Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 8, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1947
Page 2
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PACK «—NAUCATUCK-NKW8 (CONN.), SATURDAY, FED. 8, 1M7 DREW PEARSON -.- ON "The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Gen. Eisenhower 'Received Professional Football Offers T6o; Republicans Search For Budget Cuts; Congressman Dirksen Unearths Income Tax Prosecution Bottleneck '\Vii.--li iiin't <"i — "\Vlicu tlio applications of West Point foot kill stars Blancharcl, .Davis and Poolc Tor leave, to play pro football came across tlic desk of Chief of Staff . the five-star General experienced a twinge of nostalgia. i "Back in 1H14. Tkr soklii-rcil along- the Mexican border M- the lah> (Joneral Fred Fimston— a dull, drab as- t which was lightened ass much as possible by various typos of athletic.contests. Eisenhower, then a 1st licuten-| .•int. was assigned the task of developing n piftsklA crew and pitched in with such enthusiasm that r,U team mopped up every other Army outfit along the border. It even tuup;ht somo of the universities of the south-west a lew fine points of the pame. The sc-ison was .scarcely ovor •when coaching offers began to pour in on Ki.Hcnhowcr—big money in the days whftn a lieutenant's stipend, including all allowances, ran around $1,800 a year. Tho temptation to resign anJ lae one of the golden offers was great, a.i Ike recently confided to a Congressional friend. "But," he added a little wistfully, "I Mad elected tho Ai-my us H. career; tho glittering offers were declined. "So," continued the Chief •friendly. Now, however, it's a different story. So far, the cross-examination has gone on behind closed doors and hasn't leaked to the press."But the grilling: Riven to conscientious Com- misioner of Internal Revenue Joe Nunan was one' of khc most penetrating to be hurled at a Government official in recent years. Called before tho subcommittee on Appropriations, which votes funds for the Treasury, Nunan was especially taken over the hurdles regarding the tremendous number of .income-fax coses which arc awaiting prosecution by the Justice Department. His Inquisitor wag able, hard-hitting Congressman Everett Dirksen of Illinois. A calendar ol events foi today, tomorrow and every day Tonight OJoda Council Valentine daiioe. Ladles' auxiliary of Montana'ri- Bado tost Valentine dance. West Side Community Club Valentino dance. Ladies' auxiliary ol Montanurl- rlado post Valentino dance. Feb. 9 Local 45, URLC P Workers of America meeting, St. Hcdwig's Sodality Valentine rlance. Basketball, Purple Knights vs. New York Brooklyn Colored Giants at Y. M, C. A. Feb. 10 Local 308, URCL & P Workers or 'America executive board meeting. Naugatuck Junior Woman's club meeting. Naugatuck .Woman's club Jun- jorettea meeting. Red Cross home nursing course. Fob. 11 Ramona Council installation of officers. St. Michael's Guild meeting. Boy Scoutcrs round table discussion. Garden department of Naugatuck Woman's clu'b meeting. Fob. 11 Local 218,' URCL & P Workers of America meeting. Salem Lutheran church anniversary celebration. Feb. 12 St. llichaol's Church Helpers monthly meeting. RUSSIA AND U. S. DISAGREE AT COUNCIL SESSION "When you find a tax return that you think has huprs in it,".,. mcctinK °' r i Dh-loen asked the Commissioner | c " mqcun *" Ladies' Aid society of Immanuel Lutheran church meeting. Feb. IS St. Michael's Women's auxiliary joint meeting:. Immanucl Lutheran church coun- T'oolo. Lliotigh in fairncao '.0 the Ciovurnnient, [ had to disapprove their requests. " "[ hop;!, ho-wovRr," ho "that all of them will bo wearing live jft'irs some clay." Note — Tho next year, 1013, Lt. Eisenhower Was given permission hy GeniM-il Pun.ston to coach the T'r-acocl; Military Academy at San- Antonio in his off time. He received S2fiO. The team won 5 out of 0 "It's sent In by a Held orticcr Feb. 14 Hill Community club Valentine dance. Foremen's club of Chemical f\nd for special study," replied Nunan. Synthotic plants monthly meeting, "7*hnn -j»»Vi«t hiinn^nu 1 ?" T^ili-«llprt I •«-, . ... Then what happens? Dirksen, pursued (Jui/./lnj: The nr>niocrats Tt'-- going to be a tough job to sr|iio(!xe much out of the budget. T'ist t.hi: croM-i-cxfimination which Government executive!) are getting from .tunic Ropu-bllcans is bound to have a healthy effect. For many years. Democratic executives were questioned by (Democratic Cor.tri'esamcn — usually TO — PIERPONT'S i wHi'r*. Athi'rlfiifl fn'i I .-.It HANK STHKKT STILL AVAILABLE!! A limited number of Cuthollo nml '1'rnt.cMlanl. rcllclnus calendar*. PIctiHc ti;lnpliii|iu If you rn one. BUCKMILLER Funeral Home !J2 PARK PLACE Telephone 4.114 "Then It goes to the General Counsel's oftlce of the Treasury fnr examination of Its legal aspects." "Then where docs it jro?" continued Dirksen. "Then if it's found to be airtight loyally," replied the Internal Kov- enuc Commissioner, "it corner back to mo." "Then where docs it fro?" ask- rd tho Congressman from Illinois. "Then it goes to the Justice Department for prosecution." "How many cases are over there no-w?" asked Dirksen. "T don't kjow," parried Nunan. "fiouldnt you guess?" "No, I couldn't guess." Income-Tnx Bottleneck "Wei!, here's a copy of Drew Pearson's Marry-Go-Round," said Pirksen, handing the tax commissioner a clipping, "whic'h says there (ire more than 300 cases piled up in tho Justice Department waiting criminal prosecution but which haven't been tried." 1 "Yes, there are at least that, many," replied Nunan. "Then Pearson didn't make such a bad guess." "He guessed wrong about my re- Fobruary 1," countered Nunan. "Well, now," continued the Conn, "instead of having tho Justice Department try those cases —where they are not being tried very 'fast—why not try them yourself ir. the Internal Revenue Bureau? You have your own lawyers, — In r«ict, more lawyers than the Tax Division of the Justice Department, When you send a case over to Ju.-itice, the lawyers over thure have to got familiar with all the facts. Why. not have the lawyers who already know.the facts tiy the cases'.'" "That's the idea I fMvc tong fa- Feb. IU Local 308, URCL & P Workers of America meeting. one littlo man %vh:> cun come up h»ie before this committee and hnlp to toll us whoio ive can make some .savings?" Mr. Nunan replied that he also was interested in savings, but that the bureau already had been .squeezed by the Budjret Bureau until it might seriously interfere with its functions. He said. However that he would -study the matter in making further cuts. Capital Chaff The RFC is under double fire. The. Bresvster Committee is reported probing- it. on the basis of tips from its old boss, Jes.30 Jones. .. .Meanwhile severe fireworks will come from the Senate Banking and Currency Committee, whose Chairman —Tobey of Now Hampshire—. wl make no effort to spare Jone--:... Dnmocratic Senators arc waiehin |-,b soo what Snio.ll Business Com niil.tee Chairman. Wherry, No brnska Republican, will do no\ that he has his own committc Snme of hi.3 loss kind colleague have selected a slogan "for When—"It is our aim to make sma businejd imallor and smaller." Th dual Governorship squabble 1 Georgia -s not th; only importan tost to 'j:me before Georgia coui-t this year. Another case is the li-be suit against poet Don West, whos new book, "Clods of Southern Earth," says a lot of things th Talmadgc-ites don't like. In a poerr or, the Harlan County, Kentucky mine shootings 13 years ago, Wcs refers to a man called "Charlii Lewallcn" who was shot while on strike. Talmadgeitcs in Hall Conn ty, Georgia, have now dug up a man by Lhc name of Charlie Linval len and got him to brir.g u $10,000 libel suit against West; In mo.5 places It would be laughed out o-t USING HIS HAND for emphasis, Andrei Grorriylco (left). Soviet U.N, delegate, takes Issue with a U.S. declara- •tion that an international system of security, must be thq first step toward disarmament. The U.S. view was stated by delegate W.arren Austin (hand'to mouth, right) at a meeting of the U.N. Security Council at Lake Success. New York. In center is British' delecate Sir. Alexander Cadoean. ' 'International"! By CHARLES S. CIVJXSKAS Let it be known to the honor-) Gel-many-was u. deserted woodland replied Cojnmlssloncr Nu- court . The private cemetery lob- FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Fur All Occasion* FLOWKRS EVERYWHERE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 1W> BOBBER A YEN Telephone 0233 nun, with the (\r.3t £leam of cri of the .intlre day. •\h«< Lincoln and Income TUXCH Cl-mnKing; the subject. Corwess- rntin Dirksen reminded the commissioner or the history of the Internal Revenue Bureau. "You'we ?ot n frreat bureau." lie said, "«nd It has some great history hc-hlnd It. It \v ;l s founded by Abraham Lincoln of my state. So you've ft-ot a great tradition to uphold. "Now, I don't know whether you rciiliv.e It. but you have 58,000people in your bure-iii. VVr in Conprcs..- <im (inxluu.v to .3(ivc money, and T know trmt yon nri: too. Now, of all those. 58.000 pcopic, isn't thcrr.- by is h:ird al'work against to dl feat the National Cemetery Bill. (Copyright. .1947, by The Eel Syndicate, Inc.) First canal at Sault Ste. Murie was built by Canadian trappers in 1789. It was destroyed by American soldiers in 1S14. . . . Signs tJN Document Legal Notice SPiCCIAt, FREEMEN'S MEETING TO THE LEGAL VOTERS OF THE TOWN AND BOROUGH OF NAUGATUCK Tho Freemen of the Borough of N'aufintuck. n. municipal corporation in tho County of New Haven, State of Connecticut, ai;e hereby warned and notified thnt in com- pllixnrc with the vote passed at the Special Freemen's.'Meeting- March JG, 19-13, and by direction of the Board of Warden and BurRosscs of the Borough of WauRatuck, there will be a Special Freemen's Meet- In?: held in the Tuttlc Music Shed, wo called, rear of 380 Church Street In suld Borough, on the l<Uh day c>C February 1947, at 8:00 o'clock In the afternoon, to consider the amendment to tho Borough Charter. "An Act Creating A Board Of Finance In Naugatuck." Dated at Naugatuck. Connecticut, this Oth day of February, '1947. Signed: LEO J. BROPHY, Warden. Attest: Chnrlee F. Daly., Borough Clerk..,. able 'citizens of the fair city ' of Naugatuck that one of its natives will goon be home for a long await_:d visit. I.t will be interesting tt compare personal reactions of a homecoming oC last March and this March. Life- in Berlin has changed considerably during the last'year and I am wondering if there arc any noticeable changes in Naugatuck, Connecticut, U. S, A. I know that the days of "Wcl- comoback Soldier" arc over and that there are stil! a few sad farewells of newly inducted' youngsters who seem to think there isn't any more i'un now that the fighting is over, but to a returning soldier or civilian ohcre will always be a "Wecome Home" and there will always be .1 fi'.d farewell. It is a welcome sight to visit the old haunts, to sou thfi same maple-lined streets, thn corner drug-.itore, your amiable grocer and neighbor, your smiiinp attendant at the movie theater and the cop en the corner who seems lo bo always there watching .out for you. All a, r those things typical of a small town, small town with a. big heart! Yi'.s, it will be a sad farewell when tho time comes to go bnck to a big town with a smnll heart. Therefore, if I remember the big he-art of the small town, life in l'.:c big town can be bearable. February 19th 1 leave by American Overseas Airlines for gatuck, one clay's 'travel time won't )o soon enough for me. I only rc- Krct that I have t'hc short time of tu-t; months to reocquaint myself with the town 1 left .six yeari ngo. It is hard tu say wnat I will do with two months, visits to old :'ru-nds there certainly will be, doubtless I will lie a stranger in my own_ back yard, for I know through tho Nauatuclt NEWS that Fern street has been extended and that old neighbors havo left, and in August 18-15, today the old bulldinjjs had ,their war paint removed "and" stand while and brilliant in ; the January snows, trafflo has increased 300 per cent, a vehicle passing the corner of Kron- prinzenallee and Saargemundes- trasse on the average of one a minute and three a minute during the noon rush..An enlisted man's club "Club 48" occupies this corner and at night the neon sigh burns brig'htly with the outline of the US there for all to sec. Golf Course Jn !!>e woods opposite the cornerstone to "Truman Hall" was laid in October lfl-15. Today an impressive building stands and therein dwell tho staff and material to feed some 3000 US citizens. Opposite is the "Crown Rod Cross Club." A miniature golf course has been -built on '.he grounds and the club is stil! ,'is attt-.icfivc as it used several noticeable changes have taken place, particularly where my work Is concsrncd, IL being doubled and publications have to be printed in half the time it took before wito samr> amount of personnel here In the printing plant. The bus lines have been consolidated into a good workinc order, 15 new Chevy buses have supplanted the old German double deckers, route-s have been shortened so that you can go anywhere in the Amcrncan sector without once transfer!.IK to a. con- noctinc route. The wire fences around the soldier compounds nru slowintr nnrvowlnir down 10 a smaller area. American families are moving In and in some cases thn houses that are in fair condition are being returned to the 'forrrr- p.r Gurman owners. Tho U-Babn station at Olskar Helcnc Heim has boon renovated, new paths put in and tho appearance has generally improved 100 per cent, it being advantageous to everyone concerned. Berlin Coming Back So .Tftor a year wo find Berlin slowly regaining its fcot and slowly it is .Retting the reputation once more of beins: an international city. Granted, the i-uhblc henp.3 are still here, tho winters <iro as cold as ever and "Strum-sparrin" is to he except that all the old face* • st m the order of thq day. This is and tho busy periods are gonc'. ln order that affects everyone. Al- whcn tho club used to be packed, lics and Germans nliko. It is par- u-uh soldici-3. The Army Exchange; ticularly aggravating when you Service has taken over Rod Cross cro in the middle of u press run Club management and we sort 01? and time is of the utmost import- miss the informal prood times had anc0i ],„'. %vhen you C0ns i c j el . that there. Today it is a strict business management, very efficient and everything there for your comfort. For civilians and olfiocrs there is always a better time in the 'officers' clubs and as several have beon closed due to lack of patronage, H a r n a c k House in the form- hospitals have power cut-offs too. ihcn you can afford to be a little patient. I am sorry I haven't kept up "weekly" articles .to your paper, but <is time went along instead of Jin<!spare time. I have been busiei than I have ever beer, in my life. Funerals MI-H. Julia Hurley Kunernl services for Mrs. Julia (Slichnn) Hurley, widow gf Timothy Hurley, fi/.-mcrly of Watcrlmry, wen- held yesterday from the Mul- villc Funeral Home to tho'Church of MIC Immnculate Concopllon. Wa- tcrbiiry. The Rev. Richard Phillips was celebrant of the MOHK, ' Uic Rev. Georfte Rcllly, <!»-:ic-on, and r.ho Rev. Phillip Husscy, aub-dca- con. Fred F. Harmon wa« oi-gan- 1st and soloist. Burial was in Si, James' cemetery, with committal .-crvices read by Father Phillips. Bearers were John and Edward Bclz, William and Thomas Skehan, Thomas Sullivan and Walter Po- The U. S, secret service bureau was established in ]8RO, its onlv function at 'that lime to detect and arrest -counterfeiters!Episcopal Bishop SUFFRAGAN BISHOP for the last sixteen years, the Right Rev. Charles K. Gilbert, 68, is shown outside the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York after he was elected Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Now York. He succeeds the Right Rev. William T. Manning, retired. (Infcrnclional) Wo Ilnvo Ii: UOII.MI-VER r.lffrrtv FOOU.MC.XEIt M.P. CORPORAL Joseph DuMtfc (above), 29, of Clarcmont, N. »„ stationed at Fort Dix, N. J., Isbeiig hold "on suspicion" In connection witb the "Black Dahlia" murder. When DuMais was arrested on u embezzlement charge, the author!* tict found in his possession ft clip, ping referring to the Elizabeth Short slaying. He admitted that ht had •' date with the girl on Ju£ uary9. (JnternationclSoundplioto) MAINE GETS SUN HRST ; Millinockcl, Me, (UP)—When the sun rises each morning, the fiut American soil bathed by its rays, is the summit of Mount Katahdin (i). tltudc 5,267 feet), the highest pe«k in Maine. •-••... Best Fitting SLIP COVERS At Lowest Prices ALLEN'S Furniture Factory 1 Grand St., Waterbury Right now I -\m anxiously nw.iit- or Kniser Wi.'helm Institute i.s still tho in B e r M n. j the"the IB'Oh of February so call out wing has beer, added to_ the tho fire department and put an ex-' Ira sqund of police on the outskirts Harnnck House Bar and th,-. Marine Room is as fine a bar as you will find anywhere in Europe today or Now York for that mailer. Hero too there have boon changes. Likewise there is an ab- .-•cnoe of tha o!d familiar faces and! an increase in new people, the ma-' jority being dependents of person- of Naugy and try to keep me out of town.' Sincerely yours. CHARLES S. CrviNSKAS (Civy to You:) Berlin, Germany, Jan. 30, 19-17. worn replaced by new neighbors, 1 no! ncl '° ' r - Omgus. The Wednesday :n new homes that lengthened t.ho| ;ir " Saturday ;ind Sunday dances are somewhat improved and abundantly patronized, drinks and food are still at very reasonable -prices, very reasonable in fact. Where else could you gat a whiskey and coke for 20 cents? Consolidation November, 1946, the troops of Berlin Command r.nn.solidated will OmKus into one headquarters for Berlin and since'the consolidation rimal! stroet. atop of 'Swede HIK.' War or no war, life has gone on in my small neighborhood ar.d two months wi.'l bi> enough time to start getting acquainted with my new neighbors. Old Faces Gone v The "pjone'or" days of Berlin Occupation arc gnnc and here too the old faces are slowly disappcarm and being replaced by the sma army of Statewide citizens. Slowl but surely I.he .soldier Is being re olaccd by civilians and slowly th War Department civilian is being eased out by the native population who will some day take over the! government. Only rarely today do you seo n soldier of the old lin outfits, the 2nd Armored, the 3rd tho fiOth and the 78th Infantry Dj visions, '.he S2nd Airborne, and ately the new faces of the IGtl Regiment of the famous 1st dl ision. At 'one time all thesu out It? were commonplace, and when •ieo .someone wearing those matches arid others I' have known do not hesitate to strike a convei Cation and rcminrsoe over tho old .irnes. The ways of war lead to trange paths, whoever though .hat the Berlin that was bombcc >y tho US Ah- Force would bo re- milt by the same forces .that de- it'royed it. Indirectly US citizen destroyed Germany and indirectly he US citizen is helping- build Germany. Traffic Increases Omgus, Headquarters, • Berlin- BRITISH 'delegate-to the'United'Na- '•tl'ohs/.-i5ir -Alexander Ca'doga.ri, affixes', his'signature .to,tne/co'n'stitu. tion of; the .Internationa] .'Refugee .Organization and the.agreement on UiterJhiimeasures'to'betaken'in respect-to refugees, and'.displaced person*. The signing .took, place at Lake Success;"!}.' Y. {.International) Just Received A Shipment Of Modern Radiators Enough for 10 Seven Room Houses Firse Come - First Served The Waterbury Heating Co. Z-eudcr.s In Homo Heating 34-38 Sprlnjj St. Phono, 4-6478 Wttterbury Furnnces. Cleaned and Hepnirod . . . Clilmneys Cleaned WE'RE ALTERING OUK STORE Watch Us Grow! CORNER CANTEEN 392 No. Main Street "Dbiii" Tollcrlco, Prop. WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 152 CHURCH STREET Hut Off The Juke Boxes! ! POPULAR RECORDS 25c . WETTER, Qmlfltfr Itthlmg ami Mixing It bftk a*abi Ihiprovrd Mortd. 3 Kilfhpn irMert Hprtdii. S : Uin)c^^ ClimiYiium "|icar.>h*pcJ" lieilert- for lirllrr blcndin;. Llrpc «nd tmill revaliinf tion'l<. I'nwrr juicer, rtjtii Hrainiii^ bowl,. Gtiwonittd! Bill's Danbury Hatter 5T SOUTH MAIN ST. Wm. Mariano, Prop. " Men's Hats Cleaned, Blocked Faclory MolhodK NEW MATS FOn SALE . Hals JIadc to Order [Shop Here And Save! ( CRIBS •CARRIAGES. I HIGH CHAIRS I ROCKERS . ..• ._.,';,; i FLAY YARDS TAYLOR TOTS : Complete Line of Juvenile Furniture in vlic City • BENSON'S KIDDIK SHOP ISO SOUTH MAIN 8tt'v Waterbury FOR RANGE OB FUEL OIL TEL. 5618 Bill's Fuel Oil Service 59 Woodland Street "Bill" Marlnelll, Prop. 413 No. Slain St. Union City- Store Open Friday Night Until 8 O'Clock' DON'T MISS AUTOMATIC REDUCTION SALE 09 N. MAIN STREET . Waterbury Tel. 3-2727 FRED'S HI-WAY GRILLE SOI South Main St. Regular Daily Dinner SOc up A La Carte Menu Spaghetti To Take Out Banquet Room, Cocktail Lounge Full Liquor License Venetian Blinds In Stork. S Dor Hrrvioe LEBON'S (TO No.-Main St. JV1. S-7S81 ; • Waterhury CLEANERS 11 CI1UHC1I ST. TEL. 5174 Work Called For and Delivered - CLOSING OUT! Children's ROCKING CHAIRS &J..J/O up JUVENILE FURNITUBE BEACON KIDDIE CENTER 78 GRAND STREET Waterbury DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 8787 J. I,. MAZILAUSKAS, Prop, SALES — SERVICE LEARN;:->, ^- -,,.-,... , -'•.:,.- '- . PHOTOGRAPHY . Sixteen, Week Course In Modern Photography CLASSES NOW FORMING WBlTE. TODAY for INFORMATION CONCERNING CL.VSSKS Certified By The Connecticut State Hoard of Kdiicutlon THE COLONIAL ACADEMY OF, PHOTOGRAPHY / Box S2T — MTCirFIEY.P, CONN. — T<-l. nO!»8, REMINGTON' and SCIIICK ELECTRIC SHAVERS SCIIICK SHAVERSETiS G. K. Table Model Radio* Portable Electric Record Plu,ver» G. E. Electric Mantle Clocks Electric Irons HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHURCH STREET VERPLEX SHADES 69c to $0.95 STRISIK'S 1 U Outer St. It You Want to Buy or Sell REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 FILLED COFFEE CAKES HARD CRISPY ROLLS CREAM GOODS CITY BAKERY It. P. STOPPANI, Prop, ftfnpla Streot • Telephone 867S GET A JEEP Tniir . LIBERTY MOTORS, •«4 llnrrl.nn Off Bxrhnnire I'luir. V •I'lionf, t-|iMZ CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY IN NEW QUARTERS. AT 28 CHURCH STREET Tel. S219 — RADIOS — — PHONOGRAPHS — Radio - Phono Combination* RADIO RKI'AIB SERVICE . 1947 Marks Our 104th Year of Successful Rubber Footwear Manufacturing With Tliis Record of Achievement Behind Us We Look Forward to Future Security and Prosperity For Our Company, Our Employees and the Community UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. "Serving Through Science" Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugratiick

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