Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 3, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1944
Page 7
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'THURSDAY, AUGUST 3,-1944 -NAUGATUOK DAItY NEWS, Fagfe. "Seven, ADS No "Tokens " Buy A Result-Getting Want Ad! Employment "77c7p \V:mtril—Frintilo htiuii-work Announcements Announcements Notice* ivunti'it liy adult familv in Middle- hll , v . \Vatry. .I-S3SC. euro 'a to 33rd ' of tho to hours Weekly, Water coin- For Sale Illlll.SlVt J''lir J>istrii,-t .of . Nuii/siluck, ss. Pro.- b:iH- Court. July 31, :0-H. • E.Uule of Thomas .Dhunoiit, kite of NiuipiLucU, tn: sjikl Diitfict, Ue- r . tiic limit- j-'UK .-"AM 1 ;—TU-II family holin<>, II niiini- < <. - <•''"' wrajtc unil burn. All Impruvi'nicril.s. f^ot S-l x Ili5. Atasuei-ifice. Tel. 3-0-163, Bridgeport. j.; If, I IT i-cmin, 'J-fuiiiUy IIOIIHO. All 'iinpnivi-mi-nts. ill KWtl condition. I-i-iir j:nrnKe and liirjro lot. Price j.i.Vflii. Also Ill-room C-1'nMilly iiuUH.-, Karate atul extra build- mi; I 'rice Sii.SOO. A, Shoploy. To I. '-'IS". T!iu Court .of Probate f District i>C Naiifratiiok hath e.d and allowed six inont.hs fi- d/iLo liureof for the creditors of said cutate to exhibit, their claim* for sultlcinent. Those who nutflcct to pi-esL-nt tliolr accounts, properly attested, within s:iul time, will bo duburrod a rocovury. All pel-sons) irulobted to said Estate are 11 Lost' And TWO lion;;lc Jloiindit. One lirowi and white, one black und white Lout last week. A.-A!veS,--17 Cocn sti-cct. Hit llusincs.s Opportunities .qucsted ruuiit to K.N-i'ii"'"' 3-lW. '-.'-family hiiiisi 1 . All im- ts. r,ot "7x130. West side I'rlce, ?M,500, I'ntsy roiiltor, 172 .I-lish sttrcct, P--r Oi-tli •A'ttest: Stephen- to make immediate pay- ELLEN DIAMONT, '' Executrix. W Cliff Street.' Niiiijjatuck, Conn, r of Court. i e.xcliislvc record suid music; store. One of the ilneat in the state. Good uluru loeution. Owner IUIK other btiyjticsu. A real op- portunity.-Eox K, in care of Tho News. lllltllK SS .\IIIUHIIICl.'IML'lllS MONUMENTS Special prices on All Memorlula ff. H1CHAJJDS .200 3o. Mttin 81. Naugatuck Automotive Automotive II AutoH Ifor Salo ... lll-ll DOOGK (i Smliin—Jimt 111 new. Clean, Koocl rubber, Mo mileage. Lyon:i Auto Co, Thoma ton C-l-2. v^. 1 : : ";\. ' '• - '''" "' -Contractors 1'AP.EK HANGING iiii W. F. , Cptu, ;17, Ccdur Tel. 5'IOb:' 1 ' ' ''.••!:•;•••' Street Merchandise- *!8 lieutliiK -Htovi-,., wood or "conl. • >0aud 3 montliov Brown cmimcl. JDhir2!iG, r ). ' •• ,,."..«. J. Sweeney, 14 Autos 1'ur Sulu C uiin. I'horvc 5334 -or] I VKUV nli'i- :< fmnlly lniiiM>, rcn- trwlly located. One font avail;d>li: Si-pt. 1. Address Box R. in euro "f Tlii- J»'i»vs. TUO family; on av'-iuu-. Twc» family hOLiso on f-Vott struct. Four room, one family hoiisr, I ncrt! laud on Woostur stivot. I'rieo S3.300. John Healy. 1VI. Mil. Wantnl To liny O.VK, T wfi[ii»- iiiul Ilirri- f:unlly linmos Alsu fa^nns and lots. A Real Bargain! t'c.r nulv 63 A ^-Liiic o-D;iy Classifier! Ad You Gut 35 W..nls, T.HI :DU.DC;IO — PLYMOUTII . All TITO EKED Sales Service Parts, Accessories M'alcnlni AV. Sl:irr Corp. •IS* Wuturto'.wn Av'c. Dial C-ll.iO PACKARD "j\ safe place to buy" I 'ack;i rd- \V;i l.crhury, Tiic. •IS2 Watertown Avonue .Dial -1-G109 LI': for »aln. Odixl cundiiion.'' InquiJX 1 130 Pi-ospcct street, Union City, ul'tcr 5:30 p. A tolal ol' 22 American cities liave adopted city manager forms government KO far in 'IU-1'I. ' VOK sule at :i Hacrillcc. Studio couch, chaii-s find, miscellaneous articles. Apply 17S Meadow street today, . •! to 8 o'clock. Must be sold tit once. Person vneutin/r. premises. Uoa(s And Ae<;css'oi'les lS Sliced Uout—Cape Cod motor bout and 10-foot dory with L'leetric motor. Tel. Wtby. 3-9SGO to C p. m, Watertown ja-il after p. in. Articles THUlSJi alimn clocks, se\viiiKr ina- clu'no,.' : i;u{j.s,' fm-niture, • (.rood writlnjj-Vdesfc .etc,.-,for sale. -Tel. B194.- .. ',- '.,'... .j{ o me bought .for cashi. Hij,'Iiest prices paid 1'pr .electric., i-el'rigerators. washers,.; ami 'stoves, of coii'dition, / !''.-''. ''- Merchandise an ro Buy HANK N:ifo ilepo.sit boxes Highest cash pricus paid. Wire collect; write or phone what you have to offer. J. E. Murpliey, Re public 008-1, 815 Yoatman Ave, Webster Groves 10, Mo. Co.. 3000 JADY—Ciir>.siMit»,. I'lay, nous. nctts, cvibs; high'chairs, .Kantwot mattresses,' toys," .•''•. • THE RADIO 'SHOP .-ISO.Grand St. •.Waterbury- , -,••'.'• lC(iuipmeiit. Highcs prices paid for rods and reel's ToJ-. 5-I7S between 5 a. m. and 2 p. m.. . DIAMONDS And Old Gold Watch '.•f.\ia\rsnif our apcc'jajty. . GRAND JEWEIiUY 112 Grand Street Dial 0-0082 ;'; To- CASH ror'Your MUSICAL • ' .... ,:INSTRUMENTS, Mecca .Music .Co. 203'Hank •I-.W22. ICTIIOLA- IN KXC'lSLtJCNT CONDITION WANTED. 'PHONli: •1-123 -NAUGATUCK. CKIIiy — Ciirrl!iK«K, Play J'cns, Larg-c selection of toys, i/owcst jjrices In lov/n. BEACON ' KI-DDJ.E CENTRE 73 GRAND'ST. .Wtby: \vliiti: 1,-nanjfl l;iti:llcn ranjfe, oil. T, J. Monta; Union Citj. Tel, 2GS3. • .' Then; arc about 17,000 producing UYWall-.UOVDS AND STAMJ'S oil wells in Illinois. Merchandise Services Miscellaneous 1JKNOAL Combination nUivi;. •! oil, *^ gMS'Silent'Glow burners. Chrome pipe, copper coil, 'Like new. Call :w Services FODH hl;ulr. <:ciliii|f fun for KJI . Also Todd check writer. 27 CtU- PJ.-.-I .-stixvt.. Richard Kioly. HOI) . JOJJ'X'S MUSIC S1IOI* Wo buy, sell, exchange, und rrpalr -all kinds of instruments. Low- ,csl prices in the ci-ty. 3SO-382 So. Mitin St., Walby,, Conn. I'uiiltry Ami EK »0 DCCKS — live wciRlit, , - i<lc 111. in over 10. • City Hill SiTel: 2S55.' liXCICU.lCNT ING and'slip covers. low prices. Allen's Studio." Masto-craft artis's. I GranO St. Watcrbury. Dial -I-OM5 •J'.l Wauled To Render Service* KUKCTKICAI* Uc-palrinc Kcrviu* Appli.'inccB a .specialty. Rny Decker, 402 Nl Main SI. Tel. -100C', ODIJ .rOH I'AJNTIAG A. J, Kudnma. Call Naug. 4206 after 5 p .m. ATTK.NTION Kltt-CroHi* Owner* —.Repair*, genuine parls »nd service. By bonded Elcntrolux M:m. I. Nlssen, 3 T'.rcea Av«. Telephone -1822. Services 10 I'nifcKNional Services UlAKOSKH^S Uiidio K Radios expertly repaired, jnot.'or- ate i>!-ice.s. Phone .'JOJT. Cleaning Anil Dyeiil(f BUY WAH BONDS AXI) STAMPS •;\"aujjaluck'.H Great Dry Cleaning Firm, offers its first class dry cleaning not only in. family par- mcnus, but.'blankets, riijjs and otli- cr specialties in Ihis' field, KIEVMAN'S . 70 Church Street Building Miiti.TiHl.s CONCRETE MIXliKS —One 10-S, one 7-S Jaeger make, -trailer type, pneumatic Lirus, power loader. Als-o 30,000 feet plywood concrete forms. Can be seer, at north end of Hoadley St. 200 house project, Liberty Contracting- Col Real Estate Wanted Wjint.'d IJ'Mlt lTAliJ'; iii-iir water \vantrd, ugust I'J to 'jn or lust a v.-uelis AiiKiist. Call USI2. ,M.ATI 1 III-:I) man and 2 cr -I room rent in fi'»x A, N<.-ws, wife drslri- Naugaiuck. For Rent KIMIIM.S Tu Kent Many Workers On Strike In Montreal And Philadelphia TIIUKK nicrly ruriil.slicd roums 'lur light hoiwrki'i-plni;. All convjn- i-nc:i-M. ci'i'il location. StilUililc for 2 adiilta. Addri'ss Bos W in care of ttit- .Vi.'iv.s. Announcements District of NauKutuck. ss. pro- bit! i: Court, August 3rd, l(i'M. KSTATJi OF Daniel J'liulo aka r>»nit:l J. Riulo, late of NaugatucU In sriitl District, deceased. The Administrator having- exhibited his /ulniitilstivilion account with said estate lo this Court for iillmrani-y, it is OlilMOUKD—That the 7tli clay of A. D. UM-I. jit in o'clock in thi: roi-rniHin at the Probate ofllcu In .NiuiK-aluck, be arid the same is iissi^ned for a hearing on the ni- lnu-.-iircc af fnitl Arlrninixti'ntion Account with said Kstntf, and this Ciiin-t directs the Admiriistrutor to jiilf all p'Tsonx interested therein in 'ippe.-ir at s.-tiil time arid place by publish);^- this ordor i"n some ni:wsj,!ipi'r publishnd in New Haven County and having a circulation in s.'iifl ni.itrict. find posting a copy i"> tin- public SIKH post in the town of N'MUCTtuiM;. wln.-1-c tho deceased liiM i|wi.;t. and by sending, postage Pri'ti.-iiil. a like notipf.- to each of the knnwii ti-ir« 1-onidim,' outside thin District M lens-, three days before wild iliiv -issiuncd -STl'.U'lu-:.v'j. S (By United Tros.s) People arc walking or usinv; private cars and trucks to ^et to worlc in I'hdadelplilo. and Montreal. In Montreal—trolley and has sec- vice stopped shortly after niidniiyht. The walkout is the result of n. demand by the Brotherhood of r«iil- way Employees for >:i unlor.: shoi). Union, government and co:iiji:my officials conferred for more than four rours in a.j'utile attempt to solve the dispute. The strilf: i.- the • thiril by Montreal transportation workers iiv the jxist 17 months. Autliorities do not expect a serious interrupcion in war production. Personnel mfinzifrors hnvo arranged to transport workers to and irom plunts In comjin-ny trucks. Tim Ui'bor troubles in Phil;idel- |>hia arp far fj-oni a solution. An effort by a. few hundred employes to :nd the city's paraly/.inir transportation s'trlke ended ill failure. The few jiiibtt-jiy-ulcvatod trair.s whi.-h had been la opcnition wr?rc taken back to the barr.s—and the walkout iitruin became 100 per ceiu effective. Observers bolicvc tlie govern menl will take over the trausportu tion system—possi-bly today. The rcffionnl 'NV'ar .M;i jipower com .T.i.-'.-'ion estimates Navy productioi losses due -to the stoppuy:; at 70 per cent—Army contract losses at 50 per cent. Tliroiiithoul the city—police have thrown heavy Kuards around barns, and other potential' trouble areas. On The Air Today WORKKIIS VVAU.NKD Boston. A UR-. 3 —CUP)—Shifting of war workers to peacetime jobs has been denounced us the No. 1 menace to America's war production record. Under Secretary of .N'avy Unlph A. Bard made the declaration In ,nn address transcribed for the Boston War Manpower Commission's loyalty week. .Sail! Bard: "Bold management ,-ind Mini- slu.itild keep thoir attention riveted on their war work unti'l victory is In our hands." -IMMP p. in. WOn—News: Gambling Kam- WliAK-WLMC-BackstUKC \Vife \VATi : :-\VJK—lithei and Albert •1:13 p. in. WABC— Home Front Matinee U'JiAl-'—Slolla D.-illa.s \VATrt-\V.I<5—Don Norman Show WOR—Rambling wi-Ji Gtimblini? •l-::«l p. in. WABC—Off ihu Record \V'On—Full Speed Ahead \VICAF—L,orenxo Junes •1:-I3 . p. in, VVAI3C—Hey Scott Show WKAF-WT1C—Widder Brown WATK-WJSS-•-!:'-!uo Correspondents .">:(ln p. in. WABC—.Fun with Dunn WEA-F-WT1C—When a Girl Marries WOK - Uiu'le Don W Ji2-W AT R—Terry and Ph«i::s H:ir. p. in. \V.EAF-WT1C—Love 'and Learn W.I/--- Dick Tracy WOK—Chick Carter \S'ATR—Mc-ludy J'tevicw r>:'M p. in. WEAF-WTIC .-I'l-iiu Bili WATK-WJX—JucH Armstrong \VAEC — '"hrcc Si.slcrs WOR—Tom Mix Show n-.-\~i p. in. WABC—\Viltlernoss Road WJ3AF-\VT1C—Fi-oiu Pa^'e Karri: 11 \VATK-WJK-S-ni Hound WATR-WOJ'i- Supermun U:<HI |). in. WOP,—News: Prayer WEAF—-Jack Arljhiir WJZ-W-A-rR-WTIC-WEAK—News Ci:lo (i. in, •Wl'IC—News WAT.R—Music for Dinir.K WISAF—Serenade to America \V./^ —1-lop IlfirnX'.-in WAEC—Ted Hu WOK—Nc-wsrcel <;::((! p. m. WOR—>,';ws WABC—U'AVK Program WATR—-N.ev.-s: Serenail c WI2AF—Serenade; Bill Stern WJZ—Whose \Vary Band WT 1C—Strict!v Sports U:-M [). in. WOR—Stan Lomnx, Sports ;VVAKC—World Today AVJJ5—News ;WJSA1' - —Music You Want 7:(NI-p. in. 'WRAF-WTIC—Music Shop WABC—r Love a ily.story WOK—Fulton Lewis, Jr. WATR.-WJ/C—M usic.'il MyHt.-.-rles 7:15 p, in. V/OIv~Vic(ory is Our Business Chicory, .-omotimes blended with offcu. iy prncluccMl chiefly in Mich- pan. During :y.lO that staie ,-ic- ounlod for *l't.100,72.1 pounds out f the United States tol-il proclnc- on of •M,a22,02fi pounils. PIOVATE BUCK Faithful Dog- Stands By "Gpt a comb in your pocket. Fatso?" flip .r(;cov«r.v' : pf our of his niastnrs, "Boots, firn ilcpnrtm^nt dalmatinn. anxiously watches as a applied. Thr unconscious firoinan, Lt. I'frrhcrt Linle:r,:in,., was vono of ton Ore fighters knocked .out by smoke at a thrut'-aJarinliljiazc. (Intci'Jiiitioiial) ROY CRANK SERGEANT, YOU WtLt YANKEE WHO IS TO. RBV8AV VVHEKE PIANB If SHOULB HE T5ECEIVEYOU, SWOWNO MERCY. KOWi'MY BRIEFCASE CON WNfNG THE tNTEUtCENCf YES. MAJOR. ATRUCK AND A CAR IEAVIN6. NO SIGN OF SMITH, OR ANY SPARE 6ASOLINE, THO. I CO. I 4OIH Tftl MAMARAKI Of QATU FOB OWNER. t>0 HOT ttSTURB tX- «fT W JAP TROOPS. THIS. IS A GOOD PLACE TO STAY AWAV FROM. I SHOULDNT HAVcT'PMONEOi Th'AT" TIPPED HIM OFF SO H c WOULDNTYOU GET. •>OUG" WANDS ON THE CAB *• HEWASACATfi \TMU5T 3E SLEEPY'S NOT HOME. ME-HAD A DATE.' THE WEASEL/ I'LL TIE A KNOT IN HIS ADAMS THE GARAGE'S By ROBKHT STOKM MAKE* A BREAK OUT , WITHOUT SETTING UPSTAIRS WHERE BV ONE •OTHER ...6OT TO _ KTNOW WHERE 1 BAUNEY GOOGLE AND SN ANV ^OUO NE.T FROM TVAOS£ TO10 NO.StR, NOT WELLO-(V\RS. UftM SVCKLE — -UM-- V>JIH_ NOU Wts|Dt.V SCRATCH , SENT \xrnw BIRD srv\nw TO TVAE SOOTW FROM TWE CROSS- COUNTRY Rft UEUTGNftNT BHICJt UJJADFOK1J REMEMBER, 5A. 1C). YOU'D KA/OW IT WAS THE MOON MIRROR. -SOON AS. YOU SAW IT - DO YOU \Vli.UAM 11ITT HJicI CLAKKNCK GllAf .RIGHT FER EXAMINE MORE.CAREFULLY, SANDY, LOOK INTO MIRROR ANb TELL ME WHAT YOC/Sfe tv ML-GGS ,.-\> T D SKE.ETEJI ues SOT TURKEV •n-iesi— VJE COO-FA ci»!AKjCe/ ' MIGHT. BEAT-.TI4£ BW?OS.TOOAY-THE|(2 STAR HAS CHICKEN POX- a »w York respirator Is +•**+********** \VAa3C— PiussinK Parade WJ3AF-WT.IC—• News at the 7;:i(l p. in. .' : WO.R—Confidenlially Yours •WABC—Mr. Keen - . .WATR—Drama Series ... ' WJZ—Diunne and Jesters 7:-IC p. 111. WT.IC-\VKAF— Clmrlie Clutn \VOR-Answer M,-in ~ WATR-\VJiI —OPA Talk 8:IK) p. in. W1SA1T-WTIC—Those We Love- WABC—Suspense ^VJK-WATR—V\'.-itch Woi-JJ Go Bj \S'OP.—News I S:.IO p. \VATR-WJiI—Uiuu U'Oli—Niuit Cfirtot 1 WO.R—-CJuix Show WABC—Denth Viilley Days ^VA-TP.-WJi:—Town -Meetiny W1CAF—To be 'annoiinc-jd :):<)0 p. in. WOR-r-Gubrie: Hcatlcr VV10A I--— Music .Mall WABC—-Major Bowes Show !l:lij p. in. WOK—Screen TIM'. if.'M p. in. \VABC—.Dinah Shuru Show WTIC—Village Store WATJ-I-W.!/'.—Si>otli™hl On • \VOR-Starlight SL-I .]":IMI p. HI. WABC—Front Line WJiAK-WTJC—Marry Savoy WAT1'.—Ki.iymond G. lt>;l-j p. in. WATR—Diiiicintr Oises; Xews W.J/J -Trar..-si;riptior.; (.1. J-Jicks WiCAF—Dr.-i.-in.itie Sltetch Hft.'iO p. in. WATR—Joe 13, Urown Show \VAUC-—''-lore'-S to T-Unna^nce vll.'(M) p. in. ALL Stations—News 11:15 p. in. WATR-WJZ—R;iy Kenl« WABC—Shop Fields Orch ' iVliAl--—News 11:.'{() p. in. ,VABC—Viva. America! A'O R— Lo m bit rd o O re h. WBAF-WTIC—New World Mu.sir. •VATR-W.I/J—Soldiers with Wind's 12:011 Midnight VATK—-Sitfn Off V.7X—Neu-s; Fields Orch. VABC—Newt-; Dunham Orch. VISA IT—News: Roy Shield Co,

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