Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 26, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1916
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T' TH* GAZETTE t f(*4*t* it tsd»y— Th* Si f*»p»f* fsrifrt It t«- R » * d tSKfWyirt Th* f-\ A !far : **r- DAILY AND DAILY STANDARD YEAR—NO. 148. STERLING, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, DEC. 26./916, MEXICAN WAS THE VICTIM ,OF MURDEROUS ASSAULT BITCHING POSTS Alcamte Was Shot! Twice Shortly After He Left Boarding Place ! , —— ,A Committee Of Farmers Oe* HOWE NtOVfcS A MYSTERY \ sjre Convenient Place to Hitch Teams One'fiulliet Entered the Arm And the Other the Back, Inflicting a Bad Wound WHEN THEY COME TO TOWN fiy , the tinme of Im»l<>r< u Mt/iot twice Saturday evening «bo«t II '.i« o'"b*ek and lies in * very ftrwitJrlouii condition. Alenlnlte board* nt the tiomr» of .a friend at 'JOf. Watl«tf> street, ile left the house to go to the home, i*f artulher friend nnd had only gone tibout «»rfe hundred feet when th*» report of «..'gnn rang out. Kinuiltimpousiy wfth ttr^ report he felt K p«ln In fil» l*R"fnit«1*rm: He hardly r*MMlK<*d whwt hdd hit {•»{,*"**"*' he fort* the fttin Again spoke,, and 'he realised thnt h® had NH?n hit, this time In th« tmt^U Jt*t_|hf« .bnrk....This stunnered him and h* reeled heavily toward the home oJT j Matter Discussed By Council But No Definite Decision Was Reached H. whrrp IIP hmrdetl, and told wlwit had hnp|>ened. The police were nt onrp called and OiTicerw t'artoy and MangAn r**tH>»»ded. A doctor waiLnhm callml and the* wounded man renw*««d •t oncn to the HterllnR hospital. • Efforts we«» made to find the would- iw murderur. hut becaime of the dark- nww and the time r-lapulnR betw»H»n th*j ithootlng and the nnrivnl of Ihe ofllcers tl» p«rty hud n ««>o<l ehnnce to e»*fir«'. Dr, W. II. McC*ndle»M upon ren<*h- Ing: the hospital made nn examination Of th«» wounds and found tho bullet In th» umaJI of thn back. The bullet en- ietvNI the borty on a nlant and wa» Im- b*dded at *iulti* » depth. Kffortw to extricate It have »o far fallwl. The bullet In the arm **«« ennlly located. "Th* victim of the shooting fiillefl conclfleralfly during Hunday and wa» very low Hunday evening. He rallied «!ttrln£ the nfRttt and wan a llttl" better Momtey monilnsr. No tni»tlvp h»n bren learned for the attempt on th» man's life. He doe» ,not »c*m to know any reatwm for the at- ta*k or if he does will not tell whom A detection of farmers from Hopkins. lordan and Sterling townshlfr i lulled Tt)o (Jj)r.»>tt*« offlf-w^aturday and -later mllr*! on Mayor A. J. I'latt and «'»(mml.«sit»ner John Harmon, They mad" renue««t of these officials that prnftcr fa< llitil;>« s»hftilli| b'« Hcenrded for hltrhinc tlmlr hor«y^ « hen ihry drive to town, In other-' word* they want JiltiJjUiK. iJC'sLaJocaled, tuflvcitigatlj- for r<vifhlnK the stores and uroeerles. One Kfntleman det-lnrrd that «ll the ttvttll- FINE SERVICES Christmas In the Churches Will Long Be Remembered By Congregations MANY IN .ATTENDANCE • as*, Special Attention Was Given To the Musical Programs For the Occasion Oiri*tm«* SomJjijF'tvn* a rtay of joy- o»i» («»rv|f-o In t!if fr^sbytifrinn rhurrh, innrnlnK and afternoon mt < * > tinK« w-rlt n(t*-n»lf'd and l«ith «fi-p pir- vadrd with thf ( 'hrlwtnsaw spirit. In th«* nnmiiic lu-v. f'h«»ntor M. Irwln (l n I'hrlstmnjj^sprmon on th» of "Thp i*<-\f Maniffstatlon of Hml," n l»»fu»on on thr» rtuty «nd the !M'nc>llts "f !i\ irm a rrwlly life an mim- In thr- ftfn o'f A duet, 'In 't*>«nlifully Mhnrln." by Jynvnx, tiy Mins Wnrd and The t/ni *«• h'jtjir Mi»«,« Jano Ward. *j«ace in the main part i»T the clt> WHS <K'cupled by automobile*. Kveu where there were hilrbltiB \wi$* the ,«pai n U;i« orctiplcii by machlni'N and It «a* ini|Mi.H-iil>Ie to Krl the IJOJWM to the pl«".'«*!' that wer»» prm lileil for them. Onr» ron.n wild the tenniK were parked sl\ ami neven bh«'kn away from the mrtitt part of town and it wan neee*- nary for them to carry Jl heir PRR*"" or |>rmlucr» weveral bhicks and then «'arry thrlr Bn«-erlcj» and pr»'Vi*«|on» wevernl block* to their riKs, They auk that more hitching IKWIB Iw ert«cte«l more convenlentiy for the farmern and that HutomobiteH he problhlted from parh- Injr in sections where hitching pout* «rt» er«H-te«l. ' Thv» city ofllclalc, of course, will he hetween two tires i»n thlu service nt 4:Oft remembered • hy of i*hiit»tmn.< music uf the high- rdei 4>unt: by n dwitile Kmmt Hf*«? toy A. tYa\vf»rtl iind; James tho regular «iuarteito eh»lr. were as- l>y Mif. i*. I*. Raymond. Min* Wheeler, I'limk Ward nnd t»r. Mr* A. .T- Head, orgnnlM, rhrlNfma*," bv rH'thler, "Sunset nt t'eihleheiH," by IwM'y. nnd <*hrlflm»u« Kve," i»y MnllinK. the organ prelude being followed b? the exquisite melody of "-Mllent Night, 1 " Ming by Minn fJrstro Wheeler, An Instrumental number of rare LAST BARGAIN MAIL OFFER ¥ he Bargain price for The Gaiette expires Ian. 1, 1017. tintiHtfcir-mftii subscfiber& outside - the city of fitcrliJif and Rock Falls can secure The Gazette to January 1, 1918, at the rale of 21 cents a month. No subscriptions taken at this price beyond January 1, 1018, Last call, . A BAD FREIGHT WRECK Fourteen Oars Were Piled Up PRICI TWO CENTS, v At Agnew Whea Air Hose Coupling Broke v A md wrt-rk IMMUI «lK>nt II; 3<> A ;.|o.nd«xl freight train had Jttst |t««s»«Ml nnotlifr frflght train Hunday f\u»>- n*>ar Ajtnow. from the admlrwhty |>ln>4il on thi* crilo hy Mr. on «*«»tton of < -crtnUHt;" lown, i>x'-t>l|fnt j»!ny.lnif thoi««> who him |H>I>I' will h# hi*.trd In thin for truffle. Tiic othor line broke and fourteen of the were Ktimnioned nt once and It was not until «fteV 6 o'clock thnt eventin? that one uf the wan. eliwr track W«H not rlrotred tmtl nfter Monday noon, ' • It wai» one of the worst wr/'cki* of the yeor In thin vicinity «» fur «i.*< the number of earn W*K concerned. Most and the urn In BRITISH REVIEW John Bull .Spent Much of the Year Applying Lessons Learned Last Year FIRST It Was This Great Lesson That Resulted In the Cabinet /Crisis Hy Ivl U Krrn. (HtnfT I'orrfXfHindMit »»f I'nl l^mdon, BnR.. l^f. 2B. — John Hull «|wtit a Kw»dly |>ortion of this yrnr «|>- jdyiriR thn lw»on» h«- Innrttrd Inwt yfar. The rnislnkos ^of 1S»1S wcr«> rather nt Ih/^lmf hut they prn. HflnK rt pupil, n« nlwnyn, John Ilull hud to h driven, iind tho prwoxs wns .-{•alnful.. From thn Dardanelles to ml*-, .from N'otivp f*Jinti|>ello to Loow from Botte t" Alh^tiB, he blunders alonir, hut,' ,n3 ni!bw><in»>nt history hA« demonstrnl^lr-nil the tlmn mrrit, f>ut Jif *>yi«ry stmtt- y unfilh-d', fxptM-tation, Iwth mill and tiilHi'.'nl, hr nmnHRpd t»» l^nr GERMANY SUGGESTS THAT THE BELLIGERENTS'MEET PLANS L Scheme For Consolidation Will Be Embodied In the Administration Code AFFECTS 100 DIVISIONS 4' Answers Peace Note Of dent Wilson With Pita For A Conftrefjee and yet Home provlnlon vliould bo made SHARED IN PROFITS Brothers, National And FrauU Oo. Ecmember- " ' ""W Thwr Employes ' ' fiumber of gavo a grtjat tmploywi a Christmas . I' ^fwewnt Sutunlay rvenlng- when they f left ttielr work and were .getting ready «• , to start for home. The- present was I .;. In the »hap« of a bonun, and every em- ploye who had been In the nervlcw of I the flrtn ,ov«r two years .received « «ihar« in the jdJjttrihutinn, A Kreu 1 xiunny have lM^«n employetl by the com ;, pany over t*n years and thc*o were f given, rtfty d«dlar«. Those who hav ; been 'with th* company between Jiv« ' 'and ten years receive*! twenty-five dol : lar*. Th,o«? employed between tw» " and flvp yoara wen* given fifteen did „ " tor». . They wore certainly very ac"" c*pUtbJt? Chrlntmas presentw, : , __ National M»nu*«oturinjj Co. The employes of the Sterling Na• , tional Miuiufttfturlnx comjuiny wert maite verjr hwjtpy Haturday evening 1 ' when they went nom«* to iind the company had given thvin n «n!>Mtii>it)n Chrl«»m««.,pr«iM'nt In the way at u bonus for their work, 1 The comi>itn> ha* cxperienfed a very pr(»sperojii- year and It h»s thim uliare.i it with .their employes. The following la UM» pcnffdul* wf fh» bonuses: * Those who )ia\*e b«en umitloyed by tho coin|nuiy for «lx months rvcehuni tive dollars; those «-mploy«*d between wlx months *uid one ye*r, ten dollars: th«»se he- twiwn, one &nd two ywirs, nfu-en dol- law; those between twiJ und three y«<ar«, twenty dollars, and alt over three yean twenty-nvw doiiaiM. Tit*' PranU Company. . Th« offJcern of the Fr«nt» .Munii- f»cvturln« company gave every em, ploye In t«*rtr fwetory « day's wage* fpr a Christmas pit-sent, Saturday «v"«nin|r< This nwde the ij»*»n very thankful for during the days of the high cost of living, the sum watt must ' Pl£AS£D THE PATRONS Opening of (he Postoffico On Christmas Morning Was Appreciated 'T*h*> «Hinm« of Postmaster A, M. »'la- vft» f»»r Keying mail t'hmtmas mornltiK jiiovi'd a goitd wilt) ami tho post otllcu lobby was* filled with people t'nun the for parking machine and H not her provision IM» made for horse driven vehicles. The eontIM IB between funnel's, one faction driving the machines and thn other driving the horses, but It seems Ilkoly some method could l>e Inaugurated whereby one section of the town would b* "given over to hitching poBUr nnd another section to parking auto*. -In some pl«ce« where th* Streets »r* wjde cam ar* belnj? parked fn the <3*n|||& r thn streets inttead of TwopljrwrarK i *"Tip" to the curb on either side- street, get their groceries nnd unload their pl-odoccu without climbing over or around or twisting In between a lot of muddy automobile*, UoctiHt unreel from tfyurth street to the t 1 . It; & Q. Railroad in a wide street, frtnM avenue from Fourth street to the <'. It. & Q. Railroad IH n wide street, Hecond Hvenue Is n not her wld«« street. ' It would seem that the council eould Investigate tho matter of parking In the center of thene wide Hlivoi« (ind keep tho automobiles in one HIT!inn and put up hitching for the convenience of those who drive horses In another section.' The mane* Is one of moment and we lire wire the council will give careful consideration thereto, and work out u plan nn nearly as possible that will render the n»wt convenient HOI vice to the_jni*nt people. Ono thing In certain und that Is since tho coming of tho unto people arc traveling: longer distance** to trade, they eom»« three tlmen us often and the Kt;rwtH wore not. mudti to weomodate. the largo truilk- that h* coming to the city HO-that no matter what l« can be done it will be iiut«M<n(hle to t«k<> rare of both the drivers of horse drawn vehicles und of nutns without Homo !n(.'oiiveiiieiice to one or both However, hy dewlRiiiiiK certain »tro«'t»t for union unit certain other locations for horw drawn vehlclcn it would ,«eem thiit »'fi»Ir HiTungement could Iw mmh' that would l»t> generally *at!«tiictory to b(»th pjirtlew. When food r<«Rd« IwHwime the i-KirtbllMhod rule tnowt people %vili be driving machines :ia Home of them now but l(t»l" if any more than u rl'K >u»l team. Hlnco' the above WHS .written tiw lui» held a meet In if and the nwitter of imrkinu In tho center of tin- .vide MlUH'tB as HiigKeMted above 1» be- city muni future Tht» vocn,l nntnhrrs «xtn»«l»»t<Hl of n htm* rififntlvf hy Mr. \Vo<»dnrd. "A King Sh«I) Ite-lKn;" « dwt hy Mr. Kaymond \Vnrd, "Thw Hi»nrt Kver by MlKH HosHoh, Pflrl*«: a *olo hy Air. ftnymond, "My ul," hy llnoh; n, trio Mr, Ward and !>r. ",stnr of Hf-thlrhMn." hy flnhn; a harilon»* a«oh» hy .Mr. Witrd, nnd n no|o hy MI.HK \\*hi>oli>r. "Thn Horn'KlRK." hy l.>»|>olr, Thorns "Arln«», HMnp," hy HHW- k«.v; "Thrro ^>r« Shp|»h«»rrtn." hy Brown; "Behold I BrinK You OIKKJ Tld- ingn." hy Kdwnrda, with soprano obit- gatn by MtSH \Vhc»clcr: «nd thf ntimhcr "Holly, NlRht»" hy The iwtnunHtp rm "Watchinir th«t " by lti«r. t'hwter Mr frvln, « tirlrf nnd afpnipritit** mpiurait?, attention <o the t<xnmr>ln of thn who ht-nrd tho nnijpl chorun of th*^ can* wen* wa» scRttprpd nnd pllpd In tunately no om* was hurt. w»>.itbound train hint partially the other whr-n thf wreck took they w«»ro looking Godward, and who nct^d nt »inr*> In paylnjj horn- aifp to tlm nt»w. horn Messiah. The ChrlHtmaji m»'HJ<ii«(> IH tin 1 xatntf tmlHy. to look to Hfjivcn for gtildnncp, to pay to dirlut nnd to livo nil the in the nldtud'e of tln^ For- place nnd the rant which shot acroc* the trackii to the went bound track ntruck th* ratmoBe :of thf WfBtbottnd train damaging It tdl^htly. Had the awidcnt occtirr«»d ''th« *m«iH«Jl fraction of a mltnrtle fooner It would hwve wrecked the* westbound caboonev- whirh ront«lri««d several trainmen, When the air hose coupling broke It ae,l the brakes instantly and the wreck watt the rwult. Another Ktnnll wrwk occtirred at Monday mornHnj:. A car JumpydNJhe track hut no «»ne wa» hurt. The \vrecktr wa» willed upon to clenr the tracks. NEEDY HAPPY spirit, . FOURTH STREET M, B. The '('hrfMtniHN projmim given at Potirth Klre,H MethodlKt ohurrh Sun- dity evenltiB wa» a pleatdiiK affair. The fhildn*n's wore ntlll*eil in Conjunction with the regular 'c'hcir, mak- Inj; a com plot o rh««ru« of seventy-five Ing cotmidcred, The rejK»rt follow*; CITY COUNCIL MEETING. At tlu? meeting of the'City Council Monday morning th« matter of htttih* UK |«wtH \VUH disCUHiMHl lit U'UKth, but to notion \va» taken. The fact wan ironffht out at thin dincu».Nlon that tho najority of the memberu of lh«* c«>un- A thritllnt; and beautiful weiu> pre- nte<l it»elf when the appoltiled time »he fihoristei-H marxdiett In t>roeetmlon down tho Hlnh'M of tln< hoflly lighted hulldlMK and nioutiiiMl the oholr loft in th« renter of which a star gleamed u.bovo a Inrsce wJtlto rros«, After the »lniri*r» reached their plaewi (Continued On I\\K« Seven) TRAFFTclllD^TOOAY • Communication Was Al most Prostrated By the Sleet Storm Various Organisations Of the City Helped to Make a Merry Christmas - Aluuit forty famlllea were made very hi£ppy Hunday when- the lar»?e drove to their homes and leit. of nil th«; lesson of centrallzet power- In th*> direction of war. of In teinal Krovernment, of domestic e<-on omy and of efllclency, tlionmglilj leurnect led him to put the man who ivbovo nil others ha* done most for -D»vld l.loyd-<l» ¥ orRe7—Into a dletntnrnhip over all those branches of British activity. The Awtulth cwblnet, with Its "mud- rtlonR" fell tM»e«uw» Hrltlsh publle opinion, nlmo«t itolldly aligned'behind "the Hi lit* Wel«hmnn,". demanded prenw fflielency In Kncland's light for life. It wan chardcterlHtSe of Uovd- .Oeoruc,- the breakor of prwed*nt, tliftt he dhould «weep away nearly all the old ministerial machinery and ttubfltl- luto for the loosely knit, slow moving, ov«>r-<»flh^»iTd cabinet, a, mnall, comi; war council of live members—and t»ke thin step with the eager acquiescence of .John Bull. And John Bull, who usually baa to bo driven, and who usually hate* new-fangleif-thlngn, show.ed the transformation In bin eh&raerer yirbirh tho war ha« wrought by stand- Ins bejilnd I^loyd-tleorge. By reason of his early unsuccessful adventures In the Near Kitst he gathered Invaluable knowledge In the matter of organisation nnd equipment which he had thla year applied In other quarters. A* a, rcfiult of the failure of Hi* troopa In the. we«i in- the npr!ng and full of iai& to attain liifelr dwtJrod ot»« jeetlve h«» made certain ch»ng*ii In per- eonnel. vastly improved hlji orsanlwi- tlon behind the line*, and fthoVe nil leirned tlutt the only way aeriounly to dent the Oerman front wa« with « preponderating Hiipply of nhot mid ahell. In the Held of dlpiomacy wherein the Hermann ul lir»t cut circle ail around, him, he-I* 8t<>adiry Improving. He lost Eight Or Ten Departments Will Be Created If the Bill / Is Adopted »l to The Oar.ette) Chicago, III.. l~X>i<, 2Si of conBolldatlon of (he mo hundred departments, bure ban one and commissions* In,the Ktate, Bervlt-o will IMS embodied in « Klngle bill to be known as "Thn Administrative Code, of Illinois." The measure will IN? ready for Introduction' a few-days after the The bill contains the wtndam of SAYS IT IS THE ONLY • ' . Expresses a Willingness To Collaborate With U, S, 'doverrtraent (By United Press) Berlin, O*r., By Wlfeletw to L. i., D«c. 2«.— Oennwiy tod»r posed a meetlhf of th« belllg«nn answer to the p*ace not* of Fr Wihion. A fofttial reply to ttw HHg«e*tlonf waa made In ft- hknded 16 Ambassador Oerard *t iln and at the warn* time to tt» Ai lean d»plomat« In Vienna, Tokld ('onstanllnople. The text wf the . Tne high minded BUfgeaUona nitcd BtatM of order to create a ! biuilii "T*»'f thr iB«t» llshment of laHtlnnr |*e«c*, ha» . ,.„ ..... .„... ..... „ .... „„,... ....... years of ohservfttlott by many of theicelved and considered by the German Rovertimcnt In tb« legislator;!, public officials and ' leading men. It will carry out th« pledge c»f ronmdldatlon In the 1'porla platform of the'Republican party. It j will have the cordial approval of Governor-elect FYank o. I^owden and the incoming state administration. it watt the original idea that a central act providing for coneolldatlon should l»e PUN Ned. Kepnmte actii would lien IK- adopted consolidating the nil divisions Into the reiipective lepartmentH. .T.hem'h»ve been many with tegUlatortt and In now deemed" ad visa tile everything In a single \Vlt« has l«>e« .very had today ait thu re«ult of the 'gleet which aJTerta the triuismi.saliui «erV-iee, For the first time. in ninny mmithh The Oaisette wag atilc to get only a p«a-tial today from tho United hut the wire elilt-lH both in and ChicnKo tiid everylhlni; lim* U»f «flndk»Mf» w»r« »'i«'>»^t tit ninf k Hintil.lnjig after eleven, for the ,would- .Hot cluw them IIM ionx w»'» Hoyono in UK' building rtwil >, * liitributin^ of tho mail riiri^- f«r*no*»H we*ni n whole lot «»f for |H* .clerk*, but all uttHul At their i¥sf**ftivt» w'itidou » und cheerfully h«ud.Pti uut the mail mui |utck- <mm for every utit> apj>l>itis; J'«»i iltem • at tunes between rorty ,tn*i IH- inir in line The imti»« out pf mall •y««t*rd»i relunvd tlu ,1*011 Wbwts WWJltt have oteui morrit«j|. OAli-V WfATHEflt RiPORT. (Cuntinued from pfttfp B.| INTERSTATE CARS BURN 3il*on Qarago on Becond Avenue Caught Fire Saturday Evening, The Karage «if H. N. UijKoii «i 207 Hixth siiPt-f, Itudieti Saturdaj ali'iut HI oYiork uo<4 IK H tti tat wrvek— ift-eonwecjuifnop. ^'1'he t>rty t« owiuul \>y A. K. iietiiti. ,lr, unit IX icnl**(V to Mr. (JU.suri. .who ulMt luu ! the liuuwe muif. by ,iu which he live* Thf Kuraue is u InrK**,' woiHteti bttiu*. lure nmdt* »n aa to Jiold feevt-rai ma-- chiuea when M» Heilm um^l ti> tivi- there Mini wa« in tlit» IIIM hufiiiva*- wutt ren(ei| to N. «J. Van had M»,'suit*i, in' it, mo- Wheat ftir his in.'U'hmr t'jijflu* ioteitHnit* Tt'lepiuttie ' witich luul itf runulomt 111 i! \Viu-.U H»e (SUMK*- I The Saitt, ;i»n>. who, roftt- and ;iii'( I lie l><ui<ilOii The > Van b*;iM 'nnil i'linductor Whou to build up 4 circuit over which the re- could ht> rei-eived., . f Thf) boMtd of trade market rep<irt» jil«o uUKMiiiK todjiy breutiM) of wire trouble. . a Tb» North Western haa lieen unable to get any t*t>rvi<-t» over HH \\iiew at ail, owltiff to (ff'-Uen vvhva euat uitd of this *ii*yNX A nuttt i rsj)s' of the (Vntral Union Tfh-phiine i"utnj«y^iy uay» the wires In <the ritv ate not «-overet! with sleet. «a the UTiiulu- hue nudtt'd it nil, but report* fi«"»m tl»e country «»•» very bad. »»« ihe wind is Mowing hard. There la. u hwivy loattnt; nf wleet on these wires, niiilUMH t hem _ very hwivy A tut th» wind i'a!i%«-54 ib-citi tu »\\ny t the.\ be- hiK ea»liv hnnu'tl o!'( by tho < ow.Utut frifilon U« hiiH men out all uver the dltstriot, but they Iwve l»e« n unalde'to inu'eh by hot-wt' .and I»UB*»,V. oinjf t"u tnut tor Th« \VfMern I'nlon Is h. kin'la ol u'oiitile i»i (lu> «i toe .inAx,nuiKt Hi iln- liiti" itils atternoon hud "" uli'^x ut 'oil, TIlP Intel .-:(uU- uilllpao-y set'tny to fareiJ Iti'tter. Sor ttlltle tjiey tiave. the coitnty, hut prepared for-tbem by the members of I lie ICIk's Itenevolent rommittee l>i>UKhl w'lth money Klven by memliers of, this orKanlnutlon. The contenUi of the were printed In thin paper u few duyn I>KI». leach one re^lvitiRone of these baskets were tlenervlujj and each basket contained artirlcs of fond not otherwise provided. Uune« It wan with grateful heurtiT the ImHkots were rerelved. Masonic Committee. It linn long iieen the cultum for the Mason K' Iodide of Sterling throuKh '(« beqpvolent conrmittce, .,U»'.\ furnish Christinas dinners* for many fumilieii in HterliiiK whoHe fare that day mifrht otherwise have b*«n want. The eow- mtltev made HH annual vlnit und took with them ChriMtinnn cheer • to ninny homed, reminding: the children of Santa Clans for their ba'skots eomitln- ed toya of many klndn. Many of the buckets cMiitaliird ehicken and nil that goen with It for u bounteouti <jiiiiitfr. The coijitnlttee mudt* mnny - hearts happy that day. Philanthropic Union. the nK'niliers of the I'lillnn- thruple l^nlon did not go^ont |MM'ison- ully the pa»l few tiny* smut distribute or food ua < % hriwlnijiH p I ho Allied cause, but the experience he imiulred in thm proeesu enabled him to gather in Rouraanln. Just no\v, by the fortunes of war, Ron- mania uppeurn to IMS a doubtful, military itHHcrt, If not a liability; hut at the time unnueprlonably the enlistment (Continued* on .1'age Two} PEACE IN ONE YEAR French Soldiers Certain They otherit. It o iholudo heaHure, The bill in all Ita details IIHB not been perfected. The general Idea has been worked out *»o it will be In form for consideration by the legislature. The ougli draft will embrace all the independent- officer!!, boards and commla- lons belonging under the jurisdiction f the governor and which are admin* Btrattvn and executive In their nature. The elective state officer* will not x- brought into Alie general plan ex- ept Incidentally/ The reason for this apparent tn t timt '"^ nold tnda- wndent elective ponltlorui, ar« not n- ponatble to, §nd cannot b* controlled -ytlie governor. As tentatively worked out the hoarda, ureauH and commlasloiiH under the JurlHdictlon of the governor' will "be abolished. In the place of over one hundred now In existence, will be Ktituted eight or ten department*, The department* under connlderation are finance, agriculture, labor, mining, public works, charltlew and corrections, spirit expressed In the president'* munlcation, "The president polntu out that whicn he lias In M» heart and iMVMvtlp] rfiad o|»en. . To th* Imperial government an immediate views Beems the most approptiat* "Ry which to reach the dfcdlrfd ^ It proposes an immediate meetlnf t»>e delegates of the belligerent tt»l«i| at a neutral place. 0 • ,"]."* "The imperial government 1» of $ opinion that the'great w«*k of venting future war* can b« b*»un after the end of th* present strt of nations. U will («ani*ly the man governrnent) when this n shall have coma, be ready with ure to collaborate with the mates In ,thl» task." DON'T EXPECT ALLierTO AGI$f ifl By Robert J, Bender' (Buff Correspondent of United Washington, D. C, Dec. 2e,-~A examination of the German reply, t» President , Wll»on'a pe^ce JnijHp'" M conUlned In a dUpftph from ' " Uri. led of tW his NM not of the enUnt* to roeeC tha (Continued on Page Flv«) Will Spend tho - Christmas At Home , Hy llonry Wood , (Stuff Correspondent of U»lti«| I'rcsa) With the French A ration in Aloace- l^rniine, via Uelfort and Parlii;- Dec, Se.-Krance'fi soldiers celehrnted Christ - inuo With thn absolute conviction uutt lh,ey will upend Dw. 25, 1917, at home. «i<or«M-of two week's .during yet -they h«vt> •warmer thn j*a»t the cold snap, ami their work Is worthy of commendation. The people of Hter- UiiK have been mo«t gtmerou» wnd their donations in this way of t'luthttiM have ' very liberal. . Th« 8upcrvi»or. Hupervi.-*or jtwus liner liii not bi<eu idle hy nny-numiiH the pa«t week, HI u1 }u> lm» been able to do much good. Thn county tsitly cerlain 'kindti of to tit* Kfveu, hut fh«ni> huve .<t\i«i but itu- j< i>( the tniei- td>. lU-ail> 4lti" ,w..nh i»ut \t-rj itKht t.i»t «*um- tiuiny Miunlrv iinrs »<v»'i ino:U «!f tin- in vvoiktiu; i fc-W wife* an- diiun .Thf tiakn»< w hjeh h:»\«' on heitited» M'hei|ole:< ! *i»' !)<)* UlliTlHM^i iilut, nitml .si»iii>-vvti«-M* l\< .«r been running 'lntiiK heitt-i "1 111" Ml are their ><'J M .»I- ODES TOJSETTLC ESTATE '<•* l-:iiinn<- l.f!.t"»i»\ t-.j t'uifi Vt4t ,'l.*\ II. e ft HI*' tl 1 1 t l>een uiimnented !)>' KltlK to hint fiom outwiderK und they hiiv.ii given much pleasure.. Certainly 1 there i« not a llee.i). family in SIoi IHIK Imt what hu» frit thr oflwtK »>f Sittita'a duiliu; lh« pant two \v(>t«kH. SANK ARMED PATROLS Austrian Destroyer* Handed the Ot- t*nto Straits Says Vienna i By United {'rt-!^!) ^ Hetltn, <ier.. Via' Hj»\vilb'. L. I.. !>««•. *fi K«»ur. Autstro lluni;ai nn ilehttoy- <>l.s in it i.uci nn the mpht of |Jcc»'|ii her »l'-"^3 K»nk tvvn .utfied piitr»i !>II.'*IH in the Otrtuttn ^traitu und fin their way back we»e hlnclied by ut |ea--t HIX e.iietny"«te».tfoyers, according to a Vtt<nnit «>Jtlc'ial icpoft M'c<'lyc«l llrio iiidx.V. TliV MtMti'inelit K.lld ''till.the »ti«}it f IH 1 'uinttei 2" a;t lour Auftto-lluii- ».titan iies.(i««>vf« in ,i laid op the ittt.i'JitM ^s.uts t«iuK i\vu ,'irined \K\* ttul.s ai-ti t an iiitilli'ty inintwl ''ii Ihe. was I Hi i U- ,<t !*',»M MX lUHsttk- tlf- ^iroyerji ,i'( g»eu!nr «i«e and Kpfetl'* ut the ituto|tiflilt;itiie < I i*>« liii»cKi;il them ,\ \|.tl«>n! (irtilleiy little Cll»lU'd' ' »|ie ciu in* ses-M-1 w,i.-x m-i na fiic mill lta»«' HHnTM vu t«* hit teev«a>»l ttiiu-a at *h»ri The t'lwmy ve^^iels vserv rout- ««f tnjr dv»t rover* one ii.% in the funnel und another They were all certain the along -the Bomnie. and «L.,Ver«lun hart established un tuiceiidiincy* over the enemy that will ona'tft* France and h«r allies to make "Peace on Rarth Good Will Toward men," u reality, Hspe«'lalty WUK the feeling that pence would come In another ye«r strong In trench No, 4 at Helfort. There the soldiers upcot Chrlatmaa defending the flrnt Hue |Mi»itloij». "It is the men who are cttwtst in fighting Tontaot with the enemy who feel most strongly 'that they will at- tain%t morn I and physleat victory over the enemy," explained an officer in eotnnmnd of this'trench. "All of the men auent the day writing home mid expressed the llrmcst a»surance that they would PUMK next i'lirlBtma:i at their own f res Ides," | It was thtu pola conviction (hut inaili; every soldier risse to nn exceptional effort to in,*Ue thu celebration a inetn- oialdti one. * The tfmll carriers were heroes, They worked' ( x hristniaK eve and »ll day ChrlstintiH, often ,u the risk of shell lire, in delivering presto tho fir tit line ticnches The of was tim'only possible ctdefoMtiuii APEACE CONFERENCE IS UP TO CARRANZA Peaceable Settlement Depends Upon His Reply to the Protocol - <l$y United Pre»») Washington. D. C.. Bee, 26.~Settlement of the differences between Mexico and the. United States by peaceable meanti depends' upon the answer Carraiiisa gives to the last note uent by the commissioners relative to »lgn- ing the protociil-for tho withdrawal of the troop*. Announcement wax made that thl» government expects the reply her* today. This government does not pro•pose tt> negotiate further. If Car- rnii£a. doew not aig>> the protocol/the commtHslon'H sessions will be at an end. This will leave the situation as it was before the conunliiwlon convened In New Hampshire early In the fall. It may mean too, a firmer policy of the United Statea in dealing with Mexican affairs. ' "" WILL SUMMON LAWSON Noted 8p«oul»tor Will b* Asktd to M. . fei 'peace, conferenc« v Att|jl» ttnw cerned. , H« .the allies .would nq| c^tisi>nt>to » p« .meeting based on sdch an answer was given In the brief reply of many. . . > ./ '••" . Alt official!! eitbreised frank ure over Oerrnftnyi's. response to president's not*.' /JThey declaN 1 * augurs well. , 3 hiany w*r*»*M ^ mluodly disappointed In the abs«no« 1 the upecine terw» >iH«d.. V*t tb^ pointed put that arijr peaxse coneesilo} at this timft—»nrf far »oin« wjVto come—mu»t of necesjlty ha proJonf»d. i with a conaldemiil* l>«rtod of slon to be expected, bffore th* "bfl llgerents get d>*" "" *--" '—•-- •T " 8WI38 J (By Berlin, Oer., , , ,. Dec, s&.—Rumor twt tlw Swlsa f»4 rai council Is contemplating «Un»4*" |>r^Pr«aJdent J '- belllferen to action to tlu^t aon In his note to reported in the Beriltl telegram • Yof»' sist-he Zeilung, bureau wtutement to the SAY WAITS IS INSAI Testify in Probe of Lfisk. (By United Preas) Washington, D. C.. Dec. 36. - If Thomas W. Lawson can prove there iw 'always a reason for leaks In connection with governmental affair*, especially on International matters, he wil b£ given an opportunity to*deliver bis proof to congress in person. Chairman Henry of the house rules committee to -.which was referred the *WoodH investigation resolution, tu probo into the alleged leak-of the Wilson peace note and the Lansing, state- menta which caue«d a fluetu* lion In the inurketH, today' sent a formal invitation to 1'^wwon tu tell all he Will 8ae ,Amb«»»«dor Gerard And the Swiit Minitter in Berlin • <Hy United l^ross) Amsterdam. Holland, l>ec. ati.— iiiu'li'uii AintJHHrmdiir lio'iurd WIIB »ch?dulwl for a »peciai amlieni 1 * with frttm Dei'Hu, t wan NtuteU 'ha« rtlho a at Hetlln, Or, In nf}nt< to tli" t tudlvnee , - - i hi- uur !<•.»!.•* ,i«! ,M> I IS> Tho «n»(«?r«r KtHj the f»wu .1 W. O* iMttp- i.ti c ftij 1 an "to di> Witt) the Aloellr^ji pcitce •,«(!»." K«>ll*»|i«. ftow jUiUfi|" in hy Ihe Swh-- W. .. WAS NiCEl-Y The I ;.!•/••< je fotce w«s iitrct.v i etiiKcreit fur * •lui.Miina.H hy FIADU Murph>, uf the Murphy UrJ*,. ( ,st>irk>. with a. Tint*' box .yf «*an>i>^ for lwdk>H «it the fuice" wiui a uf fi«i t'tie Hoth ti STEAMER CAUS FOR HEIP Steamship Maryland i* Reported Sinking .15 Miles Off Sandy Hook. (Hy United Press I, New Yoik. .N. V, Dec-. 8«..—T,he ^tivimalitp Muryltwul Is reported sinking about it.o milea off Handy Hook, uccordlitK ttr^vireleuH meBsages picked op ht>re. Four veuat'lij ar« on their wwy to uusi^t the dlhtrossBod ship. The wireje?m m«?««ast'a regarding (the cause of the trouble thnt Udell the Maryland could not he Interpreted by the wireless stations. " The ve#»el waa reported In th^ vicinity in which the OvViiiair Mnbniarina V -"63 • recently opeiatcd. FAVORl THE MOVIES Dr/ Appletoa Morgan 8«y» Thsy Art Setter Th«n Sunday's Sermoni (Hy I'nlted Press I New VorK, N*. V.. Uc-'e. 26, - Dr. V Apl'letito MOIKOII, HuMketopt'iji litn critic iiiiii auliuu, liiiK weight*'! Hie Htllj Sunday nutl the Dr ^lovuan i* heartrtr in luvor o! Suuday motion pictyre nhows but "such tiarfeiigluUK wiiorniuui-e» .. uft Hili> Kuixtuy'sr' should be contined t<> Effort Win B« H«MJe to the Life of Oonfeased NewYofl"" * t . Uly New IforK, N, , new evidence of ittftaJtliy fn Dr. Warren Waite, ootktMled murdsrer John E. Peek, of OHind Baptds, Wait 1R. Deuel, Wile's brother, i-Yank W*ltt, ar* Pfsparti beek a hew trial fop the inan wlj how awaiting death »t8ln» According to I'Vatil? Waite er has confessed tt> him that (<>it> his arrest he ttioic enough to Frank's home to kill aeveral plti and hid it there- pr. Walt* tlut he had the «r(WIil« r for y**ni that U was In his possestiton at time he bougMJh* Arsenic with to kin Peclk. TW« «tory has been stanil»t«d by finding; thla bidden, hi* in other stated. >TM&. f*ct will bs w of his Insanity lir an to prove Dr. Wait* be«m~ Insane t - . ^1 IIUN0IS GUARDS LOST Firct Witponsin Infantry Won th* Footb*H Champl*n«"*P On 8ord»r (My Uu|t«4 I*r»ss) Ban Antonio, S 1 **., *N». **-~ Wisconsin. JUtlftnity. wim championship of the division of the und the Army and Navy •up by defeating the Third ' earn » to w. jfe*, ' FEtt, DOWN'ttTAIHS A young nan by the nama of fll Ufi*r|li)HK down the long flight diiij; up to * tailor tthop the UeiLi» Third Mtrwt ISunduy. ab^ut , and, broktt 1,1 i* tutjn- un4 his. fwe. 1I« WJ*H taki>« to uf 1>V, di tfeeji the Kubl'tith holy' 1 lUed' up. were ( wttentted to. U tt> be taken home uflfvr i

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