Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 28, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1968
Page 2
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torch 28,1968 Engagement Announced MISS JANICE KAY BOWDEN Beech Street Baptist Church In Texarkana will be the scene of the wedding of Miss Janice Kay Bowden to, Marshall Wayne Middlebrooks, June 22. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jtuart E. Bowden of Texarkana, Arkansas and the grand daughter t)f Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. ^rtle of Texarkana, Texas and •Jhe late Mr. Joseph H. Bowden •of Hope. The future bridegroom Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. %. Middlebrooks, Jr. of Texar- 3kana, Texas and the grandson of ~Mr. .and Mrs. Alva Dyke Middle- brooks, Sr. of Hope and Mrs. Kyle B. Bangle of Arlington, Va. and the late Mr. Joe S. Marshall of Little Rock, Arkansas. Miss Bowden is a graduate of Arkansas High School. Her fiance is a Texas High School graduate. Both attended Texarkana Junior College. Miss Bowden is a member of Phi Beta Xi and is employed at the Texarkana Oaklawn Bank. Her fiance is an employee of Day & Zimmerman. The Rev. Milton E. DuPriestwill perform the marriage ceremony. HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel 3 Dear Helen: I earn money by knowing lawns. I use my Dad's JJwwer mower. ~ My girl gave me some Indian JSeads and, to match them, I got "some sandals and am letting my *hair grow to my shoulders. -~ My Dad says if I don't cut ~j>ut the hippie-type stuff and cut my hair —in other words If Saenger THEATRE LAST TIME TONITE AT 7:30 p.m. GIANT ROADSHOW AT REGULAR PRICES M ^cus TKCNMICOUON- - PANAVISION • FRIDAY-SATURDAY Two Great Action Hits KING KONG WAS BIG'UNTILYOUSEE "KONGA" KING OF THE JUNGLE *•**•***** "Destination Inner Space 1 ' IN COLOR ####*******# • I ; • ' Special : KIDDIES : MATINEE : SATURDAY *********** DIXIE Drive-In FRI.SAT.SUN. "AFRICA TEXAS STYLE" AND " BUSY BODY" All in color. let's AJI Go 1 I donh lurn Inlb a &inlfo cluck organization man —he will repossess his lawn mower, and also my allowance. What do you say to that?-MOANIN' LOW- NOT MOWIN' LOW Dear Moanin' Low: I say when money talks, your Dad has the last word. Mow your hair like a "dumb cluck organization man" or you won't be mowln' lawns. -H Dear Helen: 1 have a friend who visits me often, always at dinner time. She eats enough for two people. If anything is left on the table, she finishes it off like a living garbage disposer. She sits around until Mom calls us for dinner and we have to be polite so we ask her to stay—and she always does! How can we get it across that the Invitation is just a nice way of saying, "It's time to go home"? -CHEWED OUT Dear C.O.: You probably can't. Subtlety Is lost on eager eaters. Two approaches are: "Would you like to wait in the front room till we're finished?" Or—the best: Your mother's firm, "I'm sure you're wanted home for dinner now —Good-by el—H Dear Helen: Glad you started the S.O.S. (Stamp Out Steadying) button offer again. Serious dating Is the worst thing that can happen to two young people. At 16, I met THE girl. At 17, she still is THE girl, but I have just told her I wasn't going to date her steadily any more, not because I don't think a lot of her, but because we were getting loo serious. If I had dated other girls and 'she had dated other guys, we would have played it cool until after high school. But we got ahead of ourselves because of a society that told us to go steady. Teen-agers don't have to give their ex-steady up for good, but if they are wise, they'll play the field. ^A DUM-DUM FINALLY WISED UP Dear Helen: Until a few months ago, I was a staunch member of the S.O.S, club. Then I nwt the most wonderful boy in the world. 1 realize going steady has its faults and I can see why lots of kids are against it. But like many other things, it'sa matter of what is right for the individual. I have benefitted from going steady. For a change, 1 put som;one else's feeling before mine. I've found happiness in getting to know ar£ understand one person. We aren't aboiit to lose our heads. I'm not trying to convert oth- SOCIETY "..•' PKofle 7-3431 Bifv*/eeh 8 a,m. oftd 4 p.m. Calendar of Events THURSDAY, MARCH 28 fte monthly Ladles Bridge* Lunchedft *UJ be held it It* Hope Country Clubat l2:30p,f8,fW£ dty, M4wh 28, The rneaJ will be pdtlack, and hostesses will be Mrs, Ux Helms, Jr H Mrs, f hofnas Hays, and Mrs, J, B. Martin, FRIDAY, MARCH 23 The Friday Music Club will meet at 3:45 p.m. Friday, March 29 In the home of Mrs, Sam W. Strong,^Ir. with Mrs, Charles Reytierson and Mrs, James Me- Larty, co*hostesses. Please note the change of date tor the meet- Ing. SUNDAY, MARCH 31 A Mixed Scotch Bail Golf Tournament will be held at the Hope Country Club Sunday, March 31 at 3 p.m. The entry fee will be a White Elephant Item, A potluck supper will follow the tournament, and hosts will be: Mr. and Mrs, Jim Prudeo, Mrs. Byron Hefner, and Mrs. Rose Marie Shlrey. There' will be a Family Potluck Supper at the First Presbyterian Church Sunday, March 31 at 6 p.m. The young people of the church will present the program, concluding the study on Japan. MONDAY, APRIL 1 All the circles of the W.S.C.S. of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, April 1 at 2 P.m., The Youth Choir of the First Presbyterian Church will practice Monday, April 1 at 3:45 p. m. The Adult Choir will practice at 7 p.m. The W. M S. of the First Baptist Church will mrjet Monday, April 1 at 11:30 for the business meeting followed by a covered dish luncheon at noon. The Missionary program will be presented at 1:00. The W.M.U. Council will meet at 11:00. Mothers of the Little League, Pony League, and Doctor's League will meet Monday, April 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the,Youth Center, There will be %>business meal- * ing 4 and 'bletfHSrol new officers * for the commlng season. TUESDAY, APRIL 2 The WOC Council of the First Presbyterian Church will meet in the Chapel Tuesday, April 2 at 10 a.m. SHOVE R SPRING HD CLUB MEETS A meeting of the Shover Springs 4-H Club was called to order by Lanette Arrlngton on March 19 at the Fellowship Hall. The opening song, "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," was led by Sue Dillon. Sheryl Bright, secretary, called the roll and was answered by 10 members. She also read the minutes of the last meeting and led in repeating the Lord's Prayer. Don Middlebrooks was welcomed as a new member. ' The old and new business was discussed, Including the club's treasury account, the club project, and the door prize. Paula Poindexter gave the devotion from John I. Sheryl Bright demonstrated "crystallizing bottles." Guests were: Mrs. Aaron Skinner, Mrs. E. 0. Bright, David Poindexter, and Dennis Arrlng- ton. Brownies and cold drinks were served to the group of 16 by the Brights, ers, but how can something that has worked so well for my boy friend and me be all bad?-C. F.B. Dear C.; "Going steady" isn't all bad! For kids like you —sensible, mature, AGREED -It's a lovely relationship, What IS bad, according to some 10,000 teens so far, is "The System" which forces steadying on those who would still rather mix than match. As I've said before, every S.O.S. button • wearer will someday be a dropout. S.O.S. isn't aimed at break' ing up steadies. It simple gives the "not yet readies" a choice. Want an S.O.S. Button? Send one dime and a stamped self- addressed envelope for each button to Helen Betters S.O.S. Club, Bo* 9997, Sacramento, California, 958?3. This column \s dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU, She will also welcome your own amusing ext periences. Address- Helen Bpttel in care of The Hope Sur, Copyright^ J968, King Fea. tures Syndicate. Ir.c. HOft (AM) STAI PfWtUJ tff Offset slides of bffcuttftii w»d flowers taken from Affcansts, most or them in Hempstead County, the meeting w*s closed by repeating collect, followed by de* liclous refreshments of Easter eUce, salad and punch, The hos* tess served nine members and two guests, Mrs, Bittle and Mrs, Itollls. Next meeting will be In April in the home of Mrs, Pickard. Mttiretn add Ruth Coenfttrt if tftxarMrti. starts of tho hottof ee» and Mrs, P, G*StephensarsdMfs* Harold Stephens, both of 8le« tins. 80CRY MOUND MC GLOB MEETS the Rocky Mound Hofiwfnftker's Club met Ift the home of Mrs, H. H. Higfison Thursday, March 21 tor their regular meeting. The president, Mrs, Floyd Pharrls called the meeting to order. The thought of the month was "If you haven'l tried It, don't knock it," The group sang "Count Your Many Blessings" led by Mrs, Hlggison, Mrs, Higgison's devotional was taken from Matthew 26:5763, The Lord's Prayer was then repeated In unison. The eye-opener, A Bed Caddy, was by Mrs, Crawford. The lesson, Health, was given by differ' ent leaders. Mrs. Messer, "How to Care for Family Diseases' 1 ; Mrs. Higgison, Dlabetis. Heart and Circulatory diseases was explained by their agent, Miss Delores Me Bride. Mrs* Byers gave a book quiz in which all members took part Roll call by the secretary, Mrs. Bftrham, was answered by nine members with "A Problem I Have." Mrs. Bar ham read the minutes and treasurer's report. Mrs. Cecil Bittle showed KITCHEN SHOWER FOR BRIBE* ELECT • A kitchen shower for Miss Don* na Kay Cochran of Texarkana, bride-elect of Made Me tarty, was glvea by Mrs, Herbert Ste* phens with Mrs, U 0, Springer, co'hostess, on Tuesday mvraing, March 26 at the Stephens home. The brida-elect was attired in a colorful spring suit, She wa.i presented a clever kitchen corsage, as was her mother, Mrs, Virgil Cochran of Hot Springs, her fiance's mother, Mrs. Frank McUrty, and his grandmother, Mrs. Tom McLarty, Ydlow irises and daisies decorated the living room, where 20 guests assembled to write fa» vorlte rectples tor the honored guest. Daffodils centered the table in the dining room, where refreshments were served, In addition to memb3rsofCh!ip- ter AE, P.E.O., there were several guests from out of town. They included Mrs. Cochran, mother of the bride-elect, Misses FOR MISS COCHUAS An Ifttorrnftl morning party for briife<6tecl Miss Donna Kay Cochrftn of texarkana was held In the home of Mrs, Lloyd Spen* cer, Miss Cochrftn, who wilt become the bride of Mack McLarty in June, was attired In a rose linen dress and had a white corsage, spring flo*«rs were placed at vantap points throughout the home. In the dining room the tables was centered with a, yellow and white arrangement of Dutch irises, mums, and daffodils, Cold drinks and snacks wore served to 31, Including Mrs. Vlr- gtl Cochran of Hot Springs, the honoree's mother, Misses Ruth and Maureen Cochran, h«r aunts, and Mrs. William Dudney, Jr., ail of Texftrkana, and Mrs. Watson White of Prescott. Assisting the hostess in serving were Mrs. E. J, Whitman, Mrs, Thomas Hays, Mrs. Thomas Hays, Jr., Mrs. Leonard Ellis, Miss Diane Ellis, nnd Mrs, Ray Lawrence, The seaweed, Irish moss, Is edible and is used us the basis of soups and desserts. Coming, Going Mrs, U A, &tm and Mrs, w* A, F ftfttllti, tSbtn of GaiUlBV f enn, f MW bs*ts flailing their sister, Mrs* 8, & Franktto. Mrs. Ffiflk EKffeU of Snfetfr port visited her parents, Mr, and Mrs. BV L, Retug, two days last week. Art Robertson. Mrs, Marian Long, and Eddie Holland, nil of Little Rock, were In Hop* Tuesday night for a msettag with the Hempstead Comity Republican Womflft, AUrt Woman Polls Robtorv SALT LAKE CITY (AP) When a robber entered a suburban bank office Tuesday and ordered taller Mary Young to fill a sack with currency, she did so —deftly slipping a tear fus cartridge In with the money. Officers arrested two m«*nant! two women fifteen minutes later, and sakl some of them had tear gas on (heir clothing, On* of the men, they said, suffered tear gas burns and had been crying, The Federal Bureau of Investigation later brought bank robbery charges against Thomas Theodore Pachcco, 27, and Theodore Samuel Pacheco Jr., 30, both of Salt take City. The FBI sakl $1,3-18 taken from (he bank was recovered. THOUGHTFUL, Lucl NM- Kent, daughter of President and Mr*. Johnson, arrives at a «t«te dinner nt the, Whit* House In honor of" vUltlnjj Purntfnny FrcsV dent Alfredo StrofMtier. cmmnfi WAYS FIPRT nilAI ITV & ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Do your Easter shopping now before we get too crowded... Yes, of course; Penncys is always a greaf place to shop, Lef's just say it's a little more relaxing when you beat The Great Easter Rush. Right now, you'll find our largest selection of the things you want, all at those famous Penney prices, So come on down with your Easter list and your Penney charge card. Parade pretty skimmers show off ladylike trims! 6 Girls ore sych show off* when they're wearing dresses like these! little lassies will love the grownup trims of loce, ribbon, novelty buttons, more. Choose hers from the prettiest patterns in spring's fresh color combinations. Carol dotted * bowed jVimmer of cotton primed is cotton lined. Si?ej 7-1 4 ! 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