Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 23, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1916
Page 7
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-Zr.:. .umcipat benight, 111 «a»4^rf the gtotiad, ftfigei of the iord came dovyn, glory shone around. ^ BASKET BAIL LEAGUES T. M. C. A. Forisus SchooJ From' The He&vr And The Light Weights. DO YOU WANT THEM? inV^ttW-J AKING Christmas happy for the poor, the lonely, rich, those who have no family Ires to hind close Id <he "fate . Had *el«d their troubled 4iad; "Oftd tidifcg* of great joy I bring To yea and All mankind. "To yen In.Dfttid'i town tMi day !• bora of David'i line fer , whojf Chriit tbe Lord, , And thUthallbe theiign: ( . „ «flrt lieair«Bly Bftto yo* there find To httrnan view dtipmyed, All meanly wrapped in iwathing band* i And tn a manf er kid." fhtur^ake the leraph, and forthwith Appeared a thiniag throng Of tjigeli praiiing Ood, who thai Addressed their joyfnl iongi "All glory be to Ood on high r Anil to the earth be peace, Good will henceforth from heaven to men , Begin and never ceaie." : -•- —Hahtan Tate. great heart of humanity at Christ• <|iaslide, is the missionof theteu- nldpal or city Cbfistmas. Even many small towns have welcom* not," «ad he, for mighty ed the idea, and men ftnd women, touclted fcy the gcitile spirit of Christmas, join 6ach year !o the effort to makeChristmas a reality for all Tbe community Christmas does not supplant the private celebration. It adds zest to the family gatherings and the In r; < » k- < I. «H)T««rr-fit -•ip, i«»<-.,i 1- «!!•,)«. ;t t; ;.rv> '\ht-r*' '\ 11-. 1 nU-rrnot,n thf tu Strut T',i two fo Rtnrt ftt f,f nlll he Ji«* last r.f thf> Th«> to buy n (x-nniHli *M«-Ii W fft to tbt' ,cli*mpl«>»i team of the ywr. Th«» __ iSSSSJttSE,^^ ^^'""^py^c^M^r^" Unvm* hmnrhf « «n*Jlpr jpirsr* *rli t*-r ttf fuiitu *.!!*>. Hunt mii^s north dividual rejoicings. And it brings the joy and the thrill of the day to many to whom it would be unknown otherwise. How pome American cities celebrated the community Christmas In past year* may he read here*. In(Jinnapolls, Intl. -Thousands of In* dlniia residents lx>gnn In mnuy way* to take the Christmas spirit to their lens fortunate m-ljctilwr*. Municipal trees became a leading feature in the r-elehraUon. Troui some of the treei present* were distributed, white at others largo choruw* aang ChrUtmaa Nowsimi«?rN throughout tha Jnn. 4.- *>ntr»l, vs. VV.iHace: Rnr-k F«H* v», iJncoln. .Ton. it — \VnllftrP vs. l-lnrnln; tvn- trnl v*. Hrw-k rails. Jnn. IS -Lincoln v, «>nlral; Rock .Ian. J5.—Onirnl v« \Vallnrr>; Rorfc Falls v*. I.lnrohi Fch. 1. - Wallftcp VB. Uncoln; Itock Mills vs. Otitral, FVb. f.~ <>ntral v*. Lincoln; Hook Fnlln v«. Wallace. • Lightweight Division. Jnn. 8.—Hork Fulls v*. Lincoln; On- tral VB. Wrtllar-P. Jan. 11—Walln«-o vs. l.inroln; On- trnl v*. Jtoek Fall* Jan. 2«.--flock Fnllo Vs. Omral *R., Lincoln. Jan. St.,—iVnlrrfT v«. Wftllnce; Rock VK''Lincoln. FVb. i. —XVallar* v*. Lincoln: fVntral vs. Hock Fullc. FVb. in.--Hock Knll* vs. Wallace; 1 v*. Lincoln. I.v In WhHMtif}!* <**mnty st* Palmyra, Nebsnn nnd Ffar- mr-n In L<«r f'rrnnty. ft r*wh*»5 faT «>t\t tw.vond (hH tf-rrltory slso but In tht»« f « township* tm olhpr tncal I»nj»pr of any kind ban ftny circulation of moment. !><» you wnnt the farmers of thps*> rlrh !ow7TFt1T0s to ntt*-nd -your Auction M!*".-*? I>o you w«rtt th«-*p rfr-h fnrmr-rs t'» hid on your hoMM 1 !*, your riutlt', your' ho(t«. your grain nn<! your farm fmpt^wents? If you do thi-rf> Is only one way to R«>t them 1 ' and that is to run your «dv«»rtlw>- m«*nt for th<» full six day* in Th« v--i «,T <,f y?«»t1l»»i: f c m 'i HI I;*-' wit r. HPAI» Pit TI« T t'i !) 2* HI MJ • mile* north e> »<->mh of Mill Frank Hamnvlman [in if» •vr'ir.r. i(n (n- In r?ft $ tWO 3 } j'-.iilsvt? h» If- r» i'AHM M ACIUNKUY- I>r^rin« Wnrt ' r, 7-ffnrf r\ti , !>••>'! f r<e m<-Wf'r, fii»; ,Ii>hr^ f>w-r»" *->w down rmmir* ••{•r^ad'-rf »s»W )><"ff hnv ! ctil^r; t state pro-rjlflctl toys for the children Holiday 8*«Bon Plants. k : 'Among the ml berri«i plants tho * ttost beautiful of all *w» tho holly trees .and aaeubas from Holland; •hnpdy ardislas, brilliant fruited Christmas peppers, the old. tltno favor* ite Jerusalem cherry trws. otahcite s orange, ponderosa lemon trees, with their larger fruits of dark and light yellow, s,nd those pretty Uttlo trailing plants, tb« partridge burri**, grown In glass berry bowls, raised In America. Wrapping the &. &>• Are yon among tbo fortunate number who have completed their Christmas purchases and have them all neatly and daintily w«»P* ped and labeled and. placed lu a largo box or n drawer to " await the proper 'moment when they are to b« Started on their way by mall, messenger or, perchance, personal delivery t It you are not, wtmt are yea doing with the Uttl* g»W wbleft you purchase or complete duch day tod add to the growing pile? .Are you carefully wrapping «acb one alter Inclosing a pretty Chrtstujai greeting Vard with soft white or gay- Jy decorated Christmas paper.? One cannot b«U> but fe«l that those little reniem- brakes .which are received* all* thoughtfully and nrtistl- «olly wrapped with a bit of bolly or pomsettia paper and bound with red, green, white «r holly ribbon and choicely labeled and sealed with the > naiuoroua attractive little stlckeru which come for this purpose, moan more, lu their ; deUUl of taste and. euro than all Uw handsome and wonderful gifts which time aud 'money can produce without those fliml tout'lit-H, Then njako. the offering as slm* • pl» «n4 luwpjwBlve m you -eb^os«, but if yow would «m» : vey to your frieuU mi atuios- phare of thought aiul rcwicut- brwico tak« A ilUUi Ufl*« ew^b * dpy to complete the arrange- iueiit for cat-Jb friend before l»yii>U H itsido with th» uih«-r ^'flfti. Not only will tho prep- iMntioii of the gifts utiio on itddltio/uiT Uttervist to you, •bat it will uuiUo the lust djiyi Of buatle ami osolto- njeat letis urduous, und tiu*ti, too, you will nut be i>Hiug into tbe i»o«tottlcu or tho ex- j>r«»s ofiBffl all .your various buadio^ ut oiu) time, but will b» praiwred to «t«rt many 0| Iheni ou Chi'lr w«y lu ud- VUIH'W uf tho Itt^t I'U^ll ttlMl .tltUS «VOld tho bflBM lllt»Vit«« - hie cl«luy whlt-h, WI-UIH bclut-. eg greetings und, \vur*o than fiji, imeKayo.s which ^Ivu the . apjit-arttuei! uf hu»i,v -ta^anyi 1 - COLETA NEWS J AGED 75, HAS CHICKENPOX, IB IU of «'Hk-ken pox and under th* carV>Qf a phynlolan. The doctor rftwta thin a very with n |wr»on her agi*. an she is 7S yparn of ajr«". ' ' r ROAD WORK 'PROGRESSES. -The work on thir'ntate aid riwd Is pro«Te*min« nlcrty conshlcrlnjr th«- weathtr. Thcr* ore «-lcv««n tcam« haul- Ing jrrnvpl and »w»%'«*rnl farmers nrv vrt>- paring Jo future. the work in tb«» near You can skimp on your tMing, you ran cut it -down and wive n few dollnrw In the coat by doing It tbi> ox tpftm way.'btttHhe ni«»i«»rn way, Thp Onietto way, is tln> way that bring* th* bidders nnd liuyi»r« from thl* rich imrtlon tn your auction iwle. Rill* nrp all right In thetf plarp and in th«»!r way but they 'can not and do not r*ach on* man in twenty thnt Tim o«i*tt«« r«>ach«»» nnd any auction »«l* h«ld any whrf* within nrtoon milpH of Stf-rllriK Nlmpty wipcii the ric^> townnhlps nlwtvi' named off thp map, which 1« wmiPthiriK no farmer who want* to Kct tlu< tnoxt out of bin mUp can nf- foni to think about doing for even •;m/-r. e f»n aijil <>««' ivor* 1 tulky plciw; 18-inch otnbltl** |i!-iw«; t fl*-r!inff » f-f with itraws «»-#^ uttrti-hm^rit; t linK hfty tPiliiff; 1, hay nil'*-; 2 Tl»4 Umft dUc*; I thrf-f.**ctliin harnsw; lomhrr wnKon"; 2 top inlinflf!*; I T'. F • •?*»am f>«-iiar«f'>r; S sots douhfe work harn». < «; Z sinKl* hnrnwt*; fty »»< MISC'KLtiANEOt'll—S milk can*; wml ci»rn dryf-r. capacity 600 «irs; wnnp mw-d corn: fwme Timothy i tank . h**t*r: 1 ^c-rtl^; - mim* h«y i»v barn and oth*r ariic^n too nunlftrou* to mention. B*»ni«» hatoMtioId irfwd*. In eluding cnrp>s-< and l-room xiato rug 15x18. Fre* lunch at ll«o'«*lork» s»rv*d by fturl«>Mi; wale fommf>tsc«>« imm«><liatPly aft«»r. Usual tprmi*. On*> y«>ar time at 8% from rtftt* 1 on n|it>n>vp«t not»>«. No prop prty t<1 HP r*»mov«Hl until «pttl«>d for. ONNO HKltrKNEft Aur-tlonwr. H. L. Harrington; rterk. H.,K. \V > llir«*. l>w, 15. 16, 21. 22, 58. 2«. CLOSINO-OUT, SALE. Having Moid my farm. tb« undcmlgn cd will a«li at public auction about i and one-half ml leu Boutneast of Rock Falls on the Van Petten road, one-half mile north of Stone- Station, on th* M. A. McCARTY-MELD A SALE Seld Good H*rd Of Dairy Cattle At Auction Friday. M, A. Mrt'atty. living nix mile» WP»I of t'olfta. dt^fwmed of a hurd of dairy cattle at rj. public wale Friday. A fair t-rowd wsfe jirfM-rtt, bidding vriu) spfrii- «>il und ih»* nalp WBJI concturtPd by Z:00 t'owa sold for $75,00 A bunch of two y«»ar-t»ld »t«H»r* went for |6r..60. A bull for HOS.uO. Hors«>M Hold <ut high an tlio, Mr». McCnrty ia wHI COLETA BRIEFS. Rev. Ow»r«* ^Ifirmn wturnert home Thursday from Applplon. wh*»r«» l«> IJA* b«>» ttsslntlnK In revival meetings for two weokrf. FYfd CourtrlRht, «f SnlHtla, vlnltwl with hi* mother, »Jr«. Harnh Court- Hicht, u f«»w days lant'wwk. His non John rwturnwl hum* with him for nfv- *>ru.l dttyK 1 vlnlt. - A Community ChHtUnM Tree._ ana Christmas dinners for the poor, and, thojr were assisted by charitable or- gauUaliona, Columbus, Q.~Thousands of resident* in many Ohio cities celebrated 'their first municipal Christina* <ev* with community Christmas trcca and completed preparations for .BervSng thousand* o.f unfortunates with Christman dinners. Churcir chimes, boys' choirs, Iwrgo choruses awl brass bauds furnJUnod music for t'he municipal •Cleveland, O.— Church bolls. summon- •ing citizens to theawbltt' square at 1 o'clock initiated Clevelaud's community Christmas celebration. Thousands listened while a choir t»f 300 men boys, standing beneath a lighted sixty- flve foot Christmas tree, sang carols. The sale of stack In "Cleveland, the City of Good Will*" Insured that every one tu the city would have a Christ' mas dinner, _ ,... , , __u,u,j.j,i.-ii. -n:i-nrvfif Cludnnatl, O.— Hinging of chimes all over the eltji a fanfare of trumpets* carols Uy a »electo«l choir of l»oys awl a brilliant niumliuatlau ,of the luunlcl- pal Christinas, tree ushered iu OlucUi* ttftM"¥ public ciMistm*!* celebration Tb» 4ty Christians treb, forty-five feet In, height, was Illuwltt»te4 with alec- trio lights, There w«a no attempt fo distribute presents, bdt the musical dedication of the tree by singing so- eietie* drew a. crowd which taxed the capacity of Government square. Uij* dm* the uu*|iifos of a Sauta Cluus as- C. -K. At-ki-rman, of M<irrl*)rfT was a bU8im>»s ttiljpr 'here B. II. Kline and H. ,1. were transactlnu tiu«Jni*«s ^m Chicago a couple days la«t w<M'k. A quiltinjr wt»* held- at the M; P. Frankfttthw home Wednesday, T,h<f 3. 11.* cTutr met Wednesday, after; noon with Mm.. .W. J. llurless., Thef rooms were nicely decorated with Christmas decoratkmn. Presents were exchtutired among the members. The P. T. club met Thursday afternoon with ..Mrs, Harry Brown. Presents w*r* e*chanis»d ftmanir the members. The rooms were prettily depu- rated, THIRD NUMBER ENJOYED. ' The third number of the entertainment «»ur»e was Biven at , the hall Tuesday «venlnff 10 a large crowd, The entertainers 'were %-ery to all. This is .oonsldeml t^ie Blvcn by the Lyceum bureau with the renull of the M«<«t nnrt Co«« -wi-re auctioneer* and F: \V. MINE INSPECTOR KILLED. Calumpt, Mich., Dec. 23.—Ttioman H. JuincH. mine Inspector of Houghton county, wns klllfd while appending the iUulJackft shaft <»f the Calumet and mine. A"»t;fjlon of a broken Jnnws. 0)* and known a* the old Hcckman farm, on nwc. 2». i»ie. tho following property: 9 HKAU OF HORSKH AND MULES —1 »pan of Jiwy mule*, u«ed 8. Wfilght 2,t60 Ibs.; |tr«y full hloodPd Norman brood raure in foal, &KMI 8, weight 1,COO poumls; grey ircldlnR, tMR«d 11, weight 1.350; bay gelding, aged 7, weight 1,200; dark iiorrel, ag*d 4, weight 1,1 DO; ilwk grey n&re, aged 2, weight 1.3UO; light wrrel mare, atred 1, w«lg lit 890; driving horse, ajr«d 10; w«l«ht 1,000. » HEAD OF CATTI.K--8 milch cows, 3 fresh, S hwivy *pringer«, red Poll Durham bull 10 niontha old, 1 sucking HAY AND ORAIK—About «00 or 70Q buabel* corn in crib, about 200 bun- helii of heavy »«ed oatM, about 40 bu«- hela «eed com, white and yellow, about IB to»« of nice tame hay In barn. FARM MAC»INKRt~-Thi«. ftne line of farm machinery I* all practically new. 3 triple box wagon; Iron truck wagon; aurrey; 2 aingle buggies; 2 bob «}eda; 4 eeta double work harneaa; driving -harnem; 8 -foot McCormlck binder; McCormlck mower; Rock Island h*x loader; hay rak»; gang plow; dine Mid trucJu 2 16-foot drag*; 10- foot paralyj!»r; 3 corn planter* with l&O roda of wire; 11 -foot Sterling grain ««<>der, • with grtwa aeeder attachment; Urrat Weatorn manure «preader;> 2- row •hoyel cultivator; walking cultivator; aurface cultivator; atubble plow; hay track; ate«l com. shelter; SAVINGS INCREASE. I*an*injf, Mich*., Dec, 23.~~«avlnC8 d«in Michigan bantu -have in- J10,440,08S' in the laiit three monilm, necording; -jto a report" from the atatv banking cummhuiioner'a ofHw. In the mtme period commercial depoattti showed a gain of $11,903.343, the utttte- ment ahowed. • ' • ocoop «pade«; «a.w« and hay fork and other things too numerous to mention, , HOUSEHOLD GOODS— New round iO-tt. dining room table; 2 cook Ntovea; ) bed uteoda; nearly new Brunncls rug. 10Hxl«H feet ; Fro« lunch at 11 o'clock. Sale im- <tt thut place. MRS. CRAWFORD (Continued From Page One) sociatioii IIMMX) Christmas wcr« "flellvwed to thft !««or. The bus* « -untamed food* aud . tuys aud were made up with the assistance of boy «fouW. jDotrolt, MU-h.— Pi'trol,t'i t^risttuati t »•«'«-. 'gu.vly HghtH, tinsel nail tu.vw, waa the center of attruetiuit fur tl.otwuuds* <»f citizens children. A liu'jjV baud aud chair tlu> ATTEMPT TO KlUU I**k« 'A bu>U"* Tht' in-i 1;U» >*vs,t- (t 4U li',li«i It'v,-. .s, ltli!'" I'Ve. •„',: i f'» lali J M« linl. !liin{?ry horses WK reived u Christ w;>« ANIHI «t tha ejt ntust' uf A<!"li»li ,Mfl/.cr, tiinl fi-ii'iul nt tiiaiib LiFE AT HARD tABOR, n\ til.'. }i>i:ii»l i -.:'•' .It- .«, ?'!•'• IMillr ! . \ii-. MI , i; •" II!' '!. . , ( ,, i • I I «i i i! . ! • I ; - i «!.,.<. , Kllt> "f (! • !<-li"VUm: -: .ujuiM'i' • ( >: u ts, \\., , !:.>!.< ll!.'.( ll >•<• J.j.i' Kruuk r in Uu» ut i» ;v li«V, II .' Full t iirii m I t(«i;l V tho place »upr*mo, a queen in a kingdom of hospitality. Thers waa none \tf her children who esteemed her le*s highly than did the others, for all fjljontaiiooiirtly accorded her tbelr com- Vh-tt* mlnnition, won fv^rliistibKly from each of them In childhood by the ab- jiplute »f If renunciation of mother lave. She wan the old fathloned kind of mother *who insplrod in poets nnd ypot singers of long ago the rover- en* und hallow«il thought* of mothar^ *)»ood that have been «herlshfed for generations In homes 1 blessed by holy emori»H. No child of hers even Hnew what U was to be turned over to » nurse, fn turn'she nurssd. and cher*, .,,hpd each of them, taught th«m on* ,by one. th* sw«*t«*t prayer of all that move mnital Hp«, "Now I lay me down to Blt>ep," Il«r huniU fushloned as only a mother's hands can fashion the garments uf th*Ir childhood and tucked th*m w»cb in turn in their trundle bm5« after the good night kiss had blotted out all i-hiWIsW c»rwi ot the day, f For m«r» thas fifty years «^eh grlnf of uny child of hem was her grief to*»4 and «vt>ry. IwppUwws of any one *>f them was «n ««jvm> Joy to her. In manhood and womanhood her ad vie* WUH evur sought by ail h«r family, jtnd their lives are *nrlch««l with th« )uq»« pleat of metnorl** of th» gpnuil com- rudeahlp, of, "tho beat ^rlancl .la nil tb« world." ' There is no measure for^the loss of suoh u mother, and even the m<$a*ur«- STERLING CITY MARKETS (Corr*ct«id Dally.) (Momm Dillon 'Company') New Js'o. 3 ye-llow corn ............ 84e NPW Xe. 4 ypllow corn .......... 82^0 \Vbit» i*at» ............. . ....... v. i4Tc Ko. 3 mixed nata ...... ....... .... ,46o \\ beat ...... ... ..... ..... ..... . .f 1.40 Hurjey ...,.,..,.., ..... ,....,.,.. .86* LIVE STOCK. fPlppert Broa, & Co.) Pat atwrs ............ . ____ $9.00010.20 Cows ...................... $«.00|(i7.«0 , . . . .$8.00|S10,Ofl $6.00OI,pO Umtw ...../. Uogs ...................... $»,OOO9.CO LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. Grocery,) 0«iry— Ratsll. Itunoford creamery buttw ...,,.,. ,42c t>8lry butter .>...,. ^. ..... ......... .40o KgK». ....... „!..".. . A . .. ..... . ..... 42e Dairy— Wh«le»al«. f Dairy butter ...... ...... .......... 38c New V«o«Ubl».. (A. 40c »ynu>athy of those who und«r soften but little the «riv{ that ii«rttl*ty» «v«n though- ail know the parting Is only for a Htjie time, aud the reunion will be forever,- - WOMAN SERIOUSLY BURNED. itedfonl. Jnd.. 1**. »i—Mr«. Virgil wife of a f«r-m«r, wan «« »»»- Freah Head lettuce, per head ............ 10e Celery, each ,.,..„,,.„,,., „.,,,&« Cucumbera. each . ... ..............ISb Fnraley .............. ........ ..... .6*1 OP SALE— All «um« of $10 and utider, c*»n- -Over Uti« amount 10 raontha wilt be given on approved note bearing 1 * per e«nt In tercet from date if paid when due. * Otherwise 7 per cent from date of aale. No property to be removed until nettled for. , -_W»l*l» 8J5YLLER. F. 0. Burnley and A. L. Coe. Auc- tloneera; I. A. Kadel, Clerk. _____ > _ Dec. £8. 26 CLOSING OUT SALE. An I am going to quit farming will Hell at public auction, '6V4 mil«« north want ,j$r Sterling. 2 mile« north and % of a mile «aat of I-2meraon on the U«o, farm, • -..•'FRIDAY; JANUAIIY. 6, isn, the following dt*cTlbfd property; 12 HOKHES—ConBlntinjf of u team of grey mar*n, 9 and 11 yeara old: team iron grey mare«, 7 and 8 year* old; grey gelding. 14 y«ars old; brown mare, good family driver; team grey S'and 4 yearn old; grey gelding, 8 year* old; brown gelding. 1 year old; roan gelding,' 1 year old; 1 wean ling filly. • » ' ~ HHAD iOF CATTLE— ConaiHtlng OSSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WORD MI»SOt f RI FARM, ti nfi Mg murkiHa Write fttr fnf! infotfltstlntt K»n«a* fltv. Mo. HBLP WANTED WAXTf.C) -MKN .v«»r S1» >! i V,ANTi:i> SAKKMAN with irnrf* 1 sn II S5 nr wc^r* 6 . tiy 1K3 fOf WAN'T A sr«K JOB WITH big pay. *>s»y htmr* nn<! rnjiirt nd- vaTT«~*~ Wftlt- for mv- bip frw hri#fe I)W 75*. whlfh telts y«u >w>w you can #<n it R-oort Ror«»>-nm*>nt tK»'«ltln Karl Hopkinft, VVMhington, 1). *'. MS* WA.VTEt>—AMBIT!or» MKN niHtiR t»i iparn 135 or rnor«» t'^r < Every wUewwin «lvpn «tpwfal irain- • In*. fnUtnlted nn^iwrt«nHI»>». \Vrit»- imtnedifttrty. Power To., DotroH. Mlrh. J^^W^KTJED^-WB^LE^ jjlri for B«"n«Tnl housework In country about IMt mil*'* fnim SterlliiK. 224. IK-II 9S2R3. 146tf WANTED—niJlLS WItO ARBiL<(><;>IC- tng for Rteady worfe,"Xj»i>ly at- owo. Arcndf' IjiiHrdry' Co. ' 145-H8 WANTED— WAITRESS. Hotel. RANDOLPH 147-148 WILL PAY RELIABLE WOMAN 125 to distribute free <not to sell) 200 icwckaifps Borax 8f»aw/Pow»lpr nmong frtenrtn. No money •mi»ilr«t. ' Ward T81 N. Franklin St., fhir«* 148* VVANTKt>—TWO ROOMS FOlt LIUHT holme keepltiit or flat. Addremi "C, B," earn of Uazette. I43tf WANTKIV-HIDES, FUItS AND ALL kind* of junk. I aim have a nice line of. Ford tlrw* nl rauwnabta price*. It would pay you to Investigate before uniting your junk or buying tire*. D. Manfleld. ISfitf WANTEIV-LEARN BAKBBR TRADE — world'a mom profitable trade. Quickly learned. Write for catalog:. SOI l«th Street. Moline. 111., Trl-Clty BartM»r College. i8»Oj»8 WANTED — SECOND-HAND AUTO moblk-H, will pay the hlghettt price, Aim) soil all kinds of repaint. eat prices paid for all kind* of fur and hides. Mik«, the f II Tailor. Both phone*. • . JGtf IIQHF8T CASH PRICES PAID hide* and fum. Mangan'o Shop, S12 Ftrat Ave. 124tf WANTED—SOME " . ONE TO DO wanhln? and Ironing. Mu«t call for and return. Call Bell 6S3-S, l«4tf POTATOES—ONIONS LARGEST STOCK AND CHOICEST varitleir of northern potatoes in the city. Aliwi plenty of Onion*. Price* right. Hugh B. Platt. 201 Fln«t Ave. 147»14 htghwnv, Kin*' WHI *xrhftnR«> fur n hott** in tfrB on fiflO time on halnnf*' with ftve or FOR ALI3'--NEW 8-KOOM Slsth MfHJ- LOJf LOST— A TWRNTY DOLLAR BtLU AVP. and nnr- A, If found plpnw fall 3S4-S on It* 1 !!. llewortl. Mary Wllll»m'«. ^ -•• 148* 3POR FOR RBNT— MOl>KrtJ» Went Fifth St.. |18,W» month. John Powers. .TWI rott -nki^T^-kon'Mg IN t-r»w>m Iwus4>. clo««* In, miitftbte fbf h(.u*fk«-*!»lnK. Write "M. C." eai* CnKeae «r enll Bell 001 Kl aftRr t m. * •• 14 ROOM FOR RfiNT~~8TIltC*LT MOO- errt hou«p. Clf>ntl«>nian roorow pr«* 'hnn*- IJc41 961-1 or rail 4504 . • T4 * > FOR HKNT~MOI)KKN liuiixp or for 8ft le nt a hnrgaln. Marry Lnldis. U7-14I FOR FOR 8ALE—40 MEAD PUltE BRKD I'olnnd Chltm Uoam, indudlnR twenty h»»ad fail yparllnjr*. On Lincoln Way, S\i tnilwii «^»M of M»rrin«»n. Inter* mute phone. Simon Whintler. 1 Fri. & Sat. tt FOR RALB—FOJUU BXTRA GOOD Bhorthorn inillx, Scotch pedi#r««. Stewart 1 Mathews, Round Grove. 19, 20. 2«. Ji,-2 FOR BALE—TWO DUHOC JKRSKT boarx. I>(irRf» conr»« twnrd feliowa, Adol|)h Von Templehof. Two rnilw of Rock Full*. Farnwr'n phone. »"OR 8AM3—ONE B, FLAT cornet, high and low pitch, flno con- "dition, |35. J. J. Illtxeiberger, VQH SALB— FEW CHOICE DUROO J«rat>y mal# pt««. Mitchell, MorriHon. or phone Both phone*. HO8 pltal, tuutemeot. corner Locuuat.and Fourth 8ta. 1J9-10 LOGAN BROa ORCHESTRA—FOR dat««. call O, H. Lo«nn. Bell phon 484-1. J86-160 of 18 milch cows, noniP froxh and some will be by day of sale; 7 head, 1 • year- old ,h*lf*ira; 1 yearling s,t«or; 15 bead spring ciflvws; 7 small culycH; 1 thoroughbred bull, 6 years old.' 82 HEAD Iioas—Consbitlng of about 20 good SOWN, balance good thrifty bar pk, Idaho potatoes, bu, .,..?3.00' Minnesota potatoes, bu, ......... ,$J.75 Sweet potatoes. Jersey, a IDS *5c Hutabagos, 3 Iba, ................. .10c Cranlwrrlea, fancy, qt. ............ , We Qreen onlon«, bunch ....... ..... , ,,£c Spinach, ih. ,..,., ..... ,,,»,,,,,. UJ4o Celery cabb«g«' ,.......,.,.,,;.,, 4Jc Bndiveii ,..,..,,, ......... .... ..... ,60 Squash ....... . ...... .,.,,, ,7 .... ,10o Paraiey ..;,,.., ...... ............; |0o ,.....,,.,.,... ,4e , ,%. . , , . ,|6c melana ............. 5. ••• . .SOo Leaf lettuw, cane .......... .,..,.,30c Beeta. bunch .... ........ ...........V dreen peppers, 3 for ,,..,., ..... ,.,6c Dry t Bruaeels Cauliflower . ..>/.....,.,.,.,,, l§ ®t6c «CaW , I8He Omngea, r*ilf,, douon ,...,.,..SCOiOf fruit, each 8©lOc White «rap«», lb '^tHbjt irrapew, basket . ..... ..... , ,ao« Uuily wreaths vereiy burned when her clothing caught rtre from on open gWrte *U«HU»e-}'by*lclan» -despair juf hw recovery. Samuel Stlpp, who. tried to lu»r, wa» ««ribu»ily bunie-d. CJTYJN tOW A. ~ Dt-c." ' City him umliituiwU ttu muni} of being tlu« i'uliU««t city in Iowa thla year, local w«utb«i, Uurt'uu. a.-|H.rts from, that point vuiii thi« i-ur> dt*u|>|H'd tu £0 iU'«ift"tt Ui-iuvv iu luwu- wax. warmer FARM,, MACHINERY— a .triple ogonj*; ateel truck wagon; top buggy ; hay nick; hay rake; aide delivery rakej 'mower; McCormtck 8-foot bind.. «r; munure apreatltir; & ridintr corn cultlvatora! walking cent, cultivator; Hiiys corn planter with 160 rod* wir«s; ll»f«Kit ae«d»r with WHMW »«fil nttaeh* men, good an newj ISmerxan gang plow; walking plow;'H»inch waJk- un harrow; ISm«ri*on 6-wh««r di*;; Towor ing .pl H-wheel «JI feulv*riS«*s> hand 'corn sheller; a,wlll cart; b «lert: fanning mill; ing kettle; 3 «<t« br ainirle harnowt; key. tn« httrnuiw; t 4 henn und I Tom tur- i. hpi« CiH)k «tov«;- Royul Oak soft coal heater other Mome hou««>hold furniture and tlcifu ttw mention. lunch at U o'clock; sale utarw immediately after TKRMH OK !—All sums of 110 anil under, ca«h. OVCT tW» amount 18 * will b* glvtm on apurov^a now c p0r *c«nt intercMt from date it paid wliwi 'due. othurwiiw 7 pjir cent from'<tat«-of sals. No property tu be reinovfil until settled for. HEJNKV WINK. H, U Harrington, Auctioneer; M Wllger, Cl«rk, , p«c; 88, 81, 89. SO. Jan, g, 8, The u«d*r»Mjn«d intending to move to Min»e*oU» wUl offer at public *uc- Won «n the old Qardner tteynulda farni. ft, miieii iKiutheanJ wf Prophetwtgwn, The Krahi market w&f clos*«I today, and will nisi* be closeU Monday, Chru*t- maa LBQAL NOTICES . All jpt*r#ujitf having claims againvt the estate of. Eridget Dully, d«ceu»i'd. are hereby notified ana requested to i Hill, oi I'bifajfo. iiit'ivt'd lw>ro M Ht',V)>'i i'luiHtitiiis nitli lii^l Air. mul Altsi ,tU'.<t'i'f iUU, and, pre-^nt ».uch riaima U» the County Court of Whiu*uid@ CvWnty. Ifl- ini'i». for tht* purpose of having the «anif u.iljubU'd, at a term uf said court tu b*,* ( iteld S« tli« t.'wunty Court rovtu iu the t 3 r^y of Morrison, in said county, iu» 'ihc ilrnT ^tyndfly *>f &lM>r<:h, -A. IX is 17. bt-iiiK tbr OJrr d.ay thereof. ' iTiilea wt*»t of T«,mpl<-4>, Si mile north of (<«on 8Chm)l bous* on THUWHPAY. I>KC'. 8S, 1916, commencing afi»r fr#« lunch at noon, the folloyylnK 7 HKAl> O^ HOHSlaS—Hay boiW, age 7; block bura* asw t; black MENJ-^OUR ILLUSTRATED CATA- logue explnlnn boW we teach the bar ber trad« quickly, mailed free. Mole Barber College, Chicago. 129-151 AUTO FIRE AKD THEFT IN8UR a nee. Life meinberahip J6. Yearly dues $1. -Ahto Auto Liability. Fire and Accident Insurance. Will pa« you to gee me. JonoH H. Baer. Law .rence BMg; 187-16J AUCTION SALE, PUBLIC SALB. Six miles we*t of Sterling. mlle« northweHt of Agnew, on Lincoln lltgb> way, to be sold without reserve, ae I ijitend lo mov* to Michigan, on WEDNEBDAY, JANUARY 5, die following described property: U HKAD HOR8BS~Oray gelding 6 years old, weight 1.400 Ibs.; bay gelding 4 yeara old; chestnut »«>rrel mare 19 yeara old, family broke; bay nvir* 16 y««rtt old; apan of black mare 17 yeara old, good work team; 2 geldlnga coming s year* old; 1 mare coming S S geldinga coming 3 year*. All colts are aired by Ed, Kraft'* horae, 37 HKAD SHORTHORNS.— Connlst. ing of 18 cowa. 11 of theae* are pure bred, balance high grade*, some of tha«a are freah. other* will be about naie time; 13 buJla, 8 of theae ar* purf bred, ft high grade*, 4 of the*e bulhi are old .enough for service. Including herd btril. "balance, are last fipring and trimmer calven; S oalven. S bull* and S helferg. Thin i* a good thrifty K lot of cattle., Bend for catalogue. ft HKAD GOOD OXFORD DOWN en ew««< one buck. . 86 HEAD OP HOajB=uStt_Eoh>nd China, brood sow*, X »tock hoga, one coming 1 year. I eozning I yeara .old. I »ow« with fl pig* each, balance fall plg«. HOUSEHOLD aOOD^— Dining ta ble and chaira, 1 cook stove. 1 Wonder Oak heating atove, I penlnwuUi chunk *teve, £ bedroom autts, } Gould ft Schaff piano, tables, benches, * Jars, . vinegar, can and numeroua FARM MACHINERY— Two lumber wagon*, one ' with triple box; Miller manure spreader, truck, During 7*foot winder. Deeriog corn binder. Handwlch 34-foot corn. elevator, good a* new. with Jack to run with engine; S ju»w Kik combine corn plows' with surface attachments, l surface plow, 1 KnK-r- plow, J 14'inoh waJJkina plow, one S section drag, 1 dlwj witb tongue truck,, 1 Climax wteder, 1 stalk rake. 1 Milwaukee mower, t Clean Kwocp , huy L«ider f 1 Thomas bay tt l «Utcr, 1 I) No, 9 corn planter. 1 milk ruck, 2 isU-d. age 6; bay mare, use 10, with foal; gray work horite. 35 TtKAO OP CATTLB—10 head cowtf, fuur 3Ny«vr-61d uteert*, 5 yearling heifers, 16 winter and Hpriug calves, 1 bull, . . . 36 »KAD OP SUOAm Biuiu» farm ma«lilut>ry. Elsan Wagner wijl oflfer 1.200 t«4 of corn. Tern»»—8ee large bills. 1 SO-gulio.n fe«4 cooker. I bob 1 Kulvuniied tank, '.'ttxlO fcn*t. aa new; 1$0 foot gus pfpes. 1H licit; cross cut saw. middle. Cowboy ank h«at«r. whovlb^rrow. iti-foot lad- sjivr, Bratits m-ttlcr, 3 44 Bt''» of work h«r» lii'ss und 1 hr*whlng huriu-n.-*, 1 dl|>- nin« tank, fly nets, Wul^rltM* U»>y 4- !nir««> jH>wt>r K»» eutfino. Corn J3v>H IAKOAIN—KOIt RALE—COON SKIM overcoat. Little worn. Also fine OttlW- Collari-itft, Jonas Baer. Bell pbon«}, 8>1>H. Lawrence Bldg, FOR SALB — FINB BUNCH BLA< Minorca wickerels for breeding POM«H. Kxtru laying strain. Witmkim, A»hton, JIU 1"4W FOB &X1J&-^ DURHAM flPI frenh c$w botb young. W. H. Hooi er. Interstate phone Woodlawn. BUY AMAU3AMATBD OIL Ol wnt a share; 100%- dividend* In ' days possible; production now . ing in; ground floor stock, one a «hare, dnub!«n prlc« ahortly, f 1 . value. $10 buys i.OOO uliareit. Writad for full ik-tnllH, Am»»liramat«l Oil* C'n,. 1160 Colcord Bldg,» City. Okla, 14lttS COAL IS SOARINO. EVJ3RY CONi" Hunter wants Koallno. Qlvea bright* er. hotter, more lavtlng fire, no rllnk'TH.^'Ciuarttnteed trial $1 proves iu Htvut* County Agency, big prof-. its. "Koallne." Bradley Beach, N» & ;| USE THE CLASSIFIED ADS, A. a. HUBBAKD Have pureh«a»» field notea ef th» vey of Stertlnj Bell D, }* o«k Falla, . Phene . 80S f . 2nd 8t. * Sterling. S, W. Lehiaant M» B, wpm«n and DIXON, ILL, ldr«n. For Best Service wad Bqulpmeat QeUl Forster&Song • Funeral Dlrcctow Calls E, U. TAYLOB FIRi IN8URWCE Notary Public Rpek Falls, III. grimier* J2 tuiard«, about bara, three ton* l>ull«t«. Collie puji Haver hay in Barred Hnek monthx old. I sur- O. F, AuitiMaet"fi>. U. Is l' j M KLlNl Orvilla Kakle Cierk ' rey. 1 top buggy, 1 stwl roller. I In- t^rnationaPhay k»ade-r, 1 CJrand l>«tuui; uajsij; plow. ' •• • Sale to c#mraeuo« at 16 o'clock. VHP lunch at noon. TEKMS-M-A11 «ums of o&sb. Attorney-at-Law "***» Qyt-rthat amount a uudit »f it *i»»je will be,givui on be*rlng 6 pi r «'t'iu ' ' If pa,id wben' l*e r cent from dau* of It tlu» tnsin \\lut No l" 4. \\. Jwluisuu. Juu.<6 i vrty rt»uH»vi»d diiij; tn invent a ' '. \y hfi»l diivot i* 4 it"W U.UMUM liN HM! hy, (i,.iij-vl-:, oliisi, Atu-tk'U itu- inn bv ii«>ul»tU'»» i'tvi.-i it i;i«^»l sHiti-gpr, t'lvtk. •> ills iUVMitiVV filVUllit.'d. • I !.„» •!*/•• f*.r, s MI: \vn- 3-', wtul C,LAS$ES ' CORRBCTLY FITTED w,K. mmm Eyt and Ho»Hh Sp*ciali«l ' Hr*. i-ia—g-S iil>U'o|<;t!hiC tivut" II 'MIS STERUNCU ILL. 9 g. -Thini St.

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