Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 22, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1916
Page 6
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Htef, STERLING, ILLINQJS, FRIDAY, PEC. 22, 1916. W. J. Sowles D. G. Store A Special Service TO MAKE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EASY, you can buy for your friends the things they want most, we , frlth THE FOLLOWING IS A PARTI AL LIST CntuJfolc" 5 in flefili sitk. $1.00, 65c, 50c. ,\ ffiwd line of Mw*»{drtx nt |Jn« <»M }»rtce?«. e^ <'ol!ftrs of Immflrlofh, witin, oryninlie *v nnd voile. Silk IMtieoafs, in nil the jwpnlsir shades, including' l>Iack~$3.45, $4.50 and $5.00. Fmipy Combs, 25c and 50c. (luiraeter DolK 25c and 50c. Doll Hets of Disliw, 50c and 25c. Ttw-k Chinese pnilirolilory. 50c. Jfnek ToweK Itnml onibroiilcrpfj allope edjBTP, nil 1i«on, 80c. A sjKHMfil lot of (lwst Buili Towc bonier, 20c each. Kid (iloVos—M ton, $1,25 and $1/75. Bttth jjttobrflT with I' white, and to match, .Mr a ii',. nnd S»i nr<\ <'hr!«tmnfl A n,-ij n<>-1 !r>r_ •»".'>• i. Ml flHlsn e I.;irt*f«t n.'lv h; f wh«rf h» will j> o r Xnvi* hu!'; fi 1 ^' ' '»nf<" Hirfrf ri )r<>m ifi"' t \ Kitintr h . L"« n«»y ?t"nV* th. nntl Hf>Uy nran Confectionery.* nine from l'r!>r»na in rhnii*n,T5 oan'lt" \:> of rfnts per Ih Tbw.i<li i v h« re i " Mr. nn<l Mr.*. Harold Kelnhnfdt wen to TUimsny, III. today tvlif»rt» they wll MethodUt Primary practice at ehurrh Kntnrtlay. 3 ?n j>. rn.* <f. AV. fx-JlyiUfl, of f'hlf'aco. Rp Thij.n»ilay iti this city tin business. We are offering special discounts on all trimmed hats. Every hat the latest de- and new stock. Our Store open evenings this week !K FALLS DAILY GAZETTE . ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, ! 91 *. PROGRAMS and Mra. Santa Glaus Will ear Christmas Evening Al All OhurcheB. churchwi of this city hav-e nil rhrlntmoM progrnJJis to 1m Christmas «ve. 'Santa appear at the churches and Unantnt* from the trees. : r - , Methodist ky School, »H5 «, m. wrvlceK. 10:45 a. m. Chrlst- bh by tho pastor, scivlw. 7;30.p. mr fey the Sunday school, » the regular program we are t>« favored by a sixtclal vlnlt ftnd Mrs. Santa t'lfKns. who [O'fram'tft* lc« eavo of th* Ar- commlttcos Imvo been and promise the most CJiHstmn* celebration ev^r A rare tr«tftt for everybody. the children. The fol- m will be rendered: l&ftho Mill' Tops"—Mrs. Em- Velma Hcott'n Mrn. McXell'n*, and § Mr, nnd Mrf. Santa Tlio f<illowlnt( <'hrlutma» program will be tf ndemt Sunday evening in the "Monday Hehool r«wm of tbo t.:on«r«*' Kationnl chore 1 h, . There will bo a large <"hH*tmiui tree and Bnnta (*lau« will appear ..after tho proxmrn and dl«tri- Clreetlnir — Primary t^hrtstmaii t-Tflldren. (rh Htory— Bensle Dcussler MX] Vera MontRomery. \UhrliitmH« Carol—Mr*. . chrhttnuiM Uellii-^EJ«le Puckett, Kern Pucki-tt, lUith TompkJm*. Uuby Tump- _£L£CTJON OF OFFICERS ~~ ' Vernon Johnnon and Simester, pajttor. ' Stocking" ?The Mounc'w Joke." Ciwt Vty-~Ruth Clark, ~ boy— fJ^U "Jolly Curnenters" — Mr, and rl "Johnny BpeakK" — rarmony "|>olly" —• J^ay Freeman, tAVwite Freeman, the Hells"— Mls» Stinta Claus Comes"— ^*y|i»t In tho Placo We Uve"~- Night'-' (In coatumc)— i ClftHH. (Malta 1» ComlnB")*- Ithyne. onen. <.:iau«" "What Mukiv'H Porolhy Barnes. for IjSidner, Oeoiw class. Jilothor" — l*Vank- Snnta Comen" "JUutlwr t'radlo Hymn" WIlHt, "Son'm 1'auirht" Qlfl* for the King"— Mr. and * i , tiling want to «uiku he smoker li ft i> p y, glvo him Homo-. that oatera to p 1 » » « u'i' c — a box 1 of oigftrdr We will glad- 'i. * r ^ > Incites Ht'lot't KO thc«y will sun* jo iTiako tho cn- t*igar gifts to of all sizes, t'J, |0;tp 50 i J. Druggist, Bock Fails I Violin solo—Kenneth Chapman. Christmas \Vr«nth~-KSrnlly Marfleet, Christmas Or«en« — Edna Kumley and Helen England. Christ man Posies—Eleanor McLenn* an. l>ona Montgomery, Aim AI proas. Winifred Carey. Christmas I<OR William Howies. Christmas Tree, solo "by Hue Kndol. Christmas Slocking—Virginia Johnston. CbristmnB Wish—Madellmr The- Christmas (Joo«ll«ii —Kmellne O**ye,r, I*avcrne Johnson, loaJbrl JuUns- ton. v The C-hrlstmaa Gifts—Primary children. Christmas King—Song by audience; led by Mrs. Howies* class. J'lnak*—Ix»roy Clifton. German Lutheran.. Tho Oermwr. Lutheran church will hold their ciirUtmns program Hunday evening at 7:16 o'clock. The children of the Sunday Hehool will give recitations, both In Knullsh and Cterman. Chrlstffiuw S(»n»s will al«o be giv«n by the Hunduy Behoof. The pastor will deliver a Christmas nrtdrcw. The Christmas sorvlee with communion will be held Monday morning at iott)0 o'clock. Saturday evening the <Jhrt«tm»« program will ,ho given by the Hunday School at Vorktown, and Sunday rooming at 11; oo o'clock th» Chrlntmaa service will bo held with Rev, Krebs ii\ chnrge. i' ,., • Monday evening at 7:13 o'clock tfio a Thief." Ho told how his father taiinht him to steal, itnd how after many yt'ur.-* of crime ho was nt last .converted, A collection was tnk- m and the money given to Mr. Wallace to help l»ny his Inrge debts. Thf talk l»<u»t evening was one that will bo long remembered. THE YOEMEfU/IEETING Annual Election Of Officer* Held Lait Evening. Tim Voenten h»ld an IrtiportAitt me«>t- ingJ'Ufi-cvcnltur in. the Woodman JmlL. Offlcers for .the coming ywir were chosen ax follows; i I'"V)rrman-7-llert Derwcnt. .Master of Ceremony—Tlioman 'Kelly. Master of Accounts—»Ituhert Hariwr. Chaplain—Mrs. Ollle- Derwcnt. Appointive ortlcers will be made at a later date. After the business se»- sJnn'thci time was Kpctit In dancing. Kasi 10:00 pnnirain will be given at ut nnd Tuet<day moralns at o'clock, Known H« the second day. the Chrl«tma» seryle® will be tilven with ReV. Kruba y ln < barge. • * _ EAST COLOMA SCHOOL Fin* Chriatmaa Frjogram -W«e Qivan Thla Afternoon At Eaat Coloma. Tho pupllH of iho I'iiMl Coloma school caht of thla city irave a wplendid ('hristmtis program tbl» afternoon at tho sclnioi. The following program WHS rendered : Snow FiKtiro Scene—aohool, ' Fttiry— Hophte Munricld. Queen— Ilitttle Jax'obti. i C««»k--Verna Yeoward. Rotdler—^'alter VeoWard. Kayaton* Aid And Relief Hold Annual Election Laat .Evening. Tho Keyntone Aid and Hellef held a meeting lant evening at the otlleo of K. U. Taylor. The lodR% reports that it in the end of a very>ucoe»»ful year. Tim following otllcer« were elected: < Prim. — J. O. Linterick, , NMce Pro*.— C. C. Orady. ' Seo'ry.— 33. J.. Pierce. Financial Bec'ry. — CJmM. Oettle, - Tren*. — Hflinucl I<owry. TALK ^PUPILS W. C. Wallace) Gave Splandid Talk To The Hiflh School Pupili. W. C. Wallace, «* converted ex-con- viol, «ave an Interentlng talk to Lhn pupils pf the hlRh Hchool'ye8terday nf- ternoon. HI* talk wa« very Impnui* n|ve, hi* aubjecl belnK "«o 8urt>; You* THE DISEASE IS MILD Present Smallpox Epidemic Is Not A All Seriout. IHy 1*nlt«»d Press.) PprlnR-fiPld, 111.. Dec. 22.—ThnnkiJ tc sn Illinois supreme, cotirt decl*lor handed down ten yearsf «ff<» the t*# of Ilflnois fast I* becorftlns eompletelj Immunised itfrninst Kmallpox, Hmallrm* If one of the dlwanes In which Arsons, who onre have It. nrc> never nimtn visited. The first attack leaves the patient'* blond in such i*onditlon that other attacks cannot t a hold. Jnn_«>mii''h an them l« a mild otitbreatt of ptnaltpox over the entire state al thn present time, t»r. Drake, wpcretnr.% nf the x!,"it« tMKird of health, declares nil perRonii In tho «iato may get It Bootier or later and thereby bo Im munlzed .neaittHt future attackw. Though the »«tate board of health IK making every effort to hnlt the epidemic, the old mipreme. court decision halts every attempt to enforce vaccination, tho absolute preventive.- The Kiipreme cotirt, In the now, f mows deciwlon, held tho stato board of health cannot enforce vaccination except Vh'ere thn" In extremely danjrerouB and then only.where a olty. ordinance nut horizon nucli vaccination. Only re«-ently another test cane came before tho state, tribunal from the city of Pcotlu \vhero" a citl»en protester! (iRr\innt vaccination of hl» children. The i»r<llnance expired before the emirt reached the can* and fur thin reason tho,body refuse:! to consider It; The present oiitbreak l» a very mild r-TTcaacB urn' found afhonR Juid Sins Will Find You Out." Ho fold, tho life ol Harry Heywanl, how and when ho ntarted th» erlme of stealing:. The talk wait one that the pupils of the nchool will IOIIK remember, an it wan vury lmpre»*s»lve. ODDFELWWSMET Tha I. O. O. F. Hald Intereitino Maet- ing Leat Evening in Club ftoome. Thn Odd I>>Jlowa held a meeting Wednesday eve In tlm club room**. The initiatory decree waa Riven and the regular routlno of bualneait was carried on. After the buntii<w» wan completed the time wan Hpent in a .M>clitl way »ud oynlvr aupper wa« herved. BIRTHS born to Mr. nmt tmr children actually In attendance at school. Heeauwe. th«, ntate board cannot enforce vaccination thlrf condition tonds to unread the epidemic. At.the p'rewnt Hme the worst outbreaks aro nbout Danville, Oeorsretown. DccAtur, W«wivlll«, Hockford, Savanna, Mt, Vernon, Kankakee, Chicago nnd Mt Oarnu-l. ' In making tho famous decision the court of course reached Its concluaionN in accordance with tjfjr' constitution of the state which tipot;.(itatt1b' states the state board of health »hnll have no power to arbitrarily compel citizens to hnvt» themselves or their children,, vac- clna,t«Ml. Tho state- boartl of health noc» no way out of tin* present Olttlculty ex- '' to take every advantage nf tho SIDELIGHTS ON JAPAN Ameriran Writers Tolls Of Some Interesting Experiences In The Orient. iir "t* Ih«- r ' l ri<"nt (,irf r.f Oriental w !if> i'l ktt'i\« »«!< if l»' nl In nsrx "?»•> th'-rr l>u>,infS« m;tn tdt n *<mr) no ()<\t)Hiir* with ft an t ,t h(.{ tlav, wgjk Going to have men folks of the fl\St' family up to dine with you on dav? El Vrrto R& La Pr*f*r*rset Robert Burn* Chancellor Longfellow ftgrs. tn^n^iatr-tt; "Utinkw sold hf«r<»." A|>p**nrtiiK fivf-r tlif 'Innr of trrnrly on* 1 third fif th<> string in any littlo Tr»wn this fii?n 'nn li«> s-fon twn J'ristks r»ii s.'tlf Itu tiulf mirK't-il "T.'in-BniT, " l>f cr, fi |>" r i <\ h«.t wnuld rnf rrf>;iiml !o At our cry of "KoH-Kurf" tho lady In tlio kimonn dlvr-d Info n box rmtt emerged with n t>tp<'»» of |< slightly lamer than thf- loaf <.f pnjfjtr found IIMC rtrf restaurant tables, cnrffully unwrnped nnd it, nnd thru pni tho lc*» under n shav1ns: machine. It ivns quite a and curious children gnt tiered to witness thf i i»rformnncf. All railroad tickets nrr> printed one In Jnpanfsi* nnd the other in Krtg- Hlj?n» In .lapfttir-j?** «nd Knulish announce the name of the station, nnd Is even a wlKn hoard rending: principal j'olniH of Interest here are—." It Is wild thnt the In* k r>f fnclllty of thf« average the reason hf> refuses tf> Icnrn th«* « of otlu-r j>ooplr>, and hence nil nations have to Icnrn hi*. <>n our veny to Yoknhnma there w^ro nationalities on the ship, each practicing Knglfsh on tho other, li was tho only way they could converse lit common. At Kobe, a fat. uncomfortable HuKSlnn was trylnsr'hls best lo xplaln. to a Japanese secret service man JUKI why he left trie army. The conversation hud our own language ig like Sum Bernard and Weber and Fields discussing tho high cost flf llvln«r. There lit quite a bit of faking about Jdttanese proficiency In .Kngllsh. Rv- erybody in hotels and shops ' wys • lu- mdorstands. 'but frequently his sole icqtialntonce \vith tho language. In 'Yes", and "Xo," We did run across i waiter who know two more words: 'Never mind." Given quite tm explanation from »ix persons at our table in to how they want ml their ngpa lie.. Ixtenod gravely "to each: then paid ilandly: "Never mind," and brought hem In soft boiled all around. {teaching Yoshlda nt 4 one afternoon. t being necessary to travel on to Luke Hhojl Immediately In order to catch a tenmer train, we told Ihe proprietor of he Inn that we-wanted two carriages, "Yen," ho answered. An hour passed nd two coolies showed tip with our on their shouidore. THI^NEW YEAR'S DAY ' FOR THE TEWA INDIANS <Hy fnlted J'ress.) Hnnta 1-V. N. 5H-S.,, Dee. 22.— Th«y may be jut** tVcpintuT ivvi>nty-flrst to dome foikM, but lt'« New Ycar'p day to thr Teua liJdlntlwi Thrrr- nre only about 12'lfl of the Tcwns* In !U'« villttgew: Kan Juan, Bantu I'larH, Hnn lldifanwi, Nambe nnd tY-.'i.i'vMi*. Thr«y hold ancient belief* deduerd l»y themselves from tblHK« an th«»y nre. The Towns six cardinal directions turt»" North.• 8outU, Kant, \Ve»t, Ab<ive, nnd lU-hiw. Mich direction In colored and hnD an ujilrsinl to nignlfy It. North Is Krern and i»eri«nnlllwl by ft Hon. —*» -¥<« -hrtf -tin- Hhy is tlm "Ara tho currinirca coming?" we a». it had Iwgttn to rain, and we- power avnJInblo and, h.op<* the rti»<ejt»o remains In HH prevent mllil Htiito. In flaw) it doew and large ntimhora of per- non» become mildly ntUicke<l. Dr. Drako doclurea future ou'tbreaka will bo easy to handle. . . Janw» Tyna nt tho homo of .M^an.d Mrs. c. I». Fry uventio. Kport— |jt>u Thoinptuin. Uittle I'Virtea—IiaxQl ttiegJr. Martha Thompson, Kvialyn Jacob*. ,Untc:0 Kperictsr and Anita ftlc- Wolcome — Martha 'rhompson, lyn Jacobx, Clnu-o Spencer, Honnie Uastol Retgov, l^awrenp-O Cor: and Churlcs H|K>n»H«r. Song, "«ilcnt NHjiH"«~S<?hooJ, Uec. — Fred Veowai'Jl. Hec-., "Crippled Ifclly" — Evelyn Jacobs. . ti Toy* Hebellion— Softool. laillaby— Kvolyn Jacobs, Orace Hpen- cer,.und Haisel Hoc,. "At our Hounw"— HaatJ Itleger. DltiUiKius "'Tito lAtcik^y'd UlirlBimun Dinner." Hells of Chi-iwtmas" - Her.. "S.«nta"_—JklHi'lha TlunnpiwH. A tier tin- iirogralti, HuiUii uiiloudcii the Chi'tetinap tiw. T-w« tK^ukw were « th.*» ^cbooli one .by Mr*. It. jnnernoudt Jnd.tbe utht-'r by .Mr,. llarry fi«4-ar, Tbr> books a-itnl V(?i'y__ much by tlus E^GONVICT SPOKE. Fine A<Mr$«* Qiv«n La*t Evening By W. C. GOLDFU8 WINDOWS DECORATED. In mentioning thft decorated fctorea and wlndowa Iu Thuraday'a impcr, the utoro of Henry Uol<lfu« waa unlnten- :lon«lly overUwked. Thero vhould hiive )f*.«n four nhoo and genm* furnlahlng HtoreHkmentloned tn«tead of three. Mr. lohlfuV Mtore la hitauUfuliy decorated n all tho U'lmrnlngH of tho season. (iotli wlndow»,ar« arttattcalty decora-. ed In holiday attiro and diaplay^ of tihoeti nnd gent a' furnUhtneu. PENNSY LEGISLATURE Will Argue Over Progressive Logicla- tion Knaotad. ' (By ITnlted Press.) Harrislmrg. Pa., Dec. 22, — Pennnyl- vanla'fl biennial general asaembly, when It convenes in January, probably will fipend most of Ita time arguing over "progressive" layvs which now ox- lat. In 1913 and Iflir. many "progremilve" law« were enacted—child labor, female labor, workmen'fl compentBttion, elec- tionH. Many' amendmentM .will bo pro liottKht of'^Iiako way. if "Yen," ho answered. After another half liour'a wait tho hoftt wUirtod bow* incr us out. Juttt then a young Japanese, homo from iforlmouth follene, ap- pearwl. .\V«» txplnlnwl our predicament. After a vhort talk with tho hotel proprietor he Raid: "Ho Imun't any carriages. He ex- pcfts you to walk," Rut we didn't; wo rode the twelve miles In chaira. HiiRnaiul of tho Karth. They believe thn Kun lx a man who walks acroim tbr- nky bfhlnd a yellow uhleld In mer, chid In white deerskiftn ornamen fid with. !^ailn. In the winter he green. Their 'year bostlnH today and their New Year'n Day l« f«un«lo<t,uiH>n the beli«-f that the nun ntamln «tlir-|n the.aky to mark a new. 12 month. HOUSE OF COMMONS NOW EATS MEATLESS DISHES (Hy t'nlted Press.) Ijomlon, Kiur- SH-C. 22 —KIM of mock xule. curried t'ultorla, nut c.itlets, flue^ chicken nnd mwk stewed steak »ro »omo of the moatleea delicacies of th*i ni»w vi'Kctnrlnn war menus In tho of t"oH»ini»n» tiMlny. The Tom- where the country has boon Informed of the- serious character of the food situation, is wttitiK the Country a fine vxninl>k>. For the Hmt-ruw In Hrttlsh history, members gt Commons tiro witiiiK all tho tlilnKH that look like but "alnt." and none, fro tar haa cotni'lnln«>d that he l» bflnir Uadly nourlphed. l-'rom forty, to ulxty c«nm mtAU- JEWS TO RAISE FUNDS Watnt New T.hoaa »10,<X»,OOc To Suffering In Russia. (Hy United Pre»*,) York, N. Y., Dee. £2. —How tr» 08TUARY WillUm Hutch, Wllllum Hatch wu» tho tw>n of Mr, and Mrs. James Hatch. uml'-wuiTtmrn in !iaiftjM>y t 111.. Augimt IT, IS93. With hiu jmrcnta hi* cunm to Hock I-^lla when v«ry young and lived hero th* r»!»naltnler uf his life. Ho united with thn church when H boy. lie waa taken III n ft»w toys a«o. hia death wwnrlnK aw soporKnl, iiruvlng a, gtctii shock tu his family. Ho leuvca to mourn hU death his father, mother, (wo stJUerH, N«r» and Myrtle, anil one brother. KranW. poswl, Homo from frfenda;" eomn from eneniloB. Tho "progreuslvo" olements of all imrtloH are likely to 11 nd their hands full preserving the spirit of tho laws as the.y exist. novornor Martin (I, nrumbnugh will endeavor to havo a housing bill added to tho list, U will l>6 hie second and last legislature. Senator Holes Penrone, while stilt the recog-nlzed Republlcftn leader of the state, hati nothing but the tltio, Ho i*. without patronnge-tfederal, state 01 olty, . Can«res*maM Wllluun 8. Varo and hla brother, State Senator ICdwin H, Vare, control the Philadelphia city (tdininiHlralion, Governor Brumbaugh Is allgnwi with them* A warm fight IB in prospect over organisation of tho legislature. Upon the result may d«- l«>nrt tho political future of Penrose, although he hati five yours, yet to curve at Washington, i Tho session will be engaged with thn biennial battle for passage of a county option local option bill on the liquor lle»iuj» {tupfttUm. Cfmntlng at- liquor lict'iists in Pennityjvanla now Is exclusively In the bands ot the Judges of tjb» opttrt« Of the *«ver»l uountl««. SHE CLIMBS BACK UP UDDER SHE CLIMBED DOWN i/yHEN (By United Press.) Chicago, 111.. Dec. 22.—Pretty little •Mrs, 11, Mayne LutHer, 20, has climbed back up the ladder she climbed down in her elopement two years, ago and today is back with mother, waiting for tho trial of her divorce, suit, vomo day within tho next two weeks. Kver since tho then Mlsu Dorothy Klew««r climbed out ^if her bedroom window Into the arirnsLOf her 83 year old'lover H liau been stipulated by her parentu that she could return only by climbing back up the ladder and beg- King forgiveness from the? window silt. Weary of dancing school and caJluret life In Denver, and her honeymoon form slnc-o waned, she filially guva up and did It. . get ICQ million dollars-to wive five million Jew* from iterlshlng In tli-rman •occupied portions of Russia Is the task of a conference of prominent J«WH from ,all over the ITnlted States nt Carnegie Hall here today. ' * _ . The decision to raise this amount In addition to the $fi,000,0ti» already sent to relievo tho suffering Jew.s In Russia was made following thji report of Dii Jtidhh IA Magnes,'* who • welit there from New York to Investigate, Theodore. Marburg. IxmU MnrMttall. Henry Morgan thau, t Dr, Cyrus Adler and other* will be present today. \ LAMP UPSET IN SLEIGH Two Were Killed and Many Injured ,. Aa a Result, Kmeimm, Man., Pec. 21.—Ono child wan'burned to death, another «o badly burned t,hat death followed an hour later, and three otherti received burna which are expected to prgvo fatal when a Mlelgh carrying the families of Ruat sol Matthews and Mm< Q, Gates caught fir® from an overturned oil lump, other membera of the party of may die from tho *hock at Wng exposure at 40 degrees below zero. Tho .1ct'«n*f'l well known in this city, being much thought^. H«* wua bright, Jifilvc', UIM) mwdj» friend* i«vcry- HP waa u loving son anil fond and his death ba» rcmwvod \vil| tu< ROCK FAJUS BRIEFS A l«rg« lliw of ^"2?** «mdy jit J MID. 4"hr4?itUtns"» i* very »u-k lh*» hcinu' i*f her' daiightfr, Mrs, i at W. VV. A. iiu'utinjj « I'rUl«v t» with a l^inuu's fr«-»\* wl \\ -.a i «M-!ni'!;-|ii C* 41. the tiundav -Hdiyul .i-i'Hciif i';illv -A goml f llFl.l Hi' n* In and W.uiyt I'uurtwrijtht iltcy uHl Al! tmrt « 'hi i«tn»aii C!i|-lMtni,t.<. \\.-ii" t-. \.-rv MILITARY, ^DEPARTMENT Will 8e Turned to Training of Reserve Qffioara, (Uy United Prew) <'hampaign, III.. Deo. 28~The mllS- tury Uepurtment of the Unjveralty of Illinois will be lurnetl to the training of reaem* ofTifers fur the army by a decision of the University Ktmate. b\>ur yearn of military training wtll be given, the first two yvara «ini|)ulMory us ul present, tho liiMt two ywtrn .elpctlvt', with a yearly government allowance Uniforms and rjj'n?-" ment wjll hg jjjjjiigjigil by _the_ govern- new, pl«u is govt'i'ijt'il by Un> tiM of -the act «f Congreas of Jmu ; i3. vvliii-h created a National lit?' »«M'\t'j ufiiu'i'u' Trulritiiig Corps aiul a t>««i«ivhe«is»l\e HyMtvtu of fiay QUINCY IS THE CENTER. 111, I»i-t- i'J --Tlw Illinois JAPS TO HOLD KIAUCtiQU They Will Never Aflreo To Surrender German Port. Toklo, Japan,* l>ec. g2-™The tlermftn IICHCO pix>|m»Kl8 probably will be do- tu tho JiiimneMo govorntnent to- on tho proposals, thn UcfUtrt* that Jupwn wilt revet «gttH« to tturreuder Kluu Cbrtlt, in K^ncriil, they express -ilit> <xplnlun lliut the peace pro^et, US' It has boon itsi'orU'il in tha MCWH diHpatchc-s, is a furclal iiriKfduiv and will be uiuic- (•»• [)(.!(lilc to the entetito because It is tantamount to al>umlamnt>nt of the oh-' jfvt for wliirh «ht» entente i.'«nvcrs have MARION HARLAND AT 85 SAYS DQINTSTQP WORK (Hy United Press.) New York. N Y., l>oc. 22. —Mm Ion Hariand, (Mr«. Kdward 'Paysott Tw- hune), celebrated her 85th birthday an'« niversary at her homo hero today, by working. fc*h» l«-the-author of-fljore than forty books. "A neiiHe of humor and plenty of work keep you young." aald nho today. "I would, go to the graveyard «r the liiNnnf a«yluin in thi'eo monlhK if I (Hilt working; Also learn your (jiiHtru- ni»mic Hmitatldna and . »tay * within them; that's my advice,*' TRY TO EVADE SCHOOL LAW. I^aC.'rosse, Win., Hoc. 8"J. — lutv'f Htlgsi- Uons which ar« being made by the diw- trk't attorney us a result of frauds practiced by parent* who «r*» trying to evade tho nehuol may In th« proswutlon .of H l» asaerted, UiCro»8« RAILROADSARE BLAMED / Their lnt«r«»t In Coal Mi/i«« (* Btamed . The Price. <ny .United Presa.) SprlnKtli'td, III. Pec. 22. — That dl- ytirro of the community' of Interpst !>e- uvecn railroad* of Illinois and Illinois coal mines would do much t«i Yelleve tho existiujr hlsth price of coal In fill- r.oliii wa* the oi>lnlon-of-m»ny-mayor»- wlut Attended tho rownt meeting hfre to dim'ttpft the «iueatton. The charge. W!RH openly niadfe in tho nu'fUnsf tbnt the nwnprnhlp of mmen by <lio raJln*«d» Is keepffifir' the prlco up. Several of the city official* .pre-- ntt-d evl(k>iu i «> tending lo prtfv* tho mines readily asrrocd to fill orders where prices were Inprenwd but.ab- wolulely refuse*} to do so ft.t the ol.d prlrcM on tho ground that no cwre could IH« had, ... " Mayor Abbott of Quincy told of his inaotllty to f?«t coal nt-the contract l>rl<*e "bWHUKO there wore rto CH>*| cam . to bo hiMi." V»\nfi a tU'tHI«u« ntune, ^fayor Abbott dpelumi, ho aecuired th* ate delivery; « jilting before the mayors, Duncan McDonald, secretary of the Halted Mine Workers of Illinois, told the may- n-js it. was hlii opinion between 70 and 5 }MT wnt of the coal' mnlhea of IIHr nro controlled • by railroads and • corporations. feeretary .McDonald does not believe,', er, thait tho main ca.»«« of the high price lies with-tho car the, hlKh price**, lit*, »nt that in former yours Pennsylvania n'd < Miio cowl hud been '»hU»i'0*1, wast, whllo HhlH year the oiuire. output haa |tur<:Jift»e<f by tho French g«iv«»rn« inrnt and ia'belinf shipped lo thft eastern WAS BURNED TQ DEATH, ,„ Hay, Win.. 1J*P,««,—Mr«. K, E, of New' Ixmdon is dead ot ereivml when her clothing caught Ore while lighting a stove. A throw water over tho woman put 0f doors and 8VJC- ' "' the dames, of when Hln< SAWTA Mild re pt.uut. • «li>ll. and ,is Us t'nuu i !?. u Ml >i«tff Atuut tt .-\ili<<ii J»i IHIH r. H '>n' ^^ i it motor ijiiif« atiit t.>uvl.v lltgler. Hock l^»ll«— A of (iUbt'M, caiul}" tiit,l Ii4.**ait< a dull. JiwrH bn"»ilwr KlmVr a uni>, i»n!s* Hud jt utid ncnrf. • ^jnis -An HUH - 'lu»x (»f wl<lit'r!> tw-> liny S\'«u( Kr 1 * 1 . •[<."•• .1 Three strong r«**on» urfl* you to buy tM Ford cart Firat, b«caii«» of ita record of satisfactory wrvico to mor» than fi(U»n hundred thowtand ov^ner»; of, tha reliability of the Company which it; Third, bcc«u«* t»f it» Urge radiator and en- oioiod^fan, »tra«mlin* hood, crown fsnd*?* fr^nt »nti rmr, black fin»»h, nick til tnrnrninm, it i* mot.t ji tractiva in «pp«ar#nc». To thcio mutt b« added it« wonderful economy in operation and mnintunance-r. _Abftut two e«nt» « mile; jikewf$« the ftfet lh*t by reason of iU simplicity in, con»truction- .anyon« Can make For«l »arvice ai universal a» the c»r. Touring Car $360, Runabout $345, - Coupt let $W>5, Town $595, Sedan $64&— f. o, b. Detroit. Oo »*l* ft Samuel Frank \- J|ock Falls /•< '

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