Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 23, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1916
Page 2
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p^JfpSf«' " ' — ~-jfM To Th€ KM.* The Sfcmney Cartoons So many of the boys saved these cartoons, and many of them from the surrouiidiUK towns not being able' to bring theirs in, We have decided-'to wait until next week-to SEE NEXT WEEKl PAPER. Sullivan The Store Ahead IRRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, DEO. 23, 1916. ALARGECRQWD •red to H*ar Children Wig Carol* Fr7d«y Afternoon. \ crowd of «-JU*i»roi gathered Mai-n »tr*€>t f»u Friday afternoon to thn vhlldrrn slug <h«>lr Chrlwlmnu n and »«•« Hunin distribute gift* . «nrt hrlp. tnnkP the municipal tiH a SU>'CCB«. -About f«ur the iirorfnu|«n« fame from the led by pupil* currying Am»'r- J, fl*Ri« and Kntbeml .around the pupil* from the high flfluwl th« grade* from both. the th and notith nlu> m-liool* marched in *tr««t when they were joined tobr band, whle-h opened lh« ? with a number of fine mum* t«#j*ctlon*i. Then. feathering around brilliantly HithtPd trw. nnd IM by muwirai illrwtor, Mi»H Marjory the chlldrfln JMIHK f»ur ChrtBtman 9IJI,' cloiiInK with Anu-Ht-a, which by th^ Jjibby bund and In the Voices of by«tandprii ELECTED)FFICER$ Bethel Ene»mprvt«nt H*td El«ction Thurtdty Evening. lifthel Knramptntmt No. 60, I. o. O V t lu-ld th«» rfgular mpftlng on Thum- dny • pv*t»hijt. D«'f. Sl.lntid ok-ctcd the SPAIN NORWAY. RKPAREDNESS MANY OTHERS <*, p.~.-OharIeii II. 1». -rt. V. f).r.jKhftmbnuj{h. H. W.- II. \V. K|nnedy. .1. W.~C'ntI rttrlwrn, «crl»»> -II. «. F. A. Van Ondol. A HOUSEWARMING Htld in N*w Horn* of Mr. and Mrt Robert .Rots Thursday. Evening. On Thumlny, ovrninir Mr, nnd Mrh Rottert H«MH. who liavr- rcci»ntty ftvi't c'd tx new bi>um> «HI their jilat'K in I'nloi Grovi*, hfld n li'»iiB«'W«r'min>f In th^li m»w hornc 1 . A larjfo number of,*theh tind frl»»iid* nnd spi-nt n (IrliKhtful floclal A cVHoloiw lunch wn8 »<*rvoil by THE N. G. CLUB n rousing thorn*.' At __; of the hi»l aonir, both Santa and Mnt. Santa, made their np« inc* In, a very modern fault Ion, i ; driving up in their own gayly rated auto. .It l» needleaa to miy .• «.,_*• j » u s greeted with much «nthu- Plwwntly Entertained a* Homo o th» children .and .began Inv,.. . *". \_ T, ,,*•*'% -.»» i ._ to distribute pop-corn balls, . Tho ladle* of the N. O. olul^of tlnloi of candy und nuts and fruit. JUbJby. fKUHl.r>rtdtired a tine con-. t, the armory on Tburnday eve- no appreciative' audience, bntld played again at the ory JasC «venTnnr and another oon- IJbby band-tonight clops y»M*rol«» for this year. Tho com- In charge, together * with the Qrove were ptounaiuly entertained 01 Thursday afternoon nt the homo of i. Robert HOB*, The afternoon wit* n'«" J>ajr,iio, ar« to ....imfcipftl celebrations, and to ti r wo oxtend our sincere .thank*. ^BECEiveUnERs; tr»hAw*rd»d to M»mb*r* of Foot Bujl T««»n'Thursday. _,>5*hur*day afternoon tne athletic nmjitt*e of tho high school held a j and awarded, let tern to the owing: Austin, Went*, Fadden, ' L .Kldd, Hamilton, Green, Thorn•k, Oaborne, Port, Swanson. , Tucker. Tho names were inded toy Coach Torrenee and th« «ommtM*e. In to rec«U-« a letter the have play«d In a majority this -neanon. or have made ap fa'* &*- „„. Fadden wan elected of th« fob* ball team foi nest Kay naridon return**! PrldUy „ .JU»»t Nation, la., where >ho ha* ,4 visiting relaUveji for several days, itiM Unda Stralow yl«lt»Hl friends . pleasantly sptut with needlework and a ileticiouM lunch was ««rved WILL LEAVTMORRISON -fc Henry Buroh Stvtr* Corwtsction With „ Diehl and Burch Company. Henry Huron, who for the pa«t »ev- ««ral month* has been manager of the Diehl and Ituroh -l*Jano trompany of this city, ban dl«v««ed of'hln Interest* in that concern nnd will leave January lit for Sharon, Win., whern he has accepted a pus|tUrn with the Ami Milk company. If* will also charge of the Sharon band, acting as director for that orgrantaatlon. MORRISON BRIEFS Mia* riaitu Austin arrived today from Chicago to. spend Cltristmaa at the S. A. Maxwell homo In Unlonvllle. Mrs. KaU» Staples and Mris, A. W. Iladger .went to Crilcago Friday, where they .will visit ovor Christmas with relatives, Bhannon wan u vis* In" , * Kmily K«n- nedy arrived howe Thursday from Ohtftnpnign to spend th« ChrJstmaii vacation at thft home of their .-pafanta, J,Ir. and Mrs. H. %V; Kennedy. Mrs. Kllen Aldrltt and Him Anna vtnitea friends In Clinton Friday. I" Including examination, Blmmed or Rim* ' " ? Eye Glasses have'the-latest B SflUR-QN, Mounting Guaiv <L This is your opportunity to se- * ' . .•*«*« i ** ^1+ _ ^ • • ( |: -cure a pair of high grade Glasses at a very low cost. Open,every Saturday GOULDlNGr Optician ObemiJlers^ Store Bell Phone 10J-W First Aw, aad Bast TWrcl St., Sterling, 111. OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS " J^anet arlfrjKin, who hnft fr!i*nd« In thto vicinity for the few' week*, went to. May wood, ridttr. wh?r* nh« will vlalt r«>1a- \it\lj\ after the holMny*. Vrom Maywoexf Mlw fJrletwn KXIHT!* t«» w> (» Wnnhlngtoii, l). f C« to upend the winter. ^IlM CnrU'np Tullcr, ban arrived home fr«>m Madliion, WI*.. to'*p»nd tho holiday vni-allon at ih«>'hon>«* "f her |»arent«i Mr. and -Mrp. Afc. K, MILLEDGEVILLE NEWS M. E. SACRED CONCERT. Th* follitwinx <«»m t »-rt WJIH r^sulc a( ttif* M. K. rhun>h Hiind.-iy »'v»'nhiK OrRnn Voluntary--.Mrfi. \V» H. rlnm. Cht ir. Dan tteter nrrlve'd Imnle FtldJty c\r-- frop» .Qtinhrn, Ind., whct^hf Is dttf-iidliiK gi-hool, to np*-nd BPVfrwl days with ri>!atlvMi In this vicinity. Mrs. Henry Cobwsntid bfolh« i r, r*rtink Turncy, arrived TWirwtlay from T!J«lKt'- •, N. !>., for a /<l»il .of n*v<>raJ d«ytt ih rcla/llv« k !« in'thld city. If. A. Wyinan nnd <^ HarrlnKton were b'ualnc5» visitors Thur^dny J in IVoria. Mrs, H, W, Kennedy nnd dauRht^r. Mtsdj MiirKiivtlU', «p«"in Krlday with frtrndu In t "Union, Slnt/Alvina S^ydvr visited friends In Clinton KrltUiy. , Mrs. Kay Uradlcy vlnltMl frl«-n«l*» In ivfl t-VJdiiy sod Saturday. An«n ojid Jrtnc H«»b*rt'non trrivvd Thursday *v»ntnfr from Kviin- »ton for a, WM'k*» visit «t th<« home of thc-lr parent»i\.Mr. and .Mrs. Antbrtn — t'hon. H"li»- -Mitsi \VoJln-r. Ahth^m— Choir. !>iif>t— Mrx. Mlsn CJolilthortJf, Hula — Mm. Arthur Sung -rCuntirvi; at dm. nnd MRS. F. G. YEOMAN BURIED. Mrc. F. tj. Ycotnun pU»5tHl ftwfty nt h« v r homo Tupsdny mornlnK. H<«r ({with brtnu v*«ry nuddi*nly. lU*r d«-utl> h-ame u« a sluK-k to th«« entire ittm- imunity for Mm. Yeoman was a woman who rank«^l vt-rj- hiijlv amongnt all of th«> ptHjplc, Hl»v has tauulit tire South Klkhorrt «choot fi*r «pvt«rul - yearn and was n very Intvlllscnt nnd cnpithta worms n. The. itui)«»rftl nervices' w«»r« held at thr- hotm» Thurwlay at 2 p. .m. and In churn** of -Dr. J. C. KaUffmuri nnd lt*v s O. W. WHch. The r«<mnlna w«*r<' «hlpp«Hl to ijun i*ralrio, Wbj,, for burial, Mrc. Venetian It* mourn«Kl by her husband und'a host of *»«. «K <*--. >•> >*•- ,<* • - , '*» ».? *« *,* *> *J> *? "**'** J O I /V The Original Christmas -:- Savings Club -:NOW * ' ' First National Bank HOPKINS NEWS .) PROPHETSTOWN NEWS PRlETJY HOWIE WADDING Mict Hilda E. Johnson Becomee .Wife ef Elmer J. Anderson. ,' ....„., Hilda E. JTohnnon and Kilmer J AndafHont'wer* married .WVdiwtHtay «v- »nlitK ut the bom«« of tho bride. Then 'H-ifiK only. Immediate ' relatives am 'low friemli* present to ,'yitneitai the '*>remony which WHS performed by HPV A. K,-illrleh uf-the-AI. K,-*hurcb,.of " ittne w«s bitautifully decorntwl cc*li»r wh«'mt« biflnjr rwl and _Ul&jllnlnj{_r<M>in wan ulmi lirnliTy. The i-oupU* utotjd liirj.'«" wedding ben, when th» uutiful rU>K c«i'i'tnony wri» prouminc- unltlntr <h« coupl« In holy wwllock Afltr the ceremony hud bi««n performed and the u«ual eongmtulatlonH give u humntuuuH wwdilliiK rt«pa»t wan «t-rv wl. The eoupltt riKiwlvPd many bt>au- Iful pre»entn 'In cut Klnsn, china and aluminum war*. Th*» hrldw waw aluo |b« •«scipl»nt of a. check of a IH'ii from the . The poupie will tnakci their home en* west Qt town on « farm, the if a practical fanner, Minnie Gibson W*i Elected Nobl* Grand Of Order. The Jlebekahu chosn their offlc.or» 'or th«* oonilnK* «lx montlm at thi'lr ta'nt whU-h Nulfje tJratul— Mliinlo Vi<*s C Dick- Cirund . . _ Bwrt'tary—JMym Financial Hwiri'iary— nnon, Tr«a»uret>-t3ractf Hlblry. lli'puty—Ktttt fiteMuan, • Th» tipp<iinttve oitiwr« have not as wt been anuuuu«d 'but will !•»«• bfforw ho nU;tit of iit*IniUUUm tlmt .they tuuy till IK* iiiHtullfd at .tltu'tiumu linn*. OFFICERS WERE CHOSEN; 8oni of Vetorant Eltot D, A- Wait* *« Commanu'tr', The Sous t»f Vt'tt-tun^ *d.««ct«*l th«>lr t th«'lr last iru'i'tinr and K««ntl«»mt'ii will Wfrvo tli^' er foe "Chw Ruining year; Wftite. Itolk-n.' t Junior Vice -t'lark l^ttnu. Patriutlc iiwtrnvtur— illwut Clruhanv '«mi>C«unVii—F, F. l-'ltch, H. H. Matha and O. A. KltiK. FUNERAUVAS HELD Art. Willium Turner Wat Buried Thur«d«x Afternoon. The futtcrul »f Alrw. William Turner, f• 6i, was in-Ill ThuritdHy wftJrnuon lh" tuHi^i* at OIK* u'vlnvU, llio iiov. A. K,. l.'ii'ich pi'tHtchltiK tb»'. lii'i't. 1 was t| $<n'dly ntU'iidltTTi'i 1 " H« tlu« fcu-1 tbitt tin- ccrvt Ut t)ti< luu.iH' uud that -it wuw tt ^,, cohl'da>, tuftkinjf H uiu'uuiCwi'(» bt« fur pi'upki to b*> out uf dmtr«. ftttd u*rv tieiiiK only *4 InUU'd capacity i» tt l> IllJUhi* fur tin* iUH'OHtlliudiltHHl t»f l-Upl't', 'i'ilv .HillKHUJ \V«» diillt' bj IIU'IU- af# iii Uu- W, |-». i Uuir. 'Tlu» lluiul of- •rtugw \vt'ft» Vi*»y bcuiitiful und i^-munl mny t>f thi in, t\lr», 'I'm-in-r WHS a IMIII* Ixidy and \va» rt-hpiH'ti'd by all liu knew lii'r. ISiulai w\t« ui.idt- in BLUE LODGE OFFICERS H.titi , J>,M .- • rlti> u '« i< li> tin- liul M' . v»i--t'iffiii M c 1.1 r i, i»<!,u-\ COMMUNITY XMAS TREE. Tho Xmaif in-*' wan raij»«»d Monday at 3 o'clock and' I>r. J. C. Kauffman HH tnuyiir, p \V..-H*ck«iiL £>l ifi^iowii, who acceptwl '^t^llh a yi'ttcU^luirKpc??)},' Thf xchoul gang an apprnpriatv enrol and ihtt lur«o crowd manlf^MtwV great in threat <Ju the rai>iinj| of'«ur flnSt community Xntaft Jtr^e.f * . ' MARRIED. ,-nyu ut C. ,JT. Hnrber, artd v MiBH Jfcmdc B«md»«r^ drtiijthter of Mr. and Mr«, H. Ik-ndt-r. weiv married tit Uu- Chrictiiin parKonuRt*. Ht««rlliiK. Thursday by U«»v. K«»bbin«. , Mr..und Mr*.' Harbor havt-' many jfrit*ndi*- h«r«» •Whuin, tit»nid r«.iiKnitUlutjon», "They will rcnidu in yttTllnK. • * ~: GIVEN FAREWELL SURPRISE. Mr. nnd Mr*. Kd. Lar»«>n havr» nmv. « i d from the (Mavf>ncc J'ottn farm to th*» Henry Younx farm «outh of • Hound «!r?>v««. Th« evening bi-fori» thpy left J thl» vicinity for their now homa thi'lr numrroun Tri« i ndJ' icav« them a mirprlsto j party. The evening: hourn w«»rt> plpaa- j iintly Hpcnt 'In varlouit teamen, WKHKH «nd mti»lo. At a lain hour an oy-Bter nupper wo« iwrved which was thoroughly enjoyed by all present, BUY PIANO FOR SCHOOL. The dim-tor* nnd patmnH* of Hickory Grove school lmv« pti it fine mnv piano for th« Mchocd. \V11- Hum Schwlttom. one of the dlrt*ctor«, 1irtiu«ht it out Wednesday and placed U in th* Mehool houne. Hickory Orovo ban a Hdiudurrt nchool and the diHtrict tnti>iid« the nchool to be ail tlmt tho Standard implies. the 8PRECHER-RHODY WEDDlKlQ. AJr.j flmrk's Bprepher and M!H» Uof- otliy Hhwtly were married Wednesday at 3 o'clock Ut the Jordan Lutheran church.' Ilev. Boysen officiating. They were attended by Mitut Anna Mundt and > Mr. Norman Stewart, After thu euremony the .wtmdinfcij^rty motored to the home of the brrae'n |»arent«, Mr, and Mm William Khody, where a bountiful-turkey dinner wn« utrved. Mr. and Mrs. Sprtnrfter take («, Iowa for a »hort time, after which they will reside on a farm near Wlilte Ilgsoa, PLEASANTLY SURPRISED. Rev. anil Mrs. (J, W, Welch were agreeably surpriK^I Wednesday- night The evening was maul pU-usuntly «pi»nt and the pastor tuid wife proved them- n«lv«« royal t?uu>i iiiliit'rs even fyr the wUrpriae. . , , ' MlLLEpQEViULE BRIEFS. Mayuits Hideout, trained iHirne, returned to hijr home aTKFretport Monday, after caring for Mr.'wwiml Hawkin» during his siege of pneumonia. Wesley A. Soneff, of. ld«itl, is via- ng fur Momo tju»o with his brother, \V. ,!•'.' Seneff. A. Bnell left Monday for Austin, Tex., where he will Hpt'iid the winter im his daughter. Mm. Clara Sneil. The Uiuclitowii exercises -wetti held Friday t-vening. The program render* od watf tixcvllent und the large crowd present wfrw vt»ry app'wcJatlve. • Fml Warftl and Homer returned! home from Fre«port they tnt¥«' been for n^veraj. weeks having their *y«?s» ti«-utwl. Mr. ami Mrs, Koy JdoCartniay,, »p.ent the wet*k end »t Wwl*>« v -, \V, W. Fike und family epent Sunday at the ttev.-'M. J. 8nyd»?r" home. . Mr. • und i|r«. Juhn Duun, of Uena, Will apeiul Xmu» ut the Ur. J- C, KiuifF^ ijiuu hoine. Mrs. O. 4. Diclil »ipeiU the A BIRTHDAY PARTY. Mrn, John Woiber, of Clyd*. taintu! at her home with a birthday party In hontir of her daughter's birthday Humtay. A |ar«e nutnlwr of Mix** ~l*\l\W* girl "frlenda were prenpnt and a »«<'i«l time wan «njoyed. At the noon hour. Mm- Woiber nerved a boutlful, dinner to tho KUOBU, Mf»« Woiber wu« well remembered by her many friend*. SCHOOL ENTERTAINMENT. A lartm number of friends and pat» iiiry* w«*iv In attendance at the Modal and Kruh bug, jflven by the Hickory Urovu nclu>v! pupllH and teacher at the ncihool houtt« Friday night. Tho nurn of $111.85 wan r«a)iK«d fcom tht> enter* tHlnment, which will b« uwed to buy bnukH fur the school library. . WILL RETURN TO WHITBS1OE. Mr. find Mrs. Charles jRetnl and son, HuKMt'll,. of Saskatchewan, Canada, former rt-Midents of Hopklnn. .but for thu pant »lx y«-ar» h«v« been on a farm in Canada, had a cloxlnK out wale of their Htock and machinery on Dec. 12th and will return to uood old WhUe«id« county again to jnake their future home. * FUNERAL LARGELY ATTENDED. The funeral nervtc«* of the late Mr*. Jane Johnwon, were haid Wednesday afternoon at her late homo in thin lo*- oallty. -A iarga number of r*hitlve« and frtendH beinjf In attendance to pay their laHt reapectw to their old friend and neighbor for to know her wait to TOrr~ltBvr-rfo1tn-Kr-tteed, . . . . . atter p*wj of the week in Chicago. D irkey and Fi'and spent ihe fort> part of tho wnvk iu Chi-' vagu. Kr'ed IJort «»d family hivye moved nto their new huau- whirh IH compl^t* >d How, Mr. I't'rt lias mi iip-tu-djtic •faille) KB und miulundy -, Ituilt ' all trough, Wutec ban been tuniwl into the new skating pond south uf the Free i»rf*«* flunk uf Mrs. la. the week end y lu>m«, ._, tbi- her Jluth n ,nd IjUla. MeyerM at th*» 4. K. II. tj, I'uU t»fk at T»>t« Air, and .\tr* t*. K. l)i*rr enittrtaituii itday mr«. Au»;u»t4 K^»if«iu. Jului and fatuity. AuBUSlH Kcb,ulu, Uu> und Ad»iph liaumgurt. " Tho Lutln-ntu vh^rch olWrvt^l Xinus it Sunday rv»jiii>B »>>» » Air. iiful Mrs. Kuil Yocuui and faiu- ly have r»-si!t«t tttf Htiuai'd ii;t\vkltM< i:'v WJ'.d will itiuv<- to loivji tu'ii»u. Ml. V<""tiiii will \\>'jK for 'Hill* Ac K\v*'r»«. Mi .fit M!>. \Valtri Yoitintfc huvv ti-|lt«d till- \ilt- I'.iUuMIM'' (-h'\ (-< pl'ijl- it l,v .Kivl viiU u.iiw tnu- U ;i ; th« > h.u «< H i, preached their funeral- Interment wa« in the,Hickory Grove fi-metery. The. pall bearen* were Oer- hard CusBena, Frank (Jrubb, Harm Qn- ken. Bert Blrduoll, Fred UHmana and Charles JUrdimll? WILL HAVE CHRISTMAS TREE. There will be a ChristrruuJ tree and e?(i?rclm'H ut tho Qerman 'tiUtlwan Lutheran church Sunday evenln»t Uec. 24lh. > • ^«, HOPKINS BRIEFS. Kd'. Apple, of Clyde tuwnuWji, accompanied his Hletor and famHyi,¥r, and Mrs. Chark-a Hartmun to North Dakota, where they will make their future honj'e on « farm, • ' ,.^ • AliwM Miirtcarct Tbllen haa returned h«mf after spending the week *pd "tt'Hh relatives in Morrimon. Mrn. Dennis Fielclinjf by her'daughter, Mr*. Stanley of Mm i JHOU, «pent Tuesday In Sterling with friends. . 'air«. Ooor«e Apple and Hoti, of Clyde, hu'Vb gone to Clinton, Iowa, where they v wilt make their hum® for tho winter, _,Mitis Dorothy Mitchell wpunt tfe^tur- ttay and Sundiiy at the homo of her grandparent*, Mr. and Mru. C, N, Uum- i in Hock Falls. Mr. and Mr«, Fr«l Lundherr.and family tnottired to Morrlmm Wednesday wlifre they spent the rtfternooti with friend?*. k Mr. and Mr». Kd. Kntft, Mf. "ltd Will SchwUU'i*,. Mr.^Hiid Mrs. HfiuH, I'iiarieti iiirdttall uiul «'!« M, U. Hump were Stei'lins vi«llor« OH . Mr, and 3lr«. Kdwanl Tuttk-. of Bik- we're ^ntertaiut'd at the Cure that cold — today. CASCARAkMUININE The old (tuuily remedy-In form-wift, »urc< easy to (tiki taUot upiatts-no unptetoant after etfect:C <:urva colds In 24 l«?ur»—Grip in 3 «ky». Moijey,t>4i-k if^it fulUu Got f thi' Kvnuiiiti auf .wOh 'IU>J Tt<i»/" mid ^ll. i titi*f> tki.-turt, ttt\ lt~. i.^f**jif ^ ^ 'J'u i T' T I v >l ^. is, ry?" Ac«cf«my of Mu»lo» Frld.y, Scan* frtfm "Which On* Sh»!l I Mar

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