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Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 5

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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T11K VAM UIIVKIJ WUKLU 5 sronday, Marcn 17, isi3. THE TRUTH ABOUT MEXICO The GENUINE City Telephones Seymour 514 2855 tno (LI ant Potato (Pietrlai) NOT Tipo Type Another shipment of Lytton fj if Ml ulfi had some of the last shipment, Books As Soon As New York People in Vancouver can now read the new books as soon as those who live in the great publishing centres like New York and Montreal. We have arrangements with the big publishing houses to rush all the new books to us as soon as they are off the presses. If you come here first when you want a book you will save yourself time and trouble Pictures by Good Artists If you like good pictures and don't think that merit is measured by the price, you will find what you want here. Some new ones came in the other day that you will like if you are an art lover.

The prices are very moderate and each one has real merit. Make Your Own Photographs The first consideration is a good camera. A Carbine is the best for you to get if you are an amateur. It costs less in the first place and is easier to operate and the supplies are cheaper. Trices from $2.00 up.

know how (rood tney are. f. Per sack 70 GARDEN SEEDS Is what every lover of GOOD table wine wants and will insist upon petfinp; after he has tried VINO CHIANTI (Pietrini). Definition of GENUINE: Belonging to the original stock; real, pure; true. Definition of VINO CHIANTI (Tictrini): Grown in the district of Chianti, famed for its wine of exquisitely full, rich quality and delicacy of flavor.

A mild, delicious table wine. WHICH DO YOU WANT, THE GENUINE Oil THE TVJE? There is only one answer to this question: Vino Chianti thegenuine bv all means and emphatically, YES! since you now know that THE PRICE IS EXACTLY THE SAME YOUR DEALER SELLS VINO CHIANTI JOHN VITTUCCi COMPANY 17 WATER STREET. EXCLUSIVE IMPORTERS By Edward I. Hell. Three weeks ago Francisco Madero, though besieged in the national palace at Mexico City, was still president.

Mexico's federal army, with the exception of a few regiments then in open revolt, was supposedly loyal. Suspicion of treacherous intent had not rested upon any important army officer in the government service. The odds were seemingly in Madero's favor. The strategic position of the United States in relation to Mexico affairs is well known. Now that a complete overturn of the Madero government has taken place, with incidents too deplorable for American comprehension, certain vital questions are on hand for definite by the state department.

The questions are not merely of altruism, of abstract justice or diplomatic expediency. they are vital to the interests of every American As has been pointed out, the industrial advance of Americans into that country has been routed and driven back. It boots us little to rehash our errors and guess at what might have been if our statecraft had been of a broader brand. We must search for a card of re entry, and it does not seem that such a card can be found by following the wavering precedents of history. In former articles the various candidates for Mexico's presidency have been discussed.

All that is essential to know of them is known, lluerta, Diaz, De La Uarra, I.imantour, Ca lero, are names devoid of promise. Not one of them carries the confidence of the Mexican people. Force We have a full line of Ren nie's new seeds in bulk arid package. Per pkg 50 DUTCH SETS Per lb 20C MULTIPLIERS Per lb Kvpry bottle of Vino Chianti earrlpfl our Money Back Guarantee. SWEET PEAS Granville Stationery Ltd.

510 Granville Slreet Look for Bailey's Electric Sign Phones Sey. 5077 332 Si j7 IM IK IB in IL3 7 KT KJ and fear must be the rule of any these men. And yet it seems that one of them must be the man selected by the money lenders as the nation's head. If this is to he the outcome of all the recent scandal and crime, no guarantees are afforded average American energy in that land. Always the menace of a people moving toward revolt must overhang the GRAND OPENING Monday Evening, March 17 Wait for the Greatest Bankrupt Sale known in years.

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CHARLES B. SWEET "The Burg lar" From a position close to the whirl of Mexico's governing machinery I saw and felt the overshadowing importance of Washington's attitude in Mexican affairs. Every demand for the protection of Americans sent a thrill through that country that added fuel to the fires of revolt against its government. Petty discontent developed, under the Washington lash, into distrust of Madero's intent and disgust at his weakness. Helpless, indeed, were the Americans there when all that came from their home government carried an implied threat.

Helpless, too, was the struggling experiment in democratic government under this added pressure. Helpless, always, will be that government of Mexico if it bo not helped hy its big and powerful neighbor. ed in this matter. If, with 40,000 Americans in that country, they sold Mexico a year in goods, with 100,000 Americans there they would sell much more. And if the 100,000 were of the straightforward, average American stamp, well backed by their home government, their influence upon the Mexican nation would be for its enduring good.

Instead of 100,000 there are perhaps 2500 Americans in Mexico today. All but fifteen or twenty who "stand in" would be glad to be back home with a whole skin. This strikes trade a telling blow. Will Washington, under new auspices, be unable to profit by the mistakes of the past to which the present condition of its trade and its people there is largely due? House Cleaning Time Now On How about a bottle of furniture and silver polish? VENOIL FURNITURE POLISH Per bottle 25 and 50 IDEAL SILVER CREAM POLISH Per bottle 23k and 50 WALSH'S DIAMOND STOVE POLISH Per tin IMP SOOT DESTROYER 2 packages for 25? BULK LAUNDRY STARCH 4 lbs. for "ZTiC EMPRESS STRAWBERRY, RASPBERRY, BLACKBERRY AND PLUM JAM 5 lb.

pails for S5 ROBERTSON'S PAISLEY JAM Assorted, 41b. pails for 7i STEVEN'S ENGLISH JAM Assorted, 41b. pails for 20 UPTON'S JELLY TABLETS 3 for 27C PRICES 50c, 35c, 25c and 15c. OTHER I'ANTA GES ACTS OLUMBIA THEATRE MAPLE LEAF THEATRE HOUSE OF FEATURES 4 DAYS, COMMBXCIXO MONDAY, MA IfClt 17 FEATURE EXTRAORDINARY America's Oreateit Actress BLANCHE WALSH In Tolitoy'i Immortal Drama: RESURRECTION rp ln Tnt V.lmlrTlHf. WKKIC UK M.WH'il THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY 4 I5ig Vaudeville Acts 1 New Motion Pictures Show, at 2:1.1, 3:10.

l'rlf'r. IdtinfPH, H' and 15c; Hon SentH rrniframni. rhsnRPi Mrnlay and Thuraciiv. Panama Theatre WIOTK MA HCH 17 "The Girl and the Jockey" Presented by THE PANAMA MUSICAL STOCK CO. SYRUPS 4 REELS 4 REELS A FAMOUS ACTRWSS In one of the world' most heart re ndini? tragedies A PRODUCTION which ranks the linrsi of Its klnl for a Ions time to come.

PAOKfiD WITH BIG SCENES, FUI.Tj OK ACTION. Powerful acting puis this photo play feature in a class by Itself. 11 A. M. CONTINUOUS 11 P.

M. LYLE'S GOLDEN DRIPS 4 lb. tin 30 horizon. The people of Mexico, unlettered as the mass may he, have hail a at self government they elected a president hy popular will. That the experiment was a failure may cow triem into present hut the seed of democracy has heen sown.

Just now, impoverished anil in dire straits, the nation may take the yoke. The people are tired of revolutions. Whatever looks like peace they will accept. Personal liberty, at the moment, is a secondary affair. Never was a nation more generally misjudged than Mexico.

Sentiment is more powerful with its people than the sword; for the mass are of pentle nature. We hear of constant turmoil. What percentage of the fifteen millions are enframed in it? Including the federal army perhaps one per cent, of the total! Hut it was ninety per cent, that followed Madero's banner to almost bloodless victory! Ninety per cent, want peace, one per cent, have grown used to pillage and murder, nine per cent, are the middle and upper classes that want what will bring them the easiest money or the most lucrative employment. In a general way, such is the people inhabiting the land adjoining us on the south. Offhand statements declare them turbulent, and history supports the contention.

Hut the turbulence of the mass is the revolt against tyrannical and unjust governmentthe kind of government they now seem destined to have and, thus far, with the approval of the United Stales diplomatic representative on the spot. Mexico spends a year for American goods in ordinary times. What class of goods is it? Are they selling Mexico articles of general need for the middle classes? Not at all. All the dry goods, except certain brands of American shoes and reily made men's suits, come from Kurope. they selling Mexico hardware am! groceries? The hardware is from Germany and the groceries from Spain.

Fxcptions to this consist of the negligible resident American demand. Mexico's imports from the United States are specialties and sundries for railway construction and equipment, mine equipment, agricultural machinery and electrical supplies. Take these items out and call back the few remaining Americans who insist on goods from "home" and the selling trade with Mexico dries up, leaving the United States the buyer of its silver, its hennequen and its hides. The question of trade with Mexico, the quality of its government, and the guarantees for American enterprise, we cannot well go on ignoring or disposing of with grandiloquent phrases of friendship. Some practical evidence that Washing statecraft is not a minus siirn MANILLA DRIPS 2 lb.

tins 4 lb. tins 15c SMALL'S MAPLE FLAVOR SYRUP Per bottle P.m. Short. 3 Oil nod llox .100. HELEN GARDNER SMALL'S PURE MAPLE SYRUP Pints Quarts 151 Teeth Extracted Painlessly It.v a llnrmlp'H llotanlcnl 'nrniiiln.

50c Ml V.l Ml II akthii r.rFi:cr. DK. 0. C. GILBERT scir.vni 'ir nr.VTisT 201 2 Dominion 207 llnallnu.

1'bone Seymour 1UII PRIDE OF CANADA MAPLE SYRUP Quart botles 60 UATiRisoN rism says: "Cleopatra Is fin H. ed with Imth pictorial and dramatic beauty." Produced at a Cc ct of 9100,000 WALSH National Theatre WEEK OF MARCH 1711 A.M. TO 11 F.M ADMISSION 2So apanese Curio Shop AT 1017 Robson Street Vancouver, 15. C. Grocer and Butcher Cor.


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