Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 3, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight Pastor Seized 16 Slot Machines In His Raids Santa Ana, Oul.. AUK. ;< —(UP) — Th.!» Reverend Wcrilcy ICdwanbi is toting a shooting iron while he waits I'd" the sheriff to decide what to clu nhmit those Hi slot machines he rounded up. The pistol packln' past or niiidc the him! i'( stut machines in '<• Boriivi of raids a-ound Orange county. The puslnr .was a special deputy. Hut lu> made his ranis without bolheriiif,- lo notify his boss, Sheriff Jesse I'JIliott. Ellin!I has now lll'li-d the pus- tor's IxidKc-'hut he hasn't decided what tn do alioiU the list of names lie took down where he i;ot the slot 'machines. And Pastor Kil- wtii'ds says he uei-ds his shciulin. iron t-i fjtuii'il himself aiiainst. reprisals. Pa.'tUir KilwiirdH Mays he decided to nuilte the raids on his .own hook because he was unabl" tn pet any cooperation from the county authorities. He KOt together some helpers, and made thr rounds of It places. In rifrht "• <-h,.-ni, he. found the slot machines. Sixteen | of thorn .-iltOKCtlu'i'. That filled up the automobiles they had, so th,-y csillrd a halt fti the midititf. The pastor says he's ask"d the state attorney Rvrieral, Robert Kenny, If he doesn't a^ree 'hat '.Hi slot machines are quite a load of evidence. Kenny, however, was In .Mexico City, so he asked his deputy to have a look at the pustor's haul. Anil says Reven-nd Kd wards: "Hi. 1 will find I hat they look just like slot machines." Case Of "Bossy" Gillis Is Under Consideration r.ostcm. Aiiff. 3-CU.P)—AP. OPA hearing commissioner is considcr- inir the u'nsoliiie ration of.An- drew J. (Bossy) Gillis, J'ormer fs'ewhuryport mayor. ' ' . Gillis has (osUHocl in his own di'lVnsc apiinst charsx's I Will he au- ckpk-d ctnm'Aorfoit ,':asoline coupons :it Ilis lllliiiK station in Nuw- hurvport. lie denied thai. Ho ever had bought coupons, hut. admitted pos- si-ssiiii; slump' .sheets contain:"?," nearly 27,000 counterfeit T-T coupons. In admitting this. Cilliii said ho hud been in the WI-OIIK but never had iv.-id the OPA regulations. "L didn't think f wa.s astute CUOUK'I lo undor.slaiul them." ''To Uiis. HcsiriMK Commissioner Arthur •I-'- Brown airswered: "Ir'.usir.ess -'.is usual went' out on' Pearl '.Harbor day." The O-P J A seeks to have the I'or- m;:! 1 n.'iyor's gasoline stalkm* lice n's c ' revoked. Commissioner 'Brown now 'has the case under advisement. Son Of Draft Chiells lumber Of U. S. Marines . Pan-is Lslancl,'S. C., Aug. 3—(UP) —Marine Corps officials at a boot training camp reor.lvud a. eonsid- ; erable shock when they asked one rboltio his father's occupation. ' 'The. new Marino replied "national director of selective service." .'Until then even the cuiTinmndiiijj ufriccr didn't know thai. Pvt. .Cil- brrt l-lcrshey was the son of the draft chief. ' The rccuit—who had just com•-lifted two and u half years tit West Point—said he joined the M.'.I- rinns in order to "go overseas as soon as possible.". Jurisdictional Disputes Between Unions In Indiana AI01 f HA1.S STAT KM KNT Chicago. Aug. S -(t;P) —P.ear Ad- niira.l Arrhur S. CMrp.-:ruler, who commrmded Allir-d force.-" in the Southwest I'ncific in IW2, i-iys concentrated nas-il attacks on the Japanese mainland ca:i he expected soon. Ciir;iotider says the b'nit- rd'Ktatr:.- fli'irt alro'irly is virtually within an i-l'feetlvo operating i"i- dius agninsl J>n.pun. Report Denied By The F.B.I. The FRf in Boston has denied reports that it will enter the inquiry into the slaying of Frances McGruth, Agent E. A. -Soucy said that his otllce would take no part in'the investigation because no federal statute has been violated. Soucy withheld comment on a report 'that another Scituatc resident has received a letter threatening his two you up daughters with ihc same fate as the McGrath girl. The report said that JamOs Smith, a Host on contractor, and summer resident at Scituate. was sent the tineatcning note. trucks were in 190-1. <Ily Unlteil I'rrss) A jurisdictiona dispute b.olwenn C-i-O and A-F-L unions threaten' to lie up w!ii' industries i" Mun- rie. 'Indiana, United Sta.lL-s arid Canada. iSixteen- t-housivrd C-T-O workers at. 250 various plants in Muncie voted to quit their jobs in pvot(V ; t after members of an A-.F-L union posted a picket line n round tin: srlnsM house at the Ball Brothers plant. The trouble started when the National Labor Relations Board awarded barfiaininf: rights for miscellaneous workers in the K house to the CIO, following election. Rut the AFL clnimed bai-eni rights Tor the workers in I he ^"lass | department and set up pickci lines, j NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Discuss Post-War Legislation THURSDAY, AUGUST 3. Mfiiihi-rs of the li. S. Senate Kupiihlivan .st;i.-erln«: committee are sliiiwn us they met In VVasliin(,'ton. 1). C.. to dlKcus* poMt-war lecis- liitiini invludiiiK iini!iii|ilo.viii<:nt iriHiirancc for war worker*. They arc (Irft t.. rlu-lit): Sen. Wallace II. White of Maine; Sen, RolHirt Tuft of Ohio anil Sen. Arthur Vi.ndcnl.en; of Michigan, (imermilional Sound|iln)l»)- ar. A new shell fuse testa:' h.-iV been placed in operation in one factory a.r.d bis resulted in redueir.K factory rejections from 20 per cent to on a per cent. • L.e -s than 700 motor i registered in the U. S. P.L'V \VAIl 13OXDS AND STAMPS MEATS - FISH FINE GROCERIES -"FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AT LOW PRICES MID-SUMMER MEAT DEPARTMENT VALUES FRESH DRESSED CHICKENS 4 lb Average FRESH DRESSED 2 to- 2 ! ,i lb. Av. lb FKESH GRADE "A". FOWL ALL SIZES f lb FRESH Island GRADE "A" BACON Lean FRESH SHOULDERS IN THE PIECE American Officers Said To Be Leading Chinese Troops (By United I'resN) Radio Tokip says the Americans reported at. J-fengyand in southern China are olllccrs leading the Chinese troops.- A Japanese broadcast this morning said at least. fiO American olll- cer.s now are operating out of Allied headquarters in the beleaguered rail city. Yesterday, Tokyo said American ground -..roo'ps were lighting in defense of Hongyand, Tokyo added today that Americans are helping the Chinese because Hcngyand is^ vital to the China-bused American Air Force. There are no Allied commuiqucs from Pacillc battlcfronts so far to- clav. But late yesterday, Admiral nity. announced thai American troops on Guam had fought their way noi-th .one mile to capture three towns and Tiyan airlleid. 'iyan, lying 12 miles from the northern tip of the island, is the seventh airfield to fail,in the Marianas campaign. On captured Tim'an island, the Marines still arc mopping up the last .Japanese stragglers. But an ...... witness account sent from nearby Saipan reveals the invasion of Tinian was no easy matter. Sergeant Tony' Smith, former heat! of the United Press staff covering the House in Congress, watched the Marines grab a toehold on Tinian and slog forward through mortal- and shci tire to establish a beachhead. Smith, now a Marine Corps combat ' correspondent, reports the anti-invasion shelling matched that of Saipan. The Japs know tho -Marines were coming and concentrated thoir fire on the assault troop*. They had utilized their time during tho siege on Sai|>an to dig strong beach positions. Smith says it was obvious that some Marines never reached ih« beach. Admiral Nimit* announced ycs- erilay the Americans lost 200 men on Tinian .as compared to more thai". 3.000 enemy dead. Bulk Of 7 Nazi Divisions Smashed, Stimson Reports Washinfflon, Auff. 3— (U P)— E.-!C- retary of War Slimson says' the Americans jn France have destroyed the bulk of seven German divisions, , He said the Yanks linva taken 20,000 prisonei-s ;md ],000 square miles of icn-itory, while driving forward CO miles in- 10 days. Strategically, Stimson raid the breaking out of Ui-e Cherbourg p.'iT- insula and. the beachhead would mean the bcjrinninK of re>-il mobile i warfare in France. H-: said our forces have destroyed so many German vehicles that the wrecked N;L/.! tanks .-rr.d. •truck? littorinc the roads .arc 'impeding our :uivance. Stimson also s-'iid our B-29 Super ' Lem Franklin, Well Known Boxer, Died This Morning Newark, N. X. A"P- 3—(UP) — Boxer Lcm Franklin die.) in Newark hospital this morning after reifmlniriR- nnconsciouH uJmost continuously since July 2-1 th when he was. knocked r.ul. in- :> bout wit Larry Lane of Trenton. Friin.klyn—who was 28 years oH —appeared to be winning the fiA'hi at Mondowbrook Bowl when *ml dcnly be crumpled to the canvas aa u. result of a hard blow by J..ano 'Captain Frank O'Neill of the Newark.detective bureau » : > Lane will be picked, up and booked on a \cchniciil charge of man- Klaughtcr. Both boxers were Negroes and both were heavyweights. . Franklin—born In Mobile, Ala.— was heavyweight. Golden Gloves champion in 1937 when he turned professional. Before that he had won the jnternationnl . amateur heavyweight championship by knocking put Herbert Rungc of Germany. Reds Reported Over Pre-War Borders JfiMkftk V m raids on Manc'riuria wi-1! be reflected in r^du.'cd (luntJon for Japan's entire Industry. soon pro- steel (Continued from PnKC 1) chief of the Warsaw underground —-hfis been in steady contact with the Soviet commander* on 1 the opposite bank of tile Vistula. -A Polish •hiph command communir|-,ic says he has appealed for ammunition and anti-tank weapons. Meanwhile—:'ome 350 miles to the south — Marshal Konev's first Ukrainian* army is rippinsr westward toward the rich Gorman industrial province of Siesia. One column h;i» penetrated to within J.22 miles o.f Silesia. In the Baltic area— three Russian armies < ticntenins the cords of death around some 2W,- 000 N.oxi's pocketed ra nortlici'n Latvia and Estonia. In Lithuania — General Basri-am- ian's forces completely clc«rcd a ftraloKii: railway north of Kaunas. They captured a town 77 miles east of the rail junction of Tilsit — where 125' years aero Napoleon and C/nr Alex.'under s;it on a rxft i" the river and divided up Europe hctwcon th-cm. Tho fall of Til.-it would trap tens of thousands more Wehrmcicht troops in Lithuania and southern Z-itvia. Nazi Flying Bombs Spread New Death (Continued from Page J) •OO' Fresh Sliced PORK LIVER...* FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Ib fancy Ripe NATIVE TOMATOES... 2 IBs. 25c l,AltOi: I'ANCV A "" NATIVE PEPPERS & I.AKGC RH'E Honeydew MELONS • •" ""I _ ,-.-,T>r' T»C!TV !YI ,\ I? V I. AN IJ f^ d t\ f* 2"*" FANCY KM5EKTA PEACHES CABBAGE I'ANCY-N. Y. STATE I ONIONS RIPE TASTY MARYLAND CANTELOUPE for SAVE ON THESE GROCERY DEPARTMENT SPECIALS l!l " mii.icious POST TOASTIES Tin- New Short Cut Macaroni TENDERONI SEAM-XT Evaporated MILK I'lWE _ REFINED LARD TOMATO JUICE ! GOLD MEDAL'TI'ST^ S MIRACLE of the WASHDAY STAR WATER KII.XS FLIES . Fiit SPRAY Pt. FRESH FKISBIK'S APPLE PIE GOLDEN HILL Cut Green BEANS CAMPBELL'S VEGETABLE SOUP qt. larffc "It's Enrirlie OHIO Blue Tip Matches. Inilrio Grapefruit No. 2 JUICE ™» GORIIAM'S SILVER POLISH ULt'F or RED LABEL KARO SYRUP RED WING CHILI SAUCE a-SE.ssciOJ.esc i 25« t 29« I'ENOLIA FANCY PEANUT BUTTER HOFFMAN'S FINEST HONEY. . MOTT'S ASS'T JELLIES . . . DROMEDARY Ginger Bread MIX STRAINED or CHOPPED GERBER'S FOODS 12 Malaria May Be Eliminated By New Drug Cnicago. Aug. 3—-(UP)—Malarin the death-dealing curse of the li-opics—may be licked for all time. The Journal of the American edi'ja! association reports the de• lopmnnts ol' the new drug, al.a- bi-ino, should make it possible to eliminate malaria from every civil- iv.ef! nation after- the war. The article sa.irl I here is convincing evidence that the quinine substitute nu''es the most vicious type of the disease. S'S STOLEN GAS CO Worcester, Mass., -Aufr. 3 — fU P) __ Nearly 20. OfX) gallons worth of u;isolinc i'T.1 inn coupons" ha.v: been .stolen from a Worcester A scrie?. of five hre'.i.ks into fc-isn- st.'itir>ns \vere reported in l.hc Worcester- area last nipht. But hiovos netted nothing from Uie four other burglary attempts. TKNNANTS STRIKE New York, AUJJ, . 3— (UP)— Tenants of a 13-story apartment buildins: on Riverside drive went on strike today. The "one hiir.ilred and SO residents of the building held a mass meeting in the main lobby and voted to. pny no rent until their grievances apainst the new management arc corrected. KOBBKU liY GUNMAN Lenminster. Miss., Aitp. 3 — (UP) A ninsked pjunman has robbed an elderly couple aftei' rinxinK the doorbell to nntcr -their homo. The gunman refused ' to believe the woman when she told him tha.t there was no money in "the house. The thief searched the room and took S-IS. Then he nulled out tele- phono wires, turned off the lights and fled., Nazis confirm the report. All -he Allied communique says is that the Americans are advancing beyond Pont.orson. But Ihc very generality of the communique is in itself revealing, indicating tnal the JN'a/.i defenses in Brittany are ci-umbling so fast that the Germans t h-Mr.solvus' are unaware uf the extm' of the American penetration. And Allied, headquarters isn't, revealing how far we've gone, American tank forces also hnvc rolled eastward on the southern road to Paris. If the American armor is meeting little or no opposition in Brit- lii.ny. the slcS-y is different in Nor-' For i h o Germans have thrown a violent counter-attack in the area of Vire, central hinge of the fr_ont. They used 50 tanks and strong infantry forces in an effort to cut the Vire-Ca.umont highway and disrupt i ho British offensive. United Press Correspondent Richard McMil.lan says that heavy fighting was raging around Vire this morning. The counter-attack broke a.cross a river about ]5 miles east of_Virc. But t'lic UP correspondent, says a British atnff officer told him the Tommies prepared to stop any German thrust. Correspondent McMillan also says British patrols are fighting in Vire and found the town had been wrecked and looted by the Nazis. One inhabitant said: "The Germans', especially the SS troops, went on a. mad orgv of piNagc and burning as though they were fiends. They burned everything j they were unable to take away," i The Germans were shelling Vire nnd British guns were countering from positions seven miles to the north. One front dispatch says the British command decided last night to throw the maiTl weight of the 2nd Army around Virc cast- ward to outflank and possibly encircle the Na/.is holding a 25-mile line stretching northward to below Caen. However, the British •arc believed to have run head-on into the German counter-attack this morning. Dispatches from Zurich say strong formations of American bombers raided tlio piano manufacturing city of Fricdrichshafen near the Swiss-German border. Earlier, the German radio reported .'-Allied bombers over Austria '.H'nd Bavaria, possibly striking from Italy. •-. And British troops in Italy have won new high ground overlooking Florence from the southwest. Temperature Report "Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea. Flash." Hullo folks. I always won,- dercd how that spcal would look in writing and now I knew. I hnvc no FLASH for you though, not even a lightning fl.-tsh. Here's my own weather forecast. Temperature: Hot; Humidity: Hich: Condition: Wet. My idea or a 1—y . day. I had a I.alK with a friend of mine in the Naval Air Corps last night and whal they don't touch those fellows- nbnui 'he weather you could put in this column. I haven't much to say about the tcmpor.iturc nnd weather in gen- cal except thru 1 don't like it n bit, but Red Hermans will have, sans doulc. plenty to tell us when he comes back. He will have visited M.'irylimd before his return ill addition to Canada. Here's the report which I started out to give you. Midnight "3 3 a. m 72 G n. m 71 0 a. in ~5 10 a. m 70 Quite .steady but still rising. 13e' ya. UNDER A STRAW IN SUMMER-. MAN WARDS OFF OLD SOLSPIERc. &G RAYS —AND LOOKS AT Tl QUESTIONS AND PROBLEMS BEFOI HIM—WITH A CLEAN HEAD. Our straws without a flaw— good headdress to draw to—in fact a good straw hat—is an ace up your sleeve — in shower or sunshine Dobbs' glorious straws with a styled distinction and in- individuality, characteristically with a styled distinction and Dobbs in every line — together with the product of lesser lights of the hat world—$3.50 to $12. Records I Courteous Service LOVISK KLICCTKIC CO. I S Church Street " QUESTIONS SETTLED St. I-ouis, Aug. 3—(UP)—The Ko- publicnn governors' conference under Governor Dcwey has settled six of the 1-1 questions iv. has been considering. Tho principles agreed upon include reconversion . and post-war jobs. DEATH REPORTED London. Aug. 3— UJ P)— Spa'misll Jforeign Minister General Franci-*- , i'0 Gomex dc Jordann. is reported j lo have died suddenly ';it San Scb- I a-st.ian. The report comes Trom the j G c r m a n D-N-B news agency. ! which gives 'nio details. Six of the seven basic food groups require refrigeration lo keep them in healthful condition. Murphy EXTERIOR & INTERIOR All Grade* •:• R.13Cr.ASSIFYING WORKERS Philadelphia, Aug. 3—CUP)— Di'aft boards have started recla.ssi- fy'ing 5,300 st-iking transportation workers in Philadelphia and will • put those eligiblo in 1-A. The; strike—which is serioxis'y curtail-1 'ing. production—is in its third j Clay, . ' . CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 it's >'cw: Klectro-SUitic CLEANER BRUSH A nc«'t type of BniKh thot »!MO cleans »l>- hnlxtery. cs>r|)^t.s, h!»nk«ts. etc. Ideal for rnmovingr lint ami doff and wt haim. . $1.75 TEMPLETON'S TEMPLETON'S COUNJSK WATERBURY DIAL 4«SO (No Toll SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS!!] Friday, Saturday .Johnny Rock 'n 1 Hi* and llye Boy» Polkas nnd Sweet Murte Bill LiilKick 1'olka Orchc li to 9 Sunday* White Eagl Restaurant] BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut," Restaurant AunoclaUoB',1 HOME FINANCING OR RE-FINANCING We Have a Plan To Fit Your Needs NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed 100 Years of Service . For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products; both in peace and in war. ^. • '' UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant NEW BICYCLES BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES GARDEN FERTILIZER LAWN FERTILIZER HY-TROUS LIQUID FERTILIZER SPRAY MATERIALS KLEEN-FLO Clcuns Your Oil T:inlc . Conditions Your Car Motor CHIMNEY SWEEP Cleans Furnace l r lnc» OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS CEMENT PAINT Tiller anil 4 Color* The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Phiirrh St Phone 52$

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