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Dixon's Independent Voice April 17, 2015 7f 's Ufa By Ted Hickman Feel free to email: 563 For 562 past "That's Life" uncensored columns, features, photos see Ted's website at: The Worst in American History By Richard Geertson Sometimes the thoughts in my head get so bored they go out for a stroll through my this is rarely a good thing. Megan's There are at least 10 of registered sex offenders folks living within the Dixon City limits. You can go to the state site and see their addresses and photos. You can expand the search for the rural areas and nearby cities. rue 5 In a recent interview, Vice President Dick Cheney declared President Obama "the worst president in U.S.

history." While such a controversial statement is ripe for debate, his comments which led up to such a declaration were exactly on point. He said: "If you had somebody as president who wanted to take America down, who wanted to fundamentally weaken our position in the world and reduce our capacity to influence events, turn our back on our allies and encourage our adversaries, it would look exactly like what Barack Obama' doing," Certainly, Obama qualifies as America's "most leftwing" and in the view of many conservatives, this is tantamount to being America's WORST president. Consider, under this president our national debt will double. In just 8 years, President Obama will preside over an additional $10 trillion in debt; as much debt as all 43 of his predecessors combined! Medicare and social security now teeter on the brink of insolvency, buoyed only as long as foreign governments (like China) continue to buy our increasingly worthless dollars. And while the Obama administration heralds "great" economic numbers, like low inflation and unemployment, a first-year economics student can quite easily blow these numbers up without breaking a sweat.

When the skyrocketing costs of food and energy are omitted from the inflation calculation, it is easy to make the numbers look like whatever benefits the administration's talking point du jour; dittos the unemployment rate, which has ONLY come down because more and more Americans are dropping out of the work force entirely or are grossly underemployed (working less than 30 hours per week). The job participation rate hasn't been this bad since the dismal Carter years! I could go on and and would IF I thought it would have any Prior to the 2012 re-election of our "community organizer," I was a profuse political writer. However, the loss of Mitt Romney convinced me that no amount of fact could overcome stupidity, ideology and apathy; why go on wasting my time putting pen to paper? I predict historians will look back at the presidential election of 2012 as one of THE pivotal political events of our young 21st century. The outcome of the 2012 election can be illustrated in the burning of the Culpepper Minutemen flag of 1775, which coined the famous Patrick Henry battle-cry: "Give me liberty or give me death!" It was the election that America revealed to the world that we favor the promise of "security," over liberty; political correctness to being right; when Americans feared being called "racists" more than they feared encroaching, intrusive, bloated and voracious bureaucracy. Comparing the resumes of Obama and Romney, one can only conclude that in 2012 too many Americans were too stupid or too frightened to choose the most qualified Chief Executive.

Of course, the Marxist left knew exactly what they were doing in re-electing our failed first-term president; their goal is exactly as former VP Cheney described. With America's debt and deficits out of control, our foreign policy in ruins, the establishment Republican Party poised to nominate another progressive loser, and Mrs. Clinton polling better than any challenger to date, I can only conclude that America has yet to learn its lesson. What's it going to take? Armed revolution? Let us hope it does not come to that, but for GOD'S SAKE, wake up America! You are LOSING YOUR COUNTRY without so much as a whimper! If my opinion is of any value the election is still too far off to make predictions Rand Paul gets my vote. However, ANY Republican challenger whose last name isn't Bush would be light-years better than ANY candidate with a (D) after their name.

They may have their rights but we do too. We have the right to know who our neighbors are and we all need to be on alert to protect our children and citizens. You need to go to this site and check the areas where you, your friends, and relatives live andor send them the information they need to keep informed. Office of the Attorney General Megan's Law State nf al io rn i .1 LlcpartinL nt of Justice You Can't Fix Stupid Our stupid, ultra-liberal California Supreme Court ruled last month, that once again, California voters have no say about their state, their safety, or what idiots are appointed to the Supreme Court. They ruled the 2,000 foot barrier that was required between where registered sex offenders live and schools and parks where children gather was get this, 'too So they neutered Jessica'sLaw: (The passage of Jessica's Law was a historic moment for the State of California, which has the highest population of sex offenders in the nation.) and officials now have 60 days to review the files of about 6,000 paroled sex offenders living in the state.

of which about half are convicted child molesters according to published reports. Sooo. you can now have a known, convicted, child molesting pervert watch your children at school or playing in the park from the comfort of their front yardporch. Isn't that special? What in the hell are these clowns thinking? Voters passed the lawbv a 70 per cent margin. how can a few on the court overrule the will of the people? Simple, appoint the right people that think the wrong way and have little to no regard for the will of the voters or the rights of taxpaying citizens And you still wonder why theworld looks at California as the land of fruits and nuts? For Parents: Inform children that it is wrong for adults to engage children in sexual activity.

Stress to your child that he or she should feel comfortable telling you anything, especially if it involves another adult. If your child does not feel comfortable being completely honest with you, then together you should find another trusted adult your child can talk to in confidence. One of the major reasons why it is important to be informed about sexual assault is so that you can take steps to prevent it. And, there are indeed steps you can take to reduce your risk of sexual assault, your child's risk, or the risk facing others. Also remember that in the vast majority of cases (up to 90); children are molested by someone they know.

Your efforts at keeping your child safe must be informed by this fact and not focused exclusively on the danger that strangers may present. Go to www.megan' and read, "How to Protect Yourself and Your This is why we (Dixon TFT's) don 't let anyone buy their way into children 's homes at Christmas with No adopt-a-family or any such thing. Thechildren and famili-escome to visit with us and our screened Santawho hands out all gifts. Nearby Park Neat But Expensive With summer here already Conversations By Loran Hoffmann andShirley Humphrey i ywkz. We launched a boat from Brannan Island State Recreation area last week to fish for stripers out of Rio Vista.

It was my first time there. We normally stay on this side of the bridge and launch from either the Rio Vista City launch or the county's Sandy Beach recreation area each cost $10. Sandy Beach has a neat RV park, swimming and fishing from both bank and boat. You just go to downtown Rio Vista and follow the signs to either place. Now the state place is a different breed of carp.

They charge $33 peak time camping with a $2 discount for seniors. Then if you want electric and water it goes up to $44 but if you pay that, you can launch a boat for $8. For day useyou'll Sewer Initiative Petition Signature Drive coming to an end We appreciate Dixon citizen's enthusiasm in signing the petition to hold a special election on the increasing sewer rates. In three short weeks the requisite number of signatures needed have been collected! The initiative along with signed petitions will be delivered to the City Clerk to begin the process of verification of signatures by the Solano County Elections Official. The shared belief that our "right to vote" is crucial and Proposition 218 that ensures California voters the right to vote on issues, such as this, made collecting signatures an easy task.

Proposition 218 authored by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and approved by the California voters in 1996 "ensures that all taxes and most charges on property owners are subject to voter approval. In addition Proposition 218 seeks to curb some perceived abuses in the use of assessments and property-related services." We will keep you posted on the progress of the initiative as it makes it's way through the city and county election channels. We look forward to letting you know the date and locations of polling places here in Dixon where you can file your ballot! Anderson Students Compete in "Battle of the Books" pay $10 andor $18 to launch. It's run by American Land and Leisure. The moral of this story? Stay on this side of the bridge and use the city or county sites.

More Things for Thought Tuesday morning more than 40 fourth, fifth, and sixth graders anxiously entered the multi-purpose room at Anderson School to compete in a battle of the books. The students formed teams of 3 to 4 students in February and worked together preparing for "the Battle." Each team had developed their own strategy for the competition. Principal, Brad Clagg, asked the teams of students 20 questions based on the six books that the students had read on their own the past 3 months. This was an extracurricular ac tivity for the students. Questions ranged from the names of 1 If Romeo and Juliet hadn't died they would have eventually married, had kids, gotten old and fat and grown to hate each so it actually was a happy ending.

Those magical three words you've been waiting so long to red, or white? There are approximately 1,025,110 words in the English language but I could never string enough of them together to properly express how much I'd like to hit you with a chair. I just told the wife it took her longer to pick out a Netflix movie than it took me to pick out her engagement bad analogy. The neighbor girl wants a smart car for her 16th she thinks it will do her geometry homework. I was teasing my granddaughter and said "When I grow up I'm going to be an she replied, "You're already grown up. You'll be dead soon." A new study says that sugar is as addictive as tobacco, alcohol and now I have to worry about testing positive for I never know what to do with my arms when I'm should I fold them? This is a problem.

I bought a collar with a bell on it for the damn now I can't sneak up on her to put it on. As a husband and father it troubles me that prisoners are given time in solitary I would gladly pay for some. My phone can hold 5000 or one voice mail from the wife. I don't eat breakfast in my underwear every morning, but when I I seem to get escorted out of IHOP. If you suffer from both paranoia and is everyone out to get you, just not right now? I didn't sign up for the 401k at there's just no way I can run that far.

Not entirely sure what a "propriate" but apparently I'm "in it. The region of Qatar that hasn't been electrified yet is called "acoustic" Qatar. A vegan, an atheist, a reformed alcoholic and an ex-smoker all walk into a everyone else leaves. Today I met one of those people on the bus that gets all ticked off when you stick your finger in their mouth when they yawn. This salad tastes like I'd rather be fat! Somebody is out there, somewhere, thinking of you and the impact you made in their but it's not me.

I think you're a fool. Why do medications always have side effects like "suicidal why not One of the lights in my bathroom is I look at least 10 years younger. If I had a dollar for every time one of my kids said "Dad, you're not funny!" I could buy a house at the and live alone. Don't confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I my attitude depends on who you are.

If someone ever tells you you're putting too much peanut-butter on your bread stop talking to them you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. My father always told me it's far better to shoot for the stars and miss than to aim for a pile of carp and hit. The neighbors loved my music so much once I turned it up they invited the police to come listen. If God had really wanted us to go metric Jesus would have had 10 disciples, not 12. If you find yourself being anxious over something you've said or done, just remember that 90 of the world only cares about what you look like.

I just ate what I thought was a feta cheese crumble from my salad off my turns out it was deodorant. And how is your day going? My wife looks for signs I'm but, seriously, who'd make a sign! I hate it when people ask me where I see myself 5 years from now when I can't even remember where the heck I was 2 days ago. the main characters, times and places of events to the names of the authors of the books. Monitors for the teams were retired teachers, parents, and community members. Yolanda Bryant, a parent of an Anderson first-grader, enthusiastically kept track of each team's responses.

Principal Clagg commended the students for reading the books, participating in the "Battle of the Books" and commented that reading forms the basis for many of their life's activities. This is the second year the competition was held; the school library was closed for four years so the books were not available to the students. But the competition is an activity that the students eagerly look forward to. All those that participated received a certificate of achievement and the first and second place teams received a medal and will be moving on to the District completion that will be held later this month at Anderson School. Congratulations to sixth-grade students, Carolina Garcia, Spirit Sanchez, and Lesley Perez in first place, with Ana Miranda, Joel Sanchez, Emily Torres, and Rodolfo Radillo coming in a close second after a 3 question tie-breaker.

The Train Never Stops in Dixon Local author, Bil Paul, has published a book titled, "The Train Never Stops in Dixon" is devoted to telling the story about Carissa Carpenter and the failed movie studio in Dixon. He will be at the Avid Reader, 617 Second Street, Davis on Friday, April 17 at 7:30 p.m.; at the Dixon Carnegie Library, Saturday, April 18, at 2:30 p.m., and at the Dixon Methodist Church, on Sunday, April 19, at 2:00 p.m. Sunday's presentation is sponsored by the Dixon Historical Society. If you cannot make any of these events, stop by Fisk Cyclery, 539 North Adams and purchase a copy or down load a copy to your reading device using Personal power and achievement appeared to be the driving force in decisions made by elected officials and city representatives on the merits of the proposed studio.

Bil has done an excellent job of writing and gives us a great deal to think about and evaluate before the next election. The Gift of Giving-Help Still Needed Three weeks ago, we mentioned Ms. Emmons, a local school teacher at Gretchen Higgins Elementary School. She has asked for donations to buy 6 iPad Minis for her students for group projects. The students will be able to use the iPad Minis for all subject areas, and many students at the school do not have a lot of opportunity to use technology outside of school.

For a complete description and the needs go to: http:www.donorschoose.orgprojectto-technology-and-beyond1521372?rfemail-system-20 15-03 -proposal approve teacher 2 campa ignproposal approve She still needs to raise about $1,000 ($1900 total). Community members can really help by contributing to this school project to make a difference in the lives of local youth. Contact us at: or 678-8917..

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