Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 22, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1916
Page 8
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STERLING DAILY GAZElTE AMUStMENTS. GRAND TODAY Blanche Sweet in "The Dupe*' Also Bray Cartoons SATURDAY Emmy Wehten in "The Pretenders" f4afw-4fiy fitot'tiimr4h m ' frw s fintrs for school rhilrlfon —9.10, 1.1. Santu triJUjivo «J! <>m»lv.. <*«t, A, II Wlftli^r, referee In fwnk- rnptcy for th-" 4 fl«»ekff>Hl (ti^ti-ir;. heard the petition, tiled in the tf. S. Courts by Tim Hiiiimin nt the. court IIHURP ye««ter«i»jy afternoon in Dlxon. In whk'tt former financial 'mannper ftf thr now defunct f'fijxT Furniture company, withdraw t3,,"wt from tin fund* the dny provlnttft' to the when thr rtrtrt Ix'eartii* insolvent, hearing was POM pored until T'.H neseji will testify and the also offer Its slslv of th*» 1916. ty vl*tfinc wit?' !'"!>•-!. I rir rtrwtr hne«rtv fill ".'•! Kf«m. TTr'I- SHE'S A GOLDEN 6IRL f SOCIAL AFFAIRS 6000ilWSOB KIDS Wednesday, Dec. 27 Matinee and Night ACADEMY Homt of th» pip; Organ Vaudetfc THREE OR EAT ACTll I.YMAM H. HAWAII SPAIN NORWAY » 35c, 50c », matinee 2:30, 25c, 35c l(« at Sttrline Pharmacy now for •fltrnoon and .night. lafrs»( Bhowu 7 nnd 9. 2 |o Mondity. Kox. "The t'nwelconte In "Tlie one The lay. »lt- will WILL MOVE TO TOWN. Mr,. «r>«1 .Mr*. Hnrry iiuhhnrd. who fwivf- hr-*»n living on the ftrm n?&t WfHVdfnwn for a few y«*nri«, will mo%'«« to SH^Hlng ln> nr^t of next Msreh and writ jr* i cij-t« from i»rtive .farm l!f>. Mr, fiubbnrd "hart J»i«t one hundred mn-rs In hu»'f*rtn. He sold It to John r.if- frrfw and hi* *>nn, fturnwt Olffrow. "will move oti the farm In the spring. The f»rm I« » v*ry valuable piet^c of Innd find will make com! properly to hofd, Mr, nnd Mm, Htihhard have r»>ntPd th» hou»e owned by the .Into Mm. Unlli- t«ft ;\lnrip Vail t.ij f«.r lr.«. Kmmitt Mi> tfannji Oft-n. Mr« 1; Met' f!.=iv In thf* city «fvriji;,ir,t,. Mr*. Torn Krnnt ->tuj HoUffer, (if |">j.v<in, W " '• t'hti per* in tht* city Sonny, .--•pfjit y< Mr : Entire Gowns For Evening i Wear Are Made Of Gold And Silver Cloth, '•'5ft cm thr tinmi «.-iR>m." join Hie •' Of.* n fhartr-r' for a short »lme ; T!v <' U r in. n ,\M th'ii -i 1' j»,,ui tri:n:! s. Y«rna liny . and AHee home -l»*t- to iipctid the II. Mnck, of New York City. with ftie»«l« «nd relatives this city during- the holiday*. John Meyer* nrriv«l home ami sh . (' W. from Hoot ' far-i • Vnr-k, X. T the ortly thine? riwt. linvc silver ' tTir-wp if,»v.« N*+- H>i-Jf**tl- trtrt t j you ha-vft notirfd tlic .shiny n*<¥ lin .. I Kerlc. Miide of Hot h of _• '' MniRPMni n criciur c• 01 no Cit . ? Officials And Water Oo. HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE CLUB Hflvf Madc a skatil ^ Poi , d Met Y«i*rd.y a{ th, Y. M. c. A. B nd' In The Wallace Park. Good Attendance -Present, T!K. If.'. flint «(!rt v •i ml ft co. The 'i .fine afternoon :i,t id atfrnd.'inf the V M wn.« f.{i<-<n*'fi win? prr»sram ifhirh ff,n«l«tf«l »>y Mrs. (1).-irlf« lf,- sNntfrr in Fktlins eft of ttic iif\ r-wifH'tl for i»nfuJ«i *tft *' fan *-njo# two is Mar-inn lv tittle to ."'}»cn»l th«» Th«.' 11 f a d a y , Win, "Th* HOUM el Feature*" HULL'S SHOWS ROCK FALLS {Formerly Grand Theater) You will iw-e at this theater only feature picture.* of tiuiillty, and you tuts «ur«' to ttnd n warm comfortable NO CALENDARS. fto neither -calendars or c«r- wlll he difttrlhutcd thin wish to prtwnt »omc- to tht> carrier boy when hc» col- l«w-H for A t*brl«tma« or NPW Year"* ptiitent tli.y s* fo-> them to decide. This much TfcC(Ja*ette a«k« for the currier hoy tomorrow nnd which Is that hll subscriber* kindly pay the hoy In full to- date tomorrow* KO hi* can have money for Chrlwtma*. hi* ROOK FALLS TONIGHT Friday, Deo. 22 of the gr«at*tt motion (hat you hav« ever ce«n, In fiv« strong ' - . •.- ™ >ANONG SCHOOL IVftTIO WORKER HALL Monday Evening From ; - 8 to 10 P. M. ,- •• itar private leatonM call 1 H. KELLEY, Boll phon* <MOR room. , We solicit your patronage on the above qualiflcationa, Saturday, Dec. 23 Illoprnpli drumn In two part a, THE SCIENCE OF CRIME' Al*o evrey Saturday, "GRANTS POLICE REPORTER" Sunday, Dec. 24 Harry lieuumont and Cilertriide rllover In an JC«iininay drama In 8 imrtw— • "His tittle Wife" Also a good comedy. Matinee at 2:90 Sunday ..... • Evening »how» at 7, 8i1B, 0:15 EASIER FOR PEDESTRIANS. M«H PoUn. !»u|«>rriit«»nrlpnt of him men nt work ttirnlnj,' ov«»r th«* pinion oypr tl»s RUitcrn «>f thp nlt|«* wnlkn to th<» p«vc» m**nt tn thp tninlni*iwi fllHtrlct «o (tint It would l»n ranlrr for |M»oplo in wiilk- Ihu «vi«r th««m. Oft times they nr* vc-ry *H|jp*ry and n numlipr of ppoplp hnvi> liHppcHt down on them. Th« bottom side of thfUM* plaiiw hnvp ridircH 041 them them *afpr to mop on than the fhrlstma.* holidays with his jtnrent Arthur I's Inter, of NH<wn. wa* n V!H- itor in this ctty Mst evening where lie attended the J"nr<>chial school dunce, f«et yoitr Oltrffft fin?* * order In fnrlv. We ctft«sp at n*m <'hr)*<triin9 Day * Uiiry r,».'' iMilw ChHfYce will K» to Auro•• to upend '.'hrlMtmn.t with •t, Mrs. William Uiwrence. Mrs*'.!. <\ &o~hneman. of !«.. .ire upending the holiday* with relative** mi-I frlcndK here. William iVichrnn. who imcitdn the I'nlvemlty, nrrlvcd home InHt to spend the holiday* with his Mrs, rn li*>r Mr, I'mooth tops. ( NEWS m BRIEF j HAS STARTED A LI VERY. ' Frrd Lenox ha* «tart«d into th« liv- <>ry buslnesH a|;ain. Three tlmm in* itldn nt tt year Mr. I/cnox ban K«ti* thp llv«ry huxlncmi only to well later. HI" Initt Venture WAH out of hi* ntork to N. Reitxe). Mr. Lenox linn made arrangements to «o Into l>u«lncKH In hia old stand on Lo- IcuBt Btroct. f «HKMh^MMW * ARM WA8 BROKEN. Lru Hutten. t«>n of Mr^ tind Mr»< .John Huttcn, had tho mtHfortnne to lircnk hln arm pinyintr banket bull ThunkUy. He plaj;» on Iho Parochial ikJhool team and they wcr« havlnn a practice gam* when the accident occurred. It will ho remembered that he [ttlm.had the mhtfortuno to break (log Homo time ago foot ball. nrrhed from Hock luciiul l«!*t nlftht. c.Uled bv the ilc-itth «>f her mother. Mrs. M. u «'nn\- fold. Ml*, nnd Mrs. Nnthan fnderhill, of t'anhy, Minn., nrp here over the holi» d«VH viaitlnx With filcmlH nnd relatives in this rlly. -^ liny Arnold «nd John Klnn. of I>ix<»n. spent lust evening | n thiw clt.v they attended tho Parnrhlnl schiHil dancp, I'eter McOornilck nrrfved home Inxt frrtin <.'luitii|i;iluti where he In to upend the with It in parents*. nnd Piuil Call nic expected home from Xew llmen, t'orin., toilay to rnjity ft three wtt-kc' vacation nfter tir»t term' nt Yolo. i KIurence Conlioy, who nttondd St. Joxeph's College nt Duhii«|tie, In.. 4s here «pf»»4lHK the hoflda.VK with her imrenUi, Mr. and ,Mr«. ThomHw t'onlmv. Is nnd if yr-ii «>« n nrio nrt tiii*l«>r bod- | toe or n romhinnflon <if this precloiu :pliffr» yoft can fee! poi-tllvely thftt ym I «rf> »H-tr» the last scnitch of f»»hion j And jott probably do tiwi. Pett of tlies*' xhlmrwrlnff fttlirirs dreams of mounhenms nnd f«uniiean).«r elahorntely incrtisled with grrrtd am! Inco n«( nell. In dftyjt tif oltl thffiinht they were ^'»inar they donned unit* of sold and nrmour. hut fn»«l)ion'!» 'iu r% etis Imvjaurertntnly «;i>ne n fs>w ,«fi»|>» further today when they <f'or and d'nrpcrtt. '„ Kntire- (Jrnwnd fop c-ienltiKt wenr of them' prec|oti«r mctntlxed fabric* are «.«< hetintifnl ;t« they sire [)>i|)tilnr nnd Mnry Xasth in "The Mmr Who t'amp Kaek" in uliou Inc it ,«tininiii« exntniile of n "ihir cloth one insiet with wilver 1(tcr>. •-'loth.of pro id n nd cloth of slh'er i«llp- pei'p huve of cilyr^e tteconie almo*! tO(» common for woi-iiV nnd nre hound soon to bo only worn by the poor nnd ronnltlcrlnjf th»> cnnntmitty B<J price of «'«lf »skln. Hut*, Inrfp* nnd cartwheellnh, of gold and silver luce. fin< much in evidence on hendn (hut nhmv nlmi n sti.H|i|ci(>iiH)y>|inr !;llrit v For you renlly have to ss<-l^-tloti!< uivf-ri by Jit- Swift nrnJ f?hTt-^ Muwry flrr iVrilv fhr^f- %'f«r* l>o\> Tlii' -a • Isrrn" is to flood n f«'rti«n it \V;tffnrc t'Trk tTi titrn it into n hair • very cnrjii. ' Mtssr Ktdn tt/Trn^in axvf'. a iroiul readini; which c«llf.»l forth much! npjiliinse nnd she responded* with nn ', !nirn<'fi>iis seiectinf), T!ir> !ni.«in<«s re- '. Itorts were then rfail nnt\ it wn« Vofi-d i upon to tK<ld rt xoflnl the nr«t Thursday j In every month, liesinninc with Jan-i tinry. Mrs."-White wa.t elected ch«ir- mnh nnd the following-^''rr np|iolntr-d to nerve on the soria! cot'nTliJttee: Mrs*. Harry Wirkin*, MTK. flose, Mr«.Wfilinni Hoovr-r jiml Mix. flnra Kwnrtley. Kirs !•»!« next elected chnirinnq of the program, committee, which inc!n)V;s« to park. Thursday of >1rs. tn seyerat tlic city council. In (!>e hi:iyor, and *T*sp?i of the. made n trip to thf* t»n^k, nnd Wftter fnincit «ini(» tfie jh"miml from ft nesrhj^rt hydrnut. This afternoon tht water turned on iie?ti«. and the watel* on top or that turiif-il on ytviterttay*j This «itl m«ke n tine founiiatlnti fof.j wntef, jo In- put on Hfltnrdtt>'i whidi will fiivnifdi a lin«* surface. Tli<> intinlcitial sknlitit; p»n<1 will nn* ••hnnon-nnd .Mr«. Mow<«ry | n j«i«"hfMllv |.n»\r> a-iNmnlar of life fumes nnd f ntertfUament. i t" ci.illv for the w'-hool children «lutin§" Mrs, Wnnuer, president of the club.!"" lr l'"H«!ny vnoathtn. iext cave g. report on the donation!* j eceivetl for MIH. Hermnn Keller, of which flfty-lhree dollnrn was Riven Indianapolis. Iml., Dec. 22.-(tilv fX she ha« all ready received. ThroiiRht the klndneim nnd help of Mrs. TO RESIGN POSITION. wns !»• >oiir dnj» iuid-l>tvf Wnsti"r. Mrx, -J. t>onlchy and . 1. lint n rlMlns V(«t»* of (liiuikn :«v*-n. . / ^^^ I Mi.s David H»unim»j_for th«- Ifiii' \\\\\-f I ood exhibit which ithf hud rhatKf off tirinis ihr> fnrtni«r«' InMltute. hf|d h*>re, i Ico Mm White, Mru, Kau and M'rjt. W. H, Kttux were Klvi'ti « rMnK f Way In which they. vnrlou«( wny« dnritiR -fiiii'crlnttHideiit of the Itoj. t4, ln«>! nt Plalntleld. hn» handed nt ntnUnntMrn u> Hovernor HalBton take effect .lan^. T. the metal on you pven If It means re* fortitiK to the* lu>lp of henna. Hondo)!* cjijis of Bold and silver lai'e mid (fold nnd «llver tlc»ii»» nNo prove Unit not only iilumliltiK', roilL'ttora, thu- H Htid mae-hlnen may hoiiwt metal " nt while practicing VInnle OverhwlKer, daughter of air. and Mr*. H, M. Overholner, la home to ap«nd the fhrlntmn* vnAatlon from her work in the utnte tinlve MadlBon, .Win. <»te. tho Kmcn>on whool Tuemlay afternoon and gnve a very IntorestlnK tulk on "Sin and its Koliv," Thf advice he gave wa« wotidwfnt. • Hoy Overholm>r IN exprsMed home to- nUrht from Chii'ajro for n f'hrimmns Ainu, him ever, they don t the mtmo way. and a tlreti nnd tent|»er* mental Indy mny nei>"'- hope to let off Ht.enm idmply by doflinK her boudoir cap of K'>ld. All gold and pllver cloth evening! fur nre KorjjeoiiH enough to mill** King Henry the Eighth imd hla famoim Held of tho Cloth of Uold look like H plker v l-'nlry fans of Rold and allver vUlt with hi* pnrentn. Mr. and Mru. II. 11. Thi> youn« man *x<-ellent portion* in & large concern lit 'Nights In a Bar Room, 4 ^*^ STEALS TOTFEED FAMILY. C. H. DeLong, of Amboy, w«« ar- RECORD AGAIN BROKEN. It beau all how short a time thU winter"* cohl records stand. Yesterday a record of 12 below »«ro waa hung up by the government ln«trumentn of there Tuesday by .Officer 4oc| C . g. Benslnger only to be broken la«t that city. and Junk from tho IIHnoU -Ceritraij rc |j a t ert j 14 -ound house, nome daya previous. • O«- • • - - XJIIK dlspoNCd of the brand to an Am- Miy junk mun, rfnllxlng a *um of.abpul ^12 from the Hale.- The officers were watching the junk yardw for the braiw GRAM) COTILLION , Oivcn by Mi*. F. R. B«H A Son, ^ at WtwUtnan Hall ' Mend*y, Doe. 25 S;!0 to t o'clock - Krwi {Hvora for all - Public Invited. , -' Cia«B and dsiico ;* Solurday, Dee. 23 it YOU buy him a use tiller's |lal i with «Uk HiltialeJ J*ur* collars, ' 'WlMt» HHk 4 »_»u *•*,».*' »• 5e 15c 15c 25c '""" 50c !5c, 50c, $1.00 It ti»»ir«B, wild when it wan itold to tho dealer he 'wwt forcwl t« dlvuUre the name of the Heller. IJepnty Schoenholz went to Am« buy «iM hrouKht the prisoner to Dfx- on and lodged him (n jail. He will be. ^u-tniKcnd in the near future. Advice* from Amboy Mlato that the prisoner wan forceil to *te»I In order to buy food and fuel for* bin family, an he wan out of employment. CHRISTMAS EXERCISES, Tho teachers and pupil* of Woodlawn Kchool. a short dlnlance cant of Sterling, will htive Chrintmas fe«tlvltle« tonight in the school Jfflux?. The public IM Invited to utteiidl these oxerctveg, There will be n whort program of mu- «IcaI selectlonH and recitation*. I'tol- o\vlng the program, there will be a Jiutrlbutlun'of the prcHentu. Theue will won a ChrlatmaH tree which will be made very pretty by. Uyht«jtnd tintteh " " «~7reoorar~6f hlWn¥ •cry nice onterlulnmentu and thin one will not be an exception. *W. J3. Land In u the teacher. The exerclucw will begin nt 8 o'clock. The patrona of tho Fhooi are itusiHtlitK largely in th« ev nt. POST OFFICE WORK HEAVV; I'»«tinjiMter A. ». Clavln nuya the mall this holiday «ea«on l« heavier by below. Yea you were right when you nurmlaod U wa§ rather chilly last night. MRS, MciTITZE IMPROVING, Many frjenda In thla city will be Robert Stewart, non'<if Mr. and Mr«, homa^StfHart. of H0»well, X. Mex.. waa expected to arrive., todnv for 11 holiday vijtlt with his 'srandEajthen Chrtfillan Kliwle. Mr. Ht«wart h«* Ju.«t flnlnhml hii( flttit WIJWWI«T'H work ai and gold and Kllvcr e«ohw«'b lnr<« liiUnr And twlnkln iind<T tho aitHlclal Htrhts llkp HO tmfny «ilvrry I!P\V iln»p>* «>r Rold»n flrcrtys. . and of tintnk•> fur nltly n*slfUod In 'he demonntrallonfi Riven hv the Hntmehold club (luriirti (he Infinite, which waa follnwod by n deniontitra* tlon given by Mrs. Frntik Itandall in which she nhitwed how to prepare a very KIKH! and inexpennive Hund.iy dinner for four, -lifter which Utility r«>» freshmen!*, conaiHtlng nt hot ch<M-o» late, cream, jMamhmnllowa. (lermnn fruit bread, wafer* nttd KncllHh cwketi were nerved by Mm. itmi. Mm. Jolin- uton and Mrs, Itone, which wua hear- tlly enjoyed by all present. PAMCEATCOLETA Latt Evening W*« the First to be Oiv' in in the New Halt. The first dance to he given In tin* N. G, VAN SAKT Attorney at Law State Bank Building MARTHA FRY, The Sterling Chiropodist. MRS. EMMA GRAY, . First ria»s ChlroiKKllnt WJU» Mlw Fry,, 110 W. 4th St Bell Phone 837-* Ono pnrtlculnrly lnl>;ht. rovol fnn I dlucovfrrd in an nrtfntlc the .Unlvorsity of Michigan. ' Potatoes »r* hlfrh< but {f yon buy the Idahu'n you «>t the best value, for your money. At CJerdoa'* Wiintwl—DiHliwanhor at the Jeffer•on Cafe,* -v a recent attack . of pneumonia. under a nurae'a care and waa pleaaed to learn that Mr*, M. C, Btltiel, of Nelnon. la Improving quite rapidly Ifrom I She permitted to nit up a abort time yesterday and.It. I« hoped by her friends thai one will noon recuperate. TODAY IN ILLINOIft HISTORY. On Dec. II. 1881. LaSullo ami hln party left Fort Miami (near Ht. Joi- eph r Michigan) <>» their expedition, to find the mouth of the MlmiBtiippl. On Dee." 23. 1818. Governor Bhadroch Bond iatiued a.proclnmatibn formally doclor- ing Illli)ol« « State. MA,Y BE FORCED TO CLOSE. Win,, Doc. 22.~Oidikwth factori«>« mny »>e for«'e<l and to »u*pend oimratlona for a time If transportation congestion in not noon relieved. , The plantu nre nhle to get cam hut cannot get them hauled out on account of embargoes Uy the. rail- ro«a». ' ' Dr, iSnkey npent Thursday In Proph- etntown on bt|«tne««. Carl Bwartley *>pent Wednesday In Dlxuii on bubinoHH, _ _ i_ "~OVeril^ffeflri:urnItur«r wnd ruckorn at Forater & Son*,* Mia* Mayme 0'ConneII Hpent yentcr- in Hurmon nhopplnff. ~ • ChitrloH Slpple, of Tamplco, t»pf>nt ThurBday here with friendf. H. K. Meecher wpent Thur«dtiy in m hufclnesH. . FISHERMAN DROWNED. Oreen Bay, Win., D«c. sa.i-Kw-a . a«e*l in, a nwhorniHii of Ke- wna drownod jn I^ke Mlchl- jj«n when ho fell from a dock in board Ing « GOVERNOR OFFERS REWARD. III., Pec. . Dunne ha« otfergri aTeward of 1300 for tU» cajsiiwetirnn unknown person wtio William Lee of D«n\JIlu on ' Nov. 33. TO AUL CONCERNED •• intcrurban cars will operate on the hour schedule from 8:01 a, m. to l«;0d l>, in, on Sunday,. December i«th, und nnw Vilinp the other dny. H la of hum* blj^=fiatx»r origin but all beautifully covered with gold leaf, ntlckn nnd all. A fhinejie hieroglyphic done In a bright blue, grwn and purple broaka tho golden monotony of one of Its folds and dangling from It* sUels* i* a silken rord of mutchtiiK cohir gay 1 with l»ad» and llnlshcd with n Active Chineee tsa* «el or a hundy. finger ring of jade wherewith to anchor It* .flutterintr beauty ready to Itw fair ownw^B hand. Thei new oriental Medieval and Ily- xantlnn ten gowim and nagllgoea that now havo siuch a rojnf vogue are of coume i-oplete with gold aiid sliver |l« lacen and galloone. of. these present prectotiv fabrics, theno many^mrtuliifd modes, divers are poor «wains who go que*» tionlng the golden girl n la Richard Lo Oallenne Mung. They girls <»n>m-y hand and ullven as well But let them beware and remember that o gold wanh and a tdlvur plate has a time Iliint of wear. In tin- majority of cnties the twenty-two carat ftnl«h IH only gown and lingerie 'deep, tho golden or tho Hoppor treea ha« a henna ,««• iM-roxide bane, and bane de.- c*it it« Jt. tx«t the wary woeer be hot dueled by tho ouler shell but let him who will are hound to ho golden new hull nt Culeta proved u decided »ucce«». A'hirge crowd attendwl and nil enjoyed i» veryitof.Hl tlmis It l» plnnneil to have n dance every two weeks In the hall, which ha* juw't recently been completed, and JH very fine for Hitch purjxwen. Minn D(»rn ArniHtrong ami Miaa kla Duliruw, of thin city, attended. CHRISTMAS PROGRAM Wilt Be Given Friday Evening at the Pr«irt«vill* Church. The PrairievHI^ Sunday schoolr will give their Chrl»tma« cxercl«wi Sa^m'- day evening, liec. 83, at the Prairie, ville church. A cantata full of life anfl energy ha* Insen prepared h*- the choir entitltHl, "Firm Aid to Santa C*Uun." The musical program will be followed by the tiHuai arrival of Sanla.CIftus «udl the Chrintmaa tree ceU-bnUloni), I DANCE LAsf EVENING Olven at IKe furochlal School Was Enjoyed Very Much. The dance given last evening «t the Parochial m-hool wiui nt tended by n got>d ' ' C.C.&J.W. Johnson ATTORNEYS AT LAW Practice in «l| courts LOANS tirnt teat his preciouji in cruet b)e, of love and lllid If her heart he (if gold HH well nnd If wlie lm» a, sterling rharacter. ... Monday, t'ournycr. 26th, IS16. W, BIRTHS T<iMi'KlNH.~A w«» born to Mr. and Mr* Uoy-Tompklns yeuter- day. Mrs. Ituittlnga i« the nurse and mother and baby are doing nicely. Ki*ed crowd, uwxt inowic wan lied 1>y the orchestra nnd dancing was enjoyed until a late Iwur by ull pront'iit, . CROCHlf CLUB M%t Yesterday ^ft«rf«>on"^t-tlia Home H.E.VanEpps,M.D. Rooms 10 Aid 11, over Jennings' Jewelry Store,. JACOB CANTON LAWYER. 5% farm loans. Prepayment * privilege HELL 439 ROCK FALLS, ILL.. H. X. FEEGtTSOK INVESTMENT BONDS Net 4 to « per cent Kxempt from Income T« LOANS INSURANCE 310 Lawrence Bldg. Storting, III. ef Mrs. Roy. Keller. The My«8oi|« Crochctclub were en- tertaine<| Thumiay aftermwn at tl»« home of Mra. Hoy Keller. Tho afternoon' wan ple&Mantly spent in t-rocliet- ing .and. .fancy-work. After w»(ii»h the ho»t*»« nerved dainty ar than It wa« luat year or any year t th,e past KO far «« hei can learn keeping hi« ontire force with He HIM bu»y every minute of the hours at Forater & J. H, l{ui«ingcr, of Morrlaon, visitor In thin city yenterday, Mru. Harthell, of MIHedgevllle. (jpt-nt yesterday in thin city whopping, Fred yndensuber. of Coleto, «pc»t *"»*«nt friends in one you can't :jr ~ r "" ~ When" a couple I* matched but «vat««rit 4 ir ir not Hotted for such work Uy the govern* jThuraday-ln this ully on liu»lne«s. to OA« OUC ment. Mr. Clwvln haa nut ft«ured up increawo overl.luMt year but for the wpotullnir ^imo "he «uy« U la ex* oe«MllnK U by-'conaidewiblo. The parcel iHtat'wurk In «ret'll(ig to bo «n<»rmou« iin v d the poat office Interior resemble* an espretw omc-u on » Ui« »cal«. It l« through the oat going pout package* buainiMm lias reached Its Ihnlt, but the. incoming' Olu-lHtmafc pre«e.nta liave but ami th«r« will bo mikhty big froRnunv until ChrlntniMM dny. ' ** «*.J^P««B*W, QAULRARP TO MOVE, mlrana- Thu?»day. bo*i«* Union to Hltoiru Thlrd *tw?t iu*'s«»l lot-Htl'in on West for & a many ' f*-' w HB" I!"$6 .|0 $3.50 $4.00 ' $1. ..: l'')aiuicl CJtH'- 50c, $1 BuU ( HUH*{>$1.50 jhaa roitoltKliul. to move h~H» «t'wk intu ;th«> store room r«i!untly <Kvupied by tlw vIottiltiK d*>|>urtme«t »f The Hlw lliiK f>*'|mriwH*iit SUui-c. Mr, (iauirupp OWIIH the iluiili|<i Mtorc., one of vvlilHi he will occupy., it will Ii0'.4ictt«>r Mtiit- oU fw tilit itMuU than hln j)r<' W oiil • |o. catiun. Mr. (iutilmpp 1» plHiinlng tm jhavinj,' <h»« front wiriduwa cluuujrd ln» h» nometiiiiiK more niwierii, ami it wl{l likely bt» the Hrnl uf February hefor* Mit- fhunjjifa <:«ji l>« maU() t<» tMt«Ml» him 'tu- move. ' .SOME GOOp J«««le Krvidnr, of_^ChIeago, arrtved here Saturday to'wpend thn" Pliohe us your order prompt delivery- Harold acted buwlnt'MM tit Mr*, fi, T. 'Kngwn, of Kltnhumt, WHB a tiudlneeiM vlxltoi' In thN. city yeatcr- day. Dr. U. W, JohttMon, of Prophet«town; wua here la«t evening visiting In this elty *S Mrs, J. Dewpy, from Harmon, Kpcnt Hterday visiting with friends in this city. Michael Thntnuu, of (^h'lcttgoi 4-arwe |i«re Huturday to frteiul.i. <'hrlHtinusi with \niHH order will bo appriu-tatcd at Holmes and Urady'ff, tlj« aveiuto o Oliver OshfuDw, of JUyndtm,, ^,-urc whoppera In thl« city. J'<t}<" lei day. Mr. oiul Mr». Henry J^uuff. of Tan»- ru.^pPiit >c»«'r('l«y in tlHa 1-4 ty »(»op- ping, <*edar t-heatx at Kwr*tt«r <v Wom* « • MI».i Joy Htlt*c|, of Dlmm. spent viaHltig In- this 1 city wltl (ic» JOHI' ('hristmas order In .vaily f KIIUW which IIHM l)ecn romiitK Uiu*'K the past fc-w'daya and tw^ii pucktHl down-with much ! cd»n-4 until thfic i» a good bottom for mi-Hi tth-ddinx. nnd ni'veral IMH-II out. J*»>n.U' «>f the c«ittl <lehvi>tini$ tlu'ii coal in »led». awd » few cutter* an- NWU: A ntfmbw vt-*MKh* in;t puiucs have IHM-K McliedULrd for tontuht. \">' . \ •-- " OAI4.V WEATMiS REPORT, 'htt-ogo wt-ulljt-r liurenu fprt>- for t-itl;iy j.s UH 'fii!l<fWH: ( l»,-ut.|y v in tin- south: 'probably in noitk^ioition tuniuftt irn MMliC- 1< Itl'pl'l/lllllt* . . c . Daitv «'ii.* *" Tmcj. of rhlcagtv i* hn* th»» holiday* with friend* and Mr, and Mrw. JJacry U»«i*^ iptmt Thur«day here of Mur- Mr*. Blwood town w«*< her* iIi»H ppint; in thin vtty Uufkai-iiuiiit. of't'lttiiott. . I'. «'lutic«>' in -tbts? i-tt> W. A. BLODGETT, , •V'our Xmu«f order wilt l>c ai>|tu>iM,itVif .it ,H"l«Ufti ami (itadv'tt. t)u« avt'liiiti (! of ' TRAVEL FE5TIVAC FOUND FR02BN TO DEATH. Hloomington, III., pec.- ^3. — j. c. Mace, aged lio, a former bu»ihe.»i« tnnn of .this city, who.wnndered from bin home Monday, w«« • found froxen to dejUH near a umull siream north uf town. Philip J^Ward ATTORNSY AT LAW .411*414 Lawrwice Bldg, FARM LOAHS AT 8 , 7 or 10 years, Mp to $100 per aor« if aaouHty warrant* MORTGAGES FOR SALE ** »• JOHN M, STAOIR Law office Stag*? A Stager MONEY TO LOAN On Farm Lauds; I have nrranqementf for unlimited amount* ef, Money for Farm Leant, Lowest r«|«* of inter, eat, pr»paym«nt privil»SM, and quick confidantial action; . Morrison, A Christmas Suggestion: w * - * A Ton of Coal f s- ^JTTH -- t_f^__i._ -JF% t f- m limely Gift/ * • • The Weeks * r* • ' Coal Cd.

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