Chicago to New York , the rlding'from Chicago to New, York in 137 hours and 21 minutes. 'He start- jd from Chicago at 9:30 o'clock on Sunday and arrived at the city hall, New ^.vE. SMITH. .^M out but triumphant, at 3:21 o'clock the following Saturday ..afternoon. He had beaten the existing record of Ii2 hours 15 mfnutet, held by PmcllKt B>k*r ID Something ot '-at Matatiou bu • 'been* caused in'tbe east by took only two minutes and thirty-five seconds of the first round. Butler, who Is colored, had gradually grown Into a iMBitlva bujaboo In middleweight* and light heavies. He had a suspldouu quality which boxers were mostly Inclined to eye askance and let alone and a number of littis performances of his seemed to lend substance to the view. He got bis name by Jumping In for small limits of three or four rounds and had boxed 'his way without going out with Maher, Choynskl, Peter Jackson and others. H-is great performance along In this line was his toppling over of Joe Goddard In a three-round go, In Philadelphia, the flrst thumping the Australian received In this country Henry Baker, who did the trick for Butler, used to mill around Chicago his home; he Is a light heavyweight some, but of late has called Milwaukee and would be quite a stiff one It-It were not for a defect of the lungs. Baker ie afflicted with asthma, so that making a vigorous pass or so brings his bellows wheezy, which necessitates his jump< ing away'Incessantly during a fight to recuperate. It's fight awhile and wheeze awhile with Henry. Under such con ditlons be has always done very well Indeed. Axote'i Early C»r»«r. ASote, 2:04%, the champion gelding, by Whips, could have been purchased, so Mr. Hickok tells me, at buyer's option during his early days at Palo Alto. He was not fashionably bred anil, being very large, was used ou the plow. He kicked so badly that they had to take him out and use him as a utility horse. .Some day I'll tell you the whole story of. Azote's early career just as related to me by Mr. Hickok. Sufflce'it to say he cost Mr. Salisbury but $1,500 with a record of 2:14%. Every one knows 'how well be raced and at one time he was thought to be the coming turf champion, but he would not quite reach, and It is more than likely his record ot 2:0494 Is to be the end of bis extreme speed capacity. Just how much he could have been sold for Is beyond me, but It would have been very easy to have at one tin\e obtained 'In the vicinity of $8,000 orflO.OOO for the mammoth bay gelding. He is now turned out for n year. A Popular Athlnte. J. D. Winsor, jr, was elected captain of the University of Pennsylvania track team a few days ago. Winsor Is a good J. D.'WINSOR. JR. athlete, but. owes his election more to Ms popularity than to his athletic ability. He', promises to fill the place ac T ceptab'ly' and with much less friction than is usually the case. He has the best wishes of h'ls college mates. ' Denver Ed Smith A rain. : : One of.the results of the late Gorbett- Sharkey.'SUrriip in San Francisco;-was the bringing to tbe surface-again of Denver Ed Smith and the posting by him oMl.OOO in New. York, to go-Corbett for tho heavy-weight championship.' "Edward-- Denver". : Smith, as call him In'England, generally comes up for a brief spell; whenever, there Is a big/contest or a : championship go. Smith, in.stacking-up such.an 'amount of earnest money, was honest andJficrl- ous In purpose..or. some one w'as'hori- 'est and serious 'for him, for there Is. ho. doubt It was put up:'"Puttlrig'up money and being willing to box; however. Is no't'ali there is tb'It. Especially, iin the-case of.Smith there.are too; many jots he has not done byiway of practical,milling for him to expect to stir up enthusiasm In - his. case, by merely showing that .he '.Is' willing, to go to work' with.a top nptc'h'er.' Time on the pugilistic dial 'swings roiihd the circle 'wlth v ','a swiftness tharoth'er and slower moftais'''kb'ow' ; -nothing'of; early morn- Ing with'the majority of us is very liable to .Be. pasMnidnight with the pugl- Jist. and Denver has failed to ; have a proper appreciation of the flight .,of time as measured by the timepiece, of his tribe/ That is not to say'he Is exactly old—30 years Is h'is age— but; that he 1 has •'not', taken .cognizance of the golden ^opportunities, opeaedj.iip to' him by his .whaling of Joe Goddard,, the one and only one,good,th'lng,Smith has'-ever 'done!-That great event in Denver'sMIfe D^r'Pfned ,t!lie''3'a'of March', 1893, equal 'to' abput'fl'tteen years' of 1 'ordinary time, the accouht'of ''which I hav.e unearthed, 'only after delving deep 1 lissome dusty archives.'" - ; ' ". . ." >....-.,,;' ;,ri.-.(rot»»!of, ; th«/.»iirr. _'.,-'.;.. Prince ,Herschell. ( Bpi;d'.,.by Doble to «irtles'.'- in!' Italy,'," lias',' '.been .debarred 'from Itrpt'ttnif.'hetanse'jiot, having proper certftcate of e'iportafloa. ' ••.:,; •: The-Readyille-(Mass.) mile track.,w.ll.l iiay«'.'C!2QO;v,-additlona!:;;..stalls. /They, .are-inaWng,.pT.eparatlons.for..some .great Weak Eyes or Poor Sightf We fit glasses* to relieve headache. Do| your eyes water? Do letters blur while read-1 ing? If you have any trcubleSwith your e; consult us. J. D. TAYLOR, Graduate Optician, Dr - King's School ot Optics. 5 cll | caBO optlialmlc College. •;} Cockburn Brothers' Offieaf Rooms 2:and 3 Spry Building,; || Write Fire Insurance in companies t hat pay losses promptly. •"% Sell you a Life Insurance Policy contract in a first-class company that . cannot be Improved, ;_ •".:,; \Ve can dispose of your properly If listed with us at a faJr value In a six* -| time. •,'';;( We have all kinds of property to sell or trade. a is Money to loan on farm or city property in any amount from 5200 up. . ;':^ Make your wants known by consult ing . :j . •. il i? Cockburn Brothers, I Real Estate, Insurance and Loans. ^ Rooms 2 and 3 Spry BullalBfl, . LOGANSPORT, IMfc , '| ffood and Iron Pnmps at Wholesale Prices. Six ft Wooden Pumps with Polished Iron or Porcelain-lined Cylinders.$2.50 • Six ft Wooden Pnmps with 3-inch Cylinders for 1% Iron Pipe 12.60. Large Cistern Purapa C ft.long tl.9% The above puhips are 6 Inches square. Small Cistern Pumps 5 Inches square and G ft long , ,$L0t Iron Well Pump with 3-Inch Cylinder for 1% Pipe .|2.W Also aJl kinds of pump repairing do ne by . .; ±*'•' John J. Hildebrandt, TEL. Ml. (Mutual.) 408 Fourth Street, LOGANSPORT. Lots on Broadway, Market, North, High, George and. Spear streets for sate on very easy terms. Parties desiring to build can buy lots on time and IMP money for building. , ' I can sell you Improved city property .or farms. Two houses to trade ftr i t Money to'loan. ] Joe BEAMER, Prop. Tie Veridome will be refurnished and made the finest Cafe in tlje-city. .- '; Tbis restaurant,ia.equipped-witti all the. modern Improvements. Plenty -oJ , ' : v. electric fans to keep all cool while eating. Meals on short notice. Every thluf .:::,- : ,. 'the market affords in season. ' . . ''•:. CLUBHOUSE: No. s»7 BROADWAY. ; - A Rest for Weary Ridert. : .."' j! ' ',/, OFFICERS: . . , Jos. KMB, '•• , ; Vjcr-PBBSiiiKn-. F. W. Summit, ,• ••;•.- BKMTiSl, Cau. «»*P- ' '" '

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