Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 23, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1916
Page 8
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE SATURDAT, DIG. 23, 1916. GRAND TODAY Emmy Wehlen in **The Pretenders" MONDAY / * ; Big Xmas day attraction, £, Norma Talmadfe in *The Social Secretary* Also Keyatotie Comedy, 1_ Fred Mace in ^A^ Loye't Mite'' Houte »f - Mom* of th* VAUDpITTE Bt FtTtO T0WGWT. •he f)*u»rrts Kill IIP fw««f« 't t.»ritKht in The rtsli Hfttiite by .;t"be rtffi«*ri* ftf Company K. "> wh;i h s ftp" 't'ftfl nit* are Thete are twentyVelRhi '•'< »d nmf n *fxvfftt rnf.'f tn»» ttf-en I ff>!" fh*m. The l»iyj< who arc t«f partlcifiatf HI thl* feast arc «-jlh a Rffitt deal <»f sure to thifi event. Coinp;*f»y K hc><»ii Srisininn (n fnf'lttlwr* fishl ar and Jt I* thoti^H f>y *«»}jne of it« ift!» that It is Bfiine to rent h the htirtdrert m«rh in the very nt-Hr tu- t|>r*>. There la *nme4tiln# now for a cVtng tnan to J»»in, nnd « numtifr ftr* of the opportunity !«»?slnK BOCKALLS i "A Merry « Happy Hew .Year to li Sfahm In two pattsr ' SCIENCE OF CRIME' AI*O every Satnfday. M i Police Reporter" and aertrnde O lover drama In 3 parts- - tittle Wife* 1 Alto a good comedy. iatifte* at 2«30 Sunday, Inf tliawtiJI. 7, 8115, 9s 15 r, Christmas Day and Henry Watthnl! • ilt It thwe-'part drama, *"&Md Ohumley" »• Alto a good comedy. Matin*. Mohd.y at 2:30. llfifl thaw* at ?, 8:15. «:1S. Tuesday, Dec. 26 Two-reel drama, feti of the HID Country" Alt* telig three fim Acts Also special feature end funny Cub comedy. Three big ahowe, 7 to 11:15. Feature orch»ttr»" mutie. Monday, Fox, "The _ Unwelcome Mother.* Every woman should «*• thi» picture. Metinee and night. Tuesday, Wm. Rueeell in "The Bruieer." • CA6S6RIAN OPERATION. torn ~to • Jtfry «tnl of eonw, tb»* morning at the Sterling Pubffe "ftos- pital through a Cawrian operation. Th» operation was performed by Dr. CHH»rg> MafcWfell of this city. Th* wa* a nine. and one-half pound and 1* doing a* nicely n* any hafoy mild. Th* doctor »!«» remove*! 'ft t«rjse_tHinrlor at the same time, and-, the mother Is roming out «f th* operation and ehwk flr»t rat P. , It Is expected thai It will prove i««or*«Rf «l In every way. The operation Is remarkable from tttf fart that It wan two operations. In one and either one WOK -of » "wrtoun nature. • '/, __ -— _U. A VenY GENEROUS QIRL. Supervisor J**n«s Bd«»r n*y* h«> wl»h- _^MI^^^^_ ^gfjgjte^gW * i^^ ^§v DrPrices CBEAM BAKING POWDER Yemrm ttm No Alnm— No Phosphat e ' "JS ,D>'. VISIT m ts YEARS? Toy* Bt . fttr 5Tew ortean* wh^re he ex- fo j»JAy nnill his brother, for two In h»' win several days on Han. In^thls Hty, W| , <tont p,.,,^,^ to f , Arrv ,„.„ any TW* }» the flm time , OV! , wh-at^vfr i* left t.,»i s i<« after ' the brother- baa bwn 0 > t ock y.,u «•« hftve them al n»t r-» In SterHr»r He fg lnterej«te»1 In a hi* flrw In Slitflranke*, a«rt go*»s Jo wonit' Mhipplnn: from CIYRI'C'if .CT I • -jtHHt t«rmr»rrremii ^F^ r ?' lesday, Dec. 27 ite and mmwaw NORWAY 35o, 50c matinee 2:30, 25c, 35c It £ |lteriin0 Pharmacy now for nd COTILLION HaU Monday* Oeo. 29 for oil 88 fOINO SCHOOL Workfr Halt by Jarvie. ,; ROCK FALL* Sunday, Dec. 24..« A fttrotig Pars mount featujee.. Kdmund Breaae In hi* most rt&ent In f» part*. "The Master Mind" Matin*** at 2:30 and 3:30. * Night 7:00 and is 1ft NEWS IN BRIEF ACADEMY OF MUSIC CHANGES. George Milne, of Morrison, owner,of the Academy of Music, la making im» (nortant change** in thia poplar house of ploanure. for th« ThAJQrand, which la to occupy two of the. rooms of the first floor Instcjid of the one a« heretofore. Trestle work Is being placed' under the roof Jo nupport the heavy weight of the roof. Then* touasea ar* nlxty feet long and ar* eight'feet ihlgh. I^oug I beam* are. being placed under the floor of the hall to hold the weight of thin heavy floor, and ,whwi~~tni*^ft done th« iron columns supporting the floors and the roof will b« removed IK> th,at there will be one large room with no pillars to obatruct the- view Of the curtain. Thia i« editing the owners of the Academy very much but it will be Well worth the coat. TO ATTEND GOLDEN WEDDINQ. Mr. and Mm., Mareua. Thackaberfy left Ia«t night for Malvern, la., where they will attend the golden wedding of Mnt, Thackaberry'a »l«ter and bus- band, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Smith which will take place on Christmas day. Mr*. Smith ia th* oldest aister of Mm. Thackaberry. nnd want married when the latter was a little girl. The Smith's came from Princeton and were married there, Mrs. timith'a maiden name waa Mury Shugart. It has been a great many yvara nince Mr. and Mrs. Smith left thin section for their home in Iowa, Mttlvern i« not far from Council Bluff H. BIG TRADE ALL DAY. This ia the last "day for the buying i)f Christmas prvwnta In moat of -the stomi.of Sterling and people hav*^be«h wi there fnrtr# in thin vi- t-lnlly like that of Mi** Netllc llvln» p«U»t of town in Prnlri^vtlle. ThtM yniiiiB lady ramc to (Sterling Tburwlay and hunting; tip the buwy mip«srvlm»r gavf him ftv« dollam And <nl»1 him to put It to wher* ft would, do the good amonft th" nfPtlx In Thfre nr» Btlll ft number of (Uxxl low* In Sterling who twive glv*n ly In the past who hnv» nut Mime w> thti« far thin year, owihft to rtVglprt in all pfnttahillty. Th*« rold xnop ; of thi« wc<»k HUM brought out many all klrulfl of thlnRH Inchullni: fuel, clothing and ahoen. FIRST TO PAY SPECIAL TAX. Commissioner Theodore Trmith was the nr*t man to pay hl» «pw m>nt tux yestertUy for the avenue paving lyetem, lately com - pletwl, flndiiccwpted by th« city. The bookn were r«>c«|v«d by the city cot- lector Friday «ft«rnoon and «w easer Commimloner Trouth <Q pay his that he could hardly wait untjl the bookv wer« unwrappe<l. He will! south to land IIP i<wn« liter*. CLOSING OF THE SCHOOLS. thV of SterHp* cluaed -n for the annual holiday 'they- will n<»t reconvene W Ve»»r'ft. The teachers own left either lant night for their resjwwtive |oy their C'hrl«tma» vaca- WEATHER REPORT, Chicago weather bureau fore. fa*t'for-'today is a* follow*: Fair to- nlgtht'and "SMiutny; ltif*r«ti»Ing eloildl- ne*a and wanner. beffrrnilttK nnwttled by night. TOOAV IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. On Dec. .28. I8"5, thlx waa the birthday of «M>:»i>vih Hmlth. Mormon prophet', <' . . LITTLX LOCALS At p«j*t tonight, J. A. Plait *p"i>ht Friday In on buslnenH. 1'aUI Ahrens l» honte from at Whenton. 5 ' Kd. UunReU WHH M hmilnos vinllor In today. I. McKlnney la confined to hia homo on account of l|ln<>««. . <l*t your ChrtMtmns order fn-early. Wo nt ,no»»n Ctirl««tna» Da>'. Sterling Dairy Co,« Klmcf Crawford won n hu»lne«a vi«- Itor In *ovlal nt TJIterty-tirhool, Pec. Mnt. B, K. l^»wn»nce went to Chica- KO FYiday on huMinen*. MiHM Jeatuute Crawford is expected out from Chlenjjo today, Mr«. Chnrlt'H B;tgl« ha« gone to Chicago for n few day'^ visit. Judge, A. A. Woll day (n Chicago on Florida landx, Morgan Von De Mark, agt. MtBM Bather Oebhanlt upent laxt t-v- f'o. f*. .1. in Dixoh with Jak* Oaulrapp Iw ponnn«d homo on aorounl to In HtiTlliiK today romlng many miloa to take advantage of thin last day. The merchant* have been taxed to the ut- motit waitimj"on trade. It U thought aoint' of the merchant* to be one the biggest daya for trading *e«n n Sterling tor a great many y«ar«. A arge number of p«ople from nearby towns ar» seen on the «treot« and they are buying in goodly AOUHIQIH and have b«*u «ueiidi»K money lavishly «T planked down, the money and therefore »uve *ome interest amount. Th* assessment I* to Ue paid lu ten annual Installment* and this one K'S*. Uull?x pleim* bring baakeiM. 1 wan the Itrat, minus the reliate, The I Prof. A, T, ScovYli npent ytwterday property owner* have until' tax time}in Clinton on this winter to pay their a**e**m<»nt«. INDIAN HEAD THA^-. A rattling good meeting * cltlxemi of the southwestern part of .Wl*cou*in waa held Tuesday for th« purpo«* of making arrangement* for the of th* Indian Head Trail from Ualena to KaCroMft. Ai thia meeting a com- mltU* wa» appointed to call a meet- Ing to b* held at Prairie. Du Chein after the holiday*. At Galena a fund of live tbou*and dollar* In cash, labor road material* IB being raited for the improvement of the road* along the Indian Head .Trail aotith Of Galena, and the bank* of that city headed th* H«t with Bub8criptl9nii of 1100,00 each. WHO HA8 L08T*A WHEELT A fairly food bicycle ha» been left at thft aid* of the blacksmith 'ihop of Water* ft Self oh Katft Third street, and It I* awaiting the owner to come and prove property. The wheel waa left there night before teat and a* no one appeared to claim it. It waa taJten poavemlon of by the blacksmith*. 1% la thought the wheel la one atolen and left there by the thief and who continued on htti Journey without It to avoid *unpiclon. Who doea It belong to 1« the thought of the owner* of'the whop. THEIR ADS HAVE BEEN READ. Sullivan * O'Malley, who have been running "Skinney" Cartoon** in *fh» dasette, and who offered price* tor" th« beat mounted cartoon* by the boya, have had a . great many submitted •bowing thut their advertisement* have been well read.' Many of the dls- •ubmltted were from thft.towna Kenneth, Oillman benefit dnnre. Invited'X ' Get .vfl«r rhrlMma* oitfpr in early. \Ve How .'ti n(w>n »'hrl*tma* Day. Kti*rlln«t l»airv (*o.» Mr«. J«nnl<» l«|ftgr-l went to Chicago thi.« mort'tlns: to spend" chriatmaji with her daughter, Mr*. M. M, Wesley. Mis* Kdna O'Hart', of Chicago. «ntl .Ray O'Harr*. of Mollne, are hwr« over the 1 holiday* visiting with relative*. Mr. arn! Mr«, Jam?* Hobb will spend the holiday* In Knimns City with friend* nnd relatives. Mr. nnd Mrs. John A. llonk went to Aamonn, Kan,, yesterday where they, will upend the hot (day a 'Cbarle* and Herman Wlnrer 'left for their home in Hhippensburg, Pa.; Friday where they will HIM-ml the holiday*. Mia* Winnie Holmtw, of Ualvn, In I here to upendl Christ man with her moth- en Mr*. KallWtne CQnlln. Clement Hey returned home Friday from Mndlg&n, Win.,' to upend mas wlth < Tiifi parents. Ml** drift?* 1 Wnotln arrived home from Champaign, yesterday ) to • *|i holiday* with her parent*. Mr,*, Harry Hchmowr. of attended the fum-iul of her wrnndtnotri er, Mm. M. U Crawford today. Mra, John* Lutx left yesterday for Chicago, where Hhe will upend the holt* THE GAZETTE WAY DAY BY- DAY ic )*[«>;? of (H-nuany aft{»-ar«"f hr* . The inh-i'vicw with S«'«-}:^tnry The president's and ti< I w.-h H •^Mist'ilion. \va- !'V Th<* rnor s me?*'- ; in The Kvrry wpfk ouf. Sterling rpc«»jve<l tlif* IHHVS fmihin* <*f (!«» «?;iy. wot-k in and in '.flu- <j!i?.»>lf«' first. T!i*» {M»f»f»!r» of in* <*a?r>{jf is !. r»»«'fivt> the Fit Us, f>r wi OVOTHI»«: if i Tbt i fiKxt, iwn-fii^rjr^jit* t'tnmgo }>n|»ers OOIHO along tfie same HPW^ alinost'Vord fitr word. Those who The (tazefte thi» dor it isqprmfwl, got the from Ion in hfteon hrnirs earlier llmuigli this and the t'nitcM Press leased wire servir-e. / has ndtled at l»ip took* hold of this |>aj»er. It principal events of the" worh! news so «*otn- that no hwtmWi^terlinK or ffoek Fa)!** is eo»ft- plete without The (Jaxette. The (iiixette way dav hv dav 4^ the modern wav. wlih her »on. Zale John Morgarldge, of (1 rand Rapida, Mich., «rrlv«l her* today in apend t.h« holidays with relative* and friend*. ,. VHiM Mary* H. Burton, of Rockford. arrived toda^ for, an^ liver ChrlKtman visit with her mother, Mrn. J. A. Oiilt. Mprrtll Ifc-rmon and Carl Karrell ar« home from the atate unlverwity at-Mad* Win., for an over holiday vlHlt.. JK&rence and Helen l>etrick, who attend the. l>rKnll> Kormal, are hrrv ti|x*ndlng thn httlidaya with their aunt. • , Mm. Arthur Tlgan, • of riochelle, IB here to >«pend c'hriKtman at thft home «>f her f«irenti»; Mr. and Airs. Michael Heal. opent Frl- I Paul Philips, who in attending Cor* nell College, arrived home hmt evening to «I)HJH) the holiday* with hit* par- Mr. and Mrs. A. B, Johnson and daughter, draw?; loft for Motlne tmlay hlM I to HH-nil the .laint'H Tank. Overtttuffed furniture and- roekera at rater * Bon*.* • Miaa Mildred TU'fll,W«jnt to Chicago thin morning for a Hiuirt vinit, If. M. BchultJ! and $ife went to Chicago thlj monilnii on ( bUHlneH». Miiw Alene Trautv^eln. of Morrlnon, as aboppinlt In thla 'city today. A. A. WolfenttpergtilUWtui a jipt . the 12. CHANGE' IN JEFFERSON CAPE, Some little change has been made in the management jof the Jeffemon Cafe, located on We«t Third, »lr**t. Scott Puyiu', of Morrl«oiu has «t«cur«d an l»i' t«r««t ,|n tlie <>D(ubHiihment and ^ boen made manager of the hi" B°o*« H« tutu atuluined control and will hence forth be found there, 1910 in. the county and oa far away «H Syw amore,, .All of which Indicates how thoroughly The • Oasette cover* thin of Illinois. * FORMER STBRLINQ MAN RETURNS Matt Flock I* expected in Sterling early Hunday morning- for an over Chrlatma* visit with hi* parenu, Wr. and Mr*. Henry Flunk, Th* visitor come* from Sacramento. Cal., where h» bu been tor neveral yeartu, <Thl« J« t^» first vlHlt to Sterling for nearly five* yean, lip being here the time, of the golden wedding of hi* partita, Wr. Flock wan well >known In Bterllng and vicinity before he left fur the went. FALLING, Key, T, K. Merlin, pastor of th* Mor- rlMort JteptUt church, waa In Sterling Friday for-a few hour*, being eii.. his way homo from #uda, where he "had to Chicago yestnrdny on buainean. Jacob t>iulenn wu^',k_ paanenger to Chicago thin morning "on butlnemi. Robert Burke IH aiwbitinct at the Uredtoy-iloyntoii Clo t Wtoro today. Mm, J. (1. Bhermau.' of Tampico, •pent yeaterday in thia city chopping. . H, J. Meacher W^nt to Ch'lrago to. day, where be will spent lh« liol!dayn. "Get on the bit a wagon." Join 'the AJoose, Open charter for a 'abort time. Ff9 15.00.* Mr. and Mr*. Mart«ll, of Madison. Wl8..'ar« veiling Htc'Hing relatlvpH and rrienda.- Mr, and MrM. Kdward Ouffey, of Melvln. III., spent the day in thin city Hhop- at the home of D, P. Mitnn, from tlw> prh*at«> office of the Bovernor-»b'fl. Colonel FVank O. l»\vJ«'n, i.s homo for a few day* yiaft. f Mian Ivorulno Btoddard. who at the IVaahington nchool l»r here ap«nd> Ing a w«'t'k'H vamtloti with liet parr enta. . Elmer Crawford arrived from Ma- quokittn, Iowa, yesterday, called by the death of hlx mother, Mra. M. ll Crawford. \ MIHK l>orothy Farrell went to Dlx- on today, where nhe will »pend Chrint- ma* at the home of Mr. and Mr«. A. M. Clapp. M|HH Ituth Klslp, of Napervtlle, in Merry Christmas Prom AH of Us To All of You Nntional Kindergarten Chlcw- Ko, arrived laxi night and Mr*. C. \V, Wenterman and daughter. Wilma, of Milwaukee, arrived thin aftf-rnmin, to upend the holldaya with their parents. Mr, and Mr*. D, W. Urandon. Mr, Wedternian wofl detained by Mr. and Mn». U I* MiHN JH« wan irylnK. to thaw out » w»t#r leiul I UK op to the flat» In th» «wc» ond «i»ry. The ment and in throwing the Ramm wa» in tn* t»a»*. manner th# e»n *at- mtui and "* Mr * . Kuthryn. and canje out from Chicago la«t niKht to! d Christman with. th« olrt folks. -and Mrs, U L. Kmniona on Esist Tlilrd «tre«t. Sunday they will b'e Ore. Th* «xtlnKub>heAl Wfor* the ttrw n'nrh«l the ocunif. A <ifM> iu^r wan called to attend th* burnwt , tmnn, Ed. Webb'jouhly b*en pulled by the injuries received by lit* lather from a fall th« day before. The old gentleman who i« very feeble slipped while out in the yard and fell no «* to strike hU left eirftj in th«»-r«» glon of the heart. The. extent ut hU urs not yet known, Rau I* home from hla atudiea the Wisconsin State University ut Madison. ' . Thurlaw Wyne will leave thiu evening for Peorla, where he will upend Xmaa with hi* parent*, Mr, and Mr*. C, M. Tlmmod* went to Cedar Rapid*, today to gpeiul Xmun With relative*. Cedar ehmn at For*ter & 8on*." Mr. ond Mra. Paul Cfclt and Mr. and Mr*.'I* B. Whiff In w*nt to Chicago today on buBlne«», Paul Dufty arrived home ve«terday from achool to upend the hoildy* with hU» parents.* • Klmer Reed cuid Mis* Florence R«ed, of Chicago, camo iwre IHSI evening to here to upend the holiday* with her grandparent*, Mr. and Mr«. Chrlw by another brother, F. Uyrdj KmmonK from Dixon. • ' \ Mr, v and Mr*. Henry Stint* left thin morning lor Freeport, where th«y will fipend a week with thoir ilaughter. Mra. J.* M^ Cla¥k and family. It ban 10n« been the 'ispjilom of Mr. and Mrn. tQapend the Fourth of July nnd Christ- mtt* week wlt% their daughter and they expect .to continue thin plan for many yeara yet. The Sterling GasM<tu> will follow the Sterling people when a.t Freeport. T, li Robinson and eon. Hevoe, will) leave Sterling tonight for California. They intended going to Ftetmu. Cal., The Enterprise will fa« open MntU on« p. m. Chriitmac day to a«««mm»«tate late buyer*. Mr. ,ttmi Mr*. Oeorge Clark. went to lilft -mornLmi where they _wJ!L apend Chrlbtmu*. , M^ns Ulailye. daughtor of Mr. and 41 ra. Kd Lawrence, I* home from her »iii(UtJM 4n the.eaat. * "' •; Vivian Arnold left today for wh«»r« will the holld«y«. '•dreeing table*, all flniahe*, ft Mr», W. K Berg» will go to Hoop. pole Monday for a visit with relatlvtm.' She will bfi accompanied by her young daughter. Clarence Hill arrived home - today from Chicago where be will sptsnd the holidayit with ' hlu nar«nt«, Mr. and Mm. George Hill. F. M. O'Coruifll. of Kenoeha, \VU., expoctiHl hern thin evening to wpcini Chriiittna« with hi« pttrents, Mr. ami Mr». p. O, O'Connell. • Mrs. A. A. Brock, of Chicago, arrived lant evening to attend the funeral of her mother. Mm, M. I* Crawford/ which wu« held thla afternoon. , Mr. and Mm. Karneut Oeurge. of Au* rora, arrivad here today where they will upend the holidays at th«» home of Mr, and Mnt, J, C. Tracey. v. Mr. and Mm. F. 1* Klutaa and son, of MoUne, are e«j>eet#d here tbl$ evening to upend Christmas at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. >V. U Klutas. Clayton and Roy Jumeaon and Char* lea' Uonomeyr Jf ft thin morning for riarrinburg, Pa., where they to <MU Chrlmmas dinner with .^ whom Mr.' Hobtnaon had not ae«<n far- many y*ar«, but a, letter rfc*>lv«l from her lost week KtaUnl nh«« and ln-r IIUH- band had wild their buwiiu-wn at Kr«-«no and were starting thut day for a H«^. tlon of Montana where they might make their home. B. T. MOREHOUSK ^ Optometrist Over Corner Drug Store PITTING OF GLASSES FUNERAL OF MRS, FRANK Will Be Held Chriatmae Afternoon In The Baptist Church. The funeral of thp l«t« Mr». Thw- ilore l-'rank. who,«H» death o-nurretl in during a viiti^ there, will be Iwld Monday afternoon. The Intdy is at the home, two mllea aouth of Mock l-'utia. There will bo short Hervlcea at th* home at t; 30'. o'clock. The h body will then be taken to the Flrat Hapilst cburtfh tft Httnling wjicre Bt-rvlcea will be held at two o'clock In charge of K*v. IllnKJ^T' liltormi'iit will be in IUv- „, __^______ ^ Jrtenj*,. Mra. Bert Mar tell and Carl Furreli arrived here from Madison. Wisconsin. tht>y will upend Chri«tman at the home of th*?ir parent*, Mr. and Mrn. j, w. Kurreli; Mm. A, E. Klaproth and »o.i. Mlltcm. arrived liere from Chicago today to upend the Curi*tma« holiday* at t!n> FIRE UNDER GROCERY Mr. Jamee Burned Bv Exploiion of a , . Slow Wpe. ' A young man by the name of Jam* 1 " was budly busfned^from the f«*t to th« kneen this afternoon "about im'iit under the grocery stor* pf Ankey" & ,Clyn»«r by i be explo«*ioivof a blow pipe with which I o'clock in the FARM LOANS AT . * S, 7 or 10 yeara, up to $100 acre if eecuHty warrant* MORTGAGES FOR SALE JOHN M. STAOEE \ • Law office Stager A Stager f Dr. Walter J. Palmer Dentist Wotwll & Waizer BJdg., S16 .1st Ave. . B«ll 2M-W Sterling, Dl. JOHN A. WAED Attorney at Miw MONEY TO LOAN On Heal KuWte Stecuritr MORTGAGES FOR SALE 4t1 Lawrence Bldg^ Stating, l«, VISIT THilft ALMA MATER. A number of the former •if 4, m 1 At^This Joyous Season our TKoughts go out to thank you / For your Good Will th© past Year— >& ,, - t . yeu-ft'osperity in your Peace for your Fath- of tbi> Sterling towttMhip high school, - a large numbtr of thi> fiuwa of v (•!•»• vinltora at the m-liuol Frt> day ufti'inoon and r*-wew«l thfir ac- with thflr former iu«truct- a ml' th* membt^ra of the otb«r The vjult waa very enjoyable from M»" fact tliat mo*t of tht>m have be#«. awwy to plt»r*»a uf higher Mr, ifid-Mfia W.1B. Miner, of ara ln»re' vintting over. Christmas ut the F. if. Porntt home. . , MJsn Helen Ward i* bere Blinding the h»ildBy*'~wWth he? -p»**ntu, Judge II. C. Ward, lluor > lAinp* in brown ma- Fowiter & and hogu|iy 11440 .up Ml«» Alk't* KlutftB, <of Aurora, ia ex- peciwl Itpr4» thin evening to upend Cluistiuaa with bcr I lull und liuvt- f<*turued uiilj' fur tin; ' HIGH SCHOOL VACATION. Tin- Ht*rlln« Township' Hlgb ttchool and thp Merriest Christmas you . ^ . ever had, " v ^ off ^P-^iiP ^9ffr ^UF ^^fJF ^*^ w^t^^ ^W^P^Rp ^WPr ^B ^W ^^*jP^ ^Q^r Wf JL» doorti tlilw ufttunuun UK und uot upon again umil B w»*k fmnj Franctu Hngl«*. *» «tw^ent at Cornell ut Alt. Vernon, IUMCU, is huine 'fur the^holidty vacation. 'lying-in Mlh»r eitlvw cxpwt to touight fur a vi«H to tlu-lr hum**, Th* vacation if a Halt* bit HiunU-r tnauy of tb* pust from tli* fact WUH usiU UK u vacaUfit at the time v»f the Farmer*' ln»Atuti>. GAZETTE FORCE'REMEMBEREO. Dittly tiuzvltw ftirtv wu» ntj-n'ty jy Tlii! J. K- Chvattr V«. Hue box" uf candy fur tit« i uud ti bux ot <*'y cent ctg tm tli«> f«»r«. % «. AiliUr luis goti*> to and Sfiult. Wi». r to upt-nd tlu> Ciui«t tiUjM |toiiday« wiUi friends. \ • .\lifcs UlMsn ^^ik in *»xpix»te<l hotns thi« ^vfuing from Chicago to apei\d hw homn of her Hialer, Mr*. l p . F, oh Sixth avenue, . Pr. and Mm, J. if. D«nling*r, of Klk r hurt, Ind., ar« here for a abort visit with Mrs. I>enllng*r'«» broihtr. Ctiarl** C'«fii-y, and family, Thv lady formerly lived in HterlinK. Mrs. J. F. Ureenwalt,' Mr*. W.'Rj Mra. Harry i'uteruuunli and Mm. Robert 1'uterbaugh, of «ig»*vcJHf, apent Friday Uic liulUiayN Mrs. oiga li^ittyjtMTK ww*t in Muun'lu'inl. Atlun., lu wr parents. TiKUIl, Of hri«tnm» widi her jwr- vutH, Mr. unU MCM. Miclmvl Itcul. Ocrdc^' nun «mt vt>gt,*uibl<* WUJH* will IH> M^H'II limn y in il t'hii*inuib young 'fi»r th* with F, illy HMi'Hru, uf lu"t«* It* HlM'iul OlllihlltlUS VV^tl* Ill'C Mr. tuui Mi>«, J»«t Hcutl- il, wm »»f ^wv, 4tul Mr*. W. Mr». Fannie M. Wurthlngton urriv.» 'from Chicago thiM uftvrnoon for a ratiMii vlwit at hom« uft^r her work in tbn Academy of Fine Art*). Chicago* u.*r« «!H ( J* H inentbi<iv of (he fttculr !>•.,.'* * Mr. ond Mm Philip grotf it>av« O.U fur- Corning, Iowa*; *f or a few days' vtfilt with hi* olt,i<**tf iti«tt>r, C. CttlkUiu. Tbi»y |eav«- in time witli h* > «ilt|'4,v vucutluii 4'liU'UKi'. i.j' but will arrive fur Chrit>tm%i4, Mi KM 1 It- l«'ii Taylor urrivi-d tuuut' lu«( fritin I'lsttU'vllli'e Witt-. whfr«' she ii'oinial m'huul to «>tJfiiil !lu< huliduy vacation with ln*c parents, Mr. and Mtt*. K li. Tayliif. luHin |H back fmin a liulf yt-ur'w hjuil.y in- ttt« iilinuix, Htuib I'ut- ui l!tbana itali>h HvoU. of lt> ttl^u liuiiiv jfur_a. _!>*« vtott with his* -4)4r*-»ifj>. Sir. uiu) 'mltii Wv«u. The yuung man luliiij,; I'ln l^dnujt ttt Hiti, Huuuv.'u.tifii '( Mi and Mi«t I'Jf. MurquvHu* Vl^undon JUlXit H>U'H JllfftW' r k li»'r A Merry ," . ^^B^F' Our Wish The Weeks Coal Co.

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