Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 23, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1916
Page 3
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lfe.14 I9lf, PAGE BSS V" -. vVyne-ueaver Dry Goods Company Clearance flL,.'.... m ijr_irj •rnumEii:i:j-i-nm[iin»-|»:iiiEriT--|-r--iirrr-iitliM ' jniirmikj-iiH-iiTiiiiii u |MM|^^ MM ^__||g|- ^||^ jggp _ Ready To Wear Suits • Coals •MJtaiMtiaiwHttWMMttV ^^ fttffffi «wi«iiiiii(*i(ii»««M«*i«i*i^ '•• Skirts-Furs •MMHflHhMHMWH««MliMHMHMIiMk *•* MHfeiMiPliiMWMHHHMMMMM Rcmrakable gale of strictly high grade wearing apparel. A welcome announcement to hundreds of women. Sale Starts .». . <••••>•••••••••• -'•••••••••••IMBIHlttiBU . . • TuesdayMorning An ad of wonderful saving opportunities will make its bow to the public Tuesday evening—Watch and wait! GRAMD THEATRt, Trsnngtr-' !)!. <s ill .ifij-r.i tffnr Xf>rmn fn • in thf rn> .* from tie. t f.»»*«ii!i!«> t<» th^ of nf plv «'* •w-rrpfftfy, fn vhlfh STIMULATES PftESH IDEAS. "P'*> *v;rnnp l*fn«'fit nf t,vsnan H Iff* !n tl>f fo? It *ti «•«<» the m*n*?U ttunk j»omp for«jSrt«n «*- Muff m -A tx>v<»n Mltf." fen- r>nrrAld Wrfan will w» fhown. In*-«o>t«--hT hwd-mtnJ lows ftl« ' thoufi«m! dollnr h*» r<>i>lAcw( with a "«*•." *«et«H*ltnff to find the cif\c tM-'frtr*' going horn?, ^hl*rh he fafl» t« do. .«n wfmt would yott do to th«> rustom lnttr*>ffoi*» • from tho j fafw j^wfrln to your al*o «t tfif i>>*uur«-!» of who «ill \\itnffi;* th»» Aca*U>mv, til! tn mf.r*» than. i rttftratn nt tin-! Among tlie jiHWiwys will «Hh H» a»f€Ftftp l«wtit «rt ?7th. r.» to w?ii, f-trtorlnT st|u*Jr>, nt work, - Delayer Dry Goods Company In A Very !•• ; • "*.> • • i. I •', We slww a Splendid aBstortmen^gf high grade \\i\\"" tlmt-are excellent for gifts. Bv^ry'one nn ex- il value. Styles for men and t 'women«~ gold, flilver and carved handles; durable tops in linen; colors navy, red, green and black. Wednesday win * nnd \jn\\\* tJlaiim in "The:Wolf Woman'.'"' which tnkes up the Ufa 4een In tho famous roof garden* of Los Angeles anil tltt» race tracks al'-TIa Jnnna. A featuring Chns. Murray arid PVicanda . 3 ln the "Made will UP f»)wiwn« '•Thursday the Blue Bird present"! 3. "Warren Kerrigan in 'The Hltent Wat tin." In wlih'h Is pictured imm«*n» forks. • lr*»«>s nnd brook*, a beautiful setting. In a driving storm the heroine Rave him some draught* from her pTH.'k<*t flask and renewed thfe appetite for liquor which he had managed to subdue. There also appporii a heavy «lorm besides rain storms. This VMS tfiktni among mountain Tho Burton Holmes travel pie- turr> appear* o» thin day. Frkluy «'It»n Hhtgfly «nd ''Wallace. In "The Selfish Women," In whlefi Held ns Tnm Morley, n you nit who Is building 1 a big railroad and his father is very aMXIous to obtain a franchise for th<> name purpose, HP 'tries to persuade. Tom to accent a place. In the bunk which re refuses. At A IHHIKC party ho meets Alice Half, a younjr society girl, with whom he falls In love, ••"Alice Jovi»s nnot'ier but In forced to mnrrK' Tom, ns her family (« tn deep financial difficulties, tint uhe IN Jlmilly won ovor by Tom, nnd to- they defeat th» machination* of who plot to destroy Tom's work, Saturday appears Lionel Barrymore and Marguerite Bhlrvln In "The Up- heavel," in which he lit placed In his father'* position, who ha* been a great political grafter, »nd Jim determines to b« true to the teachings of hid dead mother. However, ho" I* not given credit by the public for any attruRlum, (even when he succeeds In getting the blil panted they still accused hlni of having "something up bin " to defraud the public. VAODETTE THEATRE. Thw Vaudette Theatre has wcured Dome great vaudeville act* and feature photoplay* for every day next week, In Ihs rural rain* rutting, .toroarmt Ing, and- other pastime* ami ymrnult* of the iTstlvf'* RW shown: NorwAy, rp- vMillnsf tie MWnlitfit Httn, Tj«plttm1«T«t In camp, ^lant fmowploughi in operation, »rtd "otH^r fe«fttw» «>f thl« *notr» bw»nd ctnuitry which nre mJirstestl^e h^ thp realm of Panta Clan?; and our o*n \vXtf Point Military Aeftdpmy? tralnwl radets In^Ptfvttljgiwhleh nrt» diversified and thrllllngVThett, tot>, then* will bo t>xtra*iHlnary illttMitvIng portrait* of fiiriiotlft men, blrda nyid ftnh 'n their naturtl* e.0loHi, the amtiRlng antics »>f .1 "ivee" baby, new Bfiimnt««il VarUion.«, ahd ttiimft-iiuu other*. HULL'S THEATRE, ROCK FALLS. A R**wt" [jrosrrom to* proitiined all who attend the Hull Theatre at «o< l k H»m«lny'« program Includes nn nny dramn In three parts, ""His Wife." and a good comedy. Fur Christmas day an good bill In grlvprt, with Lillian <ll»h and Henry \Valtliall in a Itloginph thr*c* drarr^a, "Lord Chuml«y." For Tuewlay ^farguerite Nichols In in "Jerni of'Ihe'HHI Countr>'." nnd We«kly. -j » On Wednesday a One.Busanay dra- ma'l*' »ho\vn with STttrffiierite Clayton In».the title!" role. "Not In", the N'«ws." -, Thurmlay in uliown a aerial, "The Girl I'Vom Frl*co," with Marlon Salii and True Hoordman. ICiich picture in a complete play In Itself. Friday'* pk'tureH con«l*t of a three- part Viiagraph c-omrdy. While, Sat- This is our first opportunity to offer to the people of this comtnunity^our TbeBt G^rhtmas wishes. Our year has be<?n most bounteous, and it is with more than the usual yufa**tide S pj r jt ffi a ( w % extend m ^l our sm- cere wish |or a merry Christmas^ avid Happy New Year. Bradley-Bqynton Clo. Co. V. Cbrietmas In the urday has a rnont program ChrUtman matine«. Alonday Wm, Fox pretwntu Walter Lnw In "The Unwelcome Mother 1 ," It sale at 14.00 Umbrellas on sale at . . ., ......... $3.20 •55,00 Umbrellas on sale at . . . ..... ... .$3.98 liar $3,00 Umbrellas on sale at . , . ..... ____ $2.40 1 $2.75 Umbrollas On sale at ..... . ...... $2.20 •• problem bohlnd It. Should ft man nnc- rlflo* his wlCe'n lov» or hi* children'*? A wonderful, drama that every woman should nee. .A atory laid along the beautiful aw*. coa»t. Matlneti and night, Also comedy. . . ^ N • ; Tuwday Star productloni pronent wniiam ftu*n«r in "The with Marguerite Claytdn In an KM&««y feature, "Borrowed Sunshine," In three part* with Kathlyn Wllllama and (luy Oliver playing th» leading part*. "WHICH ONE SHALL I MARRY?" The sorrows and trial* which are BO often brought before our notice dtt« to the mlamatfng of an innocent girt with « worldly wise maji of wealth,, and the oppoMlte picture of the happy and cop- tented wife of n bumble toller. In whjit fuggevted the play to U* author, Ralpft T, Ketterlng. The-production 1* under tho management 'of Rowland and' Howard, the prominent Chicago man- agWa. It carries . eleven handsome Bcenea, and will .b« interpreted 1 by an unusually strong company at the 4<»* demy, Friday,. Dec. S9th. • Did tfDQE TQ PUY SANTA GLAUS FOR THE KIDDIES IN CHILDREN'S COURT (By United !*«•»«.) rt. 111,, Pffc. 23.— Vot- cWldron OhrUimns wan «huttorcd Ity Judge Stflk of the of Dompntlp H»latlon8 tomornw set big C-hrlstniftM tr«<» orrtt«'d wltli oi'unberi'k'* • ami and naoka of candy In hl» court room. Tho Judgn will play Banta cjnus to all children whon« parent*, have b«en In bin court with domestic troubles this year. y REV., BLACK IN JAIL. Mount Vernon, Dec, 23.-r-The Rev. Illttck Is In jail hero convict t-d of bootlegging. Offlcwrs raided h|a homo ami pon«»catft«l 'ft trunk full of 111 one of the acaaon'n bent photoplays with thin popular utar? A story of society life, only pr*i*nt*d different than ever shown Hwfor* 1 .. Alto-'tnivel eerlea. Matins and night . Wodntwday hit h t:la*» vaudeville, Thr^e gfwt act*. - Al«o don't mlu that wbnrturful picture, "The Grip of Evil," tm* picture everyone, should nee, f«w- turlnir Minn Jackie Saunders and Koland HtHtomely. 'Aliw Ixntesome Luko comedy. . •Thursday thn-o groat vaudeville acta, direct from 'th* big circuit^ Also aptttiitl Am*rioan feature and nee) Film Ma*««ln*. FVIday new vaud»vlUe bill, frhr«o high clam aots, Bome'sTreat rtovelty, ulnslng 1 and dancin* acts. '.Also that arrent 'picture. "The TTellow Menace/' and Mutuftl Weekly, lateat picture newii, - - Huturday grettt vaudfivjlle. Three fine Merry Christmas ••JM%* •-'•-' -?; iti±s**- S~*± Come From? T wltb * light softer but perbups , more comfortablft than that of , : tloftirre«tfe«stlts«lf. Partlcu. to ttilt tro« of th« first fl«y «ft«r sprolally when that day is In Bnf land, of coura«, «s In U>« Urns of tho late Samuel Pickwick, Esa^ wbo brotttbt gbout |b« reaals- Moce of Cbrlstnutt, tbls Is railed box- tog day, not bfSsfis* it is ibe occasion of flstlc encoaioterp, but bscanse u is ttioe appointed fojr ttoe distribution of tbosn wow «ir less BponUneoua ex* presfOM ot-«ood will which are called Christmas *voxts\ Itoi aore orthodox title Is St. Stephen's day. . It U, you knoff. the day oo which the tllastrloua ITlig Wencejilawi, wltb tb» sjaWanot of his page, did bia oobl* almonlng. Wo ar« sot old English blugs, BO 1». stead of baring COT page bring flesh and wine to tb* poor man on St. Stephen's day wo give a dollar to the y«utb from tti» stlii T«ed pe,rmotbes who chaperons U»« elevator In our apartment ;honse, and rfpr weeks before Cb«isl»as we aflhc to th« flaps of the enTelopea,,B£ntalntog <mr letters 'litcJA ftuMBEIlyM-- i •MMUPMQyff UO -•ffiBil-ftfi ~ HOP* twit* of Bt Ntcbola. 'of Burl. Thoo- modicom of QhristB»s cbeer for cer- Xuy of the »ott b«ft«tifal thing! of life are but mem* orltt. Here if u incident which may become for tome read- tit t pleaaajtt t»d recturring realiiation of joy. It was the good fortune of the writer ft few years ago to be the Christ- ttfts ftttst at A home where the true idea of Christmas cheer •ft* tpirit WM realiwd. On the ere of the great day the father of the flock bronchi forth Dickens' "Christmas'CwoU" tad ft well won copy it Wfts too. After they had fathered about the fireplace he wad aloud the first part of the story. Then mother Aid each child in turn participated until the story wu completed. Many times had the writer read 1jhe carol, but under the conditions just related the beautiful tale hid ft Mwer meaning than had ever before been experienced, "When 1 came into that -home at the Christmas season long since past," he said, "I could sense the real and true spirit of ttii occasion, and when I was told that the reading of this tale had been a custom of .years I felt I knew the well spring in which the spirit had its growth. I have now adopted the custom in my own family, with a few changes. Tat story is, of ooune, quite long for one reading, so we hare developed tilt plan of beginning the reading a week before the great day, reading part each night Then when Christmas eve comes I hare found it additionally valuable in fostering tha Chriitmu npirit to have read aloud the wonderful, beautiful story of tiit natirity frdm the second chapter of St. Luke: We them complete the Carol, and every one is then truly ready forth* gterioiu dawning of the morrow." » LLOYD GEORGE CALLS ON AMERICA TO ANSWER THE CALL DESTINY IS MAKING FROM OUR READERS J Baeooonv, Wild Bo«r», Chameleons. 'Orangowood, St, Pete, Dec. 18, 1»1C. Editor Daily Qaxotte: AlllgJitorB and pellcnnB are not our only pet*, we hav* other«. An artl»t bus R tame raccoon, chained before his atudln, A pretty fellow, fat a* butter, a round body, puffed out/like a feather pillow. On a trw In our yard wo no- tlced ft ctiVlous chap. thre« Inches long, we diagnosed as A chameleon, green an grams, look* like a lixord. A hunter juvt buck fi-pm Everglades, brot A wild boar tusk, a foot long. Tell tain cawtfujjy »el»ctld and organised th*~f act that way 6}aj after Christmas Is a v«y ioo^yjjttdeoa. ITbo exclt*,, «1iln|ran4 rewlrlag b«s pass*d away ; of #otxir WVIU. to bo f^li«4 ef«t) wbe» bearing gifts. *a spltf o« th« reBaarlts of every wbo ev*r borrowecl tmm bis f ««t» to put on no wbicb should carry • jol<e about her to a« editor, tbla post Qbrlnt- ao41tiiUw» w»«rly always Is ant U t» a«rt*t*«S by the of wUe-b««^owe4 cigars, which (sg«ln despite tbe bwaorjsUl are better thau DftedUttHou, for Its subjects are tW«a* givea R«4 M»tags m-e^vcd, good dcoda dona a*d «o«4 tWaga Mpert- about our big game. lh the old readers" \va« a poenT aBotTt the chameleon, which changen its color, and two fellows could, not agree about It: Tla green, tia green. I aaaure ye! What! i*rle« the other In a fury, ' \ a Then the coon. How many of you old chaps remember the tune when that animal was the symbol of the Whig party. It wa» "befo the wan," After n victory, the paper* hud a picture of the "Mitme old coon,/ while the Demoornis bad a Voouter^Now it *ts the cl?plian,t, th« moose, Hhe donkey, the cornel. ^^\ A gay .town for ita 8l*e. go many of ihocltliens ure wealthy, and so twisy_of r .44ie~-tourlsli8 Jirfi- used—tQ-lux* urlou* recreation at home, that all T)!o morning llgttt 1» breaking, The darkness disappears. rains lately, excellent for the truck giirdenn and orange groves. Now and then n breeze from tho north whemyou people open the doors toward Alaska, A llttlo blaze night and morning in our fire pli^ce. No coal used here, only pine and oak sold in stove lengths. A strand or third of & eerd costa three dollars. Our Becqnd peas are up, and lettuce in a abort time, t)range« rl|>en every month, and we are using some from an early tree. No invitation yet for Ohrintmaa dinner, W. W. Davis. (Uy.-United N'p« York, X. Y,. Dec. 23,— An aj>- peal to America from the British 1 mK'r, David Uoyd-Oeorire, "to r«a th* call rx»Ktlny I* making to her" f&pl "the enromrnent of Internfttlonal 1 and International ItlRhtN" in contalne4 r ; in lunar F. Marrtwson'n peraonol study of Knglnnd'n Prime Minister In today** lusue of Rverybody'* MaBa«lne. "The hope of the world." Mold WoyoV^ Oeiirge In hl« "me**airo to Amerloa,**- "i* that America will renllxe the De»tlny IH making to her In tone* I an* retting louder and nuwl ln«lBtenC a* these terrible month* gfd by. "That % De»tlny Hen in Oie enforcement of respect for International and International Right*." "Throughout our talk,** *iiy* non, "he had, sat in a low chair, *om«* times tilting It backward* as he i 1 with the vehmency of hi« word*. Snd-a denly (in recofrnitlon of More question), he became still. Ho hi* head and looked dreamily, out the window at hi* left, where lit* Me the throng of Whitehall a* it i back and, forth along London'* Qre*Sf Military Way. ; "Then, riving slowly, and ..with • qu«nl venture* and trembling (he might have been speaidnt thousand* instead of one person*,) gay« me hl» me**age. .•'• "It was a pregnant and unforgett moment . From tt 0»1 of clubu are in 'operation, erill «fr» held every week, and. the social calendar of the doll leu announces (heir meetings regularly from Monday Saturday.. lh v re ur« some of them 1 . Bridge Club. Pythian Histers. Jolly Music .Suuly Class, Hans Suucl, Audubon Society, Catholic Prlni't«s 11 Chapter, Kntr* Nous. inun AniPiifun, I^a Ttk-ze. Da vista Circle. Whtr« Bsyberry Csndlvs Corns From. It was th* women of Hlnghanirthat quaint old MasaacUnjetts town, that first brought down from their attics their grandmothers' old candle roolla and began making the srteet smelling green bayberry candles, for a fe.w appreciative people who wanted them to bum In homes famished In antiques. Tha women of charming old Deerflold, In tho same state, shortly followed salt, and then the housewives of Cape Cod saw their opportunity, all of them us* injt.tb* WoWu thst bad been In the town* fiw genwtHon*, colossal conflict England'* War wo* sounding the note of a distant; o**» of peace. . "If you had probed behind this linr utterance you would- Have with Lloyd-George htmaelf/ that yond the flaming battle-line* and the tumult of a World at War waa hop* of some far-away'Tribunal would judge nations and keep t) ju«t a* individuals are kept, In the path's of right, and humanity. ; . f "But before, any Bitch bloodless ant!*/ <lnto .can be applied to International Dispute," io quote Lloyd-George again* "this war must be fought to a> fl&Mb?*^ These final word*, snapped like whip-lash and emphaaiited with a') beat on the table, meant that would uee her Titan Task through, and| If for no other reason, because tli»f man who drives the war-gods FIRST COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS. Denser. Colo., \D«c. 23. — thousand people are expected io the city auditorium tomorrow night celebrate Dt'iivor'a flmt oommunltj! Kxtenslvo plans have be«n tnude for the alfalr and the will play Funta Clau« to Denv«r'« die*. ' • '• Ti!« program will consist of a cal and literary entertainment and th*1 distribution of gift* to about children from an irampijsa tree placed upon Ui* (Mage of th« The Ideal Christmas Gift \ My frieiulM, do they now and then send, A wish or. a- -thought after me? They \l«; believe mo. To show tlwlr. dear ftiiKlns In tbi- north -that Florida fet truly u lit ml of !uit«'utul Is »wurii(JCil, and iiiKtuiiHTH IUT «iutui- Ing lri'_.jiiti\ ' . A »ji«*'tal pxpri'»« <*ar left SI, Peters* burg on the a o'clock' A. <'. L.-tnun last U also contains, tbls day *mf C ms.*, fe*U«tf, a qusllty of rcconclil*tl>, aot ol'fecoiWJUjliit thls W6« all to 09 Chrlstrow »?e—b»t oi-rocooclua tio» with affairs, of REFUSE TO lovvji t'lty, 1^., Decl 28, — 111 tlw> l j re&idt'nt JC^HUP ut the l«wa ritSvt'isity, otlli'lulH of l>c. '.H teiuiert'U tin; tlt^ ' < 'ifvrlttttil and Kmen'ult.Mblppfd l»y t-xpreiw to various place* in the Kwrtfi. Th» fruit IK bt'injr writ a» I'hHtittmus fi^i'nts to !rU«iu1$ i» tlic Nartti by.Bt. I'CSiiU'tUK Uiul \ UitOIS. ' "TJh' of th«« •|iio«l, 4'X|'r«'»»* wilier bus H big literals*.* «-v»'r tl»' HMIIV time lust Mevt>r>il m-jjiro ^'liurfhts, l^ptbt and Ml'llllnlit-l, ,111(1 Ufl t'Villlgi'll!-l Iti 1H>VV hold) tig iHjH'tlmss for UK* JH'iii'tU uf the c«>l<Mc«l hrt'thrt-H. Hut tlt»» hf»in> wiu ««ai« v vviiitv t'liiks. lit* lut'iU'livx ui ti. IttttlU H"U "WniilU day f.uit " Blooming Plants Christmas els d Choke Cut No.IIigho; in* Price Than Former Years Tho Gift the Entire Fumiijrtfon Knjoy..' STERLING FLORAL CO. aw ISTH

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