Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 29, 1968 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1968
Page 5
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Hope Star Want Ads Are Like A"Com'munity Bulletin Board. PR7-3431 ******* WAN1 AtJ ftAf ES All Want Ads are fd^bie (ft idvtfice but ad will bi ftcee^ed t>nt the tetephdftfe ind Accomo* dstion tceewftfs allowed with the understanding the account is payable when statement is rendered, One four SI* One Day Days Davs Mo. 1,10 2,35 2.90 6,40 .30 2,80 3.50 10.05 ,30 2.80 3.50 10.03 .50 1.32 4.00 n.55 ,?0 3,70 4.50 13,05 .904.155.0014.55 2,104,605,5016,05 2.30 5.05 6,50 19,05 2.505,506,5019.05 VEGETABLE initials of one or more letters, group of figures as house or tele* phone numbers count as one word. CLASSIFIED D1S1>LAY i time - $1,25 p«r Inch t>er day »»**•***»»*»*»»***»**«»*•«»». »*»* **»»•*«»•«*»*««*««»»•«»***, 48, Slaughtering 80, Help Wanted Male Number of Words Up to 15 to to to to to to to **«•**«*«•***«««•**»«*•£*****, RALPH MONTGOMERY Custom Slaughtering. Meal for your nrf*7Mn"r^m«^f"Mf?^u"AMf^ deep freeze. We buy cattteand GAL AND DffiSEL MEGHANIGS » hogs. «11 * CUSTOM Slaughtering Beef 80, For Sale IMS'RAMBLER cuss!c""soo" Air conditioning, radio, stan* dard transmission* Phone 881* 3571, after 6i30p,ffi. or 16 16 21 26 31 36 41 20 20 25 30 35 40 45 perk cut and wrapped for your deep freeze, Contact BARRY'S GROCERY, 7*4404. 60, Greenhouses 3 to 5 years experience, good wages and benefits, outstanding opportunity for those who qualify, Call 542*6298, offtiftil HANNAH'S Husband Hector hates hard work so he deafis the rugs with Blue Lustre* Rent electric shampooer $1, Home Furni* ture Co, 3»2W5tc GENTLE RIDING MARE, Phone PR7»4929, letter of application to P, 0* Box 250 Foreman, Arkansas. 84, Wanted 46 to 50 AND FLOWER PLANTS, in Individual peat pots. Good assortment of new varieties, , . now ready, Also Crape Myrtles. Wrights Greenhouses, Rocky Mound PR?*4465, COUPLE OR WO.W.N WANTED to live in with semi-invalid. Salary plus room and board. Contact Irene Jarman, YU.3- 2183 — Ctean. 63, Sewing Machines Female 4 Times-$1.10 perinehperday 3.26'lmc 81 Heln Wanted 6 Times-$.95 per inch per day .;„„•; „!..... * " wanted STANDING CARD ADS 20.00 per inch per month. Rates quoted above are for consecutive insertions. Irregular or skip date ads will take SINGER WAITRESS WANTED. Oak's Cafe. SEWING MACHINE WE SELL HAVOLINE' OIL, by the case or by the cans, De« laneys Grocery, 202 East 2nd, 3*15*lmc COMPLETE 2-WAY RADIO Sys* tern, 18 months old. $325.00 Hoggard's Electronic Service, 3-27*6tc 1956 CHEVROLET STATION WAGON, Standard Shift, good condition. $125.00 Phone! PR7« 2137 3-28-6tc ' 3-29-4tp '. Apply at the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted until 2 p. m. for publication the following day. The publisher reserves the right to revise or edit all advertisements offered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. The Hope Star will not be res- • ponsible for errors in Want Ads 68, Services unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and then or ONLY the One incorrect insertion. Phone Prospect 7-3431. For Sale Co. Sales & Service, call PR7- 5313. New Singer ZigZagpor- table sewing machine $88.00, payments of $5.00 month. The COMPLETE Fabric Center, 107 South Main, your authorized Singer fiepre- sentative or the Singer Company. 221 East Broad St., Texarkana, Arkansas. 3-22-tf LINE, HIGH QUALITY Travel Trailers, pickup campers, covers. Best buy for your money anywhere in Ark-La-Tex area. We Invite you to visit us and com- 92. Houses Unfurnished TWO reDROOMHoE foren Washing machine connections. 1012 West 5th. Phone PR7- 2894, Miss Llllie Middle brooks, Offered pare prices and quality. Open 3-26-4tp after 5:00 weekdays, all day "" .-—.———-—, Saturday and Sunday. RoadRun- 95. Apartments Highway 1 Job Printing PRINTING of Quality. Letterpress or Offset. Call Yukon 3-2534 collect. ETTER PRINTING COMPANY, Washington, Ark. 3-5-tf 2. Notice COMPLETE" "Quality" "piim" b"e" veloping Service—Photo's and movie film BARRY'S QUICK SAK No. 1 and 2. ; •*<${ 3-24-tf ; 5. Funeral Directors INCOME TAX - Fed. & State. $5 up. H & R Block, America's Largest tax service. Dorsey Stringfellow, consultant, invites his previous clients to H & R Block. Old Harris & Harris Medical Clinic behind Cox Drug Store. PR7-5416 9:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. 3-12-tf COMPLETE PLAN SERVICE residential or commercial. No obligations. Choose your own builder. We solicit the contractors - plan business. Call Joe Porterfield PR7-5331. 3-14-tf FOR CARPET AND braided rug ner Camper Sales, 67 West at Oaks Motel. Phone PR7-5858. 3-2l.lmc NEW ALUMINUM FISHING Boats. 12 and 14 foot $89.00 and up. Russell's Curb Market. PR7-9933. 2-29-1 me WE HAVE FISHING BOATS, motors and .trailers, .new and used. Russells Curb Market, 903 West 3rd. 3-8-lmc FARM FOR SALE • Call PR7- 5902, after 6:00 p.m. 2-22-2mc NEW AND USED JEEPS ... can be seen at the G. and S. Manufacturing Company on West Avenue B. Telephone PR7- 6714. 3-2-tf Unfurnished w 4670. FOR LEASE at Hlllcrest and Imperial • 1 and 2 bed room apartments. Utilities paid. Some furnished. $100.00 up. PR7- 3363 or PR7-5744. 3-1-tf 102. Real Estate For Sale NEWLY DECORATED 3-bedroom house. Hardwood floors, central heating, plenty of closet space, two baths one' with wall to wall carpet. Drapes; Included. Fenced back yard*** large walk In garage. See aJH once, won't stay at the prlce^j Call PR7-5G32 after 5:00 p.mrj 3-25-6tc —T5**Jf -tew*—-^wti-BrT"— '4*V' -• ~ ', - f •'" '•• *• •* - : •• >.-••• estiiriat*s, csJHFR7-,^io2. Peil Estate For'Sile ••- AMBULANCE SERVICE, Oxgyen equipped. Two - way Radio, Burial association. HERNDON Funeral Home. Phone 7-4686. 3-28-tf AMBULANCE SERVICE, Burial Association, OAKCRESTFUN- ERAL HOME, Dial 7-6772. 15. Used Furniture LUCK'S USED FURNITURE CO. See me before buying or selling. H. E. Luck, 904 North Hazel, PR7-4381. 3-7-tf WALKER'S NEW & USED Furniture, PR7-6233. 213 S. Main. Give highest prices for your furniture, Will sell • trade-or buy. . 3 ±!L... 21. Used Cars WANTED- Late model used cars and pickup trucks. See James Gaines Used Cars. 203 West 3rd. 3-24-tf PAPER HANGING AND Painting. Interior-exterior, professional work. Call PR7-5408. Earl R. Schomburg. 3-15-lmp HOT WEATHER JUST AHEAD. Add Airtemp conditioner now. . . Before prices go up. 3-4-tf _ A-l Contractors, PR7-6614. 3-6-lmp EASTER SPECIAL on permanents at Earlone's Beauty Salon. For appointment Call PR7-6631. 3-26-12tc NEST THE BIRDS ARE HUNTING . . . NOW ABOUT YOU? Almost New — 3 bedroom home, with built-in range and oven. Carpet In 3 rooms, and central heating. Carport with storage and utility room • Possession Quick. HOPE REALTY Phone PR7-5115 3rd and Edgewood 3-27-6tc 2. Notice 35. Truck Rentals RENT - A - TRUCK save over 70 percent, refrigerator dollies, loading ramps, furniture pads etc, furnished free. Move anything, anywhere, anytime, no red tape, no delay, license required is driver's license, Free estl mates and reservations, PR7 5733, PERRY'S TRUCK REN* F;:™^;™ TAL, at Perry's Truck stop, FINEST WATCH Hwy, 67 East of Hope, INCOME TAX and bookkeeping service. Those due tax refunds should file early. Clifford Franks . . . Phone PR7- 2210. l-24-3mc DULL? WE SHARPEN mower blades. Delaneys Grocery, 202 East 2nd, PR7-3701. 3-15-1 me ILLNESS AT HOME? Convalescent needs for homo care can be bought or rented at your Village Rexall Pharmacy, Examples; wheelchairs, walkers,' and crutches. 3-29-lmc NOW OPEN IN THIS AREA. A valuable territory for Avon Cosmetics, Customers waiting for service. Act tolay I Write; Avon Maaiger, P. 0, Box 9-14, Texarkana, Texas 75501 Only 3-29-6tc your * *"-•>" 73, Jewelers * NOTICE * THE CITY CLEANERS AT 111 SOUTH ELM STREET Is now operating under new management. We still have the experienced help that has been on the SAME JOB for an average of 14 years each. WI AH IN NO WAY CONNECTED with or responsible for clothes left at any other dry clean- Ing shop. COME IN AND TRY OUR FRIENDLYiEFFICIENT SERVICE CALL PR7-3204 FOB FREE FKEI PICKUP AND DELIVERY 1EMVICE 3-26-Gtc 90, For Sale 43, Livestock Jewelry re* pair, AH work guaranteed, Party napkins for ajj occasions, personalized, printed Stewart's Jewelry Store, 208 South Main. 3-6-tf FORP IJPDF m 9m 9 V*m 99 9 999 9 99* B£,tf£,» «»»»««•*"*"« feifc 9 ^ 1 §8 ' g em<^ year old, C, N, 0 «fer«l (1) Rlii PR74767, REGISTEBED FORp&» 9 cows, 4 heifers, aid 5 bjjU ggjves. Phone: PR7- 3756. 3-29-6tc 59, * TT VTT*TlT****«tt *•»***«*** TREE Rqsgs, bushes, plaats. Bioae H, BYERS, trees Terittltef CAUAUICD For Free inspection A, p, MIPP^EPROOKS, JR. PHONE PR7.3467 All Wojfc Guaranteed ofttr^ct With Lev Post Protection YOU CAN AFFORD IT! Homes SAVES YOU MONEY EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! THE AUECHANY 26' x 48' with UWiOF OTHER PLANS Og USE YPU8 OWN ' » 18' -L". 4' * 14' porch «nd 20' * 22' I We deliver anywhere, da the heavy erection, completely enclose your home, and furnish complete finishing materials for inside and out at a firm price. You can do the simple finishing work yourself, OR you can subcontract tor completion and still save! Either way you save a lot of money with a quality Capp-Home! Cjpp-Hoine financing covers EVERYTHING we do and furnish —including complete HEATIISQ, PIUM8ING. KITCHEN CABINETS .iiul ELECTRICAL p.icK- jges. Yoyr Capp-Homc Man is JIM SEVLLER 2900 RICHUND DRI\'E UTTLE ROCK, ARK. 7??06 PHONE (501) FR4-8444 3-39-ltc 6 SIMPLE IN INTI8IST FR1RI Architectural plans are incluUetl with your Cjpp-Home '9*'*' r « l * ln t h * building industry. r---yAJL THIS COUPON TODAY- I TO QAPP HQMi§ PUT ARK. H 47?1 East 14th Street, Pes Moiues, " 50313 j " , , | Og«fO — | $T4T| _Hf I I t «y,n | l«t Dul I C9MIJ fft 90|. | DOCTOR'S MAILBAO There Are Many Kinds Of Breast* Cancers Iv WAYNE 6. IKANDSTADf, M.O. Hope Star star of Hope 189§j Press IS2J January IS, 192$ HOLLYWOOD PALS, Sen, George Murphy (R-Callf.j gets vote of thanks from "Lassie" after dog and television show received special citation from Senate for educational work on be* half of flght against air and water pollution. WIN AT BRIDGE Luck Factor In Duplicate many kinds of breast cancer are there? What is the medullary kind? A-*Scifrhou* breast cancer primarily involves the connective tissue; adenomatous, the gladular tissue; medul- lary, the deep central portion; ana Paget's disease, the nip' pies. A more useful classification is type A (fast'grow- Ing tumors in women under 40) and type B (slow-growing tumors in women over 40). These ages are relative, not absolute—type A is occasionally seen in women who are over 40. Q—How docs a woman breast cancer? What are symptoms? Could a teen-ager get it? ally never seen and is very rare in women under 25, Q—How can I bring down the swelling in my arm caused Published evefy Weekday • Afternoon | at the Star Building ; STAR PUBLISHING CO. i Mrs, C, E. Palmer, Preside^ Ale* M. Washburn, Sec, * Treas; 21M4 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas 71801 ; Alex. H. Washburn Editor 4 Publisher breast removal for cancer? A—Thli is a common aftermath of radical mastectomy. In the treatment it is nee* essary first to clear up any wound infection that may be present. An elastic bandage helps to keep the swelling down but does not cure the condition. The most important part of the treatment is the use of certain exercises described in detail in the pamphlet, "Help Yourself to Recovery." It is available from the American Cancer o Pa'rke?,' Advertising Mgr, c. M. (Pod) Rogers, Jri : Circulation Manager ; . Billy Dan Jones ., | Mechanical Superintendent ! Second*class postage paid a( Hope, Arkansas | . • • - •. - , ' Member of the Audit Bureau* of Circulations i Member of the Press Associated; The Associated Press is en- NORTIl (D) 29 4 J 1062 VQ93 • K5 • A K 9 8 WEST BAST 493 *84 V A 8 8 4 ' „ VKJ752 * Q982 • J83 + Q73 *542 SOUTH 4 AKQ75 . V 10 • A 10 7 4 *J10'6 Both vulnerable North East South 1 * Pass 1 4 2 4 Pass 3 • 4 4 Pass 5 4 5 • Pass 8 4 Pass Pass West Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead A—The cause and manner Society, 219 East 42d St., New titled exclusively to th* use for republieation of all the local news printed in this newspaper. of getting a breast cancer is unknown. A tumor that can be felt with the flat of the hand (not just the finger tips) is the only early svmptom. Other means of early detection include scanning after giving a woman a radloiso- > tope, scanning by means of Infrared photography for York, N.Y. 10017. (Newtpaper tntirpritt Ann.) Political Candidates The Star Is authorized to an- Cancer of the breast in girls who are under 15 is practic- LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF SCHOOL DESEGREGATION PLAN Mineral Springs School District No. 3 (called "Mineral Springs") and Saratoga School District No. 11 (called "Sara- Duplicate bridge rewards toga") hereby give notice that skill more than rubber bridge their schools are being desegre- h±H h ° S;°';L° U 5, rioted ™>er a plan approved by rnatl0al cate, but even in this game there is a tremendous luck factor. . /Today's hand decided a , _, _ J „ , recent IMP match when one operated .by Howard County North - South ripe-al r 'bid 'Six Training-School District Np.-38 spades and the other stopped (called "Howard County Train* the United States District Court. procedure and all students may choose any school at the applicable level in their District and may choose the school formerly at^game. The luck factor is repre- Ing School"), which school facilities have been taken over and sented by the queen of clubs, are being operated by Saratoga. Move it to ,the East hand in In other words, any student, replace of one of the small clubs gardless of race, residing in the and the slam bidders would have lost the match. The swing involved in the location of this club queen was 750 points each way or a total of 1,500. Translated it meant 26 IMPs total. The hand caused considerable argument. The winning team claimed that the slam contract was more likely to succeed than to go down be- didates for public office subject to action of the Democratic Primary. For County Judge FINIS ODOM For Tax Assessor CARTER SUTTON, For Sheriff & Collector JIMMIE GRIFFIN For Prosecuting Attorney BILL DENMAN, JR. For Circuit Clerk JIM COLE For Representative ARTHUR L. STRECH For Treasurer ,. ;HARRY.HAWTHpRNIL; Cl • ej , For County Clerk MRS. PAT McCAIN For County Coroner J. T. HONEYCUTT as well as all AP news patches. Single Copy lOc Subscription Rates (payable In advance) By Carrier In Hope and neighboring Towns — Per week ........ .". Per Year, Office only . . 18.2C By mail in Hempstead, Nevada, Lafayette, Howard, Plk€ and Clark Counties — One Month . . . Three Months .". 2.9)0 Six Months 3.25 One Year .... . ....... *. 10.00 Ail other Mail in Arkansas One Month ,. . .. ; ... -1.15) Three Months ..... .. 3.30 One Year . . ........ 12.0JO All Other Mail j Outside Arkansas ! One Month ..... . . . .-4.30 Three Months ....... 3.dO One Year 15.$0 College Student Bargain Ofter Nine Months ..... . .. 6.75 Nat'1 Advertising Representatives: 7 Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 336 Mineral Springs District may choose any school in the Mineral Springs District or may choose SHORT RIBS the Howard County Training School. Any student, regardless of race, residing in the Saratoga District may choose any school in the Saratoga District, including the Howard County Training School. All grades are desegregated in 1968, and a choice must - •'-'•'"r—r'i 1 -'—' • f'» > ~r7 f* r /Y>'?' iff 38111; 960 Hartford Blag Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Mic! igan Ave., Chicago 1, 111?; 60 E. 42nd St., New York \1, N.Y.; 1275 Penobscot Bldgi Detroit 2, Mich.; 683 Shrivfl Tower, Oklahoma City, Okla. By FRANK O'NEAL cause it would make any time be made for each student. West held the club queen or when West held five small clubs so that the queen would drop on the first club lead. Obviously correct dummy technique would be for declarer to draw trumps, cash' one of dummy's high clubs to check on the possibility of a singleton queen and then to fall back on the club finesse, The losing side admitted this but pointed out that East just might have been able to ruff an opening club or diamond lead. Our own opinion is that the The choise period tor 1968 will commence on April 1, 1968, and end-on April 30, 1968. On the first day of the choice period, an explanatory notice and a choice form will be distributed to the parent, or adult acting as parent, of each student. Once a choice is made and the choice period has expired the choice is binding for the next school year. No student will be denied his choice unless for reasons of overcrowding, in which case students nearest the school will have preference. Transportation will be C'MOM, K*$, MUSH ,'MOSM.' not. slam was just about as close provided, If possible, no matter to being an even money prop, what school is chosen. position as you will ever find Officials, teachers, and em- and that a small amount of ployees of the school system overbidding by the winning shall not influence any parent North and South had paid off or adul t person serving as par- tins time, Next time it may ent| or any student in the exer- else of a choice, or favor or penalize any person because of a choice made, Each student assigned to a school shall have full access to and benefits of all services, facilities, activities and programs of the school to assigned without discrl' of race or color and without rfgard to previous school assignment, Copies qf, the Desegregation are available at the office pf the Superintendent for exajnl. nation by any interested person, Saratoga School District No, U Mineral Springs School Dist, No, 3 March 29, 1968 Nocturnal Sounds Answer to Previous Puizio Q—The bidding has been: West North East South 2* Pass 3 A Pass ? You, South, holcj: A.AKQJ976 * A K 5 2 47 44 What do you do now? <WBi<J four np'lrwnp. You plan to bid «U jf your partner shows one ace. TPPAV'S QUESTION Your partner responds five hearts to show t\vp aces. What do you do now? 4nstver ACROSS I Yowling —-» fight 4 Hoot of an —^ 7 Inebriated husband's loud 12 Candlcnut tree 13 Fish eggs 14 Pushed, as a boat 15 thunder which 2 Afghan prince 3 Australian from Hobart 4 Mouths 5 Gained victory 6 EpisUe 7 Church parts 8 Dress types (2 words) 9 Dorsal bones 10 Ice floe 11 Unoccupied i? WhirUng"moiion ><j Small child 18 feminine name » Unit o( energy 2? Umsan mountain 24 Whirlpool 25 Iroquoian Indian 27 Preposition 29 Self-acting How to help your boy on collection day! When your carrierboy come; to collect, please make surf you're ready. With the right change, if possible. He'll appreciate it with j broad smile and 9 "Thank you". You see, because he is in business for himself, your ne^ipaperboy depends on the full collection of hi? route for his full profit. Repeat calls mean ejtra. work with no eitr« profit. So-giye the boy 9 break. And thanks! 19 — chatter on phone 21 Bustle 23 Gaelic 2-1 Fully fcontr.) 26 American illustrator 28 House (Sp.) 32 Most arid 34 Cranial skeleton 35 Greek goddess 16 Savored 37 Longings i slang) 38 Aroma 40 Harem room 41 Domestic slave 43 Indistinct 45 Run 48 Hawaiian rootstock 51 Place of confinement 52 Told 53 Leaning, as a cask 5fi Equal i comb, form) 57 Cyprinoid fish 58 Ancient Persians 59 Coterie 6u Brijihieil star in 3 constellation 30 Snow vehicle 31 Operatic 44 Greenland soprano Eskimo 33 Complete 45 Hang costume 46 Adduce 34 Red chalcedony 47 In (he midst o( 36 Toward 49 Fix again 38 Number 50 European river 39 East Indian vine S3 Compass point 4? Blots M I Mohammedan Please mfoimjtioo.

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