The Hillsborough Recorder from Hillsborough, North Carolina on June 16, 1852 · Page 1
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The Hillsborough Recorder from Hillsborough, North Carolina · Page 1

Hillsborough, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1852
Page 1
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I 1 fir 11 UNION, THE CONSTITUTION AND THE LAV7 THE GUARDIANS OF OUR LIBERTY. Vol. XXXIII iiilmcokovgiv iv.t?., vi;dxfday, jvxe io, n. IC3t. 5 ! . Iniinilliil taW....-! ' l J .: sWt, . , .. .- - . " Honey Saved is tlzzty Hada.1 ' .'.r '! .. . fan l; t i nd n n . . ... -. . 'y rpHS arwlersigneU, having tanned a co-part? X nerahip i tha Mercantile 15xines own of Hillsborough, under the Blyw AKK KOW. RSCKIVISO AX OPENING THKia Mock f Sprlnj and Cummer' goods;:;? (elected with grt ear Uth Northern aurkehs nii consisting f almost every article usually kept in country Morel fell of which they offet for ssleat very low rate. f-i v V " All tuey'deiire of the ubhe io to examine their assortment- before purchasing elie where, feeling confident they com please in quality and price, i ' J -' ' " ." - OL Coantry.made Janes.and almost any eoou-try Produce, taken in ei change for Good. r v ' - WM. NELSON, - v ' -'"nym.-paul: - April 7. : -' - ' 32 lThoJesal. und Retail Drttssisl, 1 HILLSDOROLGH, N C. f in tho'rP 'J1"1! i twiving hit Spring -f , i Stock of . , '. '," urugs, ltieaicmesj ana i Chemicals, ' ; I Iats);! Glisv Dj Stuff's Perra-i werj, Fane j Articles, Combs and If, Brushes, and U tWnost po- . . i pular fate&i Medicines r, i ' r :- - of the dar I -. i -: : : - Old Otard and Cwgniac Brand mt, and Aladeira, fort, bherrr, and I eue- .rifl' Wines,; (fur jlediclnal ; t .v ; purposes onlj.) ; r I . . Having felecled ibe above, stock in the Northern Citict by personal inspection, beirela wi- f ., , . : ! May your rirh-eoil, -. Exuberant, nature's better blessings pour . O'er every land,", f , , From the New Era. "' From Sartain'a Magaalne. ; EASY WARREN.' . ; BY WILtlAM T' C0CG8IULL.' UnVmotii! Warren atery bofya'rlrei fellow, iteiird puuuc man oiicp rrinani Tnjr rv onicf, with niiineroui tlutief, a 'M nice' man tensive r.ina porimanteao on hi arm, and tht benevolent (rentlemerr, wild had some know-Wga of Raymond's peculiar failing, lift the worn u an innocent Imrture, and for-hada etp'wnre to'rohl aimo'plier under Ihe rirrtimiianert, and lo declared that hei "rompliint wm of i rliaraeter very never uisrimrjjeu. , nHyiinmii uacu iu nil in ihe chimney-corner late, very hu-vnnt, anylliinf .4o cook or not. Mr., Warren had enongh to cook, bu'nnlhina: to cook with ( however, much It Raymond's al-isfaciion, when ho entered hi home kt found the table preal, and he kaeva ha should mmi be invited to take a seal near it. jj ; -.: , - . When the invitation rame, ha hastened in hi acrnntoined seat, lifted the rover a wiiiler's'itight, bec'aiie he wai loo hift-tea lo gei ready fur bed. Hut after a 'white the fire-tmrned. low, the 'flow on the ember faded, aitd it f few cold In the 1 'chimney-corner t then Raymond erai'nf cliillv. and he would sneak to rent where . JrUhPotatooXt urged our read- w,'e fr , r , ers last week; to plant potatoes :,frM; B0,'? (,ffl".!,, seed. W. subjoin the followmg by way "V'. ufW MU ?U,T ,f .,,.....:!.' th hTmi th.r "au oeenrrowneu inniiMirr ..r.i.i,i r ; :: !:'. : .. her h...b.nd'. l-gitimate dnties. -Ray. mttrti aggravated lv aerera txercie For a few davs Raymond remembered fthe Doctor's conl, and h had re-.from a dih that he supposed ronlatned ect for ihe physician, he obeyed him meal ( and. liuly. there was meat, but a newly its bis consikottonal feelings :jut as it came nun me nniciier s. Kay-permitlrd, but' soon the wife? was again '.mond'wns. nt a cannibal j he looked at ohftged to rhop wood and feed raid, and " hi wife inquiringly i the appeared to be lakintf a severe eold. faded as 'would fade 1 waiuoff patiently lobe served, lie lifted On plant potatoes for a, rec0tfr. join the followmg by way frv1e,fa,,,,e tfl ww' ' nent, in the hope7 that haJ f wW the gteater . act on our suggestions " "V ' " 'I- H iiL uL mourned his wife deeply, it m.ut be said hastily " T and the public .. eou.l in quality to .ny offered thi year, they , rill. HxL t , copy "V' owf' e" " 3 '' V i in hi, fsor. both as a helpmate and as a Irom the Ji, m them and wtl ieU the asrne at n..i profit, fojt Baltimore Sun s , . . t'lJ:?' companion.' II. tented Ids farm and hd never I ranted, in romrnendina the articles to his friends : if thev do not act on OUT guirsestions the aummer rot ia a frigid climate. it- When Raymond Warren's house wns desolate sad hi fireside cheerless, be saw what had been hi (real error during the two years of his-married life, and ho Lurid Warrants AVantcjL THE' Itishest Cash fricea' will to paid for Land Warrants. ' As the agent far a gen-llcatsn in Washington, t am authorized Io pny m re for them than has before been offered in this part of the country. ? rf ' ...... ;', . THOMAS 3VEBB. . May 4th, 83.j?-- : 8-WCw THE subwribera, having purchased the entire Slock of E. M, Holt & Co respectfully inform the public that they will continue the husi ness at the same well-known stand, where they wilt be pleased Io aoa the old. customers of the concern, and Iheir friends generally. They have purehaMil the stock on terms which will ennble them to sell Goods lower than they have heretofore been sold irt this market, ana i'tey intend doing . '."They will be receiving a new supply of fresh Uoods mi a tew Oxys, whicn will renuof llieir stock complete. Call and see before pur-1 chasing ebswhe.. , . ' .i ? . J. J. k C. J. FREELAND. Msrch 10. . .' . . . s ' , 25 AV ATT.S'S Nerrotis Antidote ind Physical RESTORATITE THE MKDICAL WOXDKR Or THK AGE. riHB niost powerful and wonderful medicine A eer discovered, tiuaranteed to cure every Nervous or JSpasmodio Disease, aueb aa Neuralgia, Tic frdoreas,, Convulsions, Fits, Rheumatism, &.c For sal t tha ;, ' "' DRUG STORE. MayH. Si. : -, 84 for cash, or on six months time to punctual cu- tomers.' "X ' . " ;i $-...'?'' ---f'.-t ; Thankful for pa si fsvora b hopes to merit a continuance of Ibe same. . . . ' S. D. SCHOOLFIELD. ; Alpha Woollen Mills,;. .... ... v ...OS ilOR, i. v- Seven Hllej East of HUlsborotigh.' rpHE tommunity aie Informed that C'nrd-fuC cn ow be done in good order j and in a very abort tint Spinning and V eaving. - .Potatoes a I'RoriTAiin Crop. Mr. RobcrtW. Lewis, Bear Charlottesville, managed Io eitft aasily for one year i but be was not satisfied with a eltildles were il. roamed ihr-MiBli ine n-M, ami Ray- ... ...flr.U.,. vi.l l Ya.t- pUnted last year, ou a p,ec of h famif aWn,,(,ppnr,. Thelarm had .'Tr io, and ha b-g.n m land less than an cre, upon which once bee wH, tl&; ,M1I rf Will of look about him U a aecond l.elpm,te and he had Pt fifty, load of manure, six nronpT ilIP111Tort; ,.ai,i, bi rame rmor--1C0?Pr",0" I feontha lie took iushels of mercer potatoes, from which ;h8,ieep wPre f vrr folded, even In the 'f hom fX?., cottnueni- bu he raised three hundred bushels of very superior potatoes. ; Last week, ha sold a portion of them at $1 per bushel. . Vrom what follows it. will also be . a seen t,nat some men, in some places, j are not blind to their interests, and Those having Wool to card, will plea rJwnse that cultivating the Irish potato U with ,ve suffered for lbs continoti necessaries it good, bul not grease it, as wa would prefer to theu, , SOurce of immense profit.".. It will freaas it ourselvea. they furnUbing Ihe l.ard. j tQ hrmm of edW. April Spirit of ihe Age copy I in the right way. reflect t mood's clmres were rarely attend- htmelf, but was a neighbor tick no .... a man wa more wilitncr io vnu in ms ' ' ' r.1 He wa relied noon a die man . A PROCLAMATION, ' Raising Potatoes The fanners in w1() WUK ,w,J t neglect his own inter-By Hit Exeekney Davis 8. Rein, Governor the vicinity of Philadelphia are aaid to f9l w i,,, tfet those of somebody's of ihe Sjoc of AurtkVwroliHa. , , Ibe planting an unusual quantity of po eUe. He could never et himself nt his IITHEREAS, three-fifths of the whole num- toes this year. One individual, who fHrm.w,irk but he waa .'-considered -an ber of members of each House of die Go- at vear had some thirlv acres in DO- n... i...r ,.k-r . Kli. n.UI.Knr. virniirm w i.e.. ,' r.jiz. m iivixi.vv.. i... l.i: l'- I ' ' I "I " - ,a IIH.n I IIIU HI II .0 lltlll. members of each House of Uie Go- ast vear had some thirty acres in r. " ' r";M?!Utoea,troui wincft he sold tnree tnour i,e l0. . 5b ! bis field.- 7m- PTi 4 k n P nd bushels, netting over one dollar. , wat bleak morning. In mid-winter. AN ACl to amend the Conatitutioa of p,., busU, h thU ipring put in one Rymoi,(1 v-rren's wife was in the barn-isortn-taiouna. t I hundred acres, and hi neighbors have y,( foddering the cattle Raymond was Waaa,The freehold quahfication now re- increased their planting in about the i bed. The liuhl of a brisk fire which ouired for the electora for members of the senate ,,.;,.., . i, , . . ... . .. conllicil,wi.hthefund.met.lprindple.0flib.f. "ne proportion. - h. w.f- had, shone directly in his tv t Therefore. s- I . ."ZZTZ::'-' . jface.- Il awakened him the room was 8ar. . He Ueoartdbs tht General AiMmbla HWUivi MAnbKC. of Ihe Wait of North Carolina, und it it hereby The Michigan Fanner gives the prac- of the whole number of members ofesch House i manairement of his manure, which most rigorous weather, and many oltliem 'y j " V n ' n " I i r : died The wo d Was never shared and .f. Sadly w.a Raymond d wished, snd when.lakerr to inatket it rHJ- A, f'T" L-tll would n-t bring ,he m rket price. Had e mto ht. old bsbi... ample.a i. r. v. abandon. .Leaving his own, work in a ' .. . neuleeieil stale, lie worked utlirenur one a nusinesntwoman, me lamiiy. must onen - ... . i to his house, ami he relumed to his home, late at uighl. hungry and fatigued, ei peeling that hi wife would have tewdy for his iefreshment an inviting supper. In thi hope ha had refused to take supper with the. neighbor whom ' he bad assisted. Poor fellow! ihe kitchen, where was to have been his excellent sapper, attended by a smiling wife, was cold and unoccupied. No frugal board was there, sud Mre, Warren wss in bed. Ray mono wa much astonished, but was loo goodnatured to complain, and silently ha ventured to " . a a s . . I. explore the cupooaru lor a crust on wiiirn . s a v s - . . to saitsiy the knawtngs et ins appetite Not a crumb was there. It waa evident hould go NOTICE. eonenmng, .that; Ihe second clause of third section r--,-,!--, pminentlr economical of k,.tr... . , , i i ;- i l, Nmlr A. D IMS AM. pereons indebted to the anruf. for Jfd , ou, lhe worJi.. ,nJ tSaiula iiiirrhssed of Mr. Wm. P. MrDanieL , , ...i ... .i. l:...:.. -r , .... ... ... ; aeu 01 a ireenoHl Ttiiuiii mo muio uiwrii, ui are requested to settle w in mm wnnoui iemy. f, . for Del, Moro and f ih.SrM Article ol the amended Constitution . " . ,""'""- .,. - , , r..i.11:;.. hi. -,.... Iratified b, ih. peorle of North Carolina on th. U erUliwng qoa.. I.. .n vvorr o fell. hat e had reason to congratu ate - -" " ' ' - ib' tTfnra i KiunLiuu fiLeiu in liic urutii vi xn i.ia iitannir attnoiiAii aiifi ii as. --- - vuwg. s'- - - " I g t III III v fT 1 1 111 19 . iin avi a wairsif "mw scs- winter, wnen it mav ue aecaveti. aw .u,,t ,n , fiRy prevent dissipation by evaporation and his wiu had uei'gneu ttiat he . .. . . i . . in he.l annnerless ! and sunnerless to bed warm, and Kavmmui w peruaieu oy , ,. , ' . . ' . , .. . , . '.. J.:.. it. be did go, eneving seriously over his hard lie ippeuraiirc. w -rr-r. - - - an L.lllr alf : eJw ssus iivvi a-i aw w-w . 1 ..I t .1 .1.. !.t... ...I .IT.... a a . a f irea eu. anu iib iijuuwiit u iiiiircu iiivubh ilia Ba aa k IM aa. tt lail aVOI Ik I til p wa- ' ... " s- . . . i.:. j: .... . As he warmed his feet y u..-,r... down by the fire-place in his leeves,.and wattes for his Iposscs- winter, when it may be decayed. To otberwiae they will find their accounts snd notes in other hands for colwctjon. t E. M. HOLT & CO. March 19. 27 WANTED, the day of election," so Ihst the said clause of at ' t iinrv a i nui, 'it aivav il fast II it w.o " goo 1. . f-H I I .. . . ... i iib in, iiiuiiu imi i i 111. I in llll.Pll ' : - j 'Taint every man's got such a wife' Raymond Warren did not hearchsnli-s I have. Here she' made a good fire, fleer salute ihe morning, as it dawned af- Beptemlier 33. Iron A Now Xiot.i y CONSISTINd., of Bar Iron for Tires, Horse Bhoes, A.equas, reund, oval and half oaL - - - - " Also, Cast SUel, Blister, German and Shear 8teel '.,. .," - Al, a fresh lot of Molasses and Ric. LONG & WEBB. March 3d, 185. 4 7 s 01 In..n, tk alaKIa ' n!l. It .in ' i,n . . .. i . ii .1 M i.i ika nlnlil nf his crevinus fllaanfWMnl- k.n..i..rMn.., aii fr.. uiiwwu ,.w,u m. .-w, ifv. "t i anu I il Dei uie enrrrcs arc uii untie. . ,v . -r.. .... n.en of the .ge of twenty-one year, (eicept asi. in ume convenient place on the larm, The chore were done, and Raymond me nt. U was springtime, ami tli birds hereinafter declared.) who have been inhabiunta first placing a la ver ol the fresh manure ! hj ,r,rffy finished his volihqny, when sang under his window, but he beard them of any onedietrict wiihin the State twelve months to the depth ol eight or ten inches, then ' ,i,e ugerul wife hastened to the fire-place noi ; yet he heard his wife, who had risen immeuiaieiypreceuiiiguieiiajuisnveicruuiiaiiu g javer ot coiinnoii soil aooui I our men- j0 warm her hand, which bad beeome ociorc ine sun, can nun, " Mr. Warren, here been lor an in the eold. The wood all burned time I had some cut. If rem want a a !.'- M isrht be unroed that these occur any nreaKiasi, you iuu oeuer get op. Carolina, at least six months befoie the neit dec- earth, and 80 on till the pile 13 comple-1 ,-nrea took Jaee earlv in the mortlin? Was Rarmnnd dreaminet Was thi lion for members of the General Asscmbry.setiing f j in thig w ,y the V0Utile portions ni i0. Ii wss ten o'clork when Raymond . voice of reproach, that came to him in nfKa preserved.a.ul he asserts the .-' W.rr.n Iff. hi. bed. Hi. wife bad been ,leep. with recollection, of the wit. clamation hall be accompanied by s Una and ure is of double value to what it would .ewmg for two hours, before she prepsred that bad gone before him to the Spirit nerfcci eonv of the Act, authenticated by theeer-, have been lying in the yard. her breakfast i then she urged Raymond Land ! Not so it was a voico from the tificste of the Secretary of 8tate, and both ihe We have tried the above, and find it for an ,0ur longer, to gel tip. lie made wife that dwelt with him in ihis sphere Proclamation and the copy of thia Act, the Uo- a m08 excellent plan. Let the dirt be fai, promises but Uft ihem all unfilled, of existence, ihat cam to remind him of vernor oi ine ots.e aim. c-u-c tv i the richest you can get from the swamp. She waited until ii was nine o clock, sml his duties not discharged, upon peifor. HoWth. 1 nna" ARDS woiicn moms, oi : have pam ru.."c e rnu. thick, xvhtch Dresses the coursedown ' ,h0rouahlv chilled bv ihe cold handle of .1 yv v yiA ttn; !T;.?.rZZ.J .....J to about the same thickness, then an-!.,,. nhrhf,wk. with Which she had been hour AUo s quantity oi nax secu. . ore. ocmb ., . Ir . V I .a. i ..e . ,i.:k ; l.t-l '. , .. , ., ....... 1 nvp g, wpTtn lernor of Ibe Stale ue, and ho is beieby directed, oincr ibtci wi inuiv, ...v... . ,.v, uilOWing nay anu airaw in uir cauie, ; - jjviv w. ii lJ,i" ,A iUI. u:. Pmlnmntion to the Deoole of North manner is fulloivcd DV another UVer Of r , Spring Supply, 1852 i - . . ' . c . ! respectively, and ratified in Genera rjlHE subscriber is now receiving hia Spring . 94,1,, of January, 1851. aaa summer supply 01 vw"u, -pleasure of oiTering to hi cnstomeia and friends an elegant assortment, from which he is ure they csa make selection that will please. Hi stock embraces every article usually brought to this market, such aa DRY GOODS. Groceries, Hardware, Cutlery, &c. a 1. l A I State, at least sis months before the election of add as many weetU anu as mucu irasn member to ihe next Oeneral Aasembly. as JlTU Can get and it Will be greatly Read three time and agreed Io by three-fifth improved by a liberal sprinkle ol salt of the whole number of members of each House gmf water and strong ashes en every knowing her husband's eay habit, mances of which depended the satisfsc 1 n ntiRniN h h. n. at S wue.f, ' - W. N. EDWARDS, 8,8. Stits or Nobtb Caaousa, ? Ojjiee of Secrttary of Stale. 5 t, Wilms Hitt, Secretary of State, in and for Ihe 8tate of North Carolina, do hereby certi- fv lhal Ihe foregoing 1 s true and perlect copy and ahamed to have the cattle uufed at (inn of those desires which had intruded iliol hour of lite day, she deteiinined to visions of feasts upon his hours of rest attciid to iheir want herself. 1 All this he lelt, still he did not offer to 'Raymond's fi rut salutation to her as she leave his couch. . stood by ihe fire, war I "Raymond Warren," again said ih "I wish I had ome tea, Sally but voice. von left me yesterday without Advicb to Faemeks, The editor of never mind, you've put the things awsy ' wood, to help a neighbor gel wood for his the New England Farmer, an excellent a little warm water, with a little milk and wife, and you went to bed last night with agricultural paper, gives the following' sugar in it, will do just a well, and while out your supper. .You'll not get a bib SCnSIUte anu patriotic nuvicc, mumi you re nouui 11, yuu mar get um pictc will apply equally to all classes of the community: "Go td the ballot box, and there vote for those whom you ho- . 1 . . ... - .1.1- r.hi. A mnS th Dry. Goods, are th moM Heauufu , of an Act o "7?' JLj, . negtly judge to be the4est men for of rl-U rom'he origin, .u file in Jj oppo. "ii Tlr n 'her. 1851. .., f, , nent of our oPinions-we can respect B .1.. L 1.. i . .i .i.wk J ' the zealous supporter of men and mea 1 keeus ther. which will be sold at tha ususl price. Thankful for past favors, he hope U merit s continuanc of the same. '- J. M. PALMER, : " .. . 1 al..i ,l,.t..iil Ki.f li ritlTpn Aa Wi....the Act provide for a- rc- u.i c u. , ... the Constitution of the Stat of North wno maniiesis inoinereiice ii uur p Carolina so aa to confer on every qualified voter litical institution for the House ol i;ominons me P. S. Rses, Beeswa. Tanow, rTaxseeu, ana for ihe Senate s ' Old i;snnc taken in exchange lor uoous. inc enu mam .j .. April 14, 9V" , a now a mat h in aioreamw . . . ... 1 igut 10 vote auw vte. we cannot consider a groou . . r a.wv F - w 1.. a. a., i I citizen, or a bt subject to De tavoreu of bread; but just as you choose; no matter about it, anyhow, "Taint every man's got such a woman for a wife." She might have answered, 'It is not every woman ilut has such a husband." But she knew such remarks would only make bitter feelings, and though fatigued with the violent exercise she had taken.she the man who cares carefully prepared her easy, good-natured hnsbnnd a cup of lea and a slice 01 toast, sad then aked if he would nol cut some you bung He me govern the blessings of a free . .:....-.... 11 1 .wi tn hv two thirds fo ment. - V.ium..u..vM - . j j WANTED, ! the whole representation in ach house of lb. u s v 1 . . .u t ;t -n.,.:.aa A next General Assembly, it will then be submit- Ifanhmg made EaiV- Ihe "craiy on, habit, and good moral., will be taken by the this my Proclamation In conformity with the pro- g pf a,roj(o wjlh gMon of ,oft subacrilr, ir application u ma.l so..n. ; visjona of the toloe lecited 1 Aei. o .n BJ l)e M jn , rb n 0 . L. CARMICH AEL. ! J th.clihe.. whiS. they then soak two or feluary 18. 1 , .. . . j e,utej tba Great Seal of the three hour, and ihen merely rine out in all Hie din is out as ei- BLANKS! BLANKS 11 TM.ANK DEEDS and Attach " by the quire. Warrant ,110111 on s;ooJ piper, tor aa 'Novem'.icr 5. ' aaid State to be affixed water, HORTON'S POEMS. A FEW Copiea ol ihs Poem of George Hoc Ion, Ihe colored Bard nf Chspel lliH,co-lai ting also a sketch of hi hie written by him- lf. may be had al.thie Office. . I'nce so rem. ( March 9th. BACON ! BACON! ! A FINE lot of North Carolina Brot for sale at THE DRUG 8T0HE. Anril27. 32 c enn water, and .... I ... Ifctna at Ihe UllV KSICIBn, on r....-ll .... . mil nl Kb I nw menta. single or jj5i th Ibirty-first dsy of Decemtor, in . rfrink incr the aame ouantitv of the , Executions, dec, , r,"! ,A v. h vear of our I.otd.on thousand i . 2 ... . .l- na.. 4 1 . . . . rr. .!: n.iisnn Bill ft. leanuis vmcr. yiil'C eiabt hunumi ami mij a..u ,B , - . . . . OR J th aeventy-eixth year of our Jnde-J In washing stair and passages, slwsys i lil rn,i..ce. uses snonire instead of a cloth, when rniipnce. 1 use a sixmik . , . F . , By the Governor, DAVID S. REID. washing Ihe spare between Ihe carpel ami Taenia 8xtti,Jn Private Sec'y. wall, and you mil not sot I ine etiges. ' this Pmrismation' Soonge i cheap, snd ibis inlormsiion is msv fall, will nlrase see thai a ropy of ilia post- cheap, but it is valuable Io all house- " j i w . . . 1 - ed Op in the Court House ot their respective Counties. January IT. 16 Fresh Garden Seeds, TO BE HAD AT THE DRUG STORE. keepers. TUrkui. A small piece of linen, jist moistened with turpentineand put into the wardrobe or drawers for a single day, two or three times a rear, is a suffi- BLANKS for Sale at this Office, j ' March 5J. 87 Jcictit preservation against moths. wood. 4 To be sure I will," was his response. His breakfast over he look up his axe, moun'cd the wood-pile snd cut half-a dozen sticks, w hen slong came a neigh bor, who wanted Raymond to accompany him to a saw-mill, about two milcadis lant, and assist in loading upon a IpI some boards which had been sawed for him of course Raymond went, and his wife was compelled lo cut wood enough to keep the house warm until the folio wng day. Mr. Warren was in appearance, a fee ble woman, bul she had endured hard ship which would have destroyed the constitution of one much more robust. Day after day her site ngth fsiled her, yet she made no complaint. Raymond saw Ih it she grew pale, and was olten disturb ed with fears in regard lo her, bul he was too easy 10 mention the subject, and the useful wife became more and more feeble, until she wss seized with a violent cough. Raymond was one day thoughtful enough ti speak to the vtllagn doctor as he pis cd their house with his ponderous medi- to eat in this house till wood to cook it with." There's plenty of chip,' said Ray motid, in palliation, rising on his elbows as he spoke. Get nn, then, and bring ihetn into (he house," said ihe resolute wife. 1 didn't know vou when we were married, but I know you now. I know what killed your first wife. You wsnt la make a slave of me. Ill sttend 10 my duties ; but if you don't do your chores, the cat tle may starve, and you il never get a bite to eat in this house unless you lake it un the rover of auother dih ; there were po. laloes jtist as they .had been dug from the earth, All the dishes hat usually contained vicinal were covered. Raymond grew suspicious, and he lifted the covers here wa. bread, as it coma iisyi there weia turnips that been under the influence of fire t there were apples handsomely sliced or sauce, snd there were numerous other edibles, hut none of litem roqld Rsyinond eat He turned for consolation to a cup nf tea' hi wife had deposited near hie plats. There were lea -leave, filiating in the cup, bul the tea looked remarkably fiale neveitheless, Raymond by force of . labil, blew vigorously lo prepare H for his palate. Hut whesj he put il lo his lips, he found that he had wasted his breath ( for the water was a cold as When 11 came uura 111c spring, , , , - . Raymond waa note nasty man, tie pushed back his chair deliberately, and thought aloud ; ' . . . , " "In the name of Heaven, what does . this mean ? '' ' Mrs. Warren, who, countenance da ting this scene had worn a sober afpeet, now smiled pleasantly, and answered : The Yirtuals were all on the stove the nal lime." It's strange they were nol cooked," said Raymond, ' , Not at all," replied Mr. Wsrren i there was no wood to cook them with." In an instant Easy Warren then raw hat a moral there was in hi. novel dinner, and, with a keen appetite, he wen 10 work en the wood pile, tie took bis dinner and supper together that day, and he remembered that Mrs. Warren said) Now, Raymond, whenever yon leave me without wood, you must eat victuals that baa been cooked nn a cold stov e." Many women would have stormed and scolded, but Mrs. Warren knew there wss a better wsy 10 correct her easy husband's carelessness,' or shifitetness, as the reader pleases. ' One day, there wa no flour in the hotisc, and Raymond wss abonl to fro Willi soma neighbor to a town meeting, when his wife hid his best coat and reminded him of Ihe empty ur-barret. Another day, his corn wss to be gather ed, when a neighbor desired him to assist him with his horses and waggon. It waa a neighbor who often received favor, hut seldom rendered them; yet Easy Warren could nol refuse him.. Bul when he went to hitch hi. horse, before his . wagon, he found that one of the wheels was missing. Of eetirse, the neighbor was disappointed. lit the afternoon, when Raymond expressed a wish to draw bis corn, his wife told him where he could find ihe lost wsgon-wheel. ' , This way was Easy Warren's honse - hold managed until he began to realize pratically what the error of his life had been. People said : .Warren's farm looked much better than it did some years ago " Mrs. Warren never interfered with Raymond's business except when he neglected it, and then she never found, fault or fcolded, but took occasion to, show his neglect to him in a manner which impressed him with injustice to his own interests. Raymond's eatile were all cared for,, and were in good order. When his fences were down, if he didn'l replace them his wife employed a neighbor to make the necessary repairs. His wife took the I papers, and read ; site anew the state ol the market, and, to obliged her, Ray mond had his gram in market when the price was highest. Some people said. M Easy Warren is a. lien-pecked hus- cooked, if you don't cut would youiself band." or gel somebody to do it for you.' I But he knew belter; and he often boast- Raymond started' boll upright, and It, ed that his wife wss more of a " business was not many minutes before he was at the woo '-pile. Oilligcntly did he work until he had cut an armful, which, like a nran" than he was. . They lived together peaceably some years, when one day, Raymond was iu a dutiful huband, (or the first lime in hi good humor thinking ovei his prosperous Ide he carried into the kitchen, ' 1 condition, and he told his wife ; I'm a His wife made no allusion lo what had woman's-righis man of the true grit, passed between them, and Raymond, al-! They may say you wear ihe breeches, if though burning with curiosity to knowj they please-, I'm satisfied to have you where she had learned what she had re- to do the thinking in our firm. And, now vested to himdared not commence con- I see what a fool I have been, I must veiaatinn in relation to it. The train of. make up for my early shifilessnrss." ills it might revive was fearful to the eaiyj Ue did makeup for his early shiftless-man's mind." His breakfast over, fJr-! ness ; and, under his judicious wife's getful of its, lesson, careless Raymond training, he became Indtiilrious, instead wandered away from home, his necessary of Easy Warren. morning labors in his fsrm -yard unatlcnd-j Mrs. Warren had the correct idea of ed to, and his wood-pile unvisited. lie woman's rights and woman's wront,'? retnrned home at noon, strong in the faith We commend her management to ihe ihsl he should ait down to a good dinner, who have easy husbands." Especially because he wa one of those men who do w. commend it to those tinforiuuaio 1'iink that a wife should always give her' women who have earned for themselves hjsband a good dinner, whether slie have the opprobrious lule of skulW

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