Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 3, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1944
Page 5
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 3, 1944 NAUGATU3K DAILY .NEWS Page, Five Six Absentee Ballots Rejected At Hartford [Tiu-lfi'i-cl, AUK.. 3— CUP)— Secro- liiry of Sl.'Uo Airs. FriinctiM 13, Hi'ilii'U siiys that six fuili'i'iil ali- si'iUcc ballots rocoivoil from Nuvy men to ho cast in thi- -November <"'- 4 h.'ivtr btvn rojocloil foo- i>t' lu-oniatun: uso. Tin* Nnvy tlupiirttlltinL she says l-i diking .tti'iiM to jiruvcnl lurMiul u m. ill' Ihi' fodiTiil ballot I" Con n.Tticut until at'toi- Octolior llrst. Tin- law stipulati'S that fnilora 1 Imlli'l" cannot In? uscil until aftoi Oi'iolii'r I mill llian only i!' rv si-i 1 vlivtnan has applied 0>t' a slati Ivallul and 1'niU'd to receive it. lrct J< Servicemen's Mother Saved From Eviction tf. Selskar Gunn Of Rockefeller Foundation Dies NVu-tim-n, Aufr. 3—(TID—Funoi nl siM'vifrM will ho \\c\i\ Friday .it I-Yrni-HI'tV, X. Y., for SolMfcai 1 M Kunii. vkv-|<l<'.'U o:' the ItoRhi'- fV.'l.-i- Koiiml.MlUm of Now York, Cumi. who wns fit yenrji old, dii'il n' .NVwtov/n yostoi'ctny. riiiiin wns in ch/i!%'».• of thr 1 Pnri.t nft'kr of thi; fmmslritlon during thi' fall of F'riinPf and fled Fnris six iliiys bi-fnri' thi 1 Gt-rmans arrive:!. Hi 1 hud xiiicii hi»f>n working' on a public h'-uHh :uu-vf>y ;it Washington "nil on a rolmhllitation pro- Ki-iini for countrifs Cit-rmiiny. conquPi'Oil hy SOIIO1IT HnHtr.n. An. 3—(UP)—Police :;oi-k a 1'iivbuj.; who --'ct two Rack Bay i-iMblishmi'nts n flame \vi-thin 30 minutes last nijrht. The man v.'.-is :<,.r>r, li-nvir.ic both .1 en fo and a lini"l just hcforu rife broke out in mcli. Officials sot dnmi\i,'c from the fin:!= at StiiOO. 1 Many Never Suspect Cause Of Backaches ThUO!dTr*«tm*nf Often Bringi Hjppy Relief Wt»-n <ii>oi > dor of kidney function pc-rmitd poiponntia mutter to rctniun in your blood, it iimy CHMSC nnti^in^ backache, rltruin&tic puins, li-ir IIULU.I, low ot pop and energy, (jfttinst u^ iuKliC«» *• «'(.*!!in<;, ( puffinoafl under thu oyon, l.wiului'hL-rt ixnd ditain^t»s. i'rctiupnt^r «eant>- piu«:vnrrt wiih nrnurtinv nncl burning norrif>» tittiPB hlmwi* ihi'ro m wocQctliitiK wron« with your kk![\eyn or bliuldor. [Ju:i'c u-jiit! A^k ymir drucyint (or Dorm's f'ltln. iificd Hucn^Hfutly by inillionfl for over 'lOyvufft. Th»?y k'jvo huppv rulii-f itnd will liolp tfio ir> nn'li'H of kUlncv tulicn Hush out pni'non* ou* wwito Ifonx your Uwxi. Cyt Douu'u I'HU. Tin- fviclluii u'orPics of Mrs. Augusta l*»rrolt, -(UKyciir-olil widow of North Bor^itn, > r . •)., who hns..,fivp sons in thi< srrvir'-, ;ir<- over. She \van I'liahlrtl iu Uocp her homo when h<>r Hon-fn-hiw and diict^htcr,' Mr. :nul Mrs. Arthur I.LI ChaiM'th 1 . IliishroiicU Ih'l^-hls, X. -I., arrun^od a loan at l.ho <»|*»\onih hour" to satisfy city tax claim tH'forv hrr honn. 1 "as put up lor auction. She is Hhowu with photos of her five sons now M-rvinic in tlit- anncd J'oriM'.s. They arc (left to right). l-Vrdlnand, N«il, Cliurlos, -J.out.s untl (lilt:Tiiationitl) I • Senator Clark JIames The CIO or His Defeat >'•">. 10 Ladies' liii.vton \V.\I. I.K'I'S ............... (Tax Iiieliuli'il) CCHNftR C .** C«f»|T J(fW(L£«$ •'«* Main «f, _ 4-220t fiKKATKK SKKVICIO J fi*(un your clotlirs whrn thry J tu'r cli'iiu^il n'f,-iili»rty Jiy our J f.xpt-rt workint/i*. .I'j'ofDpt srrv- J D.L7EBERMAN j ;i« CllUfiC'Ii STKKKT i (liy TJnitcd Pross) Tn the political pioturc. Sonnlor Konnptt Chfiinp Clark blames tlio CTO for his defeat for rcno:i)iiui- tion in Missoitci's ^j'inmry, j Tn a sintf.T.ioru iast ni^'ht Clark conceded [lie nomination to State Attornoy Gonci'al Roy McKittrick. T-Io ))rnndO(i his ^cltM'cat—these ai'c his words—-"A notable triumph for tho Communi.'it-cor.ti'oiliKl CtO." Unolllcial returns from practically all of Missouri's precincts ffivo McKittrick si 20,000 vote lead. Also in KL Louis, plans am bcinir mario to sond Govoi'nor Thom.'if; Dowffy. [ho P.epuhlioaii pi'Qsidentia! cnndidnto, on a cam- piiitrn tour. Tho OOP frovornoi'.M conference is working out cam- prii^'n strategy, which will hinf;c on domestic policies. In Washington. Senator Hnrlo.v Kil^ori; ot' \Vost \'"ir^inia demands ihrit the senate mililai-y affairs coniniiUee approve his omnibus \i'ar u?mni.iili/.rit vrtn bill i.'iimodi- :ii"ly. 'Mis demand is hacked by endorsements of or^aninod labor and thi.' farmers' union. Any crmunh t re ctr-lriy \voti!cl £Civo :it least, .'i ienipoi';i.ry advantage to ,-i rival Ijill by Sonntor Wtiitor Gc-'Oi'^e of Georgia. Tho Gc'Oi'K f! riifasiire contains a more conservative approach tn lihel'ali/.nlion of ptisJi-war uni-mploymcnt compensation henotils. World War A Year Ago j August 3, 1943 j cj (By United Tress) In Sicily, Allied forces strmsh th Etna line and threaten the strong hold of Cutnnia from the rear U. S. Army sci^os Troinn British and Canadian troops cap lures J^ejjalbulo and Ccnturipc, British Foreign Secretary An thony Kdou says that the Allies ai only "too ready" to ticlcpt a "rcs .sonablo attitiule" toward Italy i they c;m pet what ihey want to fight Gurrnuny.. Witness accounts of the .American bombing- of the Ploo.sti oil fields in Romania declare that the oil installations has p e been sluit- iul and that delayed action .inmbs were stiJI cx;3lot'lin^r. Tiussian ti'oopf; di'ive to within five miles of the German base at Orel; in the Donets Basin, the Germans abandon thoir attack along 1 tho jVJhis river. Seaman Dahlin To Be Home Soon 'IV.vas' population in ID-IO showed j ID.2 jii-r cenl. (rain over .10,'iO. Seaman 2-e .GunnarrJ T. J3a.hlin of Salem' street who has been tnlt- i iiifr recruit irainiiifr at the Naval I Training Center at Sampson, N. Y., ' for the past, soine weeks, will soon hn granted ?e/tvc. Upon his return to Sampson, lie will be clisil'le for further assis ment wliich may qualify dim for a iwu.y nfllcor r:i!ifiH- Want Ads Are; Just Like Putty! Yes, it's true. That is, figuratively speaking-. We mean that you can do anything- with an Ad. Wanted-to- Buy, For-Sale, Lost-and-Found, Help- Wanted are some of the classifica-* tions under which you can advertise to suit your particular needs. If you need assistance call 2228 TODAY for a NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT "It pays to advertise!" Waterbury Man Paroled From State's Prison BEACON FALLS Church Carnival Heads To Meet Chairman Conleth Kiernan, chalrmaiv.'of. this St! Michael's outdoor carnival' committee announces that therb- will be an iinportant meeting", of .all members of' the committee Sunday afternoon at 2 6'clock'Vat-No'cs FieW. Chairman Kitimnn stresses the fact that all members of the group should be on hand for this -.session as the carnival opens on Monday to run all next., week. Sailor A Visitor William Johnson, Jr., machinist: malt, li-c'.of the United Suites Nav has -left;:.-for his base at Eunan River, Florida;' after spending th. pa'st,J2 clnyw'wilh"his parents, Mr jnd'Mrs\-William Johnson of John son street. ; S<?iimun SiJlima Hoinn w ..Seam'iiri- 2jc-\John Sulima of United State'a 1 .Navyi is' spending a vu. with his wife Mary, at hi. home on Main'Street, The sailoi recently "completed his basic train,' at the Sampson, N .Y., Nava Training Center, and expects that 'it the conclusion'of his leave, he will bo transferred to a specialization school on'the west coast. Wothersfiolcl, A up 1 . 3—(UP)'— One of the principals in the .notorious Waterbury municipal- corruption of 3fl3S h.'is been .parolee from stnto's prison .'iftcjr serving nearly five years' of a seven to 12 yOMt'.s sentence. •• . . • Carl D. Olson,' :x formni 1 -Waterbury li.-i.nRor. was one of-a score of persons convicted .'on • ch.-u'^'cs of. conspiring to dc'.'fraud 'the'.city of. more than $3,000,(lOCT during the administration of former" 'Democratic M.-iyor T. Frank '^ay Hayes sii'l is- in' prison,.-serving i-IO-to If) yoiit-H .sentenc/'.' •; ;. 'Olscn was- . accused .of- having, cashed irrefrular. checks' i.ssuecf'.by ndminisU'iJtior, a'jicl delivering 'c'uts" to various otlib'r. principals. n, the conspii'.'icy. • ' . On Friday A large crowd is expected to nt- .und the wuekly bingo party on Friday ni^ht at St. Mich.iel's church. These events each week show vory large attendances, and arc popular social occasions. Gibraltar has boor, a British .pos-' assion since 170-1. . ' • Two Amnesia Victims Reported In Stamford • Stamford, Aug. 3—(UP)—Police are. endeavoring . to identify two amnesia-' 1 , victims—a, mall and .1 woman—who "were-found within a few hours-. of> each other early to- "du.y. .'...'. , . 'The about !>0 years old. He -walked into'..police headquarters and • said -he .couldn't remember his -name -and- last recalled leaving; Grand Central station in •New York- last night.•• The woman—about-G5 years old —was: found .wandering the streets. She saldv'she^thpught her name was- Anne'.Zbrve;.. but .wasn't sure. Shh h.-ul no idea where she lived. Fin.-.! entire' edition of the Bible was printed in Hebrew in H88. Furi'-up on (he home front of *,•> ivur-erejited pnyclioftis is conni<l- <Ti:d the causi; of :i Newark, N. il., tn>ce<ly in Vliich ITIvatc ,Iolin KUCKIW, 24 (ahovi!) in hehl fur the fatnl xliiiotlns: of hit wif' J , Marie, (below) followinc n qiiur- n>l In a tuxicah. Kncgan, after II. months on ("iiiail.-ilo.-iii.'il, \vas medic;ullv illscharjrcd, m-nt to a Ti-.vas army hi>s|)it)tl for war- shock treatment and returned fo his home but Uirw months ^IKO! r (International) Government-Owned Airplanes Will ?e Sold Soon Washington, Au?. 3— (UP)—Civ- lians will Ret a chance 1.0 buy surplus Rovcrnment-owned airplanes oon. The Defense Plant cori>oin- ion completed plans for Uic ublic ixxle of surplus planes •iroiiEfh IL na.tion-wide network -of 9 salcti cente;-s and siorn.f;c 'de- ots. Secretary ot Commerce Jones oints out'tiiat'plants suii.*i.blc for crsonnJ use will maJ^e up only a mall fraction 1 of the tola.l supply, j nd probably will fall far tsiiort o the demand. BEAUTY As leg-flattering as they arc long-wearing. Sheer rayons (they're 45 gauge) you'll prize for step- out nights, for day-in, day- out long wear. With reinforcements where they're needed — in every new Summer shade. 70 pr. HOSIERY DEPT. MAIN FLOOR The MILLER & PECK GO. .WATERS URY — CH ESH IRE Rep. Dies Makes Appointments To Sub-Committee Washington, Au£. 3—(UP)—Representative Martin Dies will Rive two lame duck congressmen .1 chance to look into the CIO political activities that aided their defeat if! recent primaries. , Representatives Joe Starnos of Alabama an'd John Costello ot California have been numed to a special three-man Dies sub-com- miuee investig-.-itinfr the labor group's political arm. Both men were opposed by the CIO in their recent races for renomination. Dies .says the third member either will be Representative Parnell Thomas of New Jci'sey or Representative Fred Busbey of Illinois. Connecticut Men Wounded In Action Washington, Aug. 3—fUP)—The Is'avy department announces the names of two Connecticut men- wounded in oetion. They are: • Marine Private Fiivt Class Pc- !.er W. Koxnk of Myi-tle avenue. Ansoni.i.; and. Marine Gunnei-y Ser- Kcant Thr-odore Ki-j-suik of Joffre avenue, Stu.mford. Controversy Is '•-••** Raging Over WiB ;;! Of Boston Lawyer Detlham. Mass., Aug. 3—{UP) — Controversy rasrcs this morning ovsr thf.- w'TT of a millionaire'Bon- Ion lawyer wh^ l«;ft :in osl.imal.ftd $100,000 for f.hc cove of a p«t cat.' A KpokA.sma.i7 for cou.sins -of' Hin Woo'lbury Ra.nd says -thai they will conU!Si. the will which dis- inhurii-s lh<>m. Meanwhile, official* nro PUKK)<?<] as-to Uir: exart ,'imount l ; oft the important,, Tlv; tvusloos and'executor of the will—Attorney Charles M. Rog>-r- son of Mill.on—believes the correct amount totals only $40,000. He «aid that pen :uid inlt Corrections fn the typewritten will reduced- the orig- 'mil sum of $100,000, However, -the question of how much 'the felinn "nc- tiiilly is entitled to will he clecM-r-d n probate court next month. At •jny r.ite, hif'ty pi>i. liiiKter will foe ll taken cure of for the next two years which are all yeterinari- w &\y he will live. '••'•• Inspection SERVICE' No Oll|ra , (on Waterbury Heating- Co. :« Spring St., Wlliy. 4-<HT» I< V I?I<'I<' A JVI^J^ Phonp i none Shop Early—A&P Supermarkets in Naugatuck Saturday at 6 p. m.—Open Friday Until 9p.m. Tunn TO n & P FOR cold BOLOGNA or MINCED HAM u,33 c SMOKED LIVERWURST -39 C LUNCHEON MEATS ,,47 C PRESSED HAM ^,.<^ LU 49 C Lunch Tongue Lc49c VetlLoif i B 33c. Choose from cur complete cold'cu) assortment" SUKR MARXHS HOME CANNING SUPPLIES PRICED TO SAVE YOU MONEY! IDEAL JARS PINTS QUARTS do: DO doS/O Certo ear 24 C TexWax Wl 12 C Jar 3 I2 C Jar Lids <£' GCRNARDIN Chickens Smoked Picnics ^-u 29 C Large Fowl S L 5 41 e Hamburg c^^S* L B 27 e Skinless Frankforts L 37 C Mackerel Cod Fillets Flounder Fillets HflddOCK FRESH CAUGHT LB 1 4' FRCSH CAPE ' L6 FANCY SKINLESS llB FRESH CUT, IB FRESH CAUGHT LB YOUR BEST EGG BOY! PULLET NNirRo D02EN O EC EGGS NATIVE GRADE A \J %J Pullet eggs are now plentiful... and the ptiee is low... use then (or every egg use... salads, cooking, egg drinks, egg dishes, efc. MID-SUMMER BARGAINS IN FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES! CA I IS^ TMIN^I LLDLt\ I f\ LA PEACHES EXTRA FANCY ELBERTA LARGE SIZE-2^25 6 BUSHEL SC.59 48 IBS. \J It's peach canning time-put up peaches now lor use next winter? PLUMS SANTA ROSA LB | 9 HONEYDEW MELONS 10° POTATOES us», 10 49 C PASCAL CELERY 19 e LCTTUUb CALIFORNIA 2 HDS | 9 26 POUMD AVERAGE FULL OF FLAVOR-SOUTHERN. WATERMELONS^ c 79 C CANTALOUPES .o6 c SALTINESor GRAHAM CRACKERS YOUR MONEY BACK... If you don': agree that the quality of dexo is equal loor better than any shortening regardless of price. NO POINTS ." II6NT O'ClOOt RED CIKtC •OKA* lit. •Ml 2 ift 47« 2 iSi 51« ANN PACE GRAPE JAM OUR OWN «ACK TEA PEANUT POINTS REAAOVED pA N c NE BEANS&PORK o ,s Spry POINTS u 24 C 3 L BS 68 C Swan Soap Lux TO.LET Soap 3 , 20 C Swan Soap GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO.I Prices subject to 111,1: kcl changei. We reserve tho right te limit qu*ntlti«*.

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