Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 22, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1916
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OAZETTJ3 Pptnt* it tftday — The tig Crtjr Ptptrt print it to- jwerre*. R « n d **<*>* today in Tht STERLING DAILY GAZETTE TKR GAZlE A! Oivw five tlm«« ttt th* i* can b» ir place, Trying etfc- YEAR—NO. 147. STERLiNG,LuNois", FRIDAY. SPECIAlMUSTc Wili Feature The Christmas \ Services In The Various Churches Sunday. Hnnc !>v ((IP Srhool Holn. "The Arw!« ti«'dy. A! frtrv. "Sftir Of tfl" Ka^f Mi«, r-hiUp«. Violin Obligate J>ti<-t "fxmsr Aeo tho Kh«phnrd»" ARE ELABORATE ( . _ _ •-, •>. Some Of The El(eTcises Will Be In The Nature Of Cantatas And Vespers. W n— ..r"*.— A* iiminl tfif v»rii»ti« rhurrh'-H fftprllnK will hold HtxH-ial Chrlxtmn *W*rvlcf>« iX'Xt HundAy. In HIP rhurrhf which will hnvp thp rrgular |irp«t-1int .iH&rtrm In cither HIP morning or PV «$fng thf pawtorn will deliver »|n*«*l«i ««ffnonH «t>pro|irtntf> for tho happy <»<• caitlon. In most of the churohos, how ever, particular attctitlon will I>P given *t tm" or both ftf the »(>rvlop« to Hi music program. 8*»mp of the mo«icai progrnm. Rom** of the othera will be more rif vf-Bi^r -Alt Of the tTORrnma arransed arc ejult the vlaitorn who art- alwnyn 'come, are nn«urM of unumtally enjoy CONORE6ATIONAL CrIURCH, A TwHlfiht Munlciilp will he rendered f&nday. Oe? 4 . 24, nt the CongregH- Mohat church, the vt-Hpera HtnrtlnK nl 4r4j5 o'clock, Thp. proKram fotlowa: ................ Majoi "CSiriatma« Mftrch Or»atj. OrjfflnJflt. Ml«« Uuth Irene Thnrno. "A Chrt»Un«« BOHB." Beaumont—- Orcheatra. »tar of reocc." Abt-Parku Township High BcnotH'tJIrl* Qlee Club. Arthur Woodyatt, tt«i* f*O »%ith Divine," Dref»«l«T—Mliw Hawl Boan. Violin Obligate, Mr. How- Anglos Song," Drossler'—HaiTy Harmon. "Away In a A ft! hem. "Nftfcnrpth"™ fJmmorf. Choir Hrrtn. fMrrtrTt-~|*»nt rhrHtmni Carol, "PiStjnt Choir. "~ Pnjitliide. "Christmas Mnrch In J Flat"- Rattimann. (f*onttn«t*»t from 3 ) SHIPPED TO PANAMA Qovernment B^iys 524 Hens Of Brassier & Son For Use On Experimental Farm. GOLDEN GIFTS Russell, Burdsall & Ward Remember Their Old Employes. ftftNITY-FJVE OF THE FORGE Were Given From $25 To $751 In Gold Each According To Time With Factory. "SEVEN •$iN30 OM130HW forty-two tnit«'» of thorouKt>bre<l nnd H«-ilH, df«tlnpd for HIP Panamn *'AIIH| Knrip. Thpy WWP »fn? v»«r the North \\>utfrn dlrn-t to New they will !»«« loaded on n c-Hrrlr-.l to <'ol0n, from Vt»rk. Th<w strnmr-r and , where they will be takrji to tholr firm lenilnntlon. Thoy WON- purchnitfd by thf I'nltw 4t«tp» Bovftrnment for brwdlnK pur- 'on nit rxpottmrntnl ffirtn whlcl t hn«i rMlalili«hf>d In a fprtili- |mrt of he < 'ami I JJone. A mnn lm* beonVn* caitfd to come- to the VnllMl HtHtPH «n« >uy the lx»«t of everything needed 01 hi* form, whlrh win be* a model in vrry way. It IK for tho puri-om^ of etermlnlnit whether that pnrt of thr ounlry in Hiiifnhlr |o grow crops of «|| Inds. nilnr. Mock of every variety, and Th'rouffh advertisements, t-arriod In omw of the- jwiultry impprn rHirrwijvin- nnr« Wan utiirtcd mid n« a rentilt Hit? Martin Luther—Mrs. Howard A, Gey"The Andrown. Blng/'^WISd- „, , "Golden Dawn," (A Tone Poem) Cobb — Mrsios- government thQyxfh lt» .iBent, con racted. for the fow|«. , After ptirctuu* ig them- the govcirnmont hart a man fn)m the Illinois experimental farm nj Victory." t«rhoudt. of Bethlehem," Buck—Mm. **••*• Woodyslt, Mr. Woodyatt, Thome, Urbana romo to thin city to ovcry cnc of tho chickens. He found them up to the requircmc-ntc, nnd they Mt-nt InntructlonK '•mployto* of ttif tivft nnd fnctnry of the HitsHoll, tinnHnli Vard t'ompntiy rccelvwl Miilmtnntln Hi" preMMiti* Thurmlay, fiom th •ompany. very much tn their surprise The prepi-nts conilsted of Bold eolns "in» company made out M schedule o he mm acc'irdlns; to their lenitth o employment irt thi* factory. For thos employes worklntt there two yenrti am under flvo years, received gold to the amount of twenty-five dollars. There were forty in llti* claw. To emploj who bttil worked then" five years am under ten yfais they »»'je Riven fifty dollars in gold. Tin-re were thirty-nix men in this HUH*. To MiipbiycH work- Inn ff>r the company trn year* or tjiore I boy wi>rc given Mcv«*nly-flvo dollar* in ({old. Then- WCM- ttlm-teen in thlM irnnH, Thin maltett ;i total of diet! Ihutfd iitiKiitii It* etnplaven by tin The prej4f>n;itlon of thia targe nurn of money to th««B«> employ*^ cam«» &H « nurprlsr to thi-m, but every one graciously imknowlcdged the gift and their thiuikn In a most «>arn> Tim factory hn» had n year, nnd if in hoped hla will- continue for runny more yearn o ftho future, one mnn who wan one tf the future, one mini who wan one all feel n« though we owninl pnrt of he factory now, nnd will henceforth how our appreciation by working alt be Imrder." . to Tb" the |«tvil«-g<» *.f PA vine up tn .Inn- nnr> 1, 1!>JS, fit th<- hdrgnin r»te nf *2.5« n }-<-ar hy mail o«!y fnjt M f'.lp 8t«-r]iiig and ftm-lf FnTt«t, Thnt means if_yo« nrp pnid until Dfift .finifi or .,,,^. ^ff,*»r r>«rf'»d !n 1P17. yvu fan pay the.balance of tho yfjtr 131" at th* $2.50 rnte. Nli subscription* will be ficef-plrd t»eyond Jnnuitry 1, 19I«, at tfi" $2 frft rate. Ijonlt «t yrnir rtnt»*. OR ore up ^>M» months to Jnnwtry 1. 19IS, and the price I" Sir H mmith, Hme exjilreji Jan- nnry 1st or wnlire not now «m the can puhm-nbr- fur nil of the yrnr 1P17 f.<r I2. The nfter January 1st will be 13 !>y mitit oiHs)d«> of the HtoriinK and Hock Fi\H« post office^. > There l« no ptomlwe that Hie 13 price will fie maintained. tfnlewi The Onaettc Rets n contract for print paper «t a fnlr price the mib«icr!ptif>n prlcen to The Oa- XPtte Will be $3.50. }f you wish to Ink" the advnnt- «'f thin offer better do mi before ENTENTE AIMS WHI Not Flatly Reject Tlie Suggestions For Peace Made By President.. * THAT WOULD AI& 01RMANY If Allies Leave The Door Open Germany Will State Chief Peace Terms. COURT MUST DECIDE -fflwsaud™ 6 rofflDiM British Ruler Sap He Is Sufi Of Victory NorifllerTrow™ Long War Lasti. WRUAMiilf (My t'Kltrd W»«shlngt»»n. P. c 1 , l>fr, ,'S. For- (li h» ELKS AID THE POOR Members Met Last Evening And Filled Thirty Boxes With Christmas Dinners. The member* of fh<» !Clk»' lodge, hrough thw chairman of the philanth ropic committee. U K. Wynn, >«nd bin l co«djutor«. ar»» doing a, grent enl for tho nf«ly one* of accepted. The government and directions for the tmlpptngr of the fowls ' covering nearly forty j>flR*.», Among these were that the crate* for tho fowls to be shipped In must be made of certain kind of wood, eight "Meditation," Blgar—Miss feet long, throe feet wide and two feet I high, so that each fowl, would nave and Pennies," Bennett—Jar-1 four cubic feet of air, there being but " m I *' *>»en fowls In a, crate, The crat»« Fory—Townshlpjwcre of slates of a certain "width. A, L, MERRILL DEAD Man Who Did Much For Bock Falls Passed Away Recently At Home In Boston. A telegram was received Thursday afternoon from Frank A. Merrill, of Club. Ptotitnt Hymn." K«rle la tight bottom*, a full length door, end j home In that city. The M5&-SOW«Ln*jML.MH!'bottom ascertain I nothing ajbout his xicknea* u kind of trough to put fwdln, amTan: automatic watering ty*thrc» hundred «f "had Ot Ood." Music as fol- Organ Prelude. .,•;,.,.,.' ....'n.,..Mailing »oly Night" Mallhig to|be shipped, with the fowls, in sacks. The wood of the crates hail to bo new, and the hinge* of the doors, hoota and all metal on the eoops had to be, of a golf, I certain kind of galvanlxed.material, so Ho»ton, Mass., in which the Had Information was sent, of the death of uncle, Abner* I,. MorrUI, at hi* said nor the "life Th«y have H gpirlt of UindncHB In tholr v«jln« an.l whll« much they do will njever be known, yot thorc aro nomn thlngw that can tw» mentioned (hat will show how | hey ar* lining thp money contributed by the memocm of the 'order for thin cau«(.. Thuraday evening a number of the members mot «t,th0 Klk«" J flom« and Hlk-d U>xc8 wl.lh goo<J» ordered during the week. At "this time over thirty tioxes w*r« 'fillpd, to b« delivered to different families Sunday afternoon, by which time ther» tnay be forty of the bojiwi, Thtme nirlutnifk* boso» contain almont pverythlng'in tho grocery line, not furnlHhed the needy .by tho nU(>er- vimir. Each box contains moro or leva, according to the aim of the family, nl- though the name kind of parcels go tn i-p«Frtn (liiif Or»»Ht rKaln nru Iiil itnt flntly reject the pe of Oermany, thpy will no flatly turn down th* fiiRKCutlonn made hy President Wilson In hla "|t»»at'p To show ofllHaily nnd formally Ida Thin was the expressed belief of some of the leaditit; ent» ntf today. This opinion w»* voiced to the Cnit<xi Press in tntlmntw and conflden llfil interview.** at two of the most im portnnt entente embaiifflen. These cm* basitles i?ave two rcaKonn for this be lief, any regret over President suggest Ion*,. by flatly t-nfusing for B|«*cltlc fieace term*, »e playing Mijiiarely into Otnr* hands, by giving It an oppor- tuntty to reiterate Its oft repeated pro- thai the entente allies were re- for prolonging the war. Such » Hat turndown would tend to weaken what symiwthlca there are now n the United States for 'the entente cause, Thc»« diplomats hint with chagrin tvnr the president's suggestion that ns of the war objectives is seceimary. They aald the allied Yr,rk. N, V. !*<• 22.- -Are ha^ real prop!# ;»r mrr«»!y bnndl*>»!l thpy h»> st»<»wp»} to trftvifrj tn tM efcvntorp of JV . sDartment bufldtnjt* with tho Rtoffc brokers and financlerx, or -mum tSi»y tw eunt up th«-'fr«tRht or lifted np the front «i»U hy Thl« in th* <|ttwtfon that is up to «r«*«nba*im to d«-W* In the mi fttnrt •'/Vjfwrt flwre and hi wife fonfend that babfr* are peo «nd thai thHr ftrttr month'n old baby Marjory, ha* H«»vator rlRHtu, Th «r»»rtmpnt cay the baby tmi« th» bundle route.. a» It.t bumi>» th« nhhid of In th«- riding BRITISHRETCTIVE If The News From Theif Front la Not Sensational It la So Decreed By Them. -By William I'hllllp glrnnm Staff Correspondent f»f United PrM With the British Army in the Field, have Iw-c-h the objective* f UIP war for two ycaj* and a half* nd thpy ought to !*• aptiarcnt to all KtudcntH of of th» (II|H which Xfr,'Merrill wan well known In Ster^j iftt W «* M«4 "I"! M»t» IAli It.* ^., u uft»* .j> ..«.. —*» ' KM Hook for yw»n.. Holy ! ">"H»fk . W,hat 'Mean Those VolMH," Brown-"Quart«>Uo, "In pJcc«Jal» Gloria," Loronz— Ward and Bosaoh. v- Venpfcr servifce at 4 p. m, The regular quartette of the church, assisted by "Irs. C. P, Raymond, Miss Grace. Wh«el- ift-.Hr; Frank Ward, JDr. w. C. and Mr. Cameron Cotton, of that sa,lt water would not rust them on tholr trip on the ocean, ; The express company had pictures taken of .the coops piled up yesterday just before loading Into the care. The forty-two coops containing-f»24 hens ; will furnish tb«\ mu»c, Whll«« * canUtta .tlia .tfaemn of tha i will bo, "Tho Promise of the It* Fulflllment." Organ Prelude, irtitmaa" ............ .... DttUiior 110, Mailing llwo Shine," liawls-y. Choru». necttattve, "A King Blutil Woodard. Ss* _ Potrlc— Mva. Hayand Mitw Ward, I UrllW You Olud Tiding*." were moro thun a nixty-foot expretiN car would hold, and onrt of them hnd to be loaded into another car. The long heavy coop* wore hauled to tile station nfter dark Itmt night and load. ed on the curw and taken out on the Unit train enrry.lng cxprea*. unut bound, H will take at laawt three weckx from the time, of leaving Sterling until tho .tfhjnjnent Breaches f'oloit. It IH thought by »tr.'.Br«JHlcr thot with the. nrtcau-' t.lonary meumiroij taken for tli« shipment all ..of "the chickttnti, with but n very few excepflonts, ought to tholr detitlnntif.ii in rfood condition, Jn the year 1808 he came went from Utwton and ntopped at thin place, and liking- the location, h«* Itottght n. large tract of land adjoining the river In Olonitt. A l»rg« part of the city of Ros;k Falls wan Inter built on 'this land. Kveryy?ar for fifty- flve yearn .Mr. Merrill made a trip to Hteriing, stopping for a number t>f years «t the Wallace Mouse, then one of the higKettt Jiotetn wert of Chicago, He was much' Inin Rock Knlls when It started and gave liberully to the city In i(« growth. The dereuwd g»v«» an entire Mock to the clyt for Hchool IHHIHO pur- IIOSCK, and on thin block In located the Merrill achpol. mimi-d after him. He Kach box contains meat. »ug«r, eggs, ed.-vegetables, butter, orango*. to toUU valUB ofjJjvar six dollars. There trill b» «uffl»l«nt food In the boxes to make a Christmas dinner lit for anyone, There will tws A happy lot of children too, in tho homes In which these boxes will go. This generoua order also bought two doxnn pairs of tthttea of all sixes y^«- terdajinnd sent them tp'tho Phiuuith- ropicT.'nion »t the *«lty hall for gatieral distribution where moat needed. note ty eauw» more regret than that «na <»rni>haRi««>d by the diplomats of th«,f>ntent« twwcra. ^ MU8T CONSULT ITS ALLIES. tBy Unltod J^ircss.) l<ondon, Kng.. DPC. L'C.—The attitude of the DrltUh government on Pr*»l•lent WilHon'a note cannot be defined until after England ha* con Bulled with 19.— (iVrajwi.)— White the French re rolling back the aertnan nrtnles of He rrown urines liefor«> Verdun, th« British armieiv ar« not Id8e. 'TJhrough unow unit driving rain, with cold tang In thp air, reminiscent of rlntmjMt,' the British array In plung- nit nwity in p«rfert accord with the cmghly heroes defending th* historic cltadnl of Verdun. If TR? hewn from this end of the line Is no vWy Henna ttdtml It la because the allies plan decree. It so. There In no queation but that absolute unity exIMs botwwn the Krenrh nnd Brltinh arm- icit. British Press Is Very Indignant Over President Wilson's Aflfr the l«fe»4 victory of th* at Verdun, the British paused to ap* plaud their brothcra in armii and then won I bat'k to tbrlr tunk. IA Keen. (8t»ff c«rres|H»ndent of Unttefl London. Eng., Dec, 82.—With ponement of parliament today- F>bruary 7. King Oeorge add*d weight to the words of the sternly rejecting Oerman-mad* "The vjgorptt* prtmecutlon of i must b* otfr sing'fl fJeorge. "until we have the rights so rtt(hleii«ly violated and established the sw'ttHt* of Kurope on a firm foundation.** ''My government/' he i- siimmaj-ltlng the aJms of the 'was re'-onatructed with the adle fl»* J»ct of furthering those aims uh&lt and unimpaired, t am confident tHifct, however, long the wai- may be. ami? and navy and those of wy fi ui allie^ aided by my arubJkhilM the empire, will achieve* consummation of the ajftUi or which r entered the war," England Sore Over NeU. The more Rnplnnd digests President Wilson's "peace note" the more bjtter , It f«>els. Thnt In the conclusion to fr» drawn from the editorials of the *v*« nlng papers which .went even furthjr than those, of the morning edition* in tJxt- Ir dcnunlcatlon of the Th* afternoon papprti were a unit In their r*n«ntfuInM*!«» They particularly lt« aHipft. Donar ixiw nunounro'l today In thp liouno of common*. He npoke in reply to n question tucking an -exact <l<-nnltlon of Kiifflnwrs pOBltlon. GIVE WILSON A FREE HANO. BRITISH TAKE EL-ARI8H. (By United Press) ]x>ndoti, Kng.. Dec. 22. — After twu years occupation by the enemy, Brlt- l-Arl*h, ac- offlcestate-i uw ololM , commintrt, the AMertion In th» note that "the objects all of th« belligerent* ^riJN striving for were virtually the waiC? "ft is singular Indeed," the.J^r«n|i Htattdard • declared, "that a «tat of Wllson'n caJ/br* can labor the delunlon Ulat any /move ' to p«j*v<» would be welcomed by tho The whole foot* In the situation *h warn him that Intervention'!•' not KI-Arish Is a fortllied Egyptian town ut the mouth of> the river Wady-KI- ./CHASED INTO LAKE. , (By United Prese) . Petrograd, Ruseia, Dec. Waahingto'n, D. C., Dec, 22.— Congress will let President Wilson have • free hand in hla attempt l t« find R/cost- THE FISH Game Warden Proto»tt Against Ro. fuse in the Rivers. The Oa/ottc announced that tin? state cotnmlstiloha the cause of th w*rd»— -Cboni*. Soprano, obllgatu, Heart JSver Fadhful, r*,, Raymond. . CT«Uo Solo, "The"Ev« Star," n Cameron Cotton. "Watching the Hcaveii»," of ^Bethlehem," j^r, W^rd. and J>r, FoH«ief. lltw ftorn King," in tho Hpringfield. HungitmoiV The bankti ure of thouKamlH «»l rivet* 'for miles aro airown with d«a<l tlnh. near tnnny , MsM," Hftwloy— Chorus. m. Many, pertxmit rAMidlng war Uu river ar* ill from eating fish, whi-l. they caught, . • .ftlwiiy thnw«ai«l« of fish, appurcfili; uttempting to make their way up thr river to eacupo Honn;thlng below, WPIO stopixid by a dam ut Hprlngfleld waterworks. U«r<* to the city the pretty three cornered park not far distant from Uu? school house, culled Tracy purlc. tie also gave land for several of tht> churches* of thp city.- In other ways h* showed u llhcral aplrit. - During the flrwt fifty-five years after coming to this city for the first time ho never ml«yc<| a vU*it and only stopped five years ago when his health would no! -pemlt~his-trhve|lttir'««»-great a—distance. The deceased kept tab on t (ingrowth of the cities of Htcrlliur and Hock PIONEiSALlED A, i, H«Ml ( |j», A, Crawford, IMrcctor. &"' F1R8T »APTI8T. )ft»utiat clmrott Hunday, 'vv. 1 ;- -• liwc. men caught them with harpoona. buck ets, and their hands, ** Rodney Turner, game and flsh war- from The BterUitg »in«-o ill .ln'altli prevented him fn»m making the trip w«U» h& baa been in touch with nil iiiiitti'iH pprtulnl'<jr tn the iHittertnent ut the c||k>«. Mr. Merrill w«« In- Ills ninety-firm Mrs, Maria Letitia Crawford Was One Of The Best Known Early Residents. Mrs. Maria I*>titia Crawford, widow of David M, Crawford, died at four o'clock Thursday afternoon at her home. 100JI West Third street, after an. illness of several months with the Infirmities of old a*e, Wednesday she was feeling 'better than for soino tjino nasU-JiuLdtiring. the night-heart .c plications set in and »h» became conscious, remaining so until the end, and passed away without suffering. Her sister, Miss Ellisabetti (Salt, and her HOHH, Robert G. Crawford and Tom Crawford, pf Clinton, !»., wer« with her in her last hours, Olher membera of the famijy will be here to attend fhe funeral, « bich, will \M> held mon ground on wbloh can meet to fobnutate" plans" for peace, ' w ' ." Jloth houses refused to take action on the dispatch of his now historic note to the fiftiropean warrlori. The sonata for tho second time today refused to act on '-a resolution of aft- prova). GERMANY To'pTsCLOSE' TERMS. <Hy_y,«ited J»reas,) Tlie Hague, Holland. Dec. 82.—Germany will disclose .hei* chief terms of peaco Immediately If the forthcoming notes In reply to Imperial Chancellor von Bet hmann-Hullweg'a jwaco pros* posala leaves the door open, - it was seml-oftlciaily announced today. STOCK MARKET REBOUNDED. <By United Press.) New York, N. Y., D<sc, S2,~The stock market rebounded today from Ita low level, reached in <4he. 3.000.000 share peace market yeatwday. The first sales today allowed from two to four point gaina • ' ' -The greater part of *~ JB»lg«rl«n detach, ment which wan eastward Dobrudja) wens, forced into Ibolate, n|sny were drowned, it wan officially announced today. The Rut- alana took 115 pristoners. • ' BETHLEHEM SIM GO, Would Turn Its Great JPlant Ov. er To Thp United States In The Event grave doubtn about hi* phyiioal being." -<*'..» -•- ,. "Our feelings against ouialde Intel- fcrence attain* that of WlhKm'a gt**t predecensor in the middle of th«' *""'' war," Miif th« "tt Wllflon to-u*. ™,^« ™ »_, *,n M aooept our termn. h« w«lf would b« th» Umt to re " ~~ ; -«--,r: New (Hy Vnlted York, N. Y., Dec, 32.- If the ITnlted States enters the war the Bethlehem Steel Company'* plant, which la greater than the Krupp plant at Kss«n, (Jor., will be turned over to the use of the government, Charles M, Schwab, president of the Bethlehem Steel Co., in addtvexing the m«>mb«rti of tl:ej hu been, cortsl year. wh*n h« died. >lost of hi« life} da - v afternoon at thren o'clock at th» ™W» rw*dew. department tyday h« had re- celvwl H copy of Prenid*nt Wlluon's note for delivery to th« ftireign -WlUj a cHj«clty of 1,000,000 rcundn of- heavy ammunition a month, he sali^ the plSnt waa-^0 per cent fore efficient than the Krupp plant. He character- ised the Bethlehem plant as one of the CT»EW RECEIVES NOTE; weatewt-preparedness aaseta the Unit* (By United Prem) ^^ "' " ' Washington. D,_cJ.^D«,!. 28.~Amer. inatj Charge "Trow, at 'Berlin mitified ed States htt«. "I am an opUmlati" he said, speak- had been «(ft-iit in n* hltsint>s« way in although MM residence was In Ho W«H u ttiun of coiiMid- erable means and waa a shrewd IHIK|. JICMH matt. He was u !il;onil man a«d Htit-only Kavv/reely to Rock Falls but 'fn a larger way 'to his hnine Htles. He married but his wi/i< dli-d a nmniior of years ago, 1H» iu'ui«!»«t rolailvca are maldence. Airs. Crawford was years- of age, and was one of the beat »;8(| s It, A, rrawfor Moi'nlnsr woisliip, i«;46, Prelude, "Festal March" Tha Joyful the Ml*, a K. •'The l*rlnc;0 of den,, with headquarters in Htfrllnn, {nephews. a»y« the cause of tho death of so many) TJjerc «r« men in merlins and Jjwk ti»h i« duo to poisonous matter, being dumped into the river at' various polntH, Ho says he has bean working for some time to have everything Impure or of a poisonous nature kept from being thrown into Hock riv«r for same reason, knowing that in th* Fulls wlto have tr,t.ntUK'le«t u deal of litmlik'BU with hlvi aini uvcry one says he wa« tiu- HUH! of tnown of tho early sldo county, where she ha.d Hvod for seventy-two yearn. Her death will cause universal sorrow throughout the community, and the family has the sincere sympathy of the pepple of the Twin Cities and surrounding co/mtry. . vompleto. obituary tftralght in all of ills dealltiKH, and was H (nun whom* wor>t could i>t< depended upon. Hprlttgn>M.a« Yn V i««U of lh« lut». Mr* ICIsle Hur- ll»hec| later. will be •> • » pu ub. BIG Thirty. Nin,e Put Through the Work ByjLoeal Team -!.*•>- Night, , Thirty-tune candidates were f- (be put tt»d h«« wlvlvad tlm Hshmn«n of tli* ,,,,„,„ , u ,, ,»o, Btute tti auk tho iegl»Jutiiro J(» do ifl ta m . 0 , n; rivers toward IcjfjtiiatinK _of'anVthing Inipuif into tin- ftiu «tulc, from h.-ix horn* ttiin nuirnlni; as it noii. lu-i «• ravening ChristW«M pro«r«iu will given by the -;au.iuluy Hchool, us- by the Cliolr at ? p. in. Organ Prelude. Nurrln s-4? ^,*~t-i- 1 • * _,;^j: i.; *^ * • •t C») "No<?tu«* JJii»» Anthem, "Joy to the W<>rid"- Vincent AiiuHi*». Latdig, by tue School. PRES, SUNDAY SCHOOL WiU Have Chri»tm«* Tr»e Friday Evening in the Church. r Th*» Ptvwbyterian Huutiay tu-hool,- ui which K. J<. Oali Iw «u|mrint<'n«i<>nt, will huvi; HII old fashioned ChrlMiiuitH ire-for- tin 1 ' members «f tiu- wlwVol suui «t nitiiiy visitors who may cure to i-om<> -Uinijjtht. TJiinking iiolhxtitj wyj-itd i'9 tatter than « t <•*.•«•, this i-ainnitw will iutve u KOOI| one hiui nil :H, l'lM<i"c will ulssii IK' a pffcrtliilK ttu- t>ftt- t»f WHB oxpncled. but will at'ilv* nuu'iting. In i-*mtii'<nii'iiri« of tin arrival tho *l'u>rt iiurlul M was |<(>at|<iiiH'i| until ,Sa|{ir<l«> liooa at l.Jti u'clock. The wrvici>« will lie iu'ld at tltt- htunc »»f licr MMI, Julit* N, tiurjiiuiin. ?'*!( l-'irtit iivciiut'.• Th» regular funeral M p rvii>" wua lirld at li«>r luto home in l,!m>'>lii, TWIlilGHT MUSICAL^ MOOH« Thurailay night by the local team. The work of Initiation waa well performed, umi tin- .team W|MB cnfitpHmcnM by vi«itliijt ment IHTH. The .thirty-nine ri/akcji tbf Hat of m«>iiili«>i'K jiifi. 1C IN thp dewirc- of tin- ilbtrlci Uinct<»r. 1>, T. 'Hurt. t« Jiuilil the liuiiiiicV ti> lictwci-n * six tuut tscvfii -ijiiiuitTii. and it will «v»>>ny be nuntt», FoityHfftit- IM-W naiit*'^ have aln'iidy IM'IH wrliW, ami U<»y will |iiuUal»ly In- luk?n ii^to tb« lodge at its intM'tinif in two WC«>K.S. A largu ci'imd wuw puwiii -ut jilt iiiwilng lait night and while tlwriT^was iu» tiim. for IT- Wiluon'8 peace today to tiif 0«c. 24th, Church Coogrogational •4!45." ~" - (ilt'K club- \» Hi 'Hiii^. "I'lirthtinaw hy l''«ry, Kail JH twcllcr, Itoy May ! R«piU»tion, "1 Love to Ht>ar" -Uong, "lici^r "LMle mrang*r w ~Prim' "i>u « Night"; Tin- H-g<ll,Hi" bu.siiif IcriiUdit at tin; ti'" \\u* iH-KN lii'iif t>,'»'it •Ivr i>! "In .ii ' laliy. War Vt-ti-iuns tiu'ir » incr-linw Tiu-Bilay uf- rify li.ill .^ gimij »!- rCM'iit ,\!!ta - tll«' liil'-t- »( tn.MK let! lhi- x rfinuiu- i-tt«, -Julin Klif Cinuuil, Jolin Jc'ilir iHiV'tli. Mr. liurj> Itv "iVH Nlil't. ll.llli tl) |. C i 'la i ItUtJkc. Mui|ih>, K.trlc H.itiild <;<m<), iH-Ji*. i-i«-)jii W.'Wxou, hj|4. "Tht- I;.it Still fr«iHiitni>nt» yt't a barrel uf u,pplea was Heat up and devoured with pleasure, The Oixon ilirortor. Mr. Haccy. \va« t»f PRESENTS FORCONVICTS <l!j I'liiU-d, |'II>SM> ill. Di-c. T'. U pi (honor* .K^nit'm •• « . tu'i.ty as 't^irmunu.s- j KIVO ,,f (hi- prlyoiicrs an lni« In Ctu-Kter tuvti ^t', of niutiui*>n «'ia,v K Jttlu-t Uit- li in iii Hi loss |i«-r"tciu ^;h, »•-•»• oj ad with I III (til i'1'U uiivl nave iJ vwy il<«l|»r j'Ui toilet M-t», i>ic tlt-M, ul H:tllf!t, Lansing's Two Statements Cabled Abroad And Probo* Aaked In Congress, (By" United Pressi Washington, O, c. I5*e. 83.-Secretary of State Lansing's two statements In interpreting President note were forwarded American. diplomats abroad, The evident purpose waa that there might hp m» tnl»und«?ratanding .regarding t ti& ttttMlng statement abroad. The. dispatch of Jht» second note will nerve to correct .the misvon- ception gained from the flrat statement to the effect that thp United States wav on the verge of war. Rep. Hallny of I'u'iuiSjylvanla, today _lntfudu<t>a « jfcsuiuUon failing ou*<'on. grotte to i>n<iiirn<« and appiove the prfa- ident'H action In .-t-iulliuj tlu* note to tilt) l)t'lli««Mt'lH lluMdllfi. f Wanti An lnv«»tig«tion> A resolution tti5klii« fur an» invest! <»f the conflicting inturi'i'vltttlon: by the state department , ut luwildest Wilson's note »»H* the con- (luftuiitiuiiH in to* stock markets, was introduced in th? house today by .Rep. Wood, of Indiana.* The tbut a coiwnilttDt! (>l "upiminttul by any H$h Administration or Kovoinmcnt officiate or any of their relutlvvM prolltted rfl- rwily or indirectly lit-tomst* of the t-f. fwt-t the rci urt iiail on tbv ing of peace. "Some see dlaaater if peace conies, but I. took o.n peace as a b|*>*F.iing- and I uhould rejoice if it cornea. But it must be a conslusive t»eace, not merely a peace_ that in » preface to another great war," Admitting that the United States Industrial world is to meet strenuous competition when peace comes, Schwab wild he felt the Country would be able to meet any competition and urged a greater American marine ag one of the means, of meeting this competition, AH tin Impetus to American shipping, he HUggegted that American vessels should be given a lower t <?oal rate through the Panama canal than foreign vessels. "". - He announced the Bethlehem com* pany plane the erection of a ll.BOO.oiU) plant for building It?-inch guns for the American ,navy. • The federal armor plute plant was attacked. to Orail'.ftflUltt'i _. "Wo American state .paper emtloh has-been 7 circuited caiiit*d so mUOlif»altt-not-L_ ... _ EnfcUKhmen bttt to the liberal opinion.'' of Western 8utoS»e,!' , note is^hfthicterfeed in merely an applitdM to the German peace proposals. • - •'• The, public generally w«u» Indlgi regaftlnig the <juery: "What are fighting aboUt.Ahyhowr Britain it -has made this fact clear long not to require an answer,, J comment waa stronger than '•.. the press some of the experssions stnwl and subways being unpru^. Also there was unqualified s pop resentment in placing i^ngiattC qermany on the name level ,r«« their attitude toward aroaller ni Frequent reference wiui made the pre«« and public to the i Lloyd George granted th* United in September, AH. tft^e the view the sentiment expressed by the who is now prenper ought to have aH Aroe »r«»id«i •nerican H>t attffieiekr i vtntlon. Uenpito President v i statement that-He entertained no'' of intervention 4nd that the object" his note waa merely to ascertain ' peace terms of the belligerents, q Britain can not interpret the not», erwise than an attempt at Intary* "We are colnf to flnliTh t>ls ou ourselves," Is the flatipnal veiitui 'Much reaentmen^-luui been b,y the paragraph lo the note wl v clared, "Perhaps peaof is nearer the beillKemits know,"" FfQ|B lH« i«h standpoint the moit charitable ,f) Planatipn of the note (« that Preafd^ Wilson has. been a«*eUy advised lies' demand for reatoratlon,, re and guarantees. '« v , * fc VICTIMS OFPNEUMQNIA Thrta More Nationfl Quardtmtn Die In The B«« Hospitals.» tWy United Press.) El Paao, Tex., 'O«cj. nmnee of three more national guardsmen w\re added to the death list of pneumonia vlctirtiH today. Th« three who V'Sfiued away ut the base hospitals yesterday weje: Percy J. i^i^nhouer, 24. Co. II, Fourth Pennsylvania. «?f KliKalielht'wn, Pa,; Hoy K, Klllott, Co L, Thlrty-tirst Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Jamt-a K. UimaUy, mttiJvtii» fiun (Miiniuiny, Klgiith Pennsylvania, of Hlietuuidoah. Pa. The wwrw held Hoday. WANTS OFWI -» "CLUTION United Kansas 'City,, Wo>, listed In the cjty dir»«tory ae a "i stress" v^hen rei|lljf sjJd .truly. you a Va»>«ar ooitegs §|H, li and to be listed as *i) Inspector for Jones' dry g oodtt atorc, when really you are engaging In no naeup«tlon a merely staying at home . \yltlr mother, is worth 150,000 Tiila SUCCEEOSAROHiOLD the (iplnidn of Mlw M, utevciiK. one time Vaaaar girl, who has nied. suit for |««i.000 against. tte« company, 1910 the Sh» in 13U company listed her as a wurklnf wo-. A. C. Bedford Chosen President Of / Standard Oil Company I.AW80N CLEANED -UP. . f Hy .I'nltcd i;n»-t»n. and dollars thrmiah'' •»d\uiu-t \V. New York. N. Y . Uec. 22 T . tin? Htuudard <HI Cnmimny of New A, C. Uedfurd a-a lht« late John H. VltLA ATTACKS TORREON B*ttl« For Poi«if»iofi of the City. - (Bj^. United m Paso; Tex., Dae, aa,-~.Villa uttmkwl Tarreoi4 *t 4 o'clock tttid a bwttle for tliUi Ft«'jBirt«'nt Wilson's pwtcw -notf. Ji<oKt4>it J'oat df." lati-'l today •— lirus.* day l<r<'j»i<icnt tu Archbotd. TO BUILD STATE ARMORY. til. iX«C. 22.™ to build u HtatB armory -»t Pcoria will meet here, to select n site. Adjutant. Ue«en*I Dickaon, announced. KtU« Ol' flttll'it 1 thfe i-iiy was raging »t daybreali, cuHtln« Jo InfonniUluJi Jwhlvh reached l»y wh'e frem thfe Mexican g«\> OLO PH.OT OIAB. la.. tl«v. 83. of l^ecl»lir, for n»a».y u ['Hoi on the upper 73 years t*W uf «&,- Hatur<lu> (if .entire lino uf

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