Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 23, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1916
Page 1
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T~ ,Jttfe|g!^sm -•»•* ^ --~a._-tea.--. ... TH wwHIff* !*«(»#?* )M«t it te'. ft'sad" 1«kJ«y'« In TM Gmtett*. ANDDAILY STANDARD idvertisinfl tttr lit* m*n*y ** e»n bt b*u0f*t «ny «<A- »r *>!•<;». Trying it f*»*yf«t- $OTY--THiRO YEAR—NO. 148 PRICE TWO CENTS. Pfaimr Of WhHeside County Laid To Rest In Riverside This Afternoon, MOTHER ds Mourn The Loss Of Who^Typefied The Best In Maternal, Character. '- iileflinar brushed n*l<1<> the tlnwl .of ^%l#tld«« thi*. 'afternoon to p»uw In •WMMflMit tnntllatlon. of the heavenly fjjfW»rt»e HAS BEEN A GOOD YEAR FOR THE GAZETTE ------------ The OftCfr(t«<t«ke* pli««frnrp fri *>tr*r^» ftptettdrd;pntronait«> that tins t,f.f. n nccon J*e«r. So for as 'thr- patronn«(«'or n RWH? y*«r and V<i»«f »*«-«* men - thi.« i.rtt>f'r <1tirine has the J d of t' t-horua time ami th*> 'ih*» dny forever;" while sorrow- ftWtfc by hundreds b«U in sjm- with thp Mrk-kPiT family whoso w»* 1ft Id to rent iipon the rt<lKp KM RU-emld*. funeral of Mra. M, I, Crawford. wenty-two year* n resident of Bounty, for hnlf a ,JNMUl*r In UIP thought,, the thK.ubclttl life of- merlins. oaljfrd th** 1 ft IfttK* rone«ttr«e of r-eUufve* friends nt the family hom«| on t Third Mwt nt 3 o'clock, to' «&>• f fl» laitt earthly tribute of rennet lo ; '-i>>ie r*v*>red And esteemed beyonrt.thp ''I- that In common to mortal Ifr ^ fl^v, Chester M, Irwln, pastor of the PfMbyterlan church, spoke f*-p|- ftf the valued services, "the ee- faith, the av^M>t Kplrlt of the <!<-- ln«ly n«*ured sorrowed that the rertalo t>romlse« of thi* Master wnom she 96' faithfully were spoken ns n r dfctlon upon such a'llfp ns ulir- hnd lived. The services were simple, but the presence of many people and the tity of many flowers marked the ftlgtrlncance of the community'* Joss* Crawford was In chaw of the arrangements, nnd K. bcltoy . a. M* Robinson, Henry Davis. t Williams, tV. T, dalt and- .fudge IB. Sheldon were the pall beer- *,L W«i An Early Settler. ketltla Oft It was bom Nov. 'In Lancaster county, Pit., and Whfteslde county, Illinois, with John and Barah Maria t, in M«y, 1844. The family made trtp dpwn the Ohio river and up to Albany, and from „<__ to Sterling, for It was mtu eleven yean later that there r Miimiiroad through this part of country. Letltia wax one of thlr- '* children, tnajijc of whom lived to .__...- _.,.L r.,,j^ t}w communjfy p*r*nt«-were no • eltiVenu. Her earlier '-"-'--*•*- In the crude Ifflrt It not twf--n for the print pajW fnrnino and hfeh prttW it Would have !,*><•* a prosperous year. Wlill* tht> exorbitant i-osf iff l«p»*r ban pfltMi up nil the-profit* of t»ie huein*** nml acvernl tfiou- doHftr* l«?<M<tM.tli<* mniiDifermint fm-t*«< th*> future with h»pe- rttinorrtml bafte. *f^»- After four month* effort* Thp n.izHte hn» fw>«»n able to . n rarliKiil of pnppr nnd tho prom Iff* of n not her Inter thnt will «;irrv this paper until the enrly summer. Although a tt»r that root ti.ow fhf ••fitly i>iirt of ^lif yftir now <t'*ts I3,0oo Tin- (.inxnttp \t> tlmnk- ful nut to !.<> simony th t . inrfct? number of new*pat*>rs thnt Imve sus- pendwl f>r will bf compHlftt 10 ftt*|H>nd. f'onmilldnllon of new»pnpt>rfl has bii>n the order of thp venr. I'rni tb-«||y no it rw , mM have bwn *tnrt*Hl nu.l under exIotlOK .-mi-' <llt km* hundreds of consolidation** will ti«> nwp<i.«uiry. The public wn* rntlu-s. fpnrfti! nt rtrst that thp coiuxilidittlon of Tho Ouxrttp nnd Ktnmhml would meuu n hold'up. Now it Is- frail/Jus 4h;it It has IM-PH « great benefit. Two pnnerN spllttlnic the titis-in*.*!, ,,f HI.T- Hi* nnd Hock Kn!ls between them thn punt Bis months would both lw\e failed. — -*».- Business men realise thnt they ore timing ji.UeniHlnK Inch for ln«-h at n rediiHlon In prh-p of from 2fi t«» 4.t \>«-r .ml. Iu other words the an me money 1 p» formerly expended in two I.UPH* will buy from 25 to 40 per «-nt more ii.lve ills Ins. tlM*li-r« f l( mt nil over th* county come to the offb-e nnd fonRratiiliite the nt.tnuitc- ment. •lpcl.-irli.sf the connoli.bitlon nhould have taken phue loutr H«O ft Is Kenernlty approved by both hujxluenx IIH-H iilul siiSmcribi'rs. The neceoitity whii'h hnK compelled the charging for nil JIM- nnimrement* which-nn- for the Wuetlt ,,f lu,lHl.lual«, |U,I K «.«. <.|H| M or aoi iHlen of all kinds, cituiwd some little mlsunderfuamlinir at fttft lltii when folks nioit to think th,-y hnve Just MM mm h rlicht to nak lie Kroi'Pr. the Phue dealer, tailor. dothlriK Htore. cnndv kltc-hen lawyer, dm-tor or-urinettaker, foe their K I,, or th-ir avrvleea fiee ns they hrive to nnk the newnpaper for Itw »«ervic«'« free they an- acreptlnK thi* Hitufltlon with ROCM! grace nnd (Myinii for what" HK*> OTt ut The Gnxelle office Just a*, they do in the stores with whlrh they trade. * ln» conditiona .is a whole, while The Ousel te baa bet-n unable to forge abend nuam.-Udly, H h«« mndc a flew place for lt»clf with the butiinea* m«n -ind people of the Twin OH tea and the rich ,om- ?hrtli« IIUr i? UIMlln1 JJ 1 tt " d >m9 mut>h for whlrh to llp «'»i«*rful nt thin i nmtmas time. , Money la not thw only thln« that Is worth while. *4 c lL". ni1 ttl1 H * wl »h IH fint.or nil. spot! health, the of God to man. prosperity. B ,»od chwr, nnd the B ooi GIVEN A BONUS About 35 Employes Of The Central Union telephone Co. Made Happy. ARE GRANTED EXTRA PAY Had You Noticed How Happy The Operators Were Today? That's The Answer. 3r> f-rij|»!oye« of the t"nti>tt Telephone Company in fttertine, tv>il>-b i«s pi'M-tic.-illy all of thetn, nri» Wiinn hnppv tod.iy over a fine t'hrUt- lias gift in the nhnpe «f tfortl two to hiet? we*«ki »>xtra pay. mfordlnR to h»-lr length of_pi»ivire. The 'Hello Jirls always appear happy, judging 'rom the plensnnt tone of voice that Kreets one over thg phone, but If *iib- scrlbera THtticf they are unusually joy« ui ti day lunl nnxlous to please, they will know the nrisww. Then too. many f th" business ,houw»8 always mn*m» ier the operntors with Christmas can* y. and who ever *aw ft- young lady with n nice bo* of cnntty who was not, inppv. Ho the telephone girls are* oubly happy toilny. lly the action of th* 1 receiver*" of the Vntrul t.'nion Telephone -Oumpany, ertulu clii««p« of employe^ in ^he slates llllnolK, ItiUlMna nnd' Dfilo will be nldwl in meeting the utiuiuiitl c<»ndttlon«i now extstlnK by extra c^ult i>»)iuentH (Mliilvnleut to tw>» or three weekw' sal- ur.\ nrcorf.WiiK t-o the length t>f services, Hmployeos wl'io hnve beeru Iu the service of tht> receivers for over one year" iiml who me receiving IS.UOO or lew* per year will be given the (Hiitllalent f rtiree weeks' pay, while those of tlm same rlasd who hnve been In the «erv» "MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY r ™ of „. '«W of your fellow men. B ooit What more can life hol.l for any man" will bt the toy the ..,.,,,-.- - - * th* seminary, which ahe Pettniylvanla to attend, rbom ' waa only the aludles, which were .._. :«nt» and there waa In yldlnlty, up to the time df her „ ;hi» h*«n»r student of affairs. Her reading was ACCIDENHWIS FATAL Jacob D. littrjy, Formerly Of ivltl In range, _ istUdent of the ])lble, Of IniMlon hlHlory and •lj« was long held by many beyond which further Her marvetbuH wer* Rev. \V. P. iterge r _. Br from Mitchell,' a Dak.. FVIday after" noon telling lilm of the death of Jacob EMerly. living on a farm eight miles northwest of Mitchell, whieli occurred that morning at 8:30 o'clock. The pa*» tor 'Waa aaked to officiate at the fun- oral which will be held Christmas afternoon at two o'clock, the interment win be in a cemetery near hla home. The message did not give maiiy ikr* tlcularu concerning the death, except that It.came a* a result of an accident, Mr, and Mrs. Esterly were formerly from this aeeUonr oetng converted under th» preaching of Hev, Derge.. Sev- the family moved NICKS IS CHEERFUL- to one year will recclve the »*<iuiv<i|ent of two Week*' pay, . % ^ All employees do not- participate In thitt, it being the intention to help those cmploycen whose niarKuIn between. Income and ncct'ft»itlc« la narrow. ThoMo payments will not lake the place of WUK« Increaaea for demonstrated merit or adjustment to meet changed conditions of gervlce which are, made from lime to time.' It IN estimated the total amount to be distributed by the receiver* will be in tlu- neighborhood of $200,000. " " r jry her hold itlon she acquired, and her cou- on any subjct waa always a fast* the ll^f!" 1 ' , a " d P" rch ^ ed tt '»«« or, a.n ® 31. 1868, •In marriage to David M, Craw- , hav « » Jnp « «ved. left Friday nl««u for the saddened family. un,d will Local Man, Legless For • 28 Years, Can Even Drive »• - arFercl Oar. . Ohe of (He Rw^kford naperK has an account of a former Sterling and Rock Falla man, who" h«a been without legs for 28 yearw, they being cut off close to hio hipu by a railroad car. While In this clty^ he supported hl« family, builded hlmm'lf «„ house, and /could «hIngle a roof «« good u» any ojw. He later wetft. to a theological <roliefee_of the Bevehth Duy A9ventl8t8 nnd came 'out a full fledged preacher two yeitra ago. ".-The following 1» tho account of his dblngs at Hockford: Thw fact that John H. Hicks motored Into town. Tuenduy to do |I!H chrlHt- •hopping is puHHlbly worth a Iltu- POSTOFFICEIOSHED •i. I ^ Postmaster Clayin And His Aa, siatants, However, Are Keeping Up. BRITIS£REPLY Contradicts Germany's Contention Reoarding Sinking Of Arabia. - NOT IN BRITISH SERVICE London Admits The Vessel Car ried Some Passengers For The Government. fry Carl D. Oroat Rt«fH.Cprrw»r»ondpnt of United Wa»h!n)rton, tt, O.. b«N?, 2f/ radio) int Germany 'a coatfntlon tta«l he steamer Arabia wan a Britltli ranftport. the tirltlnh government ln« meri thtf state departratnt that ||W learner wn* not in th« «dmim|ty vlce when It wtM aubmartnpxl nof had It ever twn In JTwh »«tvle«. Brltftfn. did «ay the Arabia Kom* Kovernment panaengfra booked] an ordinary pnrkst p«i»enir«r» lit i>m«ent expenne. The atat« department mad* folltiwlnjf a'nnotlnrement about th* PEACE PLANS SMUGGLED iptf 1 Mpr FROM ENGLAND WILL BE IHAIlljt PRESENTED TO WILSON j . London Press. Wilson Has Learned Secretly German Terms. ' (By mitt** from today I'ultetl . r>. «*, N*'\v V*orl; at rived Iwre 'iiiKluK a poftce plan thnt "Into the United Htnteu ItiiHtell. HritiMh pucUhtt! ~~—"~ pin» win bVpre^nted i GERMAN . P&ESS QU0TE0 "The department of state -hat tw« the reply of the Brftiah gt»vefti-* mpnt to the InniHry r*tr«rdlntt iflf utafuii of thp HteamAr Arabia, In tf- f»ct Jhfit It was not at the ilm» sunk n^ftThiiv^r had been In.the i of th* nrftbilTlBovernment nor any ot the allfed nations. U carried^, som» government passenger* at the expedite of the government. -The number 4 qt such passenger* will tie later. U In understood also no were on board except the Indian crew and that vessels do not follow the peace route* because of th« prM- ence of submarine*." ; Germany haft.admitted sinking,tlitt Arabia but declares that Antatlc dlers were aboard and Mid the j marine commander believed the was a transport in view it did not follow the ordinary ship course. . ,„ The state department British r«ply before deciding the< It will take In the pending: ' •' wMJh Germany ov«r th* tivltl**. Secretary elded whether :ttf pass 'aki« complete information to• to awaltithe figures from before deciding on' the adtJon to* be) taken. y br U fa doubtful if' theF* IB another Heat nostofllce In the state which ha« been getting out Itn mall .any better than I'uBtrnastcr A, M. Clavin and his nblw u«.HlstantH nt the Sterling po«U»f- ilct». Bv*ry bit of mail, with Its greot number of parcel pout pucka gen, hu« been gtitte.ri out In a abort time after UH arrtvnl and diKtributcd before the next mail -arrive*. . This morning.- mall carrier 'Charlea Staples bud to make four trips with bin car to bring up what mull came on the curly mall trains* and in* clerks fmm Jn Ii to th .' No «i>o know* nor will toll_ how (Jocupicni vsoai'wl the Rritltth c«nH<Hv All that 1» known itbout tlm trip 01 thn letter which urge* Pr>Hldf^pt Wll" son ti^stop the «nr. in that nn urnamwl and untdeutillcd woman xmlkort in t A.stor hotel nnd bunded ,the note Hamilton Holt, who was providing ut the conference^of the American. Neutral Ciuiferesicp PHELPS 8tt " «• of Roefe I«iand; Elmer Craw of Maquakfllu* Iowa; - Hi»ck of Chk-ogoi Flor- f hO died in . Infancy In, 1861; jOftlb Crawford, of Sterling; «f Crawford, uf Clinton, P«l|aj! Lawrence Crawford, who May S8, 1S01, She leaves alao irrnndchlldifn .and two great- Ichlldren. Mr. Crawford died ,; J8, and of all of Airs. Cru w- , brothftrt > and only lw« BUs*b*th M. CJrtlt.iuul Qalt, both QlLjiterilng. iptlye In Church Work, 'TOP iprWhoflii :|jn« teachings' of Crawford'* devout parents uort* tn her uniting with the olrt Prea- churoh of-Bterllng.^of whlcji one of the lint membera. For * century *he wu« a con- tit Jit all Borvieeu of wor- • Sunday «cbx>«i and to the heavy In the brevity column, nnd If this be used hundreds of renders would paw* the mention over without a wecoud thought. : But, when "the fact IH made known thnt John H. Hickw h»M made his way In this world for. twenty-eight year* without the uUl jbf the leg« that Qoti gave him at 1 birth, many of UH might remark, " how can be'drive u Kurd lu- to town?" tu ptMiltlon for .the -pant two u net one- half yearx, has been trunaferred' to BeardMtown, hl« home district. Dur- Warden Roy ***" ln . «t«?r»W both of.;hlH limb*, when |,« w«« run ing hte In Sterling he him made religious work borne bj^ the of ih« church, she contributed llberftl aha re, both spiritual ipb? haa. been who followed . and hw ftjwlstaiu'tt Ui re- wit)! gratitude by all llv- ars 1 of the purltih, •'« was a serene wua perfect faith, tf Uy a lifetime at Christian IIv- Mis home an(| thw community, ami sympathetic ou all ocva- klntlneaa will remain a .tiul- wltn many whose *uf> she i»M relieved. W*K the |3pttrtRn-ljke faith thui departure from the atruight- of rl|iht«0uiMi0a« Unit eu- ttf fapa serenely the guther- leair thttt fweslmiiuwt-ii the ?$f e«r|hly Jjfe. with .forUtud* that were retnarkul "' ournintt Iu her personality the glow of cheerfulness for wt-ektt ottiD after gradual /ailuiv of lu«r hi bad ehui her In a world apart. her Hliw* fiuully conllueit lu-r bed, the updimtned brlKhtne^ ipirlt rpiimiiu'd utuiui'uciuitiU».' ;**- • in many friend*, and especially umoug the sportsmen. While, ever vigilant l» hid duile* he was ready to lend « helping nand |o a real Hpoftsman In u legal .way.,—He hut* Iweji 4<ver ou t he n lept for violators of the law. .and ho has arrested a large number of offenders of the gume and fl»h laws, ami from them there have been paid into th* atate treasury, vevernl hundred (lullaix. . Beardatown in his home town Hnd hu was a deputy WHrden In his district before coming to Sterling. > Mrs. FhelpH and aon left today for for H Christmas vl«k with r~"'-m*» v , I'helpa has some to attend to here and will not leave" until the latter part of next week, and will be there to commence work the first of the year. There ar*. a large number of people in thi8-,vdc!»ilty, who will regret the leaving of both ftlr. and Ufa. I'heip*. over by it train twenty-elght yc»ur« HBO. go In reullly. he hu« betm forced to-get along in life without leap nearly ever nlncf he can remember. For/ or becoming a man he jouru the country with u horse •in getting it out of the way before the ten o'clock'•mail came- In. Mr. flavin ha» beendmog 1 thl» work with only two extram«7i7 but all of the clerkti are huftl«?r« and g«t awap- with ft lot of mull In a uhort time. To expedite the work a suh-Htution ban been installed in the lobby for tho bundling of out going parcel post pack. The iPostomV* Chri»tm«§. Clnvln wishes the public to come, and get thwlr mail on Christmus If they can do xo, HH It will help thi> oflu«e ui dbitributlug the Accumulation of the SuuOiiy nmll, and will ai»<» bo to th5 public's Intel PHI, enabling thum to receivo proxfiit* tt«nt tlw-m on her in religious work, made u comfortable living. Two yearn-ago, (ho motor ear fever lined him up. n« ft follower nnd be pitrchiiH- ed A car, To. operate It without the ume of legs WHM the (lr«t obntacle to oyereoftit* ^« t j when be tinkered urouiut with steal rodo and Home udjutttuhle leverH, he found the solutum. The a| paratua la simple, but to aee' the legle man hop out of MM |<V»rd and prop himself along the wklewulk with the a Of-two heavy ftatirom*. with I lift* tlimaelf, l« to traordlnury. the leant, PRAISES_STERLING Uniformly Decorated Store } '• ' , Creating Impresiion. Sterling'*!, uniformly decora tod store. witulowH have rr«>atf»l more of'a fuvoj-. yble ImjnvHwkMi ctut»i{le of town ibuii 0)uny i>i«'opU> \\*t* iinngln«f. , <\ nnu'n from «uotlu»r town 'came luto UK- AK- of t.'uinrowfe oiHcp about sslx one arti-rumjit iwcntly and »•«.', -ily! liow lUio the old town looks." Ht> I'Hrtirulurl.v <uimlre<| »hu windov*» ami t)iu Htriiiss of cU-c- trk' lislits. T)t<i men-lnKiiM in hi.s tawn, luv'wttii. Imii nuu!,»- iu> prguuiiseti «"ft'urt to «tu»ift au«"ojfcin u> their unyy utitl MCf y iiiight <\u : «otiit> (U'e- tif i\iinlipi\s n (t-w days ' pliUch ptHliil of the Ford U hum led Uy rneiiim of a lung «te«'i rod, o which U « leather uocket an one and "a pedal clamp on «hp other. Tl Hockt't Jit* Inui the ntumi> of bin !<> hip 'no that with prc-atiure th» ciu put in tow gear and r«leait#4 i|itu big «t hia will. For hocking up or apply Ing the font liruKf, tw«> hurisuntul w bun* Hi'ti connected with ppriHmdic. on# yu each *lite of Hlcka an arm* oiin eawily n»gulut<» thi' mow e nvvvf worried about what I loa 'I^wtti A iu»y, but havo trivtl t t t'liiuuu, a fi»vv y tl.iys ng«i. u prom- man who oitt'n vifuta town is* 1 mn afb . _iiiul \s .iu(i tin said IH* (oulil su'f iroui tbts-number jnHij'H' he liai» btvn noticing ou i s-liH't't.s beie l.ih-ty thut tin.' ; tic S-»I\K ),!.• i)<gu|ii>: Stcjliua^u,- tlU< llVl'M !(l«ilf. ill tin- KIS.V llV uiu- "I've wh* l « iuake'ih« luont of wlml I'huvp (hu'un't MI'*-!!! it'uiai'ktiljli< to tin 4 to rui .* l-'urd.. 4uy man with 'tin* d(*lre u iln tbingii. in my etuuiitiuu, CUM do if IHV niiiki-.rS tlu- lu't-t of lily lic-w. I'vo {tuddlftt my own cunut* fur twupjty-elgh'i yi-iirn urn! have Mtv«d motR'y at it. Two yt<ar« a(;o 1 " h*»rt» siiul bought two «<T*>S of HI> uuf!l«', It V. (I row, who jpxhlfs Hevcii mi(«a cant nf Kockford,- -\U?M 4*lu'iry Valley, uiu) Huuv't.tu'u 1 lum 1 w(u!pt>iHl a chii ki-ii 'mid I 1 *** farm. ' ° ' • ~l, |M«J i-aiiit' duwu today to Uy a lit- tic Hlii)|>[iing iu ui will liuvi- ii» grt liiirU ti*,. i.ho furiu soon. tt» f»'*sl tbt>- birtlti. i'Jvt-r hurt* -any tumble with H K*-lly- i 'hriHtiiiuB Day. The ollico will be open from 9:00 to llido Monday morning. To further fuciltuto matters he will luive the camera Htatiuned at the different window* uf the ortice, .with the name of tlm vurrier above>tmch wln- Tlte ^rostniusutr tuid two extra rig« out ull afternoon delivering package** and exjwcts to have all of them delivered by night. On Frl«ay afternoon everything was out of thw otllutt by 4 o'clock, and tho only trouble loiici'd by ptttciiilti or juitrouK IUIB over the deluy of th« mujl trains, which have, been from one to seven hourn lute. Mr. flavin doen not know hou mu«t they iiuvi> hiiuilleil, but twiy« H Is far Iu e\<'i'«M nf what it was a year ago. Ou ('hriHtuiiis morning tho eight K 1), mull i'uinera will make 'their deliveries juiM ^he auau«- u» any «ither day. Mr- t'luvjn IUIB been iufornuxl.4liat iu nfuiiy of. the |tr»;t thw jiorc.el IHWI pnckugetii are piled to the I'clHiig. ami luiv«> remained there iluyj; «>n iu^'iiunt »f the inability of the folvex to gt't it sorted Hiul de- MASONIC HOME BURNS Ail But Ono Of The Inmate* W»ve Baen 'Accounted For By Qffic,i*l». I'uiteil TAKES TORREON Villa Is Now In Possession Of The Greater Portio'n Of Northern Mexico. HOLDS COMMUNICATIONS Gen. Salazar His Chief Aide Blocks Gen. Murcuia From ^Sending Aid To Torreon. Press.) yvj 2i — All'mtt une <Uy Wichita. K «f 'tl)tt !t some Home, which burm-d this ttuirn- ing. liuve. bt-f-u uc<-<,tui|teii for. An aginl .\luxuji, iiiinu'd iiut-k, jvhn recently cuine Cu Uu- home.-lKm not been ueeuunUul I wr. tj£>rlngtl«*ld tirr I — Wttll, man :t!nut<.t k*v»-r ami hu\«-. b,\t»," uiul u H'tUi(»lv bin hl|> mild lin> t ludli up tli*< UM '^•\ n.;.t H«'< PRIVATE BANKER DEAD. l'.^>.'itl. l*tu... ^a; =- i'itli, t'»r i<«lt> <ki*iU-t» .1 lt>;ti f luittl\<-r ut' I'.-ittuil illluuN, IHH huiuc iu .Mifoittv nl lii'Uit H. NO PAPER HflONOAY lli:tb l>ii,V. , ut jj,.ih uiii i) ulUeli thai i c may t'ujtt.v ilu; with otliVr lulKs. \VJii ttrut "' tHy t'lilteit "Press.) Kl.I'uno, Tex.. JVc, 3a.—Villa todjiy }n in- |Mi:.-!seMiiliiii uf Torrpon. the most fmporttint luilroiut center in Mexico.', At oun o'cUtck; ternoofi tin* liandlt i'«>r«t>ti murohed into iht« city, 'hu- early murnlii^ uftn'^t of th« baiulliH yt'Kterday met with reslnteiicr, llu- «'urr:in::u then abiimloned the eilj-. Authentic reporta of the occupation of tb(» cin- were obtained duriitg th«» ti.iglu by 17. H. «uetrr« and tra»tmiittt'<i to VVntihhiKloii, Tho t ! . H, uuthorltlW apiwir siu« ,»f their K run ml. ' Thix stroke .piuceB Villa at tiu» holghth of his jiower since lieu, Pt'iHliing clm*>ed his broki-ti column Into tlu» Htute of Diirungo. ' Severn! AmciicHn* ' in, charge of I intcit'jiU ut Agility fore th« t«ttuck began, I'li'jwmUiotiH' for the evacuation of tin, »-tt>- th*» VillUfa» waited until the garrlnon hud mtufe! good il» earniit'. , HJuwWy ufietnuoit Villa «ud his loihnvers occupied the city. ,\H Hiu's ui' 11'tuuiUiiU'atiun iu northern Mexico are n«m lu-ld by \ Hlu. Advi«'«Mi pliiro Ueu. SiUasur. m-Kt in tnoiUMMUd to Villa F«»uih of t»a> city of t'liihuahtiu In a strate'itic pouiUu.u. boiding lien. .Murf,ulu tn tin* northeiu 1'ifVi'uilnjf a uiovemeiii'tir ; jovermn'ent iriKtps 'tovvurd Torrei;. i IHK.OH' for ibe-vast {hii-p »lu>"» n «*liori! «outii of ^tl»e i-Uy vvitii av ol- ; iim'u a**ut l>y ti«m. Alur^uta to luttt I|H S , ippjoucli of the Villistus, j Ueu. >}IUK.||>'. haw lh0 strouj4e*t fouv ' n uorilit in McsU'ii. with J'MMio iu«*u ; While; Skeptical ^[hey Think The Allies Will Be Compell- \ ed To Talk Peace. v By Ed L. Kw»n, (Staff ' Corn»»pond«nt of Unittd Press.) London, £09,. Dee. 23.—-Th« r«> ply of the entente power* to 6*r* many'c peace p'ropotalg will not be delivered probably for ten'day*. This wai learned from »ourc«* clotft to the foreign offic*< '-' • The peace note receive^ from President Wilson since tho German proposals were received, is probably partial)? responsible for the delay. It was stated, howester, that the delay in the reply is due to the inevitable delay incident to exchanging views of the allies as to .the phraseology of the reply. The A PEACE ALUANCE - -•'• '•?"; -V*4r'^T;^ May Have To . * "J* 1 ^ * »* l ~ ' .» *r (Staff Corre*. WashUigton. United 8tatH«nay;^t?M entangling alliance." l| P«ice neeotj^tlone «M down,If teniktlonal eriforw^jfnt tu¥F' during the negoti«U<)rt«, department annountWd thic tiv*iy for, tn« ftrtii tMMlMb tary of State lanaln* hejd k, somewhat prematur* to dl*c problem but haa contldered CHANGE THEIR VIEWS. f By Ed U 'Kecn>s '•'./. (Stuff Porrespondent of Unly.'<t Prfss,> I.iimlon, KHK , Uw. SlWfiie hondou tool; u new tuet-todujMn l»«icf» note. dlgnittl^u Pimldent .Wilson itent bin 'Th* llrnt outburtit of in- died down «um«what, of an alliance If A Df#G* to bind. * The state depar(HMHIi|AaRlfeiitly r»- gretted the allies' BtWpr«utlon of what Wilson said about both isWea) In' Europe flghtinr for tk«, wm* thliHf* It waa pointed out tnelioW 0pe«IBo«4- ly aafd the leaden ou |»btl>'«We» ba* named the tiling* fW wfclCh they *#* lighting and that tit* Statement of their purpoaea agreed, ' - - .»"•» ~Jn CI»**» if ••*« ••»•(•» *.<.«*«.* %««•¥«*« ff^f S1)V *" »1W»« w iHlitoriutH today.began speculating n« Amerlcun prealdent luis itonivthlng "up his sii-eve," Hume luvi^ the. idea that the note bai>«>d ou special information Will h<w rib;ulii.'<l of the exact terms m willing to mako and that th« uvte ww* not, an liuUcaiion 'of an iiutl-Hllli-d xeutiment. The two xtntement* by the Amer* lean aeeretary af state, Uu.uslu^. were' held thoroughly bewildering—but the editorials agreed they .\\ere. tt »lde is-_ All of the ueweprtper»~"es|'rr»a tlic hoj* thut Prewidvot Wilson's- hint that "iwace may be Just around the corner," might have, been bu^ed- .ou fcecrel informal Ion from' tiermany.' VIEW OF'GERMAN PRESS, (By United Prean.) AiutUcidum, Holland,' Dec. 88.—Tlio <"(»|i*sue Volki* Xoiuuig vu-w» 1'reslileut pem-r not« with miupicion, ac- to Oi»t'aU'lu>« received lw»r«» i-Vum our knowledge of the UH* papej', "we His- kind of peuiis he should* ane*. the United 8t*U* will naturally link it«*if with |h« p*i| f , tto»« ASV- lean nation at the same 'time will prob ably Join certain nation* I ment, which thta couttt»y previously considered entangling; VESSEL IS New riflci Bxpre§to4 For Liner Voltftir* WUh lit osrew>ii4a ii«; -, ' '.:iT.."U^t.|- , -*' '' (By' United Pr«**.) of a* Jo the cuii easily picf.ire |it« wiiutti. If hi- u Holt company dfnl#d;ra|^Ha feared the vt-ml had be* n Kubmariiw iu(*ok, wid the b^lef fxine*»<>d that «h» may y*t" arrive la • ' - - - ' •tX»tt, The Voltaire ta two we«k« ov»ir4u» from Uveri«jol, it enroute t undor hist rniiiinaiitl, \VJUj th»> -buttdit t-hU' rtnj iu tli«* tututi. Uy Ua» J4-f'iii>«tioi{ <»f Turn-on Villa ptir,it><ra j ""•! w»t to the Cvrman proiMHtalti and wtutv ihilr terms at a. i-<»uforonc»>," «»tlu'r tU'rman it^wx(ttip«<iti « 4 -*seriH'»s _a» tu the outcome pii-*ld*nt"« prupiu>.iU. '?**• «iciUii AffsriUfim' Xi'Uuug de- tl^rmi. "in \itt\\ i.f ilu* ««uli*ut« »tute- of 'th ,i)ni> l|w uts «iiut their uvutuil iMh't"« uuirk'iuU.v, nitf .ittit\uU> rect-nt iti-clumtioits )iti<>u wuuhl ta> con- he I* H d Viiiu in t-iu!ii> iit'itiuM'ii - t!lllt '. ' uy r»'K. i>i'i>i>it4ily ut "j'oi -. .f*;.Ociv ;>nd huW-, > \uslt icci-rvd- fm*^ •«« uwuit ou tho the ,wlll NVilmin New y«rk, carrying only t»*e crtw of HQ men. r Tl^e grt'titest ff«r for the safety of the tmuwl, wWeU carried a w(rtie*«, was that It might hay* sttJjforM V?^. glue breakdown and Been caught later in a vlorm. WEATHER tiriK? in 'iht- SEEKS HELP OF JAPAN iji'tlfuV. The 1 to , tbe tli'sire for iu n\ FROM SMALLPOX X j ; t! ,1 l,.»l|lf<l ui l.n ui t'oi t.| Hu- it»'iiu Q.rman Efforts Ta AdV*nce In 5 brudj. • 8^iew And Rsin. (By |JnH*4 »Hf.) Uiulun. |'Jng.rp«c. rain and slush It *ttendl;ig man t-nforts to advance . In vety greatly th* rfftUtOJjf i h« retirement of tho only aft/>r »n>m« hard flghttng th« «•««*« froat* .Teuton* h*v» ntfnror«e^r ifti> dja lint* heavily and h»v« tratw*- ftm-d ihv greutetil pre*»ur« to (rwljt. The object 'appArwntiy i» t tri tlw> gre-wn-wt iM-ewHur* <lh th.U !'« i>r«Mkur« at a luu-r pytio^l on th* pro' advance uii tu«; Hi,H|iiiuul*ii-Hn»- fi.»cu« in tim day:

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