Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 4, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1944
Page 1
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1 Jl '>,',VfWITH WAR BONDS Vol. LXVIII, No. 181 ESTABLISHED~l885~ A Progressive Newspaper For a, Progressive Community"' WEATHER Pair Tonight Full Report On FAffc 8 FRIDAY, AUGUST 4, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cents Local Postal Clerk Moving To California Lawrence Foote Of Naugatuck Post Office To Lo cate In Vadalia r/iivrrnce W. I'"oote of Johnson .ilrcot, well known local resident Mid Cor the past nine yours an employe of the Naugutuck post otlluc, has tendered his resignation «nd on Sunday leaves for Vadalln, California where he will henceforth make* his homo. Mr, Foote entered the service of the Xaugatuck po;<t ottlcc October I, IM.'i and u-n,s appointed n rcgu- |»r clerk here on October 1, lO'lO. Thr local resident will bo employed in the post office (it Vnclalia in ix clerk's capacity it waji Indi- enti-d uxlay. Kdwnrd J. McCarthy, ussistnnt post master here. In the absence of rostmn.itcr Frank T, Croon, issued n statement coday lauding the work of Mr. Foote and the loss to tin 1 local organization on his removal to California. j The local resident is a votortin of World H'«r 1, having served in the L'. S. Army. He Is moving Co California on the advice of his physician who feels tha't a milder climate will lie of profit benefit to .Mr. Footy's health as he WHS a patient at the Ncwlngton Veterans' hospital only a .short time ago for n number ot' weeks, Mr. f''oote leaves on Sunday in conijwiny with Douglas ArenhoU, Kotifr't Dwy and Peter Elnik, who fil.iu will mako their home In California in the future. The local .postal cleric's wife, son und daughter, will follow when Initial arrangements have boon completed for a homo at Vndaliu.' Another d;uighcc;r IrnoKuna, is a nirmbor of thu Waves. night Mr. Footc was hon- oml liy follow associates In 'Pacific Leap-Frog' Troops For MacArthur overflow the . J "'V," " f 20 " ' nll<!N - Gl '"' MHCArtlmr'., force* have token the village of Sniuapor on New northern tip »nd within film miles of Mimlami,,. Ami |,«ru Is the first picture Knowing how re- t'M^toVWkopt-.ntoHut*. Am-Mca,, troops 'pour off t!,o shl "* «S oint near Cupc Opmur.ii. Slernal Corps JUdlophoto. (Intcniatioiiul Soutut- , photu) » State Police Maintain Silence On The Closing Of The Gem Theater Here Conference At Hartford Saturday May Disclose Facts Not Now Available The News in a telephone call to the office of State Polce Commis- the Mioncr Edward J. Hickcy at Hart- Naugatuck postal service at an t ,. , , , ., , rnitd,,,,,- dinner at tho homo ot ! ;o "'' t0dity f;ulccl to ""Certain any Frank JOUDS on Cemetery street (U which he received u purse. The cummittui: consisted of PcCcr Brcn- nttn nnd Patrick Suffrue. Among those in attendance were Postmaster Frank X. Greon, Assistant Postmaster Edward J. Mc- C.-irthy, .Kaymoml Houvon.i, «upor- intenclent of malls, Michael Smith, .In in Oil Wi-lnn. Daniel Loary, CHIT Swlr-ski, George Rlrdsnll,. AlHo Edward lircnnan, George C'hiHwol], Charles Ln Chance, Alfred H'rutesi, Charles Fratcsi, Chus- trr .Steiber, Daniel Walsh, Floyd W'inslor. Matthew Miihcr. >\lK<j J'VttncI« -Moronoy, John Jorii-s, Raymond Laffcrty, Charles McN'runoe, John Smith and Fred ij wye r. reason 01- reason's for the closing, on veiy short- notice last night, of the Gem theater 'here, as a place unsafe for public assembly. The New».wds' informed that the ' matter ' re'sted entirely with Commissioner Hickoy, who was out of town, and tha'. any public comment or revelations would .come through him directly. When Tho Xews indicated that perhaps State Police Captain Styles, who usually handles matters pertaining particularly to inspections of theaters, might h" ab.'o to comment on the situation, the paper was informnd, in no uncertain terms, that that of- LATE... fice, Japs Report U. S. Ships Sighted South Of Tokyo (By Ii'nited T'revs) Kfidio Tokyo says <i powerful American naval tusk forco Is ply- lug the Hvitor.s some GOO miles south of Tokyo. Thi. hroailcast wild !0 AmirlRnn cruisnr.1 and dnstroyei'.i wore wignt- '•il "'is: of the Bon'ln and Volcano '.iliinrls Friday afternoon. The en- i'my report also told of. repeated '•;inf raids on tu'o bases In thf ;.«l/inds. There has bKnn no Allied word '''f nv'cnc operations In the area m-fiiind Ihr- Knnlns. which lie on a direct lino between tho Marianas Ih" Allirs have mado two mnjor iitnpM toward fastening the first link hor.wo^n India and China .since; «>'• fall of tho old Burma road. big obnincic In tho path of "i" Now r,edr> rond wast shoved ".ild" In the capture of Myitkylna "i nnrlhorn Rurma, Complete cx- t>ymin»tion of the enemy garrison <'• tlirco thousand is announced by (Continued on Pago 8) Stopped Three Bullets Before He Stopped! Tho ,F;ipf) un Bntaan found plonty 1,, U | medicine In First r-t- Willihjild C. Blanchl, of 'hi- Philippine Scouts. Wound"Mn th,. hand whllo advanc- ^ to wipo out two strong ''ni-my mnchlno-gun nests, 131- innhi dltl not stop for first •'ii<.. fnstead, he tossed aside h;« rlflo ,-,nd began firing his 1'islol. Locating a machlne- «un nom, ho blasted Its crew into siloaco with gi'cniidos. Hit 'wiln, this time: In the chest. "i" Mi-odlng Blanchl climbed :iUip nn American tank and iiirnod i,., nnti-nlrcrnft gun |>K'ilnsi tho onomy until a bul- I'-t knocked him rlfht off! Keep buying Wat- Bonds as 'logg'.'dlv ,i s Bianchl fought. H.IIso War Bond cash with •\fHigfituck News For Sale ads. Phnno 222JJ. t'icial, although then >n his would have nothing to say. The Gem theater was inspected •by tho .state police less than a month ago, and "eneivnd its certificate as a place proper for the conduct of motion pictures. These inspections'are made at any time by the state police, i About'one week jigo another inspection of the Gem theater was made by .1 state building inspector and Karl Morlnl inspector of the motion picture division of the state police. The results of this inspection wo-e not revealed to either Warden Leo J. Brophy, who actually is custodian of the building, or Ralph S. Pasha, head of the Gem theater. Apparently tho results o- this last inspection brought about the closing of tho Com theater as a place of public assembly last night nbout 0:30 o'clock. Commissioner Hickey is s'a'd to have indicated the need for a new . fire escape on tho theater when 'here some dnys ago. Stato (>o.'icp delivered a letter from Commissioner Hickey to Eugene Pattlio, manager of i.ho Gem thejitor. lust night, which stated thai fie use made of tho building by thi? Com theater under existing conditions, is unsafe to public safety, and added that, "Having I received this inform;itlon that firc| and casualty haxards exist in this, 1 theater find on the premises used for motion picture ;ind public assembly," the certificate of approv al of tho theater Is cancelled im mediately. The Umpire theater In Now Lon don was also ordered closed Thurs day by Commissioned Hickey be cfiuso of "hav.ardous conditions." State troopers delivered the letter to Mr. Pnsbo and a copy to i Warden Brophy. Warden Brophj , said no'further details as to the I nature of tho ha/.firds wore given ] him of Mr. Pasho. i The theater is used' not only for motion pictures but for high school grdau.'itions, frccmon's meetings nnd other town gatherings. It is on tho third floor, of the town hall. .Ralph Pasho, lessee of the Gem theater and Warden Brophy will meet with Commissioner Hickcy in Hartford Saturday morning when It in expected that a complete resume of the matter 1 wfll be presented. Neither Mr. Pasho or Warder, Erophy were aware today of SUCCEEDS TKL'MAN Washington, Aug. •!—(UP)— ! Senator Jvlcad of. l J>Tcw.-.'"iiorh, t.o- I day wasAiamed ch'nirm'dn of the ; Senate's war. Investigating com- ' mitteo. He succeeds Senator Tru- i iniin, who resigned after he became vice-presidential nominee. oOo ENKMY TARGETS HIT Iximlon. Aug. 4— (IFF) —A .sky- filling parade of 2,200 or more heavy bombers nnd fighters spread a trnli of ruin across 2(K miles of northern Germany today. They smashed at dozens of >'a/.i military feirgcts, IncliidinR secret enemy experimental stn- tions at 1'eeneniunde on the Bill- tic sen. BYRNES' NEW OKDEJJ. No Relief From New Heat Wave Is In Sight Chicago, Aug. •!—(UP)—A neiv heat wuve In sweeping the country. The wcuthfrniun at Chicago Hiiys yesterday's warmth wns just u rehearsal for today. Today—Jio Mjiys—ivilJ be liot. In Chicngo, the mercury Is expected to soar over the-100 degree m:irk. The siuiio will ho the case In nmny parts of the south and southwest. I^ocal thundorstorniN are predicted in some areas todiiy, Init they are not expected to lirciik tho heat wave nnd no relief Is In sight, Yesterday's high wns 109 degrees at U'icliita Fulls, xas. In cool Minnesota, the mercury stayed at 80. In New York,-tl)c temperature Is expected ,to climb to. 92 degrees today, with tho owest mark tonight iibout 7.'i. Naugatuck Marine Is Wounded Corporal Joseph G. Jecture, Jr., Hit By Japanese Hand Grenade Burst Corporal Joseph G. Jecture Jr., of the United Stutes Marine Corps, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jec lure of 341 Spring street hns boc wounded in action In the conques of Saipan in the southwest 1 Paclfl theater of war, the family has beer informed. A letter just received from th soldier revealed thnt the loc* Marine was hit in the nose nnd un dcr the left eye by fragments from a Japanese hand grenade, that he is now recovering very nicely, and will carry only a small scar on his face as the results of the wounds. Apparently the letter''was writ ten from a rest area for the -Hh Marines in which Corporal Jecture is a machine gunner, is reported in action how on Tininn Island, and he gives no details of that action The local Marine enlisted in the service nearly two years ago and has been overseas in the fighting' Kono since January, 1044. Corporal Jecture is a crack soldier and earned a sharpshooter medal in rifle shooting, and medals for machine gun, bayonet and grenade work while in boot training. In his letter Corporal Jecture stated that he had a Japanese saber which he took from a Japanese officer during: the warfare on Saipan but gives no details of how this incident came about. He is also a veteran of the campaign in the Marshalls. although the Saipan drive was one of. the most costly In American lives in the history of -he Marines or Army. .For Corporal Jecture to be caught n a 'grenade burst indicates .that the lighting lines on Saipan were >nly' a short distance apart, for >ursts from these w<rapons cover Reds Push To German Soil Washington, Aug. •!—(UP) — Wai 1 ^lobilix.ation'Director Byrnes today ordered employment ceilings pinccd on non-essential industries in labor shortage areas. The order is dosigned to hold war workers at their jobs nnd to free 200.000 workers for vital war work. oOo rOLISH CLAIM Blacksmith Shop Scene Of Sharp Fire Hundreds Of Dollars In Damage Is Caused At Wilmot's Establishment Tendon, Aug. .1—'(HI')—General "Kara," leader of the roii.sli underground movement announced today thnt fighting patriots h»vo captured the entire old city district of Warsaw. oOo ATTACKS RESUMED London. Aug. 4—(UP)—Tho Germans resumed their robot bomb assault 'against southern England today, sending salvo after salvo crashing across the channel. aOo'—— KXPECTIIK0 TO FALL. Supremo Hoiidqqimrtero, Allied Kxpedloimry Force, AliR. 4— (VI') —Informed quarters (n London expect the fall of St. Nnzalre iind Ntintr.s within 24 hours. Fire damage estimated to run into several hundreds of dollars was caused at Wilmot's blacksmith shop on rVorth Main street by a fire that broke out at 1:42 o'clock this morning and kept Naugatuck firemen under Fire Chief John J. Sheridan busy for nearly three-quarters of an hour. The alarm sent in from Box 53 .•it the corner of North Main and r^indcn street, brought two pump- ers and a hook and ladder to the scene in short order. w Fire Chie'f Sheridan stated to- 'dny that when the firemen opened the doors of thu shop, flames wer« up around the chimney and breaking through the roof. Firemen hooked on two big hose lines at the Linden street hydrant and got tlie fire under control after a sharp struggle that included pcol- a comparative small area. Corporal Jecture is 25 years of. age and was an employe ot the W. J. Megin firm jn civil life. He at- endcd high school ••- in . JRumford, Maine where- his family lived before coming to Naugatuck about eight years ngo. The local Marine was home for a short furlough last September and during his two years in the Marines met only one Xaugatuck youth, a Marine by the name of Smith, whom he encountered at a camp in California. No letters were received from Corporal Jecture for nearly two months while the Marshalls campaign and that in Saipan were underway, but three letters arrived within the past week. After the Marshalls drive Corporal Jecture sent home some Jap- j anose money, and handkerchiefs ] (ind a grass skirt presumably from the- Hawaiian Islands where his outfit was in a rest camp for a time before pushing out for Saipan. Corporal Jecture is engaged to Miss Irene Baummcr of Field street the bcthrothul having 'been announced sonic months ago. East .t'niNHlu, homclnnd of the German Junker*—many of whom have hiicn on the Fuehrer's puree liNt lately—IN about to lie "cut across to KocnfR«l>erfi;," liccordinp to Ruxslan :i-SKUranccH. A section indicated l>y upper arrow in expected to be tho urea in which the first German soil will be crossed. In the Suwalld triangle another push nears Nu/.l terrain while, to the south, Warsaw IK reported in flames UN the Nazis prepare to withdraw from the historic capital. (International) Yanks Engulfing Brittany Like Spring Flood; They're Pushing Forward Rapidly Excellent Report Filed .•/••-•>"•;. ~-~ .I-"- ;•;By Auditors Net Surplus For The Year Of $706.06 After Heavy 0 verexpenditures Street Fighting- Still Continues In German Stronghold Of Rennes BUT THE ENTIRE AREA IS OUTFLANKED BY OUR FORCES Local Soldier Is Reported As Missing Pfc. Bernard Rynecki Had Been In Action On Battlo Front In Italy P.F.C. Bernard Rynecki of tbo United States A7-my is missing: in. action on. the Italian front as ot July 13, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rynecki of -M9 Xorth. Main' street, have been informed in a telegram Irom the War Department, Xo details of the action in which, the locaJ soldier is listed as missing- were contained in the official notice which merely staled that a. letter •would follow -when other details are available. P.F.C. Rynecki is -an infantryman and has been, overseas more. than about 10 months and .has been in tha Army for the past two years. The family received a letter on Tuesday of this week from the soldier in which he -jnclOKCd a number ot snapshots taken in I.taly and stated that everything- was going along 1 very well with him. Recently P.F.C. Rynecki ssnt home a medal that he stated was ninned on his jacket by Pope Pius XII, on tl)e occasion of the liberation of Rome by the American forces, when mc-dals were presented to a number of U. S. soldiers by the Holy Father. A twin brother, Stephen, is a member, of tile U. S. Xavy Q-*, rcor- folk, Virgi'nia, and. another brother, John, has been in Xrw Guinea for the past two years with th'o American army. ' , • ' " The-Ryneck'i family' is a l.irgo one, consisting of ten • sisters, and 'has- been' in >Tauga- t'uck for the 'past ~ years, 'coming, hero from New York city. ' . ' P.F.C.. Ryneckj 'is a graduate of St. Hcdwjg's school-<and ho attended Xa'Ugatuck High school. He was omployed at the Risdon Manufacturing Co. .at the time he entered the army. Reports Indicate That Fall Of Florence, Italy, I Imminent (By United Russians Ready For First Thrust On German Soil With tho filing today of the Bor- oug-h Auditor-s report, it is revealed that for the first time in many years, the borough of Naugatuck docs not owe any money on .outstanding notes. Work Progresses On The Hop Brook Club Improvements The reconditioning of traps at the Hop Brook Course is rapidly ncarinp; completion. The job of filling in the two large -traps on No, 1 Fairway is about completed'. Last evening the committee handling the , traps — "Joe" Woujcik and "Tony" Lakticli. assisted by Ralph Hanson "Dick" Sweet, Riching awny papers and rags under the roof where the fire centered, Lucius Wilmot of Watcrbury, . , owner and proprietor of the build,. crcd ill traps,h a layer of new : ard VanTwisk. Ar Ta V IOr Henry Cieslewski. cd Zonlno, cov- . . ,. but that the cause '•»" - «nd bank on North Spring YoungC.O.P. Parley Postponed (Continued on Page 8) —Uon't mls.H tile big savings In t!in August Sale of Furs now underway at llaphacl's, >:uiK:ituck's Fnihion , Clturoli Htroot.—Adv. President Franklyn Hotchkiss of the Naugatuck Young Republican club announced today that the meeting of the local group, scheduled for next Tuesday, has been postponed until Tuesday; August 15. President Hotchkiss stated that the meeting was pushed over duo to thu state convention. Tho session on August 15 will be in the form of an outdoor event and will be held at the home of Mr. and Mi's. Henry Erk on the' Now Haven road. ing states today that ho is covered by insurance, of the fire must have boon faulty wiring' as his forge fire '/ad been extinguished when he loft the shop. Tho roof can be repaired it Was. indicated today. _ Richard Kelly. Jr., is said to have discovered the fire and to , , saJ - lho sand W)US Cal '- have other been responsible, with an- unidentified person, for the pulling of tho box alarm. The fire attracted a large crowd to the scene, and the whistles from reports today seemed to havc.awak> encd almost everyone in town. WORKERS I.AJD OFF Somcrvlllc, Mass., Aug. 4.—(UP) —About 25 per cent of the war workers at the Ford Motor company's Somervillc plant have boon •aid off because ot production cutbacks. Officials said that ' others. would be dismissed within the next en days. More than 3,000 persons are employed by tho plant which manufactures the Universal ricr far the British army. street. At the completion of the job a. short socia! session was held in the Club-House. During the social ''session yarns and comments on [ the war, excerpts from letters sent •home by boys i-ni the service, wc'rn cxchangd, Of partocular into.rcst 'were Comments .by "Art" Taylor whose son, Art Taylor, Jr.. is with the U. S. -Army Engineers on the Burma Road, In the near-future a similar pro- •ject, including more people, will bo launched to weed the Gi'oe.'iH. This job will be particularly important . at this time- si.nce grass grows well during this season of the year and 51 good start for having better Greens next year can now be made. Warden Leo J. Brophy indicated today ibat since his term in office, began here three years ago. that •his administration has paid off a total of $80,000.00 in notes, $25,000.00 havincg been paid off during the past year. This progress was made in the face of a one mi',1 cut in Lhc lax rate, which gave the Brophy administration $23,000.00 less to work with, a boost In tho operation costs of the Naugatuck borough court of SJ6'19.00 per year. Over-expenditure in the department of education here for tho past year amounted to $11499 99 i , but even in the/face of thl. large ! "'f Amcncan ««*«„<:«. deficit and the added costs in U; >lmn!> borough court, the Brophy admin iBtraiion. books showed a surpk u n d e r Hie auditors' figures < $706,06. Many of the recommendations; o the -auditors, who ware the Mm of Ivnust, Evcreti and Cambria o Hartford, certified public account arcts, are repetitions of those con taincd in the previous audit repo: of the borough for 1942-13. These recommenda.toins arc n follows: "No., borough officiate should a any lime expend amounts which UNDER AJtREST in excess of the budget as ap proved by the Freemen.' If ncccs flary to exceed the amounts approved, or to make expenditures not contemplated in the origina budget, proper authorization should be obtained. ' We afi'.iin recommend revision of the charter and Uic creation ol •a Board of Pinanrcc or that greater power .be give nto the Burgesses in regard, to. budgetary practices. Also it would seem desirable that tho. Borough adopt the 'uniform fiscal year.' Various minor changes arc also advocated in the tax collector's office, the major portion of the recommendations being devoted to this section of the borough government. In closing their recommendations the auditors indicate that a study should be maclc of, the assessors' office with the view of providing full-time operation of the office in — Cash puld for musical Instruments, pianos, mdloft, phonographs. Metro Music Mart, 88 Church Tel. 6287.— Adv. St —When your appetite is a bit jaded, nnd you are looking for-soihe- thlnjf different In food, stop at .Toffs Restaurant, Church St.~Aflv. Hartford. August •!—(U P)—Th.-; F-B-I is holding Norman La. Joie of Pawtuckct, R, I., as a desert- . ... „ ... car- er from the Sampson. N. Y., Naval j order,that the recolrds may be corn- boot camp. La Joie reportedly went ( plete and up to date at all times. A-W-O-L from ' Sampson in . Juno, 3943. His arrest resulted from complaints of two sailors that La Joie tried to rob tihem in a Hartford Brill. Brittany appears to be lost to the Germans. Flast-moving American tAnk forces threaten to cut off t.!ic peninsula as. any moment. One United States column has plunged to within 31 air miles of the south Breton coast—while others arc ' reported 105 miles from the western tip of Brittany.. And these reports, although just received, arc probably at least 24 hours behind the actual fighting. The Yank drives place the great pcru* of Brest. Loricnt, Noincs a.nd Saint Nazaire in imminent jeopardy. The four cit-ies have been' tho main bases from which Gcr- ni.-in submarines have been preying on Allied sea lanes in the Atlantic. , Hundreds of towns, villages and roadside hamlets are being occupied or by-passed, m the spectac- Our col- arc cr.gulfing all Brittany like a spring- flood. One spearhead thrust to a town 27 miles west of Rennes, and heavy fighting is underway at an airport south of the city. The only strong enemy resistance reported so far is at a point 12 miles A-. ust of Rennes. Insid Rennes, street fighting is in prog rees, despite War Secretary StiJtt son's announcement th stronghold had been captured yes terday. ^ However, this entire area Jiopslessly outflanked, and prob ably will soon be entirely clcarc' <By United Press) An officiaii Russian report says the Red army i« poised, at the prc- w:?r border of East Prussia for its first thrust on- German soil. Earlier German j-eport-s' indicated the Russians had swept over tho border. But semi-offici;)] sources at Moscow say categorically Uw.t the frontier crossing has not yei. been made. German civilians in East Prussia know it is only a matter of hours. The Russian 1 frovornw.enr newspaper "Ir.vcstia." s n yi. the roads of Bast Prussia arc jamm«l with vehicles carrying civilians and property westward. The first jab into East Prussia may come at Vllkovlchlti. A German D-N-B report this morning said the Russians had driven live- rhilcs westward in that general iroii. Simultoivcously, another powcr- 'ul Red army is .pounding across ^olish plains within JOO miles ot G-crmany proper. Russian vanks, cavalry and mo- orized infantry forced the Vistula river on a. 20-mile front, in- a pow- srful offensive outflanking War-.. (Continued on Pnge S) of the enemy. In Normandy — our troops con (Continued on Page 8) Germans Are Asked To Make More Sacrifices New York, Aug. -1— (U P)— Dr, foscph Goehbcls is busier than •ver these days thinking up new i'aya of telling the German public here are worse things to come. . , . fact that is becoming increasing- evident without the propaganda linistcr's bitter warning. Radio Berlin broadcast his ap- cal to the homclandcrs today urg- ng them to still more 'sacrifices ,-. „.... ., ... ... % | nd hardships. Gocbbcls pointed They state- that whifc a re-valua-!to the -recent attempt or, Hitler' tion of assessable property is not I life as an omen that "there ar requqired until 1949, it is felt that! far ._ . . (Continued on Page 8). there are more worse things possible I which once they happen could I never be repaired." WAR BONDS ,, , S «;nd U. S. Cosst Gund Phot» --' he ram " o£ a c oa*t LST come the stretcher* scarinp wounded men. From Capo Gloucester, Ke\v Britain, tho Bounded arc homeward bound. War Sonds and - more W«r Honds must P. !" • U ' ) P I '"1- Buy them and ^ tnt I , #. S.-Tre«sury Detriment

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