The Hillsborough Recorder from Hillsborough, North Carolina on May 26, 1852 · Page 1
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The Hillsborough Recorder from Hillsborough, North Carolina · Page 1

Hillsborough, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1852
Page 1
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T t -T' C7-V? nv-r n m r :r.v T'.:-: - Lv .-.. I -, . i J;-.- - j ii :J ; J, ,r . to " Nil llllljl IWIIiJi liimMa-wmi IIIMyBMIjHMJIIMnri JI'll 1MINI Ml LlllllMIII I ' ' 1- L' ' " ' " , - ' I ''.' . 1 ! P ' - ' ( . Hr.-.. :-r.rfr-':r-rtr.-f"';r ,r vrr.vy 'i'1 iiMawaaiii n 'wnaw- wiw wi laaimi.Iaai.i n iiii.nimin.M n.,. ' m'l ' mmn ' r J 1 in L....4 v.. n E, CaJN ST I X U; T4 UNAp ,T H R , L A .V'l CTI1E GUARDIANS OF, OUR LIBERTY. 30. .Vi.tK 'Mil 1- .'n . . .', Hi i'.f,. . a, .(,'! gVj V- ... j.. -4---.-i .in-- .TTT- -if - t n'ji. Li. -Dental Surgery; pr in Orange, lioea'to'hv'tb pleasure ufWliif tiia fiieiiM,'ind tlioe Who Wi wj iirofefciinaf Jfmwt, (i Ihe. metliahifai Hiaach W kirt qtwe particularly.) vkbor ( C'twppJ Hill M JlilMwrwugb, ( 4bri.arlM cyiivetiicnee, aa bin yirtt ja nfceaaurilj- limited,, . Aptii 6. , r ',, . 6 ' Jloney" Saved. Is Hony Hade."' " T . . nnoerHtgrMMl, bvng formed a co-pnrt- Umi ot HHIAoroiigh, kitidei'lhd of ' ; , ock oti 8pi In; ana uinnuier. j " I 'GO O DS'i'l :!" !""! electeJ with great rare iq i)f Northe rnmrVe ta, a,nJ eoiirtiklinj f ahiioei every artlcje uii;illy kep i U cftimtrj Oor ; 'nil klticb ihej olfri . KtT ail'l tery few rate. itt-ifii i.j Sin '.':i .AU they deMra oMU niM'm w lo amiiN Ueir;;aoriwe!U Ix-fvrq iurliaii.B rUf whrr. foeliqj ponrtdenlUey.cai f U-aa in niality rid ( 0 Country-made netjaud almoai 'any coui( ly ProJuce, tadra iti exctiahgt fir GohN. ' mww ..,; ,t. vMa NKLSONi ,t.Ml...Ul rj VM.- PAl'I.":t ' ' 'TApKI Th hUw tt it intiimtU nli t S2 In I'PB .'f"'.'ii"iii.mi) t'i wi'iil , t'i !it .t .11ACUN Ii'BAtpX Jt Wl ,t .I'f I.NE lot rf .Xorta Camlina Beo4 f aafe aifAnr7, i!, ii T'ii wi n m l...-. i3J-j EyiiRlr; day; 'mveries. ' .V t believe nothliii'tliat I do. not tin- is Ihe Ta iierstand.1 I'ettipo Dar'perlinjr. a gintlejnari wlio vrrr titUch briUes himself on his intel- ectua ;j)erbicJcJtj. ' , 'Jet,' Ask,, Mr, VUipoil he 'undersfandaliiiw ii that finder, add he can clear up the difficulty.; You cannot getat Illegitimate fact onlr the proximate one U gem hv vou; "'' ' ' '" But lf here i a wondeffui little 5"? nHtrsVWe cnt ."f 't H plant-touch if) and the: leave shrink t bnulenc. auil diatinriion t and if, bt vvi ten. vouior lie has reatl books . on the instant, one leaf seeming to be ianjr accident, jrou ihottld bo compelled in '' (" HILL8B0R0UG N.Cc tlhli " Drugs;1 Hc t .i'Chcmicalss. ; Pilla StuWierf. ,j ime,iFlv"AfcIesf' Combs anij .t ushandallllmt pp- I)d ytard and togtjiac Brandies, ant) Utretra. fyi -4 SlR-rrrand Tene-"J , Havrng aeleclrd the Kl.qve atock In Hi North- cm, viuea ny peraonai trteptciion, pe reel war- L,j T n7T "TIL n, r cles. .what volition f. lut ; tl. wi ajia the pahllc aa evnai la aaalitv I an fiend 1 . ' . t ... . ...... Ifl MMNKf(4iU W b aatna af'small profit, j TTff-irettipo Knwa not. (lle,knowi n naWtomaoa W gml when be aeta, iqr, can, or oil a mvntpa tioie to minciaal cua- Su,.lc!,BS. , M.SJ;.lw.?lenwilill lb aM look that aba turned when h roae." ... . ... i..,i,:u :.i..:. it :.r. .rn..i i i. j skilful combinatittn a of the philosopher? of eiilijsatioti into arenea f horrnr and You ' can onlj,recogni.e the fact -but bloodMied. Y profit by the fully and you caitnot unravel the inysterv. Your wmliieia of. the contending JY.uioiia; and saving that it is the rature" ol the jaflTard, ia your mrvre ronenial clima. an piani, aoes not in tne sngiuesi aerec anium ta thoe ' l)!eii)M ' anu vrrtoes e He w and " studied anatotnv that the htt e in inilmtt vmmi finger consuls of sii man v jointed bones", 'and' all Ik leaves i which they waiitimlt eontrtnn or wicked ly exclude front their boaom.' Cul its urtf the arts of peure timler the influenet of freedom, you advanra by rapid atridea that(there are; tendiins a(achcd ti ti before , and . behind, ' which ' belong ceriain 'muscles; jand that when tli in use I Mr. P thy I with the rest, Make nrt hi tli nrraent hiiIuppv rontesi in the neishborhriwl S 41 vni ahotild find ttiteresaair htarettse i. muscles are made to con tracf. the fiii ngs. Aim mis is nearly an, mat them sliriakirt ur at the touch of a fore , onjecT.i' ur,i uae tne unme pnr ese nel winch closes its eve as the sun re and the mwlepition of your view t and dvir,' nnd opefts as he rises aitain the iueeeaa of your annt will, no d.ubt. i""n j insult or crenel tfiiurr. Hit wrld Wi U bear Or,! take the iiop)e prim per.; wit nana miht rqoity of ymir aeniiment ahrinka lat' the " annriiach i af rain: anrl ba nrniMirtioneil t iU i of rnnr icuiim iiiuH) odoui ii.,. iiiMv ir. einamu in lair weather, hill lum miu. IS that the volition acts on the mug- twinei round thftnlv in tha Jlrwrtion .1 ji i-DJ is of the sun, and I r .,i' " Cabelesbnbjs or Hiav tire AYe have' had,' Within the past' few days, mora' thatt 1 the ordinarr illustrations Thkloi riAorVh.k r " ' H okwiiything about tliesethings 'of the carelessnes. of hunrtn lift, which i u m,1 g; i. SCHOOLFIEI D. SSA ' T V v-"f c71whJrs,f-Hi!A"partridge' chick- breaki'ita ahell 'faUhigor buildings in New York ind ApriltO.' "ffl"S;SU C"! V 'WWV' ' M t the" exploaion 9tt ' boiler, ott the -i ..i.. ., I. . ri,,,, P'P'-'W 'Tt.. ''V1 ves, and itspore.s it8btu h rans about and picks ap the Western waters, have forciblr remind- Uiciuscu r", auu ii purrs ,UhMt i enrta ahout am ti rlr n th. i IV... ,... v.--. r.:Kl . w . - ..J-"ri !l 11 I I'll.! j I I ' - ii awi o aim a wa viwi t ! !A nhft iVVfin Pn'M S:-ii .; It ha. e, us of the neglect common here, r warvw.mva... Aia aaa. a w I I 1 1 r I iiiar ijmi Bk. it it rpt ,iir. riii mL..u i. , , a . i a.. . a i ' a I riOr - I ni la nnil.r fh. noBui, ..F 'Seven mile? Eas of IHstjorougf , . thtt Iii? ' i 1 1 1 e; k e'nger ( wag a nl that , i t pHE eJMiimuniiy aia mloruilhiiV C'ai-i- 'l.e',Jl,);w,tH the.gif of sensation. -S- III nnMi lui al.uij. In ma.1 At.1.f . ...I In a ery Ium1 tme Spinning and Weaving. ' 1 ' TbfW bavinj Wool lo card, w HI pleae tknnte it food, but Mat reae k, aa we wotild prefer lb (reaat it ouraeWea,4hey foraiitblng tba iJinb i t w. -,r U- SHItLDS. i, 1 1 0J. 'P,w pi ina rtja eony , . i u. vy m. . a... "u vei ir. re u: nereI? ,ei,rnw t0 W SeCi or to w,)ich ,,mort,.n. nthtP -i-iliied Meit its fowl ? but it does all these on 'coon try would be visited with severe the 4nstantHIV lamb of a few hours' j penalties. ' Here tltey pas by withoul bid frlskl about full of life, and sucks punishment 4nd almost without Inves. it dam's' teat's with as much accuracy Itigatioh.1 A feW newspaper paragraphs, aa tf itltnri Ktmlieil tha ririnc'inlca of lK' ..- ..It. .infill. w ' ? t1,,BU9r' i kir Pnp-! ln8tinct full grown diet of . coroner's jurr,' complete the M.iw. l?'Wh V1""' nto the world .t once,t and weltnow ,um of public indisrnatron.MMfccrbttild- anu us ititis are . grant, mrs- Hothingj about it,: neitk-r doerf the Mr: Inn ro tlp in the same careless wat.nd "TO , u? ' Dapperling above named. ; ;h j 1 J tumble' down upon the workmen nd s i , aook ai mose iar-o w hen wi thoujih lie in (act knows nothina what ever of tne wliy of the wherefore. 1 tery how mv manifestations : worios majesticaur vtneeiina an their nr .n;,.u K.;n k:m.-ir , ..-; r... A Pttfri.4M 4TlnV . . BDDointed M'bits millions lf iniles oft : ... u .u j.i .r I , 1 .. ' .... .. rr .." - --? r - , :, t l i r' wemas uiuvii me uai. uenrre, piaceu in tne cnarre oi tusi as incom ?'f ;Dv",VM;r ivf 'rk A ?Tth ',,n'1,,!!c,J''W? h':? .p. more lere we 'hare m.t. jpetent men;. at! hfrrted to deatmetior ww;;vJ.: i',!H,rw V.""" T."VMm ' . ter rangel in its most h.ghlr organ-! in the lame manner. "We do not pro- .b.'.ini,-JU Wirt Ja'JL i,PZ )fl TH6, fuhaerilNira, ba'uig purcluart th cntira ., ,.Htotk of K. M, Holt A i;fc,rcjwifullj W form the public that they will continue Ihe buni heaa at tba aaine well-kiiown aland, where they will be pleated lb the old eattomera of the j uUn '..1 .1.1. II.. i j ... I ' win.iii.iN iiini nn'ow gauriMiiv. . m.umy mil parcbaaod tha stock aa forma wbich will enabla L.n. Ia ll (!wl. L.. l..u I. . L furfllieea aulil in tliu m.rlieL and lh,u , '"0'"II 15?? T7 wi,L f1"1" '.neT ,'uv ATJlAC.1 t"tmfni Constitution of the fact$ rtat 8'uch thing .tiTr" f-! discover anJ aWrehei.2 i ui" .T . r'Wiimi, The freehold qua ifiration now re-'., ,d U lanearlr our limit. "To ultimate u I t V r ehMln Vwhe!T- I .:J A::!"' oiiired for Ibe eleclora lot member, of tbeSeuaia ! nmous system .hould convey VO- .it.,-.; tf i.Ut iL l' V r KKEL.AIN1; a pon her i XV H neral Atsenil cnoA9, mrre-niina oi me wnow num- own ax la, anu us anuuui circle rounu ..,ir.n..i.ui..t n. r'.... -f. 'Lit : J .... . . . . . - W." i HKiuuria vi earn nuuae 01 me ue- rue sun : V liar ilu. we n or : . .1. " ,i.i;.l rtlk.u-...:....A. . 1 ,,r ; lntr.'in' man me ii wi .1 tu aw avnnoih MNRJ l aha attkaauULi 011ih motion a aihat v . . t Act . ii.. ; Willi ;,ilV f-V. -".Tc ",.,""v' ,v7t.- concentrated ; and iiiuu, uqjUiiu ar 'hrntivht rn feeling, and think. 'fess to know Where Is the remed for animal powers are all this, but the evil U immense and is 'K ll.intinv rw.K-oi-a ! !. t .L. W . -. :.ll beyu ings arc sof I the thinking powers .increasing.' ' In lie ir- highest point 'a man's life is the Westespecially, practically esteemed of M' How. hv tha various Brrnnrrinintji nf , Ia. imnAHana kn itf .f . vimuuI ...... j . . . - . . o - - .wo 1 ... if i.i isuvc ilfM umi vi . fc" norehend facts is much. .... . i...i .ri . ,i , .. . 9 ... ' ... 1 i miwr in umii uwi j "-; pi wtru wi scrriceaoie oeast. quired for itaelmfore (otmnnlereof tbeSeuaia j roaf irla with tba fundamental priariilefl of bbei- irr .... 1H f - 1 1 Sir. I. lie Htttatltdhutkt General AurmWa SPPrebend tlirir relative Value that IS .w,M ,.,,, Bnar'in Wi. .wl. Grant! Jtoiti! Arch CUaytcr,,, Utatr AW Ca, amf 1 U kmig a that ,ts our, duty j and Jenness of Hshtnine. and how; finallr. pi iiiciii, a tim portion Should collect these sen-Mr ith our gjitionsj re-act upon them, store them Ir. retti- .n br a process called memorv. renro- cannot (juce thrm in,'thoUgli compare them, - - i. rili alaaunnK iy a linisn tnaiin? AtkKaaltr tliaam 9 ?j" y'.H'XJf.pler. write. G. booksi i. a great and unfathomable freehold within lire aarne district of fifty deo to hi. friend, "how. I, wish that mVsterr , t? . . , f . ' causes we can never ascend, uut to litiohi fnMn the brain to the limbs and hare an ere open to receive .acts and k; ntifrrorirn.-hi.w -another part Bi.. ..I Mareh 31 1 ' VroeiieiKH Journal. IvWrtri, l ,W hotoLu,,,1brt of n;Wri of each Houae because, they happen to clash Hireling Ironrnrrinr. ihnl lKaMmKilrlauaanritJr.1 Mrllon ' 'l . ' r.' ... . . In .r.w. "'.-;.u ..k ir..,.-.:....t. preconceived notion, or like A 1 AWaWU. i .fl wr jnuMin lhvmiiui t Taa aeit Annual Hii- of tbiabodv will ha bolden . wi ihv asan c ww w aaiv . aaiiaaravuvv vnmnuiuiNiii - i . ;Mlinington on (Monday tba iified by the people of A'ortb Caodina on me 0 Uapperlm 7lk .la al I n aai natl . a . - ..' m . . - - . . . .I - aertHMl Monday ol XNoveniber, A. IJ, ISM, ba .uiiurrmaiiu anteuurd erd of 7th day of Jane next. Sub- , . viuilMivvilPinci. ITUUIini tf pariiu Mt H aiva wiiu ivriui iiaa because them. we H.'P.' KUtWEl.L, firand 8ec'y.r iii..,.. ' .a M ..ii; ' I ,".... '!''. s XT e i t n o l I'.t Ii i U 1.1 Vi t.. A LI. peraona imleliled to the aubr-Ti1ef for we could have. ;th a ' ' 'a - V one hearty, laujrh to- er : acres of land fofaix montha netl before and t tba dav uf that tlx ukt rluoae of i i t-n .1 r. n . . r l:.- fe hiu t-iiuii aiiuii iuh luiuivai, niurcv wmie " . . . . i ..... . nuen oj the age ol tweniy-onc yeara (except aia '""" w ""vrrrJ .t,,,u,,, r hereinafter declared.) 'who ha?' been inhabitanta have rfpeatcdlT and urgently reques- I j, to Ii irstery r.J Here Bt Padua is the princi- THE FOREIGN POLICY OF; WASUI.NG- t jr. ' rti , i .i 'y- . -y. .' f, ;, A. atirmpts liSve been recenily.made KxlK Burrliaaedof Mr. War. T. Mr Utnirl, mj wwwi" "1 i ounm nn gwuigi KU 10 loot , at, vie. niwin anu pianeia to put new eoiMlrucitoii HPOQ the f or- ararrq-Krted to. aatile with him without delay. inypj"y though my glass, which he. pertmac eifiw Polir of Waahliiiflon, it may be ZnlflFvM T i-'Tb I 8r. fiVttiirvlW ita'.:TIit-ilHi'C tre. h.t.1hout i of ..iMghtw we produced byt that, p.df,tipiitf.lii..ron. ""M rib in ' p rmrofth8iatebf,andta la heieoy directed,, should have.a thijt glonocs follj J And iemprtrarief..Ci In.- v Sent' . Standard 1, , -' v ,. . .... to lauer hjirfolamsiionio ihe people of North .(o hear. .the Professor .pf.'.Philusoplijr'at ..Sneaker recently published, among the : . 1 .' . . .. Sociat Intercourse. We should make it a principle to extend ihe hand of fellow'- hip to erery mail who discharges faiili-fully his duties, sod maintain good older who tnaiiifesis a deep iniereat in the welfare of general society, whose deportment is upright and whose mind is intelligent, wiiliout stopping to ascertain whether he wings a hammer 01 drSws a thread. There is nothing so distant from all natural claim as the relucwnt, tfie backward sympathy, the lorced smile, tha cherked cnrera-lion, the hesitating compliance,' the well off are too apt to manifest iothoie a little down, with whom. In companion of intellect and principles' of virtue, they frequently sink into ioaignifieaoce. ' ' J ";r; Daniel Vftbleri Sleeping in Church.Ax is a matter; of record that; about one hundred yeats a VA"NTEl) '"';; ! ,rr C.roli.,.tWi month. lfo,eU,. next eke- Pisa lecturing before the Grand Duke of the oratory of Charles mes"" rn ZTtl , 1, HO An11.11, . ?tioa formemberaoMhe General Aaarml ly.aelting ..:.,i ,rtriimi.nt aa if uitb tnairl. 1? . e , 1 n ;...... :.. n Indian was conducted by a pious 1 "nhatARW TToIIen CIoli."of forth the purport of ibi. Act bod tl .meodmeot Tf L nl""f' ' W,ow' Deacon to witness the service of the eane- il,UUUullld4vb to. ake Caaaiihrtioa-bmia pHprd'hiii Pfa. ,c.l. nc,antatiot,. to charm fhe new . pli tlie House T C..nmoni 1 ,ia , 1794. on the ,u fy on irs day. When the ser- n'AUo a Quantity of Flax Seed V.o"! 1 eUiaaliwahall Aa acMnpaiiiod ,by- a. tio ahj Wtoottt ol tlje, sky ., ( . rrj t ,r -.. 4 Foreign Poliey of the United iutcs r. . ; p . . ... . f ,11. ary. ' 1 V- Lum, in hi. late to Congre,., h." ny friend he ff w -1 V- ... m. emerof the 8tut ahall eaoae to lie pubfixhe d in 1 .,,,,. fir ' tlioA tt ' I 1 1 .1 r . r 1 r. tianny over heathenism, entered into a .Iron A NeW Lot. - la.ew.p.pir.fthi8t.te,.mlFUed in the' f tu"' ."dtfirs attracts, theni ,re- ,romPHred wuh he policy of mode,, Eu-ietJ6rih9 m ,pp,opri.ted br llie HS8I8TIN of Dar Jroafor Tire. Harae Court Houaraof tba fwpecdt Uoamiaa ii. lh1. PS ,them.; hat(dof joq understand ropenn Courts ,. Illusirious man l deri- . . f w , Shots. Ac anuarafound, oyat and ,wlf j.Suta. at Urwt asia( montha before Jhe election of about that, Mr. Pcttipo, except inerelj j ving honor less fnm ihe splendor of In.!. . aiiDDort'of Public worship the JSteel '' ' ' ' '.' '' ' ' ' l .' ' of the whole numW of membcra of cacb'HAuoa ' "A', S freah lot of MoIumm ami Km'. 1 1 reipecllvrly, Snd ratified in Generul A lil' il : .w-i-i 'T-n &VF.BB'( Janaarv. ISSKn 1 tid March 3uV 1 842.1 i 4 ' 7 j .-t7 , t ' v l C. DOBBIN, 8. JL C, 1.. i,.iMr,wt-.vV.Trv,i 8: f . "; -U ' !!i ii 1 8tats r Nobtb Cabolika. , 1 "" ' ' Office nf Stentary of Stale, y I, Wtttii. HiUiSecwtary of 8tat,n and I.I a 1 ?i C 1 . i 1 1. . . a una in tsr.oiroKc me cms uacx. uc-jimiioii than ill anre rereived froin her. in the rrext con- aa e , .1.- .1: : 1 l:. . s(iiin iiia tiiDiiiiv a sa biibii - . . m Aba. Cat Steel;' Bluter, Germab and Sheaf Kcd three tiiiH-a b.m) agreed lo by three-fifths, fore the fire and TOM will observe the mind ! Grateful to France for the assist. erer."un 1 ?! ' 1" - 1 .i .. . . miniaier. atr. 1 o an 11111 1110 11111 ui me forest, who had observed the drowsy i-posiiiont which pervaded the assembly, replied, Umph ! Indian sleep just as sound under , tree; and not pay any thing." f 1 ' -:' same phenomena. .Your own body w . I il 'B .mannef .enut p.rka in certain test which secured the independence of states, out rypu t knqw jnounng auout America, lie jet did not choose to give up is so. . , . ..... , ; -l j ihersylem of neutrality iu her favor. ' Four a solution of muriate of lime Having once laid., down the line of con-into one of sulphate of potash both duct most prnprr to be pursued, not all clear fluids';' but "no "sooner are they the insults and provocations of the French THE'aubacriber Is now receiving hia 8pring . L Wtttua Hiu, fecewtary ol iaie,in snu. mixc(j together than ther become near- Minister, Genel, ronld at all pill linn out . and Summer'aupply of Good, and haa the ! fr I t' f Nrth Urohna, do hereby cent- -y . ,low j3 tht J . Y0U tell Hie of his war or bend him from his purpose. fWaur. of olTcring lo hu cuatome.a snd friend. . Uhat'.ri ingredient of the' one solution It most, indeed create astonishment ih,i, a elegant' assortment, frora which ha is sur Aet In aeral fWy . 4 ... -f an , sWWM,i.n r A. r ...i ,...-. Ihevean raaka aelectiona that -will nleaw. Hi rw rtgmai or Bia m low aroce. vw...u.v- " ,- ...J.v...v . .... . , .v-.. .... ... w . ... iney caa rssae aewcuona tnai will in-, , , . . -.,... r 1W.....' kI.oi- mnA .n In.ntnKlo sillnlia t ' lif fit! n . .i.ilnn ... n...r.;..n.i ll. HlffB lintirr III lltlllUa, UIS a UIJ vi v.viss- , viuM aaaaxa hii iuoui. v oa a una v. wa miiiiix aa rinmrn os vuurin n"wa. my ims ' M, 1851. Spring Supply. 1852 .t V co 1 SJXW mLmtn : - I . .... i. i :'yjt Scoundrel PtmiiAerf. A man rail ing himself Dr. Ulurlea Hsynes, recent in old Peter and voting Peter were." hard i. ... '- i ' . ... .i i i', hi mi; men, ittw, wnrn uir imi uiaii drops hia scythe and bawls out " 0 f mine Gott, Petrr ' ' ' It'hat'. de matter, Mei V answered the sun, straightening up and looking to-' wards his sire. " A . ' - Of mine Gott. Peter 1 -bl in crie. i),e oldiriBh; f vi, V' 'V i ' ' ' ' Donder! erhoes" roung feter, linrJ ryiiif up lo the old man.' Fsder, what is de matter I'' i ! . ' O mine Gott I Peter, der snuke bite mineleit r . u ; " ' ' - " ' " If Bnylhinjf.' in particular, wss capable of frighieuing ynnng Peter, it was snakes ; fr he once nearly rripmrd tuinsell lor life br Irampinc upon a crooked .lick, which clamped hi. and and so horrified the roiingMrr that he liked lo have fallen through hiuivelf. ' ' '' 1 1 At the word $nake; yon ng Feter feu hick nimbly as a wire-dancer, and bawled in torn-' ' ' ".."" .. 1 - ' "" Where is deshnaket" ' .' ' K Anp mine trowsis, Peter 0 mine GottH" '""'''''"f .'-j ,'''' " Oi nilne GoltT echoed Peter, juni or. kid him, fader kill him !" - Noa, nn-at he kill me, Peter; come income quick git off mine Irowsis !"-.. But Peter' the younger s cowardice overcame filial love, while fear lent strength to his leg, and he started, like a srared lo eomotive, lb rail' the burly Dutchman, who was in a distant p ut of the field, to give the father a lift with the snaka. Old Jake, the farmer's assistant, eame buad ling along, as soon as he heard iho news, and passing by the fence whereon Paler and his boy had hung up their linsey wootsey' vest., Jake grabbed one of the garment, and hurried to old man Peier, who still managed to keep on hie pins, idihongh lie was quaking and fluttering like an aspen leaf in a June gale of wind. O, mine Gott! Come come quick, YBenbr-.-,; m... . , . "Vat you got, Peler, eh I Shnaker"? Yaw, yaw,-: Come, eome, Yacob I He bite me all to piece. here, aup mint Iff! V"' j tri; t'i. jj t .1 Old Jake was not particularly sensitive to fesr, but few people, young or old. are dead to alarm when a pfren" reptile ia making a levy.1 Gathering op the stiff dry sialk of a stalwart weed, old Jack told the bos. to stand steady, and he would sr. least .tun tha snake by a rap or two, if he did not kill it stone dead and old man Peier, less loth to have his leg broken than be bitten to death by the viper, de. signaled the .pot to strike snd old Jake let him have ill The first blow broke tha weed, and knocked old Sweighoffer off hi. peg. and into a haycock co6m "01" roared old Peter, "yoo broke mine leg, and de lam shnake. gone l" Vere ! . - Vera ci tes old Jake, motw ing briskly about, and scanning very narrowly the earth he stood upon. . v v Never mind him, Yacob J. help roe aup-l'll go home." , v , y - - Put on your vhest, den ; here it is." ssys the old trout eater, gathering up hia boss, and trying to get the garment on his lumpy back. The moment old Peter made the effort; he grew Ijvid 'in his. face hi. hair stood on rnd, H like squills noon the frightful porkinhime,". as Mia. Partington observes he shivered be shook hi. teeth chattered, and hi. knee. knocked a ttmccato accompaniment, 01 Yacob, carry me home I'm dat Btpita!" :, ; . , . . . Vat ? ; lh nodder shnake in your Irowsis F 8 , , 1 " . " No-v look ! I'm .well .tip ! Mine vhet won't go on mine back I . 0101 mine GotW ' v. Ton'ner and blixen !" tried old Jake a. he took the same conclusion," and with might and rosin the old man, scared visited Patlucali, Keniucky, and hav-j,0 lh mtf(lt woniierfu fealof physical g been' charmed with ihe beauty of . telifi,y tr,,l $uength, lugged and carried 'atotk enbrtces every article ususliy brought to ,4his market, sock a, .. . ... , ! 5 DRV GOODS, , Oroceriw, Hardware, Cutlery, &c, "Among Hi. 'Dry Goods, are the moat beautiful Ipatterna fur tallica' Drr-aac H i detei mined r M.. oU CHfAr", and the have only to A gie hint a Inst to be fully saliadctj ou this point. r ,He also i kets on bond a good stork of leather, which will he sold at the, usual price. ' r iii'ti..i.n;.if....j r. t x i.... ... . WM. HI1.L, Sec'y of Stale, t As. Wasaais.lbe aa'ul Act provides for a- eontlnuanr of ilia same. i. ifu h M. PAt.MER. ' P. 8. Rsi Biwwait, Tallow, riatsceil. ahd OIJ ;atini liken iu exchange for Good. - April 4.., ..-,.; -fti 80 i'. H. . . . I '. T , ........ , ... .!.;i.l,l KINTtel),,,,, s B . AN Apprentice lo the Tailoring nuaincaa. IA-lad from l to 14 jeas af sge, of indualii-, ,ou hal'ils and jrnod morals, will be taken ly the 'subscriber, if aiiplicalion U mail anon. " ' L. CAUMICIIAEL. " Telvusry t.r.': ''",,V iU It' .. . i l.i . ,,i ,i, , i . i.' ' BLANKS ! BLANKS ! 'I.ANK DKRD4 and Attachments, single or Um qaire, Warraiil. Exeeotions. Ac-, ftcinlsj on goaj paper, for sale si this Office, ."Ifrcberf. ... i. . l': ' HOlitON'S POEMS. " A ' T E W Copiea'of ths Poem of George Hof-f ton, the colored Bard of Chapel Hill, con-"taining' alao a skekh of hi life written by hiiu-"atli may behaj at this OlBoe. ' Tries "&ccui. fcWuvb.aili. . . . : , ... . . i Sa young lady, married her, alter ten usrs be 0y y ,onja quirer or wf of t mie ' l I "W II" ..ill . r tir i- i ii l acquainiance, llinugn ucHire an cimio i .. .k. lAna. . lime is produced. A ell, rou tell me acter of .Washingioii should never once j ,H , . f -..i. fu:i- , . " ina oousr. .fact; bat rou do not account for it by 'have been called in question; doit he j,,r?n" lo 7' ' i I.JSTit i iT Young Peter hsdahinned it for home sarinz thai the lime has a creater at- sliould in no one in-iance Imve hern Bc.iqnmr',..,I,,T ! ' a ,' . .1.!" V. j.t the earliest stsg. of the dire proceed- aiendiug the Constitution of the state of North ( traction for the sulphuric acid then the ( euseil either of improper insolence or of j . m .Vrested ' tried, cooricted, and ln' ."nJ hmvi the lUU hy every quauiu-u vicr poiasn lias, yon oo uoi vnuiTsiunu now .mean suouussion to nts iransacuons wim . '.:,.:..-' r.,r ! WB" 'g"-' ' "j " thi8l'o'' !t Is-)ou merely see that it is so. foreign Nations. It ha. been reserved ;'eil,Pnc e ?en poor old dad and hi. a.i.lf 1mt linn to run the race of alorr without ;' , . . r I ant. ! . . w ' I i t - m awai m aaah aa-a i-. t .-1 i i . . a.a a - (Jld man feter wa. carried in, and oe- he brilliancy of his career. The breath v 1 gan to die, natural as life, when in comes ui .censure has not dnred lo impeach the " . . . I ihe old lady, in a great bustle, and wanted purity of his conduct, nor the eye or envy Feter Swf Ignouf r I IdTfntnrt Witt 1 SttUC ,0 snow wn,t was going on? Old Peier, U rajse its malignant ghmce to the eleva-! ,, - V B.T fAtC0SBID0.11, in the last gasp of agony and weakness, lion, of his viruesv Such has been the 1 Some rears ago, near ihe town of Rea-, opened his eyes and feebly pointed to his jraiisceudeni merit aiid the unparalleled ding, Berks County, Pennsylvania there eg. The old womsii ripped np the fate of this illustrious msn ! . ' ' lived a rosy old farmer, named S weighof- pantaloons, and out foil a .mall thistle-,., How did ,'he act when insulted by ;fer f German descent, and accent loo, top and at the same time considerable of a Genet t, )rd he consider it as necessary fl" hia speech will indicate. ; Old man amtch was mada visible I 4 to arenge himself for the inisciindtict or1 Sweighoffer had once served ss a member, . Call di. a .hnake ! Bah!" ssys the madness or an individual, by involving 'of the Legislature, and w. thetefore " no 0JJ woman. .. ... . . ... . a . t. 1 .11. . rutin so as lo confer on iho House of Commons for the Senate : . . u - , J Yon must believe it. now, wervrore, tome errainai a m.y -.... i:fi. .n.t !t. 1-...: i.. ...!!.. kn-wa that If tba aforesaid amcadinenl to ua m- J ."" v-i-.- T 7 THE FORCE OF DSIAGINATIONI 7. i . . r.. u..tini!prriil uiamrafatiiin&. vnn are more ihe brilliancv nf In career. I lia breath AXIXU lUOVH w uiauuitiiivii i -.Ait-iii ui urn kiuii ii aifreeu iu t.n i. umu. w ...... . . - .......... , , - , r j . . - tha whide representation in each boue ofthajn the dark than ever. You under-licit General Assembly, it will then be submit- g(and less about this than JOU do even led to' the people for ralificstion, I have of jeaj mgtter ' ;rake tn ordinary thlViny Prorlaimtionlneobformhywahlhe j facti-rou drop two seeds, "Z component paru a're , the same, noroftlie8isteorNTihCaioUns,bsihbereun-sinto the same soil. , Ihey grow up so to act hia hand snd caused the Great 8csl of he close , together that their roots mingle said Siate to be aiGxed. ' " ...... land their stalks intertwine. The one !" TO,K'hT!! plant pnnlucM a long slender leaf, the 5M : :2rW ' shor fjaaf; the one brings ? itM eiRtit hundred and fifty o..e,nd in ;lorth . beautiful flo.wer the other an tlieaevcntv-aixth year of our Inde-iuo-lT, gcruff; the one sheds abroad a ".''"1 ' i venty iieadeuce. By the Governor, DAVID S. REID. Taoaia 8ktti, Jr Private See'y. , Persons into wboae hands this Prorlamslion may fall, will please ace that a copy of it is ported up in the Court Iouse of their respective Counties.' ':''.', '' .-;- 1 January 17 18 Fresh Garden Seeds. .. , i , TO BE HAD v,l . AT THE DTIUG STORE. ;1 .March I) ... - delicious fraitrance. the . other is en tirelj. inodorous., ,The hemlock, . Uie wbeatstalk ktid the rose;ree, eut of the same chemical ingredients contained in the soil, educe,, the one deadly poison, the other., wholesome food, ,tke third a bright consummate flower. Can to. tell me. Mri Pcttipo, how is this? bo you understand the secretby- which the roots of .these plants accomplish so much more than all your science on do and so . infinitely excel the most -. . : if ,v - - " - . , . . . , , ,,.. whole .eoiitinrnt in the horrrs of war ! fool and as he had also long command- (), but Fm pixhened to ueain, Moiiy i No: he jmnienled Jiimself with procuring ed . volunteer corp. of ru.tifl militis,he) See, I'm all piahen mine vheslO, dear, satisfaetion for the insult by causing Ge. could hardly be supposed inclined lo eow- n,ine vhest not eome over mine pody X net to be recalled Tend Urns at once con- srdice. Hi. .on PeteMsrss his ooly son.l - Haw I haw 1 haw !" roaied the oh I suited his own dfgnity and tlie interests of' a .trsppirrg lad of seventeen : and upon J woman. - Vat a fool I You got Peter, his, coontiy. . Happy, Americans' whilejold Peter and yoong Peter devolved the vhest oo haw 1 hsw I haw ! -the whirl wind flies over one q.rtei of th. I principal care, and toils of the old geade-j -Bosh!" rours old Peter, .haking off globe, andspreads eveivwherf) desolation, I man', farm, now and then assisted by death, icy fetter, at one surge, and jump-you remain protected iron, its baneful ef-jold lady and her two bouncing daughtera ing up. -. Boah I Yscob, vat a lam ole fecta by your own virtue, and the wis- for it i. very eommon in thai 8tt. to fool you roust be, to pay I vasb shnakf-dom of your Government. ' Separated .see the women and girls at work in the bit ! Go 'bout your business, gK Pter i... . . ... n Aa.aanil BMin avira occasions DY Kni brine me some teer. Iiuui i.'i ..L'o uy pi, luiniciirc in , vw . .- . i 't fl not the etTeci nfthn.a o.eindiees and hired hands. . The old woman saved Peter s life. passions which coureri the boasted .eati . Well, one warm day, in hsying lime.j 4 v. X '

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