Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 27, 1968 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1968
Page 7
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Hiton Ltktly to Write the Platform By JACK BELL Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Unless something Untoward hap* pens to him on the way to the nomination at the August con* Mention, Richard M. Nixon is likely to become editor-in-chief ef the Republican platform. Senate Republican leader Everett M. tHrksen will be in Charge of drafting the platform planks, Dirksen is a reasonable man in such matters, wise in the ways of nominating conventions. No one has to fell the Illinois senator that If Nixon looks like a certain winner before the con* vention opens, what the fornvvr vice president wants in the platform is what will wind up in that document. The Republican governors created a months-long uproar in an effort to force GOP National Chairman Ray C. Bliss to name Gov. Raymond P. Shafer of Pennsylvania as a co-ch,iirmnn with Dirksen of the platform committee. The governors contended publicly they wanted representation of their generally moderate viewpoint in the platform, Privately they were against having the aging Dirksen claim the television spotlight in reading that platform to the convention. They feared it would distort the youthful Image they have tried to fashion for their party. Dirksen balked at a co-chairman. Bliss stood fast behind him. The governors gave up but decided to hold their own series of regional hearings on platform proposals. They will whip these proposals together and turn them over to Dlrksen's committee, These proposed planks will be stacked alongside rough-drafted planks taken from more than 30 statements on national issues by the Republican Policy Coordinating Committee. Then the compromise planning and cutting will begin. This Is the point at which Nixon, if he has the necessary majority of delegate votes in his pocket, will step in. Nixon has said he will confer with all of the 26 GOP governors, among others, about what they think ought to be in the platform. Unless he encounters unexpected opposition from some candidate who lias yet to surface, he will have great latitude in editing the final draft. While Nixon has supported use of whatever military force is necessary in Vietnam, he will want an alternative to President Johnson's war course that will give him the opportunity to promise peace if elected. He will have had part of a hot summer to come up with some suggestions on how to curb and cure the rioting In the slums. Those who now profess that Nixon is too conservative for ."their tastes may be pleasantly surprised by the results. They have forgotten that in 1960 he iwas an "Eisenhower" Republi- 'can, a label that then meant progressive. James Marlow, who usually writes this column, is ill. NK (Mi) StW, M* 4/«rm»d Over Cifcfc Uhrcfs NEW APPOINTMENTS in foreign government are Michael Stewart, left, named Britain's foreign secretary, succeeding George Brown; and Jacob A. Malik, new Soviet ambassador to the United Nations, Folksinger, Pacifist Art Married NEW YORK (AP) - The guests dressed mod, the wedding ceremony was adapted to honor draft roslsters and after the vows everyone— Including bride Joan Baea- stood up and sang gospel songs, Thus were Miss Baez, 27, the folkslnger and pacifist, and draft resistor David Harris, 22, married Tuesday In a ceremony at St. Clement's Episcopal Church on Manhattan's West Side. The bride In a long white dress and the groom In blue suit, blue shirt and maroon tie were among the more conservatively dressed. Among the 150 guests and friends, many of the girls wore long, flowered dresses and the men sported bright flowered ties. A number of persons wore yellow buttons reading "Celebrate Life." The Rev. Thomas Lee Hayes, head of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship, said the ceremony he conducted was adapted from the Canadian Book of Common Prayer "In honor of all who are resisting the draft here and In Canada." Warren Says He Dislikes Police Spies WASHINGTON "(AP) - Chief Justice Earl Warren has nwde clear to a California prosecutor he doesn't like the use of police undercover agents who He to suspects In order to confuse them. Warren exploded in anger Tuesday during arguments before the Supreme Court on the murder conviction of Lucille Miller of Alta Loma, Calif. Her lawyer, F. Lee Bailey, urged reversal of the conviction, saying police planted an undercover agent In the jail cell occupied by Mrs. Miller after her arrest for the 1964 fire death of her husband, Gordon E, Miller. Mrs. Miller told the undercover agent, Peggy Fisk, that she was in love with a lawyer and that when she got the insurance benefits resulting from her dentist husband's death she would go to Europe with her children. But Mrs, Miller also told the police agent her husband died accldentially In the fire which swept their car. There are more than 300 Indian reservations in the United States. 1 INSURANCE A0ENT You Want An Insurance Agent You Can Get Your Hands On • Fasti That's why it makes good sens© to buy frem a bsa!, independent insyranee a* gent besayse yoy can reach him qyiekly gt a time when ypy need him the mast , , , claim time, ANDERSON-FRAZIER fnfurcmce Agency, Inc. iMttiu > PRAGUE (AP) vaJk Comtmmist feafty chief Al- exairier fiubeek said today feN low Coffiffiunist leaders he met with at fcfesdeft, East Germany, last weekeft! expressed "a certain concern" over the Czech liberalization drive. New critical statements against the most liberal Caech elements came Tuesday night from {xirty ideologists in East Berlin and Budapest, Hungary. But approval of developments was voiced by the leader of the Italian Communist party, Dubcek, who replaced the old-line boss, Antonin Novotny, as party head, also disclosed that Communist leaders agreed that an economic summit conference should be held soon. He told the Czechoslovak News Agency that Soviet Premier Alexel N, Kosygln spoke at Dresden "on problems aridpros« poets of economic growth In Socialist (Communist) countries," Kosygln asked that the forth- conference '*fl«d new and fealisMe «&J* for the development of ecoftdmie eoopeta* lion." This line indicates grotlnf Russian concern ov^r ladk 6f economic assistance among Communist bloc members and moves by several memters such as Czechoslovakia to step up trade with the West, In East Berlin Tuesday night, Kurt Hager, secretary of the East German Communist par* ty's Central committed, denounced C«ech forestry Mlnis« ter Josef Smrkovsky, a leading candidate for the presidency, The Czech party presidium Is to choose the president Saturday from anvng four candidates. Hager charged that Smrkov* sky's speeches have given the West German government- East Germany's bitter rival- the hope that Czechoslovakia would break from the Communist bloc. Ecuadoran Balsa More balsa wood comes from Ecuador than from any other country in the world. One man can carry a tree trunk by himself with ease. Some of the trunks are 15 feet in diameter. TEENAGE (fram page one) the television, so t'll have some* thing else to do, A lot of 1IB "They Seem to be HfM u|> to If in fashions and everything else," snf sftld, ''They stick to* gether and go to the same places more than teen-agers do in Australia, "The teefl*agefs there mix with the older people more* They're not on their own so much. But 1 suppose teen-agers are pretty mudh the same everywhere* "The biggest complaint Aus« trallan parents have about teenagers is the time they get home. I'm supposed to be home by midnight atter a party, But we live 30 miles from Sydney- too far out to have a proper time if 1 get home by midnight." Teen-age monopolization of the family telephone is also a problem in the land down under. "1 talk about 1V 2 hours anight on the phone," confessed Ja» nette, "What do we talk about? Oh, who did what and why- everything and nothing much- you Just ramble on. "While I'm talking on the phone I usually sit and watch Hat about teenage dating? "Some gifts start dating at 12 or 19, W. most dun't make a habit df it until IS of 16. Then they go everywhere together. The girl and hef steady ex* Change friendship f Ings, t don't Prison Rtport lift* fo tied down The things Janette wants to see most in America are the White House and Disneyland. She has had a fide on the sub* way here and found it "dirtier and noisier" than a journey on one back home. Her personal heroine is Julie Andrews. Her heroes are actor . dot, Tues* Police the grave diggings at Prison Farm to U.S. Atty Ramsey Clark for his evawa» The investigation was ordered after three skeletons were ex- humod Jan. 29 from unmarked graves at Cummins Prison Farm and touched off son and Sen. Robert E. dy. Of Sen. Kennedy she re« marked: "I loved his brother so much. The whole world seemed to go down after he died." Of her first few days inAmer* ica she said: "Everything here is on the grand scale. Everybody who comes to our country says we are hospitable, but you are even more friendly over here, "We are worried about Viet- grave* yard for murdered convicts. nam Just as you are. Australia feels closer to America now- Closer than to England at the moment," Upon leaving Janette, f wondered If the world situation wouldn't be better if every coun* try picked wholesome teen-a* gers as its ambassadors. It would *t least give diplomacy a more sparkling appeal. OTASCO East Second Street LURES Choice sr Duplicates of famous lures. OUR 50™ _„ SUPER VALUES I LAWN HOSE Salt Pric* SAVE ON FAMOUS RODS AND REELS Available only at Our Stores/ LEAF RAKE ALAR Famous Westclox clock in attractive metal case. Adjustable alarm Shatter Flexible steel teeth. Long wood handle. 45-1 U-"» . H" plastic. Delivers 4- gals. of water per min Ute. 45-107-4 YOUR CHOICE Zebco 204 Reel & & Matching Rod 4 Lures Free 62-124-1 Meddon 120 Reel & Matching Rod ^^ *^ %0%0 m 38* 7/ie S/G See/ So/e Price • Heavy Duty Reel • Selective Anti-reverse • Adjustable Drag • With 100-yds. 15# Line Johnton Century Reel 6M3s-i 9,47 6*0 Johnson 089 Reel & Matching Rod 62-123-8 On* Tray Hottic Tackl* Bo* f 9 9 <;i.«m.-> ......._-..-- I FLOATS 62-123-7 62.801-2 29* Assorted sizes. Red & White or Fluorescent. 62-207-8.-9 Your Choice Floating FISH KNIFE Sal * Price With bottle opener & hook remover. 62-242 MINNOW BUCKET Price Floating foam styrenc. Rope handle. 62-2U-* ONE-COAT LATEX HOUSE PAINT No primer needed, if surface is in good condition. Use on all types of buildings, wood, brick, etc..Choice of colors, 30-493/498-T J*t Flow Exterior Latex White 30-501.... 3.66 gal. ONE-GOAT VINYL WALL PAINT A64 9^ Gc ! LIQUID L PLASTIC ONE COAT HOUSE P WOOD OR MASON** Applies easily with roller or brush. Dries quickly. Wide selection of decorator colors. 30-439/456 Gal. Jet Speed Interior Latex Paint. 30-46i/w 2.77 gal. Choice of Color* - -"*]>".>UL ! LIQUID \ PLASTIC ... ONE COAT V| NYl_ WALL PAINT For smoother, easier painting. J3-H2 CAULKING COMPOUND 3 tor Natural white gun grade, IMS' Exploded tip holds more pajnt. 33-109-5 See Complete Stock! BASEBALL GLOVE PRO-MODEL Sale Price Full grain cowhide. Laced linger tips & wrist. Nylon reinforced. Right or left hand. »i-i»»-i<2i* Witon " jvten Atari* chel" Gloyt. 61-?1Q-6 4.77 GARDEN TOOLS I AUTO PARTS & Accessories Set Our Complete Selection BOW RAKE VINYL FLOOR MAT Official "little league" D ATC | -™ i>ri|1 ' *J7 ^^ ^M I j autograph. .^r vr mf9% f *f t>)-ius t> • s •• He! 1st- Leather cover. *»• M9 „ . .,. 4w|vn"Wi. !*H -3-M SHOES f*/,, Lcaihcr upper;.. Rubber soles is cleats »>•!»»-•'•; U curved teeth for easier raking. Long handle. SHOVEL Handy, all pose garden tool for transplanting, etc. is-in-o HOE Tempered steel blade holds keen cdse. 4J-HS-2 Windshield WIPER BLADES Cemplttt many cars. Wit Wg/ f Outwears rubber ma's 8 to I. Designed IP fit most cars. Fits over hump & lies Hal. iiw Iff- 9-49 CARBURETOR AIR FILTER clean filter saves gas 3-IU3 IOg-2 ,OIL FILTERS Throw-swav type lor Kord & Chrysler cars, nu idgt Typ« For C'he v Prices Good Thru April 6 TIRE & SUPPLY

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