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Imperial Beach, California
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THE STAR-NEWS Sunday, September6, 1981- B-l Art Buchwald Light Side A. wacky most people are having dif-decding whether we should to the Saudi Arabians or iVACs one of those military decisions make. dikes to ePecT-- than AWAC? Well, its nothing jt a funny-looking Boeing 707 filled with all sorts of super gear that goes beep, beep, unfriendly planes attack had agreed to sell them the F-15 fighter, which is a very lovely piece of military hardware with bomb racks sidewmders and extra gas tanks; a top ot the line weapon any OPEC country could be proud of. What happened was that the Iran-Iraq war started, and we sent over a couple of American AWACs to protect the Saudis. What are those? a member of the Saudi Royal Family asked a U.S.

Air Force sergeant in Ryadh. Jhe Air Force sergeant said proudly, Those are U.S. AWACs, which happen to be the latest thing in aerial warfare. You can fight an entire war and watch an in-flight movie at the same time. Well take five, the Saudi Arabian prince said, taking out his Gucci wallet.

Theyre not for sale, the Air Force sergeant said. Ive never known a weapon the U.S. made that wasnt for sale. If we dont get our AWACs, were upping the price of our oil two dollars a barrel, and taking all our deposits out of the Chase Manhattan Christmas fund. The Air Force sergeant passed on the conversation to the U.S.

ambassador in Saudi Arabia during a crap game, who passed it on to Washington who bucked it up to the White House. The National Security Council debated the issue. One member said, Mr. President, how do you feel about selling the Saudi Arabians AWACs? Gosh, it sounds great to me. Dont you want to know the options, Mr.

President? Heck, Ill go along with whatever you people think is best. Whats an AWAC? Its an airborne radar system that could affect the balance of power in the Middle East. Will it send a message to the Russians? the president asked. In 12 different languages. Then lets do it.

We havent sent them a message all week. If we sell the Saudis the AWACs we can recycle most of the money were paying for Saudi Arabian crude. But if something happens to the Royal Family, another member of the NSC warned, then the AWACs could fall into unfriendly hands and the Soviets would know all our secrets. A third member said, And lets not forget the Israelis. Theyll feel threatened by the AWACs and well have to give them 12 Stealth Bombers that arent off the drawing boards yet.

I think the president is going to have to decide this one. Someone put in a call to President Reagan planes "attack the other chaps chock full of secret equipment 'en telling you this much is and comfort to the enemy. 1 was never our intention to Saudis AWAC airplanes. We What, when to tell children about sex By STEVE BEHRENS Star-NewiSuf Writer je problem of how and when to ieir children about sex always plagued and petrified the and the current generation inception. yer Elias will teach parents how eal with this problem in a series -tuires and classes titled Sex jcation for Parents of Young -jren at Southwestern College ILL TRY to provide information communication skills for cents who want to talk com--ably and effectively with their jren about sexual issues, Elias .1 4 will discuss factors which prove parent-child relationships, loclarify the language involved discussing sexual issues, and to litate parents ease with the Mge.

although Elias, 28, is not married lias no children, he has had storable experience and in teaching and un- standing the problems of young dren. iewas a teacher at Discovery Ml in La Mesa for five years and sco-owner of that private school for the last three five years. IF YOURE more open about ml issues with children, youll be 'eopen about other things," lisaid. Pre-school children ask more irelated questions than any other group, he said. II you dont start answering -lions right away, children will the idea that youre not an able parent and theyll go to their group for information.

II you dont reach children with -information by age 10, they will ist to the peer group, he said. MAS, who is working on his Jers degree in child develop-ilat San Diego State University, btis best to start with simple, "tct information, then add to that nnation as the child gets older. Jtwill provide an overview of 'Education for Parents of mg Children in a free lecture 'dayfrom 7 to 10 p.m. at Southern. pics of the lecture will include for beginning sex education the use of correct terminology.

and entail-. and abortion because they are not usually of concern to children until they are a little older, but he said people are welcome to ask questions in class about these topics. Morality will not be an issue in the class. Elias said parents, with no need for an invitation, will apply their own moral values to what they learn. He will encourage group discussions in class and ask parents to be honest about their feelings.

He also will be available after class, and at other times by arrangement, for private discussions with parents and families. great help in teaching children. This applies to adults, too, and Elias will be showing two films in his classes. One especially difficult and sensitive issue that Elias will discuss in class is child molestation. Mothers and fathers are naturally upset by the news that their child has been molested, but Elias offered the following advice to those parents: Above all, remain calm.

Dont react angrily, because a child will clam up and not tell you about the incident if youre angry. ELIAS SAID he does not plan to bring up the issues of birth control Sept li i in SanD hear hr city and i-' said. rtion of in will stimony along Hunt said-permit I1' Op its CM istal pf-: power to-rdeielof1 rees to 1 policies iCtol formation at an earlier age tend to experiment less with sex and wait until an older age to start experimenting. Elias recommended storytelling as a teaching device. He said children are able to retain information more readily if it is presented in story form.

THE TEACHER, who has a temporary community college teaching credential, said he writes some stories himself and teaches a class in storytelling at Grossmont College. Most people are visual learners, Elias said, so visual aids can be a Elias said children should be taught about sex from the time they are born. He said they learn from the attitudes parents express and are very receptive to non-verbal communications. CORRECT terminology, not euphemisms, should be used right away, Elias said. He said this establishes building blocks for providing later information, and makes it easier for the parents as well as the children.

The main thing is not giving misinformation, he said. Research has shown that children who are given correct in Guess IThat Jackie Dewey ydlll UMfistfflC Gnesillnimg: IPairtt Ell ageA-D nous in111' of apPti: auseW; ncile 4 V7X fa'i' is ii itil the antf-' hat a Mandala Society Holistic conference in 1978, and the as that of Norman Cousins, fiant, now lecturer at UCLA Jl School. wrote Anatomy of an about his own highly unor-t Recovery from what was asa life threatening disease. said, "I hope we in the holistic movement havent gone too things are reasonable for us jglve he Pasl i her le was tool jhearl orthodox medicine and holistic practices. That fear causes the misperceptions.

Then he emphasized Holistic health has already won the war. It is accepted by a great many MDs. But if the members of the holistic movement continue to rail against medical doctors, if the movement persists in denying the strengths and improvements of orthodox medicine, go on saying medicine is hypertechnological, if it refuses to collaborate with traditional medicine, the holistic movement can lose. He told us, Work, play learning, creativity, should all be the goal of psychiatry. But when we talk about goals we talk about having or doing.

What about being the person we can be? And he put in a sardonic note. Almost everybody truly wants to serve God. But in an advisory capacity only. sick and not expected to be, my dad always said we need to help them become WELLER. Menninger commented on how difficult it is to take responsibility for ones own health, remarking how much the child in us would like to remain passive and dependent.

The cultural environment doesnt help, he said. For example, the government subsidizes the tobacco industry and at the same time issues warnings against it. That is not only ambivalent, it borders on early schizophrenia. As it is now, health care funding rewards illness rather than wellness, with 93 cents of every dollar spent on illness and less than 7 cents spent on prevention. But the big corporations are finding that health is more economical in dollars and in manhours.

Menninger said another problem stems from the differences between scientific studies on Indian Yogis) and biofeedback hang out. But since 1919, our organization has been committed to helping people lead more effective and creative lives. We look on the whole staff as involved in healing. We have special courses for house and groundskeepers. We try to get whole family involved, because not only biological and physiological factors, but exercise and diet have something to do with mental illness." He cited an example of one very disturbed man who they found was drinking 49 cola drinks a day.

"We began to suspect this might have something to do with his problem. Menninger also used the example of a young man with a brain tumor who benefited from being able to visualize himself enacting Star Wars and he was fighting off the tumor as Darth Vader. While some of us can learn from others experience, others have to be those other people. But for people not 'beet; iuld We need to examine and explore everything, but we cant expect doctors to accept an 'anything goes attitude A doctor cant put scientific method aside nor ignore 2,000 years of accumulated knowledge. This years conference was again sponsored by the Mandala Society and headed up by David J.

Harris, ne urged us to be silent for a moment and rS sometimes in our lives of great iplf-fulfinment. Then he said Were the real winners! When you think each of us was once a sperm. knd agatnst millions of others, we won the race So why are most people going acting Our pn was the miracle of the state awareness were in now. The keynote president of the organization has riUn. s.h.,TZh.r.

voi Patients should share the their health with for retirr' fk1 iiiber here I i rs- Doctors should treat wth their name on the not with the name of the tonned on the patient rs should have more respect ha' lima" When left fterapy and the field of (A is unreasonable for us to Here he almost ndrao the 11 ors to accept astrology or ly 0r many of the other things exhibited at holistic con-.

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