The Hillsborough Recorder from Hillsborough, North Carolina on September 22, 1852 · Page 4
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The Hillsborough Recorder from Hillsborough, North Carolina · Page 4

Hillsborough, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1852
Page 4
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V' GI'iRnY PECTORAL A . tei Car r 1 CGCCSS. COLDS, E01ESEXESS, cscxccms, iTcoonxG-ccrcn, ' fZZXTt ASTE31A, 1XD ' coxsLTirnos. h Of all the numerous medicine extant, (and me of them valuable) for the cure of pulmoofr ry complaints, nothing haa ecT,becn,found which 'could compate in iu effect with this Preparation. Other cure sometimes, hut at all time and in all disease of the -lungs and throat where medi cine can rive relief, this will do it. It ia plea saqt to take, and perfectly safe in accordance with the direction. We do not advcrtixe for the information af those who have tried it, but those who have not. Families that hate known its value will not be without it, and by its timely use the; are secure from the dangerous const- 'qnencea of Coughs and Colds, whjch, neglected, ripen into fatal consumption. The Diploma of the MassachuseU Institute wa awarded to tni ' preparation by the Board of Judges in September 1847; also,,the medals of the three gieat Institutes of Art, in ttu'a ebun-liy; also, the Diplema of the Ohio Institute at Cincinnati, has been riven to the Caiaar Pe- -roaii, by their Government in consideration of .. ti ' i 1 V" ,r..t. . its extraordinary excellence ami uwiuiness in cfcrina affectldns of tha Lungs and Throat. Read the following opinion founded on th Jong experience of the eminent Physician of the 'Port and CuVof ' k St. Johns, May J 851 Dr. J. C. Aver. Five years trial of you CHERRY PECTOK A L in 'my practice, has proven what I foresaw from its comMMtion, must be true, that it eradicates and cures the colds and roughs to which we, in thia section, are peculiarly liable. ' ' ' I think ite equal haa not yet been discovered, nor do I know how better remedy can be made i .. .... ' . r .1 ' il . - . I I ... lor the tllKtempci oi me i iiriwi auu i-unm L J. BURTQN, M. D, F. R. 8. fu what ii liu dons on a wasted consti lution, not only in the following cases, bui in a thousand more; f . i . - Scoarax, Jan. 54th, 1851. Dr. Aver: In the month of July last ( was at tacked bv a Violent diafihcea In the minea of California. ' Ir'eiurrjcd''to Sjati Tjaridsco in hope of receiving benefit from a cha nge of climate and diet Mv diarehcra cased, but was followed by a vorv severe couah and much soreness. I fi nally started for home, but received no benefit TroTi the vovaire. My cough continued to grow worse, and when I arvived in New York, I was at once marked by my acquaintances as a victim of consumption. I must confess that I aaw no sufficient reason to doubt what my friends all believed. At thia time I commenced taking your truly invaluable medicine with little expectation - . . i . r . ' . ' .... I I ot deriving any Deneoi irom us use, icu wouin 'hot receive these Knes did f hot rcfrard K my drj tv to state to tha afticted, through you, that my . . . . . ' t . .L . ! . A. II.. - - peallh, in me space oi eigni momus, is iuiit re siorcd. I nttriiuAe it to fhe cse of yopr CHEH' "RY PECTORAL.' a Yours truly, ' ' ... t ' " VTILLIAM W. SMITH. Washington, Pa., April 18, 1848. Dear Sin Feeling that I have been spared from t premature grave, throngli yournislrumentaliiy by the providence of God, I will take the liberty to express to vou my gratitude. : A' Cough and the alarming symptoms of Con; sumption had reduced me ton low to leave me anything like hope, wher) my physicinn brought me a bottle'of your "Pectoral." It seemed to af-foid immediate relief, and now in a few weeka time baa restored me io souna neaun. ' If it will do for othbis what it has done forme, you are certainly one of (he benefactors of man kind. Sincerely wishing foil eveiy blessing, I im very respectfully yours, " ' JOHN J. CLARKE, Rector of St. Peter's Church. With such assurance and front such men, no stronger proof can be adduced, unless it be from its effects upon trial. 1 TlT Prepared snd Sold byJAME3C. AYER, Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowill, Mas achusetla. rjSold in HilUboiough at the Drug Stare of Dr. 8. D. tC HOOLFI E L D, and by Druggists and Dealeisin Medicines every where, - June 10: .' ' " ' " ' ' J5-. BUANDRKTH'3 RILLS. Aneurism, or Enlargement of (he Heart, AxU- USC the pi A or three times a week in do-ses sufticient'td purge freely ; 'snd vylien a paroxism comes on, a fearless use' of the Pills mu4 be made) down with sit of eight, snd in a tittle while rejieat the dose ; do this until the bowels are A ongly purged. This effected, the danger is over for that attack. Angina pectoris and stone in the calt-hldder are treated iu the same rainner ; and although consideied incura Ve by the med 1 profession, are cured by the of Bramlreth s Pills, files are cured by .... ..... Bremlr. its rills, m sever atwets me doses xoust be full ; six or eight for a few nights to-rher wit) ears the worst cases. Whenever bt aiseaas comes on in tne ireauneni or uner tuwa-sea, it ia a good sign ; use nothing but the pills, and, as sn outwari 'application, cold cream or lard, and maze frequent use of cold water IocjIIv Where there have been pectoral afTvctiuus, a - ast'ima, consumjition, &c. perseverance will be required uh the pills to effect a permanent cure, Bu' any other Course will assuredly bring on the pectoral affection. In catei of Debility, WenJenm, gosling, De tune, or Cowiuinptioit approaching, it will bo Necessary to cfl tinicnce wih sin til does. Beein With one pill goirig'to bed;' next night two pills; iio thii afierrtafely tut three or four daysj or lonefVif no alteration takes place, then increase a pill each niht uniil five or six pills are used. then decrease br one pill, now a to one pill. $'iodld any feverish symptoms ariae, then take strong djses until the (ever i rdu "ed. When t'u is done, the patient may drop down to such d tsea dS their Own judg nent sh ill determine ; henit e ireful to keep the drain upon the impure bumjis; as these ate rcmovi(, so will be their ijvanceineot to sound health. ' Dr. Brafldreth'e Principal Oilice, S41 Boad wiy Xew York.' " rAeenU tw tho eale cf Ursndreth'a Pills P. Hesrta, Hillsborough J. B. M'Dade, Chapel XTiU: O. A. MeltaHe. Masoo IIII; A. Mickle A Bingham'! School. ' ' l.QQQ VAR.D3 TuT and Cotton C'lofh'wanted it. LONU & AVEBB'S. letfieinW5S. 02 DACON ! BACON!! AriNk? M of .Xarth Oirolina Bro for sale at ' f Hfi DKUG STDH5E. Liver CcmIcint, AUNDICE, DYSPEPSIA, CHROMC OR ERVOlIS DEBILITY, DISEASES OF ' .THE KIDNEYS,:' " ' ' 'and ' ' ' ' ,' I All Diseaaea arisir.g from a dis-wdered Lver or Stqm- ' aeh, such ai Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullnesa of Blood to . the Head, Acidity of ;he$torpach, Nausea, Heart Burn. Disiruat for Food. Fulloees, or Weight in the 8tomach," Sour Eruchtions, . . . . tki. r.i Sinking or riuttenng at me ru oi meoioin-acb,twimmingoftheHead,Hurriedarid : Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at -the Heart, Choking or SulTo. '" eating enRaljona.when , a a dying posture,' - V ' Dimness of.Vi- ' v ' ion,,Dota . ' or Webs before tbeJBioht, : ." Fever and dull P!n in the Head, Deficinet or Perniiration, Yellqwnesa of the Skin and f yea, . '. - . i n.l. fL-.l v . - C.I fain in me pine, iick,.vubi, luuhw, wit i?u- SSb Flushes nf Heat, Burning in the f lesh, Con stant Imaginings of Evil and Gieal Depression of Spirits, can be effectually cured by nil. UOOFLAND'S ' CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS. PREPARD BT DR. 0. IS. JACKSON AT THR CRRMAN MEDICINE iTORE, W Arch Street, Philadelphia. Their power over the above dicute$ it goi ex celled tl equaJtedDi any mner preparation in the United Statu, a fhe cure atleaf, in ma ny euMi ofler nkilful p hyiaaani had failed. These Bitters are wotthy the attention of in-vlids. Posseiwinir sreat.virtues in the rectiScation of dioeases of the Liver and lesser gland,, exer- rbtinar the most sesrehintr powers in weakness and affections of the diwstive oieans.they are with al, safe, certain anJ pleasanj. . HEAD AND BK CONVINCED. From the " Boston Bee." Tha editor aaid, Des. 22d. Dr, Hooflana"! Celebrated German Bittern for tho cure of Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Dyspep sia, uaronic or jv.ervoue uenmiy, ia uescrveuiy one of the most popular medicines or the day. These Bittera hive been used by thousands. and a friend at our elbow aaya he haa himself! received an effectual and permanent euia ofi Liver Complaint from tho nee or tnta remedy Wo are convinced that, in tha use of these Bit tera. the patient constantly tains strength and vigror a fact worthy of great consideration. Thev sra nleasantin taste and smell, mid can be used by Demons with the most delicate stomachs with safety, under any circumstance. We are speaking from expetieuce, nou to the afflicted we auviss uieir use, Scott'a Weekly ," one of the beat Literary papers published, suiil, Aug. a , . M Dr. lloofliind s German Bitteia, manufactur ed Dr. Jackson, are now recommended by some of the most prominrnt members of the faculty as an article of mcch efficacy in casca of female weakness. As such is the case, we would advise all mot'iers to obtain a bottle, and thus save them selves much sickness, persons of debilitated constitutions will find these Bittera advantageous to their health, as we know from experience the ia lutary effect they hive upon week systems." MORE EVIDENCE, . . The Philadelphia Saturday Qflielle," fhe best family newspaper published in the United States. The editor says of DR. HOOFLAND's GERMAN BITTEKB. " It is seldom that wo recommend what are termed Patent Medicines, to the confidence and patronage of our readers ; and therefore when we recommend Dr. Honfttind'a German Hitters, we wish it to be distinctly understood that we ire not peaking of the nostrums of the day, that aia noised about for brief period and then forgotten after they have done their guilty race of mischief, but of a medicine long established, universally prized, and which has met tho hearty approval of the faculty itself " Evidence ypon evidence has been received (like the foregoing) front all sections of the Union, the last 'three years, and the strongest testimony in its favor, is, that there is more of it used in the practice of tho regular Physicians of Philadelphia, than all other nostrums combined, a (act that can easily be cstafdifhed, and fully proving that a scientific prpparatjqh will meet w'jrii thejr quiet approval w,hcn piespnted even In this forrri. That this medicine will cure Liver Complaint and Dspepeia, no one can doubt afler using it as directed. It act's sicificalfy upon the stomach and liver,' it ia preferable to calomel in allbilioui rfi's-ease the effect is immediate, They can le ad-miniMeied to female or infant with safely and, reliable benefit at any lime. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. This medicine has attained f'lat high character which is necessary for all medicines to attain to Induce counterfeiters to put forth spurious article at the risk of the jyet, of thaso who are innocently deceived. ' . Look well to the V)arl of the genuine. They haye the written signntare of C, M. JACKSON upon the wrapper, and Ills name blown in the bottle, without which Ihty are spurious. ' ' " " For sele Wholesale end Retal at the GERMAN MEDICINE STORE. No 120 Arch street, one door ' ,ov Sixth, Philadelphia; and by respectable I lers generul-y thiough the country. PRICES ItEIlUCED. To, enable hII chinei of invalids U enoy the advantages of their great restorative powers. Single Dottle Also for Sale bv Dr. S. I). SCIIOOLFIELT), Dugjrjst, Hillsborough, N. C. - Whole.-k- A Rent for North and South Carolina. Harettrndy Hurrall 4f Co., Charleston, 8. C. Jan.SI. 18 FOR SALE at TBK DRUG STORE, (For flcdieinal Purposes OnlyJ 1 DAKREL French Brandy, pure, 1 da. Madeira Wiire. I da. Piirt ' do. 1 do. Sherrj do. 1 do. Teneriff do. ' I Ho. Old Rye Whiskey. November 4. ' 'OA HISTORY 0,F THIS great work, by Col. Waatiaa, will be ready for delivery in few days. Tre auli-acriber, having contracted, with the author, fur the sale and delivery of the aaid work, for all the Counties and Towns embraced in the 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th and Stb Judicial Circuits, (except Raleigh and three or four counties in the 6th circuit.) would Inform his fwnds and subscribers, that the distribution of the work will commence thia month. Any person wishni the work can procure it from the subscriber. Price to subscri- bers fz.'OO, non-subscntrs fT.'in. , Religious, Litesary, Tempersare and School Books for Sale. 1 Also, General Collecting Agency. SAMUEL PEARCE, Agent. IMsborough, Nov. t, 15 1, , . ' , Jond sTprJJrif ,fo Jirl t 0igrrir, In th xu Ihil. by j. S. U'tViiHTON. M H., iu I bo cirrk's OitiO ff the iJixrrict Court for Uie Lurn District of Peiinn.vHiioi. Anotlxer Ecisntific "Vcnder! CREAT OURE FOR DYSPEPSIA! Dr. j. c. nouciiTcrro Atf rjsifiiir-"-- n '"'aim i" ; THE TRUE : DIGESTIVE FLUID, OR, C1A8TKIC JIICE. PREPARED .from fiennet.r.lhe fpuith Sto- mach of the Oi, after directiona of liaron Liobig, ht great PhyajologlcalChemiat. bj.J. 8 Hauehton. M. D Philadelphia, fa. Thisjs a truly wonderful remedy tor Indiges tion. Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Liver Complaint. Uon stipation and Debility .Curing afterNaturea'a own method, bv Nature a own A gent, the Oast rid uics. fXj lalf a teaspoonful of Pxpsih, ipfused in water, w ill digest or dissolve FivePounds of Roast Beef in about two hours, out of the stomach. PEPSIN is the chief element, or Urea t Digesting Principle of the Gastric Juice the Solvent of the Pood, the Purifying, Preserving, and bit mutating Agent of the Stomach and Intestines. It ia attracted from the Digestive stomach of the Ox, thua forming an Artificial Digestive Fluid, precisely like the natural Gastric Juice in its Che mical powers, and furnishing a Complete and Perfect Substitute for it. By the aid of this pre paration, the pains and evils of Indigeston and Dyspepsia are removed, just as they would be by a healthy Stomach. It ia doing wondera for Dyspeptics, curing cases of Debility, Emaciation, Nervous Decline, and Dyspeptic Consumption, supposed lobe on the verge of the grave. The Scientific Evidence upon which it is based, a in the highest degree Curious and Remarkable. SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE! Baron Lir.aie in his celebrated work ojn Animal Chemistry, aaya: " An ArtjJic,iaJ Digestive Fluid, analogous 0 the Gastric Juice, may be readily prepared from the mucous membrane of the stomach of the Call, in which varions articles of food, as meat and eggs, will he"msoflcned,ehanged, and dissented, just in tine same manner as Ihty would it in the human stomach" Dr. Com ie, in his valuable writing on the " Physiology of Digestion," observe that " a diminution of the duo qunntity of the Gastric Juice is a prominent and all-prevailing cause of Dyspepsia;" and he etatoa lhat"a distinguished professor of medicine in London, who waa severely afflicted with thia complaint, finding everything else to fail.) had recourse to the Gastric Juice, obtained fiom the stomach' of living animals, which proved completely succestfutf i Dr. GaiHiv, author of the famous WQiks on "Vegetable Diet," says : "It is a remarkable fact in physiology, that the stomrche of animal ma cerated in water, impart to the Quid the property of dissolving various article of food, and of effecting a kind pi artificial digestion of I hem tit no wise different from the natural process' ' Xy Call on the Agent, and get a Descriptive Circular, gratia, giving a large amount of Scientific Evidence, similar to the above, together with Reports of Remarkable Cu res, from al) parts of the United Sir 'a. AS A DYSPEPSIA CURER, Pr. Houghton's Pepsin has produced the most marvellous effects, in curing casca of Debility, Emaciation, Ferrous Valine, and Dutpeptie Consumption ft ia impossible to give the details of cases in the limits of this advertisement; but authenticated certificates have been given of more than Two Hundred Remarkable Cures, in Philadelphia, New York and Bostpn ajone. These were nearly all desperate cases, and the cures were not only rapid and wonderful, but perma nent. ." ' . :- It is a great Nervous Antidote, and particularly useful for tendency to Bilious disorder, Liver Complaint, Fever and Ague, or badly treated Fever and Ague, and the evil effect of Quinine, Mercury, and other drugs upon the Digestive Or gans, after a long sickness. Abo, for excess in eating, and the loo free use of ardent spirits. It almost reponciles Health with Intemperance. OLD STOMACH COMPLAINTS. There U no form of Old Stomach Complaints which it'loes not seem to reach and remove at once. No matter how bad they may be, it gives Instant Keliet 1 A single dose removes all the unpleasant symplomst and it only needs to be repeated for a short time to make these good effects permanent, runty of Ulood, and Vigoi of Body follow at once. It is particularly excellent in cases of Nausea, Vomiting, Cramps, Soreness of the pit of the Stomach, distress after eating, low, cold state of the Blood,Heaviness, Lowness of Spirits Despondency, Emaciation, Weakness, tendency to Insanity, Suicide, &c. Lir. Hougnton a repsin, is soiu ny nearly all the dealers in fine drugs and Popular Medicines, throughout the United Mates. It is prepared in Powder and in Fluid from and in Prescription vims tor tne use oi rnysicians. Private Circular for the use of Physician may be obtained of D,r. Hpughto or hja Agents, describing the Whota process w preparation, and giving the authorities upon which the claims of this new lemedy are based. Aa it ia not a Se cret Remedy, no objection can be raised against its use by Physicians in resectable standing and regular practice. Price, One Dollar per bottle. dj" Observe This '-.-Every bottle of the gen-nine Pepsin bears the written signature of J. 8. Houghton, M. D sole proprietor, Philadelphia, t'a. Copy-right and I rade Mark secured. 8old by all Druggists and Dealers in Med't cine. EST For sale by D. Ileartt, Hillsborough. January 8. , 16 House and Los near Rillsborougb, FOR SALE OR RENT. rpHE House and Lot where the late Priestly H. Mangoni resided, near i illsborough, orj tho Oxford road, is offered for ssle or rent. The Douse is plfassntly situated, apd though not wiium me cytpvTauun, is suuicirmiy near to enjoy the advantage of the town. The lot has on it all the necessary out heuses, a good well, and a garden. A. Jot adjoining, containing about three acre, will alpo be olJ with the ojlter pfe-njioes. ' For term, apply, to Stephen Moore, eiq. Hills- oorougn. December 13. HO R TOON'S POEMS, A FEW Cop'ieaol th Poem of George Hor V too, the colored Bard of Cbapcl Hill, containing also a aketta o( hi life written by him-self, may be had al thia Office. Price 25 cent. March 9th, o BLANKS for SU t thii Office. If Tin and Copper Factojy Notice Thia while you are mqing. nnHE subscriber has opened a Tin gnd Cop JL per Facu7 in the Town of Uifltoiougn, and ho will try to conduct it in the best manner He haa Drocured one of the best of Northern workmen, and bia work win do maue oi ue ven material and in the beat atyle. After trying the ... s . a L I a work, and it should prove not to bo good, it may bo returned and more cot in ita place. Tin will be .sold fit Nflrthem Pr,icea with coU and car riage. All bills, to the amount of fifty dollars, at any place in the Slate, all to the amount of twenty-live dollars, within fifty miles of this plsce, and all hill) of any amount, within twenty-five miles, will be filled and delivered free of charge for transportation. He would spy to bis customers, that he will veil woik a low as any house in the State. The subscriber returns hi thank for past fa vor, and he hope be will receive a liberal ahare of patronage, jis he pledge himself to do justice and to endeavor .to give full satisfaction in hi work. AH order will be thankfully received, and the work done with neatness and despatch Q3 His (hop will be found at thi time one door below Mai. Palmer a Store, V. S. CHEEK. November 18. . JO "Honey Saved is Honey Hade." THE undenigned, having formed a co-partnership in the Mercantile Business in the owji of Hillsborough, under the style Qt 4.S1C NOW HKCKIVINO AND OPENING THEIR Stock of Spring and Suintuer GOODS, selected with great care in the Northern markets. and consisting of almost svery article usually kept in a country store; all of which they offei for sale at very low rates. All they desire of the public ia to examine their assortment before purchasing elsewhore, feeling confident they can please in .quality and price. ." dj Country-made Japes, and almost any coun try Produce, taken in exchange for Good. ' WM. NELSON, VM. PAUL. April ST. 3 IIOES ! SHOES ! i i - Black and Colored GAITERS and H A LF G A ITERS, from Mjes & Son, Philadelphia. Cloth Gaiters and Half Gaiter, from Bobjnaon 5c Co., Philadelphia. Bootees for l.adiesjvlsff and Lhiulreri. Also a good assortment ot Boots, Lined and Bound 8hoes, and Brogan. Just received at LONG & WEBB'S. October 2. 04 WATTS'S Neryons Antidote and Physical RESTORATIVE. this wonder of the aoeo most powerful and wonderful medicine vr lliaenvArMl. fiinarnnlifl Irt mil Avarv Nervous or Spasmodic Disease, such a ISeu ralgia, Tic Doloreux, Convulsion, Fits, Rheu .... , .... j matism, dec. For sale at the pRUG STORE. May 11. $4 NEW riRIrl, rIHE jubseribers, having purchased the entire block of Ij. m. Holt & Co., respectfully in form the public that they will continue the husi nesa at the same well-known aland, where they will be pleased to see the pld customers pf the concerp, and their frjend generally. 1 hey hav purchased the stock on terms whjch will enable (hem to sell Goods lower than they have hereto fore been sold iq this market, and they intend domz so. I hey will be receiving a new supply of fresh Good in a few days, which will render their sfock complete. Call and see before pur chasing elsewhere. J. J. & C. J. FREELAND March 10. 25 Very Cheap Googs! RESPECTFULLY announce to their cus- toiners and the public geneially, that they are now in receipt ot a very large and, complete asouriuiviii vi Spring & Summer Goods which they are anxious t,o sell, and will sell u,p- on reasonable terms many Goods lower than ever before. Please call and examine their stock- Hillsborough, March 31, 1852. 38 FOR SALE. f EG HORN. Plain Straw, fancy Straw. Biaid end Silk Bonnets and Straw Trimming. A-so a superior assortment of Bonnet, Sssh, aud Neck Kiband. LQNG Si WEBB. April 27. 33 SHQES! IV E are receiving, and will keep a good as- lortment of Ladies' Slippers, Walking Shoes and sboetees. Also At loses an,d Chil dren cboc of the best make. LONG, 6 WEBB. 33 WALL P.AV-EH & FIRE SCREENS PERSONS wanting something prelty in the way of Wall laper and Fire Screens, would do well to call a.1 the Drug store. .: April 19. kl " Orvis's Corn Starch! ItANUFACTURED expressly Culinary a'4 and Dietetic purpose. For Sal at the DRyG. STORE July 8ft. 8 .FOR, THE LADIES, 4 FINE Assortment of French-worked rl. lars, Chemisetts, Under Kleeve and Cuffs, at JLUiSu & Ell 11 3 Octow S, 04 Valuable Properly, FOR S A ! li. rnilE siiliscriber wishine to remove, offers or - sale bia House and Lot (two acres.) in the own of Hillsborough, welt situated, tne uweiung House large and, commodious, with all necessary out-buildings, and a never-failing well, of .water within a few feet of the kitchen. Also three tracte of Land. Two wnall trct within two roues ot town ? one aujommg Hnnber snd Lemuel Lvnch. and the other ad joining the lands of Nath .W.hitted and otbera. The.thtrd tract contains se.yen.or eignt nunoiru II. wood land, lvina near Cedar Gioe, ad- ioininz Samuel Moore and others. . , ., , 1 . ; Ji.UH....l. I he suoscnoer oetng uaietmineu w ituim. v h south west, will sell any of the above proper ty on accommodating teima. (VII persons ,iiueuiou vw um m fo. v and settle, and those having claima will present them for payment. - tr.nno December . How and Cheap DRUGSTORE, IDS. S. IB. SEHUOIHEUD. IS now receiving a large end choice Stock of DRUGS, ME DICINES, PAINTS, OILS, DYE 8TUFF8, VARNISH E S, PAINT BRUSHES, SURGICAL 4DENTAL INSTRUMENTS, PERFUMERY. T 0 IL ET ARTI CLES. &c. which were selected by himself in the Northern cities, with special regard to their purity and freshneea. Physiciana and the Pub. Iio are requeated to call and examine his Stock, consisting in part of the following: medicines. Chrome Green, Beat Eng. Calomel, . ,ow-Blue Ma, Pusaan Blue, Pul.&Rad. Rhubarb, Venetian Red, Ipecacuanha, Jalap, opanisn urowa, Fla. Manna, Vermillion, Cod Liver OiI,(RjMhton Yeraieheev & dark's.) . rami rusoc, Caator Oil, Olive Oil, CU01CK IANCT AftTI Black Pepper Oil, CLCI. Lemon Oil, Hair & Tooth Brushes, Burgamot Oil, Flesh Brushes, Perfumery, ec. - Oil Peppermujt, Quinine, Iodine, Lubin's Extracts, Sutp. & Act. Morphia, Toi)et oU,e " " D,'"7' French Cologne, tuuiuv tiuii, spiuiu, German do. Cit. Iodide Quinia,, Prot. Iodide Mercury, 8lphnr, Epsom 8lu, Soaps of every variety, Pomade & Oil for the hair, Letter and Cap Paper, etc.-fU. F4JKTJS Afll OIL"' Note Paper Envelope, Linseed Oil, Pure White Lead, Lamp Black, Piftrt Monie,Papcr-tie, fort roljoa, etc. etc. Beaidea other article too name rou to mention. Aa he ia determined to )! at low any House in North Carolina, he think he cin make it to the interest of Physiciana to buy. He would say further, that he haa made arrangements to receive all the New Chemicals a soon aaan nouneed, and any article not on hand can he or dered in few dy. Orders respectfully solicit, a. Hillsborough, April S?lh, 185?, 38 Clear the Track ! 1 000 LA FRAORANCIA CIGARS. VVU 1,000 Regalia Bemiremia do. 1,000 La Norm do. 000 Coronja do. 3,000 Half Spanish do. Honey Dew TOBACCO. Gold Leaf - do. Fine Virginia i!o. To be had at THE DRUG STORE. February 9, go Look Here! HB qhscribera would inform the public, that they still canti noe to do businVss at the old Stand. ( w alnut Grovel a is-h t miles Nnrth ni Hillsborough, where they keep on hand a good assortment of and some Dry Goods ; ALSO. - Some Baronehw, Bogies, Carrynlh, and Wa- Eopi; auo saddles, and llamrsi or - different kinds, PINE LUMBER, AND SHINGLES. The undersicned will attend to rpriAira nf all sorts in tbei line with neatness and dispatch. r In exchange for the above mentioned articles wijlbe t n Corn, Wheat, Flaxseed, Feather, or good Horses, st market price. UUKJJLE & HURDLE. October 6. o Land for Sale. I OFFER for i ale a I. we. Trrt tit Lnpd ia Fcron countT,jut otcf the L r s uuruieri! urpnge line. Asa body of no-land, it is ififirinr to none in the middle part of thi atate. The open lands aT0 well enclosed, end In good heart; the forest lands ate heavily timbered, and all well waicrcu. On the lands are a vsrietv of substantial im nrovements Dwellins Houses. Wheat ami T.w. baccoBatn,aa,w ad Oriat Mila ifl perfect rr. pair. It will be aold in parcelsto suitany purchaser PAUL C. CAMKHON. - fctagville P.O., Orange, Nov. 87. Iron A Now IioTT" rONSITI,NG of Par Iron for Tirea, Horae Shoea, dec square, round, oval and half ovaV- Also, Cast8teel, Blister, German sjfi Shear Steel Alao a freah lot of Molasses and Rice. LONG & WEBB. March $3d, 1852, 27 MUSIC! MUSIC!! m LOT of fine Musk for Piano, Guitar, Ac., w offered for aale at ihf. Drug Store. Ij will be wild at one half the usual price. Ladica are invite to call and examine the pieces. July 20. ' 44 WANTED, 1 ,000 MP? wI,en Clallu. of all kind. AJ a quantity of Flax ScciL ' 4 WEBB. September oj JUST RECEIVED k TOR 5-iLE, Q BLACK BONNETS, . Piece Fine Black Bombaxine, 1 piece Black Crape, I piece fine Black Bonnet Ribbon. . ' LONG & WEBB. July 10. 44. A GOOD t unlj.aoTr e er- lit., , lower than thev can be bail .... thi market. L0NG& VELB. October 7. Second & Last Note THE psrtnership of E. M. Holt, ot Co. havW been dissolved, thev would ' j sswtiijr i nprmni intlebled to them, that the concern of .E. M. Holt A. Co, as well as iheJ of W. H. Carrigan A Co, at Sum's Mil), must ba ' settled. IJiey woukl therefore request all per. nns indebted to them, in either of th " lo call and settle without delay,' asrthe business! of necessity, must be closed. . y. HOLT & Co. June XSt, 185S , . su. i THE WONDER .'. AND - ! - f .., . Blessing of the Age! THK - . MOST EXTRA ORDLMBT JimCREnTI IN the world!! ! This Extract it put up in quart bottles t it is fa times' cheaper t plea tan ter, and warranted ' superior to any sold. It cures without ' vomiting, purging, sickening, or debilitating the patient. , . , WE HAVE MANUFACTURED Mm Mies of flik fiarsaoarilla during the past year, and art now putting up at f n n a nnmni v.. . n k . -w Kl DVVV BV M.O .J 3iM VAX,, C81NO MORK OI TUX SARSAPAKILLA ROOT IN MSK MONTH THAN ALL THI OTHER MANUFACTURERS Ot 8AR8AFARIX-LA IN ONE YEAR. Dr. 8. r Townsend's Sartaparllla IS IYAMSANTED TO KEEP rOR ANY LEM3TH Or TIME IN ALL CLIMATIC, Thi extra bsjicvftSB wo ai of the following disease tub Alt Tax otbea avriaTisia u icixia TooiTaxa have done. RROHL4, OR KIXG'8 CTXL, OBSTINATE CUTANEOUS ERUFTI0K8 Pimplei or Pittulet on the Face, BLOTCHES, KILE, CHRONIC SORE EYES, RICi HORM OR TETTER. SCALD HEAD, Enlargement and Pain of the Bonea and Joint STVBBERN ULCERS, SYPHILITIC DISORDERS, LUMBAGO, and ell disease arising fipn, aa injudicious use of Mercury, Ascites, or Dropsy, Exposure or Imprudence in Life, Jt invariably earee v ;,' RHEUMATISM. INDIGESTION OR DYSPEPSIA, Keuralgia, General and Nervous Debility", ' PALPITATION OF THE HEART," Liver Complaint & Inflammation of the Kidney J.adiea of pale complexion and consumptive babita, and such aa are debilitated by those ob stractiona which ferns les are liable to, are rester. ed, by the ne of a bottie or two, to bloom and lgor. Principal Office, CUpp V TowBend,iSNi lau Street, New York. , j .. rr For sale by D Heartt, HilUbo- Cabinet Blalting. rT'HE ubcriber would respectfully inform lh( citizen of Hillsborough ait the public generally , that he haa on band, at bia shop on Chur ton street due weal from the court-house, a ri ety of excellent Furniture, and that be is prepar. ed to manufacture, in the beat ety le, all articlri in hi line, uch a -- - --" BUHEAUS, of Wild Cherry and WaU imu SIDEBOARDS, of Wild Cherry, WaN nut, and Maple. SOFAS, of every Style. . , .. BEDSTEADS, of Maple and Gum. TABLES, of all kinds. WARDROBES, Portable and Station- ary. COFFINS, from Common to the Beit Style, &c,&c, He promise that hi work shall be faithfully executed, and at very low price, and hope that he will receive dor encouragement from, a gene roue public. All kind of Timber uied in Cabinet Work, such a Walnut, Cherry, Poplaf, Birch and M pie, will be taken in exchange for work. Orders front distance will be thankfully r ceived and promptly attended to. RICHARD MAYO, April 15. 79-lj Death and Destruction to Hats, Mice, c. ONG A WEBB have for sale, a preparatioa .for the destruction of 'S.:.. RATS, tUCE, BUGS and ROACHES, warranted poisooouaeny totheabove named ilc- tructive vermin. Price 60 cents a hox.with directiona foi " July 30. 4 3- ' . - THE HILLSBOROUGH RECORDER. I rcBLtsata wxtai BY DENNIS HEARTT & SON. TermaWTwo Dollars a year, if psid in id-vauce; Two Dollaxs d Fifty Cents, if not paid within three months: ot Three Dollar, if delTd until after, t expication of the year. x pape wl be discontinued until all arrear.-gea are paid, unless at the option of the publishers. Hereafter no papei will be sent to a new ub rriber out of this state unless payment is msde in advance, or some person in the state will becmn responsible to the editor 5 and in no case will th paper be aent to e subscriber out of the state lor more than two yeara without pey menL .hit cstiskheiits not exceeuing a"" one dollar for the firat, and twenty-five cent for eacn uieeient insertior j longer ones in report ion. Court advertisement twent)-nve pet cent higher. A deduction of one-third wUI b raatle to advertisers by the year. IdftrtUlBf latri for tlte Setorder. One dollar per square (16 lines) for the first insertion, and 28 cent for each eonb'neance. Deduction made bvet of etendtng adv HaemeB,.. , t . .

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