Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 26, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1916
Page 4
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f p, ; r* • . \ )rv 7 f, - -Ofl'f f1|l"?T\ *" *. f, -«tf ! up rnppi c ** r F «'t t T.? • 1 •"> *!'»! IT'" \ i" '• ' * i '' nhi»> in t! '« i i' ' K < f< r fit" " > r ti t ' > * >! t r)i««trif'« flirt Ihftl. rnt<*n>r Wnit ffirerit titbit? t" k-< :,.- dltlona. In other 1 h"lp )>;i!l'l up hnvf l>eeti de . •. f i bie In- j '•i-fd In l*. they «-<>ro not »n«J their to work th'T". tj/ft h;ul to in-r^'unl oofi. A« n reMiiH. u dK isji.n of the oily Tvn*» Inid out for v. mUinir- homes. tvhich \vs\'t Tint done, , for tho profit Hint u;i?» in it. hut In ordrr to ??olvi> n •i-iioun p?.,- tilMTl. The irl^a h.'iH hi en followed In many othfr ritlen mid in pome mining center*, «nd thp ldn» l« considered H (food onn wh'Mi not wlmped. Thi-i que = STREET CAR REGULATION. Chicaei) and S». I' nrf trlvine o nnd hou«- •* ilion of Snjf l« prcnuiriK lt| H "> ri>r|Kiratiiiti« * -v - wywhprv, In tho mining- iHMricJs nf many of UIP wcstnn states ni.-tny mieh districts nro op^mt^d hy the mining companies, and the suci -esn of such <-n- <I*«j"<'nilrt nlto^dier In tho In •which they mo condneted. 'In l-i :ind thli-4 nnri«lioi »• ,-,!ff,i, ; of Ih' K d»wn fh<- (.•!<: r;?!r » h.'».n the rffer t of it i>ui«t he! Wf'«-n ! !ir> i i! - t <--ir <"mpaiiir-?!, v.hi< h In most other < itir-<? ,'ire «trained. In fbtltlrnotp fnr Rpwmtio !y ["• n *• n!;• i.:e fif Jhe ftro. 1 "^ ">• is \i ih.n ,t I'l.-Hv f. Th« tlmo IB not fnr dlntnnt \vhen thH •ort of home devfOopmf nl will tnore and morn n community nffnir. We havn municipal mnrkots, nnd municipal this and that, in ui-orcs of cities Wliy not munU'lpnl houRing, or at leapt, efficient municipal THE WAYS OF DEMOCRACY. Uoyrt-Gcorjin !« R man fif the people. He hadn't brrn n memher of pnrlifi- tnent nix months when "the fourth <>«I* to" (dUlntf In tho prr-HS Knllrry railed him tho "\Volfdi Yankee." Ho never wears a silk hut nnd IIIIH neither a vulet nor butler! There !H nothing more dramatic In tn« politic* of tho war in "'•Wildest War" than th'*. manner In which thin non of tho people got to of Kngliind In unite if, earl*, lordu, landlords nnd U SPOverntnK elsitot Hilk-tttoeKitiK frat< nlty, Hn smashed the idea that 'frho-'rul* ilo BO hy divine right. , In ft way. there IK a man in tien/iany who Ivan madt> thr mtmp kind of alrrc- »!)«• iity'<4 p-srk fund, xi) that Hi' 1 ;>nd miii'iitenani r> of n splendid svs-liiTi In (he oyMfrr I'ity virtual- i ..-its taxpaVMH iiiithltn;. !t !« n sy.«!i'tn that all mnnli ipiilitifu fihould In-. InterefitPd in. And it'<i an ••n NV thing to negotiate nt.flin proper titni- I'*t .'Hichtfip 51. .Riieh us the coni- p.-inleu eci-d in otdir to do biiHiws»». lire north !d>; «nm» nf money'and are ns- 'i.ilh , uiven away. !!efoi<> (his is dono ni'tnii jpaht leq jdioiild e\n.-t contract 1 " silch as e\j.«t in tho Htle«! mentioned The citi/en." iv11| never rf'KTpt. It. AN UNCUT MELON. | The clilciiKo, MurliiiKton & Qnliu y railroad it> one of the American rondx that ;ue not overenpiiuliz.'-d. [( ) U |H not been kicked and mulcted hy Wall .ttrcet Interest*. It haf» n>mn.ln«Ml a fairly honest Institution n.i tailrondu KO. <'onsetiucntly It has nn undivided Hiirtdus of only $85,000,000,' Tlit» roa- Miti for thii htif?o HiirpliiH Is that no attempt in nim!«> to pay ilivldonda on watered Htoek. /* Aiift-wn h(i\o a well developed notion NEWS OF THE G. A. R. By Ceo, D. John, .At (he Cm r,d At my in-.- d.iv nii;ht t iit-f. i 1 . .1 - i;.» ;i\i '•iM of l '..nil i.d<•-' mi i hi. tl.i ( rl -l \i. ,•] i. , t ll 11: S.-ilnr- ii;> tnin- . hiu th" . pt .1:1. Si >; dojri|;« ftnd ( nici.tiniTH iUJ' iniii h Ml,!-, oil 'inn w.-iti-i, tin 1 i'hi istin;i"< mi i-.'-l 1 * on top. Tin' f|i:i|d:iln ;it ShiM tlini. hcMtdii..* in hiM li|.i.|l a.« h« oxcrdii-xv ;il the last 'niiininii'l'M hruiM-d U-p \\ii r j rut njifti liy th» il.ii-tur'" iuiiti-. \vhii-h. insti-.ol. It W.-IM hi« |t|;i!fi>-r |>;nH i>,i;it-.. H.. h:iH hot i»ut out all hi>, pitsttu i:il \IM|S nn- 1.1) t'ii» AiiU'in i in IH hi.ili'rl Tin- iixiinl |IM( ,,f oth.-r i 'riniraih•:< nov.- \vint)Ti'd in. ai«' li|'n|t.-.i ".-ilii.iit thr> .•,;irr>f' " T!iN ' f ; inn•" i" .1 in", h lined i-\|.t!-«.-i...ii ;md rtu tii-. Imi ntll<> 1 'ornr.-oli' i hi Don't Suffer From Piles ••aarorrrM how TfHtDK&t that is Homo other rallrond« hnd M.iteted stoi-k to coiitcliil with they uouli) h;>\-e niore .HiirpliiM. The Htock- Itoldcr.x. hnwever. ara dnnioNni; to have Ilmt nurphiH d!vid-d. Htockluddt-rH uro fo htlinali. THE RAILROAD QUESTION. In a nulHhHI, tM> rallruad »ltiiatlon In til.- I'nltfd Stntc.« IN us follows: In two .\fat-H nil the rallrtmds combined tutve thnn $13.000.000 In new ejipltui Mtwk. During ()I|B time -., —^" ° • * » l M • t^ I * H the earnhiKH have boon i-xcelrrtit; THI |IIIH|U.<IH ««'»!«r rallnwidij tho-bont In hintory. ln-\al:io t,, vei-toiH who mlRht he inton-Htod ln-f kne« the mun. iiheier reports tin- r'-eent Idler's uhli.vv, .Mrx Stolh. th avi'liut' Shi- l AaM O"l\e In I!,'!' l'UhlMli.i';-s <'-oiiiriidc.1 in (hi. iJi.ind Army. ' '"IIlr.idi< I'IM!,. \ih.i «;IM i.|;.- i.f'th" (in<-en St;iic i *»rninilteeinen who lately \ l k l!«-.l !hi- Soldier* 1 lionu- at ijn|in'\-. for ihn pin-j,..,>,. ,,r invpe, (,,,,,_ made l\mn%n Jij.s n'vn n,.ni( m \vh!. h !n- m- lem I hat there lihiv he Mini" I hill I; 1 -•hat i onlil he inaile hciler, hut wi. had "hi'td-r leave well eunuch ;i lone." Tile A.djlltanl read n elrelllar letter ie.stitnoniiil,s limn pnitniiient men. cn- dornintf the ramlldaey fur (lie n|ipo!nt- nieiit tif Comrade Henry linxininikle. of BIooniln«!i»n. fur superintendent ,,i' H' Hciine at Quinry, HI. The ; ' . • : 1 ( . ' t' •» . • . * I. ») , o l" i " \ > ! 1 ' \< ?! * \ ', -i ('< ' H I t ' ', I i ','>, o ,C ( i, 1 <\-" « » « >< t--> f t . t «li" t . ' • : • * f'll p, • , ,'p, If, < • |l ' t I -}l r-'l f ' > i'lt' ..f fit ?>!•» K,,'.\9 rr \ j „ , , u ^ 1C f nf ti'" I'" ) n'n i]-it.'. M 'f r> ll n o'tl ri'.fi'.'vlv\K fo f'iii p-'in IH.J- Rtr-rllMs: hjinn tuiift nnd wjil pro''!\ldy Ir.flt n 5 ! !nnc; ns \hf> ver^-e^ v.H'i \*hl<h OrlKhiaJly the old enrol vins sur-s In |in|rji!io!j!c. llfirnjony ivitli tn.-i.idy I'-cil hi the ('-nor, ns v-nn tho iuvntl- !o <;!!<iforri of ihf> pe\ entfenth < <'n- itry, Modrrn (ranpr-rlfitlorn of !f. h<..«cv.-r. liiivo II!JH r-a tho melody In ! th(» (H'por TO!C« part liiPtrinl of t'io Milj'd vo)rf> part, n<! formerly. Tlil.^ enrol, too, ji one of tho most popular and niHxf tioniiltfnl In the ontiio nnii;n Tho enrol "I>ni\v N'liji, Innimnisrl," !^ of!(! of tho oldest I'leees of coherent. trm-li- hi existence, nrrrt hoHi the word.! nnd i!:u'>(.- fur nntednU) any of the o(hc!.s. T!if» int)«lo J.M nn o),l rren= h ii!cl<.idy, dated from the thirteenth .en- tiiry. iil!hon;.:h, of coiir e, JL hns |.een Imrm.inbed to coiiforui v,l!!i ri.'rc modem sj/indnrd8. There !^ n llinst firlo'i:-? l^ij l.e-r-itl- ful tnuslr"! effe. t lit tho <!•..(• of this (arol. T'ue \vords »,f "jiraiv M^h, Im- nunnnd," nn» jihont Id.i \erns older than t'h- nr.isli', Ix-ituT t:;kc!i IIM-.H tin- MozanUni' lircn'lnry of thf> twelfth <-en- tl»r\, (Uid it H KlMlerally believed thilt they worn takosj from the llUirjry of tho r:u'y ChrisdatiK at Toledo, si-ain, vs'hcrt; ilio Moy.aral.itc brovlary wa.n for- Qltllnted. Another oirol. "Tho First Noel." has n trnditi'innl J-'rnnrh iiu-lody ;n,d p'rob- nbly orl'-'ltiated in Hret.'n, !i!t!;.iii-ii (!,o oxncf orixin of tills liny old »<ir.£ is li,it in doubt. • hhs iiiipointinent a«k-i us ti* frnanU Smit« Pfeam • Sin«la Trial. « * . 1 * •'««'• ,*«*«• A *rJ»I pnokntflinoili'd froo in jW»Bp*r II jroa Mmd va coupon below. often f AMPLE COUPON Ff&AMID »R0(J COMPANY. r ; CM Pyr»iol<l Bldg., Mtrahall. Mich of i*|M, la plain wrapper. fltrett EiLi rnilroad Htoekx lighf shy of them, nnd In the !a. i t two yearn have Invented cAer a lulllon dollar N In hew indu.strial phuiti The nuids want to he mo»e tulractlvc |o investoiN. IPil if every one o," their nunieroiiH "detniuuiH" were gi anted, it '|N douhli'iil if they <ould comi'ett' in tin money market at the, preitcnt time with industrial estahliNhmentH, Jt Is vlr tually an impowslhlllty. in the early part of May, IKiiT, wl;eat lluiir H»|<I at wholesale at $U'.r.O to 115.00 u twrrel, nnd white winter Wheat Hour nt from $1(J.OO to $18.50. Ketail prices were from $1.50 to J-j.iKi a Imnel higher. Dtirlnj; tho Unit ten dnyn of May, 18«7, «prlng wheat wold ut from $2. 75 to $3,00. Tlu- \Voinan'." Helief i'orp.s at their afternoon meeting smtiideil a <;.'A. H. invitiitlon for a j.dn! HiMtalljit-inii of of- fl'-en) to nciiir January K!, r.»l7. The Tout i« wiad lor I|I|H invite. The State Km iiinpmeni will he held in liiooiuington next AJay, ijnd an dele- K'ltOH t*i s:iid eoiivi-ntion, our I'O.H! elef- lo coinritili'ti. M,>s|er a nd .\nnell, vvitli Mi-Kinny and John Hall, ultiM-nali-*. Near the eloiie of (he meeting: Hiltlir- day 0voiiitih r , the ("omnmnder retlroH t<> tht> anle-iiioiu and shuke^ the 1 'hriwtniajH tiranuo tree. Whiii; the I'oihraites were ma hi UK: merry, Coni- r;td« John takes the floor and Kaya in KU b,stn nee: "Mr. I'oinmaiider, •your n<»neio.sity here tonbxhl may l.vive th<< impre«.siun that there were liad HJ«I!« hi your Mil- minlHiiatioii u hieh you HIV'now U'Vlntr CHRISTMAS PLAYS IN THE HOME THEATER. The dramatic Jn.stiti'-t is «troiu: In most ehltdreij nn<i should lit> enionra ed, nays Mrs, rdanchc Cole Ho: edale in tho Xc\v York Kvenliij,' Snti. To the J'OUIIK child ils exorcise MTVCS Jo \\hlle awuy tiuuiy rainy- hoiii^; {>) the older child It can bo tiin'df> a source of lnsp|. ration tg noblo QbcAlv, and a nu-an.* of Kratif>1iiK the longhi'^ for roiuaiuu nnd the tk-.ilro for udvcnttiro. Wlicro there nro two or rnoro yotin.ii children Snutn CI«t!H plays of all worts wllf^K-cujiy the ptv-ClirlstniflH dayn. Tho invmt popular nnd sluit'lrst 0110 Is that in wlili h one child rerre^(-nt:> the boiietU-nit snltit mid tho re>t of the tho finuil.i; f.-o to bt'd nfter It; StwklJips. 1'ho K.-iltit Illis'tlu- slo.-klne.s nnd mnki'H what other preparations Id.'f l!JJU(:!nutioa ran, Ihcn tisu- aliy iK-cotnt's n child tigulii and iroe-j to bed himself, not wl.Hhlti^ to bo left out of the Chrl-stimiB morning fuii KO soon to follow. All Christians stories inny be drnma- t<» till with CAUGHT ONJHE FLY 'i'lm Stiuidanl Oil fompany'K wellw In Hoiimania evulently look iniKlity Kood to ihu conquerors. Tho kaiser Hiettis to he the only person ever known to have got tin* IK-HI of John D.'a little concern. the! there a~>o no wlieh H. l»ut 1 assure you x, ami when you retire, it will he u step with tumor, not "down and out" In reality, hut to a higher plane to that of ,, I'aMt <Y>m- m/inder, .-t position for lite and ^ood helm\ ier," FARMERS ARE . Thtf story of tlretcheti. who «ct her shoo by the chimney jitul found n poor sparrow in the-toe, will ln> ncted out with ns ninny emhelltshniems as tlio RttU-.v teller has hcen ahle to u dd. Thero ia a titory of two children who uxvol;o to find Sntitii fhius in tlielr room. They nci-ompany him to (oyland nnd biii-k with many adventures on tho way. Tills lends itself -well to play nlwo. ICellevlnj; the d'ialtvss of u pixir fninlly on Ol Central Union Casual Conversation A casual conversation carried on through the medium of the telephone means the outcome of studious diligence. Years of study have enabled the Bell Telephone Companies to make that service seem casual. tl!y Ttiited I'rex.O •St. I'aul, Minn.. Dec. :'«. ^efii^hanrr of Miiuie.siita, Ninth DaK.ila ami Snut Dalioia will eonvene Jan. -. Woman nuffnine, Mtitiuiory prohlhi tion and regulation of ininlnK t'otiiii.-in i«'M will he hefoi'e the .Minm-Moiii le K i M llUlire. It is holleved that xtate will-, luohihitliin and MiilTnine will he l>lae- «'d on the Imllutx of the next Htate ei- eelitin, iiH a rc;,ult of leKinlaiive aetuu tllirt ne.s.sluii. Ahout Iwo-tliirdH ul .Mlliiii-.sotu WIIM made dr> hy local option laws enacted at (he lii«t li^i.s! tlVe WKHJOII. -fll North l)al<oia. hWee)iiti^ lefmillh are looked for from the "(,-u inei.-," (,••_;. Inladiie convening .bin. '.', l-'utir jeui; >IK», fi fariin.-r's co-o|ieni(ive maiket- IHK oi' Ion, for nmi .speciihii is-e .-.elltiiH of. their Klain. was .<! K,iiii;-.r,l, As .'in <nitKro\% tlv of -ihi.s oi K.uil/.iil iun Ihe Kit fillers .Von I'artNaii league, ol.- je.-t fsKjelly iiolitleal. VV.IH ori;ani/.iHl. Twice in general election^ Ihe Xmt I'cii'tisan leaLMie has hwepl U.iku- ia. Her l,->!nre IM tilled with .Vi.n i'iirtisati l.-amie- • andi.l.i ie> The-e nun,are Insiriicted !<' th.-hi >i.(t. ..'.Hied ih -\-alntK ill,I ale Illldel s(:ieil i>. advocate puhlic u\v in i -hii. d' jn.'ldic Illllllles. A. |\ I -I ...II le- ••! ihi- .Nun l':t|. Il'-.lll le.t^lie ha\e l.'|.-||..( hi II-i ai|li>- as hiicjallslic. Ill .Si.lltll J>.tk..t.-l. i uai tint-ill of iatVh !>. enforce nl.ite wide proh I l>l I ;i .a. |.,l-»> i| li\ 'Jie \..|i-i> a! lit?- I.I.--I. i-.'il.'l'.il ' h.-cU'-lll. i>> fl:lt. .1 inorntnt; Is a prol- ty play. Tho generous Hiunarltaiis go laden \vtth toys to (ho unhappy ones, play ends In u joyous dunce. While tho drauiritlKln;; spirit Is on CONTROL I ""' *'''" ( ' l ' cn W1 " "°t stop with Christmas tale*, but will play Cinderella. UoitlllocUg, J^pilrp Ntitlvln am! any oth- <'i- «luii>So etury wlik-li is familiar to them. j,;. Eeceive«, Ceotral Union Telephone Company, C. M. AnnaUon*,', Matiiiger, aoa •(' v « . RAYMOND'S Pectoral Plaster COUCH ,'Tight RANDMfiS WHEN -GI?, AN DM \\'AS ;\ <; I -X- \\ r l 11 Many eager buyers come to the ready-to-wear section and select suits, coats, dresses, furs and skirts—all at great reductions for quick sale. This section N was never more interesting from the standpoint of remarkable values— unsurpassed values in point of style as rwell as serviceability. Expert sound woolens, conservative to ihe more elaborate styles. A splendid display a variety enabling one to pick a different and distinctive style. Your jrift money can now be used to frood advantage. Second floor—take cdnvntor 1 5 women s coats at $8.9$ \ i;hnn-*' a! t In t'U ill o-i-(.ys, Value.-, (n ?fl J. 1 •si- j'H'ltv coats and you'I! heroine liro\vns an<! noveity inixtiircs. I", clearance price , I'S sinnrl Women's Coats $2.95 (iuod coiiert mil nf warm ma!- I'nr \vntn en ami MHNSC^ in i.nixlun-v and plain liiai-k. S«-f t!i«'iii mi the dear tf*O Qff aiin. niH:. \'ahu'< to $!•». at, <P^»vO Coats $11,95 m op »«/«. Coats 312.95 "' women's coats In elour.s. i-Nk. lyn\. im\ - f-'O. , Sun, , . J|>lZ.,7e> Women's Coats$10:95 An unusually miod asxiriniciit of runts •-•'JO in the tli-|'lay. K'icli hlacks and Miiart mixture.-, Values up to $lf»,0t), clearam-e sale ^ "I A OK prire: .'...' tPJLU.iJfJ Coats $17.95 .-< a.'.nji'.s iii « i ,-i < 1 1 ai ionn I D. a \\ i d e 1.1111: <• nf materials and co|or«. Cle.trani e H,I le $17.95 Women's Coats ¥35 25.00 1 ia;idMime-.Motli i-imln of lii^t <|it,tllty. ValttcH up In an hi«h ii.x $;i.'i.OO, ;;':::•'"":.. $25.00 Keg. $65 Coats $45 Velonr.'--, de ni-rd sitmiiiiiK mod- ei> tor Spei-ial illen.s ocr.l^ji IJIK. • -"ine r in ti inuneii, I'M. <• Reg. $75 Coats $55 Illlee NMilllen'M Ki<U \ellilll' toatt*. Idai K in.'irtiM ' irliiiinetl. Vahi(*fi up to J7. r i, ilearame c\ ^CK pi lie «PtJD Children's Winter CoaSs-Oeep^;: Reductions^ I-'mui the \ounji tot of-I years to the youn pr ini^s of 14 years, we can smartly lit in a warm winter coat. A new and attract ive display in the much in demand colors and materials. 1'.id lie Hi t 1 i>'i,-ii|.ii JK'ioaifi, ymir i hnji e $8.50 l-'nllle linen! i es; ilia r * I n i .... I.-', your ,- hull e ..$7.00 l-intlle line of lei:il!al J^ \oiir i h.iii e. , .$5,00 l-.'nin-e hue of i ocular ^T.-'iii i n.itn. \ out choli'o. $4.50 KliMie line ot ie;; $i;.,'iH inatM. vour i !ioh e $4.00 Kimie hue of regular J.i.tlii eo.u.s, ,\oiir choji e,$3.50 Women's Suifs-Hali Price i.:u!ai ' *J" Milts in i he_, !-MI MIO e at col ir >"'.' .-mis in t'ii- " 1 1 .n .-mi e at *;'., :-UH:< 111 l.'ic i le.irallee .It $9.00 $10.00 $] 1.00 $12.50 Ke;; $;.'N ..iiifs III I he i li-araiiee at |M.QO Hei.lil.ij Kin f-liilH III the > lea I,i m e ut $15.00 itt-i-'iil-ir J.j."> ^iiiiM in ihe eat $17.50 Hv-:u!ai Jl.i .'••(ills ill I he eli ai.Hn e at , $20.00 Big Saving on All Furs e are making a liberal discount of 25 per cent on our entire display "of beautiful dependable furs. We quote a few f or your approval. Mole set, reyular $t8 value, ;';;r::: $12.00 Molo set. fi'yu i I e i I . i 11 • i ' :• I 1. ; i : l I" e $^5.00 "value. $1(5.50 White Iceland fox tet, regular $10.00 Red fox get, regular $27.50 value, $19.50, Rod fox not, regular $55 value, $38.00 Badyer'sct, regular $40.00 value, $29.00 AH Dress Skirts Go At Clearance Prices 200 Woinrn's Dress Skirls IM ,'itn-h <li'.- n aide 111.1 '• < i 1.1 Is a.- - 1 - ,i! in-, dm h.--.-.!.. I !(!-!. r-iliv. ard \v . •. i! \ .-i'"il . I !s el .1 pi l. .- ,i! l .-- h t'. [' diicour.t of X \ic: tent. 100 Women's Dress Skirts i> Sel ;:i.,-,, ) opliitw. 5 I.;;"""::. 1 ;::: ::":,'-. :::::"•"-': ..... $3. More Than 100 Dresses in the Clearance Ofo^i.U-r tini. d vi."y furtun*l« o'Jport urn ty for many women. It .> vci/ tinusurt! to cut the prices BO in thu juiJiori. bni.<u -dresae, (or ttretft w,'.<i --bL',iu tif u i yov.iifcicn the .itteinooo p,Mty »rui CA- ('.UV,itR IJOWO& JUT ttiJ ifVCIUIHj f C jt Vltlt' iAII not oiuut.aned 111 ati offarccl'itt ,s discount of 2-/ per cent 'J3* B til 15 Dresses, choice $ 10.00 r-.,i!,,. 1.1(1. i .. ;. n m <i ;- i,. - .- H..I '.;:.": ' :v ••$10.00 18 Dresses, choice $ 17.50 --,;.,.... , .. . i;« | «-? w 1 I •••• • • SI/ .;>() 20 Dresses, dioice $11.50 " - '•• - - i - i :n ;s, > - ,uid « oiiis'.'ii. !• • • • -' • '•:• ; 1 ^ tM -:hi Li', ..:i vi : $11.50 Children's Dresses Priced For Ouick Sale Th(> vrrv sivhs clulciivn will be dt-li-hu-d wiih' IK-,: tic and .sitriiiu-i'it cinrck- m plauts. navv ami lanrv ro]urs' ^ sn;itcri;ils a« s

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