Greensboro Daily News from Greensboro, North Carolina on March 22, 1908 · Page 11
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Greensboro Daily News from Greensboro, North Carolina · Page 11

Greensboro, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 22, 1908
Page 11
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mum 50 YEARS; .SHE PLAH5 A PP HEROUfB WHO SAVED 18 LIVES HAS NOT HAD NIGHT OFF Df ' HALF A CENTURY. ' Newport, Maroh 21. After more than fifty years of continuous service, during which time sl)e has saved eighteen lives while hghthousekeeper at the Lime Bock lighthouse, Newport harbor, Ida Wilson is considering a short Tacation. . She is the only woman in charge of n American lighthouse, and if she carries out the wishes of her friends and goes away, it will be her fust night away from the light since she . took charge of it, fifty years ago. The old lightkeeper is suffering from nervous! ness and loss of sleep. Last fall she received from the American -Cross of Honor Society at Washington its cross of honor and membership in the order.' She is the first American woman to receive .such an honor. ' Since then she has received a pension from the Carnegie hero fund for saving eighteen lives. She' celebrated her sixty-fifth birthday anniversary very quietly . last month. She is assisted, by her broth-et, Rudolph Lewis, in caring for the lighthouse. Little Donald Gallaher . Has Flayed in Ten Parts Before His Twelfth Year Rank Foolishness. "Whenattacked'by a cough or a cold, or when your throat is 'ore, it is rank foolishness to take any other medicine than Dr. King's New Discovery,", says C. 0. Eldridge, of Empire, Ga. "I have used New Discovery seven yeats-and I know it is the best remedy on earth for coughs and colds, croup, and all throat and lung troubles. My children are subject to croup, but New Discovery quickly cures every attack." Known the world over as the King of throat and lung remedies. Sold under guarantee by all druggists. 60c and $1.00. Trial bottle free. To Owners of Bad Breath Foul Odor orlndlgest'on, Smoking, Eating or Drinking Stopped at Once With Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges. Trial Package To Prove It Sent Free. Bilious breathers, onion eaters, indigestion victims, cabbage consumers, smokers,; drinkers and those with 'gas on the stomach are in a class all by themselves, distinguished by a powerful bad breath.' , They all breathe, and as they breathe they whiff out odor which makes those I lv T7ilk am) I DONALD GALLAHER, One of the Cleverest Child Actors on the American Stage. Appears This Week With Eleanor Robson in "Sa-lomy Jane." Washington, D. C, Jfarch It isn't every actor who cun boast of having played ten roles before he was twelve years old, yet that is what Donald Gallaher, of the Eleanor Robson company, will be able to do in the years to come. This exceedingly clever boy has made one of the most pronounced hits in "Salomy Jane," and is playing the Sol Smith Russell in "A Poor Relation,' and since that time the little fellow .nii.o nr u,m i ,i,r huAa avoc 'role of Nicodemus, in "Nurse Mariorie, in Him,t Tha nit.inr.ln nart nf U i It is the tenth part he has enacted since Mat these rfctims do not realize what h"V stage, debut with the late . sickening thing ; a bad, offensive breath Is to others. Charcoal is a wonderful absorber of gases and odors. It .absorbs 100 times fta own volume qf gas. Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges will put a top to your bad, offensive breath, and to your belohings, whatever the cause or source, because the charcoal quickly absorbs all noxious, unnatural odors and gases. . ". If you suffer from indigestion and belch gas as a result, Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges will absorb all the gas and make you stop belching. If on getting up in the morning you have such a bad, bilious breath that you can almost smell it yourself, Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges will get rid of it for you quickly. If you have been smoking or chewing, or have been eating: onions or other odorous things, Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges will make your breath pure and sweet. ' Charcoal is also the best laxative ' known. You can take a whole boxful has advanced wonderfully in his work. He appeared with Mr. Russell the last season that that actor was before the public, and later joined Annie Russell, as fnnce Charles reruinand, in : A Royal Family." After that he played successively Annie O'Xeal, in "Sweet and Twenty, and with Charles Froh-man's companies, presenting "The Wilderness" and "The Twin Sister." This talented youngster has the further distinction of having been leading man with one of America s most ponu lar players, Millie James, who has since left the stage, but who played opposite Donald in "The Little Princess." Clyde Fitch wrote a clever part for him in "Her Own Way," and later gave him another, Tommy Meens, in "The Girl Who Has Everything." This is one of the plays in which Eleanor Robson was the star and Donald has been with her ever since. allowing for reserve, be used for the bene lit of t lie public but the company should be allowed to retain a patf sufficient to stimulate the most efficient and economical management. As regards public control in the absence of competition the report says: "It is not believed that there is any serious objection to such control, provided it is independent, intelligent, considerate, thorough and just, recognizing, as does the interstate commerce commission in its, report recently issued,' that capital is entitled to its fair return and good management or enterprise to its re-; ward." . The value of telephone service to the subsci4iler is analyzed, and it is shown I that wlnle a connection with the ex change may be termed a convenience forj that subscriber, it is a necessity for all other subscribers. It is the ability to communicate with others which makes the exchange valuable. It is the use of other circuits than your own. The value of any exchange depends on the area covered and the maximum number of desired individuals who can be reached, and life measure of the value depends upon the use of the exchange system as a whole. Rates must be so ad justed that no rate shall bear unjustly on particular individuals or classes, and that at some rate connection with the exchange is within reach of anyone who can add to the value to others of the service, and that, as a whole, the revenue shall be enough to operate and maintain the plant efficiently and give a sufficient return on the capital, In discussing the long-distance service the report calls attention to the fact that during each conversation the circuit is devoted exclusively to the service of the user. Long-distance communications require the presence of the two individuals concerned at the ends of the line, and they ore therefore eon-fined largely to the hours when it is certain that each can be definitely located. The result of this is tlntt the long-distance business is crowded into a very small part of the day, and that much of the time the facilities provided are lying idle. There is no way of crowding the business during the times of heavy demand, as but one message can pass at a time. Diagrams are given showing how irregularly the business is disturbed throughout the day, and the statement is made that if business could be subjected to a half hour's delay the facilities required could be reduced one-third at least. Attention is called to the universality of the Bell system and its occupation of the field, first in the urban districts, keeping pace with the demand, then later in the . semi-urban and rural districts. These smaller communities are being developed both direct! v by the operating companies, and indirectly by local companies connected by toll lines with the Bell system. The change of policy during the year, by which the Western Electric Company now sells standard Bell telephones to all who may desire them, has given a fresh impetus to this branch of the business. HI .1- Get the Best , 1 II! 5,997,000,000 Phone Calls On Bell Wires Last Year Annual Report of American Telephone and Telegraph Company Gives' Interesting Facts and Figures. In the annual report of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, which has just been issued, President Theodore N. Vail gives some interesting in the hands of the public, of $554,030,-000. These companies also had cash on hand, quick assets nnd investments of $101.0,4,000, so that tho obligations features Of the telephone business. The business has shown constant Cain and no harm will result. It is a won-J during the year, and at the close there figures and discusses at length several i against the plant were only $1."3,805,- uuu, or s:il,43l,UUU less than its appraised value. The book value of the derfullv easy regulator, And then,' too, it filters your blood every particle of poison and .impurity in your, blood- is destroyed, and you begin to notice the difference in your face first thing your clear complexion. Stuart's . Charcoal Lozenges are - niauV from pure willow charcoal, and just a little honey is put in to make them palatable, but not too sweet. , ' They will work wonders in your stomach, and make you feel fine and fresh. Your blood and breath will be purified. You will feel clean inside. We want to prove all this to you, so just tend for a free sample today. Then after you get it and use it, you will like them so well that you will go to your druggist and get a 25c. box of these Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges. Send us your name and address today and we will at once send you by mail a sample pack b ere free. Address F. A. Stuart Co., 200 Stuart Bldg., Marshall, Mich. were 3,839,000 stations connected to the system, with a total of 8,010,592 miles of wire. The total number of exchange and toll calls for the year was about 5,097,000,000. During the year $52,921,400 was added to construction, and in the past eight -years $351,835,-655 has been- so added. At the present time there are outstanding 1.525.2S0 shares of stock of the company, 1,312,502 of which are held by 23,453 stockholders, an average of less than 66 shares each, the balance, 212,778 shares', being held by ,.16 shareholders, each with 5,000 shares or over. : At the close of the year a valuation based on the replacement cost of the, existing plant, without any allowance for. franchises or for unearned increment, showed $488,296,000. Against this there were outstanding- obligations of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company and its associated companies, including capital stock at par GUARANTEED I'JHSStlEYS! All euvgooda ar guaranteed under the Pura Food Law. If not utlefaotary, money refunded on return of goods. Goodashlppad in plain packages same day order received. Wt PREPAY ALL EXPRESS CHARGES. i - , . IN BOTTLES. IN JUGS ' 4 Full Qt. IFullQU. hrtillon. 8allMI, MeCtrty WhUkcr. bottled U bond. I-J. old ...13 M 19 75 Eureka Rr 1 ZS Dsn Rlvr Ry.... 2 60 Dray QoM Ry ........ .1.. ...... ,....,.. .... ,. ov - Inspection Ryo., ,........ .......... ....... 4 00 Or aenwood Rya 4 M , : HUfbipin Ry M H. C Corn Whtokoy ' Vlrainm born vrawnr Vary Old N. C. Core WBlskcy ...,. ij BwanOln . - Holland Gin. ... ........ Applo Brandy.... .... a......................... 4 Vnr Old Apple Brandy f its 4 2S 5 90 5 35 7 75 7 75 tl 5 IN 141 , 51 as $2 00 2 25 2 5S 3 50 150 SO ,.2 M ,.2 $0 3 51 I 25 3 00 5 50 iSt 150 5 75 0 45 7 20 10 00 10 00 14 00 75 7 20 10 00 4 45 8 70 7 ) 10 .J 10 00 E OUR 8CCIAUsBRANDSi , , , AMULET CORN WHISKEY, COCKADE WHISKEY, v mU Qts. tine Old Copper DlttlUed. KM 4ruIlQurt01d. Smooth sod Mallow, tJ.H i RmrttneM banwleby altbaf Poatal orBxpnaa Money ONer tar eff! 'tfl'-' : ' ' tared Latter. Prices ea floods no listed wlU ba furnished upon reaueet. ' 5 y CarTliiOldRollabii KaP-OrdarHfluta E:;;r. J, XX exchange construction is $114 per ex change station, and the book value of all property, including the long distance lines, is $ioz per station, For' tho first time a statement of the operating companies (that is, those companies which directly furnish the telephone service) is given, with gross earnings of the whole country of $120,-753,200, operating and general expense of $o3,242,300, and maintenance of plant $34,005,700. The balance available for dividends was $26,819,700, out of which dividends amounting to $19.- 200,100 were declared, which seems rea sonable when the value of the plant is considered. President Vail calls attention to the exaggerated stories of the profits made Dy early investors, and snows: how these stories, coupled with the crencral business activity of the last few years, have made it possible for promoters to launch telephone companies pledged to low rates for exchange service and high dividends to investors. Many of these companies .are asking relief from the conditions they readily accepted, and for inereased rates, and reorganizations are now in progress. These companies found that repairs and reconstruction, which with a new plant are at a minimum, steadily increase, and that many times while the plant is growing rapidly these charges are lost in construction. Sooner or later these charges must be provided for out of current revenue, and if dividends, have been . paid without first making adequate provision for maintenance . there can only be an end in disaster., ' Under these conditions it 'would seem as if. any gain to the public i by competition based on low rates bas I not made up for the loss of capital in-i vested. .' '. --'..v;-.' , The problem of rates and rate legis- lation- is discussed at length, and it is shown that. the. policy of the Bell oom-1 panics In any con trovers v as to rates 14 I to make a complete showing of the i cost and value of plant and service, and i that there is nothing ; to. conceal. Fair ; rates are all that is asked for, and the : belief is expressed that with full knowledge of all the circumstances the public I will readily, acquiesce in such rates. Pair rates are aennea as tnose wnicn maintain the plant in a state of high efficiency, provide fair wages for em-doves, give a fair return on money in vested and promise a fair return on new money . 'seeded.' ' Any revenue be yond these requirements could, after. A great many faux passes can bo ducked in this happy year of maidenly initiative if the men will only mold their demeanor to fit their delightful new role. . ' tor example, De prepared with a clean shave. Else a blush will mantle unseen. Do not fling yourself into her arms. That is coarse work. Beside, it mav pay you to wait and see what she will do next, If she forgets some of the stereo typed lines, it is tfue charity to coach her. Remember, she is new to that end of the game. , Be decisive. Either say, "You win,' or throw your hands into the discard after showing openers. If you accept her it is permissible to couch the assent in romantic languages, but if it is a neg ative, be merciful and to the point with it. Do not idly waste her time. '.. She mav have others-on her list. : If really undecided, do not give way to embarrassment. I?v no means spring that old chestnut, "f h-s-s s- s-ddn." It isn't; and, besides, usage has made it a coy affirmative. Just because in your own time vou have been handed a mitten, don't take r It Does the Business. Mr. E. E. Chamberlain, of Clinton, Maine, says of Bueklen's Arnica Salve; "It does the business. I have used it for piles and . it cured them. Used it for chapped hands and it cured them, to an old sore and it healed it without leaving a scar behind." 25c. at all druggists. - - Telephone Talk Is not costly. It is the most satisfactory means of communication between distant points. AU most everybody uses the Bel!. You can reach almost any point over the Ions distant lines. Let us tell you. (Jf The best life insurance policy is that one which gives the greatest amount of protection for the money. 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I The best art of it all is that the cure ' can be taken at home inst as well, and it is strange that people will travel so far out of their way to get such a simple treatment. The treatment consists simply of eating chocolate nil the time ami drinking the beverage in large quantities. - PILE CURE FREE CABBAGE PLANTS and all other plants for the farm, garden and conservatory, at TODD'S Phone 700 GREENSBORO, N. C. Ask for Catalogue PIIIM ul UAllalMkiu ... riioiCT HABITS "lra sent (fofiH Riasonaile Rates Call Contract Dept No. BELL SERVICE IS SATIS- FACTORY i Trial Package of Wonderful Pyramid Cure Sent To All Who Send Name and Address. There are hundreds of cases of piles which have lasted for twenty and thirty years and have been cured in a few days or weeks with the marvelous Pyramid l'ile Cure. Pile sufferers in the past have looked i'pon an operation as the only relief. 15ut operations rarely pure, and often k'ad to fearful results. Tho Pyramid Pile Cure cures. 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Rye WMsklae Tidewater. OBoeoU ......... Diamond K"... Major Comfort.. Corn Whlakay at Old North Stats....... Ue He ' OH Valley 18s a 6.08' Boraat Kiw, t Pt. 4S to ease, hub? ipns, hwot . ALL CHARGES 2.SO PREPAID 828S , .85 SHIPPED IN PLAIN KEGS WITHOUT CASING If goods The wholesale prices quoted on these ease gooda are fiat,' ana do not coyer ex D real charges. Neither do we guaran tee theea against oresx- 16a 16o 14s Wtoeue Htoeua Maiaiei t pta. . pmta quarta ajso eo-uv 80a 7.60 88s TOO Its ; - : ,W . ' IE m. C. KQU CO., be HI KCIS MctHasasT,Vew A MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY TOXXD a41SLMeia lajIDktaMaPhooealsa

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