Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 4, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NATTGATUOK DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST 4, 194* As We WERE SAYING.. iil »f other Any* t.s 'V'o nr\v.H tlmt Ford l» to inurkct u $300 car nftftr the w»r. A squadron of Grumman Hellcats scored n "shut-out" In that recent victory in the iMuriumis. Jap plrines wiped out. 1HT; Hellcats, none. A WnnhlnRlon. JJ. C., church' lirriik* Into advertising in a way, nonieiiiic hit* <uiid, "that murk* the uirth of a nrtv <T;I." Option of ail: "Will You IJc » Junp HrldcV" Ti'.it: "Why not U.1I- the fiicllltica of The Kittle Church of Fort l.lur.oln :is hnvc hundred* of other couples 1 .' Aviillnhlc at no vhnrKe. UH take ciirr of all particulars. Cull Lincoln 3578." How many conversations would you say take place every 2-1 hours over the nation's tele-' phones? 830.000? 8,500,000? 85.000,000? You Ktiossed It! 85,000,000! It's piling to he COLD next winter! Hut you CUM laugh at It If your house Is Insulated—your furnace operating efficiently I Stlirt your battle against untli cold and a government-predicted fuel nhortagc, hy taking these step* now: Insulate your house, recondition your furnace or convert your heating system, provide ' storm windows, storm doom and wcatherstrlpplng. Then lake on that ooiiully-lm- porti»nt buttle against homo deterioration. "It would l>e a n»- tlonnl ralamlty," says Uncle Sum, "If homes generally "T r c allowed to run down," Check your floors, roo'f, sldewnlls, plumbing, masonry, wallpaper, paint, walks, fcncrs, grounds, for ne.edc.d repairs or replacements. Then see us alunit an MIA MODBKM'/ATIOX LOAN, that will cost you hut S3 per year per SUM) borrowed, and give you an extended period in which to repay In small, convenient monthly Installments. Be wise, he thrifty, ho warm, b« patriotic! The hUKC battleship "Wisconsin" has ox many telephones us n city of 10,000 Inhabitants. After the war there will lie no such iinlmnl as a stray dog. For. according to Parade, \Valkie-Talkles attached to Kido'x collar will pick up his owner's voice calling him home —no matter when; he roiinis. S/iid Private Gen" Ornff of Chl- CORO, to Princess Elizabeth, visiting 8th All- Fore" bomber bone: "Do you have many Amcr- uost.i at your hou-or-pnl- Thc princess said Ameri- hfidn't attended her par- Service Partly Resumed In Strike At Philadelphia (IVv linUed I'ress) Philadelphia's rapid transit system is in partial operatiom after a parlii.y7.lnjr throe-day strike. Service has been resumed .under army control. uHhoupli rel-itively few "of the nearly 8.000 strikers are hack at work. Some trains are running on the city's subways ond elevated Hives <and a few buses and troil-jys atfu-ln are in operation. There are hopeful sitfr.s that all. the strikers *'oon will respond to appeals from Major General Philip Mayo*, placid in charge of the system by President Roosevelt. Leaders of the walkout h-ive urged, the men to stay out until the army give-* <a written guarai> tee thai no Negroes will be trained a.s operators. On the other hand, leaders of the | C-I-O Transport Workers union are urprinp; the mon to return to work immediately. Philadelphia is under a heavy! police guard to pravesii any riot- | inc which marked the star: o!' the strike. The strike ha:s i:ut vl!-:il war production by keeping workers away from hundreds of plants. Ths army Is expected to use. more drastic I means than'persuasion If the di,— ; puto is not settled .soon. Meanwhile, a similar strike is tylivg up transportation -in Montreal, Canada, for the second d.iy, | Vhe strikers, members of the Can- | ad Ian Brotherhood of Railway I Workers, demand a closed shop i'or employes of the Montreal Tramways ' company.' Most 'larjre war plants in the Montreal area transporting their workers in company trucks. In Ds'.roit. a strike involving some 7,000 workers at 1'ivo Gen^ ural -Motors plants has j, r onc into its ninth c!uy. The workers have voted to remain out until the company reiustatc-i certain discharged omployeri. In .Muui'io, Indiana, a tense labor situation prevails at the ghiss plant of the Ball Brothers company. "In a jurUdictional dispute between the C-I-O and the -A-F-L, the C-I-O threatens to call a. sympathy strike of some 1G.OOO workers in Muncic'3 major industries. Shell-Shattered St. Lo Cathedral ican nce? cans ties and dances, "probably only because I haven't met any." Today's anecdote: Into a restau- rant'walked a w;iu' in of breakfast. The Negro waitress cnino. forward to take his order. "I want ham and egss," Mild the gentleman, "hut I wnnt the FKKK ellmnhited." "Yassuh," salil the waitress dlsnripcarlng Into the kitchen. She wan li"<:k ncaln In due time with :i plate of ham and regulation fried eggs. "Waitress," said the customer, "I told you I "'anted the eggs eliminated." "Yassuh, boss, 1'se sorry, but de truf Is ilnt no-count cook, he done dropped the eliminator ami busted the handle right off." Associated Press fiKUros that the wnr hfi.t c«sl the USA $2.R37,2G n second for a full Melhixelnh ate what he found on hl» plate, nnd never, as people ,!n now, did he note the iimount of the caloric count—he lit,, because It was chow. lie wasn't disturbed, as at dinner hr sat, destroying a roast or a p| r to think It was lacking In glandular fat. or a e<m,,|c of vltnmln* shy. lie cheerfully chewed every species of food, untroubled by worries or fears lest his health should be hurt |,v »ome fan.-y (Icssert-and ho lived over nine hundred years. —Townscnd National Weekly. Snicl Pope. "VVordi are like Uvcs: and whom they most nbound, much fruit of sense bc- ncnth is rarvly found. TIIK NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Member of F«l*ral__^P»«« Innurnnco Charges an Governors New Haven Man Killed In Action The remains of Notru IJame cathedral stand amid the wrecked bulld- incs in the dehris-filli'd streets of the French town of St. Lo. Amur- li-in Army engineers using Yank-built hulldo/.ers are already at work clearing awny the debris in the Nornuuidy town. (International Sound|)hoto) Was-'-hinRton, Aug. •!—(UP)—The Navy department announces that ShipfiUi-r Second Class T.eroy Harold of 15 Edpar street, New Haven, has been killod in action. Ha previously was reported missing. Two reported wounded are; Private First C':ass \ H. Bortrcn ot' 353 Sound Beach avenue, Old Greenwich. And Private First Class Michael Stovorchy of 75V Hailett street, Bridgeport. DICAD AT r,fi Lebanon. Conn.. Atisr. -1—CUP) — Former Stale Representative Frederick Nelson Taylor is dead nt the age °f (; 'J- Baylor w-ns a marketing specialist in. the State .Department o:' agriculture Cor ]G years, and at one lime was assistant superintendent at the state capttol. He leaves his widow, a son- and a daughter. State Democratic Convention Will Open Tonight Hartford. Aug. -I-(UP)—The Democratic state nominating con- vcr.tior, opens tonight at JSushnell Memorial Hall, \viih groat uncertainty as to '.he outcome of the two top ticket spots—for governor and United States senator'. ' The two leading contenders for ihc gubernatorial nomination are former Governor Robert A. Hurley, and Leo V. Gaffney. of New Britain. .Some support also goes to Wesloyan Professor Wilbert Sr.ow, and possibly to former State Finance Commissioner Lewis W. Philips of Andover. An attempt is being made to block the senatorial nomination o:' Brien MeMahon of Norwalk. Organization leaders have put up Trinity college professor and former •L.ieutennnt-Governor'Odell Shcp- nrcl. and former. Secretary of State Mrs. Chase Going Woodhouae. hoping to corral enough votes to foiH-.n acceptance of a compromise candidate. The keynote address will be delivered by United States Senator Samuel D. Jackson nf Ir.dhtmi. Jackson was permanent chairman of the recent national convention, P.cpublicans open their noniinat_- ing convention at Hartforc day night. The incumbent olllce- holders -arc expected to be re- nominatod without opposition. . The fourth district Republican congressional convention is to bo held at Greenwich . AuRUSt Oth, with Representative Clare Booth Luce unopposed for the i-e-noniinn- tior.. . • • And the fifth district Democratic congressional convention is to be held at Torrington AuprJst 7th to nominate an opponent to Republican Representative Joseph 12. Tul- bot of Xaugatuck'. 1'KISONKR ESC.VPJSD (By United J?rci»») , The Republican '.'govorrior'a conference at. St.. Jvouis charges, the admlnlHtrution with-using the public employment service to gain political power.. over, labor. The conference, directed by . Governor Thomas'Deweyi Is-ready, to issue final reports and.conclusions after a., .two-day ^eetirig..'. In Tennessee, returns from iThursday's primary gave ' ah easy victory to .former Congressman Jim.'-.McCp.rdI .a? . the. Democratic candidate for governor. •Representative Albert Gore, won.'. Democratic renomlna'tion by .an easy, margin. Gore gained nation-wide attention when. ( hc was ordered .from Army oci vice .by President' R'ooscvclt to ic umc his.congressional duties. . Jn Washington; the senate -military affairs, committee is working at-top'speed to .get a complete de- iT\obilizatiori program before the senate on Tuesday.. The Tuesday deadline exists, because .the. senate ttjcri will take .xip a. bill touching only one phase .of demobilization— that of unemployment, benefits for federal employes in shipyards and ordnance plants. Senate. , leaders wan I .a. complete demobilization formula ready for action at the .samc.tinic. ... Also 'in' Washington—the scnalc war investigating committee meets tbd'ay"to name a successor to its resigned chairman. Senator Harry Truman " of Missouri. Truman is the Democratic vice-presidential candidate. BUY WAR BONDS ANI> STAMPS Axis Aerial Display Aug. 10 Wilci-bury. Aiur. ,.-1—"Shot From the Sky." " biggest of captured Axis aerial .combat weapons ever shown in the' Uniled Stal--a, will be ttl.ilie Liljrury park, WiUer- bui-y. 'for three days. slnrtir.iK AUK- ut>t 10 it was announced today by .John .W. Gordon, War Department Bureau of .Public Relations. The 'exhibit ..irranKCd by the Army Air Forces, ia on a lour of important iw:ir .production- cities in the United' States. Boston where the exhibit.'is now beinpr shown, and Wa- tcrbury, are the only New England citi'cs on the itinerary. ' Mechanical center piocc of the exhibit will be a .MK-100 Nazi fight- 'er plunc. Though under pu.-i.rd, the •plane will be available for intimate public .Inspection. •Au-nonff Uie ninny other" captured* it-cms .listed 1 for exhibit hero 'iU'C . fusslaprcs of JU-S8 medium' bombers; fusclaKCs and 'wing's of Mcsscrschmidts 109,. 110. 210 jui'c-. 'Naxi. "Juno" motor which powers ' the' Junkers, bomber; f, r unj •and lunmii-raLion, demolition bombs, propcllercy wind.shield-s, parachutes. .German radio equipment, Japan- use rubber .life rafts, ' Jap "Zero" piano, and''personal effect" of both J.ap and Naxi fliers. Also on display will *c one barrage balloon of the type used to 'protect AllicdLlandinspi. It i.s also planned to hnvc here for display ••American Umk-s tin'l guns. A group of Army Air Force officers and men who h.Mvc returned from combat zones and GO WACS sMveially trained to ha.ri.dl-: the exhibit. The ex-lilbit will be opened to Ihc public,' without charge from 30-00 a. m.l to 10:00 p.' m.. at Li- brur/park, adjacent to the Waber- Vbiiry City JtoJI- '-, The men it uakos to opcmte the' machinery on. one bisr battleship .ropro?ents -an rigjirrofratc .of 3.500 (yfatv of training and .2,500 years of cxp.cri^fice..-. oopfo oners FOK WEDDINGS SHOWERS,' STR1SIPS CENTER .ST. % - .-. WAI, J-flfe When shopping or work bogs you. down— and you get time out for refreshments, hop over and.perch at our foun ; tain and enjoy— FRESH LIME FREEZE... l«t JUMB(J ROOT BEER ... 5« Tomato init'ettuce Sandwich lOe G. C. MURPHY CO. CHURCH STREET BACKED BY 47 YEARS OF PUBLIC CONF.DENCE AND DEPENDABILITY : West Milan, X. H., Aug. -I— —A German war prisoner, has escaped from a wood cutting project iiL>;ir West Milan. The prisoner, 27- year-old Fran? Each or, wits'in'isaed 0.1 roll cull. Bachcr is trie;'.'.SOtili. Gorman war prisoivcr to escape, in New England, but the only' 'one who has not boon recaptured. He. \vos interned ai Camp .Stark ill Perev. A Flying Fortress 'one tor. of copper._ . uses almost j-I:ivc Von JJought That BOND? HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEI.. 4«8I) KOCCO RADO, Prop. Delivery To All l'»rts Of ^ IJ fr CLEARANCE SALE CoiitM. S'ult ! 4 nnd Greatly Reduced liKMKN'i' "nil . . . Hrt- '^vorlliy i.f icrnrlli^ the lininl of I !"• .]nv«llnnl. Hi- rlu^lrrly In \ViHcrlmr?' A I— PIERPONT'S AlllVrlmn lie ill H.p.-lctJ" ir,i> HANK s'i'iii:i'"r : Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment UOMIl 'EM WITH BOMBS Victor — Coliimbhi — Deceit Kocord.s SWAN ELECTRIC CO. CHURCH ST. . TEt,. 257-1 OF fine ULOVA IJ from your clothe.s when they |j-are cleaned regularly by our 5 expert workmen. Prompt serv- j Ice. D. LIEBERMAN 26 CHUKCJI STREET A. Lady .Springfield -17 jruitlt, I diamond, ? rubies, 14 kt.-gold . *135°° B. Admiral f ....... 21 jtu'tls, 14 kt. gold ..'... . . . *135°* Among fine'watches — the distinctive beauty and unfailing accuracy of Bulova stands out— udmircd by -discriminating men and women • everywhere. For unsurpassed craftsmanship sue i the Gulova "Admiral"-and "Lady Springfitld", — 17 jewels J135.00. 20% Fedtrol To* Included JIWIIIUS 1 ..•'. JILV|«SMITHS;.$IHCl IfOO 68 BANK STREET stt V- 00 * 20% U. Si TAX TNCLUPED IN ALL PRICES QUOTED

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