Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 3, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 3, 1944 NAUGATUPK DAILY NEWS I Women's Activities—Personal & Social Jsabelle Smith Is Entertained In Waterbury Miss Jr.:ibr!U" Smith of Gorman ^ ,',.,.! was (.vitortainuct at a p.'irty and :-!i»«''' r '"'''' Tiu'.icla.v overling iit tlu' iioiJif of Mrs. Uichnrd C. \l,,,, uf Ci'ntr;vl avenue, Wnterbury. (Jin 1 ."!* includod Mr.- 1 .. Jamvi Civ:""-y. Mrs. Cbarlos Brown, Mrs. j'ulni'li l-'or.l. Mr.-;. Joseph 'lO-.lul- ricfc. MIV. li "- ^- '''ergon, Mrs, Ain- ijruse Scully. Mrs. Thomas Rt-y- lioMH. Mi's. l-f. .Hubert, Mrs. K(\- wu'i'il Ourii'.v, Sr. Mrs. Kilward Cur|,.y, Jr.. Mi*. Nod [ilewott. Mrs. T'.'[•". O'O'Hini'll, Mrs. Charle.* Uucl- ,lv. Mi-.-*. ItwinUl Bi-n.-ion. Mrs. John [iii},':in. Mrs. .1. I-t. MnCIulnncs::. \l, ; ;. .lanu-s T'lolaiul. Mrs. Ounipl G.uii!'^"- - % I |J .-- H"rnaixl IsrolY, Mr*. |.I:IM'H Iv't'iV. Mi.;. l:nyrv.oci<l ,\l;ui- tii;l::i. Mr.i. A. hichnff. Mr*. .John sftiii.'S. .Mrs. Cl-ii-i-iici' Kii'.imila, M,::. {'h-ii-li'-i l-'uticrly. Mrs. <;oorgi-> Cin-i-rti'-'in, .Mrs. John Shon and ill.-:, t'll.-'l ll'.< 'I'l I If I 1 , ,v: ; ;,i Mrs. John Sullivan. Mrs, Raymond Conhi-n, Mrs. Patrick ui-umi'-.r. Mrs. Mary Terrell. Mrs. Oiu'ir l'i.>!"ilx. Mrs. "I-:. J. Mf.Dun- n!,,'. Mrs Ji'hn IV.nm-y. Mrs. Mru-y KiliiHi:'! in, Mr.->. Tluunus C',illmo!:'y, ili.-. John t.oy. Mrs, Donald M.'-- Intyn-. Mr.-;. Wlllinni Guill'nilo, Mr.<. Aiiiii:i 'Iirniianl. Mi>. John Kny- i|,.'-.. Mi-.-. Noru Ahr-'ii-n. Mrs. .Mon- rv A. llaydrn. Mi.-tsi-s Alary (Ii-i-nn- ,.y. [in- I'Mivu-y !>i.'!Xt.-n 1-h-lcn 'l-Iu- bort, l.ucy Mimahan, Katrerinc Y,\- in-h. S.ii ih n.iyli-, Jano Cas.--y, Ciilhi-riiK't l!:irns. Marjori cr. Iviih'-i-iiii' aiul .l.-inc ;u;,l i:ii...-m:iry H.-ivdon. Sweet And Lovely! (.Jtillt- Harold Sutor Honored At Party Recently An I'njriynlili- r.iirprim' party was li.-M ri'tvatly at th>' homi- ot' Mr. mid .Mrs. [•'.-(•(! Stitur of ,11 Bfebo ntn:i't in hunor cif llu-ir son. Marolc!, \vlin has situ-i' joined tho U. S. Army. 1C* 1 \vas pi'i'Si-ntnd with a Iiiirsi*. A buf:'»'t lunch was served ;ind ;:rnnrs and (lum-ing t'ui'nishod fhr i-vt'nin^'s i. i nti-rt;ur,in i 'nt. 'I'htiso pn-siTit wcM-r>: Nurmagone Hoiighly, pimiild Dilihlr.. Tom K":i!inir. ./oc jruddcn, CSraro '\Va- t'-p-liuusi 1 , ( ic'trgt- 1 O''U, Tyrone Mi-l' 1 . Wally Armenia!. Shirley \V'a- ti'ihnus'-. Francis Schapfft 1 , DouK- kiii Vaughnn. C;or>rgi: Kelly, Pa- Iricia Kil'luff. Stanley 1-lafoinski, di*-: ilubmsl^i. l^ontild T!OUSK>, Sis -S'liMi.. /lon.-i.'rl 'I'/ift. David Dnugh- i.v, ./nhn Viixgcruld, Helen Sutor, I'Yi-d FladchlTi:. Calvin Hoadley f.Ii'urgi' U'ati-i-hotiMf, Ijorthu Cur- j liii^-tun, Hol> Hart, Louis Smith, Luis Mungur. Pill Dolnn, .Ia«klu Cuddy, [rono C.'urran Mrs. Frank "\S'Ati'i hfius*.' ami Mis. Fred Sutor. Bates-Krampetz Wedding Took Place July 30 The marriage of Miss Alberta Bates of Now Haven to Walter Kramputx ot' 3-1 Aetna street, Naugatuck, took place Sunday, July-30, at X;30 p. m. at thn home of Rev. Hnroltl Lucas, pastor of the Imnn- uel Lutheran church. Mr. and Mrs. George I 3 , Johnson of 30 Gorman street, sister and brother-in-law of the bridegroom wore the attendants, A while silk jersey dress with while accessories and n corsage of ,\'hite roses were worn by tho bride. The. niatron-o('-lionor wore a Joudre blue dross with white 'acccs- •iorius and a pink rose corsage. The bridegroom is tho son oC Christian KrampotK and an ax-,. H'e was given an hon- }rat>lQ medical discharge on May \3, 10'M, haying been in tho ser•:co fur 22 months. Whilu in the service, Mr, Ki'am- ict/. was meys snrgount for the of- leers "oC the «l87th Fighter Squad- on in England for 10 months. He s now employed at tho T. F. But- oi-llcUl Co Caught In Philly Transit Tieup Gets Revenge In Hollandia J'.ATTKJtN 1^10 As pretty as u. picture is the six to ftuirtoen-ycinr-oKl gir! in o. panel-front midsummer frock of [tasti'l cotton. She'll like' tillo low nock, the ric-rac trimmed sleeves ..ind the UL'i-t bow-tie saali. Barbara Bell Pattern No. 1210 is designed for sixes G. S, .10, 22, ani! l-l yo.'U'S. Sixe S ruquiros '2 ]-S yards of 30-iiK'.h materiel'.; 3 3-t yards ric-iac trim. fioacly now—.tho brand new ABC Pattuin 1-Jook — (.lie (iiiirkesL aid Lo homo sowers yet devised. It's ;i conipleti' up-to-tho-minute catalogue. Prico 10 cont-T per copy. Orclti:- nn ABC P.'utern Book with • i 10 c'tu pattern for 25 rents, plus 1 CH'nt postage. For this pattern, send 20 cents, in coins, your name, address, potter:: number and size wanU-d to F.arbai'a r.oll, Xaugatucl; Daily Xews, Post Office Box £iO, Station U, N.'w York 10, N. Y. Bennett Booth Leaves For CalifornicT, IiiTini-tl t-'oo-.h, Fii'cmun 2-c, who h.'is hi'i'ii spending a leave with his pari'Mts, .Mr. and Mrs. William !:<«/: h of Mill sd'cr-t, lull last night In H-jKirt at San Dieno. Cal, l''ii-"in.-in Honth was graduated July '.'IP I'ifini I ho fowa State Col- li'K' 1 Xaval Tniinini,' .school, Class Book Is Dedicated To Boys In Service The- class book issued to moni- btr.s oi' tho class of 1D-1-I. N-auga- tvisk hiuli si-hool, is an nttractive and interesting pioce of work, Jt Union City residents who have a. is dedicated, to five young men of | summer home at the heach. the''las.--, who arc now in the armed James T. Duffy To Marry Bridgeport Girl Mr. and "Mrs. Ralph Walker Proeco of Bridgeport havu announced the engagement of their daughter, Lorraine Kvolyn, to ,'lam>:s Thomas Duffy, son of Mr, and AIi-s. .'Joseph Duffy of Meadow street, Nnugiiluck, Miss Prcece was graduated from Shellon high school and the Wa- terhury College of Massagu and J : 'h>'siothernpy. She is employed in Now .Haven. Mr. Duffy is a gp-aduate of St. Thomas' seminary, I-iloomdeld. St. IvOnaviinturcs* collrjge. and attended St. Mary's somiiuiry. Baltimore, Md. J-lr is umployed in the chemical division of the; U. S. Kubbcr company. .-A'liicd .'.HoiKlqii'irti'i'S,. ••Southwest Pacific' lUP^Squadron. Leader 'K Aider, an RAF medical officer who lost all his equipment..whew he ,^- capod from Singapore eurly in 19'I2, i« iLaviiijt 'his 'revenge in Hollandia, Dutch New G-uinoa, where Allied forces captured great f|uan- titie's of Japanese medical su.pplicsi und initru;nents. Aider slipped out of 'Singapore- Fob. la, 39-12, when the Japanese were ulosine In on'the .city. When he moved into Hollandia with an RAAF P-10 fighter unit IP: took charge of s-iUvoKinff' in the ibiiindoned Japanese hospital's and medical quarters. He recovered stethoscopes, hypodermic syringe? nnd needles, anesthetic. n-int;iks,'i-ub- bor catheter, thermometers', splints, bixndapfes, .sterile cotton, medicine -bottles and avlai-Re quantity of •hard—to-pet rubber .tubing:. .The Japanese also left .larjre Stocks of anesthetic?, sulfa d.rup>. vitamin; table ts, quinine, anti-syphiliU'S drug's, insulie, .sa-linu and fclucose .-.'olutions and many other drugs. Alder said tho Japanese hosni- tzils wore- fairly well equipped. "There was evidence thai there hod .boeni nurses there or some kind of women, .bcixuisc we found J'aco creams and' otlior Items," Alder said. "Most of their drills are .^ood, but' their hospitails are primitive and unhygienic. Tlipy built only poor huts with bamboo litters only four inches from the ground. \ "We found a -inunibcr of Japanese toxtbonlc.s on treatment of malaria nnd scrub typhus, which showed that the Japs have carried OIK con.-tidorable p-eseai-ch work, particularly on scru-b typhus." , Page Three Typlc.'il .street scene in Diiliulelphju, where .1,1500,000. jierspnn ...who an; normally c»rrl«d in c:irs, l>usen, or sulm-ays found Ihemsclven stranded due to l.hc trappsporlution tie-up. Since UiousaiidN work In vital war plants, reports arc current of possible Arniy interference. Above,.w.orlters-of th« U. S. Army qimrtcrnuiMterK office get ulxiut In tin; cateli-as-catcli-ciin manner as Is shown nhovc. (IiitcrnationaO Italian Relief To Send Million Pounds Clothing- New York—(UP)—More than 1,000,000 pounds of clothing and $500,000 worth of medical necessities and relief materials will bo shipped to Italy shortly by .American Relief for Jtitly. Judge'Juvenal i Texas Southwest Plans Active Sports Season Austin, Tex. (UP)—The seven contenders in the Southwest Conference all plan to have basketball tenms i'.unr.^ tho rj-lMii >e::snn. and six of i.ln.'.i! will h^ve football 'teams, coaches m-.'oting hei'f: ar.- r.ounced. Back on the gridiron this fall will Kcair.per pl.'iyors wearing- jcr- scys in the colors of the University of Texas U3-I3 cip-cuit winnoiv), A. it rvf.. Rico Jnstilutc. prosidnnt, has Helen Tynan, R. N., On Vacation Miss Helen Tynan. R. N., of Centra! -iiveiiue. who serves in tho operating room of St. Mary's hospital, Watnrbury, is on her annual vacation. Miss Tynan has returned from a visit with friends in Ncwtown. Wisinski Family Returns From Beach Mrs. Frank Wisinski --ml family of .Park avenue have returned from Bayview, Milford, where ihoy spent the past t^-o \voelcs as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marchisio, nour.Ced. .Shipping space has been ar^ ranged yirough tho State and War Departments and reports from Myron C, Taylor, envoy to the Vatican, indicate the need for relief is urgent. .KILLED BV FALL Boston, Aug. 3—("UP)—A defense lawyer in the famous Sac'co-Van- y.etti murder trial of the early 20's, Willinm J. Callahan. died today in a plunge from a hotel .window. CallaTTan's body dropped nine floors. o_n- i Soiji.hcin Methodist Univci-sity, Tuxa,s Christian University and the University of Arkansas. Baylor University doesn't plan in re-enter the football c-linse until after the war beca.iisc of a shortage -of students, and the Army's ban on its trainees participating in organised sports events. J'ull sports programs are in view for Texas and A. & M. Rice will not have a golf team in the field. Aided by Navy t.-.-iinec-;, Texas this season wo™ championships in tennis, football, golf, cross-country .and baseball: tied for third in basketball and pkicocl 1 second ini swim- ming. Coaches and Southwest Conference faculty representatives voted to absorb the now 20 per cent fed- eial lax on tickets to sporty events. They agreed on a football ticket 'cost ot ' $2.50 for choice seat;-, $1.SO for others and a s-pccial price of CO <;crets for .servicemen. O- Weather Report | 0_ . O -Rhode Island and .Connecticut— Clearing with: -no significant tem- pnroturc changes tonight. Tomorrow fair except for scattered afternoon thundershowcrs; warmer. Massachusetts—Clearing west and central portions, occasional rain southeast portion;, ending early tonight followed by clearing. 1-ittlc change .in'temperature tonij^it. Tomorrow fair except for .scattered afternoon thvndersliow.crj, warmer. Eastport to Block Islnnd—Small cra.ft warnings are displayed south of Boston to Block Island, WAKSS CIVILIANS Trenion, X .J., Aug. State Defense Director ..William A- Wachenfcld. warned local civilian defense councils today to maintain their organizations because of the possibility of .robot bombing. He said—"We cannot afford 10 take the attitude that it cannot happen." Mrs. Raymond Kennedy Improving- At Hospital -Mrs. riaymmul ,f. Kennody ot" forces. They U. S. Navy: are: Robert Burns, Loroy Smith, U. S. Donald Harvey. Ru- Army; nnd dt>!ph Smith and Harold Roy tho Army Air Corps. The book contains messages to Ihi: .-indents from Princip-'il Chat-lew P. Slado -:ind Supt. of Scliools Harold J3. Chitte-ndon. individual pic- turos ol' members of the cljiss, group photos of various conimit- to»'s. nniuslm." *na,pshots of many ,, , . . , . i , i when in their bahv clnys. art H,,:h s f r,,t ,,,•,..,(;«: cnnuor ably . - n.vmber, t.'i si. .Marys tiOHpital. \\aterhtn-y. |, afli-r a ri'f-i-iit i-p'-r.-ition. Girls' Choir Meets At 7:30 Tonurht ^' Ci:oir of St. M r-hnivh will rriri't this 7:3fl o'i-locl< in the choir nn(| pocm ,. an cl other articles which mrikc- enjoyable reacl-ing. Miss Louise Grainger of the fac- ultv was advisor for the edition. Mr.-Mrs. Albert Benz In New Ycrk City Mi-, and Mrs. Albert Ben-/; of Walnut street are spending a few days in Xe\v York city. Return From Vacation Spent At Cape Cod Miss Ruth Fitx-pa trick of West street, Miss Betty Brenaan ofHig-h street and Miss Florence Sweeney of Now street have from ,:i vacation spent at Hyannis, Cape Cod. Mass. I Designs For Doilies Spending- Vacation In New Hampshire Mr. and Mrs. Chester Underbill of Park avenue .ire spending their vacation in Now Hampshire. Daughter Born To Mr.-Mrs, C. Mahan Mr. and Mrs. Carhon Mahan of flfi Andrew avenue, announce the birth of a diiughK;;-, Carol L,ouiSQ, August first, in St. Mnry's hospital, Waterbury, Mrs, Mahan is the former Mary Htt 1st rti r,l<. NORWASH Shoe Store The Audit Bureau of Circulation was ors-anixrHl in 1UM to secure information concet'Rini,'' the circula- tinn and distribution oC publications. •**s*«****r^ DID YOU WRITE TODAY? | A LETTER MEANS SO MUCH WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE OF DON'T DELAY STATIONERY AIR-MAIL V-MAIL PLAIN and NOVELTY PAPERS FOUNTAIN PENS — INKS Your Stationery Store SWEENEY'S sl ^ToSv STORE Till: CAKD ANT) GIFT SHOP *J l fR^-'^' : r ^s--^ v^ \-.•-•*,•<•" "-i-"" '" 7? 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Our nO-paffc multicolored book of Needle Arts containing 1 five free patterns, and many other suggestions for dressing up your home and yourself i^ now 3-v.ailaib].-:, Send • your request for this,.book to the address listed below, enclosing twenty cents (20c.) in coin'} to cover the cost and nratlinjc ohnrpos. .Send 11 cents (coin) for above pattern number to N;puf,'atuck Daily Nowy, Needle Arts Dcpt., -P. O. Box 172,'Station D. Now Yorit 3, N.. Y. Please include your postal zone number. RCK to 5.95 . Reff. 3.49 . 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SEERSUCKER BUTCHER BOY PLAY SUITS, Sizes 1 to 3 ........... . to 1.69 Reg. to 1.98 Reg. 1.98 • BOYS' WOOL LONGIE SUITS, Sizes 10 to 18 Reg. to 17.00 • CANVAS PLAY SHOES, Ankle-Strap, 12 to 3 Reg. 2.49 2.00 .88 .88 1.44 10.00 1.66 LISTEN TO WATE EVEBV SUNDAY. tl.'l ,— . : •encEUM 90^wtA ^1044 **W-0\j-iJT>-_r-*^WA^%j-i 1J r-ij :1 i_« •~- — --, JD'S t>fe *-T j ~>^*r,r»i - AIR-CONDITIONED Ifl' ,1 > AM ... Tokio, Ohio, Content To Let It Stick Tokio, O. (UP)—Although this town hfis n. name ]ikc the Japanese capital, there is no locnl wartime sentiment for changing H, Mrs, Edwnrd MelKncr, the postmistress, says thixt residents tancy the genera? interest the town's name attracts in other parts. The Tbkio post offcc receives many letters from co]lccto)-s, asking that tho envelopes they enclose be mailed .to them postmarked 'Tokio.". Thousands of such requests came after , Pearl Harbor, Mrs. Hctxner- .-says. fft. Vincent Mcty.ner, who was' postmaster and storekeeper before he entered the Army, now keeps an Army store and post- ollicc on "I hope to get to Japan," 'he vrolc recently. "I want to send a clter from Tokyo to Tokio, O. The town was named Tokio by David Hugos, one-time postmaster, vho was troubled with misdirected ctiers because the name then was 'onostown. Too many of the town's letters j ended up in Johnston, Pa., or amcstown, N. Y. Worry .of . "<.. ;•. v •'.-..- '.« FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? Don't be embarrasses! by "loose f.ilsc teeth slipping, .dropping -or wabbling whc'n .you. j eat, talk or laush. .Just. sprinkle' a little FASTEETH on your plates. This pleasant powder gives a remarltk- ble sense of added comfort jinU security by holding plntes• ^nioro firmly. No gummy, gooey, pasty U>_sto or fooling. It's alkaline .(tion- acid. Oct FASTEETH at any drug store. Wanted !; Part or full time help, male or ]' female. No experience necessary. CITY BAKERY 171 Maple .Street 1 TEL. XC7* *******+*******************.***, Area of Peru U about one-fifth hat of Uie U. S. in Gin* from Cl.vnn'H . and so docs everyone else. Drop in at CLYNE'S. Jusv'a few steps from Excbangc Place for restful, leisurely gift shopping. CLYNE GLASS SHOP 2!) Harrison Avo. . Walcrlmry BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS - WATEKBCnv 1 So. Main St. 45 W. Main St. NAUGATCCK 156 Church St. 21 MAIN ST. Co*f* as Utfl* a$ Day PALMOUVE SHAVE CREAM GIANT TUH • 39* To help win the war yftur pov- | eminent require! you to furniih on empty tube—any tin or kind. ! TAMPAX FOR S*«IU« inoucnw' Potency Giioranteecf ,, Of ypor men«y fill fc« >«>umi«rf' **»*> BAND-AID R» ^afimtxm*^a(mium ADHESIVE BANDAGE JERGEN'S LOTION 50c Size — $1.00 Size — Fitch's Shampoo WOODBURY SOAP 3 ° ak " 23c MURINE for Your EYES SPECIAL 40C f&natta&to CetK^VnamfvtO OA it intx Color Shampoo. wn*h<* out . wiihlifcand lustrc.Don' Famous "Soft " Roug* .in ; to match Angclus Lipstick and Foc« Powder. Now 49^ r3r;nworsCT.-Ku3y;cav<» hair more col or(u!,lovel'>cr.ea>Mr to maDapc. Comes in Bbck. 4 SNADII light, mcd,, d.irk Brown. Auburn and Dlondc. SOc. TINTZ Dr. LYON'S TOOTH POWDER 50c Site Only

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