Daily Independent Journal from San Rafael, California on June 28, 1949 · Page 1
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Daily Independent Journal from San Rafael, California · Page 1

San Rafael, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 28, 1949
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WEATHER REPORT Bay Area: Night and morning fog Wednesday, but (air otherwise. Moderate to fresh westerly winds in afternoons. Northern California'. Fair Wednesday except coastal fog and a few light jhowers near y Oregon border. RAINFALL This datfl last year Seasonal average Temperature' High noon today Low this morning DAILY Est. 1861 SEkVINO ALL OF MA IN COUNTY 89TH YEAR SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY. JUNE 28. 1949 Si. 25 A MONTH 6Y CARRIER No. 83 5c PER COPY Retail Clerks Seeking Five-Day Week, Vote For Strike To Back Up Demands . 1EVTTH A iiJEICK TRIP TO ETERNITT only a few feet away, Al Wayne, Pacific Gas and Electric Company trouble-shooter stands atop. -a, .ladder adjoining a power-line' pole on Ltodaro: street, San : Rafael, dousing a fire with this hose. The- fire was set-by an. electrte ' arc formed' when, a guy wire (the third one- to .the right of the pole, at the bottom of the picture) dropped across a high-tension line carrying more than 50,000. volts of power. The. guy . wire .had . become loose at the ground. The blaze started at about- 6 p. m. (George Wheeler Photo) MARIN MUSINGS -By Rafael Marin '.Setae Trowbridge ftfce Kentt barrister, T fBed . "legal paper with, County Clerk George Jones the other: day and left the counter with.: three dollars change due him. . The legal profession must he booming these daya. . A friends of our who lives toSau-' galito teils us that the- hfctoric old Valhalla bar may soon reopen under the. ownership and management of none ottier than Sally Hand, the girl with the fans.. The way our friend found- out about this jucy piece of news was from a couple of young fellows who Vsell composition . shingles for the walls of; houses. These fellows tell - their prospective customers, it seems, that they are just concluding a deal with Sally Rand for resbingltog the - Valhallavbef ore -she reopens it. Which reminds us of the one circulating sometime ago to the ef? feet that SaHy Stanford, notorious San, Frs&iasco character, might take over the Valhalla. ;S A friend of ours who is a httle Closer to the true situation tells us that the termites already are taking over the place. SEK. WAGNER RESIGNS 1 NEW TORE, U.R Sen. Robert P. Wagner, 72, and aSing, submitted his resignation today. For A Square Meal Try The Circle Driveln and Fountain At Corte Madera Junction and 101 Highway Effective today we will remain open from 8 a. m. to 1 a. m. Saturdays from 8 a- m. to 2 a. m. Warren Instructs State To Work On Soqth Span . -SACRAMENTO (& Governor Warreti ps instructed I;:- r:Wr public works to put the entire'" engtoeering; force of the envision of wort checking up on proposals for a southern crossing of the..bay. The governor made this known at a press conference .today. The en gineering force . he said will. make a thorough study of the recoi tions for a southern. crosJdng, made by the consultant of the. Dolwig legislative committee. Senate Moves To Vote On Prop. 4 SACRAMENTO (L'.fi The State Assembly today voted 45 to 23 to call a special election next November 8 for a vote on pension repeal and a ?250,0e0,000 achdol Twnd issue. SACRAMENTO (UJO The State Senate was jototog today in an effort to get a proposal to repeal nen- sion proposition No. 4, and a $25,- 000.000 school bond issue, on a soe- cial election ballot next November 8. While an Assembly bin to call the ecMon moved to the Assembly floor, an identical bill .was intro duced In the Senate with the bless ing of Harold J. Powers CR Eagle- vffle) the senate president pro tern- The Assembly, meanwhile, started ; debate on final passage, of the school bond measure. . And the. Sen ate education committee started; work on a $30,000j000 school support j aid bill passes earner by the As sembly. . The Senate special election apparently was introduced for use in case the Assembly bill fails. Both "bills need three-fourths vote for initial consideration,, and it appar ently would be easier to get that; vote in the senate. Meanwhile, final approval oi a series of water pollution bills was indicated. They are up for final action is the Seriate srtf. Governor Far' Warren said they now con End-Oi-Honih Vacaiion Specials Trlkshorls Plcid Shrr! Dresses, Cottons and Prints ANN'S APPAREL EXCHANGE Cecil and Betty Sides Hose Mending, Re-weaving. Alterations Legal Snags Delay Murder Hoax Triai Court Is Recessed To Allow Officer Time To Get Jurors The trial of the nine College of Marin fraternity brothers for responsibility in the "murder hoax" initiation stunt in front of San Rafael's El Camino thea ter April 5 hit several snags this morning, some or them expected and others unexpected. Court was recessed for three hours today, from 11 a. m. to 2 p. in, while the following things were done: instructed to subpoena .20 more jurors as a venire of 55 jurors was exhausted from a panel of 8Q jury- called yesterday. Thirty -six jurors were dismissed yesterday by challenges from both prosecuting at torney A.'S. Bagshaw and . defense attorneys Archer Zamlocn David JPyfe. Twenty-five jurors were dismissed yesterday before.toneiltog began for reasons ranging 'from the late death of a member of the panel: prospective jurors oh vacation. number of' jurors were chosen -from the' Danish Old People's home and had to. be dismissed because' of in firmities, a audge ouy A. I scheduled to rule on a motion defense chareina a mistrial of irregularities" in picking a j; Two jurors were found remaining in court while ballots, containing their- names were missing from the hopper Zandoch called it a ''preju dicial error by the court, denied by Bagshaw." . Police Judge- Ciccca also was to rale on whether the . two missing jurors would be jhsroissed or have then- names plaqed in - the hopper along with the other 20 jurors being sunpoenaed. (Continued on page four) tained the. "tigs. that are essential'1 state control of pollution." He naa opposed them vigorously earlier, but comprcmi been, adopted. The governor said he still had hope for approval of bills to outlay. possession of slot machines 'noted they still were, on the calen dar of the Senate judiciary commit tee, and said their defeat, "could be nothing but victory for .the slot macmne racket." "Of course,' he added, "anybody who believes that the slot machines have no influence annmd nere is jus narrer The Assembly special election bill was approved late yesterday by the lower house . election committee in a victory of school forces over pension representatives, . Senote Votes To Keep Injunctions Strike Right WASHINGTON (UJ-The Senate voted today to keep the injunction ss a weapon- against national erner-gency-strikes. It -also voted authority for the government to seize plants involved in such strikes. The injunction power already is contained in toe Taft-Hartley law. But the specific peacetime plsmt seizure authority is hew, fEariier story oa 5) Regularly Special $4.95 $1.50 $9.95 .98 $4.95 $3.95 eo. 2 for $5.00 $3.95 $6.95 2 for $12.00 $12.95 $8.94 2 for $15.00 CARRIES BOT OF THE MONTH for the Independent-Journal: is It-year-old Jerry Kuskle,-;at lefti Who delivers Uf papers on route 510 in Marin . Cftv. A recent graduate of Marin City school, he enters Tamalpais'Elgb school la .toe till- The saq: of. Mr. and :Mts: Gerald Kusld of House 163, he has been an ayid baseball fan and -would like to 5.WW.I LOST AND FOUND DEPT. 76t " . " - r i.' " f Wm becauaelor i. 'iv -' ;! 'fcl, , 1-: tion ry;M "A VAtA tkiOrfCi Aifl Tl il nlP V OVPFS !r W I VI I V)V VUVUJ! " - -- -- - ror MaterarKs The board of supervisor--yester day, utructed Deputy District At torney Richard Sims to wort -out details on .dealing Stinson: and Shell beaches to the state in preparation for maldhg the areas- into ' state parks. ' ;-' ' The county , ana tne state are now considering buying, lands adjacent to the beaches for development into state 'park recreational areas, but a ; m aeeamg tne Deacn properties for reversion . to ' the county at a future date is wanted By tne county. Ardihe :to. board, chatrmar T. Prtd Bagshaw, the county wants as-swrace that it will get the beaches, back in case" : the state wants to pull out of the agreement. He made a specific reference in case private en- temrise might want to develop tne beaches in another deal with: the state. '.The. county iiroposes to. deed-the beachei : as partial payment in matching lunos lor aojacent prop erty with, the state. " Sims win .work with: the 'state department of parks and 'win report back when property settlement and deeding 15 reaoy Stocks Go Back Down - NEW YORK CU-Br-Stocks receded today.'.and at the lows, the leading shares-had erased half of last week's gains. Some of the loss was recovered when- the senate, defeated the Lucas amendment which would havel eliminated injunctive procedure against striking unions, but the general tendency was toward caution. Trading dried up in the last half hour after low-priced' shares had lifted the total moderately earlier in the day. SAFETY COUNCIL ELECTIOX Marin Safety Council will meet tosiorr c-w zught at the San Anselmo city hall to map plans for its fund- raising campaign. July safety pro - gram and to elect officers for the! comins year. SCHOOL-VACATiON APPETITES ON RAMPAGE IN MARIN Marin moms are al! Kstening to the same old tune these days. It goes something hfeft "Hey, Mom, I'm hungry i When's dtoner : " If thai's happening to your house Just whisk out a bottle of Golden State Golden Guernsey Milk, pour a tall, cool glassful and watch those happy smiles of iratificaticr.! It's no wonder Golden Guernsey Is so popular with youngsters from 6 to 60 it's actually 33 richer than State requirements even 16 richer than standard Grade A Milk. Kotice that distinctive golden color, too ? That's th result of over 10 centuries of selective cattle breeding to produce this richer, more wholesome milk. Order some Golden State Golden Guernsey soon. YouTl also find it homogenized now at grocers where Golcten State Dairy Products art sold. And for wholesome good listening, tune to "The Count of Moate Crlsto" every Tuesday Purse missing a ; hand-woven i leather, purse, ntaining a $1,500 diamond ring, from Christ's Church in Sausalito to the: ladies room of the Marin City bus. station to rear of a .taxicab on a Marin City street reached Marin City sheriffs deputies last night who" were, asked to find, the diamond ring, and -some missing kerosene tickets! - Mrs. Bernice Chapman, House 798, Marin City,, had - her purs returned but the diamond ring was: missing. Three small boys" play ing in a street found the purse and turned it into the sheriff's substation... Mrs. Gertrude Nelson. 307 Syca more, avenue, Mill Valley, was taking organ lessons from .Mrs. Chapman at Christ's Church earlier in the day. The rector of thev church said the purse was not left there. Mrs. Nelson drove Mrs. Chapman to -the Marin Cify bus station en- route home. Marin City police said the purse was not in the ladies' rest room. Mill Valley police said the parse was not m Mrs. Nelson s car. The tasicab driver said if the purse were lying near his cab in the street he would have seen It. The three boys didn't bother to check it but turned H over to the sheriffs office. What vat do they have for the poUnck contents of a woman's, purse? Sheriffs deputies commended them for bringing it m. The purse was returned to the owner, sans diamond ring with a li carat stone and seven smaller MANHOLE PL.TE5 TAKEN Another theft reached the sheriff's office by the way of James maimer of iiann Mu- i nicipai Water District. Eight 1 grills ana manhde plates on Al- pine rm were Saturday ifrom the roadway on top of the play Brbfessionaliy. Jerry buys Jtwet. ef his tfothe with the money from his route. and banks some of his profits. He has taken plahovlMsons for ;to year. He will -'be awarded i goWhment bond. Shown .with him are two riendsv jBymond wtag and Bennis Garier, and bJa sister, Jo Ann. , ,-(InopendentJournai. Photo) dam. According to Russell Hannis, Dam superintendent, it 1b impos- sible to tell whether the grills and manholes-fell to the bottom of the lake 110 feet down. "The grills are of the type that might be used in construction of a home made barbecue," aald a sher iff's deputy. (Continued on page four) Brief Illness Fatal To Miss Isabel Cook Miss Isabel Cook, principal of the 1 Red Hill school in .San Anselmo! and teacher, supervisor, aomihisfcra-; tor in Marin county schools lor 25 years, died yesterday to a San rrancisco hospital after a brief ffl-ness. Rosary services will be recited at 8 p. m. tonight at the Keaton chapel, and funeral services will beheld to Sacramento on Thursday at 8:30 a. m. from the W. O. Gorm-ley and Sons Mortuary after which a reguiem high mass will be offered at St. Francis church. Interment will he to the family plot in the. cemetery to lane, Amador county, Robert TJ. Ricklefs, district superintendent of the Confederated Schools, has issued this following statement: "The passing of Isabel Cook at the height of her professional ca rter is a great aoci, pciconiuy and a tragic loss, to education and to the community. She loved her children and her school and she devoted all her energies toward hs task of providing better educa tional opportunities for the young- ! sters under her charge. "She was a magnificent teach- PRE-HOLIDAY SALE Ail This Week Cotions PLAYCLOTHES siacks Greaiiy Reouceu Also, Group of Better Dresses, Coats tno Hah Reduced! R&M STYLE SHOP 100 Throckmorton, Mill Valley 1.307-0? Fourth, San UatI Nine Stores In Negotiations With ;R linn A stride to back up their demand for a ten cent hourly crease '3s voted at a meeting of AFL clerks employed in nine Marin department stores at With over lou members ot 120 voted in favor of a strike ance at the meeting represented three-fourths of. the membership involved. ine a ems wiio are oemg with the California . Merchants five-day, 40-hour ween, instead wees. Through their representatives William Avers, business agent of the union, and Ruth Mathieson, international representative, the clerks are also demanding retention of the union shop. According to Mathie- for 11 years and last year voted in favor of a union shop in accordance with the Taft-Hartley law. The employers are trying to regain an I onen shop, the union leader saidJ Kent Merrill, nEgotiatmg lor mi The clerks are also asking time mat one half after 6 pjn- and fltaimstiefl of spot shifts. A pre-nted, vaeatioi tttr employees; of six mntbs r mre Is abo sougbk The majority of clerks involved hr. the negotiatifms are now -paid 41M a week fter one year. De- earn 448.50. . iied by' the as sociation are Trend O' Fashion, J. lin (two stores), Karl , shot store, Moss Ap. pareh WoolworthB J. B. Rice, and Mathiesen said that some ad vances were made to the negotia tions this morning, but declined to be.specific until a complete agree ment is reached. However, many or theemployers'.proposals, he.iilaimed, would take away union rights enjoy ed for many yeara.. . Another membership, meeting of the clerks' union is scheduled for 8 o'clock Priday morning. . Their contracts with the stores expire Thurs-da afternoon. principal, and a supervisor who- was always understanding and ever helpful. Pew people have contributed more than Isabel Cook to education, to her community, and. to the establish ment- of a .better world to which to live." Miss Cook was a beloved mem ber of the Business and Professional Women's Club of Marin county, an active member of the San Ansel- Recreation . Commission, the Marin. County Safety Council, the California- Teachers Association, the California- Stementary Frtecipars Association, the State School Su pervisors Association and the executive council of the Marin County Teachers Association. She came to Maria, county to 192t to accept a position as teacher and principal to the Lagunitas school. In 1930 County Superintendent 01 Schools James 3. Davidson em ployed her as a general rural su-1 pervssor. a position she oela-unti; 1940 when she accepted the prin- Anselmo. For the past- two "ears she has been supervisor of the San Anselmo schools, a tvH s prinrri- i pa! of F.ed Hill. the Labor Temple .last night. Ketaii L,ierKs Locat 1 1 1 present, if demands are not tret. Attend represent, m ncgouaLiuus iquaj Association are also demanding ot the present six Gay, 4U nour Burglars Enter SA Home Market Cash Is Stolen A "water pipe" burglar -last night broke into the Home Market. 4T San -Anselmo avenue, San Anaelnny taking an undetermtned amount of cash. The office and cash regiiteT rifled at S a. m. arte morning by Roy FranchinL pert owner, when he arrived to open th store.' Police Chief Den Wood said he it checking on several dues and that an investigation into the crime Is ft progress. - fHsKi said ;hk Btram w made bretmf-hiwigh a-jpereea and a window at the rear door. Bt said a section of water found near the dots and 1 to be the entrance tool He U only naner and coin nww taken. Pranchlntis checktarcai fit Telephone Equipment WoHcers Stage Token Walkout in Marin . .SLt$. .Marin, telephone campaay at San Rafael and 59 at Mm Valley, employees, of the Wtem Electrie C04 left their Jobs for an hour and half v;-.;y - tt-test sfalntt n mrr?'!" an one. of our. members' by a cosn-pany supervisor:' at Kew Orieans June 10. Duane Anderson, tswddait of Local No. tl of the Assodation of Communication Equipment Wotes (cio to which the men beta, de scribed the work stopptfe as 1m- Rnomed." . AE the men who wafted oat an employed to Install '.new - ooatral telephone exchange equipment hi San Rafael and MfU Valley. They were among some aoo irom vanow northern CaEfornla camnmnrUes who joined to the demonsmiuon against ths t.t'np toddest. R.D. KASH GO. 216 Greenfield Av San Anseimo LIQUIDATION SALE! :veryTnng goes ai vi or b)ow! New nd Used Httiirm EverytKinq rnuif V1 Open TJ! t P. M, Tsnlakt

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