The Danville Register from Danville, Virginia on September 2, 1969 · Page 11
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The Danville Register from Danville, Virginia · Page 11

Danville, Virginia
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1969
Page 11
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Famout Quotations >. I Do thy duty, that i» b*st;-lea»« 1 — "" «£5£Srir'.-•-. Cbircial H»iM ResUinit Rlv<ir»ld». Orlv* RIVE RSI C>E(T; . May Net— ACCEPT |TI •ut You Cint Afford To MISS IT! Nor Will You Iv«r Forget Itl Sindy DENNIS In "THAT COLD DAY IN THE PARK" CAPITOL Q The taminft , . , Th* deilres . . , The furies . . , of the Old South! "SLAVES" Stephen Boyd Dionne Warwick —shews— 7:04 • »:00 P.M. TILiPHOHE WM341 NORTH OPIN TODAY S:« P. M. 2 BIG PICTURES MMESHNY fh* IUfli««r: Danvillt Vo., Tutidoy, Sept. 2,1969 11 TV Programs TT ivr j r 1 TI/I * /^ i /-i *' I HowModeri^i^nMonte Larlo Go WFMY-^Ch. 2 3:30 Guidinf Light 3:00 Secret Storm 3:W£dgeoINigUt 4:OOLlnkletter 4:30 Fllntstrncs 5:00 Ferry Mason «:OONews . «:30 CBS News 7:00 Death VnUey 7:30 Lmcer 8:30 Liberac* 9:30 Doris Day 6:00 Black Heri. 6:30 Mora. Show 7:99 Devotions . t:00 Kangaroo •:0001dJUbtl »:30 Cook. Today 10:00 Lucy Show 10:30 Hillbillies 11:00 A. Griffith 11:30 D. Van Dyk* 1J:00 Love of Life IMSNews 11:30 Sea. for Tom. 10:00 C»S Newi 1:00 Anni. Gam* 11:00 New* 1:30 World Turns 11:30 Merv Grittia tOO Love U a Without Losing - V '.-. : ... '.•'• . ' :• •.-.• . .•::• . •;O. WDBJ— Ch. 7 »:59 tight of Uf« 11:25 CBS Ntwt 6:00 Black Heii. 11:30 JSta. for Tom. «:30 town Crier 1:00 Panorama •:«S Town Country l-.M World Turns «:9SNewi 7:00 CBS N«w» 7:19 Weather 7:20 CBS New* 7:45Newa 7:50 CBS New* 8:00 K»n£»roo 3:00toveisa »:30 Guiding Light 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 JMgt of Night 4:00 Llnkletfer 4:30 Early Show 6:00 Report 9:00 Cartoon Thea. 6:29 Weatherman 9:19 Light of Life 6:30 CBS New* 7:00 A; Smith 7:30 B. Graham 8:30 Liberate 9: 30 Doris Day 10:00 CBS New* 11:00 Report 11:30 Merv Griffin 1:00 light Of Lift 6:20 Scwinc 8:30 Artie Levin 9:55 New* 10:00 Lucy Show 10:30 HUlbillie* 11:00 A. Griffith 11:30 D. Van Dyk* 12:00 Love of Lit* "BACKTRACK IN COLOR LJ AISO: TODAY rum GflRBER | NOTE: Children under 12 yean mud be accompanied by parent. 360 DRIVE-IN NOW... 1ST I Outdoor RUN... JOHN GLEN v KIM WAYNE'CAMPBELL-DARBY HAL WAUIS'V JULIA'S DOCTOR—With a longhand distinguished acting career behind him, Lloyd Nolan now stars in the television series, "Julia," as Dr. Chegley. The character role allows him to' work at a pleasant pace with no pressure. As Nolan puts it, "I appear in the show, but don't have to carry it:" (AP Newsfeatures Photo) Lloyd Nolan: Tough Movie Gangster Is Now Crusty Television Doctor V • . ' ' , • ' ' By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) — A television series often is a cruel taskmaster. Lucky performers with regular roles work five-day weeks and often 14- and 15-hour days. While resting tired'.bones over weekends they usually wrestle with their lines for the next week's output. But not Lloyd Nolan. This, esteemed stage and motion picture actor has achieved a very special type of star status in NBC's "Julia." Nolan's work averages one day per week. When the actor and his wife, who love to travel, yearn for a couple of weeks of concentrated theater-going, as they did a few months ago, he can ar r range to be written out of the scripts for a couple of weeks and take,off for London with a New York stopover. Nolan, who has been acting professionally since the deep Depression days of the 1930s was persuaded to return to tele vision series by "Julia's" creator-producer, Hal Kanter. bait was a surefire, irresi; character: crusty-,; growj _• Central G] Audltneti Color Alls: "HELLO DOWN THERE" LAST 3 N1TIS THEATRI lit RUN SHOW 8:15 All IN MAZING WVl-Wf* ^ or "LAS VEGAS HILLBILLIES'" COLOR SOUTH -' LAST .MTE THE'RE READY FOR "Acapulco Uncensored" Altp "BRIDES op •; BLOOD" ', Try' Oiir • Fiih -or Shfimp Dinntt, hegley, Julia's boss, who con- eals beneath his bear-like exte- ior a sentimental heart of pure Old. : . , - : It. is the sort of part that .did onders for Lionel Barrymore n the old "Dr. Kildare" series n the movies, and for Kaymond Massey in the TV version. As Nolan puts it: "I appear in he show but don't have to carry Recently, while the rest of the ast was toiling at the studio, r olan and his attractive wife, dell, arrived for a leisurely uncheon at his golf club (he has 14 handicap). Off camera, the ctor who beetles his brows and arks at Julia is a mild-man- ered fellow with a gentle sense f humor. "He likes his part,".said Mrs. ^olan. "The other night the elephone rang and a man asked or.Dr. Ross. Noley said,,'This s Dr. Chegley; you have the wrong number.'" Nolan—after featured roles in tj'tlm more motion pictures nany of them still entertaining nsoraniacs on TV's late, late s|bow^|returned to the stage in .'950.4SJIir.fte years later, Pau Jregor^cast' him as Captain Queeg in the Broadway "Caine Mutiny Court Martial," a part je repeated in the television version; vAs the sadistic psycho >ath, Nolan's deterioration on he witness stand under cross examination was a real and un "U'« Located At 404 NO. UNION 2259 NO. MAIN ST. Alto In Mirtlntvllli and 1». aoitM • NOW PLAYING * HILARITY SHIFTS INTO HIGH GEAR If you tnloy that* ROARING TWENTIES dtyi thli could b* you diihl Starring TONY CURTIS SUSAN HAMPSHIRE SHOWS 1:00 — 7:00 Adultl .... 1.5 Jr. Adm. ... 1.0 Chlldrtn ... 10 THE! 11 .TR. A-VISION 1\ THEATRE NOW THEY'VE DONE IT! art in a new full-length movie . . and i*'» the most — and — scaritit fun you'll have the pleasure of LAUGHING at In a long-long timel can promise you a load of laffs out at th« Rlvenide Theatre starting Wed. You can bet your tweet bibby on that! ROWAN and MARTIN WGHP—Ch. 8 8:30 U. of Mich. 3:00 Gen. Hospital 7:90timbo 3:30 (Me Life •8:30 Romp«r Room 8:00 Movie 11:00 Girl Talk 11:30 Bewitched 12:00 Newi 12:30 That Girl 1:00 Dream Hous« 1:30 Make A Deal 2:00 Newlywed 3:30 Dating Gam* 4:00 Movie 9:30 News 9:00 Best ot Merv. 7:00 Truth or 7:30 Billy Graham 8:30 NYPD 8:00 Movie U-.OO Newi 11:30 Joey Btdhop forgettable . theatrical experience. "It is now rather nice," commented the actor's wife. "Peo)le occasionally address me as Mrs. Chegley.' They used to call ; me 'Mrs. Queeg,' and I could see them looking me over clo'sely for bruises. While Nolan has appeared occasionally as a TV guest star in recent years, his early initiation on the medium was not particularly happy. "I replaced Bill Gargan on Martin Kane, Private. Eye, when it was on "radio and also on. television—live—-in the early days of television," he said. "It was tough work and I was lonely in New York. Our roots were liere and we didn't want to disturb them, and I was flying liome every chance"I got." After that, he made 26 episodes of something called "Secret Agent 7" which never made the networks. Although born in San Francisco and educated at Stanford University,' Nolan's-built-in New York accent made him a natural fqr a raft of those gangster and newspaper sa-gas which .ofi, ten wound up as the second half of double features in movie houses.. He worked, earned ;good money steadily .and was not 'fussy about his billing—rarely top. Even an'some of the bad ones, he turned in a good iperform- ance, and later started .getting WSLS- 6:30 TV P»rtylin« 7:00 Todty 7:a5iN«w», 7;30Tbd»y 8:2SNewi «:30 Today •:00 David Froit 10:00 It Takea Two 10:85 Newi 10:30 Concentration 6:30 Hunt- Brink Ch. 10 1:30 Put. M* On 3:00 Dayi, Livea 3:30 Doctor* . 3:00 Ano. World 3:30 You Doh'.t, Say 4:00 Match. Gam* 4:25 Report 4:30M. Douflai. 11:00 Personality 11:30 Square! la:00 Jeopardy 12:30 Eye Guen 12:93 Newa 1:00 Girl Talk 7:00 Divorce Court 7:30 Star Trek ,8:30 Julia 9:00 lit Tuesday ll:OONewt 11:30 Tonight Show WSJS—Ch. 12 7:00 Today Show • 3:00 Dayi, Lives 3:30 Doctors 3:00 Ano. World 3:30 You Don't Say 8:00 Today, Home 9:30 Joan Rivers 10:00 It Takes Two _ 10:33 NBC Newt* 4:00 GUI!. Island 10:30 Concentration 4:30 M. Douglas 11:00 Personality 6:00 News 6:30 Hunt.-Brink. 7:OOLaramie 8:00 T.H.E. Cat 11:30 Square* 12:00 Jeopardy 13:30 Eye Gue» 13:55 NBC New* /1:00 Local Newi 8:30 Julia, 9:00 1st Tuesday 1:05 Match Gam* 11:00 News 1:30 Put. Me On 11:30 Tonight Show Daily Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1 Native of N Europe. ' 5 British twell. 9 Exptnd. 14 U.S. novelist. 15 Modwr of Ares. 16 Witch. 17 Athenian temple, 19'Azore* city. 20 PosMcnre. 21 Black. 22 Locator. 23 Obelisk. 25 Sad: Fr. 27 As -mil. 29 Praise*, 32 Gw«k philosopher. 35 Premium. 37. W Indian region. 38 Part of a decathlon. 39 Barber's need. 40 Chinese dynasty, il- Norse goddess. 42 Nokomis, for one. 43 Temple bells. 44 Greek set god. 46 "Quo Vadw 7 ' role. 48 .Mustangs. 50 "Pleasure-dome" lite. 54 Talked, in a way. 58 Human. • 59 Memento. 60 Hermec, Hebe, HMia, ct al. 62 Spanish taint. 63 Watery sound. 64 Pleasant. 65 Biblical lawgiver. 66 Shelter. 67 Recognized. DOWN 1 Rabbit. 2 Marble. 42 3 Inherently: 2 words. ^ 4. Favorite. 45 5 Ancient riTtl 47 of Athens. 49 6 Wine: Prefix. 51 7 Van. 52 8 Stir «p. 9 Crystalline roclw. 53 10 Quickly: Colloq. 54, 11 Msn/who 55 removed tin 57 Marbles: 60 2 words. 61 12 Game term. 13 One, for one, 18 Grtelint. 22 Reptii: Colloq.t 2 word*. 24 Time. 26 Fame. 28 IiuKnritrre. 30 Extended. 31 Droop*. 32 Kind of tchool. 33 Burrow. 34 Site of 17 ACIDM. 36 Pray: Lat. 39 Sea, anirnal. 40 Satellite in the good parts in better film prod uctions. Nolan, gray-haired and in his 60s, has decided to do even, a lit tie more acting this season. He will plaiftis uncle, Dr. Nortori, ' By JOHN VINOCUR Associated Press Write? MONTE CARIX) (AP) - Two years afo Monte Carlo's Hotel de Paris, wher« rooms can cost $100 a day, had no ice-cube maker. Men with wooden -mallets broke up the ice deep in the kitchen. Now machines spit out cubes as uniformly perfect as the rou- ette chips in the casino across fie'• way, just beyond the park- rig lot with Cadillacs and Ben- leys, and these days a tourist bus or two; < The machines are part of the modernization—some call it the Americanization^-of this principality, now slightly ill at ease as if it were not quite sure what to do next. Within a year the administrative council of the So ciete des Bains de Mer, which controls Monaco's casino, major iotels and attractions, may look back and slow down the process. . • ". •-" • .. •••... It is doubtful that the ice-cube makers will be abandoned. It is not so certain about the man who played the biggest role in convincing Prince Rainier that they were needed, like blackjack tables and slot machines, gambling junkets and conventioneers, American rock singers and American credit cards. He is Wilfred Groote, a 45- year-old German-born American, who is managing director of the SBM—the -initials marked more frequently on things here than the seal of the House of Grimaldi which Prince Rainier heads. Groote's : three-y«ar : contract expires in 1970. He came; to Monte ; Carlo with a background of relating Ameri can business- practices'to Euro pean situations.' He had workec for a majormanufacturer and in the hotel and air line busi nesses. His[ job in Monaco was to modernize,' after Aristotle On- assis was eased out of control o. the SBM, Groote came in after the en tire operation ran in the red in 1966-67, with the casino taking an $18-million loss, "I xlon't want to go .into a sub ject that is essentially closed but basically Mr. Onassis' busi ness notions were not compati ble with those of the govern ment which considers the So ciete des Bains de Mer the eco nomic backbone of the princi pality," he says. about Monte Carlo will be kept, hey needn't worry about that." With Groote came not only an Americanization in method but in clientele. Monte Carlo vir- ually gav« up on Britain as a ource for moneyed visitors and urned almost entirely toward •in k feyrejiisodes of "Julia." .' "The>ay we've worked It out is that Dr. Chegley will want to go fishing, *ad -he'll call in his uncle to fill his shoes for a time," Nolan explained. "Dr. .Njo^niiijvill be 92, sardonic, forthright *nd I'll play Kim in a white wig and lots of makeup. If it works, he'll be back from time to time." Meanwhile, the Nolans are making aome private plans. Lloyd will have Drs. Chegley and Norton written out of the scripts for a couple of weeks, and they will fly to Stuttgart, Germany, and pick up a car for some touring 'and wind up with a few days in Paris *nd London. They live in Brentwood, one of Los Angeles' nicer residential areas. Their daughter, Melinda, is married and lives nearby, and their son, Jay, is interested in films, but on the production side. "Yes," said the .actor casually at the conclusion of luncheon, "it all works out very nicely." news. Iroquois. Clutch. Explosive. , Excused. Chateau room. Forcefully: Poet, Terpsichore'* fortt. Rip apart. 60 grain*. Nertd* erty. French city. Choote. Kind of -mil 1 , 14 17 20 23 2 3 CAROL LTOLEY-mE NEWMAH MUjmro HAmxranz WEAVER Pa . HI Card* »1. tt Chlldrtn »ntltr 11 1101 LIT! E CHSlHIAiTITlE R : Groote v began, areas:, work in two the SBM internally 'and' then trying to reorient, its.thinking -about how to ^gro'w"in thV future. He ha; been successful in returning th SBM to (making money but ev ery change has posed a majo question! How far can Monte Carlo go.without losing its basi appeal,,,a,',notioh..of wealth and exclusivity,? ,.'-,.; With one-arm bandits lined up next to the terrace at the Cafe de Paris, this may already have happened. Going back over the job he has done, Groote said: "There had been no basic maintenance for years. Some equipment wen back to 1900 when we had the czar as a regular customer There were exposed wooden floors in the casino and th croupiers had terrible old-fash ioned uniforms.. There was no planning, no thinking ahead." Groote developed a chart o organizational responsibility centralized purchasing, and ma chine bookkeeping. .Staffs wer cut and reorganized, although in a way that made possible « number of salary increases. Yet even the smallest changes av« created problems. The entral purchasing system got «n the way of the habits of the ritchen staff at the Hotel de 'aris, long accustomed to buy- ng .parsley from one man and watercress from another. Old uests contend that the quality f the food has fallen off. Most of the 2,000 or so SBM mployes were able to bend with the policy changes. Those who could not, like a key man at the Hotel de Paris, left. But he was a key man for 25 years, a it of tradition. And for many Id clients, whose greatest jleasure at Monte Carlo is the consideration of old, respectful ervitors, such departures were deeply felt. Groote's attitude, stressed in an interview, is: "The -world. iunkets are pounding on owe door to come in, we're, .taking =!» very long look at'the situation^" Groote says. .'' Monte Carlo also ; has Wed to" appeal to -American organizations to bring their conventions here, and there are some signi• of success. The sum of :the administrativf and promotional changes has jeen to make many Monacans, including some jealous of Groote and some with the ear oi Prince Rainier, say that Monaco was losing individuality, independence and tradition. joes round will have ihanges and to the older ones expect some what's special the United 'States. Americans with money have ong come to Monte Carlo dur- ng the summer months, and lave made up 70 per cent of .the uests at the Hotel de Paris this summer. Groote's concern was ringing them in during the rest of the year. One of the results was gambling junkets and a decision to open the casino to American games like blackjack and twenty one, considered uncouth in many European casinos. But the appearance of a few New York mohair-suit sharpies jpset people.-' 'though 'th« Groote is aware cism and points of .the criti- out that a icavy promotional • effort has been made in Italy's industrial . cities to bring in a different style of guest and form a kind of natural counterweight. He ac- tnowledges that Americans can lardly relieve ;in what Monta Carlo's, brochure call its "chic, international appeal" if they , !ind only other Americans here,.. . Groote's opposition generally' describes him as a technician _ who had the merit to put a number of problems in order, but a. man who missed ances about the certain nu- principality. Now, they feel, corrections havs . been made in Monte Carlo's course, that important projects for the future; including 6ne' ; that will reclaim land from the ' sea, are under way, and that Monaco would do well to shor«. up its traditions for a while. HOLIDAY INN RESTAURANT is pleated- to invite DAVID AKNN • WBTM'* "Honoree ot the Day" to.dinner any evening W. YATIS. Innkeeper * m $ $ 9 9 $ $ $ $ $ m * $ $ * 9 * 19 $ $ 19 * 9 WIN CASH EXHIBIT AT THE DANVILLE FAIR SEPT. 3.0, OCT. 1-2-3-4 Premium Lists ore ready for distribution. f*" nt *$f t rfa,.cM or stop by the' DANVILLE FAIR OFFICE 7 ,x : ;; catod on the Fair (Grounds and secure your FREE COPY Ttltphone 793-6615 Offict Hours: 8 A.M.-until 4 P.M. Monday thru Friday 9 .$- 9 S 9 $ $•. 9 9 9 9 $ $ f $ I 9 $ 9 9 $ $ $ $ JAMES E. 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