Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 28, 1968 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1968
Page 11
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, IM 58,19(8 Plan No. 632011 CABIN Dreaming of your own vaca- ;on cabin in the mountains or on ie shore of a favorite lake? This plan, designed by the nited StatesDepartmentof Agrl- ulture, is of frame construction, 4 feet square and easily expan- able to three bedrooms. You can construct the exter- >r walls, then finish the Inside r add on at your convenience, 'he wall between the living areas nd the bedroom Is a movable torage wall. The bedroom par- Itions may be removed or earranged with a minimum of eflnishing. Although the working drawings ihow concrete foundation walls md slab, you may find it more jconomlcal to use a wooden floor md masonry, concrete or creo- 5oted pole piers if your site is steeply sloping. Heating for; the cabin depends m the season used Intended. The plan Is well adapted for hot air, (Kit water or v electrical heat. This cabiihjjfay also .Unused as low-cost living quarters while a family constructs a permanent home. Later, It may be converted to a garage. If this cabin,meets your needs, you can obtain a copy of the plan (No. 632011) free of charge from the Hempstead County Agricultural Extension Office. The first midnight high mass was heard in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Bureaucrats Getting Best of Doctor LITTLE ROCK (AP)~ State bureaucracy seems to be getting the best of Dr. John L. Ferguson, director of the Arkansas History Commission, who compallned Wednesday about required paper work. "Our staff should be allowed to work at history and genealogy, not required to spend days completing questionalres and forms for the benefit of other departments of state government," Ferguson wrote. The director said an example was the requirement by the state Administration Department to "itemize and 'justify' all our expenditures since 1964." Consultant Clarence "Mike" Forst of the Administration Department said all agency directors had "administrative and fiscal responsibility," including Ferguson, who he said was among the first to complete and submit replies to the question- alre. Frost has asked all state departments for a list of their expenditures to prepare information for the special legislative session planned for May. The wood duck is considered the most beautiful of our waterfowl. The Negro Community By Ester Hicks Phone WM6?8or.4414 fHOUOHt FOR THE DAY Conversation enriches theun* derstandlng, but solitude ts U»e school of gentos»«GH*ofl said It. CALENDAR OF EVENTS A spaghetti supfwsf will b* sponsored by the stewardess Board of Be Bee Memorial C.M.E. Church, and will be held In the parsonage of the church Friday March 29th beginning at S p»m, the public ts Invlte4 Rev. Sanford B. Toilette, P&storj Mrs* Iscla L, Muldrew, President. SUNDAY SCHOOL RALLY HELD The Sunday School Department of the SU Thomas Baptist Church sponsored a 'rally' March 11, 1968. The financial report was as follows. Class No. 1, Mr. Jud Wise, teacher41.00; Class No. 2, Mrs. Mlnervia Snowden, teacher«$41.00; Class No. 3, Mrs. Nellie Wise, teacher, $5.00; Class No, 4, Mrs, Suste Boll, teacher, $6.00; Class No. 5, Mrs. Ruby Snowden, teacher$3.00. Total amount reported, $68.50. Visitors present were: Mr. Harvey Scott of Prescott, Mrs. Loron Green and Mr. William Nelson of Flint, Michigan. Mrs. Susie Bell, Reporter. OBITUARY Isaac Bland, a native of Em* met, Arkansas, a graduate of Yerger High School, Hope, was killed In action in Vietnam March 22, 1968. He made his home at 1452 N. Y. Street, Wichita, Kansas. CALENDAR OF EVENTS The Rising Star Gospel singers of Toilette, Arkansas will sing at the Church of God In Christ, Blevlns, Arkansas March 31st at 1 p.m. The public Is invited. Elder L. B t Hendrix, Pastor. SENIOR PLAY Do you like romance, comedy, and suspense? Well, April 5th Is your nlghtl That's the night the seniors of Yerger High School will present their '-'.-ass play entitled, "The Girl Next Door". For an evening of comedy and fun, please be present to witness an evening that you will never forget. Time, 8 O'clock; Admission, 1 Scents, 35 cents, and 50 cents. Cast: Henry Irving, Charles Jones; Irene Irvlng-Mecedes Smith; Andy Irving-Claude Simpson; Alice Irving-Ala Mae Garland; Tom Irving-Willie Preston, Jr.; June Miller-Carol Ann Williams; Clark Kent-Charles Martin; Carol Brewester-Alane Haney. Reporters, Jo Anne Dempsey and Jo Anne Wright. S?M, Printed ft Off*** West Couldn't Protect Cords By Os»tild and Jam** Jaceby *! west A J983 ¥ 3 2 »A84 * Q fi 4 3 »KQR3 *K 10? S EAST * 10 f 8 7 6 Wesl 4A98 sot'fil tis> « AK7654 * A K J 10 5 * Void 4J2 8olh vulnerable North K*»i South Pass 3 • Pass Pass 4 ¥ Pass Pass 5 4 Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 24 3* 4N.T. 8» Montgomery We Deliver Phone 7-3361 GROCERY _ AND — MARKET 223 South Main St. Hope, Ark. FRESH FRESH GROUND BEEF 3 LI J .39 SAUSAGE M« E o5-.1.00 1 4fc4% * JV4JUU -00 PORK ROAST ,* 35lJ 7^1.00 CATFISH STEAKS«89tf DECKERS SOLID OLEO LARGE GRADE A 2^.95(5 HOLSUM Bread 4 200Z. LOAVES, PORK CHOPS LET US PROCESS YOUR MEA IT MAKES A "DIFFERENCE" WHEN IT IS QUICK FROZEN 4 nom * iff Us Cure ond Swpfcf four Horn* teepBrown Beans / P.ANS Z9u JOHNNY FAIR SYRUP Syrup 2 PINT Red PevUs FopcJ Cake Mix 37 ¥ Lettuce COLGINHOT Barbecue Sauce 2 16 OZ BOTTLES Fruit Cocktail 303 CANS 2 303 UBBY'S Catsup 2 HOZ. BOTTLES 496 Biscuits 12^1.00 •••••"^^^^^^ Carrots CUT Green Beans 6 15 1 /? 02,1 nfl CANS I.UU Peanut Butter 12 OZ. JAR Milk ss essuoo Sugar 10 ^ 1.23 Bananas 21* 5 25iJ Oswald Jacoby will take over today's column to write about an old friend. Sidney B. Fink of Cleveland died suddenly last December. He was doing what he liked best at the time — playing duplicate bridge. Sidney was about my age and in the '30s was one of my toughest opponents. We never played together but were always good friends. It didn't require much effort on my part. Sid was nice to everybody, and everybody liked him. The last several years he served as chairman of the A.C.B.L. charity committee and played In very few events, but whenever he did play he i made the game more pleasant for everyone. Here is a hand he played a few days before his death. The bidding was optimistic and the contract not the best, but the older we get the more we like to bid, and Sid never was an underbidder, even in his youth. East won the first trick with the ace of clubs after Sid played low from dummy. If East had returned a club it would have been impossible to bring the slam home, but East led back the jack of diamonds. Sid ruffed and proceeded to run off all his trumps. The third trump lead didn't bother West. He let the eight of diamonds go, but the fourth trump put him in a vise. He couldn't throw the ace of diamonds, he was sure he couldn't afford a spade, and the best play appeared to be a low club. Sidney led his deuce of clubs (he had been careful to drop the jack on the first club lead), finessed dummy's ten and the king dropped West's queen. On the seven of clubs play West must discard either the ace of diamonds or a spade, and the hand is made. (Newtpoptr tnttrprht Ann.) Q—The bidding has been: West North East South 24 34 Pass Pass Pass 34* 4N.T. 5N.T. Pass Pass Pass ? You, South, hold; , 4AKQJ976 VAK52 «7 44 What do you do now? A — Bid seven spades. Your partner's five no-trump bid asks for kings and also guarantees that your side has all the aces, lie is trying to get to seven without knowing if your spades are solid, TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of b i d d i n g three clubs, your partner raises you to three spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Complaints Over Exhibit - - smw •TWW ^wswv ——~ Picnics FULLY COOKED •of' LB. FRESHWATER Catfish Steak LB. SUMMER Sausage GOOD LEAN DRY Salt Meat HEAVY SMOKED Jowl Meat STICK LB. LITTLE ROCK (AP>~ Nearly all the complaints about the state's exhibit at HemisFair in San AinonJo, Tex,, have been adjusted, Lou Oberste, assistant director of the Arkansas Publicity and J>arks Commission, said Wednesday. He said he had not personally seen the exhibit, but that he had talked by telephone with commission Pirector Bob Ev* ans, who has been in San Antonio more than a week supervising changes. A group of Arkansas businessmen who visited the exhibit two weeks ago was critical of the esthetics of the exhibit. Gov, Winthrop Rockefeller also was critical of it. Hrst 4«c?nl The lirsi siMX'esstuI accent o< Pike's Peak was not made until 1820. H years alter £eb- ulon Pik? first say it. J'ikr hirnseli never climlH'd ihf nintiiitain. GOOD LEAN Pork Chops LB. Round Steak ROUND BONE OR RUMP Beef Roast BRISKET Stew Meat FRESH CUT OUT Neck Bones •••••••••••••Mi Sirloin Steak LB. .69(5 3 LBS 89v LB. mm U.S. No.l ^^ ^ ^ » — 1 Red Potatoes TEX AS SWEET Oranges PASCAL Celery FRESH GREEN Cabbage SUNK1ST Lemons WASHINGTON GOLDEN DEL. Apples LB. BAG DO?.. STALK LBS, 002. EACH Del Monte Sugar Peas 1 303 Cans Del Monte Yellow Cream 303 Cans Kounty Klst Whole String Beans 303 Cans Dole-Crushed-Chunkl or Sliced Pineapple 3 1^ size' Cans Hunts Peaches MORTON Salt LARGE WHITE Eggs MRS. TUCKERS Shortening DIXIE WHITE Flour LAUNDRY DETERGENT Ajax Purex ROUND BOX DOZ. CTN. OR LB 1 QQ £,*J SACK l«Uv 69C 39C GIANT BOX Vz GAL JUG. Midwest Pillsbyry.All Flavors Mellorine I Cake Mix 3 X? wtl I Q H1 Ctns. J)| I vjBQxes^l FOLGERS Instant Coffee 1 LB. AND 2 LB, FOLGERS Coffee NABISCO Crackers DAK Lunch Meat AUNT JEMIMA Meal Pure Lard Kraft^ssorted Flavors .arge size 6 OZ, JAR PER LB. 69C 35(J 39C OC LB C1 f,\J SACK 4> I 3 C L ?< 390 LB. BOX 12 ox. CAN 18 02, Glasses Meyers Bread S urge €1 loQvef 41 1 WE DELIVER PHONE 7.4404 LJLJLJ 111 i. MAIN ST. HOPE, ARK,

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