Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 26, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1916
Page 3
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f ( ' • * t-~' *t ^« ,«> V Si i i ? ? T ™ > % s f i * M i {i; s \ n;»n;;;r (h. ;»i ; far ,,,* the BRUSH ANOCOMB SKI'S MAMCURFOSETS WIHTK IVORY GOODS PACKAGE PERFUMES ETC., ETC; vcMytliing-. is marked in plain f anrain prkv is one-half. The Sterling Pharmacy Co. W.jff %f 30(j First Avenue ID I »'-,.- rip.,- rflcc Trt QFNATF bud) IU U En/I It judiciary Committee Voles To Recommend Passage Of Dry Amendment. STRONG CAMPAIGN IS ON .Advocates Want Measure Put To a Test At This Session Of Congress. r CHURCH KS ..f -i f ifind!•• r HOWE'S TRAVEL FESTIVAL. The MI. • • •••! . i' I,-- in m IF H.•«».'* Travel I"i-M|!\al '-' ''i' h • niin-j tn the Ilfsday, 1 >i ' . ".'7th. i.-i dm- PI a i:n it --v- tPtit to l In- i nt i h i i .'.; i 11.-!\ i ). n-.iu how to in. !• i' I-..* h i !• :-• !'• ii ; I-- 1 n talk'llli: 111'. li- i |n.|: . ,]i | ., ('mi .11 \ |i i - !.'••• .-'Dm me .•>••( ,/'" a 11. id'- Jni •! l< ".i n _/• In :- : i -ini ' IIi.v. c (mi! !'•!•<•' v j|i .. i.,. ii:u;i 'i b-ai!f ... !,. . p.-a;:-i!j! - ! -i 1} n i '-!' U nnl, \\ . >;; i it i M? I "i!. I'!!. < ln;e. .-if. I,,fe at the :.!)< ••• Milita: \- Ai aih-mi at n: i't i-.tinpieheiifih i !> depj, t , I i i i i' u |i| tic dill t'l i lit spc. i . iin-ti-: nf !>;i:H and 1-'di In na'Mi-al '-,,|. I m ». dls«'>i\-|DK portraits of famoiift : linn, iii-w ami aura-am; a nima • .-d i.t;- tUfcr > in.lil. Tht- a.-i\ the Ix'M kind i-f an it Una?: inutile pi ni;l alll ilelllnl! - , I'l II I t 1 .11 ! U>n !l« i \ eii|iu;'-i i-nter- y* I i I'l i h c ;- > * • n'': i from ml,!' i "| nej-s nf (he Wntld are pro- Rpflted lii ti'i-h i.ipiil MI< -i e- Sinn that thr whole- p!ii;:>.mi aflnrdr* one .-"Hiiil" Unl thrill nl ibdii'.M Ill III.-) turt'-nl i..l^iing 1 l!ie|-< in a P{>lci|did "> ' H - "f Hawaii, *h,,ll hm' l -\. }'. M>;» -!ei i ii--i r ,|,|,. \ (oiVl I.. I!.ill",IV. toont, and many others. "WHICH ONE SHALL I MARRY." 'The pi;n- ' U hi. h one Shall I Mnr- n '.'" i.'i a ).;mwn tip version of tile U'on- •.'"•ifill \ ."iild«'\ illc I'laylet of (lie. same • V. Illi l| ll really WttlTcd the enil/l- I'orn of the brain of Ralph Th<>«. •rinir. oii.s of tin- moM brilliant ! i v nlon« th ,,,' !!,, *» ,'tetivr \ (licaiio i-f KiiinN-a. Ujftitr Cane and \aii'ii. ! H nlei trun»l«>rM!iK Mini*, throw net (tie ItiidiHe \ve,»t, I Mat t > '.' ' III its vaudeville lif-t plddneed In l 'hli airo u i i!, r-; , I >!!•• Si- I I I'.i! Ill \\ a Kd'.'ar Allen \Vi-lf of NV\v York xnw il a ml immediately duplicated the pr<i- ilni-iliiii at ihe Proctoi'.M ,Mh avenue HUff fidlliu'. elc, hv the li.aMViv a>!'l tho.ltlo. |l \l.\-* all imilll'lliafe Sllr-ei • -.- . Various other pha^e.'i of (he daliv life j In .!.'!'•! i! was ffiii-h a ll owonunu.'i hit HCCIlle fhaflll of our In -a n!; '" '.''. is- j.'hi' V.ilbain .1. U'llHcll of Albeit l»o i IN ihe r,n nil ii, the i a-.- of I \ n .1 v -tile's nrjif.-i- of l^onilon, lininedl- , a ; in! mn in ill, i;. l -- • . a i I ion I -,\ n u '•• i, ••• a i't. hi !i;..- II..11-..- 1! I-: pltiptiM-.l In flp- p, ,,! • n,.n at:--r I he l 'hi l-'ima.-: 1 ia I-N:- t,, |!,,- I'll.-: lollimitlee for :1 !-'p'-rl'll. Ilill. (n li|-|'i.- l!-,e I I ' nhl! ioll I"fnl<- the linn*'" for a -,i:e v.i'hm a pi < • i il-e.| n i;i.-l'he S« na t *• i an it lie n'ai \ i• vp we you wish that e ve a money for HIS or HER gift? PROGRAM AGREED UPON Million Dollars Needed To Finish Alton Hospital And Dixon Colony. i I-. P.,if. .1 !';. •- i ....;,! | n j i,,, •,. \ • , |,,. •! 1 i -' ' lit !!!' • 1 II! •'.' 1TI ' 'hi- ii:'). . ')• -Mil- I ': U !' ^--- l ..HMIli-J- i!i'.'. ii .. Hie '• . hle-tliiiiilt..-! i"-i ' n:.-- i'-:ii er ;,;!!i!^n' jnn« In in ''it . 11 . - .-1 • i i! I r. i! n 11 s 11 n f i>, b 11 ih ,! ina ml it \ in I'.it h !:oi!«e<« and ft Journo) tiii osuth heumatism Cure Given by Ono Who JSft4 It-He Wants Every Butforor to Iionenu B«nd Ko Konty—Juit Your Y«f«rii nf on ful dnffcrlRK liml I i- the li|;h(!» for KllKblllil. it la.'-t May as* part of pint-** rfii'inwtiUMu l«, unit liio" sl'«'ii iii'n »f»»- t*ttiy wlltl oil «tsfnrtm!«tp« who erp wlihid It* «T»*II. II* wfiutt i-nT/ iiii'tui'silt' ill-tun lu know Sow be «ft(i cum!. Kt-aJ "list bu tfk* fihwllng Tbrcujii Ky" tlio the pi.-':iam a! Dniry l^me. .\ustraHa ha;« also been eapt.ivateil by tln» Kketeh. In IIH j4ioun up foim it tUM'H not rc- «t inble the \vliirlwiml little vailtlevHie -|.."te|| e\iept in Its KelH-rill Idea. It ii i-t bei-oii'ii- a blp (liniiiblii)r romatiee 'i it lmpel : «'i sinili' \viib every i.'.'tr. Mr. Kt'ttpriiijj hfiH aclllrvod that for w liteh most anihorM havi- Hi.mKht--a haruu'iii/.ln^' of humor with Intensity. AM .1 pia\' it is preHenteil in eleven M-eties \\ith H wealth nf Hconery and u ill IN- irnvii ;it the Aeademy, I'riday, TO RESUME HEARINGS Commission Hopes The Small Publishers Will Not Be Forced To Suspend. \Vashln;.;ton. D. (*.. Dee. 2G. i'nbiilli- heariiiprt ill the federal trjtdo commis- nh-;i's neu-* print jiaper in\'eHli^atioii will he resumed Kriday. ,l)ee. 20. "It is .Imped." ihe riimiiliHsioit an- limini eii. "that a i>|,;!! will be de\ Itiei! vsliii-h N't ill ple\-ent tho HUKliell.Hioli of t her fll*';i«!;l e In lii'in ih>- mails \>. '•; t.i'.maldy i It.lie pu.ti.fllie SNAPPING THE CRANBERRY. k no\v dependent on the -en market for their paper impply." l» KeMimptlnll of the heurillKH. it was Iiirtmiiiiintiii-y TOiitiiiimiltni. I »af' explained, does not liece.SMarily mean UK onl* ltioi.i> wli-i linvn |t kiuin-, for OV.T ., , j, ... . ,, , ,, ,". ,. ., *rflt«. I irk-,! l.'im-ily iifHT tetMUlv. 11,4 M 1 ' 1 <''H'"e "' ">- <>i'Ub Jirlllt illstrlbimoii • fh-r <Uic|or. luit ciirii ri-H.-f a» I n- -iv»-,l I plan propnsed la:it week under which only |i.(,i|..,rarr. I IM||J . _t ^..ini.l » r.-iu,Mf i,,,,, |..,,-,,,.,. puiilishers would .share pa- Dinner Game Suggested, but Not Recommended. Thin l.i H cnrm>, to bo ptoyoil nt the Chrl-stnitiH tatilo. When tin; orantwrry BUiure IM l»roii(;lit on ciich Kuost must jilac*« a crit n berry on tho fiul of a knife, holding the knife In thu left Land with tho right Siaiul cltist> bfhind tho rnmbfrry. At tho word ")s»iij>." Klvcn by tho iiostestf, the oranWrry, should !H« miapptid with tho Jirst tin Kor of the right hand nt thw t TliH giinu> shall l>o coutlniied until player lia.s nhot away mr~iiT tifsrrrari Tho K«>ro is counted thus: tho bostews with a one. IIlUitiK jrrandpa counts two; i pi.' '.' ! n n * f !f c!'-!.!! Ii! in tin- - ..iiiini; li c:r'!a<.;rr- '•mmiimi-ni la'.-. . ehm !«•.! b\- 'h<- l-i«l n nei al A--.-iMbl' . <--))o!iid tint ' be hnn-".i but 'hi.K!.I hr- >;i\eii tuo mm e t-ai '- U I .1 \i. \\ a* i "| ni te,| ai- \vnrk- M; '-'. «-i! and .*!.'.• nni]>li«!.n;,; the pvi; • IIM H t h 11. u t re in tliO mind of t!m.-*e •> !"i lilted 1' Hp.tll tile li'jjisiatilie. I'hit.icti ib-.-ires to ha'. e a ."eeuml . In "i '-.I- !"i eble-miiiiji-i) Incal'-d Hear hal lit'-. It «,-!"- asjived thai tills Im'ild be dmie at all eruty <!.\|e. Hut 'i \ie.-. of ih.. f.., t that the enmint; Iineial AsM-mlds would ha\i> In pfn- iih- another millirai dollars |,i <-nin- b-ti- Ihe-Alt'.n Stale t|n*pi;.il and the l>i\nii <',,!n!i>.' for l-.'j)lleplie«, i! was « th<a e vs ill hiinn add Jnn ^Kes-(i..|| W.-(M udopteil that the • mpl'-i" Ihe I.lllrnln instil.Htion e )•''•< tlnll (if Me IV niodelll bllild- SngM. and the creation of si-vera! f; cnlonicc diMa'nt from tl'.c parent in- ••UlMlinn. that it-c capio-JIy be ilH'ie. In .'!."tn'. ttu ImlliiK both ;-a'\'"-, and all t \ pi .« and thai the sehnni be brought iip tn the very l,l^!ie.'.L i;tandard of cx- et-llenen l.iiown in IliW laiantry. This inw M l.n;re Mini for now bt The e«.nvei<-iiee wa«i'nnt im'H-ed Upon the to pursue with the ilelln- i|iient feeble-minded buy. Sumo walH- ed i-.ilni'.ie'H or.nini/.ed at the I'outiac n foimal»i|-y. (uherfi thiuiuiih 1 . tlii.s da-..- .sl-.nidtl be rau-d for at Lincoln in eiiies which \'.nuld hold them, prevent THE will help you to have more money ne%t lime JOIN OUR CHRISTMAS SAVINGS CLUB In this manner you will he saying money without any effort. And just think of the fat sum you will receive next year. Drop in on your way down town and take out a mem her ship esra|i> and f i: on-ii|>athui. Others FAVOR THE FLOOO BILL! Senate Committee Reports Out' Fund Of $50,600,000 For The Mississippi. ujuilt-d an m: iitution provided ji r Slum, l! v>as tcpoitcd that better sile- i r-vs W.I.H altendiiiM tile efi'iirttf to. re- lain and .i.i.'ii (belli at Liiu nln and for th- nine hem,; a! h-,iM. they will con- u - 1>iiul> .p,,,, ],. r .. | ,<.,.. :: ,; .... TTh. i|>me t,. b, amilled ;.. ui.Mtitil- Hiimphieys ll.m.l cnntml lull. ap'pH. ''""• ' piiaiintr J.'iM flnii.iilll) fur the lower .Miri- linil.lmu.- ate t.. be a.vk.-.l lor the de- VlKh(li>1>i il|)(I Sueremfnto ii\ers, uliich Habits, After All, Make the Child By S1DONIE MATZNER GRUENBERG 1 lh«t eurwl mo «>in|i!i'ii ly. din jitmr r<-- j ... , i . I Iwvn (thin It tn n Diai;!n.-r wli i \vi-r« per they have bought on contract ...... , jfjllilitt ati.1 I->.T! licilii.hkn Vith niicu- t:i|V needs wi!h winall fuibli.sher:, W»tl»nl. IIIK! U riTii.l.'l K ciut> In svcrr cai.... ' \ in 1 w«OJ .nfr.-r.-r f.,.m «py /orm of i,. '" Iroillilt! tt> liy iia< n,ai i •-luiku IlonlSng i'lwcr. j i;m| 8 in-lit; fiull j-«irr Hi! i-> »ti I i KUlJ I utll fccua It fri-r tiitif. Afl-.T yuu j lUlVc llsfil it nm! it li;c« j.roM-ii it»rlf to In- JW9S Iwknt-for ini-.ins nf rurlug Hl-.-i'n-e- j *WU. fi'iil limr w ii I tin' prlio yf it, o;i.> i1i \\s\r, t\lli, nmlrinlani', J 'lo imt «ruit your ni.mcy un- j VttK yntt »IO lu'ifi-i-tly lialljflfrt In «rint It. l«ii't tlMt tttt) Why snlTi-r I*1t " " ' ltft ll IbllK uff.r.-.l vi.i) In,-* ]>,in'l t«| 0 y, M A UK H. JU'KftO.v. Nv-wit - llliltf., 8yrai-u»g, H, i."" . A HUNTING ACCIDENT. <Iiy rniteil I'rf'sM.^ I'fiiiiold. III.. Dec, L'i;. --Thom.'ifi i'bamber.-> lirvil at a labbit while hntit- in:... ( iiie of Ihe .shot Mi nek a I'ru/en .- !n I nf earth and Klancf.l, HtrikiilK ''! im : i-i'.'. (--oil 111 the e)e. IJe J.1KIV lose hist Hotel Succc Chicago inn. three; Undo Will, four; Uncle Totn, flv<», oiid BO on, depemlliiK on whom tho guests aud those around th table arc. A cniulierry tlmt~soi»s on the floor If out of play, but ono that fulls In anj person's lap or sticks in tho hulr o oii n coat or dress pan foe picked up und played again. Anybody that blU nnybody squajcly on tha nos counts tlfty to tho lucky player's . neore Thla Is a highly dfvortlug jjanio am ono that nil will enjoy, especially th< hostess.— New York World. Saddening. "Wlutt makes Ilitlw Tommy so on thin hapiiy ChrJ.stmas day'/" uskwl FoHillek. "IliH present* iiro all utihrenkabli*,' rt«|)ll«il IvtHHlick.—Towti Tojilos. A Fin do Sieclc Catastrophe. TwiiN tho r.lcht inct-edhiij- riiristmas, And .Hiiiiiu f.-it au'ii v. M !tti.-l-.«»l OIIKIICh ef K-'"-"' ! !lc To j'lin ti!" i!i-«ri«in ulein'n and I«i!' the children under six yc.irM uf awe, !u he KIIII\VII u.s :i nnrserv; also one or two open air colonies I'm;he tubercular and aneniie eUissei-i \Vitli t-iu-h nulled MUpporl hehind the pi (ipo».itiiiii, the plan to make lite I,ln- (,'iiln State Sellout and <'ninny the very be.-;! 111 w 01 k and eijiiipineiit in the country in the next tun year.-; will pl'o- I> through. TO OFFERJIANY BILLS Rep. Kirby Will Be Champion Of The Section Handt. (liy I'nited Press) Sprimtllclil. III., Dec. -j.i;. - Kailmad section hands, the mo.-i lowly of th, \\orKerH, uill liai i> u champion in Ihe I-'itU'tll lienerai .\ssembly. 1 le is Hep. Kllby <d" I'elersbiii ;,•-. I!e|... Kll'by contends tin- section hands ha\e no oi>':ioJ7.ation and as .'i rehiilt are tiiiable to lobby for them- i\-e.-< t 'onse-inetitli', Kirby tii'clareK the\- are at the inetvy of th.«*' raiiromlB. He therefore, in prepariTiK a bill aKk- i^f the I'iftii-tli AsiHembly to name ten lioyrs as a see)Ion hand day and J-.fiO per day the minimum wage. Kirby iiliKi ban n new Kiid; In regard to dt-miirrage rater* which iiave >ee_n t-o much dlHCUMUcd lalelv by tile • ta'to iitllilioK ciimmiHsloii and ihe in- crstate i-ummerci 1 commissinn. Kirhv wants the fame rutc.H sei forth «s the i to t n-nmi^nioii nanies, but ln-liovos liter the fourth day, the deniurniKe hoiild KO to tiie i^late Klliiy u!.«o .ill eiiileavor to ainriii! the Utdnap- mx laws (if (lie .state. He beliei'cr' Idnappinv .should be made a close in to muider and the puni^hiiu-iH' hnuld ln> jti'iordlllk'h' severe. pa.«N«-d the at the ia*t iva:4 nnUM'iM favorably reported liy th"; iiuiiau> cijiHiiiitten mi 1'iimmei re. An: uts>iii'i i i - .'i>ful IlKht was made by i^en- ; utiir Nt'wlatKlM for n eomprnimse nie^'i- j sure to inelndu the aflminl.stratioii plan j for the ereution of a river regulation J enmmlssioii ami a eom|!reheiifive j -eheme ni' uati-i'way ooiihervii t ion and; iiililinl throiiKliou! the voiinlry. Ke- | iertinfl ol (he eotiipriiini.«e will rf'Slllt j in determined oppnHltioii to llu-j lliimphieyK bill on tin- iloor of the: IS WAITING FOR DEATH Springfield Man Is Beinp Fed Throuyh A Tu bo. ( liy i'lUted 1'icsfi 1 Sprlitclii'ld, III., \lx-c. :,'"*. Allcr be- IIIM Kpared it lerri'de tleath by a wmi- deiful operation in u local lioKpital. f-Mwar»l Maher of Ilns city today is prepariiiK to die within the next three j , \\eeks. The cause of bin death will be j cancer, ' j INVENTOR DEAD. The cancer made it Impossible for i l!jo..inim;!oii. 111.. I). .- "r;. it U Through Little Tricks of Politeness and Deference That a Child Learns Respect, lint ii lakes liitle grains of mini (3 William | ''liable some m -n to take little drops ! ot wa ler. lumbar drovo him (o tho opeiatim,' ta-UUaiiii 'inieiifor and mannlacturer, is i ll is ("lie man at the little end of tho bio. attending physicians cut a xmall ! i.b ad at ins h,,;:n la-re aUer I" moiitliK 1 j horn who in either applauded or hooted by t!;o audience. wl\'ii It ntiiils out to lu k .somebody. .U<< a pin.-;. !a! culture iippuialu^' tlm obf fa.Mliltined woodpile has no eiiiiul. Maher ij> eat When .tho PHIIK* <>f! U K in his Htolnach, inscrteil a lube, i illn.-;. He \\as f.'irmerly in and pttiired in hi.i food. l-'rom flint i a', Aubnr:i. h.,:- . time uniil lui (kasMt-H itw.iy he v\'lll be! — __ Ion ed to eat through the tube in his | I,. I- ot nun '\!a. i .^o.. 1'eier lo pav stomach. At the lime of the operalion. to ;.tand I'an I olf. II the Slate a! all da !!i;ei i >',iy places uli i.e public h!t:hwiiy« and tailroad appeii, is another bill. K)i-!>\ uiil in- i- phvsiciaijH told him Ihi n'.dd kill him inside o! Ihree UciL.H, YOUTHFUL HUMTERS i l\v I'liiU'd l'i et-s i I'aiilar^.'. ill , Dei . -i. I'.nil lii'ce, ;,,.'i- ei«lu, and iiis brother t A o ;icar« oider. wch! out lo bunt ti.piineb- Tn make ;: i P..I! ii'.c liieaim. isn |;al(h makes clear skins and oood hair COMMITTCE ROOM. Spl Iti^liebl. Ill . ..1 l.'e 'J-'' I i.i i lii iiaiiahaiv . ••' < 'hli at;.". ; , ; , r ,,^, ,- .if |! ; :i;!ini.s h.t.iS; 1 ..!' repl c.-'-u!,a f) . c - ; . ]••« n pi nn;i.«'i.i ; .. if S| eel I i'f \i • •! i, . ,i r . THAPPEO 1 HHfcfc (':.-.. \\'l . 1 ', . CALLED UNPATRIOTIC HEAD OF EATON QUITS Pits-U Eye q lasses are the bes{ because they give >' ou Slilis a3 v *' e '-- U3 comfort We fit 1 its-U Eyeglasses for you to sec with and lo be seen with as well. Our establishment is IieailqiKu-ierMor the genuine ?3 f-jts-U with the good looking '1 one Lt-nscu. Don't delay, come in now. can sa^'t; you from 25 cents to 81,00 <m Duplicate Lenses. ician Ovi-r OlKTmilh-r.---' Store Bell "Phone 101-W , f'ii-M Avo. und East Third Si,, Sterling, 111. J 8 AT UH DAY EVtNINGS

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