Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 21, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1916
Page 8
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STERLING DAILY GAZE1TE THURSDAY, DEC. 21, GRAND Today Mary Fuller '"The Strength of - -- ATio Travel, Picture THURSDAY Blanche Sweet in "The Dupe" AUo Bray Cartoons Saturday morning Jhr#f Tree |jllMW* for the gchoul chiton— * 11. Santa will iupply all candy. „ -•- j Horn* of th* Pips Organ Vaudcttc » £ s Tonight—Vaudeville THREE FINE ACTS pedal feature. "The Ki-v," fe," 2 »bow», 7 n n,I !». BW» new vaudeville bill; t A!»> "Tin- Yellmv Menace.' aw*. "1 and n. STILL IN DOUBT? BUY- A CHESTER GLOVE BOND They tinn n< nsmiro Hit- fulh-sf the rr<' mc*n<«ur<> of npptvna- -t tho «lo- SHIM! *tvlt» of glov«» in tho corwt *'w. Tlio iu- •• rousing .-wlps t'wlr yftir imw their ^rrat j»oj>n- hirily, "*• CHESTER'S MERCHANDISE CERTIFICATE At The Wood's Store You Can Buy Gifts That Will Endure Give Furniture LYRIC I JW.f.-i.varnWtaa.-^ M?< iffOOK FA£t8 TONIGHT Friday, Dec. 22 \ 1)0 on* of thft grt«t«»t motion that you hav« ever •*§», Nights In a Bar Room," r«*l«. Two nights only. m to Dance ,—r _nr grfttlrt Vtnim nnd. ,N«^ y*»r*» party «n r, D*c* 25th frn# Monday, Jan. 1st be hits of tho MB-Mit Saturday «nd Monday » a H l#; tat d»nc* from 9:00 to 12, Woodman Hall Public invited. IRft. F. R. BELL A SON. •her* of modern and _fancy iM-ir iic-n jionnils sfh'c'tion at will from our k t«» 1lu* amount of Hit- f:K'o VH!NO of tho t't'f- ulo. This Jiiciliod insures iitinns) sntisfni 1 - linn. ClIKSTF.irS ULmV, BOND AXIT MKK- ('IIANI)ISK CKHWK'ATKS nrp Issued in c«>r- wt order for any jiinount iunl rtMluomiihirMit any finn> for gloves or iiicwlinndisc to t|n> mnnutit of the hontl or H'Hificato. _ \ All kinds of Holiday Boxes, Greeting: Cards, Tags, Seals, Ribbons, Tissue and Holly Paper on sale. The J. K. Chester Co. Coupons Must be Redeemed on or Before Dec. 31, 1916. END from Cnnndn w)i«»r«*- th«*y n great many y«»ar*. Mr, Flock (H better known nn "Dutch" 1-lnck In thin community whor*- he W«H rniHoU. went (a Nchool nnd <Mit<-r<'il the army during tlu- I'orto IHonn .rampnlurn. They will stay for mime time for ft vl«lt with ' • IK BRIEF J iNO BETTER., Johm4on reports hin J. JBoyd Johnnton, in n j»r*- I 6ondlUon at thf home of hln t»t BACK FROM LONG TRIP. diorge Stroup ban returned from three month** trip In the e«*t nnd he report* time* ns belnB fairly good. He ban bec«n traveling for the W. 8. Car* olUH Manufacturing company, of Sterling, and "he report* • iwcurinK. orders for the clipper* mttde' !l by thin company wa»,an ea*y matter. II* visited nil of the larger cltle* in the ea*t, DEATH OF MRS. 4. 8CHMITT. Mr*. Joseph' Kehrenbacher ""received ft ytwtenluy from Geneva,' Net*-, of the.death of her Hlater, Mrs. John Bchmitt. whone 4f»th resulted from a cancer of the ntomnch. Mr*. i Kehrenbacln-r and daughter. Tlllle. will J leave thjH evening to attend the funeral. LOCAL MERCURY 12 BELOW. > Lam night wan the coldest of the winter. C. B. IJentilnger's government instrument* recording 12 below ssero. It wa* Htill that figure at 8 o'clock thin niortjintr. However, people in this vicinity have nothing to worry about, HlHinurok. NV D,, reports 42 below, xcro,: Think of thuij nnd then thaw out. FUNERAt- SERVICES. Short funeral service* will be he,ld at th'o home of her non. J, N.-Harpbatn, 708 First avenue at 2:30 o'clock Frldiiy" Mr*. Ural*i-ll. of Lyndon, spent \V<?di»et»day her* on HuBlnexf, l?p-To-l)atn Munlc House utartwl to unload n carload of planon tqthti:.'' Mrs. Mary Hurd WBH her<> on bu»l- nen» yeatcrriay from Morrison. |dE.,JM» red fox ftuvurt. t39.0(J; $35.00 red fo\ fur H«»t. ?f.1.7G; J32.SO rp-I fox fur «Pt, jlfl.RR.' Tlie J. K. Chpctor «'o^ Mm. B. Potter wan taken to the hospital Tuwutay for treatment. $30.00 natural wolf fur hfit. iW.i^; $7»J,oO v\mrilcnn mink for fot, KK.oo; ta5.«0 Jap mink fur set. S39.W. Th» J. K. Cheater Co.» Prarue Wlenken^ of Franklln_i)r<ive, «pihi~iho' day "her* on bu»ln<>HH. Tlnk^rtoy' fr«», A»k Btoddarda** J. R. Johnston left thin morning for Chicago, where h« will tranuuot bunl- «•*• See Our-Exhibit of Simmons Beds JUST WHAT EVERY LITTLE GIRL WANTS- A SIMMONS DOLL BED! Exactly like a full- sized, regular grown-up bed—yet only two feet long! And material;? — workmanship — finish — they are till Stuudard Simmons Quality nnd, with ordinary linage, quite tmtfreakablu. Each ia complete with a real woven»wire spring. " These dandy little bods arc exactly What every little mother wants San- ta Clans to bring- her for Christinas. Why not tull him about it! We'll be jjlacl to cu-upemte with him. The prices ure as low as $1.50 And when you cortie Ifl don't fail to &•<• Our Exhibit q/ Simmons Beds in full size. You'll be interested In the wide variety on display. Comforters We have ondit- play a fine line of cemf ortBrs, t h * I any woman would be pleated to receive for Chriitj- ma«. Come in and tee them. Beautiful pattern! and' A wide range of price*. ' Framed picture* at Hallett'n,* Mr. ftnd'Mw, Wlllfom Chirk, of phetntown spsnt Wednesday here with friend». Wanted—Bright boy. over 18 yearn of ngfc Apply Wyne-Deuver D. Q. Co.* Chan. Sheldon left Tue«day evening for Lou AiuKles, where he will itpend th« wlnl«»^— Down. ffo«s the high eo»t of living Beef quarter* lOc per Ib. ('omo or call Kuhn A Thomas. 800 Fifth St. Both pltoiies.'' itev. and Mrs. George Welch, of Mill were Chri«tmiui WheiHbn. . Banltiirlunt for »n«vtirttl.uft«rnoan; Dr. Jones, pantor of the becoming Kllghtly bfttfrj«i.'K,uilonul eltuirh, will ofTiolute nnd thought h« could Ntund u ride'burial will be «nrtde_in the_Kiveriddu oblig*>d to stop mid s of his dttughtt-r. lie! . DAILY WEATHiR REPORT. aintf and th» »on uny* j Tim Chicago weathvr U«r«nui f«»r»- little hoj»e of hi» ever «*-t« jt-ant today in »s f«Uow»: ,l''*ir tonitsht Ulna** The doolor lian[und Krlttoy: pnrtly cloudy; not sw cold over a year and it wwsJbViduy and in the e triptnp family the trwamfiu ut jt iiurrn -would lienetU him wnd! fir*' In the country homo Mrs. Mart Tyne went -of In ln*id»» of » wwk after HdjUKtor for the H\»urunce ving a. policy *m th» lumw, low and the Tyn«'« r«-t»»v- it will tire lor the daniuBf- tJiB liouwe of )* g3«i>Mn»i • Mttttll)^ Itii) to the in but wu« put out the huusu WaV I'tidly Woodruff's Htudlo. Ne.w Year photo*,* The infant mm'of Mr. and MCH. Alw Wolbur IH III. ' .Toilet Mi* at llulletl'a.* l^mnk UriKKM' wan u bUMlnea in UeKttlb uduy. und ' Howard 'beat assortment Klllen Hpenl yesterday ACK PROM CANADA Dlxon on buwlni-HH. $r»o.on t'ivH inr wi, t3C.f«u; |^S«% IVitdun .kintU fur wt, $19<7&, Tlie>«); S K. I'bcsler t'o. v ) Tlu> Infant 'mm of Mr. and Mra. V. jlldwnuiii i« very nkk. i only '£ dux'H more in whlrh l« miike your Xmux w«U'i'tlonM. better hiiiry. Magntlne subscriptions at Halletfs.* Mr. And Mm. John Anderaon and nun, Robert, of I'olo, npent Wi-dnemlay in Storting. % ' Phone MM your order early and gej, prompt delivery. Holmes & amdy.* R VV, Murphy returned lout uwening from Chioagu where ho upent the dnjr on bu8lne«, ' ,.'»,.'. Why not n coat for wife *£. ?l»*^rt huy thein-"a( a'TOWrig now a? Pon't wiiit until tho bw ia picked ever.* " .. Mr. and Air«. Clarence Btttxel, oS npt'iu yewtenluy in tbl« city -Rood Fwrnrture -miik»» a pr«*«nt any-woman would appraoiata and on* thai will ta«iapful every day in the year. You will find here an unlimited a»«ortmtnt toT«elect .fronv .• -, ' THE HO0SIER KITCHEN CABINET The Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet prove to be thit mo*t u?«ful and ac'"- ceptnbl* gift you could think of giving h«r, Prked from $23 up. Electric Lamps A rt«w »hipm«nt of Electric Lamp* just r«c«lved, con- tilting of Piano Lamp*. Floor Lamps and Read- Ing Lamp*. That* lamp* w«r» d»- laytd in *hipment. but ar* b«aut!**. Don't fail to *«* them. . A Duplex Alcasaar Combination Stove Would both cur* pri»* and pl*»»* h*r, hot only on Chriatma* day but av*ry day in ,th» y*ar. Why .not bit/ her one •of these stoves — and «n * k « h e r really happy. CEDAR CHESTS Large and small, made of fragrant red cedar. In either shirt waist or skirt lengths. ' Ricnankoria Reliable RUGS member* of the family, (because of their beaotif a! coloring vgoo^ wuring qualities and low price. 1 , .. Do your shopping at this store. Shop evenings if you are busy dur^nglbe-day; We keep open evenings. THE ROYG STOREU We allow a 5% discount for cash. Store will be open Christmas morning and goods will be delivered if desired. '" 0hri»tmm» grwerles, ft large line at Stdddard Oooka nnd biblen at Mrs. Frank UrlntM WON A Chicago thin morning where »ha will N|u»mt the day. v Tlifi b«-Bt select oysters are fouiul at Htoddur Bros,* . , Mr, HUd Mri». William Clark »ment in this city shopping Irani. TrT — tnole fur net, | r »; iSrt.O'i mole- fur »el, IH.'u; JtiVftu mole fur net, HS.t'i, The 3. ,K. t'hetttpr c'o.« i ftlt«» Jit«(ila Mel«t>nnun, K, N.. ri'turo- i»|l to hef Jjome in Morrlmon nfter n)>?n\l|(iir two weekw here, All t'is tft««t «ty)os lii womcn'8 boots & and nntehed pieces from our art, noedle work department: Combing; tabUj covers, hath towel*, Brown Arrived home \\Vd from to «iwuT »l»m * ' this tt«ul four if you buy it iu Hermans you buy It j . morning irlifW.* ^ thw ItoliduyH h0r» with her mother. Down «o»» tb» hifn co«t of Hving"- fl<jitf ijuai-jer* 10c pi-r ll», fom» early & Thomaw, ^utS Fifth UNITED TALK- imiHACHME disc record CoUmbio, Whif not havf musit in noroe Christmas—A Talking Machine big- tuya nrt» pctlny Just disappoint the at flt'i'knuiiiM iittlo lulkti SIM XniHH n vear." » •• '" lt Wropklield and Mrs. Harry went to i'hicagti this morning wh.-ie they will upend ibe day whwp* ping. Your Ktna* order will be. upprei'lated at Jlolrnis-i und Orady's, Ihn avenue t! uijil Mr«, W*>lch, Mr*. William uiid Mr*. Archbaugh, of Mjli- edft«VUIe. Wednesday heie a« peffumes at Hullett's.* from '»hi(j Htution where lie will *p*>ttd lhi» holidaya with frlentls and, iiulliyi U'ulbt'r riuHx^Hiu? (or iuftxntK junioru. ' . ld on e*|»y terms if desired. Come in and near it played, 1H|F •BF ^HF^ ^BW^^^ ^^^^a^ ^^^^K women ami on." I'tlced ai ou i-fHtB. u.ou, *i>a;» mui *f.«i*- TJut .1, K. i'Ii«*u-i- IV* • KliKubeth Krehlei, Amanda lien" ami fti, (*.-LumlU Ml this m'uninyfi fm fa., uftiH' uitviul thT* f'ofle- wedding. . ' Vuur Xjims outer \vii\l.H tit ii«lllU'i» "-tud Uiuii>'s," ttui nVt-uue 11 grower*.?-" «:!ia«."fillinai(, of Polo, vi»i»t-<v *iif.l*'i -l|*-|u\vt| Al'K. iiiu U'Ju ti, th | guest toweJH, sandwicb caHts, sjwon CIU»*H, knife . catieti, doUlew, dretwer scarfM,. laundry ba««, fudge aprons, breaki'a«t w?t» and hot water bottle casen. The. 4. K. Chester Co.* 'Anoihpr car. of UIOBP faiu-y bullet proof potatoes Ju»t arrived at Oi»rde«.'» Wr«. ,>V. >\ UuiuthVr, Mr, and Mrn. Hoy ClulhtUur und llttlp duuBhter and Clartf-nce Mcllanny. of Jordan, spent WtHlnenday 't»eift on bii8ine«». Woodruff* wtuillo. N'PW Year photos.* • Cbtiri. Krlckmon and daughter, returned to their homu ifi Hpirit .Wednesday after «, Week'« vlnlt with friends and relative. "Oet on tl»» IwMia wagon." Join Iho chartw* for- «. »bnri tlmu. Moone. $5,00.* Nolllo Swank, Ktlui Hoover, tw*)en tho two cllles. The Allowing are the, m-ores f».r the game Tuesday night; HOW. ~...-.T:"."....".T. '."ITS " ira ~ 20? Hauer .. .. ...... ... JM ttt 8 f' 0 Han ............... "7 H» I6f 178 !««» nu'tto that after meeting with the clus« j once lltt»y would be made so GREAT LOSS BY FIRE. imf,, J'cy, ?!'.-<~A loss eutlrnat- Ihat never would they feel a« a MiraiiKerf t-u at i'.'oo.uoo wa.i jrau^d jiepg by a. awaln, but as one Qt the class. U ittj-«ro that'den'troyed the~8tout Purnlt«ri» expeftrtl to have tlie"<:l««9 ""n^^ 100 <'omiiany'» factory No. I and damaged 1 * '" "" * "~ """'' " ''" tlrt- plant of'the liUfi'Htato Public vii-e Klertrle t'ompuny. iii the near future and if the reader does not attend church or Sunday itrjhool, he in one who' i» enpocially Total ............ tJraiul total: '.'.fi:i4. Hfiindttteht into .... Harry ,.....'..,... " Total- ••• Uranil total; ~."fl ir,s no tf,.'i V.'t IK',' Kuoday Hchool •H7 IJMen McfJiure and Ilarry Ulehl, Wil., t« Wlxon last «v- ening wbefo thty |ittwd*d thw The boy'« a«li«bt, the wondwful new builder, the Tlnkt'ntoy,'worth Rue, fiw with a. pou|»d of C«!c Japan tea, -to ,i»^ tho famous XorA tea. Htoildard HAVGOOD TIME ChcUtlan Church Man M*et to P*r/«ot Oraanltation. -, day iwnlng'ln thn bawsmctit of. tht 1 new l-'irHt fMirtMtian church, eor- P»«>" Malion 1n«re with tMw linger chine Co, and ,ha» mov»'d to Jolicl bus acii«pLKl' a portion with k-wUltc 'Muchlnw Ou." there. 'Another t^nr «f UMisw tine Idahu po tuiiu'M ju»t tvct'lvtHl. T4i« kijirt that intuit' (icrd**s famous, Try^tiu'iti for hri.stniHS i^liiiier. A Uwrde* 1 .* > (he I^yal'ordei; of •MtmiM' <Hv« yourself a Xma», puvent that will last you a lifetime. Hlg i v law> to bw Jnitiatftl Th.tirvday> Uec. -41st. Open charter- i'Ve *5.oo. i). T, Huff, HlKtrirt Olrti'tor.* nw of Hocotul avenue and lCa»t Blxth titivft, oecurriMl'tt iiH't-tliiK «>f the men'a which IH tuuglit by Abram Htsn- perhaptf (i»u of the best Uwhei'M who nu'»'t Wilh him oaeh Hunday convider him HIP be»t. ^inwi'v**,- the—tiicctinir" wa*~«"«tt«'d~fnr (he pur^Mwe of ureanii:iiij$ or !o. nior*' fully pfifw't tlu> «irgani8utlon ulrtiudy foriiud by clectiiiK officer* and appoint- IIIK varjmiH » % onnnitu«e» for w>clal and fr»'llnKiUH. purposen, . The night , wan ii'old but'the outitlM'f. who tMinu'wert 1 142. iuvilKd i« meet with thl» t'la»H tn\ all occasion*. Hemember ChM rlaHx doe* not*" entice anyone from oilier church I2f, ooni>ept4oj.»« and it IN uo| through theso j.(i5 channels that tlu*y will work, but jtjO throughout then c-ity they, iteek new re- j5g UTiilts and Invite such to «'oin« uud 1XH;""' 1 ' 1 with a'large and '_ j In imq of the nict-Ht 7j. c . building* in the city. 1 COMM!TTEE__REPORTS Food lnv««tigation Will Cost $142,000 And Tako 15 Msntbf. -.; lily l>ni(ed I»IV«H.) "~ _\ViUhingtoiu l>. i*.. Deo. 31, — Tho IJoriami ie»olutii»n calling for n food by tin* federal tvude t'om- was reported to tbo house today by 1U'1>. i'arlau, of Ylrginl.a, i»ho waa aiilboiiKcd by tlm jtuiiulary eom* miltt'H to prepare tlu> reiuirt. lU*p. I'iirlan 4iuotk'it Cbalimau lUnley of (he conurilK-ton. to the elTei'l that the |)i'u- CU08ED. Dec. 31,^-TliB Mi«- itivt'i- III-IT IIUH been filoned to by- Uu< coUl-wave. A high- u«> for U't» i-ntiiTM hnu bum laid out. R1RTHS to Mr. and Wcdncwluy Mr*. ThomuM morning. wan horn NOTICi, ,r x M«<nih<*rti l.oynl <^rdtr'bf Moose, Ulg» Tlan» to ln« Irutl.iieil TJutrsidfty, Deo. 31, A I.I t-umiulaU'H pleaae lnk« notice, ' Vuim and Hutf, Dlntrtct anil fun.-juin« iiin Id to IN BOAT Chilean Destroyer U Looking" For Boat CHALLENGERS BEATEN thvuuvh the in mt'Uiia «»f oy»«t«"rH, inmekei s, ooff^e, Jan juuulwh'bvs and pU'kb»«, ^rtimrvd by Mr. anil Mrs Marry Mitl< ! ,r. Mr. -and Air*. Alfi'Hl Ki-wl, Mr. and Mr*. Harvey Hi-tweih-r and Mr. wild Mr», lien Harrison. After tlifw narl «if ibu eMterlainr «icii( iiatl b«-fii (Hmipk-ti'd Harvey IH-t- vvi-iU-r \VU.N i''i! pri'rfldi-nt, und MilU-r W*M* I'U'vlwl iU'i'ivUiry- OR. F, W. BRQORICK EVE, EAR, NOEU5 »nd THROAT BRAIN 8URQERY to 12 n. 1x1.4 2 to 4:80 p.. m. Both Phpne* , SUrling, III. <«>' J ,i£o, v'hiie, l)» i e. 21. •titnu-Tfl biiH »PII» a. ftesir<»y*'r tu it>r Ua* Steuniei* t'hito whli'h i»| at Ian;*' wiib u (it'i'inuii crew ami mip- i i-lli-H (or (fi'im.'in \.i'»);-(t'lh aboard. Th»»;'- i*lii|«-Mn deotruy»«r will attcnipt to i>r«---j v+'Hi any viuJathui «if ni'iitralliy by tbe' I'lnlo. : Dr, Walter Ji Palmar Dentist 316 Ut Avo. Boll 2*8- W Sterling, JU. CABINET.ISNOT FORMED Good Game* Bq^ed Tuesday On The Rose iS^SH^HShH^- 8p«.m«....r H 88 N^ ^n Sue- lime <'f V'»iU l» \'H' |»\«,»v;s''t. Tlu» i«'Ki»-' c«**(ul in Hi» tfforts. ' fai-nim,-, ui jln- HUSH aic ii> l'«- In-ill' . (jtv I'niU'.l 1'n-Hn ) iln> lir.--t Vlti»'lt IMT Philip E 411-414 Uwrtnw An hitfiH'tstintr ban line inati'h -vvt!- playvd Tuettda) nlj5l*t on tin- Kn,si''ul- \ ttutii vtbiih bad been walk'nis l;i.^ivl>- tus a >»-ar tu* tu»!tb>* tV.tiui«*.'.. Snitv llii' »>inipb'tb'ji. uf a >iituiK*'V ttam' for a .MM'-jtbix m^v rhuicb tin 1 V:HIUU,> tmn-b'i of KiiitiKS. tin- iirsit IniiiK 1'iilU-rt (tiijiijiv. t,l.-il ti-i'in I'.M- all puijn«-i". I.-H .j'balJvnu*'! tv.iiu j vv«'U |ji"Ui<«t ^itil lu'uotjfully Jii-'J'lt'il /. w, viniai Liio^iU v\Ui t-Mf. unit si' w<»rk will-bi>^ii,-,; ,,(• i»r, Sjtiritntirlh'r to furiu'ii-in-w 'was 1 today in \*U'iin:i t'Unt !u A tK tt> ;itit i t'i lt|,l.ue Ibe \.yO N'uj-l ; t>v HIM', Tbi' t« ,un Ui 111 u (4,i>«-vi S» till' i(-:m> w 1/1 idft! i'i!\. ait'l i war tsi- \\Ub Uu HI i.iiu;<- foi." j»V.i>'k"tl HI tUf I'ilM'lll" i>H'b*>Mlf.i uiut iilli«*l <,l.'l^« i)4>. fltl'ilU 'ill!' I fSII UIHKI I" Ibi- t.'1'l-.- lint I. fit i» a Htll I i*.tSl/ M« of t lioir ' IIKH, ;ru.', jjUiUu "A W 111' !• tun <il -M \» t I Ins III PAEM LOANS AT S. 7 up JOHH M. Law Stager

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