Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 26, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1916
Page 2
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; TWO. The Pf'i/es will he,awarded J luirs- day at 10 A.- M, '.so he sure to have your cartoons ail in by Wednesday eve. The winners will be announo !cd in Thursday evening's Ga/etre. OMALLB at ORRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY. DEC. 20, 1010. •• I!'-.' i.f !|(-| I -,', -t •; --i-ll in ! '': i HUM!,! i |. v, i • -• V, ! M< ! ! i• !. MORRISON VICTORS CHRISTMAS PROGRAM 'Win From Malt* Tram By Score of Hold At McAllister School On Fri- :»-t «o 18 ; day Th'' em,,,, ot I..-.- lieM.a!! pli-'d r,t; -|-| M , f, ,||,. v , im; pi ...,•,.am v, <•• .)t'id r- W Hrniorv Ku.l.s < \enim: hot « on , ,] rinp.v at- Itie .MrAlli <!••!' -I I ti»rrl-«»n All Htai ••• and the M.dt.i . ,,,,, !l( ... , ,,f Morri-nn. Mi--< IMith Was v.-itn.".;>d h\ a Litre . i nw s ! j,,,,,.^ |,,.) m: tin- t'-a.-hfi: f.Of fnterr'Kted spe. t i (oi :'. j Som; "111 I Kveinli.-i " •-• School. » ftalne w;»-i one of she <!.ai,.- : ti H.M nation Alice \Vier?.em. Iiltijed in lhi" eity and tip- he«t | Pinloxm- "Trlal.s of ('In h -Insa- ft-oml ft-ellni; h<-tu.en the pla i •-! ' j;-;[.,, ippmo" Seven tioy.s utjd r.ili-- th<> .oPpi.Hlni; Hdc-i lunar i-videntj Topsy Tiirvy drill, limit th" (-Mine The ti!<t half j j;, citation "Venn- Hnikema, \vith u neon, of !x to x In fiv-ori •<,,),, r"luisUna*! of Two" • ll.-n- fhe lot-it! hoy-? in,d the t.,aine en.l-' nc! t.i \VI( r.Henui. With a Ilnal ...or.- of ;i I to is. Didv! ({t'eltallon- Teenin liiiiltema. '« fonlH \vsie called th!.>!i::l.ont the! |(,,,nation--.Me.ttcr .Join-n, j 1 -- He.-itation -Alice U'h-i >a-ma. j Star drill- -Ten ht.yn and KH!- ; . Malt.^ IHaloi-m- "Trouhle in Santa OaM-. , I "la \toll : |, i,,,, j" Nine hoy.t and lill'll". ......,.!.. I' follin-'j ,<:,,| U ; "Tp.,n the Housi-top.-." - Seyi-n ......It. <: I'.-.i'.fj |te.-nation Ht-lcn IMeJ'V. ;t)Wi'... I- (; l'1'i-l'j. |-:.-i-.itern ant! We.Htern Taldenti, .Mull Hhei\\o".l. l-'aili-, ' !<'id!o\vini; tho prnuram Santa t'l.tiiM Field tiii.iKetM' l-'ehiman N, I>ie),| -!,; )na! |e Ills ajipea ra nee nntl dl«trihiite ( ! lottftt'tnan 3, t'laxton 3, Simp-ion -, pre^> nt« from the prettily ileta:ta!ed . llnvvf, t'ollin.'- : 111 e. There tt'HM a Kood ermvd in at- la-ikei liall irarne a letiilance ami the jiroirr.un \viis :\ \t-r\ in th'' 1 nsinory with - iiile|-c>,tliu: one. ul thirty eoiipli s in attc-ndanee. ; .,——— > tnttNlr %va,-< fntnl-h.d liy the RFPOQIT fiRHW/Q cono.-rt oreh,>lia and a line U C.TUOI I^U HU *V O o w«« enjoyed l,y all. , O « of State" s7n"k Exceeds $300.- k MttUlUgO llC<-«.M,.s. we.e K-,,,.,t. Hat- j °°° Fritla )' " Ij- to Ittilph Stevens of rro[die!H- H nntl Ml"* Irnni Miller of 1-a te, Hari'.v ISeiilii r of Hahanaman and * (Into* li. Wroteii of Tampit o. (1 i)<i \TiiH. 1 iii.'.V 111;'! i'i\* uiis i hr.r- LrK'iinr. un? pan.v. "xcu 1 )*! inn;il values; in fart price's ;n'* v }- hi/h'i i 1 ';*']^ S't ('«']!!(> and come early a,-- ii. \vi! i pa>' yon io buy y>>ur need- sea .'n, a-- >h"e.- a.nd coittiji jrood,-; are i>'om°' I n he very mueh higher i'nr ,-.] a spfM/i; 1 ! induceiju.'nt \\ - e will irive on all pure ha.s*. 1 .^ of S.' coin:*. All yonds sold positively 1'f>r cash. * "\ <* &* <=n all ni'Trhmuli-f it can in- ir\\\ hiinly said ;k'- )"nana.!.:'cnit.M)t t»f she Hr-acon Sales Com- H-KOfi {o kindling \vond; n<>!hinir r<'St, i r\v<l <>r 4 1 .' - . . • . I - < \ or over an ex! ra ™» IHT cent dis- .11 • I' i i 1 I ii-f « i-il'-r of !••'( i v • hi,-- ..p. nl < 'Ml !• I ma-, at ! ):• li. !it<- uf Ml). I'.-tW'lhl •"'i!'- : . Ml. Ml f. \ 'rark K i .SDH l Mi. and Mr-., .lohn lli-ailun an<! •, Tht> Un'-up ,^ :i:i - ! '' tjri'liu.ri '' IJ.>!i)< r IM n Til>--'i!a y :u:il \ i-. Tin ' 'In In-lit a '. 'lii-.. [ 'i i.. I . ,'ln| l \\'« I Ilium I !• \\ II t, 11-11" .1 i'l it-iid." in I (.i!i!,-iiirui i In - \» I. all!"!' wnl a Han v M.-: h. i. of The deposit ,-it the .State l.ank on ' Friday went the )( haw ev. r , h. i II Mliei: the haul; Was e.-tahli.-died TI J)o you ever have xceeded the Iffim.tmlt jmaik. ina.Miu: it the highest day in !the v uf lite ! ' " '|U'eM-l|l tlllll-.. discouraged feeling often !(ml . (y , comes from a disordered stom- ! u h .,'i-.-sid I ach, or an inactive liver. Get i Mom-on. * your digestion in shaise and ! the bile acting 'properly-then i MORRISON BRIEFS f* the "blues" will disappear. You *' will «*ion be cheerful if vou take .-^'iiih*n> .r. Mack of .New oty wjU8QonQeuitxriiu,n>uuuuu. j. s viMlllH , a , thl . humi , of Jljs ,„„,!„.,._ Mis. f. /.-. Davis In thl» fit)'. Mrs. .1. H. Carroll ntn! daughters, l-:tlu-l ami .Miiry. ^-etiitned to their [home in Clinton Saturday after visit- 11 in.-, fin-mis in this vletnity. ' I Ml KM tihidvH Tomihion of ChlcHU" jwa.s u Christmas gm.'Ht at the home of Mr. mill AI.M. Ktl WllllimiM. l»r. anil Mrs. I 1 . H. Klmtwon and children went tti Allmny, 1111., Saturday when- I hey . vi.Hited over Christmas with I elativt-H. Mr. and M|-M. Arthur K'lliliiMun, who liav heen visiiim: at their home for the past week hiecoinpanied them and will leave Al- Ihany for their home in i'uealHIa, i !- ; np(. II. <!. 1'riee has heen very ill |f.iC the paM week .-nifti-nii;; vvilh an !u Sl> i In,;: M.-;K|.I> on a .'.lit-ppm.: > v petlltl'ill. . Ml,-. Joe K'liv and i-!ldd|-ell ale \iH ilinir at t In in.tin- ..! In i nt-:. Ml and Mis. John liian. <•! Mull i n;--i . in ('"I a I'.-w ila '. • /\ . I! ta:: pa M \ v\ a * h.-ld :* I tin i.i.iti uf Joe Keli-. \\illle III- Mil''- \\.o- aiV.I \-|'i!,!ir. Se.\-era| of the yuan:: m>n o ! lie Ileii-Kln'l l:i;'nl e;ime III and I n| Sir\ Jileaian! time. <i\fter.-; Uei<- -.t-rv etl and all went liomi. voUni; Jin a rev al i-jiti'i taini-r. .tohli I M'ew i* -.ta\im; ill ;-Uel!i»i." Ihi u-i'i.);. I'JItm-r .Ion;-" hanh-i( ho.i-:« In Tafiii'ic s.'UMi Traveling S2.50 Men's Hals, $1.48 $1.50 Sweaters, 83.25 Men's Duck ( 1 oals. $2.45 $2.00 Men's Hats, 85.00 Trunks, $3,48 Men's High Top Coots, $ *> if" 0.45 I man's extra jjood McKihhcn fur coal, ,S.'>5.00 value* now $27.95 Lot of ladies' oxfords, values up to $3.50, 98c l^the people's remedy for life's **"• common ailments. Tiu-y act , thoroughly on the stomach, JIver and bowijls, and soon ivfr ' wlate and strengthen these im- 4 pjftant organs. Purely ve«e- j£tame—contain no harnifu! | drugs. Whenever you feel , m ,,,. K ,„ ,„,,„ ^despondent a few doses will I ,i, can. Make Things look Brighter !«(( Suit of Any M<- die in* in the World. .. la LH>RO«, 10c., 2!>c. Sam Snlll- jvai'i Inive arrived home I'run Madlsun, \\'i(-i., to .spend the holidays at the home of their parenlH in thin city. Kllierl l.'armeiiter who in attending HiiHli nr-hool in ('hiea)4t) in HpemllnK -th<- t 'lirfsimii.s vacation ut \ht- lioini> of Ids parentM, Mr. ami Mr.-i. A. 1 1C. I'm (neuter. <'arl \.\lnirn vi.sitt-d over ChrlMmiiH IT" A Real Snntn Clnus. ANTA ei.AfM. I J,.,i,j; for yon. He tho inuntil, Mo'-Uhivc t\\' iv . i inn for inn and one to KW Tu another '""'>' 1 I-.IIHW. Tlu-ti''n n ehhniiev in the tuxvn Vim havo m-vcr tra\ele.l ilauit Hhould yoti ehunrp to eiifir tli*r. Vuti v.'onM Hurt n nmin jill hare. Miitt'-rH not IH/U- V'.u nii'.ht trj. Anil thi> iiliei-u you'd liral M e Hnel An no he'. U'HiUil c.'<re tut nilioli. In ;i hroUt n luxl yun'il WH Bonn) onr Jimt ulmiil IIX*> me, I ire'indnnj of tin; pia-tty l«iy» \Vldc-h yon tiring to otlu-r hoyn, . And In him a Ctiriilman bt-rins Mt.rrv onh' In Ids All lid .ill t'.-itiiM, thru, H.-IIII-I t'l.'Uii .Stuff the BtofliliHT \v!l!i, ln-i-:iil»« When II'H tllltil up in th.' hrim I'll bv K.iiiitu i'ia'a-i to him! — l.'rimli l'i.-:niwter tih.-i-inun. Didn't Like the "New" Christmas. Tin; Htory Is told of TlincUtTiiy (hat lit! \V;IM iiivllt'il lo a party nt i. counlry U'|I«TO J!i« l\nt<t (JetcnnliH'iJ tt tlii' I'-vpei'lnieiit t)f Icoeiiim; (.'hrlst runs In "new Htylo," Towanl (Ins conclusion of (lit* feast, In which nothing common <o a Christinas dinner ll^tirwl It wttt) found tlnit Thnckoniy Imd tils ii|>[)«'ai'i'd. Ho «i«8 ilUcovercd In n cor iler of tho mansion regaling himself on beef iiiu! plum pudding, which ho luul bribed one of tl>o »<?rvant» to brlua tiiw from thu UHolu'iJ tnblu. National Bank Good Old Home-Made Family Cough Remedy ... , a f\ Much Utitff <b»n» <>»« »«-«il>- D{ JJIutlr K!ml~i:n»lly ituU Collecting the Waste If yon roinhitit'd tlie <-urutive _• (if» of evi-ry knoU'ii "ifiniv-muile' t-ouyii remetly, you \vnuUl hiiiilly huve in tlntis nil Hie e'uitttive po\ver Uuit lies in UaH simple "hoiiie-puuU-" eoliLdi nyrup «hit'h tiikeri unly u few ininnti'.-t tt» piviiare. (.it : t fro'ui iuiv dni;;L'iht ^' _• ouiu-ea of i'iiu-x (M eciif,-* \unth!, into a jiiat linttle and Jill the liolUe with plain {,'r<uinlatetl t'.n^ur n\rii|>. 'The tiitu! roil ii» uhuut (>i cents Hint ni\es Vnil u lull pint <d" leiillv Irt-Ue^ ctin;,'h t-vmp tlniu vou could buy ivmlv-imuK' tor ^ : ^.,iU. 'J'ui-'te.-' pli'it.-aiit and luAir !--poili.i. 'J'liir I'niex and Hnuur rvnip ('reparation i-'i-ts 1 iyht nt tin cailse of u i-oil^-h and Kivi-.i ulinoht- inim'.'iiiute r. lief. It loii.-eiiii the phi' nil, MM|I» the ininty th' mul li< :»!.•- the mre. irri- tatld ini Inlil-illr:-. (hilt lille till- (liroilt., e!n".i inn.! 1.1 oin liin.1 «uhe-i. MI i;enlly Mid ra -,!v fjil'l !' I- l''»lll\ ii'"tol!|:'!illltl. A i!:n'.-. II-.-' v. ill .n -'..i!h oii'i.-om-- tla' c-.rth'an .-..«.;!, IP.d t'af I...OM.!. This is also a pro-inventory sale and we are making sweeping reductions in order to #e.t stoek as low as possible and at the same i hue give the people the best opportunity to purchase goods below the market value. All merchandise is going up in price almost daily. So do not delay if you value money, as this Sacrifice Sale will surely save you 50% as to the coming spring prices. Remember the place, 110 East 3rd Street STERLING, ILL. BRITISH REVIEW fr.>rn ill V '.\ Hh I he A III- v\ -,..! il'.e.e ..! llj'Mt imp".''tain i : h !.e |.:ne\v i-'| if. had ;> of hilll III I hiM Iniiita i. in .1 l 'i it/.'s in"! hods until tltev M e|-i> juiced Upon him. I'.iit lt"\\ , thanks to the hard knocks! .if i'.'!''.. ilnie i< xei\ hit!-.' mole that Pril.'. can ten, h him l-;,iil\ in I'.'K I-,''- adopted c,.!i-..ilp- :ion, Had is I'eeii Intt odn.".-d a >ear i"-t'ote the war m)i;ht li-n'i 1 h.-ea n\er toiias. I ait-:n-«hmi n have, ifsponded In ; nj'i oe. d. at.d fashion to then ..lid eoiinli ! I n.! i is-1 i y in t h IM ei li i; i! rv \*i .-.- *i -a * a t' '-' - icifxvin 1 ^- n" the \s a r ^hoald i 'affia-ie .-.i lorn; ia--.: >. ai ':-• I.-OM-I .-- u ill ili.ntit . : I.-.L mvaif th ..[ I'.Mr. as th."" do ' I.I' ! > ''at'. . Oivim; all tine .1 a .lit In the Allied . ' s't I il'-j-, y in neiiei a I and to I i i n.;'" mili I, till \ r/ ni?'« m |atli. idar. as uell a •» .1.1 the adniitt.d impi »v '-men! ..f Tommy .:.-. a in;hlmv. pi oj»"<!' ion. and '!-" i preM-nl .wMiperio! >' >' '.-i., 'he lirili'di air 1 M-I ". I. e. °! hete iv. .,!'!.-i- all .-ills' one all• «\M r for the l.-etllt Mliee-ve. al,,i r . .!!•<• { Soinnie and the Am re mnr.iiiom'. The I ley-son.-* nl Vpl'if. ,\'e-i\e t'ha I file, and ' I.O..H have all I', en M ell hat m d. In .t he lattei '.'.a'. :'•• ->\ I'M''. Kialaln has ) I eeii applymu aiiother ICM-OIS — a. 1- Aiif.iii a'-i .leilii . e and I'eatty, to! sal . hn 1 iii- d»im.' e.\,ietl\ \\ I he .hoin !h" l!rili"h p-d.lie i-.ives eredi! • (Jei'aiai.s v.ant them lo d". •!•_!!•• ,:!,s s i. -|..| \ oil the .In; Ian. I 'i'Ue-v. ;> i man. It po|n;s out. "it; to he "•'"' a.b.'ii.e.l I'-.' this tran-fer. .!<!li- i,.,,,,,.^ in ,|,,. e!t:|.M. the lestanraiits ami ia l\ ate liuiises. and If I'.rit- •_-!-. e tla'.'-e plaei-y the i;n-hy eiea,, nt. M. mm li the lien, r lor tho iiiiii-...'i j-ian of aeti-.e ion lor ' id 1 i if the \\ 11 " |.l ilamil.l ^ till till .- t la- \\a\ -es! LOSE $200,000 A YEAR Argentine Farmers Arc Forred To Soil To Grain Trust. i THK ICE CRUSHER IS SAFE. II.•:.:;!,i.-n. Mi.-h.. Dei'. L'li. - The tnjr \Vi-e! >:; an Hi- -enir-ht r lor the safety ,,|- Mia ;, f.-ar had heen !e|!, in repot ( , ,i .,, -. ,!e 'l / 'ie* \\ h"!an left Tort Ailh-ir )•'-•! Hat nnl.-i\- tu tho : h-allied fioiii the ta'tnian-. hn-. t.. m-.edi;.'it T. Helm i S ••-: . -.!:•.h - \ i '.-en - ' - < > -a :m i Xiai'taii uhnh. rmi'dnn hhort ,,-„ i.i>,no,, ,„ ,,,,,, ,.„.-,, . ( ..^..i,,,., (i,,. ,..,,M..I" ,l,,v of Ula- .-.,:,! :..,-, m,.M ,,,-..-,| ex,,,, ,„ the! I ,,,,,, in.ame i, - lionn-l in IWUK" > s call tnnler t In- V'> i , , , . , ., , ,. ' ; , , , . , ..... - . . , 'i'n . \\'i.e l -i torlr - rht'tfr" n-t- > , tu em h lit- 1 ni-e. ' : ,-,,,,«h. Hun nn-n 1 he mi'lnlm," tif tliln IIIIKW , , , liiinti nl h'.iuiati raw nmterl .i i dii it-ii' niiiit.irs mat hint- ti .,,, ;lia ,;•„•.ii> IIIHI.IIIIII !tni'iiall\- to ih. . , , . .,.,,.-, as in nthtr-i H'ltam i:i\e.-. sie,-is ; 11 m-t" (^li lack of r!..iaKt- f.-u-dl-i \\'tn:\ the. -...einoi's oi the •. arionn of human raw mtiterlul into un i ' , . , . , , ,. . , , . , , i, . ,1,,.. u,,,! , u KI i of inipro\liu; "ii lorman im(!i.»i~ At ties-. -,\ i :, h toinp-'N t' in maiUel j --tale-- .::•: to-...-ih'i >,o the> \\-ii in. ;.l.--l> '" .' ' ' any J'al>- It «i!l he alile In a'.i.ld -*i ;i'.:i' . ( >. -".I | •! ..-Im t •. in a hnrw nn « l;a '. ver i ,! on-- a not hi r .' i;li:anlle task. Ii .! lis piu,per eonipim-lil has l>cen r,i eali r if the miMalu-s made- hy the t iei Ulan j lei 111- Hit trust dit'tatt-s He piat e-< ,;,.,, Nn-.-lle hi', in;.' f lieei eded In \ii.inn ti|iem-'i\ t! l.ntle i,,« than mirae, ,.s has heen l " > "' 1 , 7" s "'' v ; ", il<n <'"l««r«m,-m. « ; iln- 'n-mhers ,,r the in,., at .„.( ,he tlevelopment of the munitions m- Whll> " " T fllly '•;" 1V " 1 ^ 11 ' 1 - ",-fo,-,. ,,,:„, nve ,,,ne,M-,,s. uho ,., |,av,- „.„„.( ,„,,,,.. „,, ,„,.,,,.,,., ,,|, I|M .|J ,„., |ar.;er , . i • .1 -i .'Unii'liiian anm hed his opoehal s.-in-ine .. '-le\ aim s ot llieir ou n nut «hi> nm • uiMtry in the country tlnrniK the la i -t •,ear. l-'ioin tha- f.t,,rt llrltaln has been j the trejisin v of the Allien; no« It has" ili.-lr aii-aory. \Vhen l.lovd- i |;la nd's tai tile tad|e,-.l ami i nlllpl ehen.-.iv e M- j! I "i i.H i;a» herei! h\ the j:»Y< I nm< nl s in- ! • I i m- mannl'iii I HI jn;,: and .-.hiint invr almut te -ll.ell;-. tu the \Mle.s ulle i ('In re- i. one it-aim in V\hnh Untainj | didn't (lave in ia!n. any •|f-.*on:i > _,\'< a j !hani,.-r John Hull i-- not merely com- | BRITISH ARE FOOLISH Boycott of Germans in Argentine ,,.,,, |. , ; d.i la h v \n-d- i.'i' i i ; lie Is an «-Xpe|-f. I hattleline Urlti>h ),'iinner« were hunted j, , . . i , ... . ho i!lili-h L;O\ el ninent. despite Its i.. imir rounds p.-r das-. I poll Aim-rlen - K ; , ,, ' , . i. -, • ' i ii f .I'.eraj-'i* e\pi ll'lll lire of $'J,,,niMl.iMlil a ind Japan Hritain was dependlm' for , . ',,,., pan lirilain \\;IM tle| he mi IK t. part for it* .snpplleM oi ma- hiiie-ijni'.M, heavy artillery and hluh ill n'seisrd. Atinn than ^,ii'iii piivate- MOTHER'S TROUBLES (imo w hi'-n on .--eclam HCCI inns uf t he ;-••;-; ; -; "V, ;'"" '.; ',' ' .'".'..''' ...;.". i Scored by . .v,,,..,,,,,^. , A mother's unending work and IM . le.e-i,.,,- 'lovotion drains and strauis*hcr lay .since tho war .started, tunnies Ili'-j ,„.,,, w(l<) | M1> e..t!i i iermam-i Im. ru/.m-. j phyMCiU strength and IcaVCS Us nurk ll-emelldolis ct.ntrilnilioilM made to lls!,,,,.,;^ „, I ies wheie |...|h a|. 'ill (lilltllied f)'CS Htld CilfOWOm CX- Now conditions are i '''''''"'•"• '"'* li: '! 1 "',' (!illi '; u " - v ilt !1 " '"htli'-n-. i.- simpl.s , nttm,-. oil his i," - J i U essionS~-,-)hc flPCS l)C f ore hcf time., ,m-c,,,s,ve loans hoth at home „, ,,.,„. ,, ls ,-,,,, ;„.,,„,„„« ,„ !hl , > -, nn ,H,-u« g ni(l ,'l lit t ;j ( It'it.sni) 11 * lo I'il I i'S. ft-., * i i i.... i j ., ^. ; ..• • i... t ., . ' r ... . •'• ^. . • * linns in laie.iaml. :«;. ,a-r cent of \v horn '"' ". " l "•'*""'"" "»''>• I i:u.-no> Alrex lleiald. one ..r the tu.,: ^.,, ul( 't slart f ; ,'in- ,Sc-ott'rt I'ltmlsion of hef.a-e the war had never produced a .,'"""',''? ; "" ! '"" "' |V > ""' tl "' " llM | ", tliiee important |inti;di m-vv .-i ap.-i :• : ».;,, rwi . f ,i, M , OH! I,ivor Oil US a fctienjitlietH jiiir. a shell, or a caiu-id^e, imw are "' if! " ;t " 1N -'hnn wat nut. , ,,, ¥ v-,,,,,ii Amert'-.i . ' j : ,. i,,..-i ati-l lirncinij tonic to ml«l rich- niniiiK oat mnnilion.s of one soft or j " ' r V" ! lv lil " li: ' V ''' at! """ NI 1: -"""- '""^ '• The Herald arum s in a recent iy.Mi,- ,,, ' , t) i, ( . r |, )o .-,(l anil trtiild up her mo11,,-,-. - I ""'I'-'Y'""*- 111 '' 1 cil1 " ll "'- ll;l;i ';\perieiieeil j ,,,.,, tl|( . , ;,.,,,„,,, w!|ll Mas ,,„, ( ,j-,,].,, ,., ,,. , s , 3 | M .f ure j t j a (, M> | a te. .Start Srt>tt'a .lii^t alter tie mm. Mi. ins ait \va* I :l '' ;|lii! "' l! i • Arthur ,1 I :..lio'.ir. who-n- : Vi , h) ,. ( , (i ,. r , n . 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