Needles Desert Star from Needles, California on July 27, 1972 · 2
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Needles Desert Star from Needles, California · 2

Needles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1972
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THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1972 i DESERT STAR PAGE TWO DESERT STAR 9! 1$ Third Street, Needles, California 92363 Established In The Year 1688 By Dr. James Booth and F, H. Harbard TNI DESERT STA IS A CONTINUATION OP: SOOTH'S IAZOO THE NEEDLES EYE NEEDLES NUGGIY ENTERED AS SECOND CUSS MATTER AT THE POST OFFICE NEEDLES. CALIFORNIA WEEKLY FURLICATION: THURSDAY DATELINE UNDER THE ACT OF MARCH. TITf EDITOR Lee Perry OFFICE MANAGER , . , Corinne More COMMUNITY EDITOR . . . Demarious Carter PHOTOGRAPHER Pete Jewell MEMtER OF THE INTERNATIONAL TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION CALIFORNIA NEWSPAPER PURLISHERS ASSOCIATION The Copy Basket Runneth Over BY JOHN SQUIBB More On The Smog Problem: A call came through from a young student claiming to do research for his class at U. C. L. A. on Thursday night He wanted information on the amount and duration of the OZone concentration in Needles. Ozone is an end product of the photochemical reaction of smog and ultraviolet light It is a method by which a concentration level may be inferred. The information on hand was given to him and at the same time the relative concentration of sulfur dioxide was offered as well. An article in the June 3 copy of Saturday Review of Literature now on the shelf in the local library is interesting. It deals mostly with the problem at 4 comers and the anticipated problem at the Navajo plant, but does show' the Mohave plant on the map as well. It seems that the author is rather critical of the environmental impact study done at 4 comers. He states that it was said by an environmental consultant hired by the utilities that the impact on the air quality of the region will be minor. A photograph shows clouding of the famous landmark called Shiprock with the obvious air contamination. Obviously, civilization needs power but one does wonder about the morality of ruining the desert area air by contaminating it with more actual discharge fro mone set of plants than all of the contamination in the Los Angeles basin. It is also difficult to understand how utility companies who have known by the statistical computations of their expert mathmatirians what the need for power was going to be for twenty years could profess ignorance of the importance of the problem of air quality. It is not a matter of anyone wanting to shut them down as much as it is to have them be certain they are going to utilize the state of the art that can be meaningful to improved air quality. The article should be read because it is most informative. THE VON SCHMTDT SURVEY MARKER: Many of our residents mentioned their concern for the preservation of the well-known Von Schmidt survey marker north of Needles on the. road to the MGP. Adra Hensel. of the San Bernardino Museum Association, is said to be working with Senator Coombs on seein gabout getting this area made into a state park facility with the idea in mind of protecting this valuable monument Last week I received a note of thanks from the landscape architect of the Bureau of Land Management. They are in the process of placing some of the up-to-date landmarks and sites of importance to historical societies on their master plan for the landscape useage of the area in order to protect them. This is an end result I am told, of Congressman Pettis insitence on them taking some steps to control the misuse of the desert. He will be out here, the landscape architect Jacobsen, this fall to view some of the important petro-glyph sites toward their department taking a more active part in their patrol and in enforcing the antiquities act. The area needs this type of backing for the local historical society. It can become discouraging to those members who have been active in the preservation of items of antiquity if there is no apparent outside concern. It is hoped that in the very near future the county will announce some type of plan to aid the local museum association in the acquisition of a site to house some of the acquired collections of the area including many fine items donated by the Santa Fe Railroad, the Desert Star and former residents, and those who have passed on. This important community endeavor should not be allowed to die for it may provide the area with one of its major historical attractions to tourists and casual vacationers to the area in the future. A concrete plan must be undertaken soon to solve the minor problems which trouble the organization and to remove the points of irritation between them and the recreation department over the perhaps unwise location of certain railw ay refrigerator cars in an area where they could become an eyesore, or an asset. Mr. Whitaker's Class Studies Needles: Received a very interesting letter from Charles F. Whitaker, former English teacher, who lives and teaches in a private school in Timaru, New Zealand. He states that his students are interested in studying the Newcomers At City Hospital June 26 Amanda Christine Davis, 7 pounds, 14 ounces and 20 Inches, born to Gordon and Sheila Davis of Needles. June 27 Daniel Robert Murray. 8 pounds, 13'$ ounces and 23 Inches long, bom to Dennis and Marsha Murray erf Needles. July 2 Clarissa Sanchez, 7 pounds. 13'$ ounces and 20 long, bom to Edward and Anna Sanchez of Needles. July 3 Travis Oory AI1-'dnedge. 8 pounds, one half oz and 20 inches long born to Merlin and Claudia Allredge, Bullhead City. July 7 Randel Riggs Smith. 8 pounds, 13 ounces and 21" long, born to Ralph and Kandace Smith of Needles. July 8 Luther Troy Crabtree ITT. 9 pounds, 5 ounces. 22 Inches long, born to Lather and Kandra Crabtree. Needles. July 8 Shane William Kennedy, 6 pounds, 934 ounces and 19s$ inches born to Larry and Cherti Kennedy, Lake Havasu City. June 9 Dannie Carin Daniels, 7 pounds, 9 ounces and 20 inches, born to David and Jan Daniel of Needles. July 12 Michael Hills, 7 pounds, 11 ounces and 20 inches long, born to Owen and Lor-na Hills. Needles. July 17 James Clayton Fragosa, 7 pounds, 13'$ ounces and 19'$ inches, born to Ralph and Mona Fragosa, Needles. July 19 Bruce Timothy Newman jr., 8 pounds, 3'$ oz and 224 inches, born to Bruce and Kathy Newman of Needles. City Receives Tax Funds State tax money totaling $1.5 million has been distributed in San Bernardino county. Highway uses taxes provided the largest distribution. The money was derived from gasoline tax, diesel fuel tax and transfer from tho Transportation Tax und, with Needles receiving $4.1fM The city also received $731.47 in lieu funds and $1,697.37 from cigarette taxes. THE VISITING FIREMAN ... LAS VEGAS Paul Anka, now starring at Caesars Palace, sold his song-writing talents and musical copyrights for the next five years to Gordon Mills (manager of Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck) for $500,000 cash. Anka has another unusual musical distinction: His Diana, which Paul wrote 4c recorded, has sold more single records than any song in history except Bing Crosbys "White Christmas. . . Newest Vegas hotel is the 15-story Circus Circus high-rise which had formal opening last weekend, providing 409 more rooms for the towns tourists. Unveiling at same time was Circus Circus Hippodrome Theatres hit revue, Frederic Apcars "French Love Connection" girly-gala. . .Jack E. Leonard told Burt Reynolds at the Desert Inn: "Men would be a lot better off if they stopped trying to understand women, and just enjoyed having them around". . . WHOS WHERE By Forrest Duke (Date in parenthesis is final night of show; long runs are marked Indef.) ALADDIN Minsky Revue starring Tommy Moe Raft (Indef.) BONANZA Peter Anthony. (Indef.) CAESARS PALACE Paul Anka, Jack Carter (Aug. 9) Cleopatras Barge: Pupi Campo (indef.) CIRCUS CIRCUS International Circus Acts, French Love Connection revue (Indef.) DESERT INN Debbie Reynolds (July 31), Abbe Lane, Joan Rivers (Aug. 28). DUNES Casino de Paris (Indef.) Skyroom: Jack Morgan 4c Russ Morgan Orchestra (Indef.) FLAMINGO Connie Stevens (Aug. 2). Lounge: Bottoms Up, (Indef.), Fats Domino, Johnnie Ray, Slappy White (Aug. 16) FREMONT "Hocus Pocus," Harry Blackstone Jr. (Indef.) FRONTIER Wayne Newton (Aug. 23). HACIENDA Love of Sex, Nancy Austin, David London (Indef.) HILTON Perry Como (Aug. 3). Lounge: Louis Prima, Ernie Terrell (Indef.) LANDMARK Patti Page (Aug. 1). Miss Pat Collins (Indef.) MINT Eddie Cash, Expression (Indef.) RIVIERA Dionne Warwicke (Aug. 1). SAHARA Doc Severinsen (Aug. 18). SANDS Sammy Davis Jr. (Sept 5). SILVER SLIPPER Barry Ashtons "Wonderful World of Burlesque (Indef.) SHOWBOAT The Upstarts (Indef.) STARDUST Lido de Paris (Indef.) Lounge: Irish Show Band, A Bare Touch of Vegas." (Indef.) THUNDERBIRD Latin Fire 73. (Indef.) TROPICANA "Follies Bergere. (Indef.) Lounge: Dave Burton, Bobby Milano (Indef.) UNION PLAZA Johnny Leggett Paul Little Chief, Kimberly Diamonds (Indef. - - i "FrencU Alliance bt Southern Nevada, which has many members among the big Vegas French revues, had an all-night Bastille Day celebration which was attended by most of the performers now appearing here. Highlight of evening was auction of huge poster which contained autographs of such stars as Dan Rowan, Dick Martin, Don Rickies, Harry Belafonte, Engelbert Humperdinck, Phyllis Diller, Barbara McNair, Debbie Reynolds, Audrey Arno, Fay McKay, Frankie Randall, and Paul Anka. Money raised went to UNLV scholarship fund. . .Dan Rowan 4c Dick Martin, who just closed at the Sahara, were named honorary members of the Las Vegas Press Club. Both formerly were newsmen. . . Lucille Ball, visiting Debbie Reynolds at the DI, said the most expensive vehicle to operate is not the Rolls Royce: Its the supermarket shopping cart!. . .Sandstar Sammy Davis Jr. is driving a new Dusenberg given him by Renos Bill Harrah. On Aug. 1 Sammy will do three shows: between Sandshows hell rush to the new Las Vegas Stadium to star in a Music Under The Stars concert which will raise funds for the fight against Sickle Cell Anemia. . .While Sammy is appearing here, Ed McMahon of the Johnny Carson Tonight TV show is occupying the Davis Bel Air mansion. . .Frontier star Wayne Newton says he lost 50 pounds with a simple diet: ate nothing but Caesars salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. . .At the Flamingo, Jack Jones kidded his bride-to-be Susan George (the British actress who was in Straw Dogs) with: They used to call a guy who wouldnt fight a coward now they caU him a bachelor. . .John Wayne jetted into town especially to see his friend Charley Prides show at the HUton. . .Ann-Margrets new two-year pact with the Hilton starts Oct. 3 with a fortnight-and-a-half. . .Harry Belafonte doesnt gamble, so Caesars Palace co-host Joe Louis, the former heavyweight boxing champ, said: You dont gamble because you might lose your shirt. And if you lose YOUR shirt, you blow your whole act!. . .Comedian Jonathan Winters vacationed at the Landmark, visited Patti Page backstage. . .Riviera bosses say the accent is on youth as far as their entertainment policy is concerned: Roberta Flack, Kenny Rogers 4c The First Edition arrive next April; The Carpenters make their Riv debut Sept. 20; Nancy Sinatra bows Oct 4 with Liza Minnelli coming in two weeks later. . .Louis Prima, Sam Butera 4c The Witnesses doing fine job for Hilton lounge, have been signed for encores in September and December. . .Caesars Palace made a $175,000 bid for the distinction of being the site of the world chess championship match between Bobby Fischer of the U.S. and RussiasUorfs Spassky which is now snailing along in Iceland. After word 'got around, Palace co-host Lenny Kent asked Cleopatras 1 Barge star Pupi Campo how he felt about the chess tournament, and the Cuban defectee replied, Great! Which girls are going to be in it? Girls? asked Lenny. Therell be no girls in the chess tournament. Pupi: Oh I thought you said CHEST tournament! environmental pollution aspects of the world and follow the news items with a great amount of interest these days. New Zealand is relatively free of air pollution and Charles refers to his view of the Pacific and surrounding area as being somewhat in the neighborhood of 100 miles. He is teaching English in a junior boys school there. He assigns regular themes on topics of current event interest and says that his students have an insatiable appetite for items on the Grand Canyon and enjoyed the Desert Star edition article on the Havasupai Canyon of July 13. Mail between the U. S. and N. Z. takes about 3 days via airmail. Anyone of his former students who mav be interested in some interesting correspondence should avail themselves of this possibility Please contact this WTiter for his address. Mr. Whitaker, who was one of the sponsors of the annual the year he taught in Needles, is sending back a copy of their last years annual. It will be placed on display at the school library soon after it arrives for those who may be interested in schools in other nations. The Senior Citizen People, nowadays, are going nuts about juvenile recreation. They are actually paying out good money to teach children how to enjoy themselves What a laugh. When I was a kid In school pupils had fifteen minutes free time In the morning and fifteen minutes free time In the afternoon, not to mention the time before school took up In the morning and at noon, for recreation. The fifteen minutes free time, called a recess, gave teachers an excuse to sit down and relax, gathering strength to last out the session until noon or evening, depending on whether the recess was In the morning or afternoon. tions to leave th school grounds immediately after school was out at four p. m. and go straight home. We always left the school grounds immediately but did not always go straight home. Almost everyday there was some sort of an a raiment during one or the other recesses which had to be settled. It was not considered good policy to actually have a fight on the school grounds. This brought out the superintendent and usually led to a tanning. And one of those tannings was enough to set time sequence by. I know. Therefore, when school was out In the afternoon all the gang left in two bunches. The two contestants each had their own factions and both knew that they would meet with the other faction at a pre-designa-ted spot and settle the fued. However, they could not leave school all in a group because the teachers might become suspicious. As T remember my school, the teachers were the most unsuspicious people in the world. There was no supervision in the school yard at recess and no notice taken of anything, unless 90me one came in all full of blood. In such a case, the teacher usually showed a certain amount ot concern and had some one take the injured out to the pump, wash him off and escort him home. This was a nice assignment and used up quite a bit of time which did not have to be made up. Everyone at some time or another had a bloody nose which in those days was considered to be barely worse than a bad cold. Now, a person might wonder how it is possible to get injured on a school ground without fighting. First there was a game called pull-a-way, when a group stood in the middle of the street and group on the side. The group on the side would try to get across to the other side and the group in the middle would try to prevent this. Anything could happen. Then there was one and over. One boy was "it. He bent ever and braced hhnself. The rest of the boys lined up and then ran to a given lines, jumped, and landed in the small l fhis back and leaped nimbly over. Hence the name. This pasttime could become very tiresome to the man who was down in a very short time. There were very definite rules, so that a person who was down was frequently changed to another boy. Everyone had the opportunity eventually to have his back dislocated. I believe the Idea of chiropractic much have originated in that game. Another game was crack the whip. You never see it played anymore and thank the goodness for that. A group of boys and girls would fine up and hold hands. Then they would nm straight ahead. When sufficient momentum had been developed the person on the left end of the fine would stop short and start to run back along the line. The poor chump on the end would attain a speed of a jet plane. One time I believe I broke the distance record for free hand flight about 22 feet. Let us not forget snow balls. At recess, there were two classes of boys. Those who wanted a drink and those who didnt The ones who didnt would stand off about 35 feet from the pump and sock the thirsty ones with snow balls. Complaints to the superintendent brought out a reply that snow balls wouldnt hurt anyone and besides It was lots of fun. Up to that time apparently he had never been socked with hard packed snowballs. One day this man was looking out of the window and enjoying the little children, enjoying themselves in the harmless manner of snowballing. One of the group let go with a grenade made of snow and water. This man later grew up to enter politics and actually was sheriff of the county and good with a hand gun. On this day his aim was bad. The snow ball arched up and thru the window where the kindly superintendent was standing. It shattered the window without apparent depreciation of ks hardness and bt the old gentleman In tire chest. The broken window glass cut him about the face and smashed has eyeglasses beyond repair. After that it was possible to get a drink at the pump in perfect safety. Coach Christopher Starts Program Coach Bill Christopher announced that body building for prospestive members of the Needles Mustang football team are being held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 p. m. Regular fall football practice will begin Monday, August 28. He invites all boys interested in the sport to attend sessions. The 1972 schedule is as follows: Saturday, Sept. 16 Twentynine Palms here 7 p. m. Friday, September 22 Boulder City, there at 8 p. m. Friday, September 28 Mohave Valley, here 8 p. m. Friday, October 6 Lake Havasu City, there, 8 p. m. Friday, October 13 Basic high at Needles, 8 p. m. Friday, October 20 Eagle Mountain, there, 8 p. m. Thursday, October 26 Lake Havasu City, here, 7 pm. Friday, October 27 Holtville, here at 8 p. m. Friday, November 3 Imperial high there, 8 p. m. Saturday, November 1 1 Calipatria high, here, 8 pm The Jayvees will play Boulder City, Mohave Valley, Lake Havasu City, Basic, Eagle Mountain Imperial and Calipatria, on the varsity dates starting at 5 p. m.

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