Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on June 1, 1974 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
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Saturday, June 1, 1974
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Board Proceedings Board of Supervisors Office Carroll, Iowa Monday, March 4, 1974 The Board of Supervisors of Carroll County, Iowa met in Regular Adjourned Session at the Board Office at Carroll, Iowa the County seat of said rnuntv on Monday. March 4. 1974 at 9:00 Central Daylight Savings Time pursuant to law the rules of said Board and to adjournment with all members present. A motion was made by Orel Thomas and seconded by Walter Koster that the Board of Supervisors proceed to canvass the votes of the Coon Rapids Community School Election, held on March 1, 1974 and declared the resulted as follows: Proposition No. One: "Shall the Board of Directors of the Coon Rapids Community School District, in the Counties of Carroll, Audubon, Guthrie and Greene, State of Iowa, be authorized to levy annually a tax exceeding ten (10) mills, but not exceeding fifteen (15) mills, on the dollar of the assessed valuation of the taxable property within said school corporation to pay the principal of and interest on bonded indebtedness of said school corporation, it being understood that the approval of this proposition shall not limit the source of payment of the bonds and interest, but shall only operate to restrict the amount of bonds which may be issued?" Yes .................... 663 No .................... 592 Proposition No. Two: "Shall the Coon Rapids Community School District, in the Counties of Carroll, Audubon, Guthrie and Greene, State of Iowa, issue School Bonds in the sum of not to exceed $1,600,000.00 for the purpose of constructing and equipping a new 5th thru 12th grade school building?" Yes .................... 678 No .................... 582 The Board of Supervisors adopted and signed resolutions regarding the above election. A copy of these resolutions are on file in the office of the County Auditor in the Election File. On motion the Board of Supervisors signed a Group Planning Request to extend a present legal drain to a more adequate outlet within Drainage District No. 7, which is an open drain lateral. A motion was made by Walter Koster and seconded by Lewis Rich that the Carroll County Board of Supervisors act as a sponsor for Watershed Project No. 77. All voted aye. On motion the Board of Supervisors opened bids on trucks as follows: A. Three Heavy Duty Trucks with Trade: Herman Ford .......... $13,016.00 John Whaley Chev ..... $15,100.00 Wiurock Motor (Dodge) . .$No Bid Wittrock Motor (GMC) ..$NoBid Breda Auto ............ $13,732.50 B. One Medium Duth Truck: Herman Ford .......... $ 5,767.00 Whaley Chev ........... $ 6,489.00 Wittrock Motor (Dodge).. $No Bid Wittrock Motor (GMC) $ 6,254.00 Breda Auto ............ $ 5,864.00 C. Two Pick-up Trucks with Trade: Herman Ford .......... $5,226.00 John Whaley Chev ..... $5,260.00 Wittrock Motor (Dodge) $ 5,540.00 Wittrock Motor (GMC) $5,370.00 Breda Auto ............ $ 5,130.00 D. One Van-Type Truck: Herman Ford .......... $ 3,928.32 John Whaley Chev ..... $4,285.00 Wittrork Motor (Dnrtap) « 4 1.1.1 nn Wittrock Motor (GMC) ..$NoBid Breda Auto ............ $ 3,710.00 A motion was made by Walter Koster and seconded by Lewis Rich that the following bids be accepted as being low for the following trucks and awarded contracts to same: A. Three Heavy Duty Trucks with Trade ....Herman Ford 13,016.00 B. One Medium Duty Truck ............ Herman Ford $ 5,767.00 C. Two Pick-Up Trucks with Trade ..... .Breda Auto $ 5,130.00 D. One Van-Type Truck ............ Breda Auto $ 3,710.00 All voted Aye. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved raises for the following: Richard Weber $50.00 per month and Joseph Seidl $50.00 per month, effective March 1, 1974. On motion the Board of Supervisors proceeded to audit and allow the following claims, and authorized the County Auditor to issue warrants for same: GENERAL FUND Carroll County State Bank, '/z February Fed. Whtax 1491.86 Treas. State of Iowa, February State Whtax .. 611.34 Iowa Employment Security Comm., Employer & Employee Share PICA ...... 2836.74 Iowa Public Emp. Ret. System, Employer & Employee Share I PERS .... 1652.56 Associated Hosp. Serv. Inc., March Blue Cross .. 1055.50 The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, February Premiums .............. Walter Koster, Mile n, Mileage , ileaqe Lewis H. men, Leonard Rupiper, Mileage Jack Thein, Mileaqe ...... Northwestern Bell, Telephones: Supr. 39.16 Aud. 44.83 Intercom 101.60 Treas. 63.08 Rec. 34.86 Sheriff 117.61 Nurse 26.10 Ambl. Serv. 92.81 Alco Center 33.71 Semi Public 4.90 Soc. Serv. 235.30 ____ Fidlar & Chambers, Office Supplies: Aud ........... United Binding Co. Inc., Bind Records: Aud ..... Bopne Blank Book Co., Office Supplies: Treas ..... Singer Business Machines, Office Equipment: Treas. Fidlar & Chambers, Office Supplies: Rec ........... Koch Brothers, Office Supplies, Rec ............... Xerox Corporation, Office Equip. Rental: Rec ..... United Binding Co. Inc., Binding Records: Rec. .. Wayne Daniels, Postmaster, Postage: Sheriff IBM Corporation, Office Equip. Main.: Sheriff ---John G. Longnecker, Sheriff: Mileage ........ Roger O'Tool, Mileage ____ Ferm^n E. Stout, Mileage Roger O'Tool, School of Instruction ................ Douglas R. Bass, School of Instruction .............. Secondary Road Fund, Gasoline: Sheriff Dept. Cars .................... L & M Electronics Inc., Repairs to Sheriff Equip. Heck Ross Uniform Co., Sheriff Uniforms ........ Wittrock Motor Co., Repairs to Sheriff Dept. Car .................... Iowa State Sheriff's Assn., Registration fee for Sheriff and Deputies ____ John G. Longnecker, Board and Lodge Prisoners: Febr ................... Ron Eich, Co. Atty., March Office Rent and Utilities Fidlar & Chambers, Office Supplies: Co. Atty ....... Iowa Office Supply, Office Supplies: Nurse ........ David M. McCoy M.D., Medical Examiner: View Body .................... Harry Bohnenkamp, Mileage 46.90 Meals 1.95 Harry Bohnenkamp, Mileage 75.40 Meals 5. 65 Iowa Public Service Co., Elec.: Alco Center ...... Heese Apartments, March Rent: Alco Center ...... Dust-Tex Service, Courthouse: Dust Mop Serv. . . Leon's Pest Control, Courthouse: Febr. Spraying .. Raymond Sapp, Courthouse: Febr. Hauling .. Carroll Water Dept., Water & Sewer: Courthouse 36.81 Social Services 3.75 Munichem Corp., Courthouse: Janitor Supplies 112.92 40.50 22.80 36.50 45.80 793.96 70.55 2902.84 16.38 223.95 37.15 5.75 127.18 2174.68 12.00 46.31 30.80 37.60 81.10 36.95 37.76 118.94 17.05 44.40 20.28 35.00 .80 45.00 70.55 24.07 15.00 48.85 81.05 4.74 100.00 6.20 12.00 15.25 40.56 174.39 Northwest Distributing Inc., Courthouse Supplies 59.85 Honeywell Inc., Courthouse: Equip. Maint. .. 643.50 Prentice Electric, Courthouse: Ballist Installed 8.14 Coast to Coast Store, Courthouse: Misc 9.76 Ed M. Feld Equip. Co., Courthouse: Put up eight Fire Extinguisher Signs 12.80 Simon Standard Serv., Courthouse Grounds Maint.: Gasoline 1.10 Iowa Public Service Co., Elec.: Co. Office Building 70.19 Daily Times Herald, Pub. Proceedings 405.31 Bind File 22.50 Alco Center Adv. 3.00 430.81 Coon Rapids Enterprise, Pub. Proceedings 242.69 Pub. Notice 18.00 260.69 Manning Monitor, Pub. Proceedings 155.52 The Breda News, Publ. Notice 12.60 Adv. Alco Centpr 1A An William G. Polking, Atty. Fees — NCARF Vs. Carroll Co. Board of Supr. .. 1328.50 Donavon Stanzyk, Ambl. Serv.: Gasoline 25.94 Ed M. Feld Equip. Co., Ambl. Serv.: Equipment 450.00 Gibson Products Co., Ambl. Serv.: Supplies 13.12 Eldon R. Squibb, Ambl. Serv.: Gasoline 7.25 Meals 3.25 10.50 Peters Motors Inc., Ambl. Serv.: Repairs to Equip. 19.61 Larry Cruchelow, Ambl. Serv.: Mileage 8.30 Mrs. Emil Ruhde, Ambl. Serv.: Laundry 4.50 John Whaley Chev. Inc., Ambl. Serv.: Repairs to Equip 224.35 Austin Cab Co., Ambl. Serv.: Transportation for two People from Austin to Rochester, Minn 65.00 Superior-Trend Coach Service, Ambl. Serv.: Equipment 435.60 Ken Fogleman, Ambl. Serv.: Gasoline 10.33 Meals 9.09 Misc. 5.43 .... 24.85 William J. Reineke, Ambl. Serv.: Gasoline 76.68 Meals 16.92 93.60 R & C Office Supply & Printing, Office Supplies: Social Serv 303.78 Wayne Daniels, Postmaster, Postage: Social Serv 75.00 COURT FUND Wayne Daniels, Postmaster, Postage: Clerk .. 50.00 Fidlar & Chambers, Office Supplies: Clerk 37.70 Matt Parrott 8. Sons Co., Office Supplies: Clerk .. 707.35 Des Moines Stamp Mfg. Co., Office Supplies: Clerk 14.46 Koch Brothers, Office Supplies: Clerk 46.45 Koch Brothers, Office Supplies: Clerk 35.90 Mid-West Carbon Co., Office Supplies: Clerk .... 26.83 Northwestern Bell, Telephone: Clerk 76.47 Courtroom 50.26 Magistrate 48.61 175.34 The Lawyers Coop. Pub. Co., Law Library Supplies 23.40 West Publishing Co., Law Library Supplies 100.00 Daily Times Herald, Publish Notice 16.13 State Hygienic Laboratory, Breath Alcohol Tests: Erwin Baumhover; William Loneman; Mark Stoelk; Gerhard Hamers; C. C. Schoenherr 150.00 Alre R. Watts, Court Reporter Expense 126.31 POOR FUND Iowa Elec. Light & Power Co., Gas 55.23 City of Glidden, Utilities .. 18.63 Clark Grain Co., Fuel Oil .. 196.13 Center Pharmacy, Drugs .. 35.55 Dr. L. B. Westendorf, Dental 140.00 Dr. W. L. Ward, Foot Care 48.00 The Village Clinic, Medical 26.30 University Hospitals, Hospital 61.32 St. Anthony Hospital, Hospital 473.80 Donald Hallinan, Rent — 40.00 Carroll Health Center, February Care 308.00 Clarence Krause, Foster Care 61.00 Catholic Charities, Foster Care 451.30 Dwight F. Crosby, Foster Care 210.00 Mr. and Mrs. Darrel I Fryar, February Foster Care 150.49 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Feld, February Foster Care .. 123.29 Mr. and Mrs. Den Miller, Foster Care 200.00 Mr. and Mrs. N. Greving, Foster Care 300.00 Sharon Alcorn, Mileage .. 14.40 Moorman Conoco Service, Gasoline 13.24 State Dept. of Social Services, County Share of Emergency Relief 134.15 Northwestern Bell, County Home: Telephone 42.98 Safeway Stores Inc., County Home: Provisions 109.12 Joe P. Frank & Son, County Home: Service On Burner 7.50 Dr. David McCoy, County Home: Medical 7.00 Dr. R. B. Morrison, County Home: Medical & Drugs 25.00 Dr. R. F. Barels, County Home: Dental 8.00 S and S Stores, County Home: Clothing 18.58 Anderson Shoe Store, County Home: Clothing .. 18.00 Decker's Service, County Home: Gasoline 9.49 Moorman's Conoco, County Home.; Gasoline 9.24 Schenkelberg Implt. Co., County Home: Repairs to Equip iu.«u Century Labs. Inc., County Home: Household Supplies 98.47 Larry's Feed & Supply, County Home: Pig Balancer and Iron 895.20 Arthur J. Bayer, County Home: Straw 200.00 Juergens Produce & Feed, County Home: Feed 583.06 Carroll Veterinary Clinic, County Home: Vet. Service 81.00 Interstate Elec. Supply Co., County Home: Materials 13.86 Carroll Lumber Co., County Home: Materials & Tools 60.86 Carroll Machine & Weld, County Home: Welding .. 15.85 MENTAL HEALTH & STATE INSTITUTION FUND Guthrie County Home, Care Valley Rest' Home, February Care 461.25 Hope Haven, February Care 564.50 Shady Lawn Rest Home, February Care 561.00 Sparks Rest Home, February Care 240.00 Foley Rest Home, February Care 330.00 Thomas Rest Haven, February Care 392.00 Leacox Drug. Co., Drugs .. 8.00 Medical Associates Pharmacy, Drugs 16.00 R. G. Wilson M.D., Medical 7.00 Cook & Caslow Drug Co., nnin<; 68.00 Dr. R. B. Morrison, Medical 1\7.25 West Central Iowa Sheltered Workshop, Febr. Housing, March Client Fees ::::::• 1320.00 North Central Alcoholism Research Foundation, Interest on Judgement .... 15.77 Southwest Iowa Mental Health Center, Febr. Cost of Center— Carroll Co. .. 2424.62 Dr. R. B, Morrison, Comm. Physician Fees: Mental Illness Case 15.50 Edward White, Comm. Atty. Fees — Mental Illness Case 15.50 Classified Ad Information Dial 3573 All ropy fur rkissifinl iitls iiiul rlnssifiril displiu ;»ls must IH' in I hi- Times Ili-nild by !! ;i in iliiy "I publication Miuuliiy Ihniuiih Krulii> iind B a ni on Saturday to insure publication n.ASSIKIKI) DISPLAY I'i'i- column inch . .$1 7(1 Additional insertions $1 SO CI.ANSIKIKI) CASH WITH OKDKK line dii\. per word . I2r Three days, per word ..21k' Six ilaxs. per word 'IHc CAUI) OK THANKS 211 words or less $2.50 (her 20 words . Ilk 1 per w-vd Card of Thanks CARD OF THANKS I would like to thank all who helped me. also for the cards and visitors, while 1 was in the hospital. It was all appreciated. CarlG.Pischel 3-129-ltp John G. Longnecker, Sheriff Fees •- Mental Illness Case 34.13 Raymond Snook, Atty. Appointed by Court - Mental Illness Case 15.00 North Central Alcoholism Research Foundation, Care 475.68 SECONDARY ROAD FUND Wayne Daniels, Postmaster, Postage: Engineer 58.75 Boone Blank Book Co., Office Supplies: Engineer .. 6.93 Iowa Office Supply, Office Supplies: Engineer 1.47 Koch Brothers, Office Supplies: Engineer 30.90 Northwestern Bell, Office Telephone 31.99 Garage Telephone 33.45 ..• 65.44 Sharp Electronics Corp., Office Equipment: Engineer 517.50 Fleskes Store, Garage Supplies 7.75 Juergens Produce 8. Feed, Garaae Supplies 8.90 PrecisionLaboratories Inc., Garage Supplies 162.58 Deluxe Cleaners, Garage: Laundry 36.87 Manning Muni. Gas Dept., Garage: Gas 37.91 Iowa Public Service Co., Garage: Elec 1.00 Town of Dedham, Garage: Water & Sewer 9.00 Leon's Pest Control, Garage: Spraying 6.00 Standard Oil Co., Garage: Fuel Oil 108.15 Carroll Water Dept., Garage: Water 7.38 Northern Propane Gas Co., Garage: Gas 155.65 City of Glidden, Garage: Utilities 10.40 Coon Rapids Ut i lilies, Garage: Utilities 5.44 Peoples Natural Gas, Garage: Gas 70.04 Manning Muni. Water Dept., Garage: Water .. 3.38 Manning Muni. Light Plant, Garage: Elec 4.72 Carl Sanders, Gravel 75.00 Pioneer Lumber Co., Lumber 1026.48 Daily. Times Herald, Publish Notice of Public Hearing 37.65 Iowa Good Roads Assn. Inc., Membership 1974 .. 10.00 Motorola Inc., New Equipment: Two-way Radios .. 2270.00 Berger Bros. Plumbing & Heating, Repairs to Equipment 2.64 All Wheel Drive Co., Repairs to Equipment .. 452.04 Carroll Machine & Weld, Repairs to Equipment .. 23.38 Missouri Valley .Machinery Co., Repairs to Equipment 217.90 Case Power & Equipment, Repairs to Equipment .. 3.19 Arnold Motor Supply, Repairs to Equipment .. 64.46 Ralph's Motor Supply, Repairs to Equipment .. 3.68 Sie.g Fort Dodge Co., Repairs to Equipment .. 27.69 Rotert Garage, Repairs to Equipment 3.70 Swaney Equipment Co., Repairs to Equipment .. 182.00 Grace Track Service, Repairs to Equipment .. 519.08 Precision Lubricants Co., Diesel Fuel; Grease & Freight 582.91 Breda Oil Co., Diesel Fuel 184.50 Schroeder Oil Co., Gasoline; Diesel Fuel; Oil and Fuel Oil 915.59 Rockmount Research & Alloys Inc., Welding Supplies 78.94 John B. Irlbeck, R.O.W. .. 307.85 Joseph-R. Sporrer, R.O.W. 249.84 Leonard Tigges Conservator of Mary Irlmeier, Life Estate, R.O.W 296,46 Clayton V. Irlbeck, R.O.W. 722.25 Rita M. Irlbeck, R.O.W. .. 962.62 Frank J. Meyer, R.O.W. .. 2289.13 Otto Billmeier, overtime .. 6.50 Leon Vbnnahme, Overtime 19.50 BRUCELLOSIS FUND Wm. K. Thompson, Testing 111.50 E. R. Henning, Testing .... 19.50 R. E. Shirbroun, Testing .. 66.50 Donald J. Casey, Testing .. 46.00 William D. Blohm, Testing 204.50 Leon J. Wernimont, Testing 36.00 Richard J. Schwabe, Testing 47.00 ELECTION FUND Ruth Bolger, Election Judge — Coon Rapids Comm. School Election .. 35.50 Ed Flaherty, Election Judge — Coon Rapids Comm. School Election .. 33.00 Ed Kult, Election Judge — Coon Rapids Comm. School Election 35.70 Kathleen McLaughlin, Election Clerk — Coon Rapids Comm. School Election 33.00 Donna Coffman, Election Clerk —' Coon Rapids Comm. School Election .. 33.00 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Election Supplies: Coon Rapids Comm. School Election 39.13 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Primary Election Supplies 8.85 William C. Arts, Jr., Mileage: Coon Rapids Comm. School Election .. 10.00 The Bayard News, Election Expense: Coon Rapids Comm. School Election .. 115.20 Coon Rapids Fire Dept., Rent of Room for Election 15.00 On motion the Board of Supervisors adjourned until Monday, March 18, 1974. William C. Arts, Jr., County Auditor Leonard Rupiper, Chairman • Politics (Continued From Page 1) labor bosses." His spending figures appear to come solely from estimates made by labor columnist Victor Riesel, who is quoted in the book. Caddy said he wrote the book "because I felt the saga being told by Watergate of illegal corporate campaign contributions, while deplorable and true. Mine Your Attic Gold With A Classified Announcements BILL RYERSON needs your vote in his race for State Representative Tuesday, June 4. Ad paid by Bill Ryerson. 6-125-51 c Lost LOST. TRACTOR hub for dual wheel. 792-3992. 7-129-3tc Investments 11 Investment 17% INTEREST Local firm looking for investors. $ 1 0,000.00 minimums. One year notes at 17% interest. All replys strictly confidential. Reply to Box M-13, Carroll Daily Times Herald. n-i«3 |r Business Services 14 FREh M'ORAGK of winter garments. Pick up and delivery. Cleaning, pressing and alterations. Phone 792-4333. HR Cleaners. 14-95-,.*. If your auto insurance premium hasn't dropped at 1 ' least 20 r r this year, before you renew Call Bill Comito Pringle Tax & Insurance 792-3805 TELEVISION SERVICE Prompt attention. Fair prices. Qualified technicians. WAITERS', Appliance Center Central Service. 792-2696. 14-48-tfc WANT TO do roofing — farm & home. Free estimates. Compare. Phone Tom Sheets — (712)659-3843 —Glidden. 14-122-12tc From a Household Spot to a Spotless House Your CARPETS cleaned and maintained by (he world's leading professional cleaning systems — carpets, furniture. floors, walls and complete House-Wide Cleaning. Isn't this the day to call 792-2155 for a free estimate. 14-66-tfc STARTER. GENERATOR magneto and ignition repair for your tractor, car or truck. Reinart Service. 7th & Hwy. 30. Phone 792-2126. 14-tc We Fix It 16 FOR FAST lawn mower tune up service, usually two days. bring in your mower today. Bob's Sport Center. 618 W. 8th. 16-116-tfc Where To Go 17 KING AND QUEEN NIGHT K. of C. HALL Saturday Night ^ 9:OOP.M. Be sure to come and Invite your friends for a Night of fun and , Games every Saturday. Open to the public. Seating for over 280 players Bar refreshments available. Fun for young and old alike. 456 210 17-07-211 Carroll Kiwanis Club PANCAKE DAY Sunday, June 2 Serving from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Arthur Neu Airport, Carroll Adults: $1.50. Children: $1.00 Special Attraction: Ford Tri-AAotor Airplane Pancake Ticket Holders under 12: $3.00 Adults: $5.00 Without Pancake tickets: $6.00 17-127-.1IC NEED A change? Try a Hoagie Sandwich — Ham, salami, let tuce and cheese, all on a long bun — Pizza Hut. 17-266-ltc Softness At Top! Printed Pattern \ 9073 10/2-20/2 Softness at the toil, via a bow effect brings interest to the c-oolly curved neck. Slimming seaming defines waisl in from only. Send! Prinled Pattern 9073- Half Sizes 111^,. 12V&, 14 l />. IK'/a. ISVj. 2il'/ 2 . Size 141/2 (bust 37) lakes 2 yds. 45-inch. Send $1.00 for i-;ich pattern. Add 2:V for each pattern for first-class mail and special hiimllinK. Send to Marian Martin ,, c arro || | )ai | y Times llrnild Pattern Dept., 232 West 18th St.. XP\V York. X. Y. 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP. SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. OXK KKKK PATTKKXof your choice In send for, our- five pattern inside XK\V SPUING- Sr.M.MKR PATTKIJX CAT.V LOG. IHII styles, all sizes, five liiiiiern coupon. Send Tjir now. SEW-f KNIT Hook with basic tissiii' patir-rn. $1.2. r . Instant Fashion Book $1.00 Instant Sewing Book $1.00 Where To Go 17 ST. BONIFACE DAY Wed., June 5 Carroll, Iowa There will be FREE Brat- wuerstchen and Sauerkraut. Serving starts at 1 1:30 a.m. Entertainment, and special low prices in the s t o r e.s . Discount coupons for rides available at local merchants. I7-I28-4IC Help Wanted 23 GOOD WORKERS needed at once to learn a skilled profession. Good wages, overtime, good opportunity for advancement. Apply in person. World Wide Meats, Denison. 23-84-tfc ZONE MANAGER WANTED Investors Diversified Services, now serving many customers in this area, is ready to expand its sales and service for more complete coverage. The Zone Manager selected must either have sales experience or definite sales ability, must have pleasing personality, good reputation, be hard working and morally sound. Age over 30. Proper application of time and effort should produce for him one ol the community's top incomes. II you are a local man who can qualify — write for complete details to HAROLD W. BERG Ogden, Iowa 50212 Phone 515-277-6107 23.128.2tc FARME RS: ATTENTION! Complete Well Service now available with New Hydraulic Pump Hoist. Also authorized Dealer for Flint & Walling Pumps — Bohlmann and Ideal hog & cattle fountains. NEPPLE PLUMBING & HEATING Phone 792-4649 — Carroll 30-112-ltC Times Herald, Carroll, la. Saturday, June 1, 1974 Auctions 40 DUNLAP LIVESTOCK AUCTION Dunlap, Iowa Tues., June 4 Starting at 12 Noon 2 SALES THIS WEEK Estimating 1000 to 1100 HOGS 800 to 900 CATTLE 4 Heavy springing Holsle.n 1st calf he.fers STOCK COWS: 17 Big Angus I si calf heifers mated to Angus bull - will calves in June Clifford Amundsen, We expect a small supply of cow-calf pairs BULLS: 6 Vy Chianma yearlings and 3 Vi Srm- menlal '/? Angus bulls 2 Angus 4 y ar olds 4 Hereford yearlings and 2 yr old bulls 3 Angus and 1 Hereford Limousin cross 3 Black Whiteface & 2 Corner Marking bulls with halters. CALVES & YEARLINGS: 30 Light weight steers & heifers 400 to 500 Ibs. Local farm 26 Choice Hereford & Black Whiteface steers 700 Ibs. Montana. 27 Charolais cross steers medium for flesh 500 to 600 Ibs Denison 10 Holstem steers 900 Ibs. Denison SPECIAL CONSIGNMENT OF HOLSTEIN STEERS: 129 Strictly green Holslem steers — 800 to 1000 Ibs. Will be sorted into 4 lots ond sold in numbers to suit the buyer. Originated from northern stoles coming off southern gross. Our yards are craned and washed after every sole/When buying or selling make Dunlop your livestock market SPECIAL CATTLE SALE DUNLAP LIVESTOCK AUCTION Friday evening — June 7 7:30 P.M. 1500 HEAD: We will have a small supply of cow-calf pairs & breeding bulls of all breeds selling at 7:30 P.M.. Calves ond Yearlings at 8 P M 80 Big Holstem open heifers — 750 to 800 Ibs These will be sold at 7 45 Bill Mul lemx. CALVES & YEARLINGS: 90 Strictly choice Black Whitefoce steers 4 heifers 70°o are steers — balance heifers. Wintered in dry lot on hoy & very small amount of gram, suitable for grass or grain on grass. 7 Way vacc.. wormed & sprayed. 525 to 625 Ibs. John Pat Lay 180 Strictly choice Block & Black Whnefoce steers & heifers wintered in dry lot on silage 7 Way vacc 600 to 900 Ibs Will be sorted lor si/e. Ideal set for feed lot °5°o raised on local farm ISO Choice green light weight yearling steers 550 Ibs B0°o Hereford balance Block & Black Whiieface Western origin lost foil, vacc. for Red Nose. Logan 49 Angus heifers 650 to 675 Ibs Win. tered on silage, medium for flesh logon 200 Light weight yearling heifers — 80°o Hereford, balance Angus & Shorthorn, wintered on silage. 7 way vacc , wormed 450 to 550 Ibs Council Bluffs. 50 light weight Black & Block Whiteloce steers - 400 to 500 Ibs . 7 way vocc wormed Council Bluff 50 Yearling Hereford & Black cross steers — 600 to 700 Ibs.. 5 way vacc. McClelland 50 Yearling Hereford. Block & Charolais heifers — 600 to 650 Ibs.. 5 way vacc McClelland 32 Choice Hereford steers — heifers — 600 Ibs. Pauline Bissen I 3 Mi»ed steers & heifers — 500 to 550 Ibs Magnolia 32 Yearling steers consisting of 10 Holstem — 500 to 700 Ibs and 13 m,«ed color steers — 500 to 700 Ibs Earling This ad was written 1 week in advance There will be several hundred more cattle by sale time We invite you as buyer, seller or visitor to Western Iowa s largest farmer Consigned Auction. DUN LAP LIVESTOCK AUCTION For more information call 643-576) BOB PRYER, WOODBINE LAWRENCE MAJOR, DUNLAP 40-129.1 tc Help Wanted 23 CONSTRUCTION HELP wanted. Carroll area. Must be 18. Smith Construction. 792-1420. 23-126-4tc CAMP STAFF — Counselors. Horsemanship instructor, canoe instructor. Six week summer session. Apply Lakota Girl Scout Council. 16 South 10th Street, Fort Dodge. Iowa 50501. Phone 515-573-8141 days. 23-127-3tc BABYSITTER WANTED in my home. Will consider mature high school girl. 792-3431 after 5 p.m. 23-127-3tc Situation Wanted 24 WILL DO babysitting in my home. 792-1409. 24-128-6tc Read The Want Ads Farm Equipment 29 SIOUX STORAGE and Dri-All bins. Finance and erection available. Halbur Implement Co., Halbur, Iowa. 29-126-tfc Farm Service 30 WEED SPRAYERS FOR RENT 60« per acre Also have a good supply of Attrex and CropOil Larry's Feed &Fertilizer Carroll, Iowa Phone 792-4541 30-129 2tc Hatcheries 32 FOR SALE: 1 and 2 Week old broilers & pullets. B & B Hatchery Inc. — 792-9870. 32-126-4tc Livestock For Sale 41 2 YR. old Charolais bull. 792-2059. 41-127-3tp YEARLING DUROC boar. Ed Reineke. 792-4047. 41-129-2tp DUROC BREEDING stock, any age. Priced reasonable. Also Hereford bulls, serviceable age. Hockett & Son Manning 653-0314. 41-112-tStP PUREBRED S.P.F. Hampshire fall boars. Serviceable age & choice quality. Roy A. Struve, Manning. 653-5222. 41-91-48tc Wanted To Buy 53 WANTED — BOOK: Boone Family History. Published by. The Boone Family Association-Circa 1918. Call Anne Schulte 792-2546. 53-124-6tp Wanted To Buy 53 WANTED TO Buy — Used youth size golf clubs. 792-9518 after 5 p.m. 53-99-tfp USED 2 x 4's. 792-9369. 53-127-3tc For Sale 55 6 FAMILY BASEMENT SALE 708 North East St. 8 to 4:30 Tues. and Wed. Clothes of all sizes, Large assortment of wall plaques. Lounge chairs, folding chairs. Assortment of jewelry, child's swing set, misc. of all kinds. 55-l29-2tc CLEAN CARPETS the save and safe way with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer $1. Coast to Coast Store. 55-129-ltc 20 INCH Electric fan, $10. 792-4185. 55-129-2tc QUADROSONIC TAPE player, AM-FM radio. Excellent condition. 792-4052 after 5 P.M. 55-128-6tp NEW GARAGE. 792-3876. 55-127-3tc TRAMPOLINE. 792-3883 after 1 P.M. 55-127-3tp 15 ACRES 1st cutting alfalfa & brome. Tom Simons 792-1244. 55-127-3tc 2 Used Self-Propelled LAWN MOWERS GAMBLES 792-4361 For Rent 57 20 ACRES blue grass pasture' — plenty shade & water. 689-2418. 57-127-3tp APPROXIMATELY 15 acres clover & alfalfa hay — to be made on shares. Rqbert Glass. Phone 792-4013. 57-129-3tp 80 ACRES OF CARROLL COUNTY, IOWA LAND y at AUCTION 12? Saturday, June 15 The following 80 acre farm will be sold at auction on the premises located one mile north of Manning, Iowa, on blacktop north of swimming pool. THIS WILL BE A FINAL SALE. All land is in a high state of productivity - all tillable, with adequate water. LEGAL DESCRIPTION North half of the Northeast Quarter (NV) NEU) of Section Eighteen (18). Township Eighty.two (82). North. Range Thirty.six (36), West of the 5th P.M.. Carroll. County, Iowa, ond containing 80 acres, more or less, ond subject to Public Roods and Highways. TERMS: 20% Down day of sale and balance March 1, 1975, in exchange of deed and abstract showing merchantable title. Taxes prorated to day of possession. Possession March 1, 1975. For further information or inspection contact either Meryl Kerkhoff, Manning, Iowa, 653-9000, or Glenn Rowedder, 653-9471, ot 805 Iowa Drive, Manning, Iowa. Not responsible for accidents. Beneficiaries of Martin Peterson Estate Meryl Kerkhoff, Auctioneer. Richard Crandall, Attorney-at-Lqw ' _ 40- 1 29- lie OPEN HOUSE Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. dt APPLEWOOD KNOLLS 21st and Windwood Featuring KI3VGSBERRY HOMES See two homes completed. Featuring 2 car garages, appliances, fully carpeted, good curb appeals, full basements, 2 full baths and other modern features. Briarcliff model home: $37,450; Marseilles: $44,500. Under construction: Colebrook: $32,850; Warren: $34,800; Sequoia: $38,800; Chancellor: $39,850. BIERL DEVELOPMENT CORP Carroll - Phone 792-4318. Bill Comito Realty Will be present with Kevin Bierl, Pat Beck, Harvey Fleshner and Frank Comito

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