Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 22, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1916
Page 3
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. jy.f«0»$, 22, PAGR SPECIAL MUSIC fh« P"r!«cm"—Robt, Boy" — NVf Hfi«- The Sfftr of Bf'fhk'hr.fYi"—.Mrs :iv(r, "fJMtlngr Rfady f ".- fft-!<?n OfttT. — Mm, AAntr. > •>"-- "Orch^lm. A £on«t, "f"*hri«»tmn*''-"-Mi,«<! Hnhv (,'3-irk. ion. "("nrN'mfi** Trpf"— Aifcf Artftir, KecitMk>n by Five Uirl*. - Mr. nn<l Mr*. Adntr. How Would You to On to Santa Clans Land" — Deaver ry Goods $1.75$ Tot»"~~» J Night "-by th* thf 'Santa ClaussComlng" — Jr. "l.'nlty Hall March" by Orchestra, |M«fHlMitlon of Rift«. Benediction. We cordially Invite the public, specially children who have ho Sunday *ch«>l home to meet gtentn Cltiu*. He will have n frlft for *«*fy <&«*>. 'Most any man or woman would bo pleased to receive a good travelinff'bnff.' Here is a.Xnius special.' 'The bags, the much in demand sizes, very y__. <^1_ P7K durable, brnw* fixtures; specially priced... <PA« • v Good suit cases at 98c Turkish towels..... .25c to 75c Linen table napkins, set. .$3.19 All linen damask, yard . .$1.50 Umbrellas, priced.98c to $5.00 Boudoir caps, at,. -37c to $1.50 Jap lunch nets, price ... .$2,25 Jap toweling, the bolt.. .$1.00 Mahogany candlesticks .. ,75c Fancy lamps, candle 65c Serving trays, at each ... $1*29 'Silk hosiery, Oordon ... .$1,00 Beit gloves, pair. .50c to $3.50 Fancy collars . ,50c up to $3.00 Handkerchiefs, 6 in box ,'.50c to * ly Camisoles ? are .here in all their newness and beauty. At-, likniiotive camisoles or corset covers are a gift the well Fi% ^ • _ ' ' " ^dressed woman will appreciate .very highly. Crepe do or wash s«tiu, trimmed most .beauti- (IJ"j /LQ Xmas prico ........... .$1.98 and.-«P A.'iO Fura, priced at ... $5.00 to $75 Siifc kimonos, at. .$8.00 to $12 Silk underwear. .$1.25 to $3.50 Jap VjBsts,;at each ,, $4.50 • Silk: sweaters, at $5.75 Itany blouses, at,: $1.50 to $12 Bil^ unde^sldrt8.$8.50 to $5 f OO ft <-• •I >*?. It V Wl; • i~ "t * J "-^ % are doxenrof tliom, all looking for now & !U J ll.; ; %d' {Item a mighty lice collociion — f; Ijiiiny Htyles of faces all pleasing fo look at. Some have l;bhit» ey«»i Homo hayo brown eyes, some are short, some g stall, some ar for boys and some are for (|H A A. jj r. $1,50 value ." ,.., ^P A * VV # TTf $ s AT FOURTH trftSIET. A Chri.Mniua concert wltF b« Riven? at Fourih 8tr«>n church Sunday «>VMI». Ing ftt 7:30 by a choir 6f 76 volcM. Thf apeclnl mudlCftl off*rlnjt» df th« ehureb havw'bppn widely popular fllllnK the big auditorium to capacity. It I* pxj>«?t- ed thnt a aimlliir r«s»ptltm will b* jrlv- i>n to that of Sunday night. A plfitnlnit fwiturr will be the renderlmt. of old OhrtMtmflH Carol* for Vmleh both ftdult omt juvenile vole** will b<* utlll*- Tho*p tnklnR part have been eftre- fully. trcrtnrd for weeks abend. The church htts been artlntlcnlly decorated and all Is 'in rendlne** for the A hearty Invitation I* given to nil to the concert which will be free to nil and no offerlnK taken. Program Is ft» follows: Pnrt. 1. "Joy to the World"~-CongregaUo(i /' and Charu*. Prnyer and Serlntnr* Readlnu—RevVff ColHn. "It C«m* Upon the Mldnltht Cte&r," Adnm--Mr«. Mark Heititel. Mhw» Caro- lln« Connor, Mr«. N. Reltael. Fo«t«r Kike. Elmer Rlr>e, Mrs. Mnrnh, cello, H. C. Hull, violin. ChrlHtmn* Carol—Reger. Mlwi Marlon Jennlnjjs, Mm. N, Reltwsl, Albert Comntock, Fouler Fikc, JjJlmer Rice. 'Away In Clangor" — Written by Martin Luther for his own child, Junior Choru*. It. B. Hull, violin, P. B. Smith, flute, '•The Vlrjcln'n Lullaby," Dudley Buck Minn Marion Jenning*. "Now that. Ore*n Wreath*." Jewell •Senior Chonin. "Holy Night," Oruber—ChoruB. "The Llltl* Boy They Turned Away" —MI»B Kv*lyn Long. "In" the Bleak Mid-winter." ChoriiM. "The Snow," Elpar~-Mr». Mark Reit- xel, Xtl«H Marlon JennlnR». Mi»« Carmen Hull. R. B. Hull, violin, P. U. Smith, flute, " "Good King Wenccale*," Htaiuer— Mra, J, Oulliford, Potter Flke and Choruir. 'Little Town of Bethlehem"—Congre- Cation and Choru*. . Part II. White Olfta for the Klnp. Remarks—Rev. ColHn. "Oifl» for Christ," Tillot»on—MIsHe* en«le n«iti«l, Dorothy Deem, Bethel Stull. .' "Gift Day"—Minn Nova, aiorehoune. 8T. PAUL'S 0£RMAN LUTHERAN. E, Beyer, paator. The Christmas festival will be observed in a fe»tive manner. I • * <• Sundny. 34th, 'no forenoon Borvfcea. At 7 p. m. tdmrp, celebration of Holy nlghiu ChrUrtma* Urogrftni Slven by the children of th« Pmroohlai sohooL Monday, 35th, at' 10:80 a. m., Chrlnt- ma« »er*lre». neonon; John I,«» 44. All our friond* and memberw should attend. Ouentn cordially lnylt«l. 8ACRCD HEART CHURCH. Th« i»ro»ram of Christmas tnu»lo at Sacred Hiwrt «hur«li wilt b« a» foltowki Processional—"Aenergen." Hyrio—Uobert Arthur. Turton. Ml HIM tml»rivft»r-l7 ssasf T? ^^'* -^PY jp'^r FOE CHEJSTMAS FOR VACATION TRIP ANY PURPOSE YOU CHOOSE Call an$ Investigate Our Plan Ulorlu— John Wlegund. Muss in non • or .of St» Vincent, \ ' » Credo— J. Wtoftund. Mass In honor of St. Vincent. Offertory— -Odeste Fldelea. aanctu»;~ R, A, Turton — JrfU»a Bol- cmia, No. 1. ... H. A, Turton-~Mi«8a No. I, D*el~-K, A. Turton~Ml««a Nq. 1. Tc D*rem. ' Mr*. P." B. Ftirsler, Organist FIRST EVANGELICAL. fipirviow* for Klr*t German Kvang«li* fflLl*L*ith»nui ohnrch, cpnter. Tenth j*tr««t' and Second avenue, Bunday 1* M (ollown: , Sprtday HChool, 10:30. Morning wor- »htp at U;00 »t which' tim*: ppiKJial Chrl»ima« mu«io by both the cbolr and the Bundtty fchool c-lBusea will be given. ISvwiJhu: worship ^t T:00. On Chrl»t» ni*«15ay »prvice« will iio beld at,10:|0 and every one IB cordially fn» vlU&d Jp atteiut all «oryjce», H^y. W, J, BStg, pastor, < «H*JR«5H OFMf BRETMBf N. Inatfad of th« r*«ul«r Wuntlny nchool preaching siervlct^ an int«re»tin« Chriftinus pro«r«tn will l>» rendered by tijn Sunday school, Th» C, W, «oct«ty, 6:80. Preaching, 7:8fl. A tnon will be delleveretl. Given." »er- Subject. "A ST. MARY'S CHURCH. Th» ordw of *arvi«:e« at St. cbureh for fhrl»tm»» day i» a» fom>w»: «t » (iVJofK u. i»« at It* ittnclutdon Will immediately be followed by a i<ow M«H«. Thu third Ma«t« will CFat 10 o'clock a. TO, All the WrvlPM will IH> In Rav, FmluT A', J. . IJuriw. Tb4> fullowinK mUHieal uorvico, will be by Cop) i The clock has just .struck twelve—you can see it iu tho mirror—it's 1917. The young rmm is .certainly .starting the New Year right. No, wo,don't mean what you mean—we refer to the dress, suit Hart ScHaffner & Marx dress $ are the kind you can feel at home • OU wesar them just like you wear ony other clothes—that's all there is to it. . Y^u know they're correct in every detail; that they're exquisitely finish, rich in fabric and trimmings. You know you haven't been extravagant; Hart Scbfaffner & Marx dress clothes—eveining dress or Tuxedo-- v can be bought for as Httle^as $35. The fit is perfect. c Other furnishings here forxfress occasions. Shirts in the new cord bosoms. -Gloves^ ties, mufflers, jewelry; all that is correct for formal occasions. nton Clo, Co. W ?^R I .' < ? 1 ? mobJnf * worship'Sfil^ be "arttna.T.riuniiJhi4l March" ,. Lindsay "Tl»e "At' --Into one ««irvlcp, beginning at 10 o'clock. A: »ervlc«' for tha festlcal of vur Lor4'* biKth *n titled, "Chrl»t- m«l CiiImM And, Carol*." Tito 'Choir, wncller th« airecUon «(t Rtltli Ca,u»hfy, will to* coinposwd t»* Htjrit School Dlvlajpn of |h0 ChfJ»Uan Society, An atldreas paitor will Mve for Us tiubjwstv "The SU%pherd8 In the at Night," Tlie off»Hng will be for the Board of JOdu cation. tow*ra the Fund or One Mil- lp honor pf the 4poth »n- of the rtfprmatlon. Thl» i« rttthigr because the W<JM» two Jn a •'(Horlu la OWwtory. HI .,. NftVvtlo , .litlUIKUl '.us' l-ji. M-. < Vf Wiu-t B," ST.. JOHN'S LUTHERAN. C. Harris, -jiatitin'. Thv Ihi* i* only part of the offering i»lan- ne<J for. ^Wtelt* Qiftt for th« Kim," whiqh w*p fp mcceiwfully carried out In the BIWe aehdot laitt ChrtBlmsiu -will be followed *hU year. The nwipifnb will **' th« thirty-three children of the ' ' eatlt|)at«d that the v amount of gift* i t.*che<J |300. This year Indivhi- «r« making It ia expected the tutu! will mtch ,ttmt of |a«t y»?ar, when all ahull h%v« (in*gifts- «ll wrHjiptHl in ur the h*l{> uf th»> 1'lje Chiiatnias Kvt? coiuvrt ut Bt. John'*'Lutheran church »4ti bt'gin at 7:la With an orgfin WVd jtiaiw ii'rlial Billowed by the choral t-anitsia. "Th« First .Cbriistmas." by Ira Hi*lu.>i» Wit- Bchuman i uttd Pfftito. 4 Mr*. J, H.fLlna. Mr*/Fn»nk Or* Part I—"The Prophecy-" "The P(«oiil« That Walked Jin Dark Mrs. JulluH >Vl. Linn, Organist. Mn*. Frank J^raehliiiK, I'lanlat. Uutfi B. TSuighey, Director. m-»«"— Mi'. Ur*bner. Kurl Part II—"The Fulnllnu-nt," . "My Boul Doth Musnify"'— Mis* Iti'uu ] VValc-k,. Soloist, Choir. | guurtt'llt'. "And It in. Mt«» OniKh^j. Miss A»drKtH, j CHRISTIAN CHURCH. The Uible Hchoul will begin as ut J»;45 a. m., and thu «yw»lits_hj'jnH- led l>y the rholr ivill begin at l«:45. The tivriixuri' vettdins, unisii' and «ermu|) wlll be ex|>rc«tiivu of -thv Christinas suSnt and will be fulluwed by the «a» iTt-i! eommunluii. F«r the evoning service, which will ji>,>fitn at 7:30, the foiiawing has Mr. Krvlder, Mr. Andmt*. I'art ill "The ~ Choir, " H"|»rnau Thu tjtar tMul th«i Song." Hal|>h *T*it» Prt-lude—Mra, 1* 1?. Stevens s»«ttB-"fholr. . . " Scripture Heading and l*rayvr~Uev. J, W. HubbltiB. , H«4'itation—Allen ^.la—Clydtf Smith. Recitation-"-Mary- A'|i»—Luo-iio Hoover. Mulitui «u«| ilu- Koiig" --Mrs, . H. ,iua An«ln-itv. t, '."flu- K . Krcldn,. - Mr. J4i'} )! An- JVAO *?»*mn- -cittssj O'liar*. llnvrimm. (Slrls. .\h»s - Mr- t'r> tin- »'!.ioir in ilu- Inn" '*Whil« ShfiihortU. Wuti-lud Their h«- FUH-,! aiul ii-" Mi>« U'H-i Aiuiit-jis I'uie IV. "The \V»iU! Wi.ti' •March in V" . H. (-•:>KK>." t^u.trcet ~Mi»n ,\Ui» Vjii' Ktt-oi. Mr, Mr l-'hnd Krt-v, S, |o- M.r. Hani- '11 "Silii .if .My^1s«.nt" Al.ttu- I r -ut Vo»-'\.- TRINITY CHURpH, « r, . The Trinity Unlt«« ^rv«tt««l)oil I8«n» day School will »ivj» Ui« followinf program H»nd_ay evenlpi^ I3?c. 9M\, at * QUart*tt«,."M«?ly W. "Merry* John KM*— Vmui. McKtU, S<nijr, "Away 1ft ft Mlf i«r"*-*PrH»ary, "Tttfc Wi«k Men of l<Mr to *Th* Coming of and ('hunt*, "The Bright Hec.v- *»i>ng. t'hoir. U*'ft«h. Tint Hong of the 01ti«Ml"T- Uwrn." "Way .When J Our Wa» Hotiy. l 'Th» *' twlo, ".silver and h.'i "Tit*' An«el»»' poHt"— Choir. ho ChriftttsiiM! lUUly," and Hun's,

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