Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 23, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1916
Page 4
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fiRISTMAS GREETINGS ' '*'<'• ' ''• • • '"- ''': -^'--• / ; • .'^ts+L*' -. .- •;:-•'>•.- ..veV:...:,y»: : ' .,::*• t - \ , We have enjoyed a wondet 7 ful Christmas business and thank you all for your liberal patronage. -\ GALPS BOOK A STORE From our newjoeation, we extend the «fe6^r >, neartiest , Christmas Greetings and may the day bring forth many Peasant surprises is our earnest wish. The G. L ABBOTT CO. Across from Woolworth 5 and 10 cent store. With the true Christinas spirit we wish all our frigndp an$ patrons a and express our sincere appreciation of our past patronage. THE ROY G» WOODS n STORE u FURNITURE^UNDERTAKIKO [RUNG DAILY GAZETTE •r»—Dally except Sunday—JH: at postofftce, matter. ,1ptto» .Rftlw— By carrier In or Kooli Fall* or by matt at ,-fwr. IM» for »»« months. $1.26 • ^months, or 10 e»nt» a week, to" the carrier every Saturday -By mail «ut»ld« ^rtn* "* 1 Si' **.§0.a y<*r, $l.s* of IS cwita tror month. THE DOOR._ what happens now the al- consistently slam the door face of peaen .proposals. They 4-tag* aJLWilton for but-, he ha* placed them In such 'that* they %mply cannot ;tb»-door shut In the face of,ftll M wpu|£ Have hap- the president jujit offer**! hl» that It would be well for to make a concrete atate- a. peace alignment that would to them. is very angry at the attl- prwUdent and la giving fee* J:iMMflr«tion of what the United tnay expeet it any moment this begin* to stand up for our jEnglftnd ha», over ridden in- MJuil, Jaw and'.interfered with of theTTnUed States Just }y and' in foflt much more so noany, yet because this coun- wltg^fce Knglish tight, blfmoney on supply- to the allies, we permitted John Bull to simply th» pfMtdent has finally to Invitfl tt . real proponi* UM to what it looks very much to .The ttazette us though England, Russia, France, Italy, Japan and the other countries at war with Germany will form at the conclusion of the- war an alliance that will mak«TU necessary for the United States and. her allies, an Clcrmany and along with tho neutrals, to 1 ^ understanding of a similar among themwelves. This of course, mi'unn tliat such an alliance, would only bo formed after- the United States finds that It will be Impossible to stand alone against the world. ^ We fee! at thin time .and we expect we will continue, to feel that the United Htates in able/to take care of itself withoutMnany entangling it I Hum-en of, any kinds with any other country on the. face i»f the globe. We feel we do not r««i*d help, we are froe and independent; but If the time does come we,do n«ud-help the probability ., f« that We Wilt niul uurifflvt'H IhjlriK' ti|i with ; the lmp«r)iUi»n» which w«> .now ' flo de'noUn«e' as» our v only of hatlonul Halvation. \v> truly holm thut Mr. Wllym luur *lAri«ca av each aide he hiu brought sim Wroi*if *^nd |hl» country a of English criUdmn. The Ens- tUde Indjcaten Just what The ha* atff«eut«d on numerous , that .thlf .country has all In m^r« danger of a con*. England than with Qermaiiy. iitaled heretofore several are" forced to, believe, much WiU, tt«rt 111 ca*« Uie Unit' .would have troubl* with people w<wM miglity toon that the same nation* which flH*d with ESngland'in'Uw bat- would be iliuui UP th» Unltfd that will until U tills the whole world and that out of it will come a' peace that will be permanent and abiding, a peace for ull .the, nut Ions of the earth of the kind which tha blesticd man of Galiilre brought on this anniversary t« the individuals of ull nations nml all Ian g»»age». ' ^g. Let the tloor not he shunmed< face of the dove of peace, lt»l peace on earth, good wilt ' to men prevail throughout t ho length and ' breadth of all the bemlaplterea and in the hearts and minds of alt people. CAUQHT^NTHE FLY The Sterling Dally Qoxette and your iiresn-ntu will b(( delivered Chritttmas Day, und It IB safe to say most folks will take a ulance at The OaKtitte before tltey even open their Chrlslmaa packages. There is nothing! that brings NO much good cheer In the' course 0f a y«*ar for HO little money us The Daily CKutist-te. I^ess limn one cent a day by mall, ' • Cottying from 'a holiday greeting, lu-r« In an attractive Hentiment beautifully t»x|irt>K»od: "Our thoughts go out this holiday peoHon to elich of our friends; to wish tltetn prosper! I y in their undertakings; wisdom for the work, }M?ace tor the pathway, friends for tho last." tlre&lde. and strength to the Ha WHS Just a plain gambler but tie made a million and he was accepted by the folks who worshlppVd money as a clever gentleman. If he had been ,a common ""gambler without money he would have been a social outcast, Money Is a man maker, a social barometer. Secretary' I^anHlng ban probably discovered by this time as many other secretaries have before him l t|iat It if perfectly soft* Jo keep one's mouth tight. This will Insure no lan- wlU be able, to escape and ri.v u|i afterwords to make trouble. it embarrassing to have s»«» many friends that just when you feel you havq sent out yoiir la#t card a. half dozen'good will along from frloudn ytut httti entirely overlooked. Some 8f the fulks who boti^it (in m&rgln Home of tho vfar brides would probably be glad these days of an opportunity to earn un honest > dollar 'by .just plain work. i • There are still a few hours left far the late buyer to pick tip whaMhc ear- f SOCIAL AFFAIRS 1l( CHURCHES J >-.- .-... • ' ". : • • .._J\ -' '^ r —r•-':.:."-. Jl' ' ' "" '""^ The Abraham Encampment Held Mot- ing Last Evening. Thc» Abraham 'Kncftmpmcnt No. 49. held thelt. pleotion of officers Ia«t evening in the club rootntt. Thp,follow- in« offlcpru were elected for the coming year: 4 Clieif Pntriairh— W. B. Hall. Hlkh Pri*«t— Charl«^ 3chumaker. Senior Warden— Charles KufHK«. Junior Warden*X£r O. tPfundsteln. 8t:rlbe— «fforio) Anttputch. ' Treasurer— Harry Trudo, TrtmteeHT-J. C. Stoddard, W.'C. I^oos. I.'.-N, IIo«v«r, *B.' tt.* DtrvflftpOrt, I. J. .Aftf«*_the. elwtlo)f'»a blk course illn- n«r wa« served iui<}< the ^ remainder of the Vyenlng wperitf W>cl:iHy ;.»••* ly buyer dhm't want. Tho high cost of living wnn^ ovt>r- thin week by tlhi high cost of Did yon ii>ie yiiur tlud fross Seals? They, are helping, in the. great light againHt the while plague. CHRISTMAS 4 PARTY Mr. and Mrs. Rob^Bfis* Entertainetl Last Evening «t. Their* , Home. and Mrs. Robert He»H« delight- FIRST CONGREGATIONAL. The Christmas exercises of the First <*ongri>gatlonal Sunday Sohoof will takfl jilace thlM evening at the church, at 7:30 o'clock- An Inter- program will Iw preHp-nteil, and nil nro most cordially Invited to »t- H'lul. The primary department will hhvi* Its exercises at 9:30 a, m, Sunday, when the little folks will entertain tholr parentM and, grown-up friends. Mrs. Charlra Holslnger will be In charge. The adult Sunday School will In-Kin at 9:45 a. m. At 10:45 a, m.. Dr. Jones will speak on "The Nativity the* Pivot of History." The twilight Christmas musical . will be at 4:4S p. m. under the direction of Miss Richards. A- very -cordUU invitation- )« ex- to the public to all these Christ- T-he cold weather ha» put a little Homething in the railway'* Christ HUM slocking. A Merry Christmas New Year to you. and a Happy STATE TEACHERS' PROGRAM. HtiHn*#eld7-JI»T-De«.v 28.—A- of proposed legislation' .lo'be to the Illinois Htatu Teachers' Association m&'tlng here Dou. 27 will bo "' • by the executive committee 2«. PETITION TO BE «RCULATEP. 13a*it Ht. I-oulii, 111:, l)ec. 88.— Peti- here tions for a liMUki option election In April will bi> circulated next It wan Announced by'tho Hev; UeorK^ \V. AlliHun, pastor of the Hrst llap- church, x - Heat Balls' mtuiy u man who was willing to work. * . , A skeptic la a man who doubts of hl« own BturU-B, What dew IB to tho worda are to the heart.' •fully entertained lo^et evertinK* at Chrlstirwn party. The UCMHO homy,»wlui beautifully decorated In Chrlstmtiti dftcorutinnH. Mr.. and Mrs. Harry Kidd, Ml»8 Harriet Bt»««e, who Is attending l)t*Kall> Kormttl tichooL and Donald were lht« guests at dinner, after which' about twenty-five neighbors and friends cnnio to the Beiwo home uiul a luifjw Clirlntinas wus-cnjoyevl by ail. ClauH WUH th«irn und'cainty, nutli, ujt|ilt'« and , other , good tiling to Vat, were pussed arou'Aii by* him, 'jtftilch was very much .fey 'the fiddles. , ; . •» . 'I -J* 1 1 ' ! ' The Bible study class will nofmwt Monday afternoon. *th(s beinir day. The 'mid-week prayer will, be held on Thurnday'eve- ning at half-past B«ven_ o'clock, in the prayer room of tho <4>iirch. The subject for discussion will be, "Making Christmas a Dieting," Luko 2:1-20. FOURTH 8T, METHOOIST. \V. 1^. <;ollln, pastor. Elmer B. nice, MAIL BREAKS RECORD All Of The Big Poutoffices Of Country Are'Swamped With Christmas Mail. <Hy United Press) WnshinBton. IX O., Dor. 23.- -Mll- of of mall fill the pout-* offices of the country in the Christmas rn'sh. The nmniint Is fully 25 per cent more than any Christmas ever before in the history of the postofflce department, Kvery jiostofflce in the country has been hit by the deluge. , A hun- dred'telegrams a day to the puxtottlce department, tell tho record of mall and the record of obstacles to Its delivery In every big city between New York and Wan Francisco. Tile " mall wains are . struggling through bliuards anywhere from 12 to -48 bourn late, , Hundreds- of toon of Christmas presents are" at the JUNIOR The Seniors • of the Tampico . School Were Entertained. The Junior* of the Tampico Hiflh liigh director. Vlrgle Benslnger organist, - Tfio services of the day wll .•ill partake of tho Christmas note of cheer and gopd will and eot'h gathering will havo om< or morw.ft'utures ol upocla I- interest. Sunday School ut 9:30. AC the AflKembly period t bo treat will he distributt«d. Something 'dainty und uttructlvo has boen .prepared by the committee. Morning church wer vice at 1»>:45. Anthem by chorus choir, Neldlinger'H beautiful composition, •The Birthday of a King." iir. Paul Phillips, home from Cornell College, will sing a solo to the delight of his entertained th* Henlonr Tliurs- rr j«'ndrf at this service. The i>astor will preach u i.'hrlatmas sermon; subject, home of Kiliia Pott .t-lJt»er tirove. The; trip waa madt" by utitoM and a largu crowd WUH present. Th« i'ott's home was beautifully decorated In Christmas dtK'<»-atlon« and a lilg t'oursa ilinner \vn« served. The tu- blo ^elng prettily urran^tnl In Chrlut- ilt'Coi-utiuhH, u jHituili CIirlMtniuH tr«« formed the. center place and the favors, for each gue»t w«r«,placed upon tho tre«j, : ,after thn the r«- tnuliider of tlin evt-nins wan 'spent in flower kind Heft" ; ?! - > '- •--.,,., " Heres Hearty Greetings for a Merry Christmas W E take this occasion to ihorik our many patrons and friends for the un- preoedented}volume of business extended "'^"Wit assure , i-*...,^,.-- •- . - i tiffort^ to serve 1 nf^p&teU, Store Closed Monday Wyne^Deaver Dry Goods Company iriuwlu and llnu All tmjoylnu a very PRETTY CHRISJMAS TREE Pretbyterian Sunday School Has a Fine Program Friday Evening. A 'large crowd wan <uut to the i'res- bytertan church Friday evening to attend the ChrlMtmas uulivltiea, ...A tree in the front of the i-uom lighted, up brlUluiuly madw a pretty night, A mu- nloiil progmin wa*t a feature of the evening. 'A young girl representing each of the characters oC Mother Goose was charmingly dressed and preseuta weru given by the children of the which would ,pe Appropriate for .oneu «| ihe.' city, andi-tbe >vlll be ^fstH^ut^d to them before Chyiutman. The ^Hojw was to «t|ow that it, wuu better to «tvo than to rwuive. . . * worth league will be omitted. OhrlMt- inn>i contort at 7;80 ( Chrtstmnn carol by a «;hoir of 75 volo»», A cordial Invitation is given to these scrvlft* Strangers-or visitors in town for tho ("hrlBtmn.s Kcawin heartily welcomed. The chun-h wishes ail-it* fritmdn and mippiirturs in tho, community Merry ('lirlntinaH. ^ CALVARY BAPTIST. , '" <'orncr Mftli street and Fifth avenue, J. Alfred .Uurrett, minister. 10:00 a. m,, Wlble School. 11:00 a, ni, Worship, by the miuuuer. "7:30 p. m., exorclsen n» published, ^aii- ta. Cluus will be pi-etient anA th*f¥hll- Jren are expected to meet tihlB old fellow. >£ .; y.. k mid stations because cargi can hot he srcured to handle them.- Postmaster liurleson today ordered the railroads to Impress* freight cars Into service to catch up with the mall, the largest, ever ifetruated t,o, Mr. and Mrs, Santa Claus. The department refused to estimate tho amount of mall handled. The Chlcavo post office alono has diet! Z.I 50 tuns or 4,300,000 pounds in three days this wt»e.k, Ono ChirUKo mail onler house used 10,000 mall Hacks and paid 126,000 jMj^tage in one, day. . FiKhtlnw to catch up with Its schedules the department has ordered the employment of mall [% Jhandl«rit <*»d promises to rcwume Its achiHlUto by Christmas morning. < •- GERMA"NS"pRESSiD BACK Petrograd Reports 8ueces*es in Some *' Dietriete on Eastern Front. * (»y ITnited Press) I Kusslu, Dec. 23.- Russian men's union of North America fdr an eight hour day was made in th»,award Hied by the U. 8. district courf by ^he federal arbitration board today'/ The switchmen demanded a raise of one and ajJaalf pay for overtime, from, thirteen eastern and central rallrtoadr. The, award increased the pay, 1 front' December 23. 1816. to the snme time in 1917 by five cents'an hour for co^d^uc- <or« and their helper* nnd grafted, an " eight hour day with pro rated pay* for overtime. • . i CLEVELAND SWAMPED ! Worst Mail And Cenge»tion in Us History. **^ (By United Pr<w»,),., ' V";\ "" Cleveland. O,. Dea 23.— With Christmas two days off this city experienced UH worst mall and express congestion in lt« history. Much ChHatm&j .rriail will be ono and two daya late. .At ,th« -J It ** 1 *IM «4c> 4 !*•»»-. Ku.^.4 I 1 u ^,*.__i_^.'a* -j- . *<" a .. " mall is stacked. UpV lit !].»feet_hlgh and the to tie The corr union station Macks 5fl jammedrto tie doors. —-„„„. certain to ItUfe the holiday. The'itorm whlc*h tlel«y«kl the tralnu 12 hour* y^a-, lertlny ndded to the congestion, TralnB east and w*st were delayed two" and three hours today. % THREE TRAINMEN HUBT Two Freight Trains Crashed A\ Crottino In Nebraska Today,'. (Oy United Preaat) . Lincoln, Nebr., l>ec. 2?.—Th,reete n - ginemen were injured and one .may die OH the result of the wrecking ofCtwa freight trains this morning at * the crossing of the Hiirlington and Union Pacltlo railroads at Ntan,NebP« Th* Union Purlilc engineer. JSRn iTraylor. fit Heatrice, N'pbr., wan the most aer- lously injured. Engineer C. A. Miter and Fireman' J. \V, Patrick, bota" of Sioux City, were also hurt, but not so .seriously. - < . In the vicinity, of Kimnlker, today's official .statement declared. . "In the region «f iialatchenul In the Carpathians 'one of uur o<i»i|wii!f* penetrated the enemy. poslttouH near ItO'.'hlsru und <lumaKed four artillery «un« and Itayonetted the sleeping wquadron. ItuMxtuti ^detachments are withdrawing from the. Debrudja region, Th« enemy atlvanced forces have come in contact with our rear guard," RAISE FOR SWf'TQHMAN U, 8. District Court in Now York Filed ' It* Awards Today, (By Uny,efl Press.) New York, N. V., POO, ^S.—pajrMal granting ol' the demands of the »wlt<'h- FOOD RIOTSJN DRESC[EN PoUc»_An4-AW»ltary (^»re* Comp«il*ci To Quell Th« Womer}. T (My United Pteas.) London, Kng.. Dec. i3.4-l^od rtots In Dresden, in which the~'p5|fce and military forces were used by the .Oeyi uuthnritlea to quell the attack of hundred women, were reported lh Jtot- terdam dlsi»it«;hes to the Exchange telegraph company today. T/ie riots occurred -Bunday, Monday and!Tue«day. , - t>n Tuesday throe policemen wer» aerlotmly wounded by the rioter*. itot« terdam dl»itatehe» asserted tha women Jointd In a procession that atoned tbe sluijw und-mnrched po« the palace shouting fojp .food, ' Htreet oft rush Into Wall where old tthgen fear to tread.. BELL WILljMT SOON Ha* Completed Invocation Of The R»c*rit Round Robin. (Uy United PresS^ '-s, Bttll, 4r., commander\^ tho Ktev.etJttt army division, Itt'holcUng'under a.dvl»o- ment the action to bw taken in the of tho 680 Ohio guufdlioen who the -"round robiii,".. proteatlty,' food «nd camp condillons. Within a few days Oen. Bell will »n» to be uUminlHtt'reU to the Holdier» for vk>luli»u fop" iffe stsxty-wccond article of wur. ' AU'iintiiiK 1 thu HiKiuTs ure cou- to Uu4r I'ttinps. Thu inveatijira- >f tho incident by thw c<.d.uuiaiidt'r liu* Kigttttt oliio iius» IH.H-H any k-l "f dii i.»i • him- \ i iit'iiiiiis m a iuvc uu- ui'plii'ilT'«r iu :t,', i tl.'it tlwir a»i<-.-Hii,rii l» J[ 'AST YEAR

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