Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 18, 1973 · Page 40
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 40

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1973
Page 40
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Mdil. Gdleibur Wednesdd Marttet »iy either fo up 6t down by 1:30 p.m. when final hid arrives. Il:d6 o'eloek bid. No. 2 Corn (old) $1.48 New Corn — $1.37 No. 1 Beans (old) ....$8,27 New ...$4.08 - ^ » Grain Puturt* CHICAGO (iJPI)-Wheal Was lower, corn mixed and soybeans siifcstantially lower at noon today on the Board of Trade. Prices {rt Noon 2.37% off % 2.24% 0 IVa 2.23 off 1V4 0 l.a9V4 off VB 1.58 Vz up % 1 .581 /8 up 11/8 1.56% up IV2 Soybeans . 6.24% off 15 5.95% off 15 5.71 off 12% Stock 'N«w York Steeki NEW YORK (UPI) market midday prices: Admiral 11% IBM 425 AlldChem 35% Int Harv 29% Alld Mills 20 Int Nick 32 May Jly Sep M^y Sep Dec Com Alld Strs 27% Allis Chal 10 Alcoa 54% Air Air 19% Am Can 32 Am C^an 28% AmElPwr 26% Am Mtrs 8% A M T&T 52% Anaconda 2VA Arlans 2% Ashl Oil 27% Atl Rich 7878 Avco 11% Bca Fds 25% Bendix 41% Betli Stl 29% Mobil Oil 70% Int Paper 37% Int T&T 38% Iowa P&L 24% Johns-Mn 24% Kennecott 28 Keys Cons 16 Kresge 35% Kroger 17% Lib McN 5% Litton 8% Locklid 7% Mar Oil 36% Maytag 35% McD Dgls 35% Merck 94% Minn Min 82% § i Expectin Third Straight lint Year DETROIT (UPI) LECHTZIN [Detroit suburb of Sterling 1 cent, leaving the U.S. subcom Is there [Heights. "People come in and don't pacts in a better competitive hikes were May Jly Aug Nov READ THE WANT ADS'. DISCOUNT FOOD PRICES SAVE-MONEY CRISP HEAD L ETTU C E TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT WILSON BACON Lb. Pk. -Ik • V AGAR CANNED HAM KRAFT PRESERVE STRAWBERRY 18 oz. Jar PARKAY CLEG KELLY'S POTATO CHIPS 59c Bag ONION SETS & PLANTS SEED POTATOES EGGS BEAUTIFUL WALL PAINT Reg. $5.49 Gal SAVE $2.00 Gal. COUPON FOLGER'S COFFEE 3 Lb. Can With This Coupon Without Cpn. 2.59 TRADING POST Exp. 4-21-73 COUPON Pilisbury Angel Food CAKE MIX Box With This Coupo Without Cpn. 59c TRADING POST . 4-21-73 CARNATION COFFEE MATE ox* With This Coupon Without Cpn. 69c TRADING POST E^p. 4-21-73 TRADING Super Mkt« 1515 E. MAIN ST. Boeing 18% Borden 23% Catplr 64% Celanese 34% Cen II Lt 22 Cen Tel 21% Cessna 24y4 Chrysler 34V4 Cities Svc WVs Coca-Cola 143V4 Phil Pet 46% Colum Gas W/z Procter G 102% }i Quak Oat SlVz RCA 28 Monsanto 54% Nat Bis 48^4 Olin Corp 15% Outbd M 36% Owens-Ill 36% Penn Cen 2^/4 Penney 82% Pepsi Cola 81% Pfizer ms Comm Comsat 50% Cons Ed 24V2 Cont Can 28V8 any other way but up for the U.S. automakers? ask about the price; they just Sales of new cars—both want what we have in stock," domestics and imports—have he said. *'We're not accustomed been on a steadily increasing to that.'* • U.S. automakers had been Business Today pushing for price increases to ^ , ^ ^ cover add^ costs of labor and upward curve. And 1973 prom- materials since the middle of ises to be the third straight jg^j. When controls came off in boom year as the industry January^ price comes off its best first quar^ predicted but materialized only in history-a record 2,900,000 ^j^l^ 3ygj .age |42 increase by cars. Chrysler. General Motors and Auto executives. are optimis- pord promised no across-the^ tic and talk of a. boom. Some board hikes before the fall economic forecasters, however, introduction of the 1974 models, can see an end to the high Slowdown Forecast demand of the past two years. The sale of imports in Febru- What's been pulling custom-gry and March rose to new ers into new car showrooms in leveis spurred by devaluation record numbers? of the U.S. dollar and subse- It's a combination of factors, quent price hikes by the foreign say some analysts, that might makers. Buyers sought to beat not be evident later this year, the price hikes by picking up Personal income is at high good deals on models already levels, people have record in this country, savings and more disposable xhe three largest imports — income, including record U.S. Volkswagen, Toyota and Datsun income tax refund checks _have now raised prices. Dat- because of overwithholding gun increased its retail prices should levfil off at about 11.1 million units. 'I'm vcfy bearish domestic auto industry/' Enm said. problems developing." One big problem, b addition of sorts position. Those sales caused by extra income and the fear of higher prices could show up this fall and coming winter in lower sales. The head of Chase Econometrics Associates which forecasts economic trends for more than 300 clients, including Ford and expects the economy to slow down substantially during the next year or two. Dr. Michael K. Evans told a group of Detroit bankers and stockbrokers recently that sales this year should probably be about 11.7 million cars, a sharp increase from 10.9 million in 1972. But 1974 sales ixpensive equipment to clean up emis* sions. This will result in much more expensive cars that work less efficiently attractive to car buyers. Rep Stl 28% Revlon 60% Cont Oil 35V4 Safeway 35% CPC IntI 3iy4 Dana 35 Va Deere 42 Du Pont 17iy2 St. Regis 41% SanFeInd 27y4 Sears 9914 Shell Oil 48 Eastman 138 Simmons 22 So Pac 34% Sperry 40% Std Bds 49% Exxon 99% Falstaff iVz * r Firestone 22% Ford Mtrs 64% SO Ind 88% Fruehauf 30% Stvns JP 29 Gam Sko 28V4 Stude 43% Gen Dyna 17% Gen El 63 Gen Fds 26% Swift 25% Texaco 39% Tex Inst 160^4 Gen Mtrs 72% Un Carb 42% Gen Tel 28% Un El 17y4 from payroll checks last year. Demand Is Great That, plus the anticipation of higher prices on both domestics and imports either this spring or by fall at the latest, spurred many sales during January, February and March, traditionally the slowest period of the such year. **rve never seen demand for cars. We're taking everything we can get, regardless of what equipment is on them," comments Tony Vivia- Dodge dealer in the by 13.7 per cent, Toyota by 10.2 per cent and VW by 7.2 per PRESBYTERIAN RESALE SHOP ECONOMY CORNER Knoxville, III. Pink formal size 9 worn once, size 10 maternity clothes, clothing for men» women & children. Many odds and ends. Optn Thusi.—10 - 6 Gen Tire 21% Goodrich 24% Goodyear 26% Greyhnd 15% Gulf Oil 25y4 111 Cent 21% III Pwr 29% Inland Stl 34% Utd Corp 8% US Gyps 23 US Stl 33% West Un 26% Wstghs El 34% Weyerh 55% Woolwrtli 21% Load This GILSON READY MIX 876-2291 LARRY JOHNSON Wtlcoin* Back AU Old U N*w Cusiomm Live- Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (UPI) j stock : Cattle 900; steers fully steady to strong, instances 25-50 higher; heifers steady to 50 higher; 1 load choice and prime steers 46.75; small package 47.00; choice 45.00-46.75; good and choice 44.00-45.25; good 42.0044.00; high choice and prime heifers 46.00; choice 43.50-45.00; good and choice 42.25 - 43.50; good 40.00-42.25. Hogs 3,200; mostly 50, instances 75, lower; No 1-2 200240 lb BARTENDER WANTED - NIGHTS In Nice Lounge. MAN or WOMAN Stnd R«suni« to Box 815 % Galetburg RtgUler-Mall GARAGE SALE RAIN or SHINE 1518 E. BROOKS Thuri., Frl.. Sat. — 9 a.m.-S p.m. Comb, radio - record playar ie TV. formali, clothing of all typaa & aisas. GARAGE SALE 403 JEFFERSON KNOXVILLE, ILL. Thuri., Ap«ll 19 — % p.m. Boys clothes, infants io size 6, girls to size 7, misc. items. RAIN or SHINE FOR SALE 20 SELECT CHAROLAIS HEIFERS Open, to Purebred GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES Extra nice women's, men 's and boys clothes. Many misc. items. Born on St. Patrick'a Day Ready for Eaftar $25.00 Each Purebred CALL BIGGSVILLE 627-2538 36.25; 35.50 - 36.00, 150 head ^0 1-3 200-250 lb 35.0035.50, 240-260 lb 34.50-35.00, 260280 lb 34.00-34.50, 280-315 lb 33.0034.00, 300-350 lb 32.50-33.00. All are tattooed, ear tagged, and ready for registration. Excellent herd foundation stock. See or Call DON HAMILTON Phone 596-2594 EVENINGS or 596-2102 DAYS NORTH BEAUTIFUL 4 BEDROOM 2 STORY BRICK HOUSE Carpeted, draped, w/fireplace $32,500 CALL 342-5982 For Appointment Evenings & Weekends Chicago Grain Range CHICAGO (UPI) Grain range Low Wheat 2^/2 mV4 238 238V4 224% 223 224V4 225y4 223% 222 224V2 223 223 224y4 223% 224% Mar 225V2 223% 224y4 225y2 Corn 158 VB 157y4 159y2 154% i6iy4 i57y4 i6oy2 May-74 162y2 158% 162^/^ Soybeans 635 605% 605% 584% Jan 428 y4 GRAND OPENING SPECIALS THE HOWARD GREENHOUSE 207 W. MARTIN ABINGDON, ILL. Sale on Seeds and Some of The HOME GROWN PLANTS FRIDAY. APRIL 20 SATURDAY, APRIL 21 Op»raS«d By: TOM i€ ELLEN RONK BUD & MARYLIN WHITE Houri; • a.m. - 8 p.m. NOTICE WALNUT GROVE TOWNSHIP will be taking bids on a bi- tuminaus tank car beater & iping booster. Specifica* tions & information can be obtained from Robert F. Ai derson, road commissioner, Altona, 111. Bids opened on May 2, 1973 by order of EMORY V. ERICKSON, Township Clerk ROTCROOnR CLOGGED SiWERS^ * DRAINI Don't Dig Up Your Sower Call 343-6913 Phone 342-6430 No Charge If We Fail GUARANTEED WORK FOR LOW LOW COST AUTO INSURANCE Contact: Lischwe MILLERS MUTUAL INS. 4H BANK Of GALESBUUG BLDG. 313-1166 or mms BUILDING FOR RENT Formerlr Ann's Celfes Shop 839 E. MAIN too Sq. Fl. can Afltr 5 P.M. 342*0307 ot Inquire 837 E. Main FOR SALE - By OwMf 3 Bedroom Ranch, utility room, disposal, watef softener, douWe garage, all carpeted except hardwood floor in living room. 487 FRANKLIN AVE. 124,000 Can 342-MM alitt S P.M. GARAGE SALE 266 DIVISION Thurs., April 19^ 8 ain-4 pm Kitchen table & 6 chairs, maple chest of drawers, maple dresser with mirror, clothinc & misc. WANTED RELIABLE CHILD CARE WORKER 40 HOUR WEEK Call 342-4315 KNOX CO. DAY NURSERY For Pra-Scr«»nlnB Iniarvlaw WAITRESS WANTED Apply HARBOR LIGHTS SUPPER CLUB ncome Prop FOR SALE Close Town 343-3041 Deta EXCELLENT NORTH LOCATION NEW SANDLER-BUILT BRICK and FRAME 3 bedrooms, fully carpeted, full dry basement, large double attached garage. Large trees and nicely landscaped. $31,500 Ph. 343-4907 or 343-5138 Backyord Sale 865 Mon I.. Apr. If— 1 Apr. 20—9-6 FOR SALE PUPPIES SALE SI. Bernard S wki. — 3 Malaa — 1 Famala. AKC. Call ailer 4 P.M. 343-3929 8 FAMILY GARAGE SALE 950 LAWRENCE AVE. Thursday 4 p.m.-? — Friday 7 a.m. & Saturday 7 a.m. Men's clothing, all sizes; women's clothing, from the smallest sizes to 56 including underwear, gowns, slips, dresses, slack suits and tops; teen-age girls and children and babies clothes; shoes, all sizes, many new ones; new cobbler aprons; pillow cases; satin cases; curtains; rugs; new afgahan; crocheted shawl; boxes of remnants, 50c a bag; buttons and material trim; leather scraps; zippers; 15 wigs, all colors; electrical appliances; TV; broiler; toaster, etc.; 3 electric sweepers and a Bissell hand sweeper; round holder; child's desk and chair; children's toys, dolls and stuffed animals; jewelry; hand painted pictures on wood, others framed; books — pap6r backs and technical books; many other articles. Remodeling uction A.M As I am going to remodel Coffey Bros, will sell the following tc tlie highest bidder. Hide-A-Beds; Studic ; Living Room Suite; Barber Chairs; 2—Dryers; 6 or 8 Stoves; 5 or 6 Refrigerators, and lots niore misc. merchandise too numerous to mention. — Also several cars. Everything Goes. Georg Owner Robert Stewart Dale Coffey & Ralph Coffey — Auctioneers. Clerk Land Owner or Auctioneers Responsible For Loss or Acc uaioN Antiques » Furniture — Tools — Automobile Soturday, April 21st, 11:00 o.m. 216 Cools St. - Wotogo, 111. To settle the estate of George H. Garrard, deceased, we will sell the following chattel property: AUTOMOBILE: 1967 Belaire Chevrolet 4-door sedan in good condition. ANTIQUES: Oval walnut lamp table; walnut comb case; combination bookcase and drop front desk; pine commode; railroad lanterns; some antique dishes; library table; walnut bench; ladder back chairs; hall seat with mirror and hat rack; storage chest; wall mirror and hat rack; picture frames; doll parts and doll heads; kerosene lamp; antique bed; side board; traditional sofa; sewing cabinet; quilts; booka and old newspapers; lots of stone jars; spool leg table; Morris chair; coffee grinder; trunks; rocker; coffee mill; corner what-not shelf; pitcher and bowl set; bail fruit jars; shaving mug and brush; school bell; wool carders; large wooden bowl; depression glass; cruet; pitcher pump; some primitives; clock; 2 eombinettes; old beds and dressers; lots of other antique articles including walnut living room table; granit milk can. rURNITURE; Club chairs; rocker: studio lounge; end tables; coffee tables; Sears black and white TV set; 45 R.P.M. record player; 2 matching 9x12 rugs; magazine racks; electric console sewing machine; radio; mirror; book ease; lighted scenic picture; record cabinet; mahogany Duncan-Phyftt drop I«af •xUntion I «h2« and $ malching chairs; Singer sweeper, with all attachments; 3 pc. mahogany Chippendale slyle bedroom «uUe/ complete; wardrobe; bouidour lamps; several other beds and dressers; chest -a-robe; cedar chest; hassock; fan: Kelvinator chest type deep freeze; Hot Point frostfree refrigerator with large deep freeze at the bottom; 30" electric range; 5 pc. dinette set: dish cabinet: pots; pans; dishes; kitchen cabinet; ironer; small electrical appliances: kitchen stool; new 48" cabinet sink; bathroom heater; silverware and chest; card table. TOOLS: Garden and yard tools; Sears Custom 7 H.P. riding mower; M-W garden tractor with attachments; orchard sprayer; gasoline engine; several yard carts to pull behind yard tractors; 2 other garden tractors; log chain; wheel barrow; shovels; spades and other garden and yard tools including hose; Coleman camp stove; Step ladders. SHOP and CARPENTER TOOLS: Table saw, drill press and stand; lathe; large work bench; furniture clamps; lots of small hand tools; large meat saw in case; lots of lumber including some walnut: 4" pine flooring; cream can: iots of other misc, msde. found in a closing out sale. CORBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE - Phone 343-9033 COOK and WOODS — Auctioneers Delene Cook — Clerk Bonnie Houghton -- Casbior Bank of Galesbuig as Execulosr of the Estate of Geosge H. Garrard, Deceased, Phone 343-4141 Barash and Sloerzbach, Attys., Phone 343*4193 The Executors and Auctioneers assume no responiiibility for accidents should any occur. THIS SALE TO BE HELD RAIN OR SHINE AOMiNismmi AUCTION ^. MALISTATI ^ _ Ml* MM fciw of Mm I. Oi<ii««>, *«•»••• At tOtOO O'CLOCK A.M. At tht North ffdiit door of the Knot Coanty Cmi Hotiie, tialesbturg^ lUindls. . H0US6 (one-story, five-room bungalow), and ^«>J *\ »A® Jilt^^ 3 in Harding's Addition to the City of Galesburg, Knox counxy, ""MW or iAtfi: 25% of th€ P"^.^|j «f Pf^^^^^^^^^ oft th« day of sale ahd the balance "Pop approval of tnes^^^ the court and delivery of deed. Possession to be given upon ae- ^*''*'/of'fS?toer information, contact either of the undersigned. BARASM IK ttOCIIlBACH Ill SottOi Chtrty Stmt Damn D. Duntin MO Wetl Bvooki Bitttl Oaletbara, lllitioli Admlnfitritor of lli« titaU Reol ency 422 North B Stratt Monmouth, III Phone 734-5480 AnyHme GET AWAY FROM IT ALL To this 2x60 Liberty Mobile Home down by the river Oquawko Keithsburg blacktop. This like new three bedroom kitchen, living room ,Gnd both, home is on it's own 75x150 ft. lot. Has a 22x22 ft garage and build make a nice year around home or sumr mer home. Priced at only $6,000 for quick sale. Harold R. Swenson, Broker PUBLIC April 25,1973 - 2:00 O'Clock P.M. at 716 South SominMy StraBt, Galesburg, Illinois. LOT ZONED HEAVY INDUSTRIAL with business building thereon (at 716 South Seminary Street, Galesburg, Illinois) now being used for an automobile transmission service, described as follows: That part of Lots 6 and 7 in Block 116 in the Second Southern Addition to the City of Galesburg. Knox County, Illinois, bounded by a line beginning at the Southeast corner of said Lot 7, running thence North along the East lines ot said Liot 7 and said Lot 6 a distance of 1022 feet, thence West 25 feet, thence North 3 feet, more or less, to a point which is 8 feet normally distant from the center line of an existing switch track, thence Westerly along a line which is 8 feet normally distant from the center line of said existing • switch track a distance of 124.2 feet, more or less, to a point which is 93 feet North of the South line of said Lot 7 and 148 feet West of the East line of said Lot 6, thence South 93 feet to a point on the South line of said Lot 7 which is 148 feet West of the Southeast corner of said Lot 7, thence East along the South line of said Lot 7 a distance of 148 feet to the place of beginning, Knox County, Illinois. TERMS OF SALE: 20% of the sale price on day of sale and the balance within 15 days upon delivery of deed. Possession June 1,1973. Subject to taxes for 1972 and 1973 and subject to existing easements. ALSO TWO VACANT LOTS in Keithsburg, Illinois, being Lots 5 an 6 in Block 12 of Keith's Second Addition to the City of Keithsburg, Mercer County, Illinois. Said two vacant lots will be sold at the same time and place, subject to the same terms as stated above for the Galesburg real estate, except that said two lots will be sold subject to taxes levied for 1971, 1972 and 1973. Golesburg Realty, Inc., Owner BARASH & STOERZBACH Attorneys at Law 1?1 South Cherry Street Galesburg, Illinois 61401 Phcne: 309-343-4193 LARGE NTIQUE UaiON Located 7 miles West of Yates City on Rt. 97 & 8 Junction, then 3 miles South on SATURDAY, APRIL 1973 STARTING PROMPTLY AT 10:00 A.M. ANTIQUES & COLLECTORS ITEMS Brown Sleepy Eye pitcher; very old amber bowl; 2 Haviland cups and saucers; depression, pressed, Germany and Bavarian glassware; compote dishes; pattern and etched glass; some Poland and occupied Japan pieces; goofus glass; hobnail opalescent overlay; carnival, saUn, pressed cut, cream and sugar and some red glass; cracker jar; a collection of over 35 old fuel oil lamps. 1 painted; 2 bracket lamps, Aladin. some of different patterns, etc.; souvenir cups and mustache cup; 1 tealeaf dish; very old pitrher; glass eggs and hens; crults; pitcher and bowl set; collection of old bottles; stone, glass and tin butter churns; 2 coffee mills; sleigh bells; school beli and other cow bells; picture frames; oak table w/claw feet and large glass ball; oak dropleaf desk w/glass top bookcase; oak bookcase aecretary; metal very old file cabinet box; 2 baby buggies, l wicker; brass steam boat whistle; child's rocker; high chair; granite coffee pots; granite on iron kettle; iron tea kettle; oval iron kettle; gypsy kettle; brass apple butter kettle; butchering kettle; privites. wood spoons and other primitives; Petty's carriage heater, dated 1903; flat irons; wicker baskets and flower stands; wicker table w/2 matching chairs; small oak table w/claw feet and glass ball; rocker, very good; 4 wood ice cream parlor chairs; dresser w/ powder box drawer; 2 oak library tables; oak writing desk; tilt top table; china closet w/glass front and 4 shelves; hall tree; chest of drawers; oak bookcase, 3 glass doors and 5 shelves: sewing stand and rocker; Avon and Jim Beam bottles; dining room table w/pull out end leaves, 6 good chairs and matching buffet, very good condition; cherry pitter, old 1885 vice; 2—-1918 license plates; numerous straight back chairs; 2 old banks; small iron cook stove; Glinory No. 117 heating stove, good condition; inscense burner; sugar bucket; stone jugs, jars, etc.; 2 mantle clocks; 1 small German clock; Coca Cola irays and others: ABC 1934 World's Fair model washing ma^chine, like new; some silver plate; coach lamps; 2 wooden hand corn shellers; lard press; 5 and 10 gal. milks cans; neck yokes, single and double trees, etc.; horse collars; brass head hames; 2 leather working machines; cast iron seats; old forge; anvil; dinner bell and bracket; old plows; 3 pitcher pumps; brass cylinders; old scales; Mauser rifle; Mosberg rifle. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS & FARM MACHINERY Duncan Phyfe table and 6 violin back chairs; swivel desk chair; 2 occasional tables; black and white console TV; 2 occasional chairs; 2 radios; 4 wood bar stools; 1959 Ford 900 Row Crop tractor, live P.T.O., 3 pt. hitch, and front weights, in A-1 condition; 3 pt. hitch blade; Danhuser 3 pt. P.T.O. post hole auger; 3 pt. hitch sprayer w/pump and barrel; International No. 8, 3-14 plow; J.D. side delivery rake on steel; some galvanized and aluminum sheeting; 2 wheel trailer; ladder carrier, fits 34 ton truck; 1963 Chevrolet 3,4 ton pickup truck w/racks; many other articles. Not RespousibU for Accidents. Terms: Cub Day ol Sale Lunch Served by Maquon Mefhodisf Ladles MR. & MRS. CLIFTON E. MIIUER, Owners COL. GAIL COWSER. Auctioneer - Ph. 309-389-2143, Glasford, III. Read Want

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