Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 7, 1947 · Page 12
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 12

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE 12—XAUOATUCK NEWS (CONN.). FRIDAY. FKB. 7, 1047 I At GARSTON'S tout-Winter Neckwear 2 for $1.00 tivg. $1.00 ofic11—Checks, I'l.-iidn and Slripos in Kiiyons mid Gnhardmo.s. PULLOVER SWEATERS $3.47 Fancy and Solid Colors. Including Heavy Shnki-rs. REG, to 5.0^. AM, WOOL SMCKVKI.KSS SWKATKKS. solid colon .. 2.47 MCGREGOR FLANNEL Plain Colors and Sl<i Pattern. REG. fi.OO. SHIRTS $3.47 ALL WOOL and RAYON ROBES Plaids, Chocks. Solids, Two Tonns §10-47 ALL WOOL Heavy Shaker SWEATERS Sixes 3B to -10. All loeal school colors riEG. '.>.!>!> $7.4 MEN'S WOOL SHIRTS $5.87 Values to $[>.<);"> LEATHER JACKETS Xi|i|ii'rs. .Knlly liiu-'il. .Also ijiiillrd lini'tl ,t;-iili;iriliii(!.s. illllOS td $10-47 Cash Sales Only • All Sales Final • Use Our Lay-Away Plan CflRSTOnS "The Man Who Knows Wears Garston Clothes" 99 BANK STREET — WATERBURY ORDER IT NOW AND YOU CAN HAVE IT NOW! A lic.-int it'nl now olTiciciit <!;is Ii.'in^c e;m lie soryin^' ynn i ;is SIKH! :is you p;m s;iy ''(Klivci 1 it." N'mir (-ily i;"is appl tlcttliT invites you lo see (he i;itesl models in nnnloi'ii dosi^'il f nmii'/.int;' iierronnnuce t'eiit ni'es. IT you're looking I'm 1 eonkiii.u' iilciisuro nm'l hnkiniv onjoymoiit your so;ircli is fivei-. And while you sire .u-ivinj; 1 tlieso time nnd lalior saving ranges a gdru'l inspection, ask alioul: New Freedom Gas Kitchens, designed for modern living; \villi ('ini'iliasis on convoii- ienci 1 , clenidiness anil ec THE CONNECTICUT^^HIGHT & POWER Co. -~^ L A Business-Managed, Tax-Paying Company Try NEWS Want Ads—they bring results Scouts To Attend Special Church Services Sunday In Waterbury Fine Legless Driver ' Boy Scout Week, starting todny nnd continuing through l^eb-. 33, /uncles tin.' 37th anniverdury of'the Boy Scouts of America. ' Nuufii- tuck troops will observe i.hts week with a Father and Son banquet. Cub pack demonstrations and a Court of Honov for. presentation ot awards earned by Scouts. Also starting tomorrow, local traps will have diaplayg of their activities in the windows of local stores. Church services wll! lie held for all thu Sc'ou'ts and Scouters oi thf Muttatuclt Council, whlc'n Include.* Naugatuck and Beacon Falls, nnd their parents nnd 1'riiiHds at fwu central churches in Watcrbury on Scout Sunday, Feb. 9, at 3 p. m,, ilj was iinnounred by Francis Clark,; Nauffittuck district chairman. j SaRtSio'onw The sprvlres for boys of Protest- j unt faltlv will be hold >it thi» Sec-] end Congregational churc-h, Wtet' Main sitreet and Holmes avenue. ' Buys of Catholic faith will ottcnd Bt'ncdlction of The Moat Blessed Saviiinment at the Church of thu Immaculate Conception on the West side -of the jrri'cn. Both services arc to begin at .3 p.'m. | The Ecv. Henry F. Lipbpch. assistant pastor of tho Second Con- t'rogational church. is nrr.intfinfj the program for the Protestant services and the Rev. G.'orjre P. Reilly, urea chaplain, is ma.kinR Lh'o arrangements 1'or the Catholic services. I Troops ore asked -to bring their colors to the services. Boy Scouts are requested to -u'enr their uni-, forms. SUGAR AT-J'LICATION BLANKS are available hero. B'KNT KVICTION IJ I, A N K S arn available also. OPA RENT CONTROL booklets of questions and answers arc for distribution here when requested. VKTKHANS MARKIEIJ SINCE DISCHARGE! Have you changed the beneficiary on your National Service Life Insurance? INCOME TAX EXEMPTION may be taken for the entire year on a. baby even though born on Do- nember 31st. GOVKIINMI3NT BENEFITS as pension, disability compensation, <tibsisleiice paid under the GI bill, ;tc —are exempt from federal income.' tax. This exemption applies, also, in computing the Income of a dependent. WAR ASSETS SALES: Aircraft clocks, cotton webbing, cotton tape, ffuisrc.-!, • refrigerators, bever- aa^'e coolers, drinking fountains, air-conditior.inf; units, ski equipment, ollice furniture, engineering supplies, firc-flfrhtinB equipment, hemp yarn, flax twine, paper products. CIVIL SERVICE JOBS: Chcinlnt, $3,397-$0,905; "training specialist, $3,-; :i!!7-.*l">,!M)5; opi'mting «iifrlneor, S'-i,-1 <te9-$2,89r>; veterinarian, $2,6-M-$4,-1 149.. NATIONAL SERVICE LIFE INSURANCE leaflets with rates on all seven types of policies are available at the office. OI.D AGE ASSISTANCE TAX does not have to be puid by veterans who have a-n honorable dis- chnrse recorded within three year.s of discharge. HISTORY OF THE SOSRn In- FANTRV IN now nvaijiihlu, U> members of that reg-iment. Address llfi'l E. South Temple, Sal'. Lake City 2, Utuh. ..HISTORY BOOKLETS, of. tho I following divisions are available through thi s office: 2, 4, r>, 8, 10, 13 (Ab.i. 13 <A]-m(, 20 (Arm), -13, 28 30, 3!>, 4-1, -in, 85, 80, 87, !)]. 95, -J7 104. r.ABOK MARKET INFOR.HA- TION (Industry S»:rlcs) K |V»M th<; nature of jobs, wages, hours, current and future- prospects in air, transportation, metal and chemical' industry, mining, plastics, radio, retail, and scores of other fields. I>glcsn vctoran Hiiymond Potts IK hown In a Portland, Ore., court;, wlmrc lie \v:is fim-d SflO and HcciiKe siiKpcniliMl for 3(1 aftor accident which, killed a woman and injure! seven other*. Potts was driving a car spi>ci»l- |y equipped for handicapped vein. (Intorniitional) THERE'S SOME WONDERFUL ALL WOOL SHIRTS AT $6.95—FORMERLY UP TO $13.50~~SOMETHING FOR THE BOOK. Mostly fancy plaids—some solid colors—each and every shirt will warm the cockles of a man's heart and keep them warm whatever kind of a Sportsman he is, a skater, an ice fisherman or a skiier— or just a man who enjoys the comfort and feel of wool rather than the regulation cotton shirts for February days in New England. Additional Classified New Technique Eliminates Many Laboratory Errors Now Haven, Fob 7.—Faster and more dependable results from chemical analyses are promised by new statistical technique which automatically eliminates many experimental errors, Dr. William J. Youclen, Australian - born chemist of the Boyce Thompson Institute 'or Plant Research, Yonkers, N. Y., declared in an address to a joint meetinK of the New Haven Sections oi' tin: American Chemical; ociety and the American Statisti-j iil Association Inst nijfht. j Using; rhe new technique. a hfinist must pel-form an analysis a I'ew times with different weights of '.he material to he analyzed, Dr. | Y'ouden explained. When arranged a.« points on a praph. he said, the | icsult free from troublesome constant LM'i-ors, can be seen by a mo.- ment's iiispeciion. Accurate calcu bitior. based o'n tho graphic results t.'kos only a few minutes. 'r»ir> nroeuted l^chniiluo, liereto- fore, has consisted of performing .in.- .-irmiysii; many times v.'ith the, snmi.' weifrht ol the material to be analyzed, the accepted result bc- injr uhe average of all the Individ ual iv.-'iilis obtained. By thU technique, Dr. Youdcn points out, no constant errors c.m bo detected. aihouy:li many may have been introduced and multiplied by slight (inaccuracies in the laboratory equipment, such as scales and measuring flasks, or even by fundamental inaccuracies in the method of analysis. Sometime,, when a second method of analysis is available, the chem- ist has been able to check hi~s results by performing the analysU many more times by the second method, but this procedure, -he asserts, takes time nod may slill not detect constant errors. When graphed, the results of any analysis should fall in n .straight, line, ending at the intersection of the two axes, according to Dr. Youden, who explained that any results which do not lie on t'hs line, indicate an error in the experiment. If the lino does not pass through the intersection of the axis, he continued, an error constant in all experiments is revealed, This error, he added, can be eliminated by a moment's calculation based on the .-:te'epness of the line. The new statistical technique has been tried in actual laboratory work and has proved highly successful in obtaining accurate re suits with unusual speed, he said. The meeting was held at Sterl ir.g Laboratory of Yale University Dr. Wesley S. Coe of the Xaiiga tuck Chemical Division of tin United States Rubber Company chairman of the New Haven Section of the American Chemical Society, presided. Announcements NOTICE Ashes removed—rubbish removed from cellar. Sand and gravel. General moving. Tel. -!292 or -1702. NOTICE FRANCIS DELFINO — Connecticut's Finest Orchestras—All sizes available for dances, entertainments and all social events. V/tby. 3-1037 or 3-73G1. NOTICE MILK DKALKK wants to buy 200 quarts nf milk daily in vicinity of N.-iugatuck. Write Box "K." care of Naugatuck News. NOTICE Skating is good at Paulson's in Woodbridge. It's two miles from Seymour, eigh-t from New Haven, just off cement surfaced Route 67. Parties invited. Electric lights foil-light skating. Tel. Seymour 509. Employment It's Time For That Mid-Winter Check-Up! ! Bring Your Car Car in Today ' POUST'S SEttVICE STATION 1*4 Rubber Av«| Tel. 4B35 Try NEWS Want Adt-. They Bring PARTS and SERVICE ON AM. MAKES OP CARS B & M Motors, Inc. Hudson A(enc> General Repairing 80-82 SOUTH MAIN ST. Tel. 0141 Help Wanted—Female AN OPPORTUNITY for housewives to earn a dollar or more an hour during spare time. Write Avon Products, Box G, care of Naugatuck News. Men tirdor your custom-tailored siiit-i for Spring nnd Easter NOW! : »w truhimlines, Glen pluiils, coverts, twi.'cds, dievlots, worsteds, ete. Also sport coats and sport slacks, EMBRUSKI CLfANEH TAILUB 401 No. Muin St. Tel. 3807 FOB RANGE OB FUEL OIL TEL. 5618 Bill's Fuel Oil Service GO Woodland Street "Bill" Marlnelll, Prop. VERPLEX SHADES GOc to $0.05 STMSII'S ^0 Center St. VPatertoury. Conn FOBFKIT BONDS Goorpo Cnrroll, 23. «0 South View htreot. VVntcrbury. and Orton May 33. 2,'J Greenwood nvenuo, Nov, Haven both charscd with passing red traffic lights, forfeited oo of 55 e.ich when their cusos were cnllcd in borough court yesterday morning. JiKlK'o M.-n-tin Cnine presided. There were only flir! combat plnnes in the entire U. S. rirmy nil- forces nt the time ot the raid on Pearl Harbor. LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application This is to glvn notice that I. Mary Bertha Sabo of -184 Howe avenue, Shelton, Conn., have filed iin application datutl Feb. 6th, 19-17 with the Li'quor Control Commission for a Tavern Permit for the sale of nlcoholic liquor on tde premises, 1.85 Rubber avenue, Nati- Kf.itucU, Conn. The business nwnecl by Mary Berirta Sabo of J Howe avenue, ,Shelton, Conn,, and will be conducted by Mary Bertha Sabo of -184 Howe avenue, Shclton, Conn., as permittee. Mrs. MARY B. SABO. .Dated February 6th, 1947. M You Want to Buy or Sell REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 GET A JEEP Tonr WILLYfl-OVKRLAND Dealer LIBEETY MOTORS, Inc. 34 Hitri-Kon ATCB** Off JSxRhanice i'lute, Walerborr Thon. I.8I02 Weather in which you can't hung out clothes you've just washed doesn't bother us. All clothes sent here are done indoors in u niude-to-onlor atmosphere that usHiircs nilorlcKSly clean laundry. And, of conrso, delivery IN dependable in ruin or shine, sleet or snow. AMERICAN LPUNDRYCO PHONE 4-4106-GO COTTAGE PL I M'ANTKH -Middle agod woman to care for ngfd man. Good salnry-- live in if desired. I;i<]uire 3~> So. Elm St., Wtby. WANTKD -- Girl for local hardware store. Write Box K, in care of Thc-_Ncws. NOTICE A hearing on tho application of Walter Beobo to operate an au-to- repair business nt Bristol Terrace Filling station. Nau;;;uuck-Waier- bury Road (Route K) F..F.D, No. 3. will" be held at the office of the Borough Clerk. Room No. 3. Town Hall. Naugn.tuck, Conni'Cticul on the 20th <!tiy of February ]!)•!? at 11:30 A.M. LEO J. BROPHY, Feb. 6-7-S. Warden, NOTICK A hearing- on !he application of The Thompson Motor Corporation to conduct n gasoline station, repair, used and new car business at northwest corner of Christcnsen Strec-t and Riverside Drive ,\vill be held at the Borough Clerk's office. Town Hnll, Naugatuck. Connecticut, on Thursday, February 20, lfl-17, ,'it 11 A. M. LEO J. BROPHY, Feb. n-B-T. Warden. Just Arrived! ! The New General Mills Tru-Heat Electric Iron Established 1870 Deposit* Fully Guaranteed chance You will have pence of mind and freedom from worry \vlion yon start a reserve fund. Pl.-iii now to deposit, regularly in your sav- iiii>-s account. j GUS SMOKE SHOP I; 402 North Main St. Union City Gus Kliinas7L'\vsKI, 1'rop. MODEL AIRPLANES HALF TRICE Highland Package Store j 93 Highland Avc. — Tol. 3n83 j| Anthony Farrar, Prop. \ FREE DELIVERY J All 'Parts of Xaiicatuch > WHITE FISH MARKET; JOSEPH CAERAL, Prop 8 South Main St. Tel. 50M SALT nnd FRESH WATER FISH of ALL KINDS FOR Ten room houie, S roomi (lw( floor, 5 rooms second floor, I hath-room«, hot air furn«», electricity, 2 car cirag«. Formerly 2 tenement hon* »nd owner will re-convert to 1 tenement* nnd give Immedtari* occupancy to first fleor. Located east side of town » may be Innpeclcd In «ft*mo«i. F.W.EATON Room 9 Neary Building Church Street TRY CLASSIFIED AD> IT'S AUTOMATIC MAT- for o cleaner, more comfortable hoael The Iron Betty Crocker Is injr about. Look at: those features: 1— Tru-Hciit Fabric Selector 2_Tru-Flt Handle S— Safety Slilo Rest. R«r 4— All Around Slnntod E<l(tc 5— Perniiinently Atbichetl Cord Now Available At 413 No. Main St. Union City Store Open Friday Night Until 8 O'Clock FATTY SHELLS TO ORDER FOR PARTY NEEDS CITY BAKERY B. P. STO.PPANI, Prop. Maple Street Telephone M78 Good-byt to fumcn drudftry! With • F*irb«nki-Mort* Autom«lic Stoktr •« th* job ... frequtnt »hov*linf of <*•' •nd *ihei il • thing of iht p*M. Your home ii mor* comfortublc, loo . . . far m nokcr 'giv«« you cl««n, cvtnly **f' Uled heit. And the coit? It'i *ctually Iff ihtn iht tott of handfiring . . , became • F«irb«nki-Monc Sioktr not onlf burnt Irii coil but uici the more cconomiccl liu* of co«l. Drop in today — and learn why a Fairbanki-Moria Automatic Stob* can icrvc you bctiar and mora »co«iomicaU|f thao any other typa of heating. FAIRBANKS-MORSE STOKERS ftr <**•», trntf***, •>*> mamicfl »»« tff*«W M •>» fM*«r 3 Years to Pay Through P. H. A. t The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH STREET TEL. 5236 „

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