Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 3, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1944
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WiTH WAR BONDS "A Progressive Newspaper 'For ^Progressive, Community'' WEATHER Clearing Tonight Full Report On vol. Lxyin, NO, iso ESTABLISHED 1885 THURSDAY, AUGUST; 3, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cents Retired Employes To Be Guests Of U. S. Rubber Co. At Dinner, Sunday, Aug. 13th As Yank Tanks Crashed Through To Brittany Event At Stratum's Resau- rant To Be Opening Event Of Annual Family Outing Tlic O'nited Stato.i Rubber Com- pjiny )i;is issued inviuitions to their rrtit'iHl employes n^w on pension in attend a dinner at Stratton's nt 12 o'clock noon on Sunday, August 13th. This dinner wilV I"' 'lie opening 'event of the Annual family Outing, which is to Hike place on that day at Linden park. It is expected that tipprox- irrmU'.v t'>0 will attend. Many notable guests will bn present, including Harry L. Carter, fuctory manager, nnd Mrs.'Carter; lliinilcl N. Bnrrutt. production su- pr'rintPiidont. and Mrs. Earrott; M. I,. fJarrlek, superintendent, waterproof mill, find Mrs. Gnrrlek; K. J. Kurd, superintendent, tennis mill, and Mrs. Ford: R. E. Lowell, industrial relations manager, and Mrs. [rfiwoll; Miss Stella McCann, assistant industrial relations mfimi- •• gtf, nml the committee, consist- ini; of Mr.". JCIixabeth Rooney, chairman. Wilfred Swan, inil/nbclh WilHim. John TJiucr. Edward Rcil- ly. Helen 5S»hnclur. George Bell nnd Hocco Mariano, Till- c'iromitcce has requested thnt fill pensioners return the form suiting whether or not they will intend tin 1 dinner and outing. Cold hoot tags and refreshment ticlc':.'< will bo iysiu'd to nil pensioners at Strntton's. I.cC'lalt'e's bus service will he uvmtiible after dinner at 1:15 P m. "•> transport the pensioners from Stratton's to r.indon park sn thnt they may enjoy 'he. activities .irtu'du'rd f"r the remainder of the RTiSIGNiS AS CI1AIKMAN Washington, Aug. 3—(UP)— Senator Harry Truman, Democratic vice-presidential nominee, resigned today «s chairman of the Senate war investigating committee. ' -oOo-—- /\11MV MAY TAKK OVKB Carl N, Moore Is . "Around The Clock" Guest Columnist rtiiliiriiMpliin, AUK, :<— <l'I'>—It H-IIS reported on reliable authority that the United States Army would taki- IJV«T the uprrution of 1'hiladrlphiu'x slrikc-hound mil>- llu transit system shortly. oOo AMERICANS IN KKNNJSS Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Aug. 3— (UP)—American tank forces in Prance have smashed into Rennes, Uey transport hub nearly half way across the Brittany peninsula after <-i 30-milo. dash from their springboard at Pontorson. Carl N, Moore-, head of the publicity department of the United Stated Rubber Co. foot- vvcitr plant here will )>c the gnCHt writer of the NauKatuck Dally News "Around The Clock" column, on.Friday. Mr. Moore hat* hud a great deal of experience as u writer and pulillclHt, nnd hiH work IK nure to prove one of the feature editorial presentation* of The NCWN in recent month*. The U. S. Kufobcr Company executive hui» hccn iclvvn carte hlunc In connection with the lirCMentatlon of hl« vlcww, and "Around The Clock" in nure to draw additional Interest from Xcivs readers here on Friday. Nazi Flying Bombs Spread Death, Destruction, Terror In Southern England Today Pacific Leap-Frog With American tanks 'playing a lending role in th} scries, of Hpcctaciilar advances from the Jforman- il.v pcniiiMitu to llrlttany, the it hove photo afford* u gllmpite of the ]>ig armored fighters us they rolled through the Armaches area which is now In the Immlx of V. S. forces, U. S. Signal Corps photo.. (international) th*,- a g;irri< uo will lie played throughout fiffnunn with prizes for 'each . A drawing for the grand' i- of n J25 war bond will bu (it 3. wen will return to Linden park /it 7 p. m. to bring the pensioners back to the center .of Ntuigdtuck. Two Attend Red Cross Specialist Parley At Stamford A recent area meeting of the Amoriniin Red Cross Volunteer *S'r"?ct*t| .SorviceN chairmen wan held »: Stamford arid was attended by Mrs. Ki'nncth E. Johnson, chJ'ii'- m«n (if-the Volunteer Special Ser- vici-s .-md Mis.s Edith M, Ktecvcr, I'xtM-utivn Secretary of the Naugatuck fliafitcr, Amcricnn Hod Cro.i.s, At ttii.t innntlng wa.s stressed the purli<:ul:irs of the newest corps of tin- American Red Cross, which in the Arts and Skills Corps, It was ntnii-d that the corps Is more or less i.cciipatiopal therapy. This Ihrrnpi'utic trontnicnt Is not Just "busy u-nrk," hut the creating of n'lmi.'tlimg of hojiuty and use and Rives npw ronlltlyncu to the sfci'vlcc- '" n n iindci 1 treatment. All of the vn|iiiit"i'r workers in this corps 'if skillcfl in cruatlvo work of <lifri!n:nt lyiics. Naugatuck Aviator Completes 50 Missions A tig. :»— (UD— W»r rrrxliictinii Chiiiriiian Donald M. Nelson reported today that only •!» pi'r ti;nt of thi- (ID-hillIon dolhirx 1!M4 iniinitiolis program was completed at the mld-yoar murk and warned Hgiiln.Ht "<1» liKllniT nitr.HRlvuH Unit thi! war production joh - Is already finished." • • __oOo NAZIS CHECK 11B1TISII With the British Second'Army. Aug. 3—(UP)~The Germans checked the -British 'breakthrough oast. of Viru today, massed their tanks across the Noireau rivnr, and sent them out fanwise. with orders '-n crash the Allied lines at nil costs. Some penetrations wove made. Lieutenant Franklin E Bristol Was Navigator On Bomber In Italy , Lieutenant Franklin E. Bristol of the United Suites Army Air Corps, a navigator on a B-2-1 Liberator bomber, based in Italy has .•uiccessfully completed CO missions over enemy held territory, and is expected to return soon to this country, his pai-ents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Bristol of Hillside avenue have been informed.' Lieut. Bristol's wife is the former Miss Barbara Cronk of Hough- V.F.W. Parley Here On Friday Cfirmii.-in'IfT O;t_ston A'l'unv hfs r "lli>ii a srwlal mottlim of tho V"l- rr.'iiw of liVii-fM^n VVars to he held '-« /''ridiiy ni K n'clock (it the Pout homo nn [Uihhnr avnntic, Oi>muyuulor A d » m s ln<llRfit':(l thnt K <,-v,-y important f[tiontlon w'li:i-.|i ,-iffcfts cvprv member of the Pout, unrl his funiily, will be dl«- ctissivj ,„, p,. id , ly nlKht. nnd tt IN ""l»''l that evorv member will be • "/"""• '" '«"« ^ in the moot- General Sends Details Of Local Soldier's Work (Special In Tlif N'i>w>.) lIHh A. A, F. in ftaly, AUJJ. 3— Ser^ofint, Frank P. ShilinskJis of 2 Melbourne Court, NaupfitucU. Cfinm,. whose parents. Mr. nnd Mrs, Joseph Shilinskas, roside at the w-imn addrci-'H, was recently awarded the First Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Mortal "Cor meritorious achievement i'n aortal flis"ht" while rwirtlclpatlnf: In sustained convbat missions aprainst the enemy in thn •p'-illi'in--, norther™ Italy nnd Austria. Strt. Shilinskas is an aerial jrunner with a B-2'l Liberator Heavy Bombardment Group of the .lOth Air Force. Aftnr fri"ic!'n from NauK.-i- tuck Hit'h school in 1941, he was employed by the U. S. Rubber Co. .-is a fuel coll inspector tintil his entry into the Army Air Fon:cs on- January lc>. IMS. at Ft. Devons, Mass. Hn received train Ing .it Kocslor Field, Miss., and Harllnpr- cn, Texas. Reds Reported Over Pre-War Borders Of East Prussia (By United Press) The Gei'm.-ins .'siy rern/orced Red army troops- have reached the prewar borders o.f East Prussia. The Germans don't suy . where !'he frontier was reached, but "Radio Atlantic—;the secret anti-Nazi erman language station—says the Red a.nny lunged over the border at two. points near . the.. .Kaunas- Kon-igiiberg ivUlvt^ay. Ha.dio Atlantic declares: -Mpscovi/--haj5 -confirmed the ci-bssiiigii!' However, latest Soviet. 1 ' Tcports still speak only of the bombnrd- mcnt of fortified Bast Prussia'n Border towns by R'Uss-i.-m /trtillcry miles away in the Suwalk: triangle. Genep'il Cherniak-hovsky's army smushing toward the 1 frontier at .a pace that may well bring it j inside the Gorman Fathc-rlnnd some time today. Front dispatches say tailored IS'HZ! units are reeling back in- ennfusion before the mas- 1 sive dr.ive. Many Wehvm.'Lcht dc- Wichmonts have Uwt contact with, their command—• ,-i'tid are strag- "lim.' to escape into the German forests. The London radio says a great ••'.ir' battle i.s iviging just south of Warsaw for control of the cross- At Finland ? s Helm The above information was sent direct to The News today by L,t. General I fa C. E.'ikor. commander in chie-f of the Mediterranean Allied 'Air Forces, 'Jtncl confirms, with additional Information a Dead Hero Found Amid Proof Of Valor N'd ono had to ask or order '•;• Alrx Nininsoi' to flpht, jyicri ,l,i;v.s attacked a unit of ['"illppinr .Scouts on Bntnan 111 Kot into the thick ot the '"ittlo nven thoiiKh his own '•"nipjiny „..,.„ not then on '•''"'•bin ( i;, ty , FiRhtlnK with I'lHr and c:,,nados, often hand- '"•n.-inri. .Vininser forced his wiiy l^hind the Jup lines. One ""•-my officer and two' cnomy "inly rtion of his valor, when his was found, after the po- was rncnpturcd. tic was 'iwjiniivi tho Conprcjt.ilonnl jM"<liil ,,r Honor posthumouN- ''''"• number of War Bonds >"U pui-chuse are proof of your p:itrinti.s m . Get cash for W nr Bonds; sell things " no ioiif; v r nepd throtiRh tN <"*••* Wntit Ad. Phone 2228, recent the U. here 1/r. FRANK MX IS. BRISTOL ton, N. Y.. and he has .never seen his dnuKhtcr, Carolyn, who was born last May. The local airman was married, July 17, 1042 shortly, ho fore he entered the service, and will be 2-1 years of ape this month, when he can celebrate his return to his wife nnd family, as well tis lis birthday. The local flier entered the scr- ,'icc in December, 19-12 after Icav- nR Westminister Choir college at Princeton. N. J. On receiving hit corrmiission as a second lieutenant n the Air Corps, Lieut, Bristo Chipped out for overseas January 30-H, Arrisinff in French V7~est Africa the local aviator spent only a short | time in 'that locale before transferring- to North Africa, and later was sent to Italy where he has been in action for the past some 1 months. July 13 marked the completion of the 50 missions that entitle him to a lonfr furloug-h home, and his arrival here is belnp anxiously awaited by his wife and parents. Field Marshal IJartm Carl Gustav Manncrhnim (above) hn.> boon appointed president of Finland to Miccoed Kisto Ryti who resigned^ It is generally believed the appointment'' indicates an early, cud of Finland's war .with ..Bjissi;i. : ' The aged, JFlnri;. ; mHitury_ leader: Is 'expected immediately to ' form a pcnco government, (International) Rudolf Winters, Former Beacon Falls Resident, Dies ings Rudolf Winters, for many years a- resident of Beacon Falls, died early this morning at his home, OG "Grand street, Seymour. Ho was born in Germany in ISnO and came Lo the Uiiitod St.-itcs -at S y-onrs of ?^ <n. AW1 t.UlllLI-11 V/t (.Hi; VJl U^.>- i -I~l , , n* l_ 1_ I of -the Vistula river, B-B-C dc- j |* 0 ' I ' or i ho '' ;lst ^ >' ears hc , h! ^ ncvcrul weeks ago. Midshipman Has Passed His Basic Midshipman Herman Grossman of the United States Navy, a son of Mr .and Mr;-. Harry Grossmvin of North Miiln- street, has successfully passed his basic training, and Is now studying for his commission, local friends have been informed. The local- student is a graduate of NaugfiUick High school, studied at Cheshire Academy <and the Uni- vcivity -or North .Carolina, and is now stationed at Columbia Unl- \'eryity in New York city. Midshipman Grossman is very well'known, In Naugatuck and hi.s many friends will be happy to Icsvrrt of his excellent progress. Japanese Beetles Reported In AH Parts Of Boro —Cujth paid for musical Inntni- mciit.s, pianos, radio*, phonograph*. Mntrn Mimic Mart, 88 Church St. Trl. 53H7,—Adv. The Japanese beetle plague that was ' reported as having hit Naugatuck several days ago, is now spreading to -all parts of the borough, reports indicate. • The dry weather.may be responsible for the presence of the pests that have not boon noted here in such large numbers in many yfiars. Japanese beetles at'the moment arc busy on rose bushes,'..but'just when- they will transfer . their attention to the truck .^gardens, lawns, etc., cannot _bc. foretold. Local gardeners should knock the squat black-bronze', beetles from the branches 'where they will be noted generally in<twos: or- larg cla.rcs "thu Luftwaffe is going all out in an effort to smash Russian bridgeheads across the stream runtl pi-event their being reinforced." . Inside Warsaw—Polish guerrilla riflemen are sw-armi'ng through the street of the blazing capital. They a're mowing down Nuv.l troo]);* an effective 'bid to aid the vian armies .battling ir,' eastern suburbs. The ill-equipped Poles are snip ing a,t German soldiers from hun di'^ds' of buildings in four dih tricts of the city. A dramatic radio message — flashed to the Polish high com inand in London from uiidcrgrounc headquarters ins-ido Waivavv — re ports widespread and savage .bond to-hand street fighting. JLoc.-Ll military <authorjties bclicv the Polish p.-i.t-tis-an's are striving to push the Nazi garrison acro.s;- the Vistula river. Such- a manciivei would ram the eivomy into th jaws of n trap now being closed by powct'ful Ru'ssian forces pound ing through the- eastern suburb of Praga. The mysterious "General lived in Seymour, being employed a.t the K-~.£jic Company'there since 1917. Mr. Winters was a member of Herman Sons and the Immanu- ei Lutheran church of Seymour. Survivors include bosides his widow, Emily ( Winters, in one daughter. Miss Florence Win( ^ ters, ono sister, Mrs, Ecrtha Miller, Warsaw's two nephews and one niece. I 'Prayers will be '••aid 'at the \\ L. Ward funeral home, 15 Pin street, Seymour, Saturday at 2:3 p. m. and' funernl services will b held at- the Immunucl I/uthqrn church 'in Soymouv at 3 -o'clocl Interment will be in Pines cemetery, Ee.icon F;il!s. The Wiird funeral home will b open to friends Friday cvcnin from 7 to 0 o'clock, Tests Here Have Cleared Contractor Matty Karbowicz Is Not Involved Any In Contamination Of Brook The recent mccUng of the board of warden and burgesses revealed that recent; tests havetlearcd Malty Karbowicz of City Hill street, local contractor, from implications of •possible contamination of the brook which crosses Cherry street extension. At .the July meeting of the board .residents of the area who had purchased, houses, built there by .Mr. Karbowicz, indicated Choir belief that septic tanks or overflow pipes may have been hooked directly into the brook. Warden Leo J. Brophy stated that the matter would be looked- into at once as his situatidn had come up once before and had lead .to the arrest of Mr. l&rbowicz. Borough Engineer-Charles Cur• tin-'-; Rccordingiy.™'Y'*'t« d , several- houses in'the Cherry street exten-, and introduced colored water into th'c flushing systems in each, . . Upon releasing these colored liquids .into the discharge pipes, Borough Engineer Curtis went to the brook and watched'for signs of this tell talc matter to materialize. After studying the brook for a long time, Borough Engineer Curtis failed to note any colored liquid, coming into view and reported back to Warden Brophy the alleged situation was not borne out by his investigation. Warden Brophy accordingly reported Tuesday to the borough rd, which grave Contractor Karbowicz a clean bfll of health in the nutter. . Targets Include Seven Hospitals, Where Many Were Killed And Wounded U. S. TANK FORCES IN FRANCE REPORTED AT GATES OF RENNES British Troops In Italy Win New High 'Ground Overlooking* Florence In control of the tiny village of SunKUpor, at New Guiiwr^'s northwestern tip. Gen. MacArthur's forces now are placed in easy lx>nil>lng range of the Philippines. It lies hut 609 miles from Mindanao. With Puluu helng pounded, pressure against the Philippines' continues to Kroiv. (International) Local G. 0. P. Not Unhappy On Bradley Republicans Here Said To " Favor Harold'Ttfitchell As New State Chairman (Continued on Papre 8) American Army Casualties Higher, Report Shows Washington, Aug. 3—(UP)—-Announced American Army casualties jumped 11,190 during the week from July 6th to 13th. This is more than twice the average 'of around '15,000 in recent weeks. American casualties for all the «rvicos are believed to'be above he 300,000 mark now, alhtough ilg- ui-es are somewhat behind actual events. 1 Army casualties through July 3th include 39,720 killed,' 40,510, •nissing, 07,000 wounded.and 41,234 risoncrs af war. Navy casualties so far reported or^numbers, Into a container con-tare: 21316 dead, 3.703 missing, 15',i _,• ^,, ^-.. j. , . . and ^ g9 prisoners ta'ining some struction, • type of oil for de- SS3 wounded of war, Local Pilot Flies Army Plane Home For Short Stay Lieutenant Albert Robinson, son of -Mi-. ;ind Mrs. jMbert Robinson of Cliff street, who is stationed ;i' the Bainbridpc. Gn.., Air Field, jj spending n short furlough with his parents. The local .airman who rccoivcc his commission some months uffo n Florida, is a test pilot on trainnp: planes Ht the Eainbridge Field Lieutenant Robinson flew from Georgia to Now Haven, in 'a t\vo- }]ace Army plane, and his plane las boon loft' at the Army field the : EIm City while he enjoys a short .furlough at his homo. Anotiir.r aviator who lives in Boson made the approximate 1,000 mile air hop north with Lieutenant jRobinson, nnd went on to his estination by 'train. After their slort. stay nt home he two will make the flight back o service in Georgia. —Don't mlNs the l>i<r sayliig-.s Ip the iut Sale of Furs now underway t Raphael's, Nmigatuck'R Fashion Center, Cliiircli street,—Adv. Chemical Guard Captain Is Not Seriously Hurt Reports from the Watcrbury hospital tod:iy reveal that Guard Captain John Burke of the Naujratuch Chemical was not seriously injured when thrown from a pumper-trail- er truck, that was taking- part in a routine lire protection drill at t.hc factory. Hospital authorities nt first feared thnt Mr. Burke had sustained aTirokcn lep, but X-ray pictures revealed nothing more than severe bruises. The injured man is well shaken up and bruised it was indicated and will he in all probability confined to the hospital for several more days. Mr. Burke Is a former member of the state police force and organized the guard force at tho Chemical several years ajfo. He was seriously 111 a little over a year ago, and his condition at that time was regarded as dangerous. Kaupatuck Republicans arc reported shedding no tears over the resignation of Republican Stale Chairman J. Kenneth Bradley. The resignation is said to bo the culmination o£ a feud between G'Ov. Raymond E. Baldwin and Mr. Bradley, and in some state quarters it was felt that the split at this time might afTcct the "G"OP. stale campaign. Naug&tucK- GOP leaders indicated that Chairman Bradley was not nearly as popular in slate ranks as he might be, and that in the past some ot the political decisions he'made were wide open for question. Local GOP arc said to rate very highly Harold Mitchell of Hartford who is the outstanding, candidate for the stale championship and whose' ability to get along with all factions in his party is a.n outstanding characteristic. Governor Baldwin's decision to again run for the governorship was said to have been based on complete control of his campaign and the resignation of Chairman Bradley. Local Sailor May Get Petty Officer Rating (By United A deadly an-d intense barrage of Nazi flying bombs has spread new death, new destruction, and above all, new terror over southern England. The new terror has been induced by an: unusually large number of tbc now "glider" robots. They Tall silently from, the sky to bury bheir vjclims with scarcely a. moment of warning:. The- flying bombs rocked London and parts of southern England throughout the night and early today, taking- a big toll of killed and wounded civilians. The Nazis fired big saJvoes of the robots — and <at frcquant intervals, 1] Suing seven hospitals; among other targets. Damage at one hospital is estimated at SGOO.pOO. Two ^patients were buried alive. j.s 'little hope that .they will be rescued. Doctors and nurses stayed at thei/ posts to <iarc _for-a stream of. injured men, women and children pouring in" from wrecked homes in the neighborhood. But ironically, there new life was born- amid the death. In another wing of th= liospital, while rescue squads siill searched debris .for bomb .victims, two babies.'were.born. At another hospital, ten patients were killed when a flying bomb landed squarely in a w«.rd crowded ;with aged persons^ and chronic invalids.-" The: toll of wounded Is expected to be high. , Meanwhile, officials revcil that the new "glider" bomb has a -wing several feet larger than ths original robots but that both weapons pack a, one ton explosive charge. However, the engine of the ziew weapon shut-s off a good distance from tile target -and the bomb glides ir. almost without sound. . Across thc'-su-aits fro,m Britain. •American tank forces in France are at the gates of their first big objective fay Brittany. Headquarters of the American First army in France announces that American tanks have entered the outskirts of Rennos, the, big communications center halfway across the Brest peninsula, A British broadcast says th-it in a twin stab, another American tank column has reached Diivm, 33 miles south of tne poit of St. Malo on the north coast of Brittany and on the voad to Brest. The Ns.zi account of the drive says the Americans have'slashed nearly half way across the peninsula and arc well on the road to Brest in a coastal drive flanking St. Malo and Dinard on the Atlantic. If the Americans have reached the fringes of Rcnnes. it would represent an advance of 30 miles from Pontorson., The secret Atlantic radio previously said Rennos has been captured, but neither the Allies nor (Continued on Page S) Warden Brophy Is Member of Platform Unit Warden Leo J. Brophy is a ncmbcr of the platform committee hat will probably be the most im- ortant unit at the Democratic late convention at Hartford Fri- ay .ind Saturday. Warden Brophy has been notified hat his committee will meet at he Hotel Bond on Friday aftor- oon at 5:30 o'clock, to go over he draft o£ the' state platform rior to the opening of the conven- on, Friday night. The committee on resolutions •ill meet with, tlie platform com- ilttee on Friday,- also Warden rophy indicated today. Recognition as eligible to qualify for the petty officer rate of motor machinist's mate third class came to Bluejacket Bennett B. Booth. IS, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Booth, Mill street, Naugatuck, Conn., during recent • graduation ceremonies at the Naval Training School (Dicffc!i on the Iowa State College campus, Ames, Iowa, Selection to pttond the specialty school is based on results of recruit training.aptitude test scores. Tile course of study included the use, operation and maintenance of dicscl engines. A theoretical phase is concerned with diesel engine theory, electrical fundtvnientalsi a.nd machine shop operation. The graduate is now awaiting further duty orders lo sea or to some shore station. HESITATION REQUESTED Now York, Aug. 3—(U P)—The New York Academy of Medicine has requested the resignation of nine fellows who figured in the recent investigation of rebating and fee splitling among physicians treating workmen's compensation claimants. Names of the fellows asked lo resign were not made public. —When your appetite is :>. hit jiul- ed, and yon are looking for KOIHC- tlilnfr different In food, Hlo|> 'nt Jeffs Restaurant, Church St,—Adv. These men are seasoned veterans 01 a shootin' war and pot the first Japanese flap captured by American troops at Arawc (New Britain). It's months since they've seen their homes, but they're out to win. At home we must buy more « «r Bonds and hold 'cm. V.< S. Trtaeurx Dcvart

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