Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 26, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1916
Page 8
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A f- * 1 i" t" 1' f f F/V/xl^v fWd I )flj|;i|f j In "The Smmnrff r-r WEDNESDAY (.'has, Kay anci Louise Glaum in "The Wolf Woman" PINK PERMIT COMEDY, Chas. Murray and Loin™ Fazanda in "Made Mad" Wedne.sday, Dee, 27 if "* r Matinee and Niirht CADEMY HAWAII SPAIN NORWAY PIBFARHDJVESS WEJTPO OTMSRS *rf* — sm *>v~ This is a sale planned to surpass all previous attempts at Value Giving for this time of the year. Come Wly—choose \vhile the assortments are at their best, Save from 25% to 50%. The Big Store on the Corner V , V Iff. ho™ „! Ihn P.',,, Or,.,, ' \f ,„„„,„ ,„ R »| Fp VAUDETTE : NEWSINBR1LF Tonight—Special Prices 25c, 35c, OOc A i & o u.ivci . Prices, matinee 2:30, 25c, 35c' 8: ' 5 V. 1 f tout '.' to I.,' o', )i,. K. .n,d ! In- | i,-t nn • w- re of i( Kind t.. ph .,..r th, m Ihiiiiif. j the illtci mi . i,.]|-: :,.., the cluldli n « et r .„ | passim: out. i a< h \\a-i Kiicn a sa< I; of | c;yidy, 'lid, Wai l;!\f|| them liy the DIXON COMPANY GIVES BONUS!. .immiltee from the Klk«. A i an appreciation of 'the loxalty and co-operation "hovvn the pant year Wm. Russell in The Bruiser" ",. director, ,.r n,,; i»r,,wn si .-..m- • Mi-,-; M:,|,.-| Ma 111:1 s • | ' h, i?d nut-, j III I Mxoti u lih her paicnM. Villa wa-i < v i.ientu imf a:- <]< ,id a . LITTLE LOCALS pally of IM.Noli Voted to tlvc all exlia i a ..It payment us n < 'hi i-tma.i pn-r-• scries. 2 shown, / and r-i.t. The -hate that cadi impln)c rec-e|\-c..i will lie pi oporl |onr,| iiccord • , IHK lo the work hi- !« ilnJlU,'. Tile pi.ill """"""" " ; ._ , , ' varies in detail between the city mid Rents at Sterling Pharmacy now for i Tomorrow, vaudeville; 3 great nets. r(ll intty fnctotleH, due t,, .ime lt .nt I -f,nc. s !„•, ,, m >. !, n ,| Rnnrfs, rmiaical novelty tlofji, never ; worlum; condlllonn prcvailim: in (he! ,\n ., s |;-ititm pom! 'I'iki " • • - - • • -'(y ;in ,| ,.,, un (cy. nn.I dmim; (lie next jeav.-.i lunch io |... .I....I...V '"' v ' ;l '' 'l.-pi.•((•,] I'rnlr.-'iiiiii .! I. " " afternoon and night. "is month;", liiu'i-d on the present nor- "Tho House of Features" HULL'S SHOWS ROCK FALLS Tonight MnrKUWlto Nlcholn in a j-part dram;: "JESS OF THE HILL COUNTRY" Also Satin Weekly WEDNESDAY NIGHT MarKllerlle Clayton In "NOT IN THE NEWS". •-.,._ Wit ICNxaiiy two-reel drama. v Al*o « two-reel comedy. Shown 7, X; ITi. '.<: I.Y .lt. I seen in this, city before, little folks. La Tripp and C*rr, j court. Murry and Lloyd, nn Irish i Appri'.\lmnlely ... lane. Also »<>o "The Grip of Evil." !rfc<>lve the iienellln ofv HUM tumiis i It's great. Ua-Ja! prices. | which will eii.bnin. all j employcM of j the company except t/ne executives Hnd heads cif department!! \\lio participate 111 the profiS ^ which WJIH Inaumnateil n the company. Kltillla <'. Sn.-ivcly. .Nu |:<>HI< ( '. .......... • »-'« $110.000 „,.„,.,-,.. ,;,..«,,, CLASSIFIED ADS WILL DO IT Dr. Walter J. Palmer Dentist \\VtxHI & Wal/j-r Bid,-, 316 1st Avc. Boll 298-W Sterling:, 111, locked are (hit pi ,-n rniiikets. Ii LAST BARGAIN MAIL OFFER T(H> Bargain price for Tlio Gazette expires Jan. 1, 3.917. Until Mien mail subacribcrs outside the city of Sterling and Rock Falls can secure The Gazette to January 1, 1918, at the rate of 21 cents a month. No subscriptions taken at this price beyond January 1, 1918. Last call. Delights of Christmas ! • * « An Ancient Poem * they need .... imi>-h patleiKe. l>r'.sp||.. ih»,i,nt>fH in hj.s ( ;n | ,],,, HritiHh lion ,0;,,., ;,,,,! ,|,, ; . H „,,, u j',|, H . ( __ .-'- nof'h;;:;,';;, 1 ;,,;:;;;",!;;,;;,;;;;:;^'' 1 '' 1 -'' «,„.",;,'.,.,„•.,«„„„/„, ,„,",;,„„, or M,-. by THE 8. D. & E. IS SUED In the I.4M> cuiinlv ciicuit court for the jHiuuiry term till now riiMes h« ve Oil*' lif Ilist iU'tliirtrt ID KtnrlfO VVHH luniiKlit liy At'tornoy ' &G&DEWV of MUSIC Jr " .FRir>AY*nKr 9a ^ ^^ I' Dt^vln.. in lii'half of MrCorry. In Hit- unit Mr. McCurry Hiikn diimi<Ki\<< In tin- amount of $2,noii fur pcr«tini»l Injuiif.s nllc»;j-(! to have IHTM ri'Cfivt'il \vlli-ll «i utivcl cur collided with hl« liiiKUy near Ihe I. ( viaduct nn First Mree; Auwnct tl. Th ilerlaration afTiniiM that Mi. Mi-Con wn.s tliruwn frnni tin- IHI.'K.V and MIS talneil injuries from which !;. has nn recovered ami which il m cluinud Imv left him partially denf. CAR REPAJRER KILLED. John. G. (tiTKiiulii, H car repairer fo tin- ('hicuK" t^' N'orlh-weHtern at I )e Kiillt, Htopped iii front of u rapdllx train Sunday A (Ion's bark III IV be , I'lJc. but. l;i\i- I/H tin- |,aili. p|.-,Mr. ju»I and Mr«. f;eoi»;e HalJ, A man mii>! or in luisim'.'is unh mi- (h Th« man who consider,') himself a brick never l.oam M «( t»,.|njj n common elay See CN Dillon Company for K.-n- lucky s-lnrh block coal. Car on (rack todav ' It .."omi't lines liiippeim (hat ti V I, ,1 VM1CI. i^eopie'").'"'/.../.""^ ^jl.oV.T'H^lMiv'ia^i Bo & er wishes the cook maid his tyalnrdiiy.' Wishes to CFOWn. S:30 o'clock ami wua instantly killed AM No. IK, cant hound, Camo thunder- iiur t»y he fdefipcd ill front of (tie en- Klne anil witM .struck dnwn, lie was a knew what Mtrnck him. v lie was a 'married man tind the uwfnl itiiKci cuuHed riirlHtituiH In Im u had dny In ldn homf>, where in- had rnnde mini) for a hu|i|<y lor 111" family. He wan well KIIOWJJ ard waM likt d liy (he men of (he load *who (arm 1 In COM. HARMON^ FORGOT. A KOOI! Kiory In told' mi * 'ominiMHioii • <•!' Iliirmu'n. ('In l.ttmuH morning in the nild'lle of the forenoon a customer atdicd Mill jiliuut \\luii hatl heeii at- (he nieeliiiK of I he inmmls- ill (he illy hall Hi- wa's tol.l by (he t ommiMnione.r thai the day was* Sunday und (here was nolhiut: doiiiji. 'I'hen all of a Hilddep it dawned on . Twenty-four utafc;* thi.-i year will have the opportunity to its of the the mer- How did you like your Idaho pota- oilier to or mm i ii'd to u woman in tiiat he docMi't iumw 1 When Christmas approaches each bosom is gay, '«*' I i That fcitival banishes sorrow away,: ' While Richard he kisiei both Susan! and Dolly j When tricking; the house up with' ivy and holly, J For never as yet it was counted &' cr * me ^ B * i i A 11 To be merry and cherry at that hap- j 1 UOCtorS tells US py time. U the quickest way to ^ _«:et a cold is to Then come turkey and chine, with,! your the famous roast beef, , Of Engluh provisiona still reckoned i the chief. Mr. ami Mri Cfiatlen Cru.e and family weir m MoiriM.n t'hii-<lmas lay cj'tim; InrUey with Ihilr d;im,-h- wishes to crown, "Oh, Dolly, pray give me a bit of wWv Ul \i WU * . in j i ., i 1 1 1 j, i it i «. i • > \i 1 1 (i i HI j i t f ;i ii},; f 1 * i ter and sisi,.,-. ^i«. Many Smith and) For HCVCr 88 yet it WB8 COUntcd ft crime famil.v. Mr. and Mr.-.. I'Vank I.. \Vil>on of j • 'anada, are line for n M.MI with oid To be nusTry and cherry at that hap-; tllile friends and iclatlv Ml, \Vil- hint too.s for dinner Xmas. .More at headi-rx of the entente ulli Hint (if-rmanyV p t '.icc do\e .striitiKely like a hawk. To a m.-re work iwrcon, envymj; a leader of fashion i:t th<! name thinn a;i a son of the Pit,- Mr. and Mr* Charles Wilson of Sterling, and t'he «., H i,.,,-,, and ,.u,,d in j^t, , - For a Cold Buy Rubbers and Overshoes and avoid that cold. Many prohlenis remain iiiineit|ei|. hut the world IK iieroinliiK- united on the way (<» spell ukulele. Mayor Thompson evidently does not any more of Ids aiipoiiilment.s t,. turn out disatipointiiii'iitH, Mini Carol Hand went to Hume Saturday .evening to spend Chri.stmat' with Hy actual count,* (here were |,:'mi people in 1'erry .^ Hoover'* Store last K i[. Helm.s has niurnrd i, Marcus. la., alter vi.-uriiiK with triem!,- mil relatives in ;thiN city. Mr. and MIN. Clyde. VoiinR'^cut to ,';ile:-biir»,' Saiurday (<> .spend ci na.s wilh relative^. Miss Mary Hurd, ,,t MoniHon, tor )„ thi.H city Saturday on bithl- $1.00 .CITY GETS PUBLICITY Lincoln Hiyhway Bulletin Tells Of Local Improvements. The luscious plum pudding does: Bracking appear, \ And the charming mince pie is not j § lHl(i UJ) for rubbers far from the rear. Thea each licks his chops to behold such a sight, K ,-III, IB a lot o, pubiuKv For to taste it affords him .superior ic Hi? lociilt'd .HI th» l ..... * tlfronirh it*! helm; lociuvd on th< ; Uin- i delight, For never as yet it was counted a crime To be merry and cherry at that happy time. Miss llrrtliide lOst.ihlook. of ,\1|||- Ktuillc, ,s|,».iu ^.iimday in ltd>. citv ioj>iiinjj. Alaliel M,iK,-r, of Chicago, .spent Miri«tmus with ln-f pan-lit*. AH uiid irs. ('hri.s H^Ker. Jiick Hyati, has Ix/rn on the Kiel, .si for M\er,i| d-iys, \\iia aid him that the day was' .Monday und In ImiTledly .lelt lhe.«tore (or th, „, „„,. „,,„ hall. ifiidittiM thele In tinn 1 for iln.ldown town Saturday alteinuo.i meeting ail rlKiit. | MISM <'. 1C, CmmiiT arrived Satnrdiiv TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. • <<»m HeilinK, Minn, to" »|,end rhiW- "ii Ih'c. J4. li'Vs. Col liror^r !;,!« im.'i.H at tin- home of Mrs. ICIln Mce. ••'••-' In command at Ka;,K,, d.ia. I'.'ntiene U'ill.Ums ranu- home tioin the Illinois St:(t«; Cniv fi.sit v t christmiih uith hi.s Hy actual I.OIHH, then, y, etc I ;.'iin J people m (Vji> ,v Uoovcr'ii S.toi< !.IM ! pilldlnheil all ol'ter (o| bidding >I,IVc:i ( n.illv the hlieetM after Mjmlou II ttltli- Ml| u b^eeial [.elllliMslol, I I olTT^i hell ui-!<.| ; . i in |i ( .i- Jfi. IS.'in, I'. .h:, and coiinMcs \vcre oit;ani/,(d. i MI IV i{. \ »uH Si .1IUV Prices 25c, 50c, 75c Seats now at Sterling Pliarmacy BlirtlAl. Or" MHS. HARP'HAM. coin Ilii^huay ,Mul on act utml of Id. pa vim; just completed east of thin e|l\. 'Tli*' Lincoln IliKliway- ,\ X'i.slmi \'cr- i!lcd," •.\lilch'i> the title of a booklet hlht h-Micd tellinj; of the imprm einent.-i aioiiK the ureat hiKliway dnriiiK the pas! Veal', has ci»isider/lhl<< to Nil y •''''•"it the impi .i\ i-iiicnt.H iii this local- it). '"rider the heading of ".\ddit ional i Section of l.incolrv U'a) Sm laced lor ] I'MT 'I'rallic." the l.iiK.dn Highway weekly bulletin, which K,.CS lo evei \ prominent newHpaper ol!n e. auto jour- I mil. and tonrim; Inirean lilllct, in thi> I'nited Stale*, print* the following in laM wi-ck't-i l!^.-,ue under n Sterling dati-: "The recent c'lmpli-ilon and oponiiiK lor travel of thi.-i. miles of hrick pav- III.r cast of I he elf, of Sterllni,', make?, n seven mile fitirlch of brick travei-Mfd hy (lie l.itKoln Ilii4h\\av Ihroogh Slerlini; township, four mllc.H hrick liavin(.; hcen pre\-|ou;d) laid The i lirick paving done hy I it.son'tii\\ nship ' this \e.u comiili•((-•, aitother seven mile! stretch .of permaiieni ,.,.,,1 ,,1,,,^ , h,. j Twelfth day next approaches to gi\ lli K hw,,y. -inxon loiMi.-d.ip now I.ehu: | voudl»Hl»>it i '.-•*«-'l "HI. l..i.l,-i..,m one end t., the! . . /° U aell Snt, j And the sugared rich cake is di»-j played to the sight; the maid and the i $1.2.5 and up for overshoes Obermillers* How the hummlSg OctoElr goes merrily round, And each with good humor-is happily crowned. The long and the dance and the ! i O O « *| - j .-,.., "*'-"n»*'*'»iv;iiirit Alike without harm by each one is! ls ""' «i«'»n'si \vi>i»n» <m cnrih. For never u yet it was counted a crime ! To be merry and cherry at that hap-! py time. I Not Always. When a man tells |I!H wjfo flint ! may tint he ulilu to grasp his true meaning. Salnida) cauo Waim.iay and ,s|«'nt Ciji i .(ma.-. Mr. and Mrs. chaw., of l'i,. iown. .spen.t-t 'hi i.M iisa.-i lit ie at the s!at<> aid. < ,,.|iiiniiiu: Melt), thr |i|\.iiii lowH.-hip lui.-k WCM,-.-t'lni* The lemain-1 king and the •'•••• -f tin- ifMt-wav .!„•„M K i, I'-.tmy,,; Alike must be prescnVto add to me 1 ' 'o '"! !!p^.| o\ i-il h\ i he low n-,hip an , jihotiti. •- with i;iavel and St,n, ! SCeHC, • j ! "Vi i.-< i" i-c ;:ii,n u, ii,.. im.iNivi.m, ,,i i For never as yet it was .counted a ; i" 1 Hue- mote Mid.-- .u i,in, oil. Hud,.* crime 111 ""•• \ H Illll V ill I'.H ,'. .,.. II,,,.. ': . to ii,.. u,..-1 ,.i .^t.-riin- „., t,, i,,.! To be merry and cherry at tiiat happy time, H, T. FERGUSON INVESTMENT BONOS Nt-i I to i; p.-r i mi i;.Xrlll|il if-m inroiii'it 'i,,^ LOANS INSURANCE 310 Lawrence Bldg. Sterling, iti. The A.-..-.o.-i.ii|on >d i 'onimei.. ,• -,,.,,1 '"•' "li" •' \e M,., v :l I,-. ., Hi . K.-S ! '. .1 nd n h , , i Ii e.ol\ Ii. . n |.| ii;!. ,| .| ! May each be found thus as the year circles round, With mirth and gotfcKlumior each Christmas be crowned, And may all who have plenty of riches iu store ! With their bouatiful blessings make IT and Air.- II | All' and Ali.-i \Vmtehcll. ol Tami'iio. in l e Sat ill da\ to meet Ili.-li ne'p j N. d I'irr. . -a, i,., ,,, , j- v , ,| ),,.,.. i,,,,,, i ;neiei \ for |l..i|| s 11 i y e f, B u rl i n ij t o n Han < .11 c a p p • HIU id" I tii- « in |.. ,i| i;., Hull I hi' (Sill Mllfcl-il! hi- ''' ;; f t . i i' > ii P. i i i! \s n i, : Wllrll i ,1111 1 I nil) Si,-I i ut :\! i < 'hi i i Philip II, Ward ATTORNEY AT LAW '111-4H Lawrence No Nervous Strain. U !\>; "i <\H, fs'JSf: .uiJ 'I'HR<>-\ BHAIN .SUH(itRV A Safeguard Against r'OOfl APPETITE Ht.AHTBURN INDIGESTION niLiousNEsa Oli MALARIA HOSTETTER'S Stomach-Bitters JACOB (JANTLIN LAWYfc:R f) i,ii in lo,ins. Prtpaynyant privilogu Bl l.L. -!i'J HOCK FALLS, ILL. FARM LOANS AT 8, / or 10 y««iis, Hj) 1 to $10!) iitlC- l-f iCturijy Wrfiljri fv! (> H r G A G t S f U H H A t •JOHN M. STAGER happy the poor, For never as yet it was counted H crime U.K. Van Kpps, M.I). 10 and 11, over gs' Jewelry Store JOHN A. WARD At!...'i iif> ;, t L,.»v,' MDNt'Y T'O LOAN t'H t (i AUt. S (- ; ()H ,SAi.c.

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